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229 Safari Ln, Natural Bridge, VA 24578, United States

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REVIEWS OF Virginia Safari Park IN Virginia

Asima Shabhana Kathib

Very nicely maintained. Fun time for both older family and younger kids. Loved the animals in both drive through Safari and walk-in zoo. Cafe available for lunch, ice creams n snacks. Picnic spots available if you bring packed food.

Jim Smyth

Truly an enjoyable experience. You may think it odd but this was better than date night, we laughed ,we were in awe and had an over all amazing time. You can tour the safari park all day, but guard your feed the animals are smarter than you and love to take your bucket.

Aim Star

This experience was one of a kind!!! Up close and personal with the animals in all their glory!!! The drive thru was amazing to pet and feed these amazing creatures. The walk through was just as fun and the price was low in my opinion for everything included

Mandar Sharma

You get a great deal for $25. The entry ticket includes the safari, the zoo and the petting areas. Definitely worth a go!

Denise Forney

A fantastic family experience. Truly an experience the entire family will enjoy if you are an animal lover. The animals roam freely and I love it. Even tho I always get a little scratch from the Long Horns but it's worth the experience. My children and now my grand children love this vacation!!!

Kelly Miller

This place is wonderful for the entire family! My three year old son, 8 year old nephew and the adults alike all had a wonderful time. The animals are well cared for, and super friendly. The budgie aviary was probably our favorite part or the entire thing! I would avoid taking a stick shift vehical if you go during peak hours as there are lots of hills, people stop and you have animals that could be directly behind you.

Lisa Kelly

Family friendly. Drive thru safari was great. For a small fee, you can buy a bucket to feed animals from your car. Then head over to the zoo, where you can see African penguins and cheetahs, giraffes, wolves. Knowledgeable staff. Great for an afternoon of family fun or even a casual date.

Linda Phillips

Get there early. Lots of deer but a lot of animals from different regions. Buy at least 3 bowls of food. Those animals get pretty greedy.

Cee Jay

A quiet, low-tech, unprepossessing enterprise that turns out to be a couple hundred acres of exotic wildlife. My fella and I came out last year and decided we HAD to share the place with our teenagers, who have grown up around animals. Their delight was as great as our own. Helpful hint: if you think you need one food bucket per person, buy 50% extra. The course through the Safari area is a little bit longer then you think and you wind up wishing you had more food for the cute guys at the end. I can't comment on the cafe / ice cream shop because I haven't been there yet but everything else is wonderful.

merrill reynolds

Lots of fun for kids and animal lovers. Get there early while the animals are still hungry and beat the heat. The wagon ride is highly recommended.

suman chandra

I Love the was my first safari's awesome... Tips# pls me there @9am so that u see more animals coming to near car....once wether getting hotter and hotter animals don't show up to come out of shade..

Sabrina Jacobson

Amazing place. Probably the best animal encounter experience our family ever had. Being able to feed the animals as you drive through allowed for a very unique up close experience with some amazing animals. The best times are first thing in the morning and late afternoon. Plan to buy more feed than you think you need because some of the bigger more “bold” critters will take the whole bucket away from you if you’re not careful! Well worth every penny.

Joyce Poole

Nice place. Loved seeing the animals and feeding them. We thought feeding the giraffes was awesome

J Richards

So much Fun. We had folks from 5 to 75 and we all had a blast. Squeals and deep belly laughs for the entirety of our drive through the park. So much to see and so many silly animals who literally come right up to your car and come face to face with you, gobble up the yummy pellets and slobber down your hands and car

Ovidiu Bota

This is a very good family time destination. Way better than a regular Zoo.

Samantha Ann Torres

This place is amazing! If you love animals and take awesome pictures, totally recommend this place. Here is a quick tip for feeding the animals: hang on to the bucket tight. Also when you are feeding the animals don't go there around 12. You wait longer and the animals are mostly full at that time. In the petting safari zoo you can also feed the smaller animals such as the budgies. So many animals to see and pet. It is both educational and fun for all the family.

jason arndt

My daughter and I went on an early Saturday afternoon. We each got a bucket of food as we entered the park. I would recommend holding onto the food in your bucket until you are at least 100 feet into the park. The greedy gate watchers ate about half the food in the first 5 minutes. This is a long ride and depending on the vehicle and animal traffic can take quite a while. The park is very scenic and has a variety of animals. We walked through the village afterwords. Fed a few goats and were on our way. Great time.

DirtNap DMV Boyzzz16 Sampson

I suggest everyone do this within a few hours away. Great place and great experience

Misty Winn

Visited safari park on a short visit to Roanoke and stopped here when looking for something to do. The drive in park was very fun. I would suggest getting a bucket of animal feed for each person, as some animals are quite greedy. In the walking zoo, some of the animals need larger cages, but they all look happy and well fed. Overall it was a fun experience, but I would suggest going when it is cooler.

Amber Presley

Went here with a group, we all had a fantastic time! The kids loved feeding the animals from the car and then we walked the park and fed the giraffes. Way better than going to any zoo and majority of the animals have plenty of room to roam. A great experience we won't forget!

Iln Sh

The place is beautiful, and we all loved it. Wish they were not so far from New York. You will get a great experience, as animals are so close and place is very clean. Just buy extra food basket and will not regret.

Ahlee C

The pricing on the website for admission differs GREATLY on the website than it actually is (admission pricing photo included as of September 2019) Other than that, we had a great time. Clean park, it was almost 90° today so most of the animals weren't out. They have peacocks that roam freely in the park. The small bird walk through was great! The wagon ride( high is pricey) was also fun! The wagon trail takes a different path than the cars, and we had stops where we could feed the Bison and Elks etc. Also they have an small Ice Cream area, which was needed for the heat. They also have $3 drink machines and some food sold at the stands. Fun area and enjoyed the trip out!

Cassandra Wilson

Amazing! You gotta go! Coolest up close experience especially in the tractor trailer rides!

Steve Roemer

Excellent drive through with an even better walk through. This place doesn't disappoint. Bring the kids and hold on tight to your feed buckets because the animals know how to wrestle it out of your hands.

Sandy Olcott

A MUST DO! So many beautiful animals & bonus fun (giraffe & bird feeding) in the walk through! Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy. We were here for 4.5 hours & if we would have timed our day better it would have been longer to catch more of the animal keeper talks.

ib webn

The drive thru area was a lot of fun. If you get a bucket of food for the animals - watch out. The animals are experts at working it out of your hands, so it spills onto the ground to eat. Ration the animal food. The driving area is pretty good size, and has a good selection of animals. The walking part of the zoo was also well done. If you're in that part of Virginia it is definitely a good place to spend a couple, or even a few, hours.

Bill A

Fun time! Make sure you do the feed trip. Take the tractor ride save your car

Hilari Myers

The animals are beautiful and healthy. Lots to see and do here. Very impressed with the park and the staff.


Great park! Lots of animals to see! The price is a little much but I must say it is worth it!

Allegra Steck

Great entertainment for families. Well kept, clean and beautiful. We go frequently !

Amy Lagasse

Absolutely recommend the Safari Park! So much fun. Loved the up close and personal encounters with the animals on the drive-thru area of the park. The walk-thru area was fun as well with a wide variety of animals to see. Feeding a giraffe was a special treat. You have to at least experience this place once. The grounds were well kept along with the animals. Great experience.

Mari Muthu

This place is really a worth place to go.Filled with excitement and enjoyment. Kids and adults will really have a good time to spend with. If you visit this place first,then you can ignore Virginia natural bridge zoo.But if you like to have an elephant ride you can visit natural bridge zoo.

Anthony Adams

This park has done an amazing job the last few years of expanding and improving its attractions. It is beautifully presented both in the drive through section and the new and improved Safari Village. Plan to spend three or four hours and definitely worth the $21.95 admission will not regret a visit to Virginia's Safari Park.

Walter Neurauter

Nice little zoo and drive through safari. You can drive your own car or take a tractor ride through the safari. If you choose to drive your car make sure it’s a car you don’t care to much about. Our car got several scratches from antlers of elk,deer and buffalo.

Julie Johnson

What fun! Grandson, and us, had a blast. The llamas, and the other animals, were friendly and it was just a ton of fun. We were able to get animals to move by shaking the food bucket. We got a bit of a scratch but part of the risk. We did not do the walk through part of the park, next time. Grandson told us we need to go back.

James Cundiff

This place is pretty awesome, the only thing i would have done differently is taken the tractor instead of my personal vehicle because we had a mock charge by an elk. Everything was fine, but i would have been kinda irritated if he scratched my car. Highly recommend going

Kurt Strosahl

My whole family loves this place. The Safari was so much fun.

Teresa Lane

Hang on to your feed bucket because the animals at the gate are waiting to push it out of your hands! Keep driving and feed the animals further into the park. Wish I had done that. Oh! And watch out for the Llamas, they spit or sneeze when their mouth is full and it is totally disgusting. One did that to another llama and 1/3 of it went in the truck and me! I almost threw up it smelled so bad. The Budgies were by far my favorite.


I took my kids and I'm not sure who loved it more, me or them. Make sure when you get the food that you get a couple of extra buckets and put what you want to feed each animal in the empty container or you might lose your whole bucket. It was a great time. Definitely recommend.

Jason Parker

An absolute must. This place is fantastic. The park is very friendly and well kept. Plus you can feed the animals! I got to take a selfie with a bison and feed a giraffe! It is definitely a fun time for the whole family.

Jerry Mudd

Visit this place!! It was great! I was a little nervous with the animals getting that close to my new car but it was fine. None of them rammed us.


My wife and I saw this as we were traveling up the road heading back to Vermont. We decided to stop and check it out. That was a great decision. The experience was very enjoyable and the entrance was very reasonable.

Jason Wells

I really live this place. The staff really seem to vare about the animals. It does feel pricey, but they do seem to put a lot of the money into making sure the animals have good habitats and care.

Liz Nuckols

If you haven't been you must come. We had too much fun (maybe even more than the kids). SO MANY animals. Animals are friendly and come right up to your window! A bit pricey but worth every cent.

Pat Antonucci

Good for kids and adults but save some animal food for the backend of the safari. The llamas and ostriches clean most people out long before they get to the antelope and deer

Harbinger Fishing

Awesome! Well worth the price. You get up close to a bunch of different big game animals and cool species like American Elk, Japanese Sika deer Fallow deer, american buffalo and a bunch of others. Really fun for the family, especially if you have a truck you can stick the kids in.

Dave galottis

3rd time here. Kids love it. Ton of fun. Quite expensive. Worth doing atleast once if you are on the fence. They put the giraffes away well before closing with no notice, that was pretty upsetting

Kim Keith

My family really enjoys visiting this park!

Angelo Cruz

A very vibrant zoo that welcomes you with friendly wildlife at every turn! Wolves, tigers, monkeys, and kangaroos are almost within reach! Although animals in captivity can sometimes appear depressing, the animals here are definitely well taken care of and are happy! The facility is clean and easy to navigate around. The staff is friendly and informative. Definitely a must see destination when stopping by The Natural Bridge area.

Courtney Buckingham

In addition to the drive through safari park, they have a walk through zoo area with a walk through kangaroo exhibit and aviary. Such a cute little place.

Sherman Collins

What a great experience! The whole family enjoyed it. The ride through the safari was amazingly funny and the walk through was fun. Be sure to grab you enough food to feed everything. This was well worth the money.

Brittany Marie

A lot of fun! I drove 4 hours to come here all by myself and was entertained the whole time. I love how close you can interact with the giraffes especially. The drive thru was a ton of fun of course and I'm sure a family would absolutely love this experience. Be ready for some animals popping their head way in your window to say hi! Drool is not off limits!


A fantastic and vibrant place for a one day family trip. Be sure to buy at least 1 bucket of feed when you enter the park (you can't come back and buy it once you start the drive through Safari). Kids loved to pet and feed the animals. The walking zoo was fun too. It was a delight to feed the parakeets (budgies). With the long line of cars, it took us one hour to get into the park, but once we were inside crowd thinned out.

Christine Canipe

It was fun for our 4 year old. We heard it was a good place to go but didn't know you could do so much for the price. Wish you got a discount place if you only came in the afternoon right before the park closed. But we would go back just would make it a whole day trip.


Pretty cool, kinda like a zoo. Tips= >Don't wash your car prior (animals will lick your windows and climb up car side sometimes) >with the zoo after, give yourself about 2 hours start to finish >2 buckets plenty > watch out for the ostriches when your windows are down! [Trust me] >Chief Chief and Sarge Channel on YouTube


This was absolutely amazing! The animals come right up to the vehicle. It was so great to see all the babies as this is a definite sign of their health and wonderful care.

Stacey Pollard

June 23, 2019 - Took our 3 year old Grandson to visit the Virginia Safari Park today. It was a wonderful experience. The walk through allowed him to interact with many different animals. When he got tired of walking we went to the drive through portion which was also amazing. This park was clean, well kept, and arranged so it was easy to see the animals. There was a wide variety of animals and they were in great condition. Highly recommend this park for family fun.


very nice park. well maintained. the drive thru can be a bit annoying due to the abundance of wildlife. they flock to the vehicles and clog up the roadway. the reptile section is severely lacking. overall it's worth the stop. can be a bit pricey if you're with a car load of folks.

Christine Muraska

Awesome!!!!!!!! My son loved it! The drive took maybe 2 hours. Have a good array of animals that would all come to the car. We got 3 buckets of food and ran out 30 mins in so I recommend 5-6 depending on how many people you have (we had 3). Dont recommend if you drive a manual car as most of it is uphill and you stop so often. They have a walk through zoo which isn't huge but the bird area is amazing. Literally have bitds landing on you my son just loved it

Tobe Sexton

You get much more then I would have ever imagined. Definitely worth the price of admission. The animals poke their heads into the car (my daughter got to pet a deer). They have a lot of animals and a zoo. The gift shop was amazing. They had little toy animals and really cool memorabilia that we bought to remind us of the wonderful time that we had there.

Brandi Higgs

Great family park with a awesome petting zoo. Animal drive threw is very fun for animal lovers. I suggest parents hold feeding buckets, some animals have learned how to steal the whole feed bucket from young ones. It's a neat experience for all.

Live Life

It was great, me and my mom had lots of fun. She drove while I fed the food to the animals and got my hand slimy. And then there's a zoo which you can also feed a couple animals. I recommend going through the drive and get a bucket of food or then you'll just watch others feeding the animals.

Roy Campbell

What a great time we had here. The animals are awesome and they interact well when people come bye. Great for kids and lots of pictures to take.

Martha Evans

Nice gem of a park! Daughters loved it! The birds were their favorite!only complaint is that there is major military discount. You do get a bucket of feed.

Azhar Ahmed

This was an amazing experience. The price was about $22 per adult, which ended up being very reasonable. Come as early as possible if it is going to be a hot day. I would recommend two buckets of feed per person. The initial part of the drive is a mob of animals, I recommend driving through the initial mob with your windows up. After that, the animals come a few at a time. You may want to place plastic or something down along your floorboards, sometimes the animals would come into your car to get food when you were done feeding them and wanted to move on, the feed ends up everywhere. The zoo part where you walk through was just as fun or more fun. If you do the small bird aviary, which you should, go to the end and grab some sticks that were left behind for the birds. Bring quarters or $1 bills.

brenda hosaflook

The best experience ever!! We had animals stick their heads in our car to eat out of our bucket of food. They were friendly and beautiful. A bison stole our bucket, dumped the food and ate off the ground. 3 Miles of pure wonder. Family fun for all ages!! We had the best time!

rebecca guerra

We we traveling home to Florida decided to stop here for a break from driving. Was a lot of fun feeding the alpacas. They ate all the food at the very beginning of our drive though, so we had nothing left for the animals at the middle and end.

Elizabeth Johnston

Loved it! Safari is HUGE! Lots of animals I haven't ever seen up close. Feeding them at the car was so cool. Kids loved it, and so did the adults! The walking zoo was fun too! 9 months later and we're all still talking about it! Can't wait to go back


Omg.. What a fascinating Adventure... A Awesome place foe Kids young and Old.. You got to check out this drive through zoo and hand feed the animals from your car

Ashley Stephenson

Was such a great time! we suggest taking the tractor ride through, only because an elk decided to mock charge our vehicle with his crazy antlers! We thought he was going to scratch up the car lol. Other than that little scare, it was such a blast.

Keeley Daye

We loved it! The wagon ride is worth the $8 and it comes with feed. James was our driver and he gave us tidbits about the animals. He is very knowledgeable.

Amber Montoya

A beautiful park. It is a fun experience for people of all ages. The wagon tour guides are very helpful and informative, but going through the safari in your car is just as fun. Nice pavilions to eat and rest at, and many fun creatures to discover in the zoo and the drive-through safari.

John Fleener

! Amazing!!! Whole family adventure! There aren't too many places you can go that you can guarantee the entire family will enjoy themselves, but this is one of them. Simply put this is an experience you can't find anywhere else in Virginia. I took my wife, daughter, and son here and everybody had a ton of fun. The drive through safari feeding couldn't be beat. (When you go, try to hold onto your bucket. The early animals will try to take it.) Feeding the animals directly from your vehicle is fun and amazing, but the wagon ride was much more relaxing. Also, feeding the ostriches and emu was a blast. They have rhinos, giraffes, and camels running around, but you can't pet them. You can feed the camels though. Additionally, you can get up close and personal with some kangaroos, if you get lucky. The aviary was cool and all the birds are pretty chill. The penguin exhibit is awesome and the cheetah and wolf exhibits were amazing. All-in-all, this was probably the best zoo in Virginia, if not the entire East Coast.

Melanie Wigton

My son and I really loved the drive thru safari and the other animals. Staff was nice and friendly.

Jamie and matt romance

Safari was great it was a lot of fun. The animals were amazing, not to mention how much fun it was to feed and pet them! This has been a great vacation so far! Next is the petting zoo! Fun fun fun.

chris moore

Very cool place. Lots of animals that come in all different sizes. Great place for kids and families.

Emily Midgette

Good place to spend half a day. They offer free food buckets for active duty military members. Little but pricey at $21 a person but well worth it for the experience. Animals are friendly and excited to see you. Budgies and giraffe were a fun walking addition.

sharon Jarrell

It is a great place! My kids, ages 2 and 5,were very scared of the animals coming up to the windows during the drive through. But that would vary depending on the child. We all enjoyed the walk through village. I wish the sweet shop had been open it looked great.

frenchie 121

Most of the animals were nice and really cool to feed, there was a couple llamas/alpaca/zebras that were so aggressive you couldn't get away and even came into my car and bit me. However I know you cant really predict animals like that and cant tame them. It would be nice if there was a separate section with every animal because the moose were rop tier. Overall very nice staff and they treat the animals very nicely.

shikha sherchan

Amazing place weekdays are not bad to make a quick trip,too hot in the afternoons other that that feeding the animals was crazy fun.

Mukaddam Irgasheva

The Safari park is satisfyingly big. Even then, we went around twice. The proximity to the animals was simply mind blowing for us. The tickets are valid for entire day and multiple entries. :) Picnic pavilion overlooking the park. Beautiful. There is cafe too. A small gift shop. Park is well kept and staff was very nice. Overall this was an amazing experience️.

The Country Bride

We went to celebrate my husbands 75th birthday and were not disappointed. Animals are treated with love and respect and the staff are wonderful. Take the Safari Wagon for an animal encounter you won’t forget! Visit the Natural Bridge and tour the caves for a great adventure!

Phyllis Wright

Well taken care of park. Never a dull moment. Plan on 3 hours to see everything. Would visit again.

marjorie buhland

Very well kept. Lots to see. Several animals. Drive through was fun and the animals are out your window! Lots of opportunities to interact with animals. Kids would love it!

MirMir Xoxo

Fun place to check out. The bathrooms smell like flowers which is an extra bonus. Be mindful of the Emu and Buffalo, they'll take your bucket of food

Ryan Doore

An awesome experience for the whole family! We loved interacting with the animals. The walking park also has lots of interesting animals! Beautiful drive!

Heather Brewer

By far the best drive thru zoo we've been to! Great animals! Beware of the bucket snatchers!!! Ha ha the llamas and others like to pack your buckets right out of your hands!


This place is amazing... if you e never been it's a must to see. The Penguins are fantastic...

Tricia Whetzel

Great family fun day adventure. Well worth the visit. Will definitely visit again.

Aqsa Salman

The place is amazing. So well maintained and with a large variety of every kind of animals.

jose m. Portillo

Its a great family adventure and one is able to get close to all the different kind of animals at the park

Tammy Thacker

Family fun day, grandbabies loved it and so did my daughter and I!! Can't wait to go back!

Sid Williams

Absolutely amazing place! All the animals seem well taken care of and happy. You almost never get to see animals with this much free space and vegetation to eat. 10/10

Adam D

Wow, Beautiful park and lots of fun! Drive though with the animals. Warning if you drive a standard..... After drive a great walk through the zoo. A little on the exensive side but we'll worth the money.

Patrick Smith

It's an amazing place. If your kids like animals, you won't find a more immersive experience than this. Having a bison stick his head into my car to eat was very cool. Unfortunately, my car died while I was there. However, the staff was super helpful. My towing coverage from my auto-insurance company could not find anyone to come get my vehicle The staff were able to find someone though and they really helped out. I can't say enough good things about them.

Joshua Parsons

Had a blast feeding the animals! It’s a big park with beautiful scenery. The driving and walking portions are both great experiences and I would definitely come back. If you’re going in the summer, I recommend getting there in the morning before it gets busy and before it gets hot enough that the animals go into hiding to stay cool. We got there at 9:30 and didn’t have any cars in front of us or behind us, which was nice.

Steven Jensen

We took about 4 hours. Did the drive-through, and the walking zoo. The budgies seemed to like to land on people, as long as they were quieter and not jumping around. Watch for posting of keepers talks. Small zoo, but good if you have kids.

LaToya M

Lots of fun for all ages. Could easily spend all day there with the drive through Safari and walk through zoo. Many different and unexpected animals to see.

vinnie lalumia

Perfect. Kinda pricey,but worth every penny. This place has way more than you would imagine!

Anahita Mounesa

We really had a great time. Kids enjoyed the place and staff were super nice and helpful

Lauren Bratton

My kiddo loved it. Feeding the animals is so much fun. It's a really great fun hands on experience.

Kenneth Willett

We went through the driving part three times awesome. Take you time have fun. The only issues we had was the guy in front of us on one trip could not drive a standard transmission and they did not have the shirt my wife wanted in her size. So over all a total win.

Colleen Andes

We had so much fun! Try to plan your trip for the morning so the safari animals are still hungry. The zoo is clean, enclosures are well maintained and the staff is happy to answer questions. Make sure to bring quarters to get feed for the giraffe.

Troy Woodson

Nothing like getting up close and personal with the animals. You will not be disappointed with the drive through, or the walk around

Darren Olka

It was a wonderful experience being close to the animals. A great place to learn about the creatures from different places. Also a neat wagon ride.

B Bop

We just went last weekend. It was raining & we still had a blast! Just listening to my boys laughing basically the whole time was an experience we will never forget & we will definitely be back! Oh & no damage to my truck, just a little feed through out the inside

Jacquelyn Klauck

Who doesn't love animals!?!? This place was amazing. Long lines up front but it's worth it. Plan to spend 3 hours + there.


Went here on a Saturday. Arrived around 4pm. Wait time to get the entry pass was no more than 5 minutes. It was our first Safari Park visit ever. Everything we experienced in this park was our first experience ever. This is more of family with children park and you should come in a SUV. Sedan is okay too. We saw families having their children in their open-back trucks. We did a drive thru first. Bought a $5 feeding bucket for animals. Some animals take the bucket away from you while eating so hold em strongly! Then we walked into the village park. They only had one tiger who was asleep

Christin Bateman

Always an amazing time! I highly recommend! We have been there twice now while visiting family in Virgina and have had an memorable time each time!

Joan Mason

Had a great time! Fun for the whole family

Jason Dupree

Great experience, fun for everyone, animals brought a smile and laugh to everyone poking their heads in the windows. Best tip, save some food for the last half of the trip, plenty to see after the hill starts.

Lizsett Bernal

This place is awesome! Great for kids of all ages. Me and my husband went and really enjoyed it. We got to feed all the animals getting there early got all the animals active and were really hungry. Lots of parking space, we went in with an 18 wheeler so we made it in and out safely.

Ways In

Good animal selection. Walking area has good activities but could be better organized. Great for kids... But best experienced on a mild or cool day.

David Craig

Amazing! As far as zoo's this is one of the best! Most zoo's have 1 maybe 2 rhinos....they have 7! And like 20 kangaroos!

William Arbaugh

My daughter did all the research for our recent vacation and she chose the VA Safari Park as her outing. At first I was skeptical but even my wonderful penny pinching wife exclaimed, "This was so worth the money!!". The grounds are excellent, the animals well cared for. The real star, however, is the drive through park where you can feed the animals right from your car window. Pro Tips: 1) You are going to think one bucket of feed is enough. You will be wrong. Two buckets minimum. (The Llama Mafia is real). 2) Bring some cash for budgie sticks. You will think you are immune to the cuteness. Again, you will be wrong. 5 out of 5, this side trip for up close animal encounters (a male elk let this one family just pet it's forehead for at least ten minutes) will make your whole vacation.

Vicke Lynne

What a fun place to visit. If you want a fun family day you have to visit here.

Nate Herron

Very nice, we enjoyed the animals and the interactive exhibits which let you get close enough to touch many animals. The kids were freaked out by the aggressive feeding of the animals in the car and I was nervous about damage to my rental. I would return but skip buying food to feed from the car.

Lacey Warrick

My daughter and I stopped by here and had such a fantastic afternoon. The up close experiences with the animals provided a ton of laughs. We drove around and didn't ration our buckets well so we went in and got more food to go around again! We have some cute photos but the memories are priceless. We are looking forward to when we can go again. These animals appear to be well cared for and so many love to be fed. They flock around the car. The section where you get out and walk around has the aviaries and the budgies were one of my favorites! Be warned they will nibble on your sweaty skin! We were surprised to see so many babies. Little ones everywhere! Awesome experience, definitely looking forward to a return trip!


Lots of fun! Oh my it was quite the experience. My tip is... leave some food for the end of the trail, by the time we got half way, it was all gone. Really nice experience. Great for couples or with kids.

Michelle Carpenter

Wow! First time we have been here. This was a great visit. We saw many animals that we had only read of in books. It was fun to figure which were mentioned in the Bible. The class enjoyed stretching their memories this was too.

Tasha Irvin

Highly recommend! Definitely get a few buckets of food. We just did the drive thru and it was totally worth it!

Bobby almon

Awesome place! Driving around to see the animals was a lot of fun. The small walking so had some cool animals as well.

Natalya Ennis

We loved this place. So much fun for kids of all ages and adults too. Feeding animals on the drive through safari was really cool. Kids had a blast. Giraffes and budgies are a must see.

Charuta Rajopadhye

Feeding animals out in the open, very unique experience! Loved it❗❗

Ran C

Awesome had the top down on miata animals Real up close and very personal

Wesley Springston

Great place to visit, must get the feed for the animals. I'd recommend to get there early before noon and have your phone or camera ready for pictures and don't be afraid to get your car dirty, it will.

Ann Marie Knight

Worst experience I have ever had and big mistake to travel to the Safari Park on Labor Day weekend. I had to wait an hour and a half in a line to just drive up to the gate to find out the computer had been going down but everyone insisted that she keep the line going. They should have closed her lane after seeing the other two would pass 30 cars through for every one car in the lane I was in and then not even try to compensate. I’m shocked that there were not more complaints! The only saving grace was that the kids enjoyed the petting zoo.

Carrie DiCarlo

This place is amazing, you could definitely spend an entire day here. Animals look very healthy and happy!

Paul Allen

A drive your own vehicle Safari park that definitely gets you close to the animals that also has a walk through zoo on the premises that is very nice

Carol Miller

So much fun. Driving through the park you encounter llamas, deer, bison, elk, zebras, ostriches, emus and more. Definitely buy several buckets of kibble and save some for the animals past the llamas and deer. The llamas will stand in front of your car to get food!! Great for memorable photos and tons of fun and laughs.

Kendall Helton

Took my class here on a field trip...THEY LOVED IT! The group wagon ride through the park was a perfect way for them to see the animals up close. I would highly recommend this place for schools and families!

Jesse Torres

Crazy cool experience! Take your vehicle, drive around as much as you want, keep feeding the wildlife, from what I saw the wildlife are very car friendly! Even walking around was fun.

George Shoffstall

Although I can't understand paying per person when you're driving in a car cuz that really makes no sense and we go to a few each year that are car adventures and they just charged by the car so I'm still a little bothered by that whole thing but regardless this is a cool place to go. The animals are very encouraged to come up to your car. However know the difference between a Ostrich and an Emu and your hands will thank you. (Emu's beaks are pointy any they will slam it down to eat. Ostrich are slower to put their beaks down) this also includes the walking Zoo next to it which is plenty big not as Grand as one would think but not bad.

Jennifer lowry

Visited the Safari with the family on Saturday. Truly an amazing experience! Animals were beautiful and the bird exhibit was our favorite. Got to talk to an employee and she was extremely knowledgable on the animals and the care they put into their genetic lines. They even have a year old Rhino! Totally worth the admission. We spend 3.5 hours between the drive through and the walk about. Will definitely go again

Ashok Matoria

I visited the park on last Saturday with my family - a wife, a kid and an infant. It’s 3 hours drive from our home. Overall we think it is good but not worth the price. They charge per person, NOT per car. There were primarily 2 things - 1. Safari drive: The drive circuit is about 2 mile where we drove our car, made stops on road to feed animals using 2 lbs/ 1 kg(i think) feed bucket. I recommend buy one bucket($4) is sufficient. Need to offer food sitting in car by sliding down window glass. 2. Safari village: This is like a zoo where you can see different animals and birds from different parts of the world in their separate cages. After safari drive, we trashed the left over feed buckets and parked the car and walked in. It was slightly hot and humid day so I wish I had chosen a better day weather wise.

Philip Borchert

Lots of animals to feed. Not too many types but lots of the same. They are pretty well trained; without food you aren't going to get to pet them. There is also a non driving zoo here, along with birds that will perch on you.

Travis Garrett

It was good for my 6 and 8 year old but it was very hot and shade was sparse. The layout of the village wasn't setup very well. To see everything you had to go down several dead end paths and come back. I realize they are there to make money but hydration stations of some sort would ve good for the young and elderly. Even some misting fans ocassionally.

Allen Burton

So many animals to see. Great stop for kids on a long trip. It's not just a drive through park. The walk through part is just as impressive.

Rj Spring

We have been many times, and it never gets old. You can drive through yourself or catch the wagon ride, both are fun. If you have not been here you are missing out!

Sushil Kumar

Wow. it's was a good experience and kids enjoyed a lot. You will see lots of Ostrich and will feed them also. Birds will sit on your hand will talk with you... One of the best place to visit with family ♥️

Tom Keys

Have visited the Park many times throughout the years and it never disappoints. Great place to interact with animals up close. Great memories with the kids over the years. Animals always look healthy and well cared for. This visit we were able to meet the Park Director and Manager. They were very friendly and took the time to answer questions. Highly recommended.

Paul Owen

Family got memberships, so we have been several times throughout the year and have enjoyed each visit.

Kevin Glass

It was so fun feeding all the animals from our car windows. Many stuck their heads in the windows to get more food. All very friendly but hold tight to your food bucket. Some will knock it out of you hands. The walk-thru part of the park had plenty of animals to see . Feeding the budgies and the giraffes were also a favorite of our 4 year old granddaughter. We highly recommend this for a fun family event.

Nathan Riles

Great place to take the family. It's much better than a zoo because you can actually feed and touch many of the animals. My 5 year old son loved the Zebras and he loved the Lamas too, that is until one of them sneezed on him! :-)

Douglas Layton

Safari was great! Animals went crazy over the food bucket we had. A llama sneezed all over the inside of our car, but overall an amazing experience.

Kristin Kudarauskas

Worth every penny! When we saw the price tag, we weren’t sure it would be worth it, but we had a blast! After driving through the park and enjoying all of the animals, we enjoyed walking through the small zoo. The animals were clearly well taken care of, and the park was very clean with attention made to every detail. Don’t miss feeding the budgies or the penguin feeding!

Pia Boje

Very fun to drive through with the kids. Definitely watch the food buckets as the camels will probably get it out of your hand. We went on a busy day so getting through the park was a very slow process but it was all fun. We visited the walking part as well and saw some cool animals. The little kids really liked the monkeys. I would go again if I'm in the area again.

Telateau Wright

You can ride through the park and feed various animals and get up close and personal after the ride through park they have a walk through park also it's a great experience being though I'm from the city

Fadi Alyosef

My family and I enjoyed our time there. At this safari, you can drive through and enjoy feeding the freely walking animals, plus there is another section for walkers where you’ll find more animals. Definitely worth its price.

Almir Divovic

I really liked it. It was a nice drive while enjoying animals close up. There are plenty of animals to see. Favorite of course are tigers. Good thing is not just a drive through.

Marie Tyree

Hold on with both hands for the larger animals! They will steal your bucket. Everything was great. The food prices aren't crazy. The animals are friendly and adorable. They give military a free bucket of food with ticket purchase. The walk thru section is filled with a lot of animals. The bird section is fun. The budgie sticks will have birds landing all over you. I'd definitely go back! Everyone will loves this place.

Rownak Ehsan

A very good place to visit. Prepare to spend 2 to 3 hours here. You can purchase food containers for $5 at the ticket counter for feeding the animals. Will recommend buying at least 3.

Shoaib Patel

Very fun place to be with kids. If visiting from in and around DC , it's a long drive. Will take around 3 hours. I wish there was something like this near by in NoVa area. We found this Safari park bit costly. But realized it might be because their petting village has tigers, wolf and cheetah. There is a food court if you feel hungry, which is ok. There is also Natural Bridge zoo nearby which we did not go. If you have time you plan your visit in advance. Hope you enjoy your visit.

David Johnson

This place is a lot of fun. Its definitely very touristy but still a great experience for families. To get your moneys worth (This is a bit expensive) you definitely need to take your time and explore the area. Worth it though for the experience.


It was great. Lots of exotic animals roaming the Safari park. Watch out for the emu and ostrich the get feisty.

Alex A

A really good experience. The kids had an awesome time, a little pricey and literally everything costs money. They should support us veterans too not just active duty.

Terry Dowdell

Wonderful place to bring kids. They getting up close and personal View of the animals. Bring your own food and drink though, as they are quite expensive in that area.

Chad Branch

We Took my niece last week for our first visit to the park. We all had a great time. There were so many animals to see, fees and sometimes pet. It is a fun and memorable experience but be warned it is not a cheap visit.

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