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REVIEWS OF Metro Richmond Zoo IN Virginia

george lamb

What a wonderful experience. For a small zoo, this one packs a punch. Lions, tigers and bears....oh my. You are up close and personal. Animals look healthy and well cared for. Admission is reasonable.

Carrie Comfort

Had a blast at the Metro Zoo. I was blown away at variety of animals at this smaller zoo. The paths were wide and paved, so I could easily maneuver a stroller through the zoo. My daughter loved seeing the giraffes so close. My favorite were the rhinos. I only give the zoo four stars because some of the enclosures looked a little rickety and also like they could use a good cleaning. I hope all the animals are happy here and well treated. It seemed most of them were in good health.

Tiffany Mangigian

Awesome my kids had a blast! We got memberships! The staff was so friendly which makes the experience that much better! The girl that gave us the safari tour was awesome!

Gregory Stevens

Animals are awesome. Some of the glass could be replaced but all in all great for the kids.

Kayleigh Crandell

Great small community zoo! Perfect for the whole family.

Nikki Brown

This is a nice small zoo. Get there at opening to get a better chance in feeding the giraffes.

Barbara Foster

It was a very pleasant zoo. Animals are not shy there. Giraffes were very friendly. The tiger even comes right up to the glass. Zip lining is very expensive. So we did not do that. But occasionally you would see someone fly across the zoo on the zipper. They have a lift as well. The hill to get to the giraffes is very steep. Plenty of shade, and plenty of benches to take a break along the way. It was a nice time.

Heather Lawver

Very impressed with this zoo. We try and stop at all the zoos we can while on vacation. Very reasonable on admission tickets. Best part was the giraffes! You can feed them without having to pay extra.

nicole crowder

Love this zoo! Well kept and open. I love the surprises of finding new baby animals! The kids had a blast!

Amy Davis

Our school had 140+ people attend the field trip today to the zoo. Everything went smoothly and quick even after we arrived late. This was our second year and we will definitely be back next year! We had another great experience!

Chanise Wise

Love it! Especially the animal interactions! Would definitely recommend this for children and even adults who love animals

Johanna Conner

Wonderful family owned zoo. Wide variety of animals. Animals always seem well cared for. A little pricey in relation to size.

Jennifer Foerster

We have visited this zoo several times and have enjoyed each visit until today. The staff was so incredibly RUDE!!! I will never again recommend anyone visiting here because of how we were spoken to by the staff. We are not at all unreasonable people, but were treated so poorly. Very disappointing.

W. Soleil

Many great animals to discover. My son had a wonderful time exploring everything. Great place for the whole family to enjoy.

Stephen DuChemin

Great animals in decent environments, but not great to push a wheelchair around. Could use some asthetic work.

Katy Cooper

We loved the Metro Zoo! It was so interactive and the animals were up close. The kids loved feeding the giraffes, birds, camels, and warthogs. The animals all seemed healthy, happy, and well-cared for.

Colleen Cooper

I love visiting this zoo. You can hand feed the giraffes and see all kinds of beautiful wild animals.

Kelly DiCarlo

This zoo was surprising in that almost all of its animals were easily visible. Feeding the giraffes is fun. They also allow you to bring your own food and beverages and have two areas with tables to eat. The train ride and sky ride we're both pretty inexpensive at $3 each. My only complaint is they don't have much in the way of indoor exhibits so it can get hot without air conditioned breaks.

Chloe Wright

It was an amazing educational and fun experience, and it also a little funny because I saw to peacocks and a chicken cross the road! I'm not kidding!

Sheena Mann

Got to all different types of animals, and watch my son get so excited witch so many questions. I tried my best to answer all of his questions but when I was unable or unsure there was always someone close by that we could ask, and gratefully very informed and ready to answer his questions. I appreciate the amazing experience they made possible for us.

shrenik punamiya

Giraffe feeding and budgie feeding are incredible experiences. Dog and cheetah in the same cage are fun to watch.

wendy schmidt

We recently went and they have several new attractions. We really enjoyed our visit

Wendy Clark

We had the best time. I loved the animals, especially the birds in the aviary. We ordered a meal there and it took a really long time because we arrived when they first opened and not everyone was there yet. The food was good once we got it, prices were as expected. We loved the train and the sky lift. Using those helped us have a better direction at the park. I would definitely go again when i had more time. The animals were awesome!

Cameron Jessup

Such an amazing place to spend the day very clean all of the animals look healthy and happy the snacks and refreshments are reasonably priced it was an overall wonderful experience I would recommend this for people with families and who are single

Diane Sheets

Love the animals n the train ride. Grands had a great time

Joan Kienlen

We learned to call ahead to ask if there were grammar school field trips scheduled. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. It is the first zoo we have been to that was privately owned. Our previous experiences have been in major metropolitan cities.i was left with the feeling that it is underfunded. They seem to be trying hard to provide a good life for the animals but I just came away kind of sad.

Rose H

Zip lining over the zoo is awesome! The employees are ver helpful and friendly..

gerald fortin

Brought our granddaughter and she had a wonderful time with the animals. Enjoyed the ducks and the giraffes. Fed the goats and camels. Great place for families.

Mitzi Council

This is a pretty good little zoo. They have a great variety of animals even though it's a bit small. The landscaping and walking paths can definitely use some work but my grandkids didn't seem to mind at all

Michele Lisbon

We had such a great time! My son has a gold membership he received as a birthday gift. He loves the unlimited rides and we love the discount on purchases. Next season we will be getting ourselves a membership because it's just a better deal. We all had a great experience and can't wait to come back!

Sadagopan Govindan

Excellent animal arrangements, Children will enjoy the animal movements without any fear. Children can feed some of animals. Very nice experience for them. We can spend a joyful day here with our family members. Excellent collection of animals & well maintained. I am on vacation from Chennai, India & enjoyed here with my grandson.

Wendi Erickson

The Zoo has become huge! Lived here almost 20 yrs. It has continued to grow. They have a Skyline and a safari train for those of you who need a rest from the Walking like I did. The best part is their breeding program 4 endangered species. This is one of the best reasons to support the Richmond Metro Zoo. They are internationally known for their efforts in helping endangered species. Another wonderful thing is every year the three days before Christmas they have an Interfaith program called The Miracle of Christmas. This is one of The Best Christmas Pageant I have ever seen. And people from all different organizations are invited to perform in between shows. There is also hot chocolate and donuts for sale and the proceeds go to various charities in the community. There is a different one every year. If you have children this is a must! Good way to support or introduce the scriptural reasons for celebrating Christmas. But old and young alike this is a beautiful opportunity to celebrate the true reason for the season. All around the Metro Richmond Zoo is one of the gems here in the Richmond area.

Christopher Rowell

Very nice. Lots of parking.lotd of animals. Recommended during spring or fall. Gets pretty hot out there

Pauline Felder

Bird Aviary is really nice you can feed the birds nice place to take the kids to they have ALOT of animals

Richard Cuthbert

Awesome zoo. Underrated. Great variety of animals and the opportunity to get up close and personal with many of them.


Great exhibits. Animals up close. Easy for little kids to see. Smaller in size but that makes it manageable to see and do everything. Kids ages 2-8 all loved it.

Joseph Seifert

I took my students here on a field trip. The kids had a blast and the staff was very helpful and friendly. The animals were unique with very good descriptions.

George Martin

Although some say the entrance fee is high, I realize that it is worth it to maintain the zoo. The wide variety of animals and the layout of the paths are excellent. Any family visiting the area should experience the zoo for the benefit of children especially.

Teresa Fisher

My family enjoyed themselves. I took over 80 pictures. The sky ride let's you enjoy the animals from a birds eye view. All animals were healthy and well taken care of. We plan on going back in the fall. I would recommend everyone go and make memories.

Andrey Kolomiytsev

Surprisingly amazing - minus the heat. This is probably the only zoo that I went to where the animals were all up and walking around, moving and playing - made the whole experience so much better. They also have a bird's eye view ride - awsome- if you go highly recommend it!

Melissa Thurston

Our students had a fantastic time at the Metro Richmond Zoo. We attended a short educational program that kept the students engaged and interested. Of course, the kids just love all the animals. We will definitely schedule another field trip here!

R. Drumgold

Loved the treetop zipline experience. Though challenging for my my mother and nieces to complete, enjoyed the challenge. Balance challenges in the air are not for the faint of heart though. Love the free roaming zoo animals and views from the trees.

Dylan Miller

Honestly, kind of depressing to me. Most of the habitats looked pretty sad and dirty. Maybe I’m just ignorant though. Our fav was definitely the zebras, giraffes and turtles.

Carla M. Acosta

Great day to come for a visit, it wasn't too crowded. The animals were very active and fun to watch. The parking and food were amazing as well.

Crystal O. Aveson

Thank you so much to the staff for allowing us to use the phone and patiently dialing and waiting with us, while a student was sick. Thank you for allowing some of the children to come into the office to wait with the teacher. Thank you for providing this wonderful adventure for children. Could you possibly send a confirmation after receiving the Express Check-In, with the total money amount due? Just so no errors are made with the total paid. Thank you so much!

Wayne Kingston

See several projects being work on for the animal exhibits. Bought a yearly pass when I got there and pleased that I did.

Victoria Plumley

They have a wonderful selection of animals and the zoo is the perfect size for a day trip without being too exhausted by the end.

david will

Wonderful zoo that is very accessible . Most of the animals are up close and personal.

Kelsie Myers

Today we took a group of 60+ students with disabilities to the zoo. The staff was more than accommodating. They provided us with a clean and air conditioned space for student restroom needs. They were welcoming and sweet. The students had an amazing time, and we will definitely be back!

Sarah Johnson

Took my kids to this today. Was definitely worth the drive. All the animals looked well taken care of. Friendly people working there also! Highly recommend visiting this zoo.

Mark Waitkus

I haven't been for 2-3years. They made lots of upgrades, tons more to see. Lots of fun, even for a 40ish yr old guy.

Mike Walton

Great place to take kids. Surprisingly reasonable prices too. You certainly recommended!

Shelly Hockett

We love this zoo! There are TONS of animals and lots to do! We could spend the whole day here!

Chris Meade

Great family owned zoo. Tons more animals than you would expect. Bring a picnic lunch and drinks. Get there early because the line gets long and parking fills up on nice days. Even when busy, it doesn't feel too crowded inside. It's worth paying for giraffe food. So much fun to have them eat out of your hands.

Jason Ciaschi

Decent zoo. If you have never been anywhere else; t is a good experience. However, if you have been to other zoo's don't plant to be overly impressed. Most the cages have overgrown weeds and the overall facility is in need of a good cleaning and repair. Many of the paths are cracking or tree roots are pushing up on them. Overall for the price it is a good value, just don't plan on being impressed. Little kids will love the animals.

Robert Potter

Fairly large collection of animals on exhibit, and some unique experiences like being able to hand-feed giraffes. Most enclosures are bare bones, and some are just bare soil. The tram tour is excellent - some animals nearly come within arms length of the tram.


Great place! Lots of fun and amazing activities. I love feeding the giraffes and parakeets. Definetley worth the visit and money spent.

Stephanie Hainer

Fantastic! Be sure to take the train ride. Very clean. Great assortment of animals and reptiles.

Isaac Brown

While a bit pricey, you are right there next to the animals. They have a surprising number of animals too. My kids prefer it to the national zoo and it's easy to see why.

Steve Garrett

The animals were awesome- healthy and well kept. But their habitats were mostly very small. That's great for people to see them, but stressful on the animals. The bear was pacing, the snow leopard was as well. They seemed agitated I think. Some of the monkey enclosures were very tiny- and it's not like they get moved in the evening either. They live their lives in a few square feet. So great to visit but maybe we can donate a little more to help them improve the habitats? we

Joseph Vaccaro

Enjoyed the zoo. Was pleasantly surprised it was worth the drive and definitely better than the National Zoo in DC.

Tanisha Smith

Such a relaxed place to visit. I know I will never visit again. I moved away. If you get a chance go to this Zoo such great fun.

Sabari Karthik Saravanan

Aviary is always the best place in this zoo.. love these birds. !!

Matthew Duhon

My first visit here years ago had left me unimpressed and a little sad at how small the habitats were. They've expanded and the place is much bigger and nicer though I still think some of the habitats could be bigger. Not much in the way of rides or other attractions but a very good zoo for a not so big city like RVA. My kids had a great time feeding animals and my 4 year old loved the small kids play area.

Joy Stinnett

The animals are exotic and seem to have plenty of room to move around. I love how they make the animals more visible to guests.

Dennis Markham

Nice little zoo. The kids really enjoyed it.

Mike Colicchio

So lucky to have this close to the city. Tons to look at and the kids had a blast.

Jon Day

I took a camp group there for a field trip. Overall the zoo was a perfect field trip. The kids got a kick out of feeding the giraffes and other animals. My concern was with the condition of most if not all the animal habitats. They all looked dirty like no one has really cleaned them in awhile. If there was water in the habitat it was pretty dirty. Hopefully this was an off day, but it definitely hurt my views of the zoo.

Jeston Perryman

Pretty cool zoo. Probably better in the height of the season though. Also, concessions could use a lot of work. I suggest you do the zipline challenge and bring quarters for animal feed.

Danielle Johnson

Small but interesting and diverse zoo. Definitely recommend. Great for small children. Don't miss the train ride as there are certain animals that can only be viewed that way.

Christopher Brady

This zoo is constantly getting better! Check out their new exhibits like the pygmy hippos!

Patrick Dugan

A really great zipline course. A good amount of animals. Things look like they are in a state of construction in many locations that convey an overwhelmed facility. So while expensive to do it all there I hope it goes to good use. Really friendly staff as well.

Zachary Alam

I had a fun time here at the Metro Richmond Zoo. There are a few things for the kids to do here at the Zoo. Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot to do here in her real. Of course I don’t expect this as Richmond isn’t as big as, say Washington D.C., where there are way more people living under one jurisdiction. I hope to see it expand in the future, other than that it was overall a great experience! I would recommend visiting here if you haven’t already.

Leslie Lafoon

I fed flamingos ducks turtles koi goats emus giraffes deer camels parakeets and more!!! With my hand! Not all but most! The animals are so sweet and gentle! There are parrots and peacocks just outside walking around. Will definitely go again!

Svensk Blonske

Always enjoy visiting the metro Richmond Zoo. This was my first time going with a school group and it went pretty smoothly.

Rebecca Kish

Very fun. Feeding the giraffes was the highlight of our trip. Really need to provide an area for people to cool off and water fountains though. This would have made me feel like the money was worth it.if yoou want more of a learning experience I would suggest the National zoo in DC but great for younger kids!

J Mo

I expected a lot less. I was very impressed with our hidden gem. I have lived in Richmond 20+ years and planned to visit the zoo for years. I am so glad I finally took out time to enjoy this awesome location. DC zoo has nothing on our zoo. Please visit, you will not be disappointed.

Meera Skarthik

tree zoofari is the best. closest zoo to Richmond. Tree zoofari had many levels that are very good to go with young kids. good staff.

Ayanna B.

My family and I had an excellent time visiting this zoo! The parking was open and free. They had many popular animals such as penguins, lions, giraffes, rhinos, and tigers. Their reptile section displayed many different snakes that I hadn't seen at other zoo's. Overall I would recommend to visit this zoo if you're in the area.

Mike Godwin

Been in Richmond for 6 years... and never knew we had a zoo!! Easy to get too inspite the lack of signage!! Very reasonable prices AND you can bring in your own cooler with food!! But the food there was very good and also reasonably priced!! The exhibits were great and quite varied!! Lots of fun to see and do!! Next time we zip line!!

Erica Brown

Great experience with my group. We took two groups of kids to the zoo, both days we went were great. The staff was helpful and very nice. We will definitely be back in the summer.

Strictly Ballroom

This is our favored zoo. Interaction with the animals and variety keeps us coming back. It's just over an hour away, same as the DC, but that is thr only comparison. Lots of babies this fall!!

Earl James Thomas

Came to visit with Metro Richmond Zoo with the family. It is our children's first time to visit the Zoo and it was a blast for them and for the parents (us) as well!! Bought our tickets online, hassle free and fast! We fed some camels and giraffes!! Best day of my life since it was also my first time going to a real zoo!

Laura Powers

The facility is located on a property that was donated for the zoo animals and the family home is still located on the grounds but recently fenced off to keep guests of the zoo off the private property. It is very clean and well organized. The price is extremely acceptable and the animals look clean and happy. I had a wonderful time feeding the animals

Randolph Agee

Very good. Lots of animals from all over the world. Reasonable prices too.

Cosme S. Omar

My favorite Zoo I drive all the way from Virginia Beach instead of going to Norfolk Zoo. The animals here look healthy and happier!

Sarah Worsham

Perfect day trip. Lots of cute, well cared for animals. My toddler LOVED this trip. We will go back.

Ronnie Whitehead

The zoo was good. Line was long as hell but it was moving so that was a1 and the animals are and the kids fed the giraffe and it was nice. All types of animals.

Karan Berry

We loved our visit to the zoo. We took pur grandchild. The really enjoyed seeing all the animals abd feeding the giraffes. This is a wonderful place to visit with little ones.

Jeff Patrick

Private zoo. Really fun. Much more than you'd think from the entrance. The animals look well cared for. We spent 3 plus hours here to cover the entire place. Toook the little train and sky tram too. Great place.

Jacob Tyree

Had a blast here with my son on his field trip. So much to do and see but not enough time. Will have to make a trip back here for sure.

Donnell Lyons

The Metro Richmond Zoo, is getting expensive, but is fun for all ages. The zoo offers zip lining, picnic area and play area for children. The animals are the main reason everyone visit the zoo and the have a big variety of animals from lions, lizards, snakes, monkeys, birds and mammals of all kinds. Go visit you will enjoy it!!!

Makicia Crawford

Enjoyed my visit to the zoo today. My daughter loved seeing all the animals. Feeding the giraffe was exciting!! My only complaint is the ticket line. But now that I am aware of online ticket purchasing I will do so. It will save time and reduce waiting in a line though the parking lot.

Aaron Rowe

An amazing place to visit in Richmond, though its located out in Chesterfield county. There have been many updates to the park in the last year. If you have been before it more than worth going again to see the new additions.

Kristen Powers

Feeding the giraffes is awesome! This zoo takes care of tons of endangered animals as well.

Adam D

A wonderful place to spend the day especially if u have kids. For more of a challenge for adults and older kids they offer a course involving zip lining. As well there is a course that takes u over the zoo. Warning it is high!!

Christina Coburn

Very nice, just wish the animals had a little more room than they do...

Meghan Leonard Unland

Fair price considering the cost of other zoos I've been to, such as DC, San Diego and Philadelphia. Human facilities are basic, nothing spectacular and not the cleanest. A good place for kids. Food is too basic to be so overpriced, so eat before or after you go. There are a variety of animals. The giraffes are obviously a huge favorite and they know it. Very cool experience with the giraffes and the budgie hut as well. The birds will come right to you in there. The animals' facilities weren't the best I've ever seen but not the worst either. Felt a little bad for some animals, such as the snakes, as their space was smaller than I expected. Overall not bad, and the animals do seem very well loved.

Charnice Jackson

I had a great time but the process on food are just ridiculous, ither than that it was fun. they do need more shade areas though. loved tyr way the reptiles were set up

Allen Moore

Fun and relaxing. Good place for practicing photo shots. I spent hours and enjoyed every bit of it.

Tory Monahan

I'm soooooo impressed with this zoo. It's literally the greatest place on planet Earth and I would spend every waking moment within it's confines if it were possible. I'm in love


Got to pet a giraffe

Tammy White

Great fun. Grandkids loved it. Well worth the money spent.

Maximillian Lawver

Even though this zoo is not as polished as a larger zoo in other cities, Metro Richmond Zoo has a huge variety of animals and exotic wildlife. This is a must see attraction for animal lovers and those with children. Highly recommended!


It was a warm day and some of the animals were lazy. Staff was extremely nice and helpful.

Dan Wolf

This zoo is a hidden local gem. The owners put a lot of work into renovations, expansions, and improvements in recent years. There aren't many zoos where you get such an up-close experience with so many animals.

Greg K

The kids loved it, so that’s a good thing. That being said, this is a below average zoo. Enclosures are small and viewing areas for the tiger and bear are comically small. Worst part is that to access an area with animals roaming free - you have to pay extra for a a “train” ride. Feeding the giraffes was fun. Save your money and get the feed in the area as opposed to the front gate.

Administrator Aleph Bet

What a great place to bring young children! We were so lucky with the weather and had time to see all the animals. We were happy to see that the staff is so well organized with the large groups attending . We found the Zoo to be clean, all staff were friendly and helpful, and the animals were amazing!

C. R.

Awesome time! Great animal selection. Loved the relaxing air lift ride over the animals. It truly has grown into a zoo of good character!

Marites Icao-Hall

This is the one of the best zoo I ever been...

Valorie Barkley

The Zoo is awesome. The staff is intelligent. They need more shady spots and drink machines that accept cards. The drink machine is a MUST ASAP

Michael Bartram

This was an ok Zoo. Feeding the giraffes was cool. I live about the same distance away from the DC Zoo and would rather go to that one. The extra stuff wasnt worth the money spent. I would recommend this zoo if the DC one is too much of a drive.

Jeff Sweeting

Nice little zoo. Went with a school trip and had a great time. Not too big or too small and a good selection of animals for little kids. Staff friendly. Parking good.

Joelle Bogert

Wow, what a fantastic gem hidden away in Amelia county! I loved this zoo and so did my toddler. You can feed the giraffes, go into a bird actuary and feed the birds, and there are even a couple rides. I would also highly recommend their high ropes course. It is a fair amount of Zip lining and obstacles for the price ($55). It took us about 2 1/2 hours for a party of 3.

Marcus Charbonneau

Nice zoo! Definitely came a LONG way, upgraded and much improved! Great place to take your kids, and def a great place for date ideas. Worth the money overall

Mark Albright

Family had a blast. Zoo is very well organized and maintained.

Andrew Barnum

This is easily the most awesome zoo on earth!! Wish I could give it 500 stars. Admission price is fair, food prices are good and parking is free. ONLY zoo I have been to that some animals can get so close they can lick you and some birds can land on your head. There is BIG open spaces for the animals to roam, fly, swing, jump or what ever they do. If you love animals then you must check out this zoo!!!

Olga Vovk

We love visiting the Richmond Zoo! Fantastic!!! We'll worth the time and money! Great variety of animals and big and small enough for little children!

Abby Marshall

When you arrive at this zoo you might be a little skeptical, but you will not be disappointed. The animals are always active, and every time I've visited there are tons of babies, too. You can feed some of the animals, plus there's a dog/cheetah best friend pair. I've visited four or five times and every time there were animals interacting with each other. This might be my favorite zoo solely because of how active and playful the animals are.

Sandra Ann Ortolano

Family oriented, clean and EXTREMELY well presented. The kids LOVE this zoo

austin lindsey

I love this place I love all the animals and it is alot of fun.

Amanda Dalton

Great little zoo! Awesome for school trips and enough room for everyone to not be too cramped. Good variety of animals, nice shaded trails in parts of the zoo to cool down on a hot day, and my daughter was thrilled there was a little play area.

James Melton

Had a wonderful time with the family alot of different animals wish there was more through but overall had a good experience.


Love it! Dont let the outside fool you! Its packed with tons of fun and unique animals and you can feed the giraffes, the best part it's not to expensive and not overly crowded. It was great day with the family.

Matthew Buttner

If you have been to world class zoos elsewhere, this one is disappointing. It has a good mix of animals but the habitats are uninspiring and the zoo itself looks old and shabby. The restrooms are not very clean and there are very few rides. I would recommend buying a daily pass and trying the zoo before committing to an annual pass. I really wanted to like this zoo because my kids love animals and I believe in conservation.


Amazing. Loved the zip line adventure

Hao Li

Great close up of wide variety of animals.

ken chavez

Had a good time. Great variety of animals. Parking lot needs help. It's just not set up for busy days. Other than that kids loved feeding the animals.

Daniel Goodman

A surprising number of really cool attractions. A fun time. 100% would recommend.

Karren Cooper

I love this place just wish that they would keep their prices down for families about it can't afford to pay the amount of $12 for every child

Anne McIlwain

Third year of membership and we still love it. There’s always something new to see and learn. My daughter loves feeding the birds and looking at the alligator!

Edina Mack

Great place to take ur kids and families to see all different species of animals

Yolanda Higgins

I had so much fun. I thought it would be bigger but I wasn't disappointed. Great place to take kids. Workers are informative and friendly.


This zoo has a great variety of animals. Its great to visit with family. It's very safe. The animals all look healthy and well taken care of. You will find comodo dragons, all kinds of snakes, many monkeys and much much more. My favorite were the lions. I saw male lions roaring and playing soccer. I also saw a cheetah and a golden retriever on the same enclosure. Apparently they are friends. They also have a train that takes you through an open area full of big animals. You can buy a food cup to feed some of the animals. You can hand feed the giraffes. They have a lot of adult giraffes ready to lick you whole. The price for entry is really affordable and so is the animal food and the train ride. I definitely recommend this zoo to anyone

Jessica Kamvar

The Metro Richmond Zoo is a bit more "Backwoods" then the zoo's my husband and I have visited before. There are a lot of chain link fences and wood partitions that need a good power washing and stain. On the day that we came there weren't enough parking spaces and cars were forced to line the roadway coming in. Thus said, they have a great variety of animals and you can't beat the experience of feeding a baby giraffe! My six-year-old daughter was excited at the prospect of trying their Ropes Course which goes over different animal enclosures. There were lots of baby animals and my girls loved the play area.

Ashley Coleman

Hard to believe this place is tucked away right in the outskirts of Richmond! So much to do & so fun!


Enjoyed our visit!! Unique animals and the park is well maintained.

Woody Johnson

It's a great place to take the family and see all of the animals. Some parts of the zoo look like they could use some work, but overall it's a good experience. You can purchase food to feed the animals with that comes as pellets in a cup, and you can get popcicle sticks that are coated in seeds to feed the birds.

Sandra Jones

Great place to spent the day. Handicap parking is available. And they have wheelchairs to use.

Tara Love

This zoo is a perfect way to spend your afternoon. The animals are taken care of and you get super close! The Zipline they have is AWESOME and highly recommended. We had a blast!!

Lindsay Cole

The first thing you notice about the Metro Richmond Zoo is just far it is from Richmond. It's not a terrible drive, but it's not exactly fun depending on the area of town in which you live. But don't let the drive be a deterrent. There are many reasons to visit. The zoo has a sky ride, a carousel, and a safari train (each ride costs extra). The sky ride gives a great view of the park and glides over the enclosures of the rhinos, the cheetahs, zebras, budgies, penguins, and camels. The safari train takes you into a gated area that houses free ranging animals. And although small, the carousel is a great way to end the day. There are babies everywhere: cheetah cubs, a female dromedary camel calf, young giraffes, a warthog piglet, and two very tiny siamang babies named Charlotte and Webster. You can purchase feed at the entrance if you're interested in feeding the giraffes, camels, goats, deer, or budgies. If the zoo animal exhibits aren't your thing, the zoo has a treetop safari adventure (price is not part of admission). The zookeepers are friendly and knowledgeable about the animals. Parking is free, restrooms and concession stands are located inside the park and at the entrance, and the park is easy to navigate. You can bring in your own snacks and drinks, but no plastic containers or straws. My son and I have annual passes, which I recommend if you enjoy visiting the zoo throughout the year. We feed the animals and ride all three rides, usually spending about 2.5 hours at the park. Overall, the Metro Richmond Zoo is worth the drive.

Joseph Pfenninger

Nice little zoo, wide variety of animals. Ropes course, zip line, train rides and skylift are all extra but look awesome.

Justin Dalton

This is a great place to visit. My 3 year old had so much fun and I would definitely recommend visiting here.

Marion Gurney

My three-year-old grandson didn't want to leave the playground but he did when we rode the chairlift carrying us over the rhinoceroses. And the tram carrying us into world and local and ostriches are. Very nice for a small zoo. Not as spectacular as say the Cincinnati zoo, but an excellent day for the kids. You have to check out the cheetah that lives with the golden lab! Buy the unlimited ride tickets and you can read the merry go around tram and sky lift all day.

Stephen Polito

Nice zoo overall although from a reptile keepers perspective some of the enclosures are a bit small. Good enjoyment for the family.

Clint Daniels

Have been twice in last two years. Worth the price. Very up close and personal with the animals. No long distance walking and great selection of animals. Have taken two grandchildren and they would love to go back

Leondra Robertson

It was great! I hadn't been in 10yrs or more..since my son was young ..I had the opportunity of taken my 3yr old niece along with my dad...theyhad a blast !

Jaiden Cox

Very fun and extremely interactive! Beautiful animals

Angeline Allen

Fantastic place. Many rescue animals. Can feed giraffes.

Chad Johnson

The Metro Richmond Zoo was quite fun. My son had a blast getting to see all of the animals. There was more selection than I originally expected, which was great. I'm glad to see they're expanding. I look forward to a future visit.

Joe Maring

Great zoo to visit! Tons of animals, friendly zookeepers, and an awesome lift that lets you see a bunch of the zoo from up above. Would definitely stop back here if we’re ever in the area again!

Emily Tiberio

Lovely zoo with a simple layout and lots of shade. The employees were all very friendly and knowledgeable and you could tell they really love and care for the animals.

Jennifer R

This is a sweet, small zoo. The animals all seem happy and well kept, and this is the perfect zoo to take younger children to. It's small enough so that you can make almost all of it in a couple of hours, but then you can circle back if you want to look at favorites again. My favorites are, of course, feeding the giraffes by hand -- but don't forget the other animals that also like a treat every now and then. They seem to get a little left out, but they are in the pens just behind the giraffe feeding station. It's also so fun to go into the bird area and feed them using budgie sticks -- this provided us with 30 minutes of fun on our most recent trip. There's a small jungle gym that the kids tend to like kind of tucked behind the penguin area. Check the feeding schedule and you can see different types of animals getting fed. And, unless you happen upon a school trip, you'll likely be the only ones in the audience, and can ask lots of questions. This zoo is great fun on a day with some pleasant weather. One a day when it is really hot, it is kinda miserable, because there are not really many places you can stop and cool off, but that's our only reservation. If you are local or traveling through, it can be a fun half-day stop for families and a great way to get some energy out and some giggles in.

Kimberly Beichner

Can't wait to go back and see the updates! When I was here last they were paving the parking lot and getting ready for some big changes to the park/zoo. Loved the open penguins exhibit and the close encounter of the giraffes!!!

Eleanor P

Well layed out paths. Easy to view habitats. Variety of animals. Clean and well kept. Enjoyed the day With family.

Trina Roberts

What an amazing place to spend a Saturday! The staff was very welcoming and engaging. Get ready for an adventure! They saw there's more to come...

Ms. Trueheart

Really enjoyed the variation of different species. The Tigers, Giraffes, Lions and Rhinos were especially active today. Two thing I would recommend future visitors is: comfortable shoes, and cash. There is reasonably priced food options here and many different vending machines for drinks. Oh yeah tickets are available for purchase there however the lines can het pretty long ,you may want to purchase online so the wait time in line wont be so long.

Hadiya Davis

not many shady places during the hot months but overall a great little zoo; feeding the giraffes was the best

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