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REVIEWS OF Reptile Zoo IN Washington

Leanne Loveland

3 alligator exhibits. We were there at feeding time which was cool. They have a gift shop

Missy Anne

Hands down one of my top and favorite zoos ⭐️

Kate Novich

Small but fun! Definitely recommend to he carnivore feeding.

M00DYPenguin lol

The workers were vary nice and the animals were vary cool to look at.

Micah D

Super cool zoo with a wide variety of awesome reptiles. The staff were so helpful and knowledgeable too. Kylie was a great teacher telling us about their animals.

Randy Horne

Wow what a well maintained collection of reptiles. Well worth going in.

Ahren Hardy

My three nice's loved it

Lala Land

I had a good time here. Decent selection, well kept. Reasonably priced.

Evan Sills

We had the reptile zoo come to our house for our sons birthday party. Not only was Isaac on time and professional, he was polite and great with the kids. He had them all engaged and interacting. It was an absolute blast!! Thank you for putting on an awesome show for us and and our friends!!

Rick Alexander

This place is awesome! Very friendly and Knowledgeable staff. We will definitely be back again!

manuru mohan

Friendly staff and great place for kids


I don't care for reptiles but we went because my niece wanted to see an albino alligator in person. The price of admission is extremely fair for the close up experience you get with an array of reptiles. It looks very small but they utilize the space well and have a great variety of animals to see. The staff was friendly and even let visitors touch a few of the reptiles. My only complaint was the smell, but that is to be expected of such a place. If you are in the area and have family members that love reptiles this place is definitely worth checking out.

Sandra Ruiz

It's fine, it has little variety of reptile, but it's nice.

Hayden Nelson

My favorite place in the county. Love the reptiles. My daughter fell in love with the albino alligator.

Patrick Sanchez

Whenever I drive through I always stop there, their live shows are informative and interactive.

Robert Cook

Always a great place for my Grandkids. Never gets old. Been here about 10 times.

Cara Larson

This place is great for families. There are a lot of interesting reptiles to look at with information posted on each habitat. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They do multiple free shows each day when staff will bring out an animal, teach about it and let visitors pet it. The tickets are not expensive and I would give 5 stars if it smelled better.

Andrew Maxey

Great place to stop at on your way over the pass, or on the way back. We enjoyed the exotic reptiles. Good learning experience. The staff lady was very informative. The 3 stars is because of the fee. (I understand it's for a good cause) but a family of 4 could have lunch or dinner for the price of admission.

Enrique Mancilla

Great for adults and kids. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Can't wait to come back again.

Christopher McClintock

Unique stop on Hwy 2. Not expensive and some nice reptiles to look at.

Sarah Lorang

2 headed turtle albino alligator we had so much fun lots of cool reptiles!!

Derek Taylor

Great little zoo for all to see some cool reptiles.

D. P.

My family really liked it. Quaint and the reptiles seemed very happy. The staff maintained a very professional attitude yet were very friendly. Price and experience for the quality of reptiles tremendous. Thank You Reptile Zoo.

Leslie Young

Loved spending time with my family in this place very educational

Riot Ward

This place is awesome! We paid $24 for 2 adults, a toddler, and an infant so the prices are pretty fair. The kids can pet huge turtles, and they exhibit the worlds top 10 deadliest snakes. Theirs also a giftshop for visitors, and you can do a scavenger hunt while you're there and get prizes for the kids. The care takers are really nice too.

HighCulture Pod

Always an awsome trip for the kids. We love seeing your turts and torts as well as all the beautiful snakes.

Adam Painter

Great place to see lots of different reptiles, with very friendly staff.

Misty Taylor

Amazing place. Great for families. They love the animals and take great care of them

Jerry Ruzicka

Turtles should not be allowed to walk in circles as to wear holes in the walls.

Lynn Wohlers

A surprisingly well kept zoo for a place that is rather small and out of the way. Zookeepers were super enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Exhibits are very clean and animals look healthy. There's something for everyone. We were charmed by Rocco, who, with a zookeeper at his side, allowed us to pet that scaly skin - very cool! Allow time to wander back and forth between rooms, bring your camera and have fun.

Blair Sills

If I could give 100 stars I would! We asked Isaac to come to our home for our son's birthday party. He did amazing! Patient with all the crazy kids, very knowledgeable, and extremely polite. He brought 11 reptiles with him and everyone was able to hold/touch 4. I would recommend to anyone I could! Very reasonably priced for the amount and experience. I couldn't say enough great things!

Lisa Manly

My grandson loved it!

Crystal webb

There were a lot of different types of reptiles, from skinks to lizards to turtles. I thought the placards had good information, and the staff were able to answer our questions. Looking forward to bringing a friend here. Plenty of parking, and a nice little gift shop.

Jen Nafziger

This place is great! They take such good care of the animals. The kids can interact and learn while having an awesome time! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and really care about these creatures. They do a wonderful service as a rescue facility and a teaching aid! And the Reptile Man is always a hit for kids parties!

Magen Rickey

Both of my boys loved this place. My younger son who is 15 months old enjoyed it even more than my 4 year old. We had fun exploring both sides of the zoo and going back and forth to explore all the reptiles. I loved that my kids could roam freely with me shortly behind without having to worry about them.

Jack Douglas

Fantastic! Got there with enough time to explore the zoo before the live show. Went with my 2 and 5 year old and the staff were extremely friendly and answered all questions. They even let my kids pet and play with Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. How cool is that!?

Logan Flynn

I just always loved this place

Felycia Vaona

Attraction on the side of the road that is worth going to. You can pet the shells of turtles. Multiple reptiles on display including the top deadliest snakes. Cannot forget to mention the two headed turtle that is within. Two large Gators you can get close to as well. Staff was cheerful, informative and friendly.

Mike Herring

Awesome place. It's out there, but cool reptiles and very reasonable price

Danielle Vankruyssen

There was a lot of cool animals! But they don’t seem very organized. We went for feeding time and there was no organization. And my word.... trying to buy tickets is a NIGHTMARE if it a busy. But again, they have some really cool animals and they all look extremely healthy

Narrisa mann

It's a cute small zoo. And easy on the pockets

Lacey Capili

It was a great time with our littles. For the price you pay though I feel like they should have more.

Vintage Rider

Fantastic place. Amazing variety of unique animals. Several year ago we had the Reptile Man out for our grand daughter's birthday. He brings a number of snakes, a tortoise, and puts on a great traveling show as well.


The reptiles are Amazing the price to get in and spend the 15 minutes inside to see everything too high. One snake out of all the reptiles moved kind of lame....Any stuffed animal section of a toy store and you could get the same experience without the smell

Dad Does it!

It was hot and smelly. Nice place to visit once.

CS Travels

Great place to see a wide variety of reptiles and learn about them general. Feeding time is a good time to be there to see the animals get fed and also hear from the zookeepers various fascinating tidbits about the animals there,

Matt Bala

Was okay for what it was. Would avoid if you're an animal lover. One of the tortoises was trying to climb out of its enclosure the entire time we were in the room. Cages are a bit small, especially for the larger reptiles.

MJ Peters Virgen

Great place for curious kids and adults!! Well worth the stop!!

John Kim

It's a nice cozy place for kids. It's not big by any means so don't expect to much. We did go at feeding time which was a lot of fun so i recommend calling ahead to find out when that is before you go.

Summer Potter

This is such a fun place to visit with children of all ages. The staff is always so friendly and knowledgeable. Our family just loves to visit here.

george mcroberts

Very cool zoo, nicely made habitats for the Reptiles, the double headed turtle is awesome & the Alligators are very impressive. Went to visit there for the first time since a child & it was still very impressive, good prices too.

Jan Donathon

Although it's not that affordable , it's worth the occasional visit with good attractions. Happy to still see the two headed turtle and anaconda

Elizabeth Vaughan

So many cool animals to see.

Daniel Niekerk

I absolutely love this place. You get to view the animals up close and are able to interact with many of them. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about the job and the animals. It's inexpensive and fun for everyone!

Austyn Vaona

Wow they have some crazy animals the alligators are pretty awesome it so cool feeling like you are right next to them

Moira O'Toole

My granddaughter's 6th birthday party was here. She chose the place and loved every minute! It was a lot of fun and we all learned a lot.

Kyle Simpson

Quite a number of cool reptiles!

Christian Kotitschke

Lots of animals. Two headed turtles. Albino Alligators. Educational. Super cool!

Jojo Matlin

I enjoyed it and learned a few things about different reptiles. Alot of kids running around and banging on glass wish that was controlled better.. Overall I liked it alot.

Serena Freeman

This place far exceeded my expectations. So many amazing creatures to see, and they have frequent demonstrations by knowledgeable staff. Definitely worth checking out!

Kilee Horne

Lots of different animals to interact with, great place to bring middle aged children

37th Cloud

They almost all the time has a groupon option. People who works there are super friendly and very knowledgeable.

Gayle Schubert

Very fun and the kids loved looking at all the snakes and the alligators. The keepers were friendly and patiently answered my 4 year old question.

Nathan Bower

Awesome place for a kids birthday party. A zookeeper brought various animals out and talked about them, including a live alligator and a cobra. All venomous snakes are surgically devenomized. Was interesting to see such a variety of different reptiles up close. They also have a two headed turtle and albino alligator. Kids loved holding a boa, petting an iguana, and holding bugs.

Julie Quinn

Worth every penny of the very reasonable entry fee. Knowledgeable, friendly staff, well maintained enclosures and great info placards for each display. Spent an hour and will be back to spend many more. My Autistic teenager says the noise level, lighting and temperature were all at perfect levels for them from a sensory input standpoint.

Han Klan

The animals were all lively and seemed to have fun. The staff were friendly too.


Great little place to stop and visit with the family when traveling to the west side

Jeffery Agyekum Adjei

The American Alligator at this Reptile Zoo is massive. Very impressive collection of reptiles, and you get to pet a python.

Amber LaRue

It's awesome!

David Salfer

My son loves this place. I really like they have animals to touch. Interesting place.

Katie Elliott

Lovely lizards. Glad to see what wonderful care they take of them here

Elizabeth Bell

Very fun & informative...there was plenty to see, the gift shop is not overpriced, the kids enjoyed the scavenger hunt & the BBQ place in the parking lot was a perfect compliment to our visit! Good value & we had lots of fun...can't wait to go again!

ReBecca Peyton

Educational, fun, hands-on... kids enjoyed the scavenger hunt and seeing such a variety of well-cared for animals. The employees were very good with kids, and had lots of great info to share. The two-headed turtle was a big hit!

Corey Riley

Loyds BBQ stand in the parking lot out front deserves a five star rating...really good food!

Alexandra H

Super fun! Boyfriend and I had a fun date here, we had a great time. The presentations were really cool and informative, the person leading them was awesome. We got to pet some of the reptiles during the presentaions and learned a lot.

Chase Conner

Such a cool place!

John Everett

Dedicated staff, 10 bucks a head was worth it because they are top notch accommodations for the reptiles, and they rescue a lot of neglected pet snakes and iguanas.

Voxxy Roxx

Really incredible creatures. Nice way to spend an hour or two with the family!

Timothy Hatter

Had a fun time. Took wife and two kids on a Sunday for $25 total. Nice assortment of reptiles to see. Especially snakes, iguanas, monitor lizards, a couple alligators and more. Doesn't have to take long to go through, but a decent amount to see and stay for if you want. Staff was friendly and free parking right outside.

blake williford

We were very surprised beautiful collection of reptiles.

Theresa Collins

This place is great take the family and friends I go there as much as I can

Steven McGeady

Much better than I expected, given the size. Excellent expert commentary around the 11am show as well.


Fun little stop just outside of Monroe. Worth checking out and admission is cheap.

Toni Preston

Don't just drive by (unless you're afraid of snakes!)! Great place to stop with kids.

Christa Pollard

Great collection of reptiles and bugs! The staff even took out some hissing cockroaches for the boys to touch. They had a great time.

Dorothy Evans

It was awesome to see all the reptiles I don't see other places but a couple of them just looked miserable. Maybe the enclosures were too small for their size?

Cliff Roof

Very clean and educational would recommend stopping when on Highway 2

Bill Hass

Cool snakes and other critters. Love the ballsnakes.

Hilary Crass

It was a long drive for us but I didn't feel cheated. Me and my girls loved seeing all the reptiles! They looked healthy and well cared for. We also got some great purchases in the gift shop.

Michael Pellegrini

We love this place! My kids and I spent at least 3 hours in there checking out all the amazing reptiles. If you can go there for the feeding show, I recommend it. Watching all of them eat is cool, but they finish with the big alligator, which is awesome to see.

Brittany Hill

Had a very fun selection of animals. My kids loved it!

Sumyung Guy

Had an amazing visit! Staff was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. A surprising variety of not only reptiles, but also insects.

Jason Norton

Been here many times. They have a great selection of common and rare reptiles from around the world.

Laura Balderas

I took my son and a couple of his friends for his 10th birthday celebration. We drove 3 hours to spend an hour and a half viewing all the amazing creatures they had. They said it was worth the long drive! Every display except for maybe one or two had an animal in it. There was a two headed turtle and an albino alligator. Not something you see everyday. Their animals are surely well cared for. Sunday's are discounted prices and very affordable! $24 for one adult and three kids. Staff was super friendly and knowledgeable. We'll definitely return :)

Lisa K

Really enjoyed our visit here. If you have been here but it was before 2013 or so, you need to visit again. They have improved it greatly! Helpful, knowledgeable, friendly staff. So many fascinating creatures to see. Open 10am - 6pm, everyday except Thanksgiving and Christmas. Located on Highway 2 in Monroe.

Aaron Fernandes

Awesome place for the whole family. Definitely more enjoyable if you go when not crowded. And there on Groupon!

Daniel Betancourt

This place is a blast! It is not a huge complex but they have so many cool things. My entire family was in awe by the huge alligators and various reptiles, not just the usual turtles and snakes! They also have a truck that brings reptiles to show off at birthday parties and more!


Our kids enjoyed a lot the Reptile zoo! It is small but they have a lot of species and we had a great day learning and looking the reptiles there. The kids didn’t want to leave.

Liz Harp

Animals are well kept and healthy, and there are lots of them. We joined the guided tour, and our guide was great, very personable and knowledgeable. I have a biology degree, and can say they know their science! I even learned quite a bit about reptiles I didn't previously know. Our 6 year old had a blast, and especially enjoyed two opportunities to hold snakes. :-)


Great grandma (my mom) took my grand children, 9 and 11 years, and myself to see the reptiles and we had an awesome time! Great place for people who love reptiles!

Jeff Koszola

Great staff, very friendly and informative. Fun place for everyone

Jerry Walsh

Love this place. Lots of creepy crawly things! Gives me the hebejebies!

cordelia Guthrie

Cool place.

Kim Plait

So awesome! You have to see this place and the amazing animals that live there.

Nick Sherman

Always awesome. And the girls are great and very knowledgable.

Kayte Anderson

I'm bummed to see it's $10 a person vs the $5 a person it was as I grew up in sultan, but with times changing and wages going up its understandable, but I did notice they added more reptiles/animals and rotsy re-did the entire place. Looks great!

Mike O.

Great little place to visit if you have the time to spare. For less than $10 per person, theythave planty to see. We arrived as soon as they opened and spent about an hour inside looking at all of the exhibits. The animals seem to be well taken care of and photogenic. The staff are very helpful and not intrusive. They let you explore on your own but are approachable and happy to answer questions. They have exhibits high and low to accommodate the youngest and oldest herpetologist.

Lisanne Gorman

Fun place, more worth it if you catch the show. The kids can pet an iguana at the end. Good price, but don't expect to spend a large chunk of time there.

Veskovic Nikola

My kid and nephew spent whole day squealing with joy at this place. 5stars for that unforgettable memory, but for those animals, pretty small live space, some one them looks not that healthy, especially the feeding area. Hope they will be better soon.

Mario Barrron

Reptile zoo is worth a visit. Its warm inside. The best part was reading and learning about the animals. The two headed turtle was amazing.

Emily Barton

Fantastic adventure! They have a huge variety of reptiles that are easy to see and the enclosures are very clean. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Creighton Chaney

Great time and lots to see

Gottlieb Schmuland

Great rainy day diversion. Staff super friendly and accessible. Best for well-behaved calm kids who probably already enjoy watching Nat Geo.

Jen Troupe

Very fun! Spent almost 3 hours here! Lots of reptiles and the kids had a great time!

Brooke Desper

Amazing place to go to see reptiles. They seem to have too many animals though. Some enclosures have two or more reptiles that are either different species or should be cohabitated.

Graham Haynes

Really enjoyed this experience. We'll worth the entrance fee. Enclosures are well maintained and the specimens are very impressive.

Amanda Anderson

Fun little stop. Took my 16 month old here, kept her entertained for 40 minutes. She was able to pet a number of tortoises and found the snakes and alligators fascinating.

backyard enthusiast

Fun for the kids. Small place but good amount of reptiles to see. It's very warm inside.

Tom Veatural

Great place to learn more about reptiles. They had interesting facts about the reptiles that we were looking at. They had time where you can pet the animals afterwards. They had free parking. Coffee stand and Bbq food truck in the parking area. Great place for kids and adults. The gift shop had reasonably price toys.

Sage Kolle

Great place to take young kids. Lots of interesting animals and fun facts.

Blake miller

Amazing family place. Had a great presentation and kids can touch snakes and turtles.

Mitchell Lange

Awesome place, friendly staff and great experiance.

Roz Jarvis

What a great little place. I had no idea the number of animals they would have. The animals are well. Cared for and the workers are very knowledgeable. Great for kids to see some very dangerous snakes.

Pragya Kothari

We had a good time here. Spent around an hour and a half. They got one animal out for petting every hour. Variety of reptiles all from all over the globe

Austin baird

Love the huge variaty and how well cared for the animals are. Such an amazing zoo.

Brandi Askew

It was a great place to visit

Jen M

This place is well worth a visit. They have all sorts of reptiles, including a two headed turtle and an albino alligator. Zoo tours run throughout the day and the staff are very knowledgeable about all of the reptiles. They have a scavenger hunt for kids and they get a small prize at the end.

Bobby Slater

A great place to take the kids. Lots of rare, and downright awesome creatures.

Kramer Kosak

Remodeled since last time i was there, looks great and great customer service!

Amanda Edwards

Plenty to see good for all ages

Robert Johnson

Haven't been in the reptile zoo since 2005 but I enjoyed it then. Just across the street is Hay Bobs, where I buy hay for my horses.

Anna Castellon

The animals were healthy and I enjoyed the feeding

Tim Morrisey

What a unique place. I lived in Florida for quite some time, so I’m somewhat used to reptile exhibits, but they are few and far between elsewhere. The staff here are kind and knowledgeable. The live petting presentation was really neat. I enjoyed how the handler could educate and amuse people of all ages. They were particularly well suited for speaking to children, and educating them on being safe and respectful of nature. If you’ve never been to a reptile exhibit, or crave a zoo experience closer to home than Seattle, I’d say give this place a try. The set up is more akin to a pet shop rather than a zoo. Small enclosures built on top of and next to each other. No fake rock walls or special mood lighting. Strictly utilitarian for the most part.

Jeff Busch

I've been taking my daughter there since she was 3 yrs old and just took her again, it's always entertaining to her to see all the animals and to get the experience holding the snakes they bring out for people to hold. Will continue to support this place for years to come....

Nikki Gale

It was really neat seeing the different animals, and we had a good experience. I almost want to give 5 stars, but I felt the price was a little steep.

martin stehl

Great place, as they are very informative and care for the reptiles. Had a great visit with my daughter who is three. We caught the snake's at the perfect time right after they molted so their color was amazing.

Alyssa Davis

I've gone here over the years. It's nice to see additions and updates they have made to enclosures. I do wish they would have more space for the Gators and anaconda. However, everyone looks healthy a d cared for. The staff yesterday wasn't very interactive to the guests like they usually are. They were busy chatting with each other. People come there out of curiosity of exotic and otherwise scary animals. It would be nice if someone were always on the floor answering all the questioned I heard people asking aloud. Still, I love the place, and always will.

Joey Robinson

Can't even express how great of a place this is. Reasonably priced (I'd even say cheap) with lots of reptiles to look at and read about. All the staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, you can really tell they love their job. Clean environment where all the animals are well cared for and loved. Season pass is a great deal, love just coming here to relax, or even go to one of the many events they run a month. The whole place feels like a passion project, wish there was more places like this.

Andrew Cox

Small, but the have some very interesting reptiles, good info, and a friendly staff. Kids loved being able to hold snakes.

Christine Oldham

Nice collection. Scavanger hunt to keep kids engaged. We spent about 90 min here. Since it is a reptile zoo its hot and humid inside. Animals have funny/geeky names. Great learning facts and trivia on each enclosure.

kim jackson

Surprisingly fun and we really enjoyed it

Deborah Wasbrekke

Fun, informative, the staff was welcoming and very knowledgeable! The reptiles we saw were well cared for. Great place to visit, we learned so much about these fascinating creatures!

Richie Magpayo

My toddler watches a lot of Wild Kratts on PBS and so is familiar with lizards, snakes, and other reptiles. This makes this zoo fun for him and he enjoyed looking at the different creatures, learning their names, and what they ate. Plenty of info about the animals for adults to read and learn too. If you can, go on a Sunday for discounted tickets. Entrance fee is good for the whole day so you can go in and out after ticket purchase until closing. There is a barbecue food truck outside if you're hungry, and an Apple supermarket nearby for other food purchases. Restrooms are clean and plenty of dirt parking.

Minwoo Lee

Was pleasantly surprised at the diversity of reptiles they keep here. A good solid 1.5 hour tour.


This place was just super depressing. The animals don't have much space to move around and you'd think they're just dead from how they look. The tortises are in cramped spaces and one of them was trying to desperately to escape. He was hurting himself while doing it. I'm not a huge reptile lover or anything but this place brought me to tears.

Jordan Stead

Way cool, and a must-stop for locals and out of town visitors alike.

Zachary Mullins

This place is awesome! They have some beautiful & unique reptiles like 2 full grown American Alligators, a Black Mamba snake, a full grown Alligator Snapping turtle, huge rattlesnakes, etc. I like the Woodland Park & Point Defiance zoos, but this place definitely has a lot that they don't! Been 2x & will go again.

Mike Patello

My son spent over an hour at the exhibits. Very educational, you leave with an understanding of the care needed for these amazing animals.

Teresa Koon

I went there for a 5 year old's Birthday Party. It was very informative and hands on

Rathan Raj Shetty

Awesome place. Nice pets. Worth going

Roger Jobs Jr

Super fun. They have so many varieties of reptiles.

Sue Dale

Really great place with lots of reptiles.

Devon Farina

Amazing place. Small and perfect. The animals seem well taken care of. A cage is a cage and that sucks, but they seem healthy. Worth the cost for sure. Don't get the barbecue in the parking lot though, it's way over priced for what you get. Tried 2 times and then gave up. But the reptile zoo is amazing!

Mike Seymour

Great place AWESOME people

Brenda Towne

This place is amazing. Very friendly staff. They are very patient and sweet with my 2 yr old granddaughter.

John Tate

Friendly staff, interesting exhibits. Good for day out with the kids.

Tim George

Came after-hours for a children's birthday party. Was way cooler than I expected. Great host, great with kids, learned a lot and got to touch and experience things I wouldn't normally!

Tiahnan Trent

You guys, this was fantastic. A bunch of my friends and I realized this zoo was on the way to a party, so we decided to stop in for the live snake experience and it was a delight. The docent was so friendly and knowledgeable and answered all of our goofy questions both then and later when we were touring the rest of the zoo.

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