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2-36 Green St, Salem, VA 24153, United States

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Where is Lake Spring Park?

REVIEWS OF Lake Spring Park IN West Virginia

Kimberly Graham

Very nice and peaceful. Children are allowed to fish. There are 25 cent machines with food to feed the ducks and geese!

Nathan Collins

I had lunch by the pond today. It's a beautiful park. Always clean.

Lafrieda Booker

The kids had a ball and the people were great

Ian Moone

Always a good time with the ducks and the store right next to it sells cheap duck feed. A beautiful spot right in the middle of town.

Jennifer Calascione

I got engaged here! I love it!

Teresa Ramby

deb george

All the duck food vending machines were empty but it's cheaper at the gas station anyway

Tracey Bowles

My daughter loves going to the trout rodeo every year. We always catch a ton of trout.

Vivian Cable

I like to feed the ducks

Beth F

Beautiful park. Lots of ducks and big fish to look at and feed. Wish the coin operated feed machines gave more food per quarter.

Melissa Vandiver

Loved this beautiful park. The kids (and parents) really loved feeding the ducks.

Nancy Burnop

my friend and I enjoyed being around ducks they had baby and I enjoyed feeding dogs and babies

Kevin Hobbs

It's needing some work. The smell alone is pretty bad.

Ralph Blevins

Had loads of fun at the Rodeo !

Aimee Kidd

Great for the kids or to just relax without them

Karen Kinsler

Beautiful place

valerie rivas

Very nice and clean.

Heyam Aziz

C rhodes

Great duck experience and fishing for kids at pond

Tiffany Jefferson

Such a chill relaxed place

Jerry G. Phillips

Wonderful peaceful place, great for photos.

Amanda Potter

Great park for a quick lunch or place to come with your family.

Doris Walker

Great place

Arnold Smith

Very nice duck pond.

Brooke Frost

Great place to bring kids. Mine loved feeding the ducks and geese. It's a beautiful, serene park.

Chasity Easter

Phyllis Brennan

Great time feeding the ducks with my sweet grandson

Derek Detweiler

So many ducks.

Meredith Hurst

My daughter and I love visiting her and feeding the ducks. Fyi...I think they let the food run out in the fall.

Michelle Dooley

It's a very quiet peaceful place there's even a one legged duck

Michele Shannon

It was nice but need more parking spaces

chris w

My puppy loved it

Branon Baker

Beautiful little park to feed the ducks and see gorgeous winter or summer views in the city

Felicia Nance


Donald Jennings

Love the pond its a good place to come to relax

jessica cook

This is a quaint spot to relax or bring your kids to feed the ducks

Anthony Adams

Terrific park in Downtown Salem with a turn off the century feel.

Kerri Andrews

Always feed the ducks ... Machines for duck food .25 for a handful!!

Deborah Kittredge

Loved the ducks

Dana Brogan

Beautiful park

Denise Walker

Best thing in Salem!

Mickey Ross

Patrick Lowery


Derek Allen

How cool! Your kids can fish and feed the ducks while you sit back and enjoy the serenity.

Christopher Berry

Great place to occupy the kids for a bit. Kids can fish which is cool if you can't get away from town as much as you like. The duck food dispencers are always empty but you can get some cheaper at the gas station in baggies across the street.

Chris leneave

Great place for my boys to fish for panfish... catch and release is what they do.

Adam O'Neal

Nice park, lots of ducks about. Relaxing place to visit

Savannah Banana

Great! You get a lot of food for 25 cents, the ducks were very pretty.

Roy Smith

Great place to bring young kids to fish....all you need is corn and a small hook. Ducks can get really irritating though

Monica Leeper

The grandkids had fun.

Rebeca Scott

Grabbed some duck food from the dispensers and the kids had a blast. Very scenic and peaceful.

Derek and Donna King

Beautifully renovated. The ducks ate from our hands. A wonderful family experience.

Mel K Gam

I love this park. It is relaxing and I enjoy feeding the ducks.

Kelly Cassidy

So beautiful and peaceful! Love feeding the ducks! Great place to bring little ones too!

Tmaziing Starrs


Scott Habeeb

Beautiful little spot in the middle of our awesome city

TEDDY BEAR latino heat

Love it

BeneFITical by God's Design

I didnt get a chance to take any pictures. My family and I were traveling through the state and stopped for gas. This park was across the street and was a pleasant surprise. The park was on the smaller side but was landscaped beautifully with plenty of water elements. Would definitely stop back through. I loved seeing all the families out enjoying the water and the benches and gazebo provided plenty of seating. The only downside was there is limited parking at the actual park (we only saw 8 parking spots). Most people parked at local businesses and walked across the street to the park.

Graham Cooper

Always fun for the kids

Cynthia Hobbs

I love going and watching the ducks and geese. Plus this time of year, there are babies!!!

Tubble Collins

Very Nice Quiet Peaceful Place...Great For Grownups & Children...You Can Feed The Ducks & Fish, Set & Relax On A Bench, Walk Around & Enjoy Yourself!!!

Linda Wells

Beautiful, quite. Good place to take your lunch.

Joelle Yutzy

Beautiful scenery and ducks.


This is a staple in Salem. I love it since the renovations. The fences keep the ducks mostly in the water so there's no longer poop all over the sidewalks. Please do not bring any food item to feed these ducks! The bread and french fries that people bring to feed their is not good for them. There are multiple duck feed feeders that you only need to put a quarter in to feed the ducks and they love that stuff. this is a great place to bring a meal and sit out and have a picnic. Lovely manicured landscaping and everyone loves the gazebo. Great place to look for painted rocks too as the locals love to hide them there. You can find out more on Facebook at Salem VA rocks group page.


Get little walk with a 2 year old!

Farmland Equipment needs cleaning

Julie Laughlin

Love the ducks

Keith Kellam

Nice urban park. Good use of downtown space. It's a peaceful place to watch the ducks and relax for a few minutes.

B.J. Palmer

"THE DUCK POND". Great place to teach your kid how to fish! Ducks & geese are feed automatically each day from the 2 buildings above the nest boxes. Latecomers depend on the kindness of visitors, and the $0.25 handfuls from the "bubble gum" machines! Only steps are at the gazebo on the hill, otherwise completely wheelchair friendly! Always beautifully decorated for Christmas! Thank you Salem, for taking care of our little sanctuary!

Paula phillips

Nice place to take the grandkids to feed the ducks

lisa Saunders


Christina Felmey

A beautiful place to relax

Christopher Hill

Great and peaceful place for an afternoon stroll.

Michael Edwards Jr

Very Beautiful park and you can feed the ducks there also.

John Boulding

Wonderful little park


Great and ducks were very pretty

Gordie Zeigler

Love this Park!

Michael Flood

Ducks, geese, fishing, flowers and a little free library. What's not to love? Well maintained and lovely landscaping.

Mackie's Mommy Mason

Our family loves going to the pond year round. It's a peaceful place to walk enjoy the ducks etc. Or sit and reflect.

Nadine Pen

One of my favorite places to go and just the ducks, enjoy watching people fish or kids romp around. Beautiful and serene place.

Ashley Jolly

This place is such a neat place! Nice and quite. Kids would love it. Can feed the ducks. Fun time for the whole family.

Elizabeth Dalton

Great area for my morning walk. Good book box. Clean and safe.

Rebecca Stidham

It is a beautiful park to go to I love it at night

Chrystal Snider

Lovely place.

Michael Lovern

Its a beautiful place with ducks to feed and took my children there when they were little. They loved it!!

Sabrina Gnos

Heaven on earth. Definitely a wonderful place to take family photos, take the kids to feed ducks or stress relief

Judy Whorley

Seeing the Ducks was nice but they really need to clean the water for the animals because they need to live in that and there's little babies in there but trash is in the water. Also all of the coin food dispensers were empty so you could not feed the ducks

Scott Bryant

Love the renovations. Super clean

Adelle Banister

Stocked man made pond. Fishing available only during specific time of season. Can be crowded where lines get caught. Well sized fish. Saw rainbow trout, blue gill, and coy fish. There is a scenic pavilion and an area to feed the ducks/fish. Great stop for the kids.

Jenna Francisco

My daughter loves to go feed the ducks

Talea Sanchez

No shade

Kimberly Sexton

Relaxing peaceful place, the kids love it



Briana Thomas


I remember going here as a kid when there was no fence it was nice

Shannon Robinson

Great place to take the kids

Nelly Hurst

Great for daughter to have fun and watch ducks and geese follow her while she throwing duck seeds that only cost 25€

Johnny Linkous

It's a nice place to take kids in Salem old friendly it's just a great place

Ka'reen Nelson

So pretty, quiet, and calming.

Trisha Crawford

Paul Wills

Great place to take kids

alexandra herren

Beautiful place!

Don Fant


Keisha Crockett

It is beautiful!

Tonya Miller

So nice

Robert Ryan

More than just ducks. But watch out they will square up.

Tristan White

Great place to sit and just enjoy the ducks and fish (outdoors in general). They're a blast to feed. Friends had their wedding ceremony here and it was very beautiful.


Fishing should not be allowed here! It could hurt a duck, fish hooks could get caught on them or anything. Very upset they allow fishing. I love going there to feed the ducks. It should be kept up better, trash in the pond (also harmful to the ducks). People shouldn't complain about bird poop or the smell. I mean come on it's a duck pond.

Stephanie Barton

Cool place!

Deborah Brooks

I love to go here when i have down time to just sit and watch the ducks and read.

Kristin Stowe

Peaceful and full of ducks and geese. Food for them costs $ .25 for a handful, or the gas station across the street has a bag for $.50.

Darrion Campbell

It was great

Lorin Walker

rajesh rana

New york

Chris Sinram

Great place to take kids. Peaceful, can feed ducks with food provided. Have a gazebo and beautiful bridge going over the duck pond. Kids had a wonderful time and they can run around safely without parents having to stay right on top of them.

Jessica Fullen

Gail Randolph

It's a beautiful park no matter what season

Douglas Foster

Nice place to relax and feed the ducks.

Anthony Jerome Wade


Chantelle Weeks

Love to feed the fish and ducks

Shawn Driver

Stump grinding

Percell Bryant

Very relaxing

PRSP Alexander

Great place to bring children or at night on a date. Not for big active kids.

Barbara Smith

My entire family enjoy the scenery. We love to watch and feed the ducks. It's in a good location. Surrounded by all kinds of eateries and other businesses. Peaceful atmosphere.

Savanah Gibson

So much ducks

Tim Yox

Nice place to relax. Pretty well maintained. You can feed the ducks, usually you can buy some in the little machine provided.

Brandy Ramsey

Me and my family love coming here to feed the ducks!

Jayme Brown

Beautiful. Clean. Wonderful place to take the kids.

Katie Carpenter

dog likes it here, but I think it's noisy

Todd Heitner

Small but pretty little park with a duck pond. Peaceful spot in the middle of Salem.

Bill Stowers

This is a nice park and lake. The City of Salem keeps it pretty clean. Very convenient and close parking

Veronica Morris

William Flynn

A beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.

Michelle Carpenter

Feeding the ducks in the rain was fun.

anthony brooks

MiCaela Mitchell

Wonderful way to spend a day.

Jannice W.

Nicer with the newer improvements, just needs to add better seating, and weather proof them. Some benches are falling apart, or paint is chipping.

Steve Barr

Good place to relax

Mark Chivvis

Great place for kids

David Kingery

Nice place to visit

john keating


Shenara Reed

Its a beautiful park and very clean ppl were very friendly

Grace Janney

Clean and nice. Found a rock and a free book to take home!

St Louis Edmond

Very quiet place beautiful and the fish in the water the ducks beautiful like it

J Lynn Belue

Sweet place to go

Michelle Tavernier

So nice!

Virginia Burchett

Nature at its best

Jenniffer Nelson

Roger Shrader


Dominic DiFrancesco

Great place to feed the ducks and relax. Nice spot for children to learn how to fish.

Penny Beard

Jake Zearfoss

Great place for kids to get to see and spend time with wildlife, and make lasting memories for years to come.

Almir Divovic

I love the place. Kids love to feed ducks. Place to go and relax a bit. You can even fish if you want to.

Indira De Vasconcelos

(Translated by Google) Place to take children (Original) Lugar para levar crianças

Justin Willis

Feed some ducks and stretch your legs. Well kept park stopped here for a break from traveling and was impressed by the quaint little park.

Dawn Yox

Loved it but out of the duck food

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