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Where is Green Meadows Petting Farm?

REVIEWS OF Green Meadows Petting Farm IN West Virginia

Jacks Lynn

Amazing fun filled time. All ages will love the animals ,pig races and overall experience. Wish I could give more than 5 stars .

Catherine Rinaldi

This place is incredible. Something for everyone! Went for a huge company picnic and they were preparing for a rustic barn wedding as we were leaving. The Animals and activities were wonderful and staff was knowledgeable and friendly. If you have the chance to go do so!

Rae Gallagher

We love Green Meadows for fun-filled, farm-filled family days. You can pet & feed tons of different animals, milk a cow, watch pig races, and have a hayride. The staff are all super friendly & knowledgable. Pack a lunch or buy food there. It's a great time!

lar lar

Great get away for a day! Always a treat and you will always spot something new! The farm views plus the animals are ready to pose with you, so don't forget to have your camera ready!

Ashvin Guna

Great day and kids loved it.

Doug Engstrom

It was a lot of fun. Not a lot of animals.

Karen Rachel

Great place for the kids!

Cathie Sterling

Megan Hayslett

Absolutely love this place. It's almost an hour away from me but is totally worth the trip. The animals are well taken care of and the staff is really nice. We go to pretty much every event they have and they're always very well organized. If I could live there I probably would lol.

Sean Haardt

My daughter absolutely loved it. Thank you.

Sam Jones

Green Meadows is a great place for kids to pet and learn about many different animals. There are also lots of activities always going on. Well worth the season pass price for anyone in the area.


Great farm. The kids had a blast and getting out into nature was good for us as well. Being able to touch all the animals was really cool. The pig races were fun. The hayride had a singing guide. They had a little market in the barn and we got cupcakes and books. The BBQ was good. Was a great outing with the kids.

Steve de Freyre

Nice place to take the kids for a hands on experience with the animals. Would not recommend going on a hot day as the animals are more lethargic. There was a concessions stand there that was not open. It would have been nice to grab a snack or drink.

Amber Grooman

This place is fantastic! I have been to a number of other petting farms, but this one by far stands out. We first entered the large barn that had a number of baby animals and their mothers. We were encouraged to enter the stalls to interact with the animals. The stalls were "manned" by employees, most of which seemed to be high school-aged kids, but they were all super polite and seemed knowledgeable. Also, the animals, both the mothers and their kids, were friendly and engaging, which tells me they are used to being around people (which I don't usually find is the case at most other petting farms, unless you have food with you). They also have a number of other animals out in the fields. Most of them came right up to the fence, of course expecting food (as there were buckets filled with feed that you could feed them), but they too were all very friendly and not overly aggressive or pushy. Overall, this was a very nice place. The animals appeared well cared for, and the staff were all very friendly. I highly recommend this place, for adults and kids alike!

Catherine Kern

The perfect family outing...lots of animals to see and fun activities plus the staff is super friendly and welcoming!

irshan nallawangsa

Nice experience for the kids

Daniel Hess

What a fun farm for the whole family. The events they do daily are super cool and the staff are so nice. They have so much knowledge to share and are there to answer any questions you may have. They truly have a love for the animals and it shows. Plus I got to milk a cow for the first time! You really can't beat that!

Jeremy Doggett

This was a great petting farm! My highlight was hand feeding the bison.

Cedric Fauntleroy

Really fun place to see and meet all kinds of animals

James Morgan

Great place but prices are a little high for a petting farm but kids had fun so worth it

Saylor Family

We had a fantastic day today. So much fun! Lots of animals to pet, pig race, hay ride, cow milking, and the people that run the place are so friendly. We will definitely go back. Thank you Green Meadows Petting Farm.

Alicia Mowder

Beautiful wedding venue, fun time petting the animals and great playground for kids. Love it!

Brendan McDermott

This is nature in it's prime. 10/10 will be back again

Amanda Vidal

Nice place for Kids, lots of things to see. Doesn't have a food Court thou.

Art Brondo

We loved the place


Nice farm enough to keep the kids entertained for at least an hour or two. They don’t accept credit cards for food and other purchases which was a let down seeming I called and was informed they took it for admission which they do but why not for food. They refuse to give an extra fork even when the parent offered to purchase it.

Rama Gandhe

Good for kids.

Nicole Adams

Went here for my kids field trip and all the kids loved it. Only downfall was the weather but that's out of their control haha. The staff here were super kid friendly and always made them and us feel welcomed and had a smile on their faces, despite the hot weather. They also encouraged the kids to not be afraid to pet the animals and even try milking a cow for the first time. My child was scared to at first but the staff was patient with her and eased her into it and she was so proud of herself she said it was the best part of the trip because she did something new. Love this place! I will definitely be coming back here with all my kids next time.

Sophia Hoyt

I Lovvvvvveeeee this place this ,my time here was literally the best day of my life if I could live at this petting zoo I would.The workers, fantastic, the animals are amazing, and the family friendly feeling of love joy and laughter is overall the best.I would recommend going here I absolutely love it!!

Hend Razek

Really fun for kids and adults, we loved the Easter egg hunt

Amy Southmayd

Fun for the whole family!

Robert McConnell

takayla tate

The animals was nice letting u pet them and u can pick up some animals and hold them u do things u can't do at some petting farms

Ray Lui

Pete Barbosa

This place is great it is basically like an amusement park for little kids. Petting zoo, riding toys, fire truck play structure, harvester you can climb on, corn bin which is like a farm-style ball pit, pig races, and just in general seeing the real animals and especially the babies that were recently born, the kids (3yr & 20mo) really loved every bit of it. :-) also by the way there are picnic tables under tents so that work out as a great and an affordable way to keep everyone fed and happy while we were there. Oh yeah we also got free pumpkins for each person who went.

William Whitescarver

Fantastic wedding venue

George Bedford

Great place for a party or to take your kids to pet animals. The weather will really make or break your day.

Steve Spencer

Not much in the way of activities but probably good for smaller children

Tracey Lewis

It was wonderful and the staff was so helpful.

Clint Touart

A little expensive for a full family, but still a great petting zoo for kids!

Eric Banks

Beautiful farm, great for youth interaction with animals

cueva93 .

Friendly little petting zoo that had a number of up close and touchable animal experiences. They also have a pumpkin patch and events for kids such as a pig race. Good family fun all around and everyone is quite friendly.

Carissa Hubbard

I can't wait to go back. Very nice staff. Great place for a party.

David Levin

Great place to bring rhe kids

Teron Moulden

Chaperone for my grandsons class trip, nice farm.

Andrew Dietz

Lots of family activities INCLUDED in the price!

Laura Lynker

Wonderful place to interact with farm animals. Great place for kids and families to roam. Annual Egg Hunt at Easter is good fun! Entrance fee a little costly thus 4 not 5 starts.

Olga Guir

We had a 2nd birthday party for our son at Green Meadows Farm and had a great time. The place was all to our selves. There were plenty room for kids to run around and play. The bathrooms inside were very clean The staff was very accommodating and friendly. We highly recommend this venue for any party.

Danielle Pientka

Lots of variety in the animals, all the animals are well cared for, and you can touch most of the animals... Baby chicks, pigs, goats, cows, etc. I loved it as much, if not more, than my kids last year. Looking forward to another trip.

Josh Reinke

Fun for the kids and animal area always changing.

Buck B

Wedding reception. If you want rustic, this is the place.

lindsay mcgarity

Karen Rafferty

Fun! My 2 and 4 year old grandchildren loved it! Older children would too! Clean, friendly workers and you are able to go into the pens to pet most animals, supervised of course. Don't forget take a picnic lunch!


So fun and so much to see! Nice and spread out so you’re not on top of others.

Kaylan Schreffler

We love the farm! It gives kids the chance to see so many animals up close, including the ability to feed them and pet them (all included in the price of admission). There are pig races and tractor rides as well. Many different animals (typical farm animals plus a bison and kangaroo!). The staff are all very friendly and helpful. My one complaint is that they are frequently closed for long stretches (the entire month of August, for instance).

Kiran Quraishi

I’m so sorry about the previous 3 star review. One of my kids must have been playing with my phone and reviewed it while I had the address up on Google maps. Everything was great! My kids had an amazing birthday party here!

Rajshekar Ravula

Nice place.

Jessica Corey

Large scale operation with a myriad of activities for all ages. Great for birthday parties. The corn pit (think ball pit) was a big hit. The range of animals was substantial, and the staff were polite and helpful.

Hoang Nguyen

If you come on the day that had rain before, becareful with the mud. I couldn't get out the parking area. I have a front wheel drive van!

Andy Keyes

Great for the family

Jennifer Russo

Great venue for events!

Emily MacDavid

Tons of Animals and space to walk around. Even several picnic areas, bring your own lunch. Parking is easy. Watch out for school class trip days, can get very busy.

Nicolas Crouzier

Lots to see. Don't forget the coupon on their website to make it a little more affordable.

Mary Polymath

Friendly, fun place to take the kids. The animals are gentle and friendly, and seem well taken care of and happy. There are always baby animals, and plenty of free animal feed. The staff are always helpful. The hay rides are fun, everyone always has a good time, and there are frequently special promotions and events. Fun place for a picnic!

Tamara Price

Love it here but never seem to get to spend enough time for the cost. Pack a lunch!

hector sandoval

Cool place didn't go for the zoo we had family gathering there but the grounds are nice

Johanna Saenz-Portillo

Staff is very friendly, Great place for kids to learn all about different animals and get to milk a cow, feed goats, pet horse, turtles, bunnies, chicks, Pigs, turkeys and get a hay ride. They have picnic tables, playground, bathrooms and a place to buy drinks and snacks

María Ízaź

My daughter loves going there and feeding the animals

A. Thomas Grunley

We were recently here for a friends birthday party. It was excellent! There are lots of fun things for families to do, in addition to the vast array of animals in the petting zoo… Or should I say multiple petting zoo? The staff could not be more friendly or engaging and the parties seem to go off without a hitch. I highly recommend Green Meadows Petting Farm for a great family summer activity.

Carol Gilliam

Great place for adults kiddos !

Jeffrey Stajich

Went with our grandson for Halloween. Place was nicely decorated. Plenty to do, lots and lots of animals who could be petted. Despite being very young, he enjoyed it all.

Amy Marston

Both boys (age 8 & 11 months) had a great time here. So many animals! We saw pigs, goats, horses, turkeys, peacocks, tortoises, and so much more!

Karen Shimp

Great for kids of all ages.

Krista Nugent

Took my three year old nephew here and he just loved it. He insisted that we watch the pig race twice and enjoyed feeding the goats. They also have a playground.

Y K Pearson

My class loves Green Meadows a great trip when you and a daycare are the only ones on the farm. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

john bardini

William Ardisson

Great place! Definitely worth the trip. We went to a birthday party with a bunch of small children and the staff was just great. Lots of animals that the kids (and adults!) could closely and safely interact with. Best petting farm experience I ever had.

Matthew Heimbach

The staff was incredibly friendly from the second we arrived. My two boys, age 2 and 4, had a blast petting all of the animals and participating in the various activities. The farm has a very family friendly environment and a good amount of stuff to do, for the cost I do wish there were a few more activities. While it won't fill a full day, it will be a few solid hours of fun for your kids.

Nick Rose

Nice place. We were there for a birthday party. The staff was nice. A dozen or so different animals but some you don't typically see. The animals were good with the kids. Party venue was large.

Dra. Morales

(Translated by Google) Nice place (Original) Agradable lugar

Brian Hiltbrand

This place is great,great staff and set up

Duane Gleason

Neat place! Nice setup! Highly overpriced.

T. B.

Wonderful little petting farm. The farm sits on acres. All the animals look healthy and happy. Chickens and piglets roam free. The pens are as clean as pens can be. There are pig races, a hayride, and cow milking that you must checkout if you visit. I took for 11-13 year olds and we were there for over three hours. They enjoyed being about to get so close to the animals. We look forward to going back!

Anthony Regotti

Great activities for kids and a wife array of animals. All around great family fun!

Alejandra Angel

This is by far the cleanest farm I've ever been to! Staff was nice, facilities are clean and many friendly animals to pet :)

Melissa Dinuri Tauheed

We went on homeschool day. It was great! Kids learned a lot. They milked a cow and even saw 2 baby goats being born.

Stephen Fox

Johnny Narain

Paid $72 saw 3 animals and they canceled with no money back. Was canceled because of Thunder, but they wouldn't even allow us to come back the next day unless we purchased through Groupon. Afraid of bad Groupon reviews I guess...

Elena Subbotina

Great place for kids to run around and play

Al E

I went on Easter Sunday. It wasn't as packed as 2018, but the kids liked it. They enjoyed the pig race, the tractor ride, feeding the horses, goats, and other animals. It's worth it if you haven't been there before, but, if you have, then it's the same thing, nothing different.

Colleen Dunnigan

We went to the farm for a wedding and loved it. The wedding was beautiful, the reception area was laid back and so cute and the petting zoo... awesome. I mean, how many people have a kangaroo at their wedding? The animals were great and the staff was SO nice and informative. Definitely going back for a visit when it warms up!

Leslie Butler

Farmer Becky is amazing with the pig races!

Waqas Ahmed

Great outdoor time for families with your kids. Reasonable pricing, hay rides, variety of animals including some you can feed (goats and sheep). Wholesome family time!

Tarakanov Vitaly

Kids friendly

Benjamin Reyes

Fun for kids

Racheal Naile

Went today for a field trip for my son's school. I will definitely be going back and taking my other children. It is such a neat place for kids and adults. The staff is all very friendly. I highly recommend this place to EVERYONE.

Alli Sturges

Green Meadows is great! The whole family had a wonderful time! Staff is so friendly and there are tons of activities.

Melissa Neuman

We had an EXCELLENT time at Green Meadows Petting Farm this afternoon. We especially liked the pig races! If you have young kids, this is the perfect place to enjoy the wide variety of animals, walk the gorgeous rolling hills, have a snack and go for a tractor pulled hayride. And the staff offers professional, fun, friendly 5 star service! LOVED IT!

Mirta Capra

Beautiful place to be there and enjoy

Ramona Fotheringham

Wonderful place, staff is super friendly and the animals are well taken care of

Jesse Varsalone

KK got to milk a cow

nina church

Clean animals

Arthur Redmond

Outstanding time

Christy Kerby

The animals are super friendly and love attention!

Sara Albert

Amazing space. Large farm with plenty of play spaces for kids with play structures and things to climb on. Tents and picnic tables make it great to pack a lunch. Super fun pig race and engage the kids the participate. Corn pits, duck races and hay rides. Not to mention TONS of animals to touch, feed and learn about with super friendly staff. Love this place so much and so do my kiddos (2 and 4)

Bob Smith

Great farm for kids

Jason Neel

There are a lot of farms to go to during the fall in the northern Maryland area but if your child or even you like to pet and hold animals this is the spot. It is a little more pricey than the others but a decent value when you add all the animal interaction

Amy Syversen

This place is wonderful, but be prepared it is expensive. I'd love to come here more often, but at $14/pp (prices raising to this soon), it will have to be a special treat. The three season pass is $60/pp, ouch! Lots of fun for everyone! You can tell the animals are well loved and the farm is very clean, has lots of shaded area and nice bathrooms with changing tables. We used to be frequent annual pass members of Clark's Farm. This one has much much more to offer.

Jonathan Vichich

Great place we had my sons first birthday here the decorations were great would go back

Excel Guru

Had a nice time. Lots if animsls to touch, see and feed. Friendly staff too. The hayride and grain bin filled with corn were our favorites. The only complaint would be that there is no seating under the tent if parties are going on. They should definitely consider putting installing a tent that does not get rented so anyone can use it.

Daisy Avila

EyeLa c

Grandsons second birthday party. Great fun, lots to do for all ages. Kids can run and be kids safely.

Tim M

Had a double birthday party here for my grandsons. Great venue. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable about the animals for which they care. They are also very good with a wide range of ages of guests. The farm has many types of animals for petting and viewing.

Miranda Benetti

SO much fun! I had just as much fun as my children did! There are many different types of animals to pet (and some you can feed and/or hold): peacocks, ducks, chickens, turkeys, chicks, cows, horses, mules, donkeys, ponies, bison, sheep, goats, bunnies, guinea pigs, turtles, pigs, etc. We had a wonderful time, and stayed until closing. They have food (the cheese brat was great, as were the apples with caramel dip), drinks (like hot cider), and bathrooms of course. There were plenty of places to sit and rest or eat at picnic tables in the shade. The grounds are large, beautiful, well-kept, and clean. There were even some free range chickens running around, begging for some food scraps. They were so cute and funny. :) The animals are healthy, well kept and happy - they are very well taken care of. I highly recommend it!

Jennifer Schaefgen

Staff was great, and grounds are very well kept.

Jeff Faulkner

Food truck festival was great!

Jose Burgos


Victor Fletcher

Great for the kids friendly atmosphere

Katie Siegel

My son loves this farm! We have a blast every time we go

Kathrine Thoen

Wooonderful place! Both us and our two year old loved spending time here and will definately be back! The only minus is the kiosk menu which mainly consists of junk food and sodas. Would have loved to see seasonal fruits, corn on the cob, fruit popsicles etc.

Friday13th fan

Their Halloween event was good but it was a little costly and small. But they did have many of their animals out and the trail was nice I just wish it included the hay ride in the cost and was not an added charge. But all in all it was good just wanted a little more from it.

Dylan Gatto

Nicole Strong

This place was everything I wanted in a farm experience for my 5yo. We went on Father's Day (they treated my husband to free admission and everyone to ice cream) and it was a perfect family excursion. I really wanted my child to start connecting the dots on where milk comes from, eggs, etc and what his storybook animals really look (and feel) like. He petted lamb, sheep, baby goats, a llama, horse, cow, turtle, held a bunny rabbit and followed a turtle around. We rode a very fun hayride and watched a piglet race. And my husband and I milked a cow! The staff was incredibly warm and informative. I can't recommend this place enough - we'll prob go back for a fall fest.

Nancy Benson

Go here! It is worth the drive and the small cost to get in. It is a phenomenal place. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly, the animals are well cared for, and they have lots of fun things to do. It is centered around kids, but my husband and I went by ourselves, and had an absolute blast! ♥️ They have a cow you can milk, and lots of animals to love on. They have a little souvineer shop, and so much more.

Yevgeny Dyuburg

Awesome place, must-visit if you really want to explain your child that cow gives milk, not Walmart.

Whitney Pomeroy

Lovely. Can't wait to go back!

Carlos Baptista

A place where you can relax an enjoy farm animals.

Charles D'Urso

Bryan Jackson

Great time for the family. Really, a great time. A little pricey.

Kylee W

Love love love it here. Friendly animals, super nice staff, beautiful grounds.

Jen Russo

Beautiful venue for large parties.

Shanika Pumphrey

Had a great time on a field trip.

Amanda Demers

Absolutely love this place! Everyone is so nice!

Gayle Chesler

Great staff, very friendly and patient with little ones. My kiddo loves it here!

Jes love

A great experience and so much fun. We will definitely return. We were able to feed cows, bison, goats, sheep, llamas, alpacas (who are so sweet, my favorite lol) and pet all types of great docile animals. Great place for kids, pig races were fun. 14 cash price per person including feed for all animals wasnt a bad price considering we spent all day here. Great family fun. Staff was extra helpful and nice and made the 2 hour drive worth it. Highly recomend!!! We will be returning for jack o lantern Halloween event which is 8 per person.


oscar guillen

We had our three year old birthday party there and the kids loved it. Lots of things to do for the kids, friendly staff and the accommodations for the extra guest was great. I would definitely recommend this place.

Melvin Garrison

Kids had fun

David Frick

Cool place nice people great for kids

black bull studio

Friendly, kids will love it

Parsa Mehdi

Loved this place

Gustavo Rodriguez

Awesome place to spend the day with family

A. P.

Nice trip worth the drive

Amy Belliotti

Wonderful place for kids of all ages!

Jacqueline Andersen

Sps Dhar

Very nice place for kids. But it is not allowed for public it only for birthday parties

Rev. Christine Mcgunigale

what a fun place to get married

Philip E Bellerjeau Sr.

My daughter had a birthday party here its a great place for all

Jonathan MW

Ian Blum

Loved it.


It was a bit cold when I went but I got to see most of not all the animals. A sheep had just given birth that morning so the kids got to see the 2 baby lamb. There is also a safari ride but I dot have a chance to go on that. There is a souvenir shop and different areas for picnics. Great place for the family.

Heather Hill

This is the cleanest farm I've ever seen. The animals are calm and very well cared for.

Thomas Shoffner

Lots of great animals to look at.

Steve Berlin

Great place for kids! Went with my son's day care group and it was totally enjoyable. Kids got to see and touch cows, horses, pigs, chickens, and turkeys. They also had the opportunity to feed the cows (and a bison) and milk a cow, too. Also, strategically placed handwashing stations throughout, which was a relief. Picnic tables set up for lunch (bring your own, but you can get some snacks and beverages there). And, of course, some good playground equipment is there, too.

Susan Ashton

I like to go even without kids. Love interacting with the baby animals and the stately old timer (Tank)

Jay Fuller

Attended a wedding here. Staff very friendly. Nice wedding reception area

Virginia Matos

It was fabulous and very colorful!

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