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REVIEWS OF Busch Gardens Williamsburg IN Virginia

Artem Evdokimov

Fun place to visit. Many positives: fun rides, friendly staff, very large installation with dozens of attractions. One big negative: everything is commercialized to the gills. Some zombies and levitating vampire alligators may be found - depending on the season.

Corissa Pugliese

Great for all ages! Aesthetically pleasing as you walk through the different countries to get to your ride destinations. Tickets and food are reasonably priced. And speaking of food, the portions are generous and tasted delicious. Exceeded my expectations on theme park foods! My boyfriend and I purchased a full turkey leg, hotdog and chips and two drinks for $26.00. We will be visiting this park again!!!!

Kathy Saunders

Great park lots of rides for everyone. Great pricing and the all day dining plan is a great deal. Look for specials on their website before buying at gate.

Heather Bannister

Been going here since it opened. If you haven't been you should try it.. Locals know what's up. We go on days the tourist don't. Lol

Mary Pecock

Everyone who worked there was friendly. The whole place was clean considering the amount of people who go through the gates. My family and me had a really great time. With all our different there was plenty for all of us to enjoy. We'll go back.

Lucy Braxton

1st time there. I love this place. It was a little high for 2 retired people,me and my husband. We enjoyed every penny we spend. We will go back, didn't see everything. Hopefully we will be able to get some kind of discount tickets,senior citizen tickets. I will look into it. We will love to visit again in 2020, in June or July.

Jaron Fentress

Great place for friends and family. Tons of stuff to do outside of roller coasters. the park has nursing rooms for mother's; however, it's took us over and hour to have someone unlock on the rooms so my wife could pump her breast milk.

Micah Fischer

Howl-O-Scream is much better this year. Multiple Haunted houses got a full redecoration which was badly needed. Frostbitten in particular now has castle theme to go along with the decor. Roving chainsaw guys and other scare zones were great.

michelle salazar

I hadn't been to Busch Gardens in over 30 years. Spent the day here using the free Veteran's tickets. Have to say, it was fun. The boys went off on their own (being teenagers) as soon as we entered the park. So, ended up following the path around the whole place. Enjoyed people watching, taking in each country as it came along. Even had fun at the Sesame Street park for the little kids since I'm a big kid myself. Ample sitting benches & shaded areas to get out of the sun. The signs are pretty easy to read so you can get to where you wanna go. Maps are available at each country. Lines weren't too bad. Food prices are up there so getting a meal & drink package is worth it if spending the whole day in the park.

Jayme Gulley

We had a blast! We also got lucky by going twice in the middle of the week and the crowds were minimal for July. Also, Miss Stephanie in New France was the most helpful employee we met both days. She offered wonderful suggestions for our remaining vacation that turned out to be perfect for our family.

Aaron Burkle

The last time I was here was about 25 years ago. It was as fun as I remember and even more so with all the additions and improvements. My kids loved it and there was a lot for everyone of all ages in my family to experience


Not worth the money!!! DOT GO THERE!! We normally go to Kings Dominion for the haunted houses every year, but this year my daughter suggested we go to Williamsburg Busch Gardens. So the whole family of 22 show up super excited. We waited 90 minutes to get in the first Haunted house, it was a joke! There was very few employees working the haunted house, the set up was very cheaply done, it was right out boring, very disappointing. The others were equally disappointing. The lack of effort and imagination was unexceptionable. Family day this year was ruined.

Carol Miller

Southern Hospitality!! Our resort Kingsmill was fantastic!! The staff there are great! Janice the concierge felt like an old friend. The shuttle drivers Ray and his wife Mary were the friendliest people you could ever meet. The staff at the restaurant was the best. We especially liked Bee. She went above and beyond to make us feel welcome. Angela the resort manager made sure our stay was fabulous

Noelle Quade

Howloscream is fun! I do appreciate how the characters go about their scaring but not the little ones. I respect that! Now if only smokers would actually stick to the smoking areas ....

Aesthetic Balloonz

i live in VA so i have gone to this park a lot of times and would only ride a few rides i love this place because its where i came over my fear of heights had my first kiss and have spent hours with my friends there i recently went with 2 good friends and had a blast the food is great there and all the rides are super fun i went around 3 and left at 10 the whole time the park was very neat and clean

The Hud

While the prices are high, the season pass is an extraordinary deal that I would recommend to anyone who wants some coaster thrills, fun shows, or just a walk around a beautifully designed amusement park. If you get the year pass, you just have to go a mere four times in the whole year for the pass to be worth while. Every time you go beyond your fourth visit is basically free. If you live within an hour of Busch, I highly recommend this option. My wife and I have come here over a dozen times this year for at least three hours at a time and loved every minute of it. At one visit, we witnessed a medical incident with one of the guests. The medical staff responded within minutes and took care of the guests effectively. Mant of the staff members are pleasant and enjoyable. My personal favorite, the candle carver, is a sweet man who is occasionally assisted by his young friend. The designs are beautiful and make the perfect gifts for those people you just don't know how to shop for their gifts. There are way too many good things here to cover in what is supposed to be a short review. I guess you will just have to come checkout the quirky shops, thrilling rides, and fun times for yourself!

Jones Reviews and Info

There is not enough seating for those that aren't riding rides. It is a beautiful park though. The staff is super helpful. I went on Saturday Aug 17th. Still summer and high of 90 degrees. Temps were kept lower with extensive use of misters and fans throughout the park. The shade throughout was also super helpful. The lines of most large rides were 45 minutes to an hour, which I feel is reasonable for a Saturday visit. Although it was irritating at the time, there were several instances where some of the rides had extensive windows were cars would run with no one in them. After thinking about it, I would have rather then run a few times with no one on it, then have had people stuck at the top like at Six Flags. Overall, great value for the money.

Kel And Clif

This place is amazing. There is something to do for everyone of all ages! All the rides have shaded areas while you wait on line. So many options for food. So many options for shows. You cant do everything in one day. It's better to get a two day pass.

Robert Qua

I'm going to tell my kids that this is Disney World. Love everything about it! Great coasters, crowds aren't terrible, so clean and beautifully landscaped, and you can walk around with a beer!

kathleen Ervin

So much fun. Short lines. Friendly staff. Great food. Very clean park. To top it off the fire works were super cool.

Theresa Hoskins

Bush Gardens is great ! We hot it where there was no lines and weather was nice. If you live close by , consider an annual pass. It is nice for walking. Grounds are well kept and staff is very friendly.

kenny sagar

I love going to Busch garden, but some how they need to improve there food quality, food out loud sucks. You don’t have much choices, burgers are either over cooked or under cooked, how can you mess up pizza. Please management take notice and Change food options and quality of food. Drinks are good. I understand I am not expecting five stars restaurant but please at least complete with McDonald please, please teach some attitude adjustment to restaurants employees at Busch gardens.

Nathan Ward

A terrible experience from start to finish. I came to this park expecting a great day and was extremely disappointed. The staff was not only incompetent but also extremely rude. Half of them were not even wearing their name tags, so I couldn’t even alert park management about their terrible attitudes. Although even when I did go to guest service, I was treated poorly and was not helped in any way. The food is overpriced and does not even taste decent. The loose article policy is ridiculous, especially seeing as half of the lockers I went to did not work. It’s not difficult to put a box in the station of the rides, especially considering the operations suck anyways. Or if you really genuinely care about the safety of your guests, offer a free locker like other parks do. This park was absolutely not worth the drive down. They are money hungry and do not care about the guests. I will never visit this park again and I recommend to anyone that they never waste their time or money at this park.

Asia Cook

The staff were friendly. The food was amazing. The rides were fun. The haunted houses weren't scary but it was still a good time.

Sheri Graham

Even though many of their staff has returned to school, and the Irish dance show was finished for the season and many shows were done, our family had a great time. You really must get one of these pineapple threats. Yum!

Carpenter Cordero

Lots of fun to be had at this amusement park. Wear comfortable footwear and one thing to keep in mind this park is not on level ground. There are hills throughout and also areas with steep stairs and walk over foot bridge.

ClockWorx Orange

Wanna spend a day full of fun with your kids, or just being a kid at heart? Then spend some time here! The roller coasters are a blast and the entertainment is great. The food and drinks are a bit pricy

Mc D

Absolutely beautiful at night. It's a fun clean park. Perfect for the summer season. Be sure to catch the fireworks on the summer weekends. The weather was smoldering over the 4th of July holiday. The park has lots of shaded areas and water misters to keep guest cool. They also offered free small cups of ice water in the restaurants.

Jay Howard

This was my first time ever at Busch Gardens and it didn't disappoint at all. I see why it's one of the most exciting places to go in the summertime. It's a great place to bring your family or if it's just you and few friends you'll definitely have an awesome time. I suggest getting the membership. It'll make the food and the overall experience just that much better.

Sarah Leyva

This used to be the ultimate best place for haunted houses. But strollers have invaded destroying grown up fun. Now everything is pg at its best. :(

Martinez Andrew

Haven't been in YEARS! Had a blast. Definitely will be back soon. Halloscream lines were hours long though.

Robert Lovett

Absolutely love this place, great mix of rides for adults and children. Variety of entertainment provided for each culture represented at the park. Each country attempts to provide food native to it's culture. Trappers smokehouse by far was the best. If you enjoy eating as much as thrill rides, purchase a dining pass well worth the money you spend. Great thing about this place is the tree cover and natural environment they built this place. Very cool and comforting.

Marshall Passmore

Very very very big. Had to leave before I could see all of it. What I saw was all nicely maintained. The different countries themes were neat. I dont do rides so can't judge those. Would go again.

Ry Ry

Great park!! Awesome rides. Great for kids and adults. The Food and Wine festival was really good. I've been to the park 3 times since it opened this season. Next time I go will probably be during the Christmas Town season.

Benjamin Tomlin

I had a blast. The weather was great and not to hot. Lines were short which made it even better.

Tiffany Givens

Great family park. Staff was helpful. Food was good. Rides for kids of all ages!! It was a holiday weekend so the lines were a little long but moved quickly. We'll definitely go back again.

Jessica Ruiz

Had a really good time. Did wait longer than 15-20 min yo get on a ride or haunted house. Sometimes I just went straight to the ride no line. Over all really impressed. Have a variety of things for kids and adults. The shows that are performed were good as well.

Destiny L

My favorite amusement park ever !! Even tho it is lots of walking, I enjoy getting on rides, eating various foods, and seeing many shows. So much fun for everyone. Will definitely be getting a season pass for next year.

Bryan Truong

One of the greatest things mankind has ever created! This place is timeless and magical. The themes vary depending on the seasons. Which is terrific. It feels very atmospheric and vibrant. I enjoy traversing through this fantastical world. The rides are worth the hype that they deserve. Fun for all ages.

Chris Hale

Great fun for all ages. There is lots to do here. I came with my fiance in late August and at that time the lines were not bad at all, we did not have to wait long. In addition to many rides there are other fun activities such as wine tasting. Food here is good and it is well worth getting the tickets with food included so you can try lots of different places. Staff were all friendly and helpful and the park was overall quite clean and well cared for.

Carol Karol

Had a great time. Lines were short. Food and other prices reasonable. We are at the smokehouse. Halloween show in Oktoberfest awesome. Only complaint is that it's hard to navigate map and the paths are not marked well with signs.

Patty Morgan

I brought the beer feast ticket on Sunday and was so excited that I got two passes. I double checked and asked if I could use it for the rest of the week and I was told it was good to September. I returned to the park only to fine out that I was not able to use it. I Showed them that the pass was not used and that I did ask before purchasing the second one. No one would help me at all. I explained that this is something really enjoyed and I don't go on the rides. I also said I was open if they could help out any way. Because the pass was purchased in the park they could not help me. On top of that she gave me a none working number that could help me, only to find out it was a recording. I never been treated this way and I would never go back to the Bush garden in Williamsburg based on the way they treated me.

Keisha Tate-Brown

Absolutely loved our visit! Loved the ambience/ overall atmosphere and fun this park provides. There is so much to do here. Loved spending time with my family here. We are definitely coming back!

Roswitha Peters

Very interesting lay out and theme park. The Black cherry cider beer and pretzel in Ireland were great. Definitely but a multi day ticket to explore the whole park. The park is great for a family outing.

Mike Fuquay

This place is great. The scenery is spectacular, great attention every detail. They have fun rides for all ages. The roller coasters are wonderful. It's a must see for every family, every summer.

Pamela Dice

Love the atmosphere and aesthetics in this park. Food is phenomenal!!! Will definitely revisit whenever possible. Friendly staff! Highly recommend a visit to this amusement park.

Ken Davis

Great park with quite the array of attractions and vendors. You must visit all the cities to experience the various foods and drinks. So many different shows and ride we had to visit the park for 2 days to take it all in. Spring for the quick pass if you can it made our second day SO MUCH more enjoyable.

Darron Jones II

A very funny amusement park. I love the European theme and each section has a different country of Europe together enjoy. The ride are pretty exciting(although I'm not fond of roller coasters). Overall it's a great place for all seasons.

Mary Kearns

So much fun to explore the different areas! I have been coming to Busch Gardens with my parents for over 15 years now and it is still one of my favorite amusement parks. A great time for people of all ages!

David Poalucci

Was great time. Was there with myself, my wife, nephew, niece and there three grade school boys There were rides for everyone. The property was well kept up. A lot of walking. Some what hilly. Would have been nice to have few more benches to sit on. We were there in July.

Kyle Treacy

Excellent park with plenty to do for all ages. I attended Busch gardens since I was kid and continue to do so as a parent. There's rides and attractions for everyone, and they add something new annually which keeps things fresh. The only downside is the mediocre food and the increasing fees.


Get the meal pass! We paid $20 per ticket when we booked online and got drinks and meals every 90 minutes for two days. We paid $140 for meal passes and ate probably $600 worth of food in the park. It's great not to have to worry about what to eat or drink while you're there. Also, the rides are great and the people mostly seem to care about you having a good time. We have been twice and will come again.

Jennifer Miller

Wonderful memories made every time we visit. We appreciate the attention to detail, the beautifully kept grounds, the different offerings of entertainment. While the rides are wonderful, BG offers so much more than just a ride. Thankful for the experience.

drewiijay drewiijay

Water rides closed too early in season. But great park. I love the family feel and shade trees

Nathan Maurer

All five in the family loved this place. They had something for everyone, even the little ones at Sesame Street Land and their own little boat to ride in a small circle and still enjoy it. Food a bit expensive but that was expected.

Jessica Gray

So beautiful here. Kids love it. Plenty to ride without long lines, even on busy days. Rollercoaster waits are long but I don't ride those

Nicolle Boden

Clean, safe, friendly. We love that on hot days there are places to get soaked like the Forest of Fun and Land of the Dragons, and also mist fans. Rides are well maintained, coasters are great (if a bit short), and the staff are always lovely.

Bear Naked Lady

Plenty to keep your entire family busy and entertained for days. I recommend the fun pass tickets, so you can visit repeatedly throughout the summer.

Timothy Fraher

Several good rides spaced out around the park. Lines were not too long since we went on a weekday. Would recommend to roller coaster enthusiasts

Christian Grant

European inspired amusement park just north of Norfolk. Awesome rides in the different countries around the park. Food and drink throughout the circuit of sights reflect each area's influence. Enjoy your day!!

Chris Calme

Tons of fun. The different themes add and few flavors to the environment. Rides for all ages and is very clean. NO GUM!! You could easily spend all day here.

John Hannan

This is a huge amusement park were at any age you can be a kid. There really is something for everyone here; food, rides, shows, games, and attractions. The park can accommodate couples to large groups, very family friendly. The park is celebrating 44 years and has a large tree canopy over much of the park that provides shade. The park is well maintained in a beautiful natural setting. If you visit on a busy weekend, you may want to consider a multiple day pass so you can experience everything. Ride or attraction lines tend to get long. Also get there earlier than opening time, the ticket both lanes jam up pretty quickly and you could be sitting in your car for an hour just to get a parking space. Also you will have to pay a separate parking fee of at least $20 not included in the admission price. Not a lot of shade in the parking lot. There are at least 3 water rides for the hottest of days and a children's park with water activities too. The park is limited to coke products and there are plenty of food options, but food and drinks are highly marked up. You can always pack a cooler and eat in the parking lot.

Dominic Wisnewski

I love my second home (I've been going almost every year)! I'd recommend the park to anyone of any age. My, there is really something for everyone at the park. Food is great (but expensive) rides are great, shows are great. If you only see one show, I'd recommend the Celtic Fire show in Ireland; that is, if you like river-dancing!

Claudette Sunshine Sanford

Took my teenage son and young adult daughter here for a 3 day getaway. We had an AMAZING time. Be sure to book your stay through the park. Parking, 1 meal, and park passes are INCLUDED. How GREAT is that?!?

Stacy Tucker

It has been over 20 years since i have visited. And it was my daughter's first time. It is still the most beautiful amusement park i have visited. The villages and the rides and shops and restaurants are true to theme. It is clean, well organized and a lot of attention is given to visitor comfort. There are cooling stations sprinkled throughout and fans for the lines while you wait for rides. We will definitely be back.

Local Traveler

I’ve always enjoy my visits to Busch Gardens. The park is beautiful and well themed with lots to do. The Celtic Fyre show is a cant miss! By far one of my favorite theme park shows!

Rachel Kolbinsky

We've been going every year for the past 10 years! They are always adding new rides, and summers are full of new fun adult activities! Beer Fest this year was really tasty, and Finnegan's Flyer is worth the wait. Can't wait to go back next year!

Mason Perry

Got in for free utilizing the Busch gardens military complimentary tickets for myself and my wife (up to three dependents can join free!). Be prepared to pay $20 or more for parking without a seasons pass though. Overall an amazing park that's fun for the entire family.


Had a wonderful time. We got the dinning package included. We ate all day and had a fantastic visit.

Ashley Rice

We picked the perfect day to go (Friday in September). There were barely any lines on the coasters and people weren't right on top of each other. We were able to enjoy some of the Howl-O-Scream without scarring the toddler for life.


Worst experience yet. Parking was a nightmare and when I approached Jim, a manager (amongst two other managers) and calmly and objectively offered a solution to the issue, I got nothing but "sorry, this is how we do it". We won't be back.

Wajahat Qureshi

Always fun visiting Busch Gardens Williamsburg. There are enough rides and theater shows to keep people of all ages entertained. The only missing part is water park; for that you will have to drive another 2 miles to go to their sister property (for a separate ticket) - Water Country.

Bill Moll

We LOVE coming here. Being a huge theme park fan, Busch Gardens Williamsburg is one of my favorites. There is a reason that they are constantly awarded most beautiful park. So much natural shade on all the pathways. Not to mention how great the rides are. The improvements that are being made to this park every year keep us coming back, and as Annual Pass Holders, we do it as much as we can! The benefits of an Annual Pass are great as well. Free parking, discounts on food and merch, and other monthly benefits like free items at food and wine or free quick queue.

Denise Shepley

We walk so much so so much there was not a lot of rides really unless you like the thrill rides we went before memorial Day so there was only things happening the day after that starting the season. Everybody was extremely friendly add good security at the gate again a lot of walking they do have scooters if you prefer that you can rent they should have some fountains that actually explode a little water out as you walk by to call you down a bit does get quite hot there there's a lot of shaded areas.

Jennifer R Lewis

Love the rides and the atmosphere but really I think it's sad that human beings can charge so much for other people to just get a drink and snack! Made me wanna cry. All me and my daughter ordered was 2 corn dogs and 2 waters, I nearly fainted when the cashier said 20$ and something.!!!!!! Yes we nearly fainted. I struggle with paying the high cost of tickets for a day. Either way it would just be a little more enjoyable to eat a snack and refreshments without going Bankrupt!!!!!!

Judith Legaspi

All enjoy here especially my kids there's no long line up...the sesame kids area big. Staff are friendly. Well maintained even there's an animal it's not stinky.

Milrom AL

I spent my vacation here and it was really fun. The only problem was that there was so many people over the weekend that the lines were so long. So over the week is the best time to go if you want shorter ride lines.

Kelly DeLucia

Been coming here, many times a year, since I was a kid. BEAUTIFUL. You can see all that the park has to offer by looking anywhere online. something you have to be there to notice is how immaculate the staff keeps it. If you litter, it likely will picked up practically the moment it hits the ground. The grounds are absolutely beautiful. Also a lot of people don't know that there's something to do every season and they really do completely change the way the park looks and feels for each different seasonal event. If you like to do this kind of thing definitely get an annual "seasons pass", it pays itself off in two and a half visits or something like that

Andrew Vincent

Busch Gardens Williamsburg is, in my opinion, the best theme park in the country. It is so clean and beautiful. Every time I go I enjoy myself more than the last. The roller coasters are all so great. My favorite is Apollo’s Chariot. This year was my first time going to Hallowscream, and it was really fun. If you haven’t checked out busch gardens yet , I HIGHLY recommend it!!!

Ian Sollitt

Very expensive. Nothing is reasonably priced. Charged for parking (that is a bit excessive, considering the entrance fee of 90 a person). Rides are great. They have integrated the rides very well with the park so even if you aren't on some rides, you are still right in the action with those in your party that are on them. Lines moved quickly. Was fun overall, but if you are on a budget, go somewhere else. Season passes may be the way to go though, upgrading to them is not very expensive and if you are in the area often it can be very economical. As a once a year visitor though? Enjoy the memories and forget that you need to take a second mortgage to pay for the trip. Giving 4 stars due to price for single visitor rates. Otherwise would give 5.

Terrell Williams

It was really fin going here for the first time on Saturday! The rodes were AMAZING, and the haunted houses were a good fright. While it is a little pricey, I think it's worth it. There is A LOT of walking, so don't skip leg day.

Lauren Bergeron

Love love love this place. Very kid friendly and adult friendly. They change it up seasonally. Sesame street has a splash park during hot weather which is awesome. The show's are fun, and the food is good. Cant forget that the year round pass pays for itself in less than 2 visits.

Andrew Scott

Excellent park. Great rides and some of the nicest people working at the park are ready to serve you. I found the park to be not that busy and my family was able to complete the park in about 8 hrs. Great day spent with family.

Charly Foisy

Brought the kids on last day of spring break. Apparently so did everyone else. Couldn't ride any rides because the wait was over an hour each. Christmas town last year was nice. If you go just dont do it in holiday. And bring sunblock.


This place is great. It has crazy roller coasters. It has great food. It has a magical atmosphere. They have haunt housing around Halloween. It's a great place for all ages. There really is something for everyone.

Lolita Pollard

We loved it! I hadn’t been in years but I remember loving it before and loving the shaded areas. The different countries provide different experiences. I’m not a big rider but that didn’t matter because the park has so much to do. The kids love it and I plan on going back. I wish the all day food pass could include more of the snack vendors. At least try to give us 1 snack and 1 drink. I didn’t like the fact that I had to find a restaurant to eat. Overall I had a good time!


This is my favorite amusement park ever (besides Disney). Not only does it only have great coasters, but all of the crew members are very nice. I go during the Halloween season with there special "Hallowscream". The decorations everywhere in the theme park are outrageously good. Even if you have kids and don't stay until 6:00 pm you will still have an amazing time. There coasters, again are incredible and have a wide variety from tame to terrifying. Its not a huge amazement park so it's not too overwhelming. However do be aware of the heat during the summer (and early fall) time. I went in late September and they had to close down at least two tall rides because of wasps staying at the top of the rides. It was a little disappointing and they were closed for at least 2 hours. But overall it was an amazing time and great to go with family and friends.

Kevin Thompson

Always have fun at Busch Gardens. There are lots of great rides and things to do. I can't wait to go again.

David Dalson

Wonderful time we are pass holders for many years now. The place just keep getting better and better every year. Anyone the comes to visit Williamsburg needs to go to Bush Gardens and Water Country. The food festival was wonderful so much food to choose from. The shows are wonderful.

Peggy Nemeth

We loved it. It was our first time going. Lines were not long. Very clean. Plenty of places to sit and cool off in the shade. Thank you for an amazing time.

Trent Boles

Amazing rides. Beautiful decor, neat shoppes, and the most delicious lunch meal ever at the park. Crowded at lunch, but the options ranged from Chinese to Italian and Greek. We found a great table under shade for our large family and ate together. We will DEFINITELY make this trip again!

H Dameri Serpas

Loved this place...First time here and it was amazing! All of the countries and their themes and they had fireworks at the end. Great Turkey Legs and Beer and great fun rides including the Virtual Reality Dragon ride!! Perfect place to bring your kids and take advantage of the "child swap" so you and your partner can enjoy some fun and get on rides. I will be back here every year for sure!!

Evan McGuire

I have been going here for years and years but ever since they opened up the overflow parking across the street from the brewery for the park it's just WAY to overcrowded to really have fun and get on many of the rides in one day. I feel like they are more worried about how many people they can stuff in the park than their actual experience there. Not to mention as a side note, the music around the park needs a serious overhaul. Like maybe using actual folk music or likewise for each individual region of the park that correlates to the region of the world its supposed to be. This park could be so much better if they'd shift their focus to the experience.

Chase Raz

As a central Florida theme park goer, I was absolutely surprised to see how well developed, maintained, and clean a theme park was outside of Florida or California. Busch Gardens Williamsburg is a whole experience of its own that isn't fully similar to Busch Gardens Tampa or their sibling Sea World parks. It is absolutely a must-do for any theme park fan.

Leah Beyer

This is a great destination. My kids are all big enough to ride all the rides. There seem to be plenty of little kid rides as well. The Howl-O-Scream event is fun. We love the coasters and highly recommend Verbolten! With the premium pass parking is included and we get food discounts so meals aren't too expensive. The variety of foods and experiences throughout the park are sure to please everyone.

Carlton Northern

I've been going to Busch gardens for over 30 years and once InBev bought it I've seen a steady nickel and dime approach applied ever since. Not only did they raise the price of both the sausage sampler and smokehouse sampler but they removed the red cabbage from the sausage sampler and removed BBQ sauce from the smokehouse sampler. They charge almost a dollar for BBQ sauce now!

Kendy M

I went here with my High School Choir trip. It was amazing you can even go to this one shop and have birds that people donated land on you. I never wanted to leave!

Gail H

Great park. Very beautiful. Fun rides. Love all the coasters. Love the Mach Tower too. Overall very fun experience. Nice little shops. Good food choices. The food festival was nice how it added many more countries. Loved the Sangria Garden and I hope this will be a permanent addition. I just wish they had more direction arrows since the map is sometimes very hard to figure out.

Luis Moreno

Awesome place to enjoy rides and shows. Recommend getting meal plan if you are going to be there all day, because every hour and a half yo can get a full meal with a dessert and drink. 3 of us shared 1 adult meal deal and were very satisfied. The price is about 50 dollars but you get your money's worth by going twice.

Scotty Adams

Busch Gardens is a nice place to be going with your friends and family which I really love having to be going to Howl-O-Scream and Christmastown. The workers there are really nice and friendly but I didn't have a good experience for the one time that I went there with my cousin Tonya for Howl-O-Scream cause about time that we got to the park we had to start on turning around to go home due to it being over packed now talk about a waste of time and money especially since I had a season pass at that moment.

Mansa Musa

Great place. I live locally so I visit every year. My family have season passes which is great because we go so much. Smoke house has great food and the seasonal event are great as well

Heather Francis

We loved every minute. Beautiful and well shaded! The food was excellent with good choices for kids. Rides were excellent and fun for all of us even our little anxious scared one! Not to crowded with great shows and end of day celebrations! Hope to come every year!

Denis Gonzalez

This place was Great. They even paid for my parking!. Great rides, fun attractions and good food. They have it all, only thing I was missing was more time . I came on a Saturday and it was busy as expected almost all the rides had a 10min + waiting line but that was alright. My only complaint is that the quick passes are very cheated. I was in line for two rides and both of them I waited an hour to ride. while those with quick passes could not only choose before everyone else what seats they wanted, but also delayed the line for people waiting to be next. This was a tremendous issue with many and myself because we were riding in groups and if the quick passes chose our line of seats or didn't fit us in there then we had to wait until the next round. (mind you this happened multiple times before our group could get on). Nevertheless, if you are planning to go here spending the extra cash in a quick pass will be worth it in the end, so don't hesitate and make the same mistake I did because if not you might be spending more than an hour on a ride that last less than 1 minute. Thank you! P.S Buy tickets online, it's way cheaper and much faster.

Elora Culver

Insane prices, the poor vendors have to charge way to much from people who already had their pockets emptied to get in. The coaster are fun but that's one of the few redeeming qualities. Couldn't say I'm surprised they partnered with a deplorable corporation like SeaWorld by how small and depressing their animals "habitats" are.

Janet Beers

There is a variety of rides, entertainment, and food. Membership allows unlimited visits including Water Country, free parking, and many other member perks. For crowded days, you can purchase quick queue passes, but the best value for that is online. Weekends tend to be crowded, especially when the weather is super nice. Mondays are a great day to visit during the summer.

Suzanne Lindsey

Our first visit here. They have about five big roller coasters. They are really fun with lots of loops and twists, really high drops. The park has a lots of mature trees and flowers which made for good shade as the weather was over 100 degrees that day. Lots of indoor drink and eating places. We also purchased the endless refill souvenir cups that were our life savers!

Annette Omietanski

This place has been going down hill for years. My husband and I have bought our children and grandchildren passed to share the tradition and experience that we've all enjoyed. Now that even the grands are starting to notice how things are changing and not for the better we have all come to the conclusion it is time to end our family tradition. The cleanliness has gone way down hill. Customer service is out the door. The prices go up but the quality of food is so disappointing. They used to make things fresh there now you can taste it is out of a box, mass production. It no longer even smells the same. You could smell fresh foods baking bringing you into those food areas and the gardens would draw my husband and myself there just to admire those without the kids with the early gate opening time for some nice exercise. Love the layout with the hills and stairs. Well, goodbye old friend.

M.Antoinette Adams

I Busch Gardens. My 21 year old daughter and I go at least once every month starting from when Busch Gardens opens up from early summer straight thru Christmas Town. We love the landscape decor ...the ambience...the scent of sweets and sound of fun in the air.

Jessica Lobert

We had a ton of fun. Went about 2 PM on a Friday that it'd been raining. It was great, I don't think we stood in line more than 20-25 minutes at any ride we went on (and we rode several roller coasters.) Be ready to drop some coin, but have a ton of fun!

M Busch

Had a great time. Love Apollo's Chariot! Get there early. Traffic into the park builds quickly around opening time! Usually 10am. Verboten is awesome!

Paul Kyle

Great Day out the with the family. It's an immaculate park, with lots of shade to protect you from the summer sun. The areas being based on European countries is nice. Last but not least there's some great coasters!

Mr. Ross

I took my 4yr old daughter we had a blast. It was her first time. This was a good time to go. The lines were not that long. When it's warm take a bathing suit for your little one(s). There are two water area's for kids to play in and parents can get wet as well. No pool, just water spraying everywhere. The fireworks were cool. Before you leave get a funnel cake in the England area. Make memories and have fun!

Bryan Hartley

Busch Gardens is a fun park. The park is fairly clean and has beautiful landscaping. The food is good and you get fair to large portions but prices are a bit high. Especially for beer, those prices are outrageous. The staff working in the park are somewhat knowledgable and somewhat friendly. If you go on a weekend, expect lines everywhere. I find that trips during the week find much smaller lines and wait times. If you go at the end of the summer season, late August to early September, there are minimal lines during the week, we got on all rides multiple times with hardly no wait. All rides were open, some had morning delays. Quick cue is worth it if the park is crowded, waste of money if its empty. Shows were good as always. Bathrooms I'll give only a 3 star, some were pretty nasty. Overall its a fun park, the family had a great time. But it's no Disney. That's for sure.


Not to bad. Had a great time. The Halloween themed stuff they had was pretty cool. If you like haunted houses you should deffenatly go!

Steve Lee

Not a bad place for locals. I enjoy using the waves of honor pass here every year. If you are a family of 5 they will give you an extra pass at the ticket booth. If you are a big family the free drink refills are worth the buy.

Eddie Lee

Nice amusement park especially if you like alcoholic beverages. They nickel and dime you for everything though. At Kings Dominion if you get on a roller coaster with a bag they have a place where your can place your bag until you get off the ride, at this place they make you purchase a locker rental. One nice detail is that they allow you to bring in a bottle of water so I brought in the largest bottle that I could comfortably carry.

Brent Mills

I love Bush Gardens. I recommend the season passes. The one I have includes free parking and discounts on food and merchandise. It also came with two guest passes, and with my August rewards I received a third guest pass for free. My pass also includes the Halloween and Christmas packages. All for a little over 200 dollars. Best deal running.

Christine C

The prices here are high. The rides were fun. My kid liked it here. The funnel cake was delicious. I LOVED the caricature artist I met who drew my daughter.

Jonathon Carlson

Lots of rides and activities. The music that plays in all the areas is really loud, and so are the announcements. It would be nice to have more areas for seating, especially around the food vendors. Other than those things, the park is a lot of fun. There's enough there for people of all ages, including plenty for the really young kids.

David Mays

Very nice park. Fun for all ages. Only issue is that food and drinks are extremely expensive. Also this year they started making it where you can't leave items like bags or prizes on the side if you ride a ride. They have to be left in rented lockers or with someone not riding....

Rachael Retter

I cannot ever say enough good things about Busch gardens ! We are So lucky that we live about 10 minutes away. The employees are always friendly , the food is always delicious and the rides are just amazing. The most beautiful and clean theme park I’ve ever been to. Also- the shows are phenomenal and make this a great place to come in a rainy day too! Love BG!

Tammy Hamilton

We have season passes. Nice way to just spend a day. Didn't even ride anything this time. Just enjoyed the entertainment.

Casaundra Driver

It's awesome! Scenery and ambiance is amazing. Great thrill rides. Take your time and enjoy the programs they offer. 10/10 will do it again.


Absolutely beautiful place. Loved wandering around and viewing it all. Prices were as expected and the quality of the food and drink was exceptional. Absolutely want to go back and holiday time is the best time.

Ross 117

I had a great time here. The rides were great and 90% of the staff were amazing. The food was also okay, your typical amusement park food, I really liked it though I feel it actually tasted better than most other parks. The shows were great too they really entertained everyone. I would definitely recommend.

Lost N Da Swamp

Boy this place has changed ..... I grew up here in the 80s and 90s when parking was free an admission was well let's say way way cheaper. Season pass used to be $75 now it's how much?!!!!! Too much to do in one day daily admission should be way cheaper place was better when the beer company owned it

Mark Mickle

Beautiful place nice scenery we had a great time. (Bring umbrella) from rain or heat. Wonderful time we made alot of family memories, get a map from park it will help. Have fun God bless..

Brendan Pope

I have been going here since I was a child, now I bring my children here, pretty much every year. My oldest daughter graduated from high school this year and is starting school at William & Mary, so I guess she likes this area as well. Busch Gardens let's the kids blow off some steam after having pent up angst touring historical sites and walking down DOG Street (Duke of Gloucester St.).

S Lee

I heard stories of the different countries, the smells and food, how magical it was to walk through. It's definitely lost a lot of that. It's a great amusement park. Great coasters. Not very cultural anymore. Had a lot of frustrations with communication/knowledge of the staff. It seemed like no one knew answers to questions. We bought the food pass and walked back and forth for way too ling trying to use it. Ireland sent us to France because their food pass restaurant wasn't open yet. Turns out France wasn't either. Asked a question about locker rental and was told "I dunno, it could be?" But overall a lot of fun. Did the wine and beer tastings and had a great experience. Rode a lot of coasters! I would recommend 2 days if you can, between the lines and the size!

Bridgette Dow

Very Fun park! Great experience! My family & I really enjoyed our time there. There were some rides & countries we didn't get a chance to visit. Will definitely be back! I haven't gotten on a coaster in a while. It's probably best to take 2 days for the park so as enjoy all you & your family possibly can, especially if you're bringing children. The coasters were great. Didn't disappoint. Definitely a thrill!!

Mladen Tasevski

The park has wonderful rides. And added to that the whole theme thing they got going on with the countries is nice. The haunted houses were nice it's just that too many people go in at a time and it's no fun knowing infront of time. Was in off season and didn't have to wait and I found that very neat. Lockers could be a bit bigger so if you plan to go a lot on rides would recommend to leave your backpack in a car and get only your essentials. Beautiful views from the taller rides.

Robert Gathers

My family and I had so much fun... the staff is very friendly and the park is so clean you can eat off the ground. Safety is truly their number 1 concern. Great job BUSCH GARDENS!

Jae G. Kelley

I go with my cousins every year. The games are always fun, and the food is always good. I also love the variation of different coasters they have, and I simply cannot wait for Pantheon in 2020.

Joseph Serre

Busch Gardens is amazing. Our family had the time of our life. It was really really hot at the time and the park was virtually empty. We would only wait about 5 minutes for each ride. The performances were great and it's a tremendous part. We are from the West part of the United States and this amusement park is one of the best we've ever went to

Andrew Cartwright

As someone who can't ride anything due to motion sickness, there's plenty of things to keep me occupied at this park while the rest of my family go on roller coasters. Tons of sit down shows, and the park is beautiful so just walking around for several hours is a great time in itself. Park is so clean and well kept, and plenty of shade/air conditioned rooms. One of the few parks I don't mind going to.

Marlan Church

Always a great time! Awesome food. Beautiful atmosphere and amenities. Very cordial and helpful staff. And of course, the rides! They have a bit of everything on the menu for just about all ages.

Norman Carolino

A very very clean park and very safe! Lots of things to do! Great rides if you like rollercoasters this is a place for you! Great wildlife shows!!


Great day at the park. Very impressed with how short some of the lines for rides were. Rode the bigger coasters back to back to back with virtually no wait. Food prices are a bit steep and there are no real value offerings anywhere. In the future I would probably bring my own food and have a little picnic in the parking lot.

Amy Walton

Great time. I'm from Tampa, so hv been to the Tampa one a gazillion times. The Williamsburg Busch was fun and hubby was happy about the Bier fest! Kids loved all the coasters.

Catherine Arnold

This fun park is great for families and my daughter has been able to ride age appropriate rides since she was 3 years old. The landscaping is beautiful and the rides are so much fun. We love it!

Michael Bessent

Fantastic theme park, great selection of high quality rides for any thrill seeker! Food was so really good. Left the day having thoroughly enjoyed it all.

Darryl Smith

Very beautiful place to see. I had free tickets, so it was very worth the visit. I would not be so positive if I had to pay full price for my tickets. It was hot and they gave free cups of water at every refreshment stand and dining hall.

MaryBeth Brenner

Really disappointing today. End of September, and the park is in full swing for their annual Howl-o-Scream. But unlike other years that we have visited at this time, much of the park was closed. All water features were closed down. All water rides were closed. Many restaurants, many shops, much of the games of skill, closed. The park felt empty and depressing. I left mid afternoon. My daughter says it did get livelier, later in the day.

Brett Rudd

We love Busch Gardens! I have three children that are 8, 6, and 5. Easy to plan the day with the paper that shows what rides they can get on by height. Each height range has a separate paper listing. Membership is the way to go if you plan on going multiple times.

Brandon Wilder

Beautiful venue. Lines are much shorter than Disney. Staff very helpful and friendly. Lots to do even if you don't ride the coasters.

Branden Williams

Had an amazing time. a few issues with walkability especially if you have a stroller or wheelchair. Overall though the attractions, rides, and food were great.

Matthew Weatherwax

I loved the park! It was beautiful! The Loch Ness Monster ride was my favorite. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. I love all the different cultures represented in the park, every turn was a new adventure. I can't wait to go back!

Carol Mekosh

We are season pass holders and every year they let more and more people in to jam the park. Waiting an hour and a half for a 2 minute roller coaster ride is aggravating. Being rushed through a "haunted house" is no fun at all....December 31st I will cancel my family membership and find a better way to spend my $450 per year

Jaydan Youngs

My family comes here every year to use my free tickets that they offer to military personnel. We have never been disappointed and usually ride every roller coaster 3-4 times depending on the lines.

sindu Killamsetty

This is my favorite theme park. They have many great rides. Had a lot of fun and would go there again.

Marcus Mancini

I've visited no less than 500 times, and I still love it each and every time. If you visit during HallowScream the expect lines and waits, but it's still worth it. Almost all the food is just okay... The BBQ in New France is the best food in the park.


We enjoy going here every year. We always have an awesome time, we feel safe & the park is very clean including the restrooms. The price is affordable.

Josie DeSimone

The time they take to make sure their guests are safe is incredible. They keep up with radar regarding storms and weather conditions . They know a storm is nearing even before you can detect it in the sky. And there are bathrooms everywhere. Check out the Pet Shenanigans show. It was wonderful. We loved Busch Gardens.

James Sampson

Took 12 year old kid. Coaster lines weren't terrible. About an hour to get on. Place got busier as evening progressed.

Lacey Ambrosino

Great place with something for everyone. The park was clean and the staff was very nice. We went during the heat of summer and they had fans, misters, and shade all over the place. Definitely will go again

Phillip Garner

My favorite local theme park! Great Rollercoasters! Great food! A bit pricey, but never long ridiculous 2 hour wait lines like six flags!

Aunchay Madison

My first time visiting Busch Gardens today. I love that the park is themed after different European countries. I also love the scenery, it is a beautiful park. Seeing the eagles, horses, sheep were a real treat. Not used to seeing them unless I go to an animal or something. The coasters were pretty awesome. I was able to ride most of them before we got rained out. I wish that signage was a little better throughout the park. It is very easy to get lost despite the park being sectioned into countries. Had a really good time though.

MsB Cheet

I went to Busch Gardens Williamsburg for the first time in years with my family. I had a great time. The rides were very nice, and we all won some prizes including a gigantic stuffed animal. That was a definite plus! I definitely look forward to going back there, and much sooner this time!

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