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REVIEWS OF Great Cats Exhibit/Lion and Tiger Hill IN West Virginia

Tracy Mccarthy

I enjoyed the baby orangutan the most, I am looking forward to the giant dinosaurs around the park to be completed how ever my granddaughter is not! They are larger than life and very real looking :) . Busy busy in the am. Bathrooms could use a little cleaning mid day, especially with the crowds. Pack a lunch the concession stand was way too busy.

Steve Mantegna

Awesome view. Saw a tiger play with a huge ball in the water, it was amazing.

Lee Woinoski

Leandra Flores

stephen fell

Well worth a visit, wasnt many out due to a little rain but some big cats to see

Peter Carey

Amazing animals at the zoo!

MeLinda Prescott-Young

Imanol Burguera

Nima Yousefi

Alexx Breton

The lion roard for us very loudly. Was a very fun exibit.

Marsha Thompson

Pavel Reshetnik

daniel hernandez

Hassan Almalki

حديقة الحيوان مكان اكثر من رائع

Broadcast Sinister

Ernesto Rivera

Watching the tiger and lion walk around freely in their exhibit was awesome.

Kenneth Milla

Diana Dickerson-Weed

Amir Goli

Nisant Patel


Екатерина Воронцова

Maria Cardenas

Ben Pick

This is one of many must see exhibits in the Washington zoo.

Rudy Baum

Very put together. Nice enclosures cool layout. Heard a tiger roar! Ample parking but costs $25

Will Koehrsen

One of many wonderful exhibitions in the national zoo. I'd highly recommend visiting the great cats (lions and tigers) as well as the entire Smithsonian Zoo. Initially, I was against zoos, but after visiting the Smithsonian, I realized how much good zoos can do for endangered animals. Even for those who don't typically think of themselves as zoo people, I'd recommend spending a few hours here marveling at the wild life.

Brian Wilson

This exhibit is too small for 3 female lions. I won’t go on a diatribe about it, but it makes me sad.


Kia Cook

Kareem Penn

Kayla Chamberlin

ricardo munera

Jonathan Pulles

Fun to go when it's cool as the cats are much more active then

David Lanier

sarita Vasquez

Ryszard Sieradzki


Rosman Urbina

Gordon Harty

Andy Rankin

Илья Земсков

(Translated by Google) In summer, cats are hot and stuffy, they are constantly looking for a shadow. The zone of movement of animals is far enough, which greatly complicates the process of observation. I really liked the interactive information path where you can compare your palm with the tiger paw, look at and touch the cats' skulls and learn a lot of new things. Children and adults will be very interesting. (Original) Летом кошкам жарко и душно, они постоянно ищут тень. Зона перемещения животных находится достаточно далеко, что сильно затрудняет процесс наблюдения. Очень понравилась интерактивная информационная тропа, где можно сравнить свою ладонь с тигринной лапой, разглядеть и потрогать черепа кошек и узнать много нового. Детям и взрослым будет крайне интересно

sergio Tsybin

EasySpanish with Jessie

You can appreciate the wonder of nature.

wayne wentworth

Matthew Cohen

Seth Cogbill

Keith Pang

We are lucky to see the lions plays by the water side. Normally, lions rest at noon.

Brennan Martin

I had to give this 5 stars, otherwise the big tiger staring at me as if I was a small deer covered in ice cream would eat me.

Rui Bian

So cool

Nyrie Nicolai

Enjoy the animals and get plenty of exercise

Antonio Javier Huerta

Lais Vieira

They are great!!

Tat Dcid

Rilver Nogales

Nicholas Walenga

John Rogers


Raymond Yang

Robert Hayes

Lived ir7

keinya carroll

Love love love Lions one of my favorite animal in the kingdom they were beautiful

Amber Richards

jeba Ahmed

It was good

Jessica S

Viska Marchelen Widyaastuti

Andrew Garten

Tiger was roaring!!!

A. Shap

Best part of zoo

Emily Wolff

noor soofi

Robin Ruggeri

Very nice zoo.

Elio Rosa

Stuart Glassett

Matt Longacre

The whole zoo is a good pit stop, but the Great Cats exhibit is one of the highlights of the DC zoo.



Jerry S

Ryan Barr

The enclosures themselves aren't that great. They probably need some renovations/upgrades, but the cats are usually out. Worth a look if you're at the zoo.

Griffin Eisenmann

Gilad Penn

They don't really do much. At least we'll hear them roar a bit

Kristin Jordan

This was my favorite part.

Maher Ibrahim

Copy rights pictures please if you like them I can print them for you. But the zoo is awesome

Deedee Carroll

Adam Losee

Gary Smith

Great exhibit with large cats and informational displays. A full circle to walk.

John Powell

Awesome exhibit.

Marggie Velázquez

Edgar Isaac Rios

Emmanuel Tumusiime

Simple Meets Adventure

The lions were active while we were there which made it even more fun to be there. They basked in the sun but then they roared and pawed around. Love seeing these huge ominous animals.

Emma Dudley

miranda garcia

Lisa Smith

Very exciting

Jason Summerlott

Michael Amendola

Emily Singh

My daughter and I really enjoyed this exhibit. We spent most of the morning watching the tiger and lions, and they spent most of the morning roaring. I have never heard such vocal big cats in a zoo. Great place to visit with the family.

Chris Joyner

Shericka Ortiz


Jay Belles

Kids loved it

Jose Gaston Barriga

Great animal exhibit that is free of charge. Enjoyable experience

shimon zitter

Dave Haupt

The lion was rotating non stop. Everyone wanted to see it! So fun!

ratnesh pandey

Nisson Feliz

Jhamieka Greenwood

Gato Vilop

Justin Crawford

Bob Carpenter

Dorys Chavez

Korren Golden

Love this exhibit. It's a circle with big cats. Love it. There are lions and tigers. They're usually fairly active. When I got there they had just fed the tiger and he was eating a bunny, then they let the lionesses out and they were roaring and chasing each other around it it was very very cool. I'd never seen lions get all rowdy, usually they just lay around.

Daniel Acuña

Beautiful mammals, we stayed here in 2014, we enjoyed a lot.

Alessandro Del’Duca Teixeira

Monico Havier

People come to the National Zoo to see the Panda's (and that makes perfect sense because there are only five places where you can see Giant Panda's in North America) but I love spending most of my time at the Great Cats Exhibit. Among the residents are two (critically endangered) Sumatran Tiger cubs and the newest additions are six lion cubs. They're all cute and very photogenic! Another reason I love the Great Cats exhibit is the availably of the keepers who regularly come out to check on things and talk with visitors. Without a doubt this is my favorite place to spend my time when I'm visiting the National Zoo.

Curtis Thomas

Paul Martinez

Devin hall

Amit Rahman

Very nice. I love big cats

Nina men

Jūratė Usevičiūtė

Eric Shaw

There are some pretty great cats here :)

sam osta

Ronnie P

Merlot Ashton

Wow such an incredible experience , I love animals and my favorite animals are the lions so this place was like paradise for me. I absolutely love it. Well recommend


Very cool, but there weren't many great cats available for viewing.

Lily Robinson

Omar Hashem


Anand Prakash Tiwari

It's really awesome experience to see big cats. It's a giant circle divided in four parts, one has two brother lion, other one has a pair of lion. 3rd one has a pair of tiger and 4th one suppose to have cheetah, but I couldn't see him. Overall nice place to take your children and family.

Casper Norriss

michael hatmaker

Awesome exhibit

D. Banks

Jason Northern

David Rathell

Caskey Dickson

Paulette Roper


(Translated by Google) Cool! (Original) Super!


Stuart Cohn

Dimiter Kirilov

Dashiell Pinon

I liked the animals but there werent too many to see and I wished that the would be more

Andrew Dougherty

Awesome place

Rudolf Carson

The Great cat exhibit is so beautiful to visit. It brings you as close as possible to the wildlife. The cats are well maintained and looks energetic and healthy. I tip my hat off to the great staffs of the exhibit. I definitely will be back to visit.

Aaron Jones

Magdalena Whitman

Dj Fj

Tyler Lawson

Daniel Herda

Power People

Zakariya Abdullahi

(Translated by Google) greatt (Original) Greatt

Laura Ike


Great cats

Mark Friedman

Great for the kids, always something new to see

Vidit Agarwal

Meena Sharma

Grant Marshall

Nelson Zimmerman

Fred Lorrain

Large outdoor exhibit, they have room to move around and seemed pretty relaxed.

Leslie Massot

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