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10030 State Rte 530 NE, Arlington, WA 98223, United States

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Where is The Outback Kangaroo Farm?

REVIEWS OF The Outback Kangaroo Farm IN Washington

Henry Briggs

Well worth the trip! Beats almost any zoo I've ever been to, it's cheaper and you get to pet and feed the animals! Would give 10 out of 5 stars if I could!

Della Bryant

Loved our visit here. So facinating!! Cant wait to visit again.

Jeffrey Wade

This may have been a little out of the way to go to from Seattle, but getting to see all these animals up close and even interact with a great number of them makes this well worth the long drive. The folks who run the farm are very friendly and want to make sure that both you and the animals have the best time possible. And getting to feed pet animals from the 'roo family was a dream come true for me. They are just so soft and there is nothing like it!

Justin McIntyre

The kangaroo farm is one of the best family functions you can do. Its family run and so interesting. Theres a ton of animals to pet and it's very interactive. Great trip for the cheap ticket price.

Micah D

This place is awesome. They have such amazing animals that you get to experience in a very different way than usual, not to mention the fact that they have kangaroos and wallabies you can just pet freely. Highly recommend making a trip to see them when you have a day to spare.


So cool to get up and close to some kangaroos

Jenaferre James

Really fun experience! The owners are incredible. I would recommend calling ahead to see if any large groups are scheduled. We were there with 2 very large groups and it was a bit hectic. We really enjoyed ourselves anyway.

Kat Sykes

Despite the many wonderful reviews, the farm has a few drawbacks. We went on a very busy morning and the very large group of people was split into 2 separate groups of 25 - 30 people. In my opinion that is still too many people for an enjoyable experience. We wanted to take pictures and get close to the animals and for the most part that was not possible due to the large group and the number of people who don't understand the concept of taking a turn. At each stop, there were kids running (even though we were warned not to), people pushing their way into the front and staying for the duration of the stop. A number of us never had a chance to get close. The farm is a great idea but not executed very well. I doubt I will be back.


We had a blast. Will be back


This was such a unique experience. I never thought I would have the opportunity to see a kangaroo in person, much less interact with one. The farm is on the smaller side but laid out nicely. It was VERY crowded, apparently Thursdays have turned into the busiest day of the week but they split the amount of people into two groups so that helped the tour not seem SO crowded. We started off feeding alpacas and a llama, visited a mini horse, fed some mini donkeys and goats, and then got to the kangaroo enclosures. The kangaroo enclosure is open and you can explore at your will. There are multiple kangaroos and plenty of opportunities to find one to interact with. I met the sweetest kangaroo that wanted all of the pats, she even hugged my leg! The price of admission is definitely worth this one of a kind experience.

Kaylea Hollingsworth

Went with the school I work at and we had an amazing time!!! We fed, pet and learned about different animals!!! Will definitely be going back this summer!!!

Dawn Hanby

This is a great day trip or for out of towners. You can see many animals from peacock's, Lam's, goats and yes kangaroos. And when I say see I mean pet a real hands on . The Father and Daughter family owner & run is a one of a kind animal park. I would go back. ❤️

mama j

You can pet the kangaroos and wallabies and alpaca. Chickens everywhere

Neil Smith

This place is great. It is family owned and run and they're fantastic. I can't remember the price specifically but it was very reasonable. Staff is very friendly. They walk you through their farm of unusual animals. You see peacocks, llamas, donkeys, emus and of course kangaroos. As you go through they give you info on the animals like a tour guide and they happily answer any questions you have. You get to feed and pet most of the animals including the kangaroos. If you have kids or just like to pet animals I highly recommend this place. You'll love it.

Sergey Akimov

a bit crowded though farm host broke us up into two groups. Awesome experience for the young ones and adults alike. Not too far to drive (45 min from N bothell)

Orion Webster

Just as fun as the first time

Colin Ryan

Had a wonderful time. The animals are friendly and love to be petted.

Julie Dodge

An incredibly fun place to visit. The owner is extremely knowledgeable and loves showing his wonderful animals and telling their individual stories. I LOVE this place and have done for many years! Put this place on top of your list of things to do and don't forget to visit the gift shop!

A. Wilson

Visiting the Kangaroo Farm was a great family experience. When we first drove up to the place, it felt warm and welcoming as roosters, hens and chicks roamed around freely. My husband and I both had just as much fun as our 10 year old daughter and 5 year old son. The tour guides seem to enjoy introducing their farm animals - not just kangaroos. There were lemers, peacocks, goats, donkeys and alpaka. During our trip, the adults we're entertained to see the male peacocks seducing the females with a dance, which the kids called "flashing", while a couple kangaroos decided to mate. The kids said the kangaroos loved to "massage" each other. Overall, it is worth visiting.

Chelsi Marie

This place is a heaven for all ages!

Michelle Lomont

My kids had such a great time petting the animals.

Lerika Mallayeva

I’m in love with this place!

Jeanna Kaye

So much wildlife to see and feed! While it's called the kangaroo farm, there are many animals besides kangaroos. There are birds, emus, alpacas, and other farm animals. The animals are nice to pet and are very relaxed. This is great for kids and couples and families or even just singles. I love animals and had a blast.

Jessica Thorn

Great experience, if you take your littles please talk to them about listening to instructions

Samuel Patterson

So much fun! They have much more than Kangaroos, they have Hens and Roosters, Chinese pheasant, Llamas, Lemur's, Rabbits, Goats, and I think there is one other animal that I can't remember, but there is a good variety. You can pay for a tour, where you can feed the animals and tour the zoo/farm. But if you don't want to pay for that, there is still plenty to do. You can still see all the animals in the guest area, you just won't be able to feed them or see the rest of the zoo/farm. There is also a huge swing that is fun or kids and adults. Come check this place out!

Linda Krueg

Love all the animals.but reallly loved kangaroos

Emily Rutledge Bering

We had such a good time!

Katie Christianson

Great place for families and little kids. People there are great and there are tons of animals. Wear closed toe shoes or boots.

Kimberly Bowen

Absolutely fantastic for a family adventure..

Susan Tjioe

This place is closed for the season. Opens March 1st. Google states it is open

Justin H

Kangaroos and wallabys. In Arlington. Pretty cool. Kids will, and do, especially love it.

Jake Martin

This place was pretty cool. The driveway was a little hard to see coming around the corner, so GO SLOW. When we got there, parking was great and had plenty of space. It was a little confusing because we came as a group right when one of the tours started, and were met by 3 separate workers all giving us different directions. The tour itself was awesome, and the gentlemen who led it was incredibly knowledgeable and answered everyone's questions. Cool place to take the kids.

Aaron Hansen

Such an amazing experience, they had so many animals and lots to interact with and learn. Very nice owners too!

Erik Osborne

This place is awesome. They have a great walking tour.

Cheryl Marusiak

Two hour wait between tours which was not posted on their website. We had a small child who couldn't wait the two hours. We traveled 150 miles roundtrip. Big disappointment.

Vicki Brown

A wonderful place to get hands-on experience! tour guides are friendly and knowledgeable. Feed wallabys and kangaroo, pet tortoise, llama, mule and more! Well worth the $13 admission price. You'll also want to be sure to visit the souvenir shop for a gift to show off where you spent a couple of AMAZING hours of fun!

Elizabeth Trumbull

Such a fun outing! The tours are fun and educational. You get to experience feeding llamas, alpacas, donkeys, giant tortoise, kangaroos and wallabies. There are chicken, ducks and beautiful peacocks that roam freely around the farm as well. The tours starts at the lemur exhibit - man those guys are fun to watch bounce around like crazy! So much energy!! Staff is friendly, warm, patient and truly enjoy what they do! I mean, how can you not! Prices are extremely reasonable! Get there plenty early before the tour time you wish to attend to find parking and get your kiddos ready as they start tours right on time and parking can be tricky (especially if you're there for the 12pm tour as many from the 10am tour hang around to play and have lunch) fun for all ages!!

Pyroman 669

This place was so awesome and getting to see such amazing animals was so much fun. My in laws brought me and my family here for our daughters birthday as a surprise treat.. Definitely worth the stop and price

TC Taormina

We had an amazing experience! The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. We were able to pet many of the animals...who are very friendly! Would definitely go back

Pamela Riedy

A fun place for folks of all ages! Get up close and personal with a baby wallaby, kiss an alpaca, feed a kangaroo, talk to a tortoise, laugh with Kookie the kookaburra, or just lounge around with the lemurs! Several tours per day! Variety of animals to see and and learn about. Honeybuckets available for restrooms with a hand washing station at the pump spigot.

Seth Robertson

Snohomish County treasure. Where else can you come face to face and feed kangaroo,, wallaby and wallaroo and other animals. Lots of fun for ALL ages. Awesome.

Christopher Teeny

Super fun! Surprised the girlfriend for her birthday and she melted. Major judo points earned. Interesting ending, some roos decided it was perfect timing to mate...

Gary Davis III

cool post for everyone of all ages. Kangaroos were really nice.

sandesh daddi

A small farm with almost 13+ different animals...30+ kangaroos, peacock...good for kids to spend good can pat to Kangaroo, Donkey, tortoise...good experience..

Diana Thomas Geater

It was a good place to visit

Nik Jensen

Great tour, you get to see and pet some very cool animals. Definitely wear boots or shoes you don't mind getting muddy! The tour felt a little short though. Wish it was about twice as long.

Kay Em

Whats to see Kangaroos in Seattle area, this is the place to go. Very friendly and knowledgeable people.

Rebekah Walker

Such a great place to bring your kids. So many animals to see and touch. It's a great learning experience as well.

Paul Zenone

Had such a Wonderful day here even though it was cloudy and cold but lots of Love from the animals it really was Amazing time with the Kangaroos and all their friends !!!!! Thank YOU

Jojo Matlin

Fun place to visit with out of towners and children. Only negative thing was too many people at one time in tour so we couldn't hear what tour guide was saying and didn't learn much about the animals, it's more like a big petting zoo for the young and old.

Terry Parmely

Awesome! My adult children loved it.

Hedy Schlaht

Such a good array of animals and allowable petting

Tanya Chamberlain

Fun visit but watch your step.

Sara N

They're great people. It was amazing to get to interact with the animals. I wish it was slightly less muddy, but that's because I was feeling "delicate" that day.

Rachel Proctor

Wonderful experience! The tour was great, moved along at a pace our 3 and 7 year old appreciated. Animals were friendly and everyone in our tour was engaged with feeding, petting and learning about the different creatures. We will definitely go back and recommend to friends, families and strangers!

Kerstin Sartin

Kids absolutely loved it and want to come again! Great place to enjoy a variety of animals, well worth the time

Parisa Nazaran

Cute little farm. Great plan to fill out a couple of hours on a Saturday.

Jennie Malone

Very enjoyable tour I'm very clean tidy and animals wild card for

Justin Famiglietti

It was a fun experience. Granted, it would have been better if there were smaller groups instead. Lots of different animals to see and, some, to pet.

Sara Kincaid

The people are friendly and seem knowledgeable. The animals are fun and most are available to pet and interact with.

Bethany Freundschuh

Really cool experience being able to feed some of the animals and pet the kangaroos

Khyla Phillips

Great place to go spend some time! 13 dollars to go on a tour of the place and worth every penny. We are able to pet all the animals (that are friendly of course) and ask all kinds of questions. And yes you can pet the kangaroos!!

Tammy Willbanks

Wow, it's a lot like a mini petting zoo! It was a great thing to do on Mother's day! Thanks to our son Aaron.

aaron mcelroy

Its really good for the kid in anyone. Nice folks that run it. Really cool interactions with the animals.

J. Alan Legg

This was a nice and inexpensive way to spend an afternoon. It is wonderful to be able to get close to and interact with the animals. This is small and cozy establishment, and the owners are adamant that parents keep their children from running and screaming.

Brittany Palmer

This was an incredible experience! You really get to experience all the animals up close and 1 on 1. We were never rushed, it was supposed to be a 40 minute tour, but everyone was enjoying themselves and they let us hang out for over an hour. PLEASE PARENTS make sure your children are under control. The only negatives about our trip were families with young children who would not respect the animals.

Echo Xenon

Its a very wholesome experience. The animals are very nice as are the people. The tours arent terribly long, but they are quality. The alpacas and goats were my favorite as they were very nice to pet and had quite the personalities. Most of the animals were very friendly and soft. Totally would reccomend as a family activity.

Grace Sanchez

Amazing place! The variety of animals was incredible. The annuals are so gentle, healthy and well cared for. It's a great place to take children.

Tammy Mitchell

What a great and fun place. So glad we went. You get to interact with some of the animals. We got to pet and feed Kangaroos, Wallabies and saw a white one. Highly recommend this place

Yoshi Golfer

Must visit...hard to be fun, family fun...

Kathee Wagoner

Fun and informative kids loved it also

Joe Grant

We visited for the first time yesterday and we will definitely be back! Ray and his family have really created something special. They obviously love the animals and the animals obviously love them. From a variety of exotic birds to tortoises to lemurs to kangaroos and wallabies to alpacas and llamas to donkeys and mini-horses... this place has a ton of cool animals to see and many of them are tame and friendly enough to feed and pet. As others have said, the family is very knowledgeable and friendly, they take credit cards, and they have a cool gift shop that matches their theme well. Also as mentioned, the entrance sneaks up on you, so drive slow when you're getting close... I blew by it once and almost a second time. We went on a day with showers in the forecast, but they do the tours rain or shine. There was a downpour during ours, but we still enjoyed it immensely.

sapan patel

Never anticipated to see Kangaroo in Washington state of USA. :) Small Farm with unique animals and birds. Good option for kids to farm visit and pet them.

Kevin Kanzelman

The mama kangaroo was preparing to birth a little. Joey, should be anytime now. Such a great experience for the whole family especially grandma and the grand children

Merrie Beth Owens

We really enjoyed going here and will be back again.

Spencer Schwegler

Great place to get close to kangaroos. Kids love it. Many of the animals seem old but the staff is friendly and the tour is entertaining. Only porta potties on site.

Rob Alspaugh

Very fun and informative. Great place to take your family.

Rosie Lee

Can be a drive depending on your starting locale. Able to feed kangaroos, wallabys, alpacas, llama, donkeys. Close up viewing of mini horse, tortoise, lemurs, emus, ducks, chickens, peacocks, peahens, rabbit. Gift shop has a live kookaburra & cockatoo. It is a walking tour. Attendees should be better behaved and able to maintain a calmer talking voice. One set of grandparents had grandchild in light weight stroller. Picnic tables, port-a-potties on-site. Free parking, fees to tour, check website for available months of operation and tour times.

Stephen Ramos

Great place to visit. So many cool animals. Kangaroos are awesome up close! Such a great experience

Pete Stevenson

Exceeded my expectations, there were many more animal species than I expected. The tour was wonderful. Hands on feeding was special, especially for children

Tessa Gomes

Great way to spend the afternoon! The tour was a lot of fun. My only recommendation would be to try and go on weekday. The Saturday midday tour soooo crowded that you barely got any time with the animals.

Katrina Johnson

Always love coming here

Julianne Taylor

So fun! Very hands on. Would go again.

Megan Bland

What a fun place, kids loved all the animals.

The Flying Izzy Yeah

I love the experience of a petting zoo. It allows you to become a kid again! I love this place because the animals are exotic, the owners/caretakers are helpful, it was also educational. Also, you can buy Kangaroos and wallabies.

Roger Kwan

Awesome experience! Guided tours only , but you get to pet and feed most of the animals. It is an outdoor farm environment, so wear a jacket and some boots in case of mud or animal poop!

Bethany McCall

Great family place

Fish Licker

First time to Washington had an amazing time staff be on friendly you feel like you're at home. Definitely will return. Very up close and personal with the animals.


Never been here and never will. Personally, I would not support such a place where you can sell exotic animals to keep as pets or for zoos. Profit should not be the main concern.

Sarah Mccamey

The owners/family are wonderful people! They give an awesome personal encounter with the animals. Always a pleasure for all ages. A truely unique experience❤

Diana Dibiase

Took my very excited almost 5 year old to see the animals. No running, loud voices, or jumping. She did okay but the other smaller kids had trouble containing their excitement. The tour was about 25 minutes +/- we had fun and the different animals were fun to feed and pet.

Melinda Stump

Great place to take kids and adults! Love being able to pet and feed the animals.

Lisa K

Tours run from March 1-Oct 30. Wednesday – Sunday, 10 a.m., 12 p.m., 2 p.m., & 4 p.m., Closed Monday & Tuesday Please be sure to arrive early as tours leave on time, any late arrivals will have to wait until the next tour time. If you bring a lunch or snack, there are tables you can eat at. I love being able to take our grandchildren here. The only place where you actually get to be in with the animals. You get to feed the Kangaroos, wallabies, donkeys, goats, ponies, alpacas and more. There also are ponies, bunnies, tortoise, lemurs and peacocks. They also sell kangaroos and wallabies. Family-run and family friendly. Cute little log cabin gift shop that is also home to some beautiful birds.

James Parzych

A unique place to get in touch, literally, with some animals that usually live far from here. Kangaroos relaxing in the sun, an emu pair building a nest, and peacocks on full display. Well worth the $12 admission for a fun hour and a half.

Ashley Bissett

Amazing experience... way better than your typical petting zoo. Informative and extremely Pleasant staff, definitely will be returning.

Vicky RI

Fun time. You actually get to pet kangaroos and other animals!! They have tours at 10, 12, 2 and 4, so plan accordingly!


Fun trip for kids or adults. I brought a change of shoes. Glad we brought boots. Helped with keeping the car clean. Price was right and the trip was very enjoyable.

Tiffany Pounds

Such a fun find in Arlington! The family that runs it are very sweet. I fell in love with there albino kangaroo Elsa, and got to kiss an alpaca

Keely Barten

A fun activity for the family, with a variety of animals to pet and feed. The tour group was quite large and took away from the interactive experience as the poor animals became overwhelmed, especially the kangaroos. $10/adult was a good though.

Lisa Smith

Great place to take the kids! Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. My 9 year old granddaughter loved it.

Deanna Murray

Wear shoes appropriate for a farm. The granddaughter enjoyed the animals a lot.

cody lueken

This place was really fun. Lots of animals to look at and plenty to pet. The animals were super friendly and the staff was knowledgeable about them. The kangaroos we're friendly and kid friendly. A great family quick trip. Price for adult is 12 and I believe 10 for child.

D Hinojosa

Loved this place! Must see attraction for kids and couples!

Ireese Wynne

Had an awesome time

Hey Katy Pace

Such a fun experience ! The tour is fairly short but hands on, and everyone gets a chance to feed/ pet the animals. Tours run on a schedule so be sure check the hours before hand :)

Willard Wisegarver

You get to pet lots of Roo's. Nice people.

Vincent Jones

Plenty of kangaroos it won't disappoint you.

Sara Mahmoud

we love the farm

Robert Ickes

We genuinely had a lot of fun here. I never thought I'd touch a kangaroo! Give the alpacas my love.

Julie Payton

Fun place for kids and adults. Wished there had been more time to spend with the animals.

Melonee Baron

Fun family experience! I was surprised at how many animals there were and that you could pet and feed so many. Very interactive and informative!

liz reagan

Had such a good time here. Great for families and all generations.

Bubbie Carrillo

It was very interesting place to visit. Kind of feel sorry for the animals there because they are fenced in. Lots of children as to be expected. The staff do the best they can do with the resources that they have. One of the owners, the older gentleman is a little short on describing anything of substance, probably burned out from the many tours they have per day. The other guides are pretty upbeat. Overall enjoyed seeing an animal that people do not normally get to see so close up, literally in the enclosure with them. Pretty cool. They do seem to care about the animals in their care, which is good.

Edward Hilgendorf

Good for a quick, fun trip. Tour takes about an hour, get to pet wallabies and kangaroos, free llamas goats and other random animals. Lemurs to look at, chickens and peacocks all over.

Sunita Sundaresh

It's a nice little place run by a family. There are about 40 Kangaroos thought none of them are as huge as the ones found in Australia. The tour is the only way you can see the the animals up close and wonderful. You can feed them too and it obviously feels awesome to pet these little Kangaroos, compared to the larger ones

teresa nguyen

Awesome place, kids love it. Animals are friendly (the ones you can pet).

Chasinda H

I love this place! I go every year with my kids. They have a lot of amazing animals and you get to pet and feed several of them. The kangaroos and wallabys are my favorite. You get to walk around their pen and pet them and feed them bread. Sometimes you can see joeys moving in pouches. Sometimes they have a joey that's nearly ready for adoption, away from its mom, so you can pet and hold the baby in it's little felt sack. I wish I could have one as a pet, they are so sweet!

aaron jones

Great for kids, you get to pet and feed kangaroos, alpacas, ponies... The tours only an hour though. Mind blowing for younger kids.

Kandi Elgaen

Need to upgrade need to make paved parking areas need more stuff in their gift shop Cute animals need more sitting area add a kids area

Mariessa Theno

Fantastic!!! Loved it so much! The kids enjoyed it too! So many cool animals and so much great knowledge!

Tad Theno

The people and animals are fantastic. Where else around here can you pretty a kangaroo, see a baby wallaby, and kiss an alpaca? Great tour, fun place.

Diva Biker

Discovered this place about 10 years ago and I've been coming here once or twice a year since then. The family who runs the farm are wonderful and great people. They've become like family to me and I love bringing new people as well as regulars out to visit.

BenAxe Man Screenprint Northwest

I took my lady to see the Kangarooson her birthday weekend, and we had so much fun!!! the tour was awesome! Had a great time. The animals, and the staff were all really friendly:)

Judith Robison

Amazing place for children. The tour guide did an excellent job

Suzanne Cox

It's certainly a unique place to visit!

Hidy Abramson

A wonderful experience! The owner and his daughter do a wonderful job of guiding you through the farm and make this a really fun tour. You get to pet and feed most of the animals. Always a fun trip!

roscoe davenport

Awesome place to visit with children. So many animals to interact with.

William Ryder

Loved it! Can be a little crowded at times or hard to hear the tour guides. But thats just due to the nature of the tour. A great place to go! I will definantly be back!

steven parker

Literally a do whatever you want with the kangaroos deal. Like 20 of them just hanging out. Super docile.

Michael Chun

One of Arlington's hidden gems! A great way to spend a few hours. it's a fun and interesting experience for both children and adults. I never knew kangaroos were so soft!

Lydia Hovind

Very friendly, hands-on experience. Lots of fun and cool animals that you can interact with! I've been several times and it never gets old! Great for all ages

Janean Mendoza

We had a lot more fun than expected! Great for all ages, definitely a must see if you are in the area.

Mary T

So much fun! They were accommodating and sweet to children, so worth the price and it was nice to see the family that owned the place. Every zoo type situation I've been in seems to constrict the animals but not here they seem very relaxed and well taken care of. Great place!

Charles Brambach

Pretty awesome.

martin stehl

Strange place, but cool with how you can actually pet the kangaroos. Tough as you get a guided your and once you are done, you're done. You have to follow their schedule and deal with their time line for how much interaction you get with the animals.

Jazzmyn Nordstrom

Such a wonderful experience!! Their kangaroos are so friendly and you get to wander around and spend time with them. Not to mention how inexpensive it is for how fulfilling an experience you get!

skid marx

Where do I begin? Down under some might say. I brought my aussie here to feel welcome by us Merican's. However when I arrived some dude named Chet came up to us to have us fill out a liability form. The form asked about medical information and when I marked down that I suffer from Crabs they advised me I would not be allowed to ride on or in any of the roos. This is heartbreaking seeing as how I just recovered from a spinal injury thanks to some jerk named Jose at On the Border in Tucson. Way to make my mail ordered Aussie feel unwelcomed to the USA.

corky cat

Good for the kids if not a bit expensive. Well worth kt when you see the work they do

Rachal Ryan

Such a treasure of the island. Beautiful and interactive fun

Juan Meyer

Love animals... so the farm was really cool.. awesome for kids!

Keith McCormick

Very family friendly

Bryan Adams

Overall a very neat place as how often do you get to pet kangaroos and wallabys!? Staff was friendly and knowledgable. Tour takes about 45 minutes, so a little short but probably the right length of time for kids. My only thing is the facility needs to be maintained a bit better. Granted it's only open 9 months a year so maybe not enough revenue but many of the fences/sheds are just run down and falling apart, with a little elbow grease this place could really shine. Regardless though this place is a ton of fun and I'd recommend it to anyone regardless of the age.

Frank Gray

Fun place

Arron Johnson

Fairly priced and you pet kangaroos! Whst more do you want?

lahari choudary

Farm and kangaroos is good but It's not worthy of

Lisa Miller

First time to The Outback Kangaroo farm. ABSOLUTELY loved it! We are a military family and the wonderful owner gave us a 50% discount on admission! Fun for all ages! We will all definitely be back!

Daniel Snow

This place was cool. The tour was a little short but there were a lot of kangaroos you could see and feed, the lamas( or alpacas i don’t remember which one) would kiss you for a treat. Staff was knowledgeable and friendly.

enna shepelyuk

Lovely little petting zoo/farm.

Natasha Klostermann

I am new to the area and a client has a friend who mention this place. I looked it up and called, and surprised my husband with a day out in 'the outback' for $12/per person. Best deal ever and so worth every penny of it. Recomennded for all ages.

Shelly Willis

Very nice lot of animals to look at


Loved this place. We're going back and bringing more friends and family. Follow the rules and don't chase the Roos.

C Tibb

Worth visiting. Kangaroos are so much softer than I thought. You are given apple leaves to feed the docile mammals in this farm. The albino roos are beautiful.

Olga Berazouskaya

Love the farm. Lots of animals to see and you can feed them

Chris Freeman

This was a ton of fun! Our kids loved the tour, and its such a unique experience to pet and feed the kangaroos!

Ness Marroquin

This was awesome! I wish there was more "free time" though. It felt a bit rushed, but I understand they probably need their space and there are only so many employees! Maybe have more things to do out front to keep people occupied? Besides the photo cut outs and the gift shop, there isn't much to play around on or read or interact with outside of the tour. Totally worth the trip though!

Jami Howe

The Peacock dazzled us with his feather show for almost the entire tour. Kangaroos were relaxed and interactive photoshoot ready. It was a beautiful day for visit.

Jennifer Howe

So much fun! Getting to pet and feed the kangaroos was an awesome experience for my kids and the adults in our party. The variety of animals was a huge bonus as well. The group tour was a little too large but was necessitated by an employee being out sick.


Good place to go with kids. But not only. Adults can taste farm living here pretty much too. Chickens everywhere, feels like some kind of advanced pet zoo. They have naked ground all around so don't put your best shoes on this trip.

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The Outback Kangaroo Farm
The Outback Kangaroo Farm
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