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REVIEWS OF Aliante Library IN Nevada

Bonnie Baumgras

This branch has a good selection of books. If they don't have the book, you can have it delivered from another branch. The librarians have been friendly and helpful.

Sara Mathis

My family and I have recently moved to this area and I was very disappointed with how rude the staff was. The facility was clean, but when I inquired about membership I was told that if I didn't have proof of address they wouldn't give me a card. I understand that, but the man's tone of voice was so snippy that we immediately left.

Jessica Pinon

Tim Phipps

Very clean and the employees were friendly. Not many books in there though. Sign of the times I guess. It would be a shame if they all went away.

Lou Guzmán

Clean facility also prompt and kind customer service by Elca. Thank you

Mykayla Brown [STUDENT]

listen i'm a book lover...i really am. I'm at the library all the time getting 4-5 books at a time y'all ! The aliante library is very nice! Not the nicest library I've been to, but i'll definitely be coming back (mostly because it's walking distance from where i live). Some of the staff were rude when I needed help finding a book, but that's the only time of the five years i've been coming in and out of here once every two weeks that staff has been rude to me (i've definitely seen them being rude to others though). I wouldn't suggest this library unless it's closest to your home. I would go to a nicer one because this library doesn't have MOST recent books. I enjoy coming to this library, but there are definitely nicer ones I would go to.

Brian W

Kiki Smith

aSkylandSora Inc.

Alicia Borja

The setting was quiet enough with helpful staff. I did not like the limited amount of power outlets when trying to charge my laptop to finish my project. I recommend bringing an extra battery for your device if you will be there for a couple hours. I drug a chair next to an outlet in between book aisles. It worked but not a convenient work space.

Maxwell fart knocker

What a great and helpful staff of friendly librarians work here!

Shalynn Lolly

juan chino

It's not the best but it good

Thiago Roberto

(Translated by Google) Reasonable (Original) Razoável


Great library, very clean and safe Staff is nice and helpful Good activities for kids and families

Vickie Vegas

Love this library. It’s so small. I’ve been in some libraries that are humungous. I get lost in them. They get the books I ask for pretty quick. Staff is helpful.

Celeste Holmes


90% of these staff is friendly and helpful! The librarian that does the reading with infants and toddlers is so sweet and wonderful, my son loves her storytime

A z

Talisianna Davis

Worker are kind and the library is always clean.

Chell Chell

Very neat. Staff is not that friendly and there's no forgiveness in returning a book late. This library has their own hours and rules and fees, not like the other Clark county libraries.

johnnyapple seed

When I first came to this library it seemed peaceful, clean, and friendly staff. However, by the time school ends around 2 pm it is inundated with children, teenagers, and the like. Children are yelling at each other in the parking lot, climbing the landscape trees, and walking in with backpacks. Inside, some children sit on the floor at the end caps of book shelves making it difficult to walk, children on all available computers, girls giggling with each other, tutors at the tables, loud talking, no whispering or any effort to whisper apparent. One of the front desk ladies, when speaking is loud enough to be heard anywhere in the library. In addition, she yells across the library to tell children to behave, sit down when at computer, or when she found something for a patron. She just ran across the library yelling "girls!girls!girls!" They threw something inside one of the locked cubicles reserved for career center and they we're trying to jimmy it open. Chaotic circus. On another occasion I was at a computer and one of the staff members was having a very lively conversation on the phone with one of her girl friends, on the clock. She was so distracting I could not concentrate on what I needed. I had to leave. I agree it is not a convenient workplace.


Anakin Mauk

Answering machine is Horrible

Marie Pruitt

It was OK, I tried to get a library card but I didn't know that I had to show where I lived even though I submitted a application for the card with everything on it so I didn't understand that so I might go back up there to get it sorted out

Michael Melancon

Tuyen Avery

William Teeple

I found my personal experience to exceptionally pleasant. The personnel were very pleasant and most willing to assist in whatever I needed including a new card, finding specific books and categories, computer use, copying and printing. I'm impressed by the interest in young people in using the facility. Although the facility is not large, Clark County library resources can be readily obtained ina short period of time

Bob White

Clean and well maintained with a friendly and helpful staff.

Evelyn Rice

Michael Mitchell

This is among the libraries in Las Vegas that I don't like to visit. The staff aren't friendly and being inside the structure made me feel claustrophobic.


Misty Tellez

I love this library it's of my favorites in north las vegas. It's not a huge library but they have a helpful staff I love they're lego club and story time!

Wing C

Donald Fitzsimons

It's easy to find this library set on a large parcel of land and an attractive architectural design and although it seems to be one of the smaller libraries I've come across but with all the features that the others have but still in a neat and attractive setting.

Dan Dean

Kainoa Boy

People are soo nice

Darwin Beckett

meagie vega

Nice and quiet and clean

Wilfred James

Very clean. Staff helpful now that they have electronic checkout much better. They really need electronic check in overall excellent



The facility and staff were good, but there were very few books

L.J. Nielsen

The facility is clean, and well kept. However, the selection is really small, and the very few study areas offer no privacy at all whatsoever. I found the library to be pretty loud, as there was a large number of mothers with their kids. The "quiet zone" tucked in the corner does very little to shield the noise. Also, there aren't any outlets in the seating areas, in case you want/need to study with a laptop.

Tynesha Armstead

MD Free

The staff are always nice and helpful.

Jacob Edgel

I have never had any issues at a library until the Aliante Library. Staff is not friendly. There process is archaic. They have their own rules for checking out and returning material. Going there is such a hassle. I am in the process of finding a Clark County library that is close enough to me or my work so I never have to return.

Theprettypika 456

James Bailey

It is very clean workers are very helpful

Shawn flanagan

Michelle Chimento

They have helpful and some of the nicest staff librarians I have ever encountered. It's always a pleasure going here.

Courtney Lonardo

Wonderful staff especially the former professor. My daughter loves this library. Im very grateful to have such an important establishment for her to visit in her early years. Thank you all so much!

Lorena Melchor

The concept of a library has been totally lost. This place is louder than a park. I've been coming here to study and I find teenagers playing in the isles and people eating chips and snacks in the back studying area. Seems like going to the park will be a much quieter experience.

john tippins

Aliante Library is awesome

A Medina

I enjoy this Library.

Monica Whitehouse

We just recently started visiting Aliante Library after our move to the area. We also visited Centennial Hills Library and although Centennial Hills is newer I do like the feel of this library a bit better. I also like that it is very quiet. The main reason we visit the library is for our children and the child area has a nice layout. The only thing about this library that keeps me from giving it five stars is the fact that the seating isn't the best and also it didn't seem like things were really clean.

YakieDoodledoo MacNCheese

I really like how quite they keep everyone and the desgins inside and all the activity days are really fun like the sugar skull activity. They should of course have a bigger child’s place so that the adults can be able to read while the children are in a facility that keeps them safe and supervised instead of playing around and causing any comosion.

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