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618 Conley Rd, Alamo, TN 38001, United States

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REVIEWS OF Tennessee Safari Park IN Tennessee

Brian Davis

We had gone to a big city zoo the week before, but our kids absolutely loved the Safari Park! They had some animals others don't and interacting with them is amazing. They also have a walk through mini zoo at the end with lots of colorful birds, a Giraffe, peacocks, and more. Great memories for the whole family.

Kerry Figiel

Expect to feed A LOT of animals! They will approach your car, block your car, poke their heads in the windows! Lots of laughs. The camels and ostriches are the most aggressive. The llamas are gentle. Definitely worth getting the 4 buckets of food for $10. If you have any left, you can give it to the goats in the petting zoo area. A good side trip from Memphis. Plan to spend a few hours.

Travis Colson

First off, great park. Family thoroughly enjoyed. Lots of fun. Only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is their stance on Car Load prices. Their FAQ about the matter comes off as kind of rude. To me, offering a car load price makes sense for a DRIVE THROUGH park. I understand there’s parts of the visit where you’re not in the car, i.e. petting zoo, grill, etc., but the main point is being a drive through safari. Also, it’s a little bold for them to say they are not aware of any other park in the U.S. that offers a “car load” price. They must not be aware of much. I can think of one right off the top of my head and it’s Yellowstone Bear World which offers a very similar experience, possibly more, and they offer a car load price of 88.95 with individual prices being $19. Great concept. If the safari park adopted this I would easily give 5 stars!

ashley cotton

We had so much fun at this park! My kids did not want to leave. We were there for 5 hours and still wanted to stay longer. It's the perfect family day get away.

Lance Schneider

The Tennessee Safari Park was fantastic. I had never been so close to so many different animals I had only seen on television, or from far off. Family had a great time.

Patti Patterson

We just loved being able to feed all the animals in the drive thru part. And the goats inside at the petting area were just adorable

Jeremy Nollen

Bit overpriced, but we've still been 3 times. Kids live it. But the animals will still your buckets, so be careful.

Emperor almizori

It's fun and a new experience feeding the animals and getting that close to you

Elizabeth McDonald

Had a great time feeding and petting the animals. Wasn't going to go but am so glad we did. Would go again.

Jess Harper

It is awesome to see these animals so close! We bought four buckets for two of us and we ran out of the feed really early on so toward the back those animals weren’t happy with us lol.

Jay Williams

My family had a great time, it was nice to see a variety of animals too

Cassandra Robb-Best

Visited here while staying in Memphis...its a bit of a drive, but I suppose worth it. I realize I sound a bit spoiled in saying that I expected to see a larger variety of animals, mostly buffalo, llama, deer here. We did not go to the petting zoo. A bit put off by the fact that you are charged per passenger and not per vehicle, plus you have to buy the food. We did not try to feed the buffalo due to that fact that we saw them biting down on and pulling the buckets of food out of the hands of feeders. Liked seeing the zebras and camels up close.

William Massey

This is a great place to go to for a fun, and exciting, little outing. It gets exciting when an ostrich sticks his head in the window of your car and pecks at your camera lenses. Follow the rules, don't throw your trash out, and enjoy the creatures.

Stephanie Montgomery

This is the best park within 60 miles of our home, well worth the money if you are interested in a drive thru adventure. We've been to other Safari parks, but this one is laid out better and offers a lot more to see.

Julie Gilbert

Loved this place!! A great new experience for anyone of any age. Just wish I could have been more interactive with the animals.

Rod Pitsonbarger

Fantastic place!!!if you ever get a chance take the family there.its once in a lifetime.

Darla and Friends

It may seem expensive but it is worth the price. I had so much fun and one of the videos I took went viral on TikTok from here.

Karl Garr

Wow. It was amazing. We took the grandkids and they still talk about it. The ostriches are very friendly. I will go back. Worth every penny.

Christy Scherffius

Got there late in the day we did see some animals more ostriches then anything which was cool... it was so hot and late in the day the animals were not very active

Willette Todd

Fun place for the kids. They really enjoyed the petting zoo.

William Holland

I've lived in this area most of my life and never heard of this place until last year. My first trip there this past weekend and it was AWESOME!!!! I got attacked by an ostrich, got to pet a bison (who didn't like being petted), one of the llamas took the food bucket right out of my hand, there were beautiful animals everywhere. I loved every minute of it. I'm so glad my wife and I got to go on our anniversary weekend. Admission cost is very reasonable, food and drinks for us was very very reasonable, and cost of food for the animals is definitely worth it. We bought 8 buckets of food for the animals but it wasn't enough. Next time we'll do at least 12. I thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Katherine Reyna

LOVE Loooove Love this place! So much fun, the kids really enjoyed it. The animals were healthy, friendly, and the park wad super clean.

Tony Aguilera

awsome place. definitely going back.

Dan Brooks

Pricing a little high. Watch out for the camels if at the beginning, they stand in front of your car til you roll down your window then steal your buckets. Was funny at first but nothing left for anyone else later in. Zebras stayed away, inactive animals. Just seemed like nothing but diff kinds of deer n ostrich/emu. Only saw one bison and several of what looked like a type of cow and brown Longhorns. Didn't go through walk area or gift shop. If I ever go back I'll skip the camels at the entrance and save my feed for the deer.


Nice place to take your kids but can be a bit pricey


The drive thru part of the park is pretty awesome. They have a lot of different animals to see and feed. Beware the buffalo will probably steal your bucket of food lol It took us about 2 hrs and 30 mins or so to drive through and feed the animals. They have a walk through area and a petting zoo, they were not as good as the drive through area. The petting zoo only had goats. One of the cool things about the walk through is you are able to feed the giraffe carrots that your purchase in the gift shop. The prices at the grill which is more of a concession stand, is a little pricey of course. The snow come I had was not very good. The reptile area is just a few stands at the back of the gift shop. They have a walk through bird area, it's not very big but it is pretty cool nonetheless.


This place is a must. We took our granddaughters and we had so much fun feeding the animals and laughing.

jo baldridge

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Can Not Go Wrong! No cheesyness at all, clean, well manicured, wide variety of animals, and many of each. Be prepared to feed, laugh, little scary, but well worth, WELL WORTH money and drive thru visit with the animals. Nothing shy of all these kind animals just wanting & waiting attention. So clean! Sooooooo Clean!!

Amy Ramkhelawan

We always have a great time when we go. Family friendly and the animals are very interactive in the safari.

linda mays

I loved this place...we did not purchase any feed and glad we didn't. There are lots of llama's who know cars have feed and are very agressive so drive very slow. Camel's, buffalo, ostrich,so many different animals which cover a large area. One giraffe but mostly plains type animals minus large predators (lions, cheetah, leopard etc). We didn't have time to enjoy the petting zoo. Overall a great value.

Justin K

Great experience. Recommend getting at least 4 food bowls. And save some for the giraffe at the end

Jessica Boone

So fun for the kids! Especially the goats for our 2yr old. The entire park was great.

randall Sharp

This place is absolutely amazing. Awesome animals and they come right up to your car so you can feed them . Feed is provided at the gate!

Catrina Washam

Fun for all ages, had a great time. Was so beautiful

Stephanie Asleson

Great tourist attraction for the price. We drive about an hour and a half once a year to check it out. Lots of hungry critters.

Brittany Colbert

Today was so fun!!! We was too exhausted to do the walk in zoo but the drive through was AMAZING!!! Also MRS PATSY at the front was so Nice and had the most Beautiful smile on her face! Mrs Patsy (Owner) was willing to assist us with welcoming arms! The animals was beautiful and had a nice appetite, The Bison were my favorite! Make sure to purchase enough food as well, this was worth the drive and time ! I WILL LOVE TO COME AGAIN !

Harold Jones

A great way to see wild animals up close !

Josh White

Very nice. Good choice for a family outing or anything. Feeding animals is the best thing!

Gary Guzman

This is a great place for the family adventure....


The buffalo are savages! They will take your whole bucket! Fun place to feed animals!!


Its better than a zoo.

Debra Nance

We thought price was good. Animals came right up to vehicles so we could feed them. Overall the experience was great for our 3 and 11 yr old grandchildren as well as us 64 yr olds!!! Highly recommend!

Tim Armstrong

The family and myself had a blast driving thru and feeding the animals! It's a must do.

Shelly P

I took my 3 small children to the Tennessee Safari Park for a fun filled interacting with animals day. The best and most fun was driving through and feeding all kinds of animals, mostly Llama, Emu, and Ostrich. There is an abundance of those 3 animals and they seem to be the hungriest! They literally run up to your car and have no problem reaching in to find the feed bucket. It's hilarious! Be aware of the camel, they'll snag your feed bucket in a jif. Once again, hilarious! The 5 mile drive took us about an hour to get through and that's taking our time and enjoying all the animals in the park. Once finished with the drive through part we parked and went to see the other animals. It wasn't as impressive as the driving park but fun non-the-less. The gift shop is small but has a descent assortment of typical souvenirs to choose from. Prices were affordable for us all the way from entrance to food for the animals to souvenirs. Would I revisit? I would but would only do the drive through park. We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn in Jackson which is a short drive to Alamo. I highly recommend that hotel if within your price range. It's new, lovely, and staff is awesome! Have fun if you go to Alamo!

John Richardson

Fun for the entire family. A must see attraction.


Great to visit, animals are well taken care of. Lots of fun feeding them as you drive through.

Dulceee B

we love it

Dan Taylor

Enjoyed the visit with out of town family. Prices are ridiculous: Adults $16.00 each, Children age 2 - 12 $12.00 each. $56.00 for 2 Adults and 2 children!!!! Not counting the $5.00 for feed for each person Cash only!!!

Michelle Brown

This was absolutely amazing. I would have loved to see the giraffe up close but it clearly has a mind of its own, lol.

Shawn Mullins

This place is wonderful! We came back after about 10 years and the amount of growth and progress on the grounds is breathtaking. Takes about 2 hours now that it has been expanded. BTW Feeding the buffalo is worth the risk!

Elizabeth Stump

This was a great little outing for Sunday but anyday it would be great.

Cheryl Elkins

is an awesome visit animals come right up and you feed them the lamas are so funny one will stop the car while others eat I laughed so hard.

Beverly Weatherford

This place was super awesome. I highly recommend it if you love animals. My grandsons really enjoy it. It does take a while to drive through but we'll worth it. Take your camera because you will take lots.

-l-Rebekah Morris

We had a great time. Kids really enjoyed their experience. Buy alot of food makes the experience better.

Megan Bell

So fun! All the animals were in good shape and well taken care of. The kids loved it and fun was had by all.

Diana Nance

If you get the chance, go here. The price is fair. The animals are beautiful and friendly. You get to feed them!! Its amazing! Buy more than one bucket of food because there are tons of animals. We bought 4 and ran out halfway through. Its pretty laid back through the week. We took our time and took tons of pictures. Looking forward to going back.

Jade Harrison

Online it says the park closes at 5, but the woman at the gate said last car had to be in by 4. That was not specified online , and we got there at 4:04pm and she still was trying to deny us at the door. She was very short and rude as well . I was very disappointed and displeased

Connie Johansen

So much fun, definately worth the drive.

Noel Hernandez Jr

We had a blast!!! Feed the animals from your car, not much of a zoo after the drive but still worth it. First time seeing a wildebeest. Will go back when family comes to visit.

Christina Pye

Best time ever! My grands had a ball feeding all of the animals! We were there about 90 minutes. So many animals to see ! Even a giraffe!

Asia Monii

Though we enjoyed the park, most of these reviews are misleading. In no way, shape, or form were the animals beautiful. They appeared to be poorly taken care of (red patches where fur or coat should’ve been, blood on their faces, and the ostriches were even eating their own eggs which isn’t normal at all) This sounds like a horror story, and quite frankly it was, it was a bit disheartening knowing that they had no other choice hence why the animals are so aggressive here. I love animals but a lot of maintenance needs to be done at this park, starting with our furry friends.

Kevin Farmer

Great safari, even with no kids! Did the walking part first, always fun to watch the monkeys. Pet and fed the goats, took about 20 minutes. The drive through safari was fun, the animals know you are feeding them so they come to you. 2 warnings, watch the emu’s they sneak up when not looking and their heads come right in the car. Next, don’t let the little kids feed the zebras, they grab the buckets and pull away. Lots of buckets on the ground where they are.

Phillip Bell

We had alot fun!! Highly recommended

patricia morehead

Went on a field trip with my daughter here. We loved it. We definitely will be back with the whole family.

Nathan Van Der Spek

Best place in the world the kids loved it and i did as well so friendly and the animals where all so close

Jingting Sun

Great place for one day trip!Animals are cute


TN Safari is so amazing! First time there and it was everything I thought it would be.

John Rivera

Nice family place... cash only good food too

Kevin Leighton

Fun for the whole family. Quite the experience. Well worth the time for the trip, for the same price as admission to the zoo, you can get up close and personal with the animals. Will definitely do it again.

Lawrence Watson

An awesome experience! Beware of the ostriches, they can be aggressive.

Michael Gembe

This has a great family atmosphere. If your looking for a fun day for the family this place is for you. Highly recommend. Has everything from camels to zebras to alpacas.

Layla Borisouth

Worth going. Worth the price. Animals are friendly. Got some amazing photos. You can go in with the baby goats and it made my day!! Must go!!

james henson

Liked the park ok but after about twenty minutes it was monotonous. Same old thing, didn't have variety we thought it would.

Joseph Williams

A great place to take your children.

Lesley Gooch

Great . Kids loved it... Animals extremely friemdly ...

Toten Katy

Great place to take the kids

Rachel Davis

Awesome place for kids and family. Our kids loved feeding all the animals. It was fun and exciting. We even saw a wildebeest be born! Do take a vehicle you don't mind getting dirty and possibly scratched. The animals come right up to the car and sometimes peck at it. The ostriches are especially forward.

John Ratliff

Very enjoyable! FAQ's online are a must read. Cash only.

Apul Vyas

Drive through the 5.5 miles of Safari Roads in your own car and interact and feed animals as you make your way through our park.After your journey return to the Walk Through Zoo. Great place to visit with family.. especially kids. A good option for a one day trip from Memphis.


First time we visted this park. First thought it was quite expensive but once you drive through the park, see the walk through animals and other exhibits - worth every penny. Very clean and well kept. Animals seemed to be very well treated. Lot of fun.

Alexander Yanis

The ultimate family experience in Tennessee! Reasonably priced, educational, and interactive! There were even mist stations to cool off in warm weather at designated locations to allow for extended time within the safari itself. All in all, the greatest family experience I've had in Tennessee, and this is coming from an introvert who would otherwise prefer to remain indoors! Thank you, Tennessee Safari Park!

Chris Cowart

We have visited this place twice now. We enjoyed the first time (about 2 1/2 years ago), and when we came back the second time I thought I knew what to expect. I am not sure if they raised their prices or not, but as we pulled up for our second visit I thought man this is too expensive for what this park is.... boy was I wrong! The new additions and construction are amazing! They have added so much value to the park. They upgraded the gravel walkways to asphalt and just knocked it out of the park with the landscaping! The new animal cages were resourceful, creative and eco responsible. You could tell that the animals were well fed and happy. And every thing was clean. How they have 50 million peacocks walking around and keep it so clean is amazing to me! Our second visit was great and well with the price of admission. My boys loved it and had a great time!

Katherine Webb

This place is amazing. There is no where else that can compare, anywhere around us. We drove from Dickson and made a day of it. I mean we got to pet a zebra and kiss a giraffe!!! Recommend to EVERYONE!

Erik Goodwin

We really enjoyed the park. Lots of animals come right up to your car window allowing you to feed and pet them. Watch out for the camels and buffalo, they will take your entire bucket of food. Will definitely be back.

Eddie Eidson

Well worth the money. Friendly staff and very helpful. I would go back again

Ken McGaffin

What an extraordinary place. My grandson love it.

Ali M

What a great way to spend the day with family! Never been to something like this but would definitely recommend and definitely visit again!

Jeff Gitter

Unique experience, but watch out for aggressive birds

Crystal Redd

I have been twice and love the animals. Friendly staff. A bit pricey but still fun.

Mathew Cramer

We had a blast, the animals were amazing, would definitely do again. However, we were pretty excited about seeing the African servals that are advertised on the website, but they were probably the only animal in an enclosure that you could'nt get close to and could barely see.

Dquionte Hughes

Didn't know I would so much fun and be so scared at the same time. The animals are HARMLESS. Great place to take your family or just for a random activity lol.

Niki Johnson


Annabelle Stephens

Well worth the $$$. Just get a lot of feed because it goes quick!

Darth Allen

It was a awesome thing to do with kids they really enjoyed it

Melanie Oliver

What a neat place to bring the whole family! Be sure to get plenty of food for all the animals.

Donna Turner

Great fun! Drive thru and feed a llama all types of animals roam free. Fun for the whole family. Try to get coupons before you go. $$

James Ballou

Doesn’t allow pets in vehicles or have arrangements to board. Had to travel all the way there to find out. Attendant was rude and just handed money back. That would be something pretty important to post on all those expensive highway signs and advertising.

JoAnn Spiess

My grandchildren were eksted. The animals were awesome.

Mike Souders

What a great time and value. Our grand kids loved feeding the animals from inside the car. Very well maintained. Hold on to your food cups. Those are smart, wild animals.

Brenda Bowers

It's so much fun the kids enjoy it they take good care of the animals there in the people are really friendly it's very clean especially their bathrooms and all around the cages are very clean who are you

drew bodenheimer

Pretty cool place. So price wise it was similar to a trip to the zoo for us. The kids loved it. The animals stick their heads in to get to the food. Plus they have a petting zoo and other small attractions. We did not eat there but the prices were a bit high like you would expect from any enclosed attraction. The playground was beat to hell and looked like it would collapse any moment. The people were friendly. One lady in front of us ran off the road and got stuck. That was really funny because she looked like a Karen and she was blaming the park for bad roads. When really she just couldn't drive. Good times good times.

Susan Haunted True Stories

It was a real experience being up close with those animals. It felt alot like Jurassic Park. Lol. Terrifying at times. It was pricey at $16 per adult, (bring cash) but it took about an hour and a half to do the Drive Thru. Then you can also enjoy the Walk Thru. So you could spend hours there. There are great photo ops everywhere. The facilities are nice and well maintained. The staff friendly. You can drive your vehicle thru which adds to the fear cause you don't know what might happen to your vehicle. But they will also drive you thru on their equipment. The choice is yours. We made it with no damage.

Brendia Rosado

Ultimately best time in a while! Animal from everywhere buffalo,gazelle, giraffes and more! I will be going back

Leslee Webb

It was a great experience for all ages. The animals were amazing. Would highly recommend it to everyone.

Elizabeth Keltz

We had a blast today! There's a great picnic area. We bought 4 buckets of feed but should have gotten more.

caitlyn chupp

This is absolutely the best thing to do!! Had a great time. Glad there were spots for slower traffic to pull so your not in a rush! Spent an hour just in the drive thru part!

Heath Arnold

The barns were several feet deep in manure, cane was grown up terribly in exhibits. The place needs cleaned up and maintained. As a former journeyman farrier I notice many feet were in desperate need of care. Nonetheless, I highly recommend this for a family outing.

Thomas Rich

Fun, interesting trip for kids. The prices are getting prohibitively expensive, though. No more charging by the car load. $16 adults and $12 kids?? That's $72 for a family of 5. Then by the time you buy feed and use your own fuel, you're at $100+. To continue to get local, rural customers this place will need to look to be more accommodating to the area with their prices..

Christine Layton

My favorite animal related place to visit hands down best experience everytime we visit...nice employees and sweet animals..

Victoria Dallam

We loved this experience so much, absolutely awesome place. Clean animal pens and clearly well cared for critter. Worth the detour.


Great interaction with the animals. Be careful of the camels they tend to pull the bucket out of your hands especially with younger kids. The ostriches peck at the food ferociously it can be quite intimidating. Other than that, it is a beautiful place for the animals to roam and come right up to your vehicle.

lauren fun tube

Had a lovely time with the family.. Ms Patsy at the entrance is always soo bubbly!!!

Mommy With Four

Fun place, but park your camper at The Front Porch restaurant a few minutes away. Don't bring dogs or else the buffalo will ram your car to kill the dog. Also, feed the camel! Parents, prepare to vacuum your car after the safari trip is over. We had some great laughs and awesome videos of that big bird biting my toddlers.... so much fun

Hannah Wall

I live 2.5 hrs away.. completely worth the drive for me and my kiddos! We were there 2.5 hrs before close and I wish we would of came earlier! There was so much more we could of done.. I thought it was only the drive thru (which was awesome) but there is also a store and walk through areas! Will go back for sure with the kids and husband!

byry dyana

I love this place, but I think the animals needs more water=) but place is very good=)

Miles Horner

The kids had a blast seeing all the different types of animals up close

Jason Neel

Great little weekend Adventure great for all ages. One little tidbit of advice don’t get rid of all of your feed right at the beginning as you go along the park you will notice that more and more animals will approach you for feedings. Overall worth the trip

Ashley Miller

We loved taking our three year old. It is very neat to experience the animals up close.


For anyone thinking about renting the safari bus DO NOT DO IT!! We rented it for our 4 year olds birthday party and it lasted 20 whole minutes!! He didn’t even take us through the whole park, not even HALF of it!! We had to get back in our cars and go through the park afterwards!! Ridiculous that we had to pay an extra $100 and only saw 3 different animals!! Very disappointed, all the kids were upset asking if that was all the time we had on the bus. Thanks a lot for disappointing my child on her birthday!! Last but not least, the Woman at the toll booth was extremely rude!!

Tina Ramos

Loved it. Great place.

Mary Leavins

The Safari Park is very open for a drive around to see all the animals. Restrooms were clean. Gift shop had great items. Went with MES Field Trip. Above our expectations. We will be back.

Mahkyla Jewell

Fun trip for all ages. I really enjoyed my time there. Just some tips before going. Get enough food bc after the trail, there is a zoo where you can also feed the giraffe and goats. I went with 1 other person and we bought 4 buckets of food which was enough. I would not recommend letting small children feed the ostriches. They are a tad bit intimidating and eat obnoxiously. If you try to stop feeding them they will stick their heads right in your car. Don’t feed the bison. I would assume it’s not recommended by staff bc there is a “feed at your own risk sign”. Lastly be careful when feeding the antelopes. Their horns are pretty massive and could easily scratch your car paint.

Jason Carr

It was awesome! Great place for a family to bring the kids. Fun for the whole family! My wife and I went and we had a blast. My wife loved feeding Jackson the giraffe some carrots! The gift shop was nice and the prices are fair. It's a great place to take the family and not break the bank!!!!

Brian Miller

Feeding the animals from the car best experience. Awesome family time, grandkids loved it. Also have petting zoo and walking area. Money well spent !!

Hoover Amaya

My wife loves animals so I surprised her by bringing her here from Nashville. The experience was great and my wife had si much fun. Will definitely come again in the future.

Teana Miller

We had a lot of laughs while driving through. Great family experience. Memories were made. I would highly suggest a visit to anyone wanting to experience that close range with animals.

regina black

Animals were beautiful and loved seeing them roam

Brett Logan

The buffalo will take the bucket out of your hand. Don't be afraid of the ostriches and emu.

Raphael Juniel

If you love personal and close encounters with animals this place is so for you. We visited from Houston and had the best experience ever. My wife and kids where scared of feeding the ostriches. They can be a little agressive in eating the feed from the buckets. The llamas and alpacas are cool and friendly. The zebras, camels, horned animals were all cool. Heads up the one with horns will bite the bowls of feed and snatch them out your hand. It was awesome to have the animals walk up to your car so you can feed them. Well worth the money for entry and feed.

Ina Avraham

This is a must do! We had amazing time and the animals look in great shape. We really enjoyed our visit and glad we went!

Lisa Long

Loved it!! Would have been 5 stars but after the price per person (not by car) they should have offered 1 free bowl of food at least instead of buying whatever food you wanted to feed the animals as well also the bathrooms needed alot of TLC but overall it was a blast!

Alex Mason

This place is great. I always have fun with the kids here.

Peggy Gibson

The animals, the laughter of grand kids..Im ready to go back! I use a cane to walk..It was hot, we were walking back to the car holding my husband's arm..A golf cart pulled up a a lovely young lady named Ashley gave us a,ride to the car. Caring workers!! Thanks Ashley!!

wanda carroll

We really enjoyed this . Wood do it agsin

shiloh reynolds

Was a great place. I did not have high hopes as I had never been and was suggested by someone I met at Overton park but was pleasantly surprised! My children enjoyed this more than the zoo I think and even the bags of food were not too expensive or prohibitive. The animals were friendly and no bad apples so to speak! Well worth the drive and cost of admission.

Joey McNew

This is a really nice place! Prices are affordable as well. We'll be back soon for sure.

Gretchen Peterson

We had a great time in both the drive through and walk through sections. We had troubld holding on to the feed buckets as the animals do try and get all the food from you. I recommend arriving early so there are not as many cars in front of you or you will be stuck at the pace of those in front.

Kathy Shields

First time going. Not really impressed with park and animals.

Libby Smith

Wonderful time with the kids & grandkids. This Gigi loved the giraffe! Definitely a must see in West TN.

Baker Alfayadh

Careful Camels steal buckets!!! Very fun and exciting for all ages. Buy more then 4 bucketd of feed , and plan to spend more then 2 hours.

Joselynn M

Such a wonderful place to visit although there was a llama loose lol

Renee Hawkins

What a WONDERFUL thing to do with your family. I suggest 4 buckets of feed per person. The buffalo will take the buckets. My only disappointment was their safari grill. Hamburgers and hotdogs, the snow cone ice is not fine enough so the liquid goes straight to the bottom and NOT worth the high price. So bring your own bag lunches & drinks! We WILL be going back!!!!

Ruby Sibley

The perfect fun place to go with family of ALL ages. My Stepfather is 90 and wheel chair bound. We go every year. We laugh and have a great time.

Paulina Yescas

A really fun place to feed animals. There is not a huge variety of animal but, I have never feed a zebra before or a lama. It's a great experience for kids and an easy ride on the car.

Karissa Jackson

We drove 4 1/2 hours to this park and it was 100% worth the drive!!! The gate attendant was so friendly and fun. We travel across the country to safaris and we will 100% visit this one again. It was a great experience.

Dawndi Tomlinson

My boyfriend and I had a wonderful time at the Safari Park. The gate attendant was very kind. Remember to bring CASH! The animals were active and approached your vehicle readily. The two of us used 4 buckets of feed and still ran out before the end. You may want to buy a couple of extra. It’s worth it. Plan to spend about 60-90 minutes enjoying the safari.

Ana Esquivel

This is a nice place, very interesting. They have a wide variety of animals to see. It's well organized. They need to update the brochure with all the animals and species they have. And it's getting expensive.

Ro bo

We had THE BEST time today at the Safari Park! Honestly, you need at least 6 buckets of feed because there are just so many adorable animals there to feed! Also, the ostriches are plentiful and a bit pushy, the zebras and the camel's are professionals when it comes to pulling the feed bucket from your hands. You need a strong grip when feeding them. I honestly wish we had time to go back through again and I wish we had this where I live in Australia!

Grace Murrey

Neat idea, the only problem we had was finding our way out to the parking lot, we got stuck behind some cars & seemed like we were driving in circles - could have used a map on the brochure or better signage. Pretty expensive & its cash only. If they are closed, its not always on facebook as we discovered the first time we went, much to my son's disappointment after a long drive.

Danielle Childers

The kids (4 and 6) loved it! I took a star off because it was very expensive and some of the animals were food aggressive, particularly the ostriches and some of the buffalo. Still recommend!

Tracie Kirby

Pretty cool experience, I wish we had gotten there earlier (3:30p). It took us over an hour and a half to get through the driving part. By the time we were done it was after 5p and the walk thru part and the gift shop was closed. We got 4 buckets of food and didnt need the last 2. Tip: Make sure you have plenty of gas and go to the restroom before you start.

Mark B

Don't be the first car of the day through the park on a Sunday. We came on a Sunday morning and all the critters just flocked to our car. They ate voraciously! I didn't have the negative experiences others have had - just make sure you're not the first car of the day.

Lily Johnson

This is the most fun I have had in a while. None of the animals were to aggressive, they just want the food. Very cheap for what's it worth.

Nosferatu Dracula

Great place to bring the family. Recommend you rent a car. Prepare to spend the entire day. The full drive will take the majority of the day. You're in a caravan/column of cars with buckets of feed. Animals approach your car as you crawl through, stopping occasionally to feed the animals that suit you. Keep a firm grip on the feed buckets!!! The animals will pull them out of your hands. The bison are pretty bossy, but the ostrich was surprisingly dainty. 10/10 would go again. Recommend you rent/drive a suburban or Tahoe as the added height will help when fending off some animals.

nicole johnson

Great place to take the family but be warned the entire place is cash only even concessions.

Lori Pine

We love this place! They maintain the property beautifully and they animals are endless and cared for. The kids get the biggest kick out of feeding them. I can’t say enough good. Then when you’re done driving you can walk the 20 acre zoo. And gift shops. Love it !!!

Travis Wilson

This a really fun place to go and get up close and personal to animals

Wayne Walpole

Good place for a family visit. We were on a car but seeing the experience of those in open Jeeps, I was a bit envious. Over an hour drive through the park with a walk through the 20 acre park after. This is a cash only establishment. You can buy buckets of feed to tempt the animals during your drive. Be sure you have fuel in your tank when you go. Bring lunch as this will be a long day.

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