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REVIEWS OF Cat Tales Zoological Park IN Washington

Alissa Gutierrez

This is a must-visit for animal lovers. The sanctuary is ran by pleasant and knowledgeable staff. It is very family friendly and has free parking, seating benches, and a gift shop. The sanctuary features (as of June 2019) a lioness, tigers, a wolf mix, foxes, bears, and more! It doesn't take much longer than an hour to see everything on the property. But each of the animal's areas has plaques with their names and facts about them. Go see it yourself!

Danielle Goddard

What a wonderful place. Many of the big cats were doing what cats love to do: sleep! It was nice to see that the animals are so content here. My husband got in for free because he is a veteran. We bought a few things at the gift shop, and really enjoyed walking around looking at lions, tigers, a bear, and more! We will definitely be back!

Logan Hall

The animals are healthy, but their habitats are sad. The zoo is far smaller than I expected. If you have a good arm, you could probably throw a baseball from one end to the other. That just goes to say how cramped the animals spaces are. The staff are kind hearted people, and I’m sure they all mean well. Perhaps the owners have a lack of funding, but the environment is disappointing. Most of the tigers and other animals remain hiding. The prices are at least fair. Seniors are free on Sunday and $2 off for students.

Casey Maggart

They try...small location but you can see animals in captivity. Store has more space than some tiger enclosures.

Chelsea Curtis

Super fun experience, even in the tail end of winter. Will be going again and again. Love all the cats especially!

Beth Alday

We went on a rainy day, and I got soaked. There's very little coverage to get out of the rain, but I didn't care. It was so amazing to watch these animals up close. You stand behind a fence that's about 5 feet from the animal's cage, and so close that you can hear them purring. Others have said that the cages are too small for these large animals, but they were pretty least larger than I thought they'd be, and there's only one animal per enclosure. These people are doing their best to take care of these animals. The enclosures are clean and the animals look healthy. The staff are really friendly and willing to talk to you about the animals.

Ava P.

The cats look terribly sad and have barely any room. My kids looked traumatized after seeing it. Would not recommend.

Christian Ciccaglione

Very cool. My girlfriend fed the bear. Small but worth it

Kat Sykes

Not a place I would visit again. 20 minutes was more than enough time to look at the few cats and one bear visible. I understand that this a private zoo but the small cages and lack of anything resembling grasses for the cats is heartbreaking.

patrick conroy

Well maintained. You get to feed the Tiger! The work they are doing here is great, they are good people.

Mariesha Holman

Very beautiful animals

Karen Peters

Awesome place to take the whole family great staff and animals.

Michelle M

Not worth the drive. Animals are in tiny cages and feeding the animals is kind of a joke

michael huntley

Its pretty cool, you get to see big cats close up if you time it right. Having a lion is pretty cool, even if it isn't a Male. The place is somewhat underwhelming if you're timing isn't good, they can be sleeping or lying in an area that's somewhat hidden. You're best bet is to call ahead and find out when they feed them and show up right before that, I assume.

Bill Genzoli

Was excellent. Fed tigers. Saw a wolf hybrid, lynx, bobcat, and a baby cub. So much fun.

Ryan Coster

It's a nice little local gem. Small cat sanctuary zoo type setup. Unfortunately most of the older animals have died, but they're working on bringing more in. Good family activity for an hour.

Leah Huntsman

The best place that I have seen to teach about their animals! All of my family had such a great time! We can't wait to go back again.

Dimitry Kopets

Great little place to see some big cats. The place gives you a wild feel. You can see the cats close. Even the smell is wild. I would recommend this place for family and kids.

john c

Love this place. It is a little small but the staff is very friendly and informative

rich princess

It is better to see big cats closer than regular Zoo. They look healthy and shiny fur and cut. I recommend here.

Kyle Johnson

Nice Sunday stroll @ the cat park...

Nicholas Graff

Doing great work with many large cats, and some other large predatory mammals. Definitely worth the $10 entrance fee. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I recommend coming about an hour from closing, it will give you time to see the cats and watch the staff feed the animals.

Ken Crary

Had a great time ,if you talk to the tiger named tiger and call his name he'll talk back to you

Denise Gaumond

Feel sorry for these big cats...not enough room to roam.

Jess Haertling

Our 5, 3 and 1 year old all enjoyed the animals :) we hung out about 2 hours. Cheap enough and close enough to make a visit very worth it.

Chery Dunnington

We we're disappointed ☹️. We were hoping for a larger variety of cats and a larger facility. Plus having a hybrid wolf on display was a bit silly, this one was more dog than wolf, definitely not a good repesentative of the wolf. The staff was friendly and informative though, and the animals were well taken care of. The enclosures were clean and relatively sized to the animals that were in them.

Janine Card

Please donate so these babies can have larger enclosures.

Barb Maisonneuve

Great place. Love all the information. Really enjoyed feeding the big cats.

Patrice Townsend

My grandchildren loved feeding the bear and the tiger. Playground was a fun place too.Good educational experience for them. Friendly zoo keepers and staff.

Marti Tate

Great place. Just remember its on cat time not yours. I think it is worth your time.

Ivana Dalton

This place is perfect for people who want to support animals that need to be rehabilitated or animals that are unable to survive in bigger facilities with other animals. It is an intimate and personal experience visiting these beautiful cats. Your visit helps these animals have adequate shelter and food. They give back to you in a special way if you quietly spend time with them to talk with them. Some are funny, some are proud ,some and some just can''t wait to eat. They are beautiful to see up close. You don't get to see this in the big elaborate zoo setting. Donate if you can. If you choose not to then at least pay them a visit and stay awhile to enjoy their company. The gift shop is great lots of cool stuff to buy. You will see a mini museum of cats that have passed away on display and really neat different cat bones. Good place to take lots of pictures or videos. But most of all know that these animals are not performers they are living breathing beautiful natural creatures in need of love and support,

Nalio Nightbreeze

Really enjoyed the park even with how small it is. Wasn't going expecting much but was enjoyed the entire time I was there. All the people we saw that worked there was super friendly and nice. Would definitely go again.

Kimberly Kay

I think the cat tales zoological Park is doing wonderful things for these animals, that could otherwise be just thrown away. The level of care and love that they have for these animals is wonderful. I would definitely recommend going and seeing and learning about these animals, and their rehabilitation center. You're able to do a guided tour, or a self-guided tour. There are stages set up where you can safely feed the animals, and a super cute gift shop to look around in. I will definitely be back with family.

Wayne Wright

Really great time. Went just before feeding time so all the cats and others were getting up and about. Great up close experience. You can tell the staff really love and take good care of the animals. Careful the male tigers don’t spray ya cause i saw that happen


It is really great park super cheap to visit. You can also feed the animals before 2:30pm just for $10. It is a non profit organization and all the money goes towards buying food for the animals.

Jeff Martinez

Me and my daughter had a good time there and they are expanding the enclosures so cant wait to see the finished product


Arriving in early fall sure has the cats out and playing. They sure like the cold.

Theresa Kusznir

Great Place! You can tell that the people care about the animals and take good care of them. Just FYI: The most interesting time to go is when it's feeding time for the cats.

Mrs. Firey

Neat place, small but worth the trip. Kids loved it.

Jason Upchurch

I have a 2 and 4 year old and this place is perfect. They actually get to see all the animals (unlike the huge zoos in Portland and Seattle) and you can see everything in under an hour which means it’s not an all day commitment and you’re not exhausted when you’re done. We often just come in the morning for 45 minutes to get out of the house and the kids love it. Great place and their mission of animal rescue with community help and involvement is superb.

Arianne Collman

It's one of those things where I loved that the animals had been rescued, and were well taken care of, but sad that it was even necessary. The enclosures were well maintained and the animals had plenty of water. You can pay to feed the animals snacks (meat or fruit on sticks) through a hole in a plexiglass wall. That was fun to see them so up close. They had a nice selection of snacks, hot coffee and cold beverages in their visitor center. We loved Cat Tales!

Amy McDonald

I was kinda disappointed in our experience, mostly because the day was super hot, the grasses and plantings were all bone dry and therefore somewhat dead-looking, and the animals were hot and therefore either in the shade or in "the zone" in their overheated state. A couple of them appeared to have kiddie pools and there was a half-hearted spray going for a couple of them, but more effort needs to be put into cooling for them and for air movement, too. The staff was OK, but they seemed overheated too. The gal who sold us our entrance fee was very nice. More effort needs to be put into keeping the grounds watered and tidied up. I do realize the main energy goes into the cats, but it just seemed as if everyone was too tired to keep up!

Tryrail Fackrell

Great place for family time and what the people of cat tails aware doing is truly awesome

Epilletssmoke grumpyanold37

Great place to take kids. My 11-9-8 year old got to feed lions, and 7-6 year old got to feed a bear noice


NOT A SANCTUARY!!! The cages are extremely tiny and the animals are underweight. It smells of urine and feces and they have NO grass or place to roam.These poor animals need a true sanctuary not a place that treats them like merchandise! DONT GIVE THEM MONEY!!!

David W

Hot outside so not too much action. But if you love animals its fun.

Stephanie Jerome

I absolutely loved visiting the animals in this refuge. I can tell the zoologists really care about each creature as though they were their own pets. My husband and I had the pleasure of watching the large cats as the zoo keepers fed them around dinner time. The tigers are gorgeous and will chuff at you if you talk to them. The kit foxes were adorable and we are happy for the canines to be getting a new area to play in! I really appreciate all the work that goes into keeping this place going and all that this organization represents. It is a wonderful place to stop if you are in the Spokane area.

Steven Earsley

How fun it is to experience seeing these animals! Incredible effort by staff that you will enjoy. Great gift shop & clean restrooms

Brimble Lynette

Very clean facility, animals fed natural diet. Small enclosures for some though, need more funding!

bloop bloorp

All staff were very friendly, we got to hang around for feeding time and answered all questions. Definitely going back

Kaytlin Roque

I love this nonprofit that helps take in animals from people who illegally own them or end up not understanding what they get themselves into, giving these guys an amazing life. The prices are low and donations help so much! Help donate a little extra when you visit! One of my favorite places to visit!

Krystal Johnson

I literally cried because of how awful the conditions were for the animals. I went based on the positive reviews and wish I never did. You could see the misery in every animal’s face. And why does a charity that’s supposed to protect large cats have their taxidermy bodies in the gift shop? Everything about this place is depressing.

Jesse Hipes

Awesome place to take our guests when they are in town!

zach wadsworth

Great fun! Took us about an hour and it was so much fun! Staff is awesome! The place is clean and my kids wife and I loved it! Thank you for all the information and fun!


Awesome little zoo! Up close experience with several big cats. We even got to feed the Siberian Tiger.

Debra Prickett

This should be on your to do list. These cats are gorgeous. The zookeeper are friendly and knowledgeable.

Erik Black

Great for family. I wish the cages were bigger

john ackerson

Loved our experience!! Friendly staff with lots of knowledge

John F Kolath

I was very disappointed that the "sanctuary" was more of a zoo. The cages are small and unpleasant. The animals were mostly hiding or pacing as a caged animal might. I am grateful to the excellent staff of caring handlers for the obvious concern they have for the animals, but the living conditions are the kind we all dread to see. I would love to see a large corporation or benefactor create a true sanctuary for these animals. With that being said I enjoyed being able to get so close while feeding the lion. My rating for the staff is 5 stars and a 1 star for the conditions so a 3 star overall.

B Daugherty

Pretty amazing that they rescue so many animals.

Sergey Novitskiy

The time of the year I went with my family wasn't a right time we didn't see all we wanted. Almost all animals were inside and we barely got to see anything just the bear and one tiger.

Don Korth

This place was amazing. I really enjoyed it was out on a date with someone and we had a fun time. Would definitely recommend coming to visit here. There were a lot of big cats to see and some other animals very very remarkably magnificent animals. So thanks for reading my review.

Jason Dupree

Was pretty run down. They need a bigger facility for the animals and not located next to the railroad tracks.

Shannon O'Brien

Love this place. We live 2hrs way and it is always worth it.

Meghan Zuckerman

We paid for 7 of us to get in, we were done with the "zoo" in under 10 minutes. More than half the cages were empty, saw maybe 8 animals. Left feeling taken advantage of. Definitely not worth the $60.00 to spend on our first time to Washington. Then to pay extra to feed one of the 8 animals, no thank you. Donate if you feel the need to help no need to walk this, the staff said sorry animals are sleeping of have passed on.

Alan Gonzalez

It was a cold day at Spokane, butNikolai had a great day. It's a small zoo, you can walk it pretty fast if you want. They are constantly rebuilding and having more big cats to look at closely.

Luka Staerk

I am glad to see that the animals are cared for and healthy. Just breaks my heart to see them in cages.

Nick Werner

Lots of Bengal Tigers, Bobcats, and my kids loved Oscar the black bear! The two 5 month old silver fox kits were a big hit with the kids too.

Kris L

Been coming to this place for years now. Always fun to watch the cats. For it's size and the price of entry, it's a nice little place to check out.

ida boyd

Amazing place to go with family,on a date or as a educational experience.

Benita Harp

It was a random adventure I had not planned but will be one of my best memories of a lifetime. Thanks for your hospitality and the love and care you give your animals. It was a blessing!

Laura Memmott

You can tell that these animals are so loved.

Klondike Watkins

Big cats. And lots of familys great experience, thank u

Amy Anderson

You do get really close to the animals. For an extra charge you can feed them, safely behind fencing.

Amanda Johnson

What an awesome nonprofit organization to be able to have so close to home! You can feed tigers and bears. You get very up close and personal with all the animals. The staff are all passionate and take good care of the animals. Well definitly be back!!

Jonathan Springer

It was fun.ots of big beautiful cats. We were there around feeding time and they were quite active. If you love big cats it's a great place. The kids loved it and had lots of questions for the staff. They were all quite nice and were patient in answering the kids questions.

Morgan Saul

Small zoo, but enclosures seemed well kept. Animals seemed healthy and happy.

Eileen Simpson

They are great with the animals but its sad to see them in an enclosure.

Stephanie Vitus

Staff had SO much knowledge and was very sweet!! The girls were able to feed the tigers, and not only felt safe but learned a ton of information! The had a variety of animals and took great care of them!

Guy Sykes

We were excited to go when we read about it as part of our first trip to Spokane but were disappointed when we arrived. Conditions were considerably less than expected and appalling by today's zoo standards. Small enclosures of pipe and chain-link fence, concrete floors, small pools if any, and generally little space or features for animal quality of life. There may be good things going on and a very caring staff with vet but they are not evident by the conditions. We went in believing this was a rescue and rehabilitation park but left thinking it is no more than a retirement place for animals to live out their days in less than desirable conditions.

Laurie J

We visited Cat Tales this week not really sure what to expect. I found the reviews were either love it or hate it. I think this is a small park that puts a lot of love and attention into the care of these animals. I am one that would love to see all of the animals in their native habitats roaming free, but there are often times where an animal has been kept in captivity for too long, often in poor conditions and they would not do well in the wild. This small park allows these animals to live out their lives in peace and some comfort as well as working to provide an educational experience to visitors. Explaining why we shouldn't pick up baby animals to take home because we think their parent isn't nearby. Or choose to have exotic animals as pets. The park is working to improve it's habitat, I'm sure any and all donations are accepted. They do have a small gift shop that could use a few more products, but I'm sure it will grow in time. The cost to enter is extremely reasonable, as seniors we paid $10 each. In Oregon where we are from, the minimum for a similar experience would be $18 - $25. Stop and visit if you can. There is also a little picnic area with a few things for kids to explore. Make a family day of it.

chill kidz

So kool I got to feed Oscar the bear

Scott Augustine

Great place , all staff is freindly just need to plan on going fairly earlier or later in the afternoon after they feed most of the animals bed down for rest hard to see some of them but a great place

Tia Maddox

Super disappointed when I came to cat tales about a month ago. I was expecting this sanctuary to be a lot different then what it was. Sadly the animals are in spaces that are really not big enough for them to run and enjoy themselves. Considering this place has sponsors for the animals they should expand! It was really unfortunate to see a 700lb tiger pacing back and fourth in a cage looking like it really was unhappy. I wish it was different there.

Sandy Perry

My son got to feed a black bear and I got to feed a lioness. I loved all the big cats they had!

Ellen Ziegler

Great staff. They do great things with what must be a shoestring budget. Free admission for a plant or soil. That is brilliant.

Dakota Herman

Great experience, the employees were kind and generous. 10/10 would go again

David Jeffs

Went here for a date. Staff were very friendly. Literally every single one of them talked to us. The animals were intriguing to see. There is a good variety. Some were asleep when we first went by, so I recommend that you stay a while and do a few laps to catch those waking up. The Bob cats looked very similar to a domesticated house cat, whilst the variety of tigers were incredible to see their different personalities shine through

Jacob Schmitt

This was a great place! People need to remember it’s a non profit rehabilitation facility and last resort for some of these animals, NOT A ZOO. You are so close to the animals it’s quiet a rush. We got to feed Nala the lion and also Oscar the bear. Oscar was so sweet and extremely excited! Deff should pay to feed either while you are there. Was a short visit. Prob didn’t even take 1 hour and a 1/2. So if you are coming from out of town, plan on doing some other things in Spokane.

andrew lenart

Hard to see caged big cats, but they were mostly rescued, so I see the good side of it too.

Tenzin Jacobs

They doing a wonderful work on a relatively small scale with very limited resources. It's a great experience seeing all the majestic large cats in on place. I whole heatedly recommend going and visiting to support their work.

Victoria Neal

We went on a snowy day and had the entire place to ourselves. Staff was well educated and quite helpful. For an extra $10 you can safely feed lions, tiger, and bears. Where else are you going to be able to say you fed a bear? Yes, the animals are in small cages. But that is only due to lack of funding. This place operates solely on donations and, frankly, I find it amazing that they can do so much with a paltry budget of $200K/year....So when you visit, be generous and drop a few extra bucks in the donation box.

Tuesday Ashley

Saving endangered big cats & canines already captive, used as photo animals for carnivals, etc. with new permanent home.

Gavin Lockard

Super cute animals and a great nonprofit to support. Cheap entry fee too, especially for students ($10)

Maria Vigil

Big cats and baby foxes. Lovely place to see animals

Cynthia Ferguson

Cute little animal park. I don't feel like they have enough cover for the animals in the hot summer or the cold winter

Wyatt Erickson

This is a very cool little zoo. They have an interesting variety of big cats. The cats all seemed content and well cared for. They interacted with the zookeepers in a social manner that was really cool to see. Clearly the stead have spent a lot of time around these cats. Given the rescue nature of the zoo the cats have decent pens. It would definitely be better if the enclosures were bigger and more natural as well as if the fronts were of a material other than chainlink fence. The fencing makes it harder to see through. But these things don't take much away from the coolness of the cats. It is important to understand that all the animals here have been rescued, some from pretty terrible environments and none can be safely released to the wild. Some visitors may not appreciate the caged feel of the park, but these cats appear to be happy. Presumably they have a much better life than before.

Hayley Pflasterer

Such a fun experience. The staff was friendly and extremely informative!

Jason Roos

Great local place to see beautiful but dangerous critters you cant see just anywhere. Very inexpensive. Staff/volunteers are wonderful to interact with. Always leave feeling like I've seen something magical.

Salem Abraham

Pretty wide variety of animals, not just cats. All the staff are super nice and full of information about the animals, (it is mostly a self guided tour but they were happy to answer any questions). The whole experience was super cool. Would recommend to anybody

John Gartung

The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. The animals are amazing to see closer up than possible at a normal zoo.

Anonymouse J

We came here for the first time on Fathers Day - according to their website fathers received free admission and a free tiger feeding. Our party had 2 fathers - when the first one was "signing in" he mentioned it would be him and his daughter. The female cashier tried to charge him full price, and when he said "I thought fathers were free" the cashier said "well you have to tell us that." ....He did tell you that when he said he was with his daughter. Lack of common sense and good customer service here. We all went in and waited in line at the tiger feeding. When it was our turn, we found out that we needed a ticket/badge from the cashier to feed the tiger...but the cashier never gave either of the fathers a ticket. Horrible cashier. So we had to walk all the way back around to the desk to get our tickets -- then, we had to walk all the way down to the Gift Shop to get the badge, then walk all the way back up to the tiger for the feeding. What a hassle. The tiger feeding was a little disappointing. I don't think they do enough socialization/love with the animals. It's a small zoo, they had some baby foxes thru the gift shop. You get to see most of the animals closer up than you would most other zoo's. I appreciate they really are a non-profit zoo.

Pam Holguin

Very informative, unique rescues, non profit all proceeds go to animal care

Michele Bulaich

Purrfect place to have an annual pass


It's okay felt bad for the animals

Stephanie Hayden

It was so much fun and you are so close to the animals. You can even feed some if you pay!

Lulu Stafford

Beautiful rescued animals.

Diane cristinzio

The animals are well cared for. Cages and park was very clean. I fed Oscar the bear and Tigger the tiger. What an amazing experience. Will certainly go again.

Jeremy BA

I went here with the Spokane Parks & Recreation group. The tour guide guy was very informative and friendly, too. The place was run well. Only downside is that the place can become too congested, especially being located next to the railroad tracks.

Hannah Mint

TINY CAGES!!!! They have cages so incredibly tiny it's not even funny.. it is so sad, the animals seem miserable.. they claim that they live longer, but if I had a choice to live 20+ sad depressing years in captivity vs 15- happy free years I sure know which I would choose. The coyote they had there paced from one side of his tiny cage to the other the entire time we were there, it was heart breaking.. his cage was smaller than the little fox's was... the animals deserve so much more.. I'm not completely against zoos, some of them honestly care for the animals and treat them well, but this one was definitely not one of them... they claim they would have bigger cages if more people donated, but this place has been there for 20 plus years and the cages are still tinier than my backyard. Truly heart breaking, hope they get shut down soon.

Helen Clair

It is small and tidy. There were more big cats than I expected and they seemed to be healthy and well cared for. It would have been nice to have staff members available for Q & A instead of a hand full of signs that left a person with unanswered questions. Over all it was fun and I have recommended it to others who also enjoyed it.

Breann Rowley

The park smelled like bleach and was kind of small, but it was fun and cool to watch the animals feed.

Zachary Waite

Loved this smallish cat zoo. Military and infants get in free and my daughter had a ball talking to the tigers and lions.

Jonathan La Salle

A wonderful place to see all sorts of Kitty Kats

Trevin Ostheller

I feel bad for the cats :( But for a zoo, its cool, I love the housecats that are just able to roam around

Keely Aronson

The people who work there are very nice and obviously love the animals but I wish their enclosers were bigger...

Josh Harmon

Love it there. Such beautiful animals, and a great place to bring the kids.

David Henzel

We tried to go here every time we are in Spokane. This is one of our favorite stops. Seeing the animals and seeing how well they're doing an awesome thing.

M. Rose Sarro

So much fun watching the cats tear into pumpkins at boo at the zoo!

Maurice Carter

Great Father's Day event friendly staff the family and I had a great time

Keisha Mcclellan

Great experience for little ones to see the beautiful animals and get to feed them its worth your money

George Otway

Fun place to take the kids.

Gus Chan

Very mixed feeling coming to this park. Never have I been physically so close to so many different type of tigers! While I understand a lot of them are rescues, the place just seems small to them. Looks like the lack of funding results in more confined spaces and cage instead of glasses. Hope there will be more improvement soon.

Brianna May

Always a great place to go and have something to do!

Ashley M

the animals here are well taken care of I can tell, the staff I saw bonding with the animals was amazing. I enjoyed my visit here with my family, and will return again.

Patrick Crow

It's cool for what it is good for about 2hrs worth of fun

Lindsay R

Amazing experience! I've never been so close to a tiger in my life, worth every penny and then some.

Shannon Richards

Amazing place! Everyone is wonderful and knowledgeable. The animals are well cared for! I would totally go back!!

Bill Stonebraker

Awesome Zoological Park. I have never been that close to large caps before. I learned that tigers are massive animals, and I never want to meet one in the wild. Same with lions. Same with mountain lions (aka puma, cougar).

John B

Great way to see big & small wildcats. For a small fee ($10 per person) you can get a chance to feed either a big cat or the bear at the zoo. While your feeding the animal you have a great staff member that can give you a ton of information about the animals. When you get done feeding the animal you get a magnet picture to remind you of your fun time.

Jake Dickinson

Kids had a great time. If you happen to have a extra turkey in your freezer to donate you can get a free ticket for your next visit.

Stacy Rudd

Awesome place but didn't have alot of the animals alot of empty cages. Wanted to do the feedings but they said they had just been fed. Plus the gift shop was very expensive

Jennifer Chapin

Had a great time seeing the animals and the staff are all friendly and knowledgeable.

Peter Welch

We had a great time being able to get so close.

Tiffany Nater

Awesome place for kids and adults. Lots of animals. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. My son got to feed a beat and tiger. He had a blast!

Katherine Sims

We always love visiting whenever we're in the area. Everyone got to feed an animal (6 yrs old to feed a bear and 8yrs old to feed a tiger). It was very exciting for the kids. They have saved so many animals and you can tell they really care about each of them.

Toni S

Feline as well as canine housed here. They got some big ones

Carolynn Nielsen

Had an awesome experience which was made 1000 times better when we came across Wendy with Sketchers, the bobcat. We got to follow her on her rounds of the animals and see them all through her loving eyes. Each of the animals came up to her to interact with someone they love and trust. Definitely going back.

Travis Barker

Love the animals. Friendly staff. Well worth the money.

Brandon DeFort

Cat tails is the perfect place to take kids young and old! My daughter loves it and if your lucky you can watch the big cats eat :)

Shalee Johnson

I absolutely love this place. If you’re looking for a fun activity by yourself or with friends or family, go here and you will have a blast. Last time I went they had Tigers, a Bear, Mountain Lion, Foxes, Wolves, and more. They will bring in new rescue animals from time to time too so be sure to keep coming back to see what new beautiful animals they may have. The tigers are my favorite though because they’re so gorgeous to see in person and you’re seeing them very close up too. *AND you can feed the tigers and bear too!!

Mavis Davis

Great assortment of large cats and bob cats.

Lois Irene Johnson

What an awesome place for recovery and place for all types of animals. We really enjoy this place!

Jay Paulson

I like what they are doing on a limited budget. It's sad the enclosures aren't bigger but they seem like they are trying to do the best they can for animals who need help.

Candy Fortner

Very educational, awesome and knowledgeable staff, friendly, good parking, close to town, enjoyable relaxing and fun! If you want a big cat or bear experience, come early when they open, this is the place for you

Jeff Sygney

Saw this place from the highway on the way to Idaho and decided to stop in on the return. This is a big cat rescue (plus a bear and some foxes), these beautiful creatures would not be alive if it were not for them. Bonus was being able to feed Nala, one of the lionesses.

Melissa McCoy

I liked it, but it was not what I would think of when I think of a zoo. They seem to treat the animals well and have rescued lot of them. It was cool to support their cause and you can feed the big cats and bears. I would go again.

Jen Salois

The staff are so knowledgeable, patient and kind to the visitors. Wonderful facility!!

Laura Bensona

We went on a snowy day and had the entire place to ourselves. Staff was well educated and quite helpful. For an extra $10 you can safely feed lions, tiger, and bears. Where else are you going to be able to say you fed a bear? Yes, the animals are in small cages. But that is only due to lack of funding. This place operates solely on donations and, frankly, I find it amazing that they can do so much with a paltry budget of $200K/year....So when you visit, be generous and drop a few extra bucks in the donation box.

Lady Atilano

I've lived in the Spokane/Spokane Valley area since I was 6, now 29 I went here for the first time and even though there weren't many animals to view (late May), it was an unbelievable experience I want to do again! Seeing animals such as tigers, bears and wolves was very cool and somewhat spiritual for me. It was $20 for both my husband and I, our two year old was free. They do take donations, both money and food. They have a specific list of food, so if you're interested call or check out their email.

Bri C

Nice small place where you can see beautiful animals. The loop around to see the animals is just the right length for smaller kids to walk around without completely tiring them out.

Eric Fleming

It's nice to see these animals up close but when they are caged up, it's not as eventful as YouTube. YouTube is what motivated me to go in the first place.. and Groupon

Kyle Verhovshek

Siberian tigers, white tigers, a medium sized bear, small foxes, bobcats and lots of cute people. This is a great way to spend a weekend afternoon and a great cause to donate to. A must for cat lovers.


Very nice place. In the back there is a beautiful wolf and there were also foxes that were so cute! Lots of cool tigers, well tamed. Over all really nice place.

Vanessa winters

Very nice Zoo. Well educated staff.

Edd Ryan

What a pleasure to see the big cats and other animals. Though it does make me sad to see the big cats pacing their pens instead of roaming in the wild.

Dr #

Awesome spent an hour watching the feeding, my toddler loved it! Some of the tigers are super playful like giant kittens. Had a blast!


I remember coming here as a kid and it was great. Coming back as an adult was just as aw inspiring. I love animals and this place is great specially if you have kids.

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