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1228 Hunter Mill Rd, Vienna, VA 22182, United States

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REVIEWS OF Roer's Zoofari IN Virginia

Augusto Cangahuala

Really nice place not too far from the city. We had a birthday party there and from the first call they were super accommodating and nice. They also made sure we had all we need during the event. The place is well maintained and even the bus drivers are very friendly and professional, considering special circumstances and large groups. Overall a wonderful experience. In all the years we have been visiting, we never had a bad experience or heard from someone having one.

Aaron Smith

They don't have a huge selection of animals but what they lack in variety they make up for in interactivity. Definitely pay 5 dollars for lettuce. Then get on the bus and feed llamas as they reach into the bus. Just save some to feed the giraffe. The national zoo has a lot but all you can do is look at them. This zoo you can feed a lot of the animals.

Sanja Ogrizovic

Very nice place especially for kids. We all enjoyed. I think camel ride for 10 meters, (for a 30 seconds ride) for 2 kids, cost 16 dollars it's to much. Then. you have to buy at least 2 small cups whit carrots or lettuce to feed the animals, that's gonna cost you additional 10 dollars. When you add entrance pass for 5 people, all in all it's very expensive tour.

Renee Servinsky

We have been members of Roer's Zoofari for over 3 years. Earlier this year, Miss Shallise became a part of the front desk staff and has really added a warm welcome to the zoo. My boys look forward to seeing her and chatting with her every time we go. She goes above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome and to answer any questions about the zoo. We now consider her a part of our community! As far as the zoo itself - this place is great for families. It's small enough so young children aren't overwhelmed with a lot of walking, but big enough that there is a lot to see. There are always new animals and babies to meet, so even as members who frequent the zoo weekly, there's always something to explore. I definitely recommend checking it out, and if you are local, purchase a family membership!

Kumara swamy Chitturi

Good place to spend sometime with family. Kids might love it. Zirafee is chetha are kind of kool. Feeding baby goats and lamb make you feel good. Good 2 hour stuff.

Robert Walker

Great place to visit, all the employees were terrific, very accomafting but protective of the animals.

progga ahmed

Nice, fun place within reach. Kids had lots of fun.

John de Kock

Really a shadow of what this place used to be. Several empty pens that used to be populated. The giraffe and cheetahs are what saved the trip.

Jerry Sheehan

My granddaughter loved feeding carrots to the animals. It was a fun time and the prices were reasonable. I'd go back.

Annie S

This is actually a pretty good alternative to the National zoo in DC which is always teeming with people. Roer's Zoofari does charge admission, though. They also host Easter egg hunts in spring, on a small hill near the shop. The whole place is a bit shabby but quite ok especially if you need to get the kids somewhere new.

Cya Vsqz

Not worth the travel or prices. Came from Richmond and left disappointed. Animals aren’t completely out of fences. Tour is so quick and small that you have to redo. Animals technically don’t want to come to the bus. More llamas and goats that anything else. More like a regular zoo than a zoofari. Do come and bring your lunch as there’s plenty of picnic tables around. ALL hand sanitizers we’re out of hand sanitizer and we came early in the day. Go to the zoofari at natural bridge and get a better experience for your $$. Good for those that live closer.

Derek Tenney

Lots of fun and tons of animals to pet and look at. My kids, wife and I had a very enjoyable day here. We thought we would be here an hour or two but everyone had such a good time we ended up staying most of the day. Pack a lunch in so you can eat there. They have plenty of picnic areas around the park. Getting carrots to feed the animals may seem like a waste to some but it really does name the park more enjoyable. I recommend getting the carrots over the lettece/bottle of milk just because of the amount you get. Feeding a giraffe is pretty cool bot sure how many places you can do that. Make sure you check out the camel rides too. We will be back for sure!

Alexis Banks

The kids loved it, wear gloves the giraffe's tongue hangs out and it's slobbering to get the feed from the kids!

Rehan Nasim

Its 5 stars but I gave 4 as tickets prices were high I understand the expenses and wages but reduce the prices.

Tori Madejczyk

There is a variety of animals. The park is not kept up very well and their are basically only porta potties. The park overcharges for food to feed the animals. It also has little to do no food for purchase. We also waited 40 minutes in line for a very short safari ride.Save your money and choose a different location for your safari.

Barb Ramey

So much fun even my 9 month old granddaughter had fun

Queen Kita

Really great experience. Saw some amazing animals and got to touch them. My daughter enjoyed herself.

Angie Bee

Love it! Friendly people. My 2 year old interact with all animals. Everybody left very happy! We will go back soon! :)

Dawn Miskar

The kids had so much fun. You can buy fresh veggies and a milk bottle and feed any animals you want, even on the bus tour. The giraffe was super friendly if you have carrots. The animals are used to kids and all seem friendly. We'll probably go anytime we're choosing family in Virginia.

Jeff Schneider

Fun place for animal lovers! We took advantage of a groupon that made it more affordable!

Isha Singh

Love this place, we have a lot of fun every single time we go there which is very frequent. The place is clean, and feeding the birds and animals is so much fun

Pete G.

We had a great time here. My kids got to pet the animals and loved the safari. Highly recommended.

Cheryl Ronquillo

Very good, kids had a great time, grandma did too.

Mariam Ibrahim

Very pricy for what you see. Safari buses are poorly maintained. Had to wait almost 3 hrs to get on bus because the other two buses were down! Very disappointed.

Ashley Yarbrough

So much fun! Tuesday morning at 9:30am was not crowded at all. Started to get a bit more as 11 rolled around, when the safari ride begins, but the bus was comfortable and overall the experience was a BLAST. Feeding the animals (especially the giraffe - so cool) was totally awesome. It was pretty pricey once everything is factored in ($5 per small cup of food, $8 per person for camel rides), but I thought it was worth it to do it all once.

Seli Stacks

The animals all looked happy. The employees were SUPER nice and helpful. It’s such a great experience.

Milton Mena

Beautifull place to go with the family

Farid Israel

I did enjoy some aspects in this zoo. On that day , the lines for the 5min safari ride was so long. There was only one ride working and the other bus was parked.

singh gursherpalS.

Love this place lot of fun

Rita Moffitt

Variety of animals was good.. the safari ride is all of 10 mins


It's a beautiful place, the entrance is $17.00 adult and $14 child, this includes a tour on the bus around the zoo, is a small zoo but beautiful the kids love this zoo, and you don't have to walk too much

Brandie Smith

Exceeded my expectations. The safari ride was by far our favorite experience. Would highly recommend because it was an interactive experience.

Boopathi Murugasamy

It was fun and there are animals all around. We have waited nearly 2 hours for bus trip

Chad Emerson

They need a map of the property, and the website hasn't been updated in awhile. They are now open until 6pm daily. And the safari bus will be run at 4pm and 5pm if necessary for demand.

Amber Abbitt

A great place for kids. Lots of animals to see and the camel ride was a lot of fun.


I always recommend this zoo to all! Best petting zoo, baby goats, rabbits etc. and the up close and personal with their giraffe. Bring your own carrots to feed. It's a quick stop zoo, we did not stay more than 2 hrs, it was not crazy busy so that was also a plus! **EDIT Dont take your own carrots (my bad)!

Vlad Kovtun

Roer's zoofari is a nice place to go to from time to time and indeed was enjoyable from my perspective. But, the main reason why my review is three stars instead of five is because the animal enclosures within the zoo seem to be lacking in "quality" (besides for the safari) despite the fact that entry costs 17 dollars per person (which is pretty expensive for a zoo at the scale of Roer's zoofari). For example, their giraffe lives in a very small exhibit for its size and has lived there for two years. Even though I personally have heard from some employees that the zoo wanted to expand its enclosure starting from the time when it arrived, nothing has happened since. This from what I have heard is because of a lack of funding necessary to upgrade said exhibits. Perhaps in this case the zoo should open up a Gofundme page ( or something similar to finance future exhibit upgrades. After all, with fundraising they potentially could both gain more exposure and improve their animal welfare without having to restructure their budget.

Kodie Lake

It may be a small little area, but honestly there's a lot to do. And I must say my favorite part was getting to pet waffles. If you have no idea who it is yet, it's their lovely giraffe who loves to be pet and get food.

Kate Bornschein

This place was fantastic!! We brought my 8yr old son on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. No lines, no crowding. The hands on experience with many of the animals definitely made this visit one to remember. Who gets to say they've hand fed and pet a giraffe?! The Safari bus tour was good. Here was the only area where we experienced lines and a wait time. Still, they had many buses operating and we only waited for about 20min. Your interaction with the animals on the Safari tour will be a luck of the draw depending on where they decide to approach the bus from. We didnt have too much hands on there, but the experience of being able to reach out and touch about 80% of the animals at the zoo was already a win. Highly recommend!!!

tina jones

Very nice for younger kids and people who enjoy feeding animals. Bathrooms are dated and there aren't any food options. Only snacks and drinks but you can bring your own food.

Adwoa Achiaa Bonsu

The giraffe made my day. So so fun

Kirkland Williams

A good intimate experience with every animal in this place.

SaHaDeV PoUdEl

If your kids never been to little safari zoo... take them to this place.. they would love to see goats,giraffe,camels,cheetah and much more. If they have been before take them again because visiting little zoo and playing with cute animals and birds are always fun!

elaine traylor

"Very fun place. Has lots of different animals and my daughters and I loved it

Carlos Lopez

Great place to spend the day if you love animals. You get to interact with lots of animals and the safari tour is included with admission. It's highly recommended to buy food (carrots) to feed the animals to get the full experience.

Sat P

Best place to hangout for the weekend and you can pet animals. Kids gonna love it. Best part is bird atrium. Really loved it. They have a bus tour and make sure you sit on the left side(driver side) for better view.

Heidi Kuhn

Very fun experience. Well off the beaten path. We got lost on our way to Williamsburg and it caught our eye. So glad we got lost! We loved the bus tour. Got to see several animals up close. The Camel rides are a must!!!

noam sasson

Nice place for the kids, much better in the summer, you can feed rabbits, goats, sheep. Was too cold so no giraffe. Nice open bus ride for the kids at the end. Birds petting was closed for winter

Anna A

Awesome tiny zoo! Lots of fun, not expensive. Feeding the animals is super fun!

Vanessa A

A little disappointed drove two hours to come here for the first time thinking there will be enough to see but that was not the case, the price and to feed the animals does not match up with the amount of animals they have I only spent just about a hour there and before you know it your done the best part was seeing and feeding the giraffe.

Spray Lewis

The animals were very active! The staff was friendly and helpful

C Sax

We recently went on a weekday and used a website we had never heard of (TravelZoo) to get a combo pack of tickets for four and 2 food cups and 2 parakeet bird food sticks. The total cost was the same as if we had just paid for regular admission, so we basically got the animal food for free (which is how I always felt Reston Zoo (now Roer"s Zoofari) should have done it. Roer's has switched things up a lot since we last visited when it was still Reston Zoo. Instead of an open wagon for the Safari Tour, they now have actual school buses and multiple drivers to ensure that everyone in line gets to go on the safari tour. (It used to be when the wagon filled up you either had to wait for 1-3 hours for the next wagon ride or if it was the last tour of the day you were just out of luck) Overall the variety of animals is nice. Main gripe: we almost missed the parakeets (the only birds that will eat your bird seed sticks). We walked right past the parakeet enclosure 4 or 5 times. However, when we did find it, the zoo had already closed yet one of the staff saw us feeding the parakeets and let us stay for at least 15 min. Feeding the birds! Thanks to that guy! Totally Awesome Experience for our kids! The parakeets landed right on our children's hands and ate the bird seed sticks! WE WILL DEFINITELY BE BACK AND TOTALLY RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE!

S Jones

My family totally loved this up close and personal adventure with animals. It's an awesome experience. Not too expensive either.

Jessica Brooks

Hands down would go hear instead of the regular zoo or petting farm any day. Really nice. All of the animals were out, we got to feed and pet a giraffe!!!! (A lot of others too but the giraffe stuck out the most lol) ABSOLUTE MUST

Nicole Nolting

I’m writing in response to my comment “Animals were NOT taken care of appropriately.” I recently went on a safari in Africa, where I was able to see animals such as giraffes in the wild. This giraffe at your facility looked NOTHING like a healthy giraffe in the wild. It looked disoriented, with parts of its face configured oddly. Many teeth were missing. It looked as though it was inbred, mentally disabled, or on drugs. Additionally, your cheetah cage is appalling. The cheetahs were seen pacing back and forth for hours with very little opportunity for play or social engagement. I will not be coming back nor will I be giving good reviews due to the fact that this place still takes the same care of their animals as the Reston Zoo did!

Tiff Cruz

Very exciting day. Totally worth the visit. We got to pet so many different animals. We suggest buying the vegetables to feed the animals as they really look forward to it. The bus ride tour is worth the wait, just wish the bus ran more often.

Kathy Randolph

My grandson set the pace and had so much fun feeding the animals.

Sally Kwok

My kids love this zoo..its not super large and you can go through it in about 2-3 hours. The highlight animals are the giraffe, monkeys cheetah, bobcat, buffalo, emu, and camels. My kids loved feeding the parakeets and giraffe and the bus ride where you get to feed animals is great. The only negative is they dont have a food stand and so you have to bring your own food or snacks if you want food. They should really look into getting a couple of food trucks to park there during lunch and they would make so much money!

Kunal Vijan

Nice n good. Good fun for day. Kids will gonna like it. Little bit expensive for food buckets. You end up buying at least 3-4 if you r going with kids.

Lala Gaskins

This is such a neat and cool place for kids to interact with animals. The safari ride is fun. I miss the Texas Long Horn though. But the Giraffe and Cheetahs are a great addition. Get there early it can be a long line.

Tosin Ogunsile

Awesome place for the family. Outside food is permitted and cards are accepted. Camel ride and food to feed the animals can be purchased at the location. Feeding the animals are the highlights for the kids. Second visit and it was a pleasant experience and remember to hop on the Safari ride as well.

Ray Wilson

Staff are nice. Also a good variety of animals.

Katherine Allen

We got a groupon deal, so that made it a bit more affordable. We spent 2.5 hours there, which included the 15 minute "zoofari" tour. On top of the entrance fee, we spent $10 on two cups of carrots (for 5 of is to share). Kids wished we had more because there are a lot of animals you can feed (we ran put long before boarding the zoofari bus). We also spent $5 on a mini bottle of milk so my daughter could feed the baby goat and $5 on 3 sticks to feed the birds. You can see how fast those extra things add up!! We did not choose to spend $8/person for a camel ride. The zoo itself appeared well maintained, the animals were friendly. We enjoyed walking around. We also enjoyed the zoofari. It was on a converted school bus. Actually had cushions on 2 bench seats under the glass-less windows. Overall, it was a fun way to spend a couple hours. But, not someplace we'd go back over and over due to the expense.

Alaina Hopkins

What a WONDERFUL experience!!! I went with my boyfriend and we both had a blast! From feeding goats to feeding llamas, there was never a dull moment. Will definitely return!

Kevin Sylvain

Awesome time, friendly staff and great pricing!

Gene Grant

A lot of animals and kids had a great time and staff was very friendly and safari ride driver was very knowledgeable and very friendly. Overall a great time.

Needa AlHabeeb

Good place for young children to have fun and see the animals and enjoy to Feed them, also there is a small shop for some gift and food and sovoneir.

Alexis Georgeff

Don’t go on a weekend. Even when you buy tickets online you have to wait in an hour long entrance line queue in the hot sun and your kids have to pee on the ground in the parking lot. Big mistake.

Tanganyika Medina

My daughter absolutely loved this I spent a few years in N. VA and never actually visited here so it was nice to take my 3 year old. Of course she was a bit intimidated by the larger animals but enjoyed bottle feeding the baby goats and and feeding the larger goats lettuce and carrots. The prices and location was great. Easy to navigate. I'm not sure if maps are provided to those that know exactly what they wish to see. The fact that your able to bring your own food and drinks is great. Saves a ton of money

Melina Dianat

This place was cute and definitely good for kids under the age of ten. It's on the smaller size but still can take up to three hours to enjoy the entire zoo. The parakeet's were probably the least exciting but they were fun to watch. This place allows you to bring your lunch and there are picnic tables placed throughout the park which is wonderful. Lettuce and carrots are available for purchase to feed the animals. We'll definitely be going back

Dave Coley

Great fun for the kids. I especially enjoyed the Budgie Aviary. All of the animals are very friendly and approachable.

Joe Schepis

Zoofari is great. Lots of animals to pet and feed. Little kids love the petting portion. Roer's has lettuce leaves, carrot sticks etc, to feed. The budgie house is fun and you can buy seeds stuck to sticks to attract and feed the birds. Don't need to buy the sticks because there were plenty left unused next to the exit door. The Safari part was fun too but very little kids can get upset at the size of the very large beasts. Worth the trip.

Julie S

The animal viewing areas were fun. Goats, giraffe, leopards, kangaroos, camels and much more! You can buy food to feed some of them too. However, the "safari" bus tour is poorly organized. People herd themselves into an area to wait for a bus... but since seating is can end up waiting 20-40 more minutes. Once you get in line for the scheduled hourly tour. They should have you schedule your bus time as it's a long time to wait with small children. Plus, they only had one bus running the loop...when they have 2 extra buses not running. I was underwhelmed by the lack of communication on this process (no signs and a nearby worker said she didnt know because it was her first day) and because of how much it costs to get in.

farrah baker

Love this place! Baby friendly

Alan T

Great place for the kids - the interaction with the animals is worth it, especially for the small kids. It's not the national zoo, but the national zoo doesn't let you get up close and personal with the animals like this place does. For kids under 10 or so, this place is magic - you be glad if you get a season pass and make this a regular stop! Note, if you go during the colder (under 60F) times of the year, some of the animals might not be out, the aviary might not be open, but there are no crowds, and the animals are HAPPY to see anyone with carrots! During the warmer months, this place can get crowded, and some of the animals might not be as interested in the food you can buy for them. A visit any time of year can be rewarding, just plan for the weather!

Barbara Yaworski

Small not too crowded. Better than the other large zoo.

jenn austin

Had an amazing time here with my family! Enjoyed getting to feed the giraffe, lambs, goats, camels and donkey. So much fun!

Deedee Carroll

Great place for small children to see animals. My daughter enjoyed the aviary and feeding the diffrent animals outside. We also enjoyed the camel ride. Very friendly staff.

Tejas Dave

Good local spot to spend few hours with kids below 10 yrs, with mix of farm and wild animals. Not lot of animals but good for kids to enjoy outdoors

Han Li

A lot of fun. The giraffe is so cute!

Lynn May

This is exactly what it says it is...a petting zoo and is so perfect for little ones! My toddler and 8 year old had so much fun feeding the animals. The baby goats ate from the bottle and the giraffe was really sweet. The safari bus ride was great too! I would recommend visiting this zoo because the kids will love seeing animals up close. It’s small so it’s works out for kids especially on a hot day. Get your feeding cups and bird sticks and the kids will love it!

Adnan haider

It was great fun for jids. The best part was feeding the giraffe. Also, cheetahs are newly added since our last visit.


Great but you can't touch the capybaras :(

Kanisa Husain

This zoo is decent. I’ve been to nicer ones. It takes a long time to get in because of the capacity I guess. The price is definitely over price for what it’s worth. However, they do have some cool animals. Groupon discounted tickets do not work on weekends, only weekdays. I’d say if I’ve been there once, probably wouldn’t go again.

Jay Lewis

Had a great time with younger kids

Susie Alexander

Fun little zoo. I recommend getting there early to beat the crowds and snag carrots before they're gone (you get more bang for your buck as compared to the lettuce, but once they run out, they're out).

Richard Gordon

Our child loves feeding the animals there. Especially the llamas and giraffe. The staff is friendly and helpful. We go every summer. Three times so far this year!

Demetrius Mitchell

Definitely worth the drive! Plenty of animals to see and touch! I've been there twice now, and seen Giraffes, Goats, Zebras, Cheetahs, beautiful birds, and so much more. I've even had the priviledge of feeding Red Ruffed Lemurs ( #primatesarentpets ) and being in their enclosure (yes this experience is available to all, some of the proceeds from the tickets go to protecting endangered species). They also offer food to feed the animals at the kiosks, as well as a driven bus tour for some of the more space-needing animals. I would highly reccomend this zoo to all ages, as it is a friendly atmosphere with well trained professionals and animals there.

Lucy B

My 2 year old is obsessed with this zoo. A little pricey but other than that it’s great! She loves feeding the animals including a huge giraffe.

Danielle Davis

Good for young kids. Not a whole day affair. Plan in changing diapers in your car. Their changing table is mounted on a wall .... on the outside of the building between two bathrooms. Bring money to buy food to feed the animals

Peter Luhowy

Fun little zoo for the kids. The Safari bus ride was a great chance for the kids to see some animals and feed them carrots and lettuce. There kids really love Bob-the-cat and the reptile house.

Allyson Mckenna

A great place to bring the kids for the day, its a little pricey but it's fun. Lots of animals to see and feed!

Joshua McClaskey

Cool park, quite a bit pricey,but the safari tour was over a 2 hour wait! Only one bus running every 20 minutes while the entire family waited in line in the heat. Fail Zoofari, total fail. Will never bother coming back.

Jose Romero

Nice grounds. The Safari ride was fun. Great for kids.

Meshelle Davis

Amazing experience. Took my daughter yesterday and we both loved it. Great selection of animals and it was more interactive vs the DC Zoo.

Nicole Jamieson

Our family loves to frequent zoo and petting zoos and we hadn’t made it out to this one until today. First of all their hours are listed differently across social media including the website so my husband called and got the automated thing that states one set of hours but then talked to someone that gave different hours. We paid $70 for our family of 4 to get in and got their “adventure pack” of food which was several leaves of lettuce, 1 popsicle stick with seeds for the aviary and 1 bottle for baby goats. Having never been here before we had no idea where stuff was and for some reason the giant map is near the exit within a fenced area so we never saw it until we were leaving. There are also “feed with a bottle” signs and bottle return bins near goats that are apparently to old to be fed with a bottle so they destroyed the bottle we had. Might want to keep accurate signage. We’ve done budgie feeding at other zoos and this one just seemed like the budgies didn’t have many places to perch so they were just all over the ground making it hard to walk anywhere. Basically all the petting zoos we’ve gone to over the years I don’t think we’ll be returning to this one. I understand the operating costs at these places aren’t cheap but comparably it just wasn’t there for us.

Angel Sky and the Crazy 5

Omg sooo much fun! Not too much walking for the kids and sooo much to see. One thing is there is nothing to eat anywhere! So bring food with you or eat before you come! Lesson learned with that

R Grant

So much fun for kids and adults. The only downside was SO MANY GOATS. My word. But once you get past the goats, you find awesome animals to interact with. The giraffe was so cool, and the budgie aviary was hilarious. Just make sure you buy the birdseed sticks before you go in. The bus Safari is fun, and the staff really seem to like their jobs. Great place to see animals.

Amit Patel

Great place to take the kids over the weekend. Got a cup of carrots and a stick of bird food and had a great time feeding the animals...which there were a lot of, and a lot to see.

Shavonn Taylor

Great zoo experience. Not crowded, unique and a hit for toddlers.

Kellie Borges

My husband and I had a great time here! We went on Sunday afternoon so it was packed! I would suggest going on a week day so the zoo isn't too crowded. We were able to buy a cup of lettuce, carrots, and bottled milk to feed the animals for $5 each. I would skip the bird feeding sticks, the birds weren't interested when we tried to feed them. We got to pet most of the animals and the bus ride was informational but hot cause it was so crowded on the bus.

Franklin Gonzalez

Loved it.. kids loved it. Was a good experience and. Lots of parking and easy to get to.. nice gift shop

Carlos González

Excellent place to take the kids out for couple of hours and not have to make it an outing. The zoo has new animals to see. Love the camel ride and specially the giraffe. Feeding the giraffe and getting so close is a priceless moment. The wagon ride use to be an open trailer and that was fun because you had a perfect view of all the animal on the trail. But now they changed it to school buses with windows taken out. The original vehicle was better. The Giraffe made the whole trip. Also they have cheetahs but we did not them.

Alex Deac

Family friendly and educational, however facilities could use some improvements.

Mohammed AlGhamdi

Very nice petting zoo that's clean and enjoyable for the whole family.

Jitesh Batra

Wonderful place to spend with the kids. Little expensive but I think it’s worth’s. Trip with the kids.

Madeleine Lamoureux

Cool animals, friendly staff, hands on encounters and more! Great place to take your kids!

Allison Smith

My family loves the animals. I think that it is over priced. For a cup of carrots, romaine lettuce, two bird seed sticks, two tickets for a camel ride, and four tickets to enter the park it cost $100.

Brenda Johnson

Expensive. Camel ride 2 mins and $8.00 per person. Animals ok but not what we thought we would see. Staff very nice.

Stan Smith

Nice place for being relatively unknown. You can tell it is a newer establishment as there is not a tremendous amount of things to do available. The bus ride was nice but a little disappointing, compared to the drive through Virginia Safari Park, and the fact there is only one stop at the beginning of the 5-10 minute ride which is just a big circle. Camel rides were $8 at the time. They have baby goats to feed with a bottle as well as other animals like, goats, llama, giraffe, birds that you can feed as well. Watch out for the Giraffe's tongue!

Dom D

Great hands on zoo for kids and family they let you hand feed all the animals goats, birds ,giraffe, bison ,monkeys, chettah, etc.

Christy Lee

Very pricey, but enjoyed our visit ! There was a variety of different animals and it was amazing to get so close to so many animals. You don't only pay for entry and the safari tour. They also charge for food for the animals, and cost per person for the camel ride. Spent close to $60 for 1 adult and 1 child.

Victoria Little

Not very big, pretty expensive, and most of the animals in the walking areas looked hot, sick, and just ill in general.

Jennifer Y

Very fun place for kids even adults. Love seeing birds and feeding animals.

Britt Boo

Awful place. Safari in natural bridge is 5 times better

Angela Marcella

Great for a family day trip. Very inexpensive, staff was accommodating and professional. Animals were happy and we'll taken care of. The only suggestion I would make is to have a cooling area for guests, like water misting from over head and a place to refill your reusable water cup.

Pablo Buendia

You can feed a giraffe. The thing's head is huge, like a horse that ate another horse. The giraffe is behind a tall fence but it can reach down with its long neck and even little kids can feed it. It is super gentle, grabs food using its long tongue instead of teeth. They also have a giant cage full of budgies. You can get popsicle sticks with bird food stuck to them and go in the cage, so the birds land on the sticks you are holding. The bus safari part is cool too, you can feed llamas, gigantic horn cows, maybe a buffalo, and some emus.

Lydia Deere

Lots of fun for kids. Animals you could pet and feed. The safari was fun and the animals came up close. Definitely a fun and affordable option for close to the city.

Akeila Wallace

Ok so this place is good for you s kids probably like under ten great for kids like 2-7 I’ll start off with the good things about this place, it’s really find for the kids the cane ride is great ! I loved the bird enclosure that was amazing, and feeding the goats and rams was also fun, they also have lemurs behind a cage, they have some outdoor birds not enclosed but they don’t fly out not sure why maybe they clipped the feathers? And a big porcupine lol. My kids also enjoyed feeding the giraffe! And they have plenty of picnic tables outside so bring your own food and drink or we ordered delivery from a place nearby

Kalule Martin Mugabi

Good walk around for the kids. Real fun feeding the animals.

lucia Argueta

My family loved this place. Kids enjoyed seeing all the animals and be able to feed some of them. We will definitely go back. Even though the place closes at 5pm the Camel ride stops at 4 sadly.


A very good place to bring young children. Lots of different types of animals, who are used to being fed, not so much petted. There is also a very short and bumpy bus ride that takes you around the bigger animals. There are also several rare animals here. The bird atrium was probably the highlight. Plan to spend about 1.5-2 hours. The price is a bit steep, but it probably costs a lot to feed and take care of all the animals, and when we went, there were very few people there, which made it nice with no crowds or lines and gave us the ability to see all the animals at the fence immediately when we went to each area.

Bobby Guliani

Incredible fun for kids of all ages :)

Luke Yaseen

I absolutely loved coming here. There are so many beautiful animals including camels, goats, kangaroos, birds, lambs, cows, and so so many more. I was able to feed them carrots, lettuce, and milk. They were extremely soft and cute. There’s even a tour bus that goes around the safari. Camel rides are offered too. It’s an amazing price too. You can bring your family, friends, dates, and children here. You’ll love it and they will as well. Five stars for sure.

Donna Hines

We had a great time. My daughter was able to feed most of the animals and little bird habitat was amazing. The mud everywhere wasn't so pleasant but didn't sink

Jamil Ahmad

Basic zoo safari for kids. Nothing very special, but a good starting experience for toddlerz


All I can say is I left today saddened by the state of the cheetahs and the single giraffe situations. The beautiful giraffe was all the way in a small enclosure with no damn grass at his feet. As a social animal he is left there to be in isolation all day, every day. How can they honestly feel this is ok? Why can’t they send the giraffe to a sanctuary so he has an opportunity to have ample space and be around other giraffes around especially for such social creatures. The cheetahs are the fastest cats in the world and there they are in a enclosure that way too small. I don’t think it’s a good sign If they endlessly walk around the enclosure in what appears to be anxiety or a need for space and stimulation. I can say more about the rest of the animals but I just truly hope that something is done or changed soon because this is atrocious. Animals should not live this way.

Prashanth Srikanthan

Great place for kids to pet animals.

Kathrine Thoen

We had a great day here with our 3 yo! Our favorite was the aviary :)

Shauntae Cyrille

Can't wait to go back. Great place for family, especially the kids. My son and niece had a ball. Worth the drive. The food for the animals can be pretty pricey. The animals come right up to the tour bus, you can feed and pat them. Best zoo I ever been too.

Melissa Alfano

Cute place that is great for small children. I would recommend getting an annual pass if you plan on going often, which keeps the per visit price lower.


It's pretty good for what it is. Lots of goats, some sheep, 1 giraffe, birds, monkeys, and a ride on a bus to see some donkeys, an emu, and some zebras.

Heather Nikiforakis

Love this place!! Did a private tour of the zoo on a day it was closed and it was amazing! Definitely worth it. Got to feed all of the animals. The curator was very friendly and knowledgeable. We did a private encounter with Priscilla the sloth and she ate apples from us. Al of the animals are well loved and well cared for. Can’t wait to go back!

Hans Newton

Nice place to take the kids. Lots of goats and barn animals. Some exotic animals to. Fairly clean but be prepared for Port-o-potties.

Joyce Nuttall

Fine for smaller children. Not as organized as you'd like.

BrixZ Gorilla

Great place for kids hands on staff

Sommer Grasty

Very nice local zoo. Reasonably priced and very family friendly.

John Foltz

A great place to take the family. Our kids got a kick out of feeding some of the animals. Feeding the baby goats was fun. My family really enjoyed feeding the fully grown Giraffe that they have. His name is Waffles. We also loved going into the Budgie ( Parakeet ) aviary. The birds will swarm you and land on you. It's pretty awesome. I had one that loved me and just stayed on me the entire time kissing my face. You can find many types of animals on the property. If you want to go on a low budget, you really can skip buying the food to feed the animals because they will come RIGHT up to you anyway so you can pet them. Except Mr. Waffles. He wants you to pay to play. If you have the extra money, support the business, buy the food and give it to a random stranger. I can not comment on the bus tour because we decided to skip it. It was 95 the grease outside and we were all wooped. Enjoy.

James Fowler

a must go in life staff and animals friendly awesome

Jen Y

Very kid friendly! Went on a Monday and there were treats and milk you could feed the animals. Baby goats were adorable!

Kara Hunter

Absolutely wonderful zoo. You're able to get up close with the animals. We have been visiting the DC area this week and this is possibly one of my absolute favorite things the entire trip. If I am ever back up this way I will definitely be coming back to the zoo! All staff were friendly and all the animals seemed happy and healthy. I highly recommend it. The 11 hour drive from KY to here was extremely worth it if for nothing but to feed and have selfies with Mr. Waffles!

Madhu Kalepu

Quality mini zoo to spend time with kids. Bird feeding,

Aleah Sarlabous Norris

Very nice little homie place! Kids loved it!

Chc G

Cute zoo with tons of animal. You can feed most of them so that's a plus. The only thing is the bus ride is kind of short and you only get to see each type of animal once but if you are there more most of the day, then you can go on it twice. I had a lot of fun.

Fran I

We absolutely loved this! It was a gem in such a non-tourist area and SO rare to find. You can get super close to the animals and feed them! It has animals you would’ve never thought of seeing on a weekday while going on an adventurous day! A little pricey but I understand all the upkeep it must required. We got a good deal on Travelzoo or something similar.

su mon

This is a small and very beautiful place especially for kids you can go round the whole place as its not that big so it wont be tiring at can feed the animals carrots

Rashida McCoy

Fun cute little zoo. Took a 6 month, 4 & 5 year old. They had a great time. Definitely worth it to purchase the food for animals

Hannah K

It's nice for little kids to be able to feed some animals and the size of the zoo is definitely much more manageable compared to the national zoo BUT I felt like some of the animals did not belong there. The giraffe especially needs better habitat and some giraffe friends. Other larger animals like cheetahs and buffalos and more were the same way. I would take my child to Frying Pan Farm for farm animals until conditions improve for animals at Roer's Zoofari.

Rodney Hall

I like this place and my niece 2 thumbs up

Robert Pierce

It was fun and enjoyable. The safari seemed to take a longer due to the people who paid to jump the line.

Kenny Gregory

Wish the tours used 2 buses. It was breezy and the next tour took was an hour later, but there was enough to fill another bus last weekend. We skipped it fed some animals and left without getting to experience the bus ride with my 4 year old...Still really Kool place she still had a blast!

James Wood

Had a great time with the family! We fed so many animals. I also got some cute pictures to have for future family entertainment, haha.

Felipe vasquez

It was an amazing experience. I recommend everyone to go with or without their kids. They truly care about the animals and are very knowledgeable. Go see Wil Canton and do the

Sean Malhotra

Loved their safari tour in the bus. It's a small charming place with cute animals. My daughter really enjoyed it.

hi !

The animals there are sooooooo cute and i got to ride a camel for the first time!!

Miriam Doll

Kids loved it. It has more shade than it did a few years ago, but they should really have water fountains. It can get so very hot and the kids, and parents, will have a melt down! They have a good variety of animals to see. I wish they would change the fence for the giraffe. The poor thing smashes it's neck in trying to reach the food people are handing it. It cannot reach the hands of kids who are standing on the ground

Shiloh Enriquez

Had a great time with my family. My only complaint is they could be better organized with ticket and animal good sails. I think that part could be faster and more efficient. That said any child from little till teen or kid at heart will enjoy it. Strangely feeding those little birds is one of the most enjoyable activities for many. The staff is very knowledgeable as well.

Krystal Morton

Loved it.. Well maintained. Clean animals clean habits..

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