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REVIEWS OF Peninsula SPCA IN Virginia

Kay Kay

The brown haired lady walking around was so rude. Was looking to adopt but she assumed we weren’t so wouldn’t let us interact with the animal when the other worker said it was ok. Will be going to the other peninsula spca

Joanne Tolson

Online this looks like it might be an indoor place so I brought my niece and they were closed due to rain. They were very kind and let us play with the cats so it turned out good. Will be back next time I visit!

Donna Templeton

Looking for a cat to adopt...surprised about the adoption fee

Adrian Manu

People should stop donating to this group till they decide to let Shadow go.

Deanna E.

Went to the petting zoo.I like it. Used to love it. Their aren't very many animals.Actually only goats and a Llama walk freely among you. I'm torn between being upset and being glad that they aren't being held captive. My 3yr old still enjoyed herself so that's all that really matters. 6 bucks 2 adults and my child. Inexpensive!

Gloria Moore

Great service to community to ensure pets are current on their shots with a Thursday Clinic.

van wright

The place is great. I enjoyed myself. I think its for for teens and adults. My kids was scared because the goats are kinds aggressive. They dont bite but they will jump on you. Or try to hit each other for the food.

Kayla Baines

I really enjoy visiting the spca to see the animals. I adopted my cat Max from them and I love him so much . The cat room staff is amazing and friendly always ready to help you pick the perfect pet.

linda jones

The employees were very kind to us. Very helpful and understanding.

Cindy Lou Hoo

Staff is sweet (not so much the volunteers) but they treat the animals well

Corey Rodriguez

Always have new pets. Good prices. Caring staff

Ty Carson

The petting zoo was amazing, and the animals were very nice even the birds which was surprising to me. I loved the alpacas and the mules. The pigmy goets were very nice as well.

Patric Carpenter

I love their petting zoo but the treatment of the panther is appalling. Anyone can tell that the big cat has a terrible life. Very sad.

Connie Sexton

I happen to be a good friend of Precious the Cockatoo! Loving and caring staff with the best interest of animals at heart.

Amy Neumayer

This organization is not working to fulfill its mission of "advocating for the humane treatment of all animals in our community." It holds wild animals in concrete enclosures, operates a petting zoo, and promotes the eating of meat at its fundraisers. Please donate to another organization that is truly dedicated to helping animals.

Robert Zollicoffer

We walked in the lobby and simply asked if the petting zoo was open. The man at the desk was very rude and did not at all seem to care, and his response was condescending. His attitude was disheartening and resolidfies how much this place has changed since I was a kid. I've been here on mulitple occasions at different times and it is always closed. There doesn't seem to be an order to when the petting zoo is open or not.

Paul Trujillo

How cool is this place? Why a wonderful concept and we even met the photo bombing llama.

Kathleen Joyce

Mrs. Woodshop and Outdoors

Not many animals but still enjoyable for the price


Lovely people with their hearts in the right place. Also there's dogs here.


This is a place where a grown up can be a kid

Thomas A

Donate and rescue a animal

martha bechtel

We adopted a dog here and since it is a no kill shelter that doesn't take strays (and more expensive than the Regional Animal Shelter) I assumed they did behavioral testing. ...Nope! They do zero checks and only gave us a 45min hold (normally only 30) to go get our own aminals to test with. Which we did outside by the bench. They seemed much more interested in getting our money than they did on how the dog would do in the new home! The dog is great so far, but I will be sticking to rescue groups or the Regional Shelter for any future adoptions.

Trish Happel

I love animals...

Ice man3024

Lucille Etheridge

Need more puppies

James H Tolbert Jr.

Great staff very caring for you and your pet's

Holly White

Mrs. Reid

The man at the front desk was very rude! I spoke to him and ask to go to the kennels he puffed air and was very rude so I politely told him he was rude and went to the kennels is sad when your staff is rude.

Greeneye dreamer

Someone said stop donating til Shadow goes? You do realize the money goes to feeding and caring for all the animals there..

cam dog

Cute dogs taken care of and cats

Joy Bourhill

They do such good work. I donated a bunch of stuff. But they always need help.

Sherira Simons


Robert Wardrett


Philip Colangelo

No kill shelter

Jim Hicks

Nice people! limited facility. Not many animals

Jamie Firth

Went to see the dogs and was very disappointed there were only 4 dogs to look at. Very disappointed.

Kathy Mial

For 17 years, this so-called Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has kept a black leopard isolated in a concrete and chain-link cage. Shadow is their trophy wild animal on display for all to see for a small fee and to the obvious detriment to his health. He is the fattest black leopard I have ever seen as evidenced on the video they have posted on their Facebook page. This is obviously due to the lack of exercise afforded by the small size of the enclosure. Black leopards should be housed on enclosed land that can offer the appropriate free roaming experience with enough physical and mental exercise to promote optimum health. Shadow has been offered a retirement home at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado - an offer that includes costs and transportation and would be a perfect placement for him. However, the Peninsula SPCA has incredibly declined their offer. Anyone with even the smallest modicum of compassion for a living, wild being would choose an enclosed open land area more closely resembling their natural habitat over a small cement and steel fenced cage. So, just what the heck is wrong with these people???? Shadow has done their bidding for the last 17 years of his life. Isn't that enough? Let him live out the rest of his years knowing what it's like to be a wild cat in his own natural environment.

Justin Chamberlain

In response to the guy crying over the $15 one time fee for volunteering get over yourself. If you can't afford $15 (which basically goes towards a volunteer t shirt) then maybe you should'nt be volunteering. $15 to help homeless animals is nothing. That's one meal for two at Taco Bell. Not something to give this place such a scathing review. This place is nice and they treat there animals well and desperately need the help. Call or visit them in person and see for yourself, my wife and I just attended our volunteer orientation and will certainly be back!


Need renovations. The only people who offered to speak to me were the volunteers, not the staff.

Tommy Cole


Clean and very friendly and the animals appear happy and in good care too.

Nicole Schlau

What a great idea. We visited to check out the petting zoo. There's goats, chickens, bunnies, alpacas, and parakeets. You can buy bird sticks or containers of food for the other animals for $1 each. The birds will land right on you if you have a bird stick (but will fly away if you try to pet them). The bunnies were probably the friendliest. They do a lot of work to keep the goats separated into a sort of harmony. The chickens are untouchable - haha! Animals and pens are so clean and the bunnies are soooo soft!!! Staff is really nice as well.

Ashley Burdick

We recently adopted a pup from here. The staff is very attentive, super helpful in starting your process with your new fur baby off smoothly, and you can tell the animals are cared for well while here.

Erika Byers

Great place

Lu Van Vic

You are supposed to be a humane, compassionate organization that helps its animals and you decided to do the opposite for Shadow. Shame on you. Will not support your organization any longer.

diana rogers

Adopted a

calm Child

This place is so very well kept up and the people are very very kind! It's just very sad because most of the dogs there are some form of pitbull or pitbull mix and nobody wants them no matter what they tell you nobody really wants them and they've been giving away for a reason! Yuck!

Katie W.

I want all the animals! It’s always clean and the animals seem well taken care of.


Friendly staff clinic has cheaper prices on shots than normal vet office.

ayana glover

I adopted by kitty Bob from here. He was in amazing health and they set us up for the best and easiest transition. Not only was he already fixed and had his shots, but they also gave us a lot of free coupons to help get us started. He was chipped and already litter trained at a young age. They really cared for the animals and we really appreciated that!

Venus Mangrum

barbara kehoe

A despicable, deplorable, inhumane place totally lacking human compassion and empathy for the animal kingdom. Had to rate it one star in order to post this, but it doesn't deserve that. #RIPShadow, #boycottPeninsulaSPCA.

E Goff

Please adopt

Christina Tayor

The staff was friendly yet my dog whom I adopted (best choice I ever made) was very sick when i got her home. She had multiple illnesses (urinary tract infection, upper respiratory infection, and kennel cough) that were not be treated at the spca. Luckily I adopted her when I did or she wouldve continued suffering. She was a puppy approximately 6 months old lab mix when I adopted her. She had no energy and was the only dog who didnt come up to the cage to greet me and my son. Looking back on the experience the shelter should of known a puppy with no energy just laying on her blanket was sick. Makes me mad. Shes full of energy and healthy now. I love her with all my heart. Shes spoiled rotten in a warm loving home. :-)

Bill Willoughby

Not much of a choice. Looking for a lap dog. Lots of pits.

Patricia Viot

Everything, the staff was awesome. I got the most wonderful best friend that I can't live without.

melissa pierson

Great place to find a furbaby

Dori Breisch

Clean and nice. Great opportunity to show kids different animals up close and personal!

Rachel Humphrey

Very nice shelter

Douglas Ray

Needs some upkeep, but nice no kill shelter. Come in and help the animals.

Chris Bates

Botched neutering. But cheap. Get what you pay for

Kristen Lord Beggs

Very clean, nice staff who cares about the animals.

Kimi Stevens

We have adopted.. have been adopted by all three of our fur family members through the Peninsula SPCA. Today, we bring home our third, a 7 mo. old German Shepherd/Plott Hound mix. He was rescued from Ga., along with all of his emaciated brothers and sisters, some of whom were too thin to be spayed or neutered until fostered to health. Our 5 year old German Shepherd was a court ordered rescue we found here 2 years ago, and our cat was emancipated from a "crazy cat lady"'s house in 2010. They were all scared, but the staff at the Peninsula SPCA is caring and compassionate, from the Executive Director to the Volunteers, so the transition was a positive one for all. I can say with complete honesty that in our home, we have the most loving, goofy pack, ever. Thank you for what you do for animals and humans, alike. <3

David Kim

Rescue is the way to go and the SPCA makes sure the dog is adoption-ready. Save a life today!

Roxanne Gabel

Love the petting zoo!

Julio Cabrera Alvalle

I found Takai AKA Water Turkey near my house eating excrement. Do you guys want him? Cause I don't, and I think I should kill it.

Judie Fraser May


Jessica Clark

You cant beat the minimal fee for a petting zoo. Cheap fun and the kids always enjoy it. I really miss the otter they had though.

Lillian Linthicum

They have awful customer service and truly no help.

Sarah Gibson

Wonderful facility and staff! The letting zoo is great for kids.

Cheryl Kelley

The vet is very professional and good with my dog. I would recommend them to friends and family.

the 3 seals

Cute animals and great petting zoo.


Very clean but help wasn't at all helpful.

Martha Bennett

My newest addition Mr Thomas O'Malley

Kimberly Hatt

People are really nice

Cheri Juergens

Fun place for kids to visit. Petting zoo is a great idea to raise money for shelter

d1xbatmanx1k wayne

Animals look malnourished and unattended. Staff pricres animals on age and breed. Even though its a non-profit orginization looking to put animals in homes. When it seems they want to make a sellers profit. And get rid of the bad ones for cheap to make room for higher selling animal's.

Derek Walls

Shell of it's former self. The petting zoo was disappointing.

Deanna Salmon


Latonya Perkins

Some staff was unpleasant no animals

Sarah Shorey

I've been looking for a puppy. Bathroom was nice and clean.

Ryan Duffy

I am impressed with this no kill shelter from what I have seen. We haven't adopted from here, but did need to use the vet services. My dog misbehaved and the vets were patient. It seems they adopt out animals quickly. I hope they have a good screening in place for potential adopters. We also enjoy the petting zoo and my children plan to participate in some of the offered classes.

Darleen Williams

I love the customer service and the assistance given when you need it. The welcome soon as u walk through the door. All stars for SPCA...staff...pets and cleanseness

Laura Britt

Adopted our senior dog from them. Staff was wonderful and you could tell their animals were cared for.

Armand Acrie

Great staff and really great with the pets

Lindsay Williams

Gian Rivera

Great for kids

Kymecia Flora

VERY VERY VERY rude staff. I have never in my life came across such nasty people. My family and I visited this shelter today and found a dog we were interested in . There was an older woman who let us interact with him and she was very helpful! However when we made our way to the cat room a young staff member told us we were not allowed to touch any of the cats unless we were absolutely going to adopt which made no sense because how would we even know if we liked the cat if we can't interact with him/her. After that we left. However my husband and I decided we wanted to adopt the dog we had seen (Thor), so I called back to inquire about his breed . The man who answered the phone had an attitude from hell. Idk who pissed him off but it's concerning that someone like that works with animals . I was asking the man if he could tell me what breed the dog was besides pitbull because on his papers on the cage it stated TWO other breeds . He continued to argue with me stating the dog is a pitbull and he doesn't know what else and basically doesn't care . My issue is if in fact the dog was only ONE breed then that should have been listed on his papers . If you guys are unsure of breed then you should not list anything at all to prevent further arguments with this rude ass man. Because of the unprofessional manner of your staff I will never spend a penny in this establishment! If they treat people like this who knows how they treat the animals .

Julia Cetrulo

We adopted our kitten Leo from there. Did the fostering program till he was fixed, and they took care of all his medical. They are great when it comes to adoptions.

Jessica Proctor

Very helpful

Heather Lester

This is a cute little place to bring the kiddos. The alpacas are awesome.

Jodi Kuhn

Lots of adoptable sweetie's, just not to many lap dogs. I will go again soon.

Bernadette Ferriter

Let Shadow go and live a decent life. What a rotten Board of Directors this place has!

Ken Buchanan

The staff did a great job with our dog when she was spayed. Thanks!

Leah Wolsh

Wonderful staff. We found the most amazing dog for our family and they were totally cool with a screaming 11 month old while filling out paperwork. We're so happy with our experience.

Lamonty Lewis

No problem

k valentine

Shame on this organization, letting this beautiful panther live in a cage his whole life! He was miserable and overweight, due to living in a small space. You need to change your business name. Prevention of cruelty to animals doesn't fit your actions. DO BETTER!!!

Savannah Racquet

Very nice facility! Was do nice to see that not all the cages are full! So clean and staff is super friendly!!

Jay Jasmyn

The adoption process was smooth and easy. The staff answered all the questions we had. Lola was returned twice to this center. She was such a scared pup who suffers from major anxiety and there were signs of abuse from previous owners. Now she is spoiled beyond means and her personality is really starting to show.

Joseph Gary


Linda Walker

They was very friendly and very nice

Emily Schneider

The staff is incredibly helpful, and you can tell they truly care for and about the animals they shelter. Very affordable, and a great cause.

Shuwanda Santiful

My family and I usually adopt our pets via Peninsula Pet Shelter, but we decided to check out the Peninsula SPCA. There were literally 2 grown cats and a handful of large dogs and majority of them were on hold for someone

michele nix

Great pricing on pet's vaccines! Must make appointment via the SPCA CLINIC website. Very easy.

Catherine Vance

We love the petting zoo and always enjoy seeing the dogs/pups up for adoption. Inviting friendly staff and clean facility.. we try to come in when ever possible

Willy Stylz

Let that black panther retire. Keeping him caged shame on you people.

Angela Maxwell

Best Education Department ever.

Egyptian Mau

I adopted my cat from there 9 years ago. Wonderful experience. I always stop to bring donations. Always great.


We adopted a puppy here back in November 2015 and had an awesome experience! Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. We adore our dog. We decided we'd like to adopt another cat, so we returned last week to the shelter to check out all of the kitties. TOTALLY different story in the cat room. The woman was down right RUDE. I completely understand why you can't go from cage to cage petting each cat and risk spreading any possible diseases. So we didn't of course. The woman watched us like a hawk, and when another couple inquired about seeing two kittens that were in a cage together, her response to them was " Well, are you sure you're really interested in adopting?" The couple didn't really know how to react and just walked out. She seemed to act as though all of the cats belonged to her and she didn't want any of them to be adopted out. It was a very weird and uncomfortable experience. I can't imagine her being helpful in an adoption with the "your not good enough to even look at MY cats" attitude she had. We left without inquiring about the cat who we were really interested (Sanchez was his name) in in hopes of returning on a day she's not there. Wish it was a better experience like the great one we had when we adopted our puppy. Sad.

Jacob Oestreich

no mo boots97

Rude staff. Scared of the animals. Nails on one lady too long.


i went there to look at dogs today, i like that the facility was clean, and they answered my questions the best way they knew how, but some of the breeds there for the dogs were a little off, i wish there was more breed variety.

Ray E

Super friendly environment. Will definitely volunteer here more

Sonia Rodriguez

Horrible place. Kept a beautiful WILD leopard caged until his death. RIP Shadow.

Richard's World

I was looking to volunteer some spare time to a local SPCA. I had fun volunteering a few times when I was in the Navy, but somewhere else. I looked at the website of the particular SPCA and noticed you need to volunteer a minimum of 4 hours per month for 3 months. OK, I can understand this, they don't want to waste their time to show you what you need to know then you never come back. Then they go on to talk about training. OK, that makes sense, you don't want people getting hurt and you don't want to injure the animals. But they make it seems like you will be lucky if your application is approved. They don't seem so appreciative. It could just be the webmaster not being good with words. Now what I don't understand is you have to pay them to volunteer. I can understand you don't get paid anything, and you have to do dirty work like clean poop or something, but having to pay to volunteer is ridiculous. When I was in the Navy, I just retired after 20 years, there was always a big list of volunteer opportunities, and we many times we got something like a free T-shirt to wear during our volunteer work, or free tickets to see a museum if you were volunteering there, or a free lunch during your break from volunteering, or usually at least free bottled water. OK, so no freebies here. No problem, it is called volunteering. On their website they give a small discount to military volunteers. Wow, really? So U.S. military members want to volunteer to do some work at an SPCA and they have to pay you? This is RIDICULOUS? Hopefully this isn't a Virginia SPCA thing. If I find an SPCA that isn't too far and wants me to volunteer for FREE. I would be happy to do so. At least let active duty military members volunteer for free. The Hampton Roads area appreciates the military members don't they? We know they Hampton Roads area would be "just fine" if all of the military bases around here closed up, right? Absolutely pathetic!

Jena Crow

I got my best friend from there in June 2010, one of the best decisions I have ever made. She hasn't left my side since the day we brought her home! Thank you for taking in and allowing us to adopt this dog. We are forever grateful!!

steven tynes

It's a very very clean facility it also have some great excellent workers who care about the animals and they keep a large selection of animals. It's my number one go-to place to find any type of animal that me and my wife is looking for I love that place and I hope it stay around for a long time

rhinda piggee

This Spca is's clean the staff shows the forever pets such love and care and empathy very much seen and felt in the atmosphere..while we were there pets were going to their forever homes

Prina Wallace

Everyone was very nice.

Darby Fertitta

Evan Monroe

This is a no kill shelter meaning that all the animals brought here eventually find homes. The start are dedicated to the animals and love their work. There focus is to create an environment where the animals feel secure and safe. Would recommend going to see there pocket pets, dogs, and cats!

Sami Sankey

Had a wondeful experience. Goats are a little jumpy but the bunnies and birds made up for it for my toddler. If you love animals go here! The fees for the petting zoo help the shelter!

Shari Byrd

Wanted to see dogs and puppies only. Price should be included. Price also. No farm animals.

Morgan Downey

Really great staff, well maintained facility and very healthy and happy animals. Highly recommend them when finding your next best friend!

Amanda Callaway

It's small but nice and only $1 my family did have a good time so it was worth it

Justin Emanuel

This place has changed since the last time I visited. Looks rundown.

Lynda Cass

We went to let toddlers pet the animals but the goats were huge and very pushy. The bunnies were cute, but wouldn't let us pet them. The kids were scared of the birds. It was over priced for the place. The only saving grace was the fact that it helped the animals. I would NOT recommend.

Peitra Davis

Very accommodating. Answered all my questions. Made the surrendering process very easy

Jerlyn Allen

My granddaughter loves going there.

Kathleen Stull

Love my new Yorkie!!

Ana Berna

If I could give less than one star, I would. If these greedy and selfish people don't release Shadow, then I will no longer donate to the ASPCA. To quote another review: "For 17 years, this so-called Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has kept a black leopard isolated in a concrete and chain-link cage. Shadow is their trophy wild animal on display for all to see for a small fee and to the obvious detriment to his health." How can they prevent cruelty when they create it at their own facility?

Robert Brown

wonderful staff and atmosphere, everyone was so friendly and inviting.

Some Dude

We adopted both of our pets here, and we sometimes visit their petting zoo and make donations. Sometimes they let us take an animal into the play area even though we're not adopting at the moment. It's important for the animals to get out to play and socialize, so that's a win for everyone.

Anthony Montgomery

Nice facility. Clean and the animals are well cared for


Just took someone there

Bo Mulcahy

They have a really great education program for kids

Cheryl Clark

They took really good care of our cats. Surgery and follow up went well, and shots went smoothly too.

fawn williams

I took my daughter to the petting zoo here 2$ to get in 3 and under free. You can get a magazine about the area and it has kid free with adult purchase. Petting zoo opens at 11 am and closes at 4:30 pm. You can buy 1$ containers of food to feed the animals. My daughter had a blast running with the animals, petting, feeding and playing.

Eddie Hooks

If you need affordable petcare this is the place to go. All shots for 2 dogs for around $250. Thank You SPCA.

Kiley Rowan

Really nice and small petting zoo at the SPCA

James Edblom

Fun to hit up the petting zoo and help a great cause.

Michelle BGood18

I love this place and what they do. Please support your local spca

Jason Nichols

I got my three Chihuahuas their shots here. The vets were great. My dogs don't like many people and almost never right away but they loved these people from the very outset. They didn't even seen to notice the shots being administered. They were more interested in the stick with cheese whiz on it. The price was unbeatable, too.

Ivan Gardner

Great people here

Kevin Woods

Excellent staff and all of the animals seem well cared for. Be sure to say hello to the parrot! Petting zoo is worthwhile as well.

Briar Lee Mitchell

They have kept a Black Panther there for years, on CONCRETE in a creepy, small, chain link cage and charge people money to see this poor animal. They have had an offer to move the cat to a sanctuary where it can actually be on dirt and grass with acreage, but no, these fools are going to keep the cat. What kind of sick, disgusting SPCA is this???????

Ciara Vandenoever

Great experience, would love to adopt from here or work here.

Kim Star

A friend of mine was fired from volunteering because they found out that she had a mental disability

Cindy Riemersma

Clean, organized, well run and adoption is more affordable than most other shelters.

Myra Smith

The staff was friendly and the service was great. It was my first time there and I felt welcome.

winter Jenkins


Angela Douglas

Nice and clean.

Robert Carpenter

Great facility. Fun place for kids. Petting zoo is also on site in the rear of the building.

Amy Driscoll

Darline Stevens

Rochelle Able-Smith

Took my new puppy there for shots. They are very kind and gentle. Plus the shots are a good price.

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