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478 Happy Hollow Ln, Sevierville, TN 37876, United States

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REVIEWS OF Smoky Mountain Deer Farm and Exotic Petting Zoo IN Tennessee

Cara Sabb

Came here on our vacation and the kids had a blast! The price is very reasonable and the feed cup was more than enough for my 2 boys to share! The animals all looked like they were in great shape, other than a couple that you could tell we're hitting old age, but that's just nature for ya. Was able to spend about an hour and half here which for us was the perfect amount of time. Will definitely return in our future trips!

cookieMonster Yeet

Prices of feed refils were cheap and petting the animals was a fun expirience. The emu's were gentle and the goats were friendly.Thet horses were beautiful and clean

Stephanie Lowery

What a great time!! We got to pet and feed the goats, deer, camel, donkey, zebra, zonkey, emu, Belgium horse and more. The kangaroo was soo soft, like a fleece blanket. Very reasonably priced attraction

Aaron Sink

Awesome place! The staff was very friendly and all of the animals were friendly and well taken care of.

Jose Diaz-Marin

We had a blast walking between the different animals and feeding them. Great for kids and adults.

Diane Breiner

Fabulous! We loved it with our 18 month granddaughter.

Jessica Travis

My daughter loves seeing the animals and petting them. The prices r great too nice and friendly people! Good place for a family and if u love animals

Sabrina Crone

This place was amazing and I highly recommend it! Our one year old loved it! Very friendly staff! Animals were awesome and the pony ride was a perfect end to our vacation! Thank you for such a great time!

Angela Moffett

Perfect place for little ones, friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Cameron Howie

We had a great time. Awsome family destination.

Devaney Packer

I absolutely loved this farm! I am from OH and visited TN in August. I found this place on Google when I was looking at things to do in the area. I am so glad I found it because it was the much fun! The prices aren't bad and there is so many animals to feed and pet. You can even hold the baby goats! It was awesome.

nathan wilson

This was a nice stop away from the crowds in Pigeon Forge. They have a good assortment of animals that are more than happy to take your food. We had a great time visiting.

Katyana S

This place is super cool. They have so many fun animals (make sure you save the food if you buy some, don't waste it all at the beginning. I ran out really fast and then I had none when we got to some of the animals). You get to meet and pet all these exotic fancy animals. The kangaroo loved being scratched on the chest. They also have lots of goats and trail rides. Definitely check this out no matter what age you are.

Eric Stender

My wife and daughter loved it! We would probably go again as our daughter gets older. They were able to hold a baby goat, feed goats, and walk in the list of 35+ small deer. Some things could be updated as far as the grounds go, and some of the animals were a little grumpy but nothing too bad.


I go here as many times a year as I possibly can. This petting zoo is so very well maintained. Everyone who works here loves the animals so much, and it shows. They are very spoiled. It's a beautiful little petting zoo with a lot of different species. Make sure you visit if you're in the area!!

Emilee Mosier

The place is beautiful, and the staff there are so friendly and helpful. The amount of feed they give you is worth the low price and can feed all the animals that you're allowed to. The pony ride is a GREAT deal! They let you lead the pony/child for multiple large laps, and are so patient with all ages. My kiddos, age 4 and 1 had a blast and loved it! Definitely worth our two hour drive out there, and planning on going back.

Angela Bryson

Kids had so much fun and so did i

Jackie Smith

Fun for the whole family ! All the animals are well taken care of ! Run by a sweet couple Miss. Lynn and Mr. Greg (owners) plus my son in law Vince Longley is the head Zoo Keeper ! Love this place !

Kristina Enyart

Friendly staff and kids loved the fact they could hold baby goats and pet the animals.

Miranda Johnson

So neat to feed the animals. Hands on. Great for families with kids and those who love nature.

Julia Popler

My children loved seeing all the different animals. They were highly excited when they could feed the deer and pet goats.

Tyke White

We always have a great experience every time we come. They let you get hands on with the animals which is a big plus. Most places don't allow you to interact with the animals and here it's encouraged. You are allowed to get in the enclosure with the goats and the deer. We enjoyed getting to feed the animals and have them come up to you. The price is affordable. The food is also half off after the initial price. The employees were friendly and informational. We will be back!

Shawn Taylor

So worth it i will definitely be coming back was absolutely one of a kind and amazing experience and honestly not that expensive at all

Jillian Fox

Such a cute and cool place to visit! After turning off the main road and heading towards this be prepared for a bumpy drive due to all of the rocks

Allison Deaner

We visited last year with our 3 little kids, and my 4 year old animal-lover was in heaven! You get to walk inside the goat and deer pen, and you're immediately surrounded. They had a nice variety of animals, plenty of food to feed them, and a hand washing station, and great prices. When we were done looking at the animals, we found they had pony rides, which was a huge hit! Very happy with the experience and the staff. We will be returning this year!

Natosha Watts

We loved being able to see all the animals and pet them and the kids loved riding the ponies. Prices are very fair. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Animals are friendly. But, coming from a farm, we are just disappointed with the way the animals appear cared for. Except for the goats and a few of the ponies, the other animals look sickly skinny and dirty, not like it's been muddy and they just haven't been cleaned recently, but chronically, long term dirty. The ponies at the stables are very unkempt and their hair is dirty and knotty and they haven't had any hoof care island ages and it shows. Seemed better several years ago and every year seems to be getting worse, this may have been our last year there after 5 years of visiting.


Well worth the money! So great for kids. Watch out taking food inside the fence with goats they WILL jump on you! The deer are sweet. Just a great family place all around.

Jean Wietmarsche

We had an amazing time! I highly suggest to anyone. My 21 month old daughter had a blast! The animals were well taken care of, happy, and friendly! You can tell the staff take great pride in their animals and facility. We will be back.

Aida Ramos

Very friendly people. The horses are well cared for and our guide was entertaining as well. Very reasonable price. Very family friendly.

Christopher Brown

This place was a blast loved coming here with my family, definitely coming again soooon!!!

Beth Lehman

We had so much fun we loved being able to hold the goats and pet the animals

Krupa Thakkar

This place was great. Only reason I gave them 4 instead of 5 stars is that I thought the ticket prices were slightly high for the place. Kids had a great time feeding the goats and deers and also getting to see other animals like kangaroos, zebras, camels,ponies, elks, reindeers as well as ostrich, emus, etc.

Josh Guy

Very well kept and a great place to visit!

Soggy Cinnamon

This was awesome and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to pick up a baby goat

Kurt McLane

Staff was very friendly and informative. Could use outdoor or more areas to wash hands.

Nancy Ray

Loved this place. Had lots of animals to feed and you could take your time and go at your own pace. Cost wasn't cheap but it was worth it.

Kyle Crewey

Visited here on vacation, my family and I were very pleased with our visit. My son had fun petting and feeding all the animals.

Robyn Goldy

A fun place to interact with all kinds of animals. Not to expensive, if you are a animal lover you will love it.

Pat Hunt

This is a great and very interactive animal petting zoo. The zonkey is especially gentle and friendly. Just be cautious around the camels. Don't turn your back on them if you are within their biting radius. My wife thought she was a safe distance from the camel when she turned to leave. She she was bitten pretty hard on her shoulder.

Miranda Parrish

Such a treat for the kids. Definitely would recommend.

Ben Eubanks

Kids have loved coming here for years. Pony rides, feeding animals, and petting the baby goats are favorites for everyone at the zoo. Staff are friendly and helpful.

Amberly Lutsch

We had the best time here today! Laid back, outdoor fun feeding and petting deer and goats, seeing a zebra, camels, elk, llamas, emu, kangaroos and more. Took our 2 year old and he was all for getting in the pen with the animals. He loved it too! The prices are very affordable too; it only cost $.99 for my sons admission.

rebekah neal

This is the 3rd time we've been back and love it every time!!! Horses are amazing and calm. The petting zoo is diverse nd baby goats are my favorite!!

Kayla Valley

Loved visiting these sweet animals!

Tony Tuite

The staff are friendly and attentive. The animals enjoy being fed but don't act like they're starving. They seem well cared for and are well tempered as you can expect farm animals to be.

scott marshall

The kids had a good time but a little pricey in my opinion.

Blanca Wolf

Exotic animals. Baby gots are adorable. It is a little expensive but it wirth it to go.

Josh Pagano

Hands down the best part of our trip. This is a must-see :)

Tokuda Kenshi

Incredibly sweet and friendly staff. The animals are so cute! Definitely have to visit! It was the highlight of my trip :

Nikki Dahlberg

We have come back for the 2nd the farm and ride ponies! The girls enjoyed getting to feed the deer and goats. They also enjoyed getting to go into their area and pet them and walk around with them. It was also great to see a zonkey, belgain horse, elks, and other exotic animals! We will come back again

Louie Connatser

Been there a few times. Animals seem happy and healthy. Kids absolutely loved it and didn't want to leave. Worth the money.

Meghan Grabow

Loved the animals and really loved the horse back riding experience.

Shaunna Overman

We had a wonderful time with our 3 year old. Wonderful guides on the horse rides, pony rides were the perfect length, and the goats in the petting zoo are awesome! Staff were wonderful all around. A huge value for the pricing. We can't wait to go back!

Alyssa Michelle

The staff is very friendly. The animals are so well cared for too. They have a huge walk out area and rest area away from people but, they actually like the people and attention! It's great! The baby goats were so adorable! This is something I would recommend to all ages.

Louisa Tsuchida

Fun experience if you don't mind getting slobbered on by goats, deer, horses, camels, etc. You buy a cup of feed and walk at your leisure feeding the animals.

Rebekah Anderson

This is an awesome experience! It's quite straight forward and it's fun for the whole family. The goats are adorable, as is everything else, and feeding things like the camels and deer really makes for a unique experience. It's much cheaper than any zoo you'd find, and you get to spend as much time as you want. I Highly recommend this place to anyone who likes animals.

Kim King

The kids loved the different animals and that you got to have interaction with them. The price was good too. I definitely recommend this place.

Devonna Morgan

This marks our second year coming here. Both times, we have had great experiences. The first time we came was my daughter’s first encounter with horses. The staff took their time to allow her to make friends with the horse she was riding before she got on it. They very thoroughly went through simple commands, steering, and safety. She had a blast. A few years later, we are back! This time when we arrived we arrived early for our ride. We signed a waiver to be allowed to go into the barn to see the horses. While we were talking with one of the staff members, she informed us that their horses have ALL been RESCUED from a certain death, rehabilitated, and are enjoying their lives here on the farm. It’s evident that the horses love the staff and their new home. There is even a horse named Repeat that dances to music! The trails are SHADED and NOT treacherous in the least. Simply put, PERFECT!

Dan Johnson

My family wanted to do something new this year in the Smokies so we decided to come here for the afternoon and we are so happy we did! We had never been here before and had not talked to anyone who had so we weren't sure if it was going to be worth the short drive and the money. I can tell you it definitely was for both! The farm is very well maintained and the animals are clean and healthy. The first thing we see is the goats out front playing and chasing each other, then the goose honking at us, and then the lazy cats sunning themselves on the front porch. After paying about $100 for the 5 of us including feed I was again wondering if it was going to be worth it, but it was over and over again! Upon entering the farm itself after paying we see two kangaroos punching and chasing each other having fun. Then we entered the goat pen and were surrounded by the cutest baby goats you ever did see and we could pick them up and they would just go limp in your arms. They loved the attention and lovies we would give them. They were gentle and clean and loved people. My 16 year old daughter just absolutely loved the goats and kept going back to them. There were also camels and here I would offer a word of caution: the younger one bites... I knew camels could be foul tempered because that's just how God made them and when my daughter turned away from the younger camel to pet the older camel, he reached down and bit her shoulder. I didn't break the skin and she was FINE, but it did surprise her and it hurt for a few minutes. Just be careful and you will be just fine. We went back to them and fed them apples so no hard feelings. The horses, cows, pigs, deer, lamas, and donkeys were also very well cared for and CUTE! All of the animals were so friendly and when we observed staff cleaning up after them and feeding them, etc. we could see that they loved them and would tell us their names and funny stories, etc. We felt right at home here and all of us felt very peaceful and happy to be here. We left feeling it was time and money well spent and we will be coming back and will probably do a trail ride as well. I highly recommend this attraction to visitors of all ages. It is especially perfect for grandparents and grandkids.

mana lýkos

Called ahead for horse back riding, traveled 3chours, none available till next week. Wasn't told until after I purchased $80 zoo tickets even though I asked when I first arrived. Do not recommend.

banana brit

Was alot of fun and alot of animals a great place for a fun date or a day out with the kids.

Sara Riofrio

Fantastic place for the family and we all enjoyed it so much. We definitely are coming back soon

skylyn simmons

Let me start off by saying WOW!!! I have never been to a more laid back and awesome petting zoo as this one! We live about an hour and 30 min away and we would make the drive any day for this place! The people that work there are absolutely amazing and don’t hound you about every little thing. And the man that was doing the pony rides was absolutely amazing as well. My nine-month-old son was allowed to ride the ponies and absolutely loved it. This place is very well put together and I would recommend to anyone. It wasn’t too busy and I’m so glad somebody recommended me to this place. This is definitely a good place to take the family kids of all ages! We will be back soon!

Jarita Sirois

We love this place. You can feed different kinds of animals and enter their deer and goat enclosures to pet and feed them. Other animals your can feed include camels, donkeys, horses of different varieties, reindeer, and even a zebra. It is a clean place and the animals seem well kept and cared for. The also have pony rides for an added fee. For 2 small children and two adults, with 2 cups of good and a couple of apples for the reindeer, we generally end up paying around 50 dollars, which is not bad. Pony rides are 6$, again very reasonable. I recommend this place for families and children who want to get in and feed all kinds of animals.

Jason Molinaro

Awesome place for kids and adults great price. Well worth the excitement that your kids will get.

John Thomas

The critters are fun and friendly and the staff are helpful and care about the animals.

Craig Rehmund

Good place to take little ones, even the adults enjoyed feeding the animals. Deers, elk, zebra, horses, reindeer and more!

Misty Kinkade

It was awesome my little girl loves it here

Carl Mcmaine

This is my favorite attraction in Sevier County! If you love animals, this is the place to go!

Dorothy Bowen

Great place ! The kids loved it. And so did the adults !

Keegan Hawkins

It's always so fun to visit this place and love on the animals❤

William Keffer

Great place alot more fun then the zoo!

Dina Wilmot

My family and I had the best time at Smoky Mountain Deer farm!!! Our favorite part was the goats! We were able to go in with them and hold them and pet them and love them. Feeding all the different animals was fun too! Everyone at the farm was super nice! My kids said this was their favorite thing about our vacation, and we did a lot! Definitely recommend checking this farm out...even if you don't have kids.

Brittany Cooper

Had a great time with my family! We loved feeding the deer and goats! The llamas were adorable and holding baby goats was the absolute best!! All the animals were amazing!

Heather Rayl

Petting farms are my go to anytime I go on vacation! I may be an adult, but I still love them. This one was a little on the higher priced side than other ones I've been to, but it's a lot bigger than most. The animals look healthy and there different species than a lot of the other pettong zoos.

Julia Hopkins

Absolutely worth the money our kids loved being able to play w all the animals. The amount of feed they give you is so worth the visit you have enough to feed every animal you see there. You were allowed to pick some of the animals up and hold them. Deff an amazing experience.

Paul Deimler

Great park where you can actually pet ALL the animals. They have feed for a fairly cheap price and it's easy to spend a few hours here. The kids loved being in with and feeding the deer and goats.

Matthew Sams

Tucked a little way off of the main drag this pleasant diversion is well worth the detour. A helpful and friendly staff usher you into a very well laid out and enjoyable family friendly petting zoo. We had a great time! Well worth it!

Valerie Graber

This was a nice place for kids to interact with animals and they are very well taken care of. Only downside for me was the cost, senior discount would be nice it was a bit pricey, BUT it doesn't take away from the experience and knowing it helps them take care of the animals and upkeep, staff was WONDERFUL!!!! special thanks to the gentleman that bought my granddaughter a little stuffed deer! Totally unexpected and so very very kind of him!!! Love this state and it's people ❤️❤️❤️

Tim Brown

We had a great time feeding the animals.

Gary Pate

Awesome trail ride through the woods! Recommend the 1 hr ride. Reasonable prices too!

Ashley Douglas

Lots of fun for the kids to get to feed and pet lots of different animals! My son loved the goats!!! Such a unique experience!!

Austin Williams

Great place for your family! Wonderful staff. Took my 1 year old who fed everything and even did the pony ride. All the animals were really friendly. Clean. Will go back!


This place is a huge win for us. It’s inexpensive and staff is friendly. Animals seem healthy, happy, and well cared for. Leery of “petting zoos” but this isn’t one. Love going in the goat pen. We go whenever we visit the area. It’s a staple for our mountain trips. Also- bathroom was actually really clean (nice bonus for an animal farm

Victoria LaChapelle

Had an absolutely amazing time here! I want to give this place five stars just to add to the overwhelming positive reviews that it already has, and to let you know that as someone who has been around animals all my life and has cared for them that this place is well kept. The petting zoo was really nice, it wasn't very huge but that's because most of the land is taken up by the pastures that they release the animals into at the end of the day. I see some reviews saying that the animals are dirty and not well cared for, but they're animals, they're gonna be dirty. And from talking to the staff not only are they cared for, but loved. They have a lot of goats and apparently every single one of them has a name. We also went horse back riding at the stables and were greeted by a friendly gentleman named Tim who was kind and stopped to chat with us for a minute. We then were guided through beautiful scenery by Candice who was talkative and friendly the whole 45 minute ride! We also learned that all of their 33 horses are rescued (and the over 200 that they have had in the past), and on the trail we got to see some of the animals from the petting zoo in their pastures (which are huge). Overall it was a great experience, friendly staff, friendly animals, and as far as the pricing goes I didn't find it extremely overcharged. And to support this small business trying to rescue animals and keep them well cared for I think it is well worth it!

melinda sane

Wonderful place to visit. Lots of animals to see, pet and feed. Will definitely be going back.

Susan Fairchild

This was so calm and fun! We fed deer, goats and a camel. The huge Egyptian Kings bulls were so gentle! They looked big and scary but were gentle giants, as was the Belgian horse. Highly recommend. Picture is my sister feeding a zebra.


Visited on a cold and wet day. Not only were they open, but extremely friendly and welcoming. Animals are well taken care of. While it is not a ginormous zoo, there is a good variety. Almost every animal is touchable and as tame as a wild animal can be. It's not a very expensive attraction, but don't forget to bring a few extra bucks for things to feed the animals. It makes the whole experience better.

Tricia Pitkin

So happy we decided to go horseback riding here! The prices were fantastic, we had our own private ride and the horses are well loved. Trish in the office was friendly and informative and our guide, Lisa, was knowledgeable and watched out for my young children riding alone. The horses immediately were put back in the stalls after the ride and watered down and they let my kids feed them with leaves they collected along the trail. Another fun thing was passing along the fence line and seeing elk, deer, turkey and goats. We would use them again!

Nathan Hawk

I Love The Smoky Mountain Exotic Deer Farm And Petting Zoo!! :-) Our family has been coming here for 12 Years now!! :-) The owner Ms Lynn is the Best!! :-) I can't wait to go back!! :-) I Love to pet and feed all the animals!! :-) A must do In The Smokies if you Love Animals!! :-)

Chris Konces

Great place to take kids. Really friendly people working here. We spent about an hour feeding and petting goats, baby goats, deer. You can feed the camels apples too. The kangaroos are cool but lazy as they were all sleeping the whole time :)

Kathy Morse

We found the deer farm and petting zoo in a guide book we got at a restaurant. So, of all the things in there, we decided to do this. Let me just say this place is nothing short of amazing! We had the best time and didn't want to leave lol. We bought food from the front and went throughout the petting zoo feeding goats, deer, reindeer, camel, horses, zebra, elk, and more! This is the coolest thing we've done on this trip! We would definitely recommend this to adults with kids and without kids. And when we come back to the area, we will definitely return here for a visit!

Mr&Mrs McSpadden

This is a must do for any visit to the Sevierville/Gatlinburg area. Fun for the whole family. We took my 87 year old grandmother with and she loved it as much as the rest of us. Make sure to get more than one apple, you will want to use one for the camels and one for the other animals along with your souvenir cup of food.

Emily Pirie

Friendly and informative staff. Brought out 1.5 year old daughter and she had a blast. Lots to see and do

Sarah Ann

My five year old and I hung out here while the big kids went whitewater rafting. Everyone was incredibly friendly. It was obvious how much they cared about the animals. We were fortunate enough that when we did the pony ride, the gentleman down at the ride wasn't busy. He told us all about the ponies and their personalities. My daughter is still talking about them!

Shannon Cutshall

We loved it here! They were not busy at the time and the staff is very friendly. They explain things well and give detailed feeding instructions and suggestions. Reindeer, camels, horses, emus, donkeys, cattle, goats, deer (I'm probably forgetting some animals). Even the cats are laid back and friendly. I definitely recommend as an alternative to all the high priced attractions of Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg. My grandson is 3, so he did lose interest when we stayed in one area too long. Be aware that the animals do vie to attention...he was head butted by the 'alpha's deer and the goats were ganging up on him to get out when we were trying to go in. Lol. Great memories made!

Tabitha Gabor

Had fun with my goddaughter she is 2 loved being able to interact wirh the animals

Joey Gibson

This is a true hidden gem. Our family visits Pigeon Forge about monthly and had never heard of this place until last weekend. The area is very clean. The animals are very well taken care of. All of the animals seem super happy and are very well nourished. They have lots of room to roam including some pasture areas that are not seen unless you're looking. The food cups are well worth the money. My son absolutely had a blast feeding the animals. As an adult I even enjoyed it. You can literally pick every animal that's in the park. The prices are very reasonable. They also have pony rides for children. These arrives are parent led. My little boy had an absolute blast. The pony was very calm and very well taken care of. I have a feeling we will visit this place frequently.

Keawana Greene

This was my first time here the staff was wonderful, very friendly. My family and I had a wonderful time

Jitka Kacerova

This place is so much fun! You can feed fallow deer, goats, camels, a zebra and also reindeer - they love apples :-) Feeding cups can be refilled through your visit. They also have a Belgian horse, zonkey, kangaroos, elks, rabbits and few cats running around. All staff is friendly making sure you have a great time :-)

Stephanie Norris

We love this place!! We've been here twice and the kids love the animals. You can go in and oet most of them


Family loved this place....they enjoyed the experience and it was very reasonable in price.

Aaron Schneider

Baby goats are really cute..deer are calm and nice..wish they gave the kangaroos and zebra and camels more room to roam..enclosures seem too small for some of the larger animals

Chesia kirkpatrick

This place is amazing! So many animals to see,pet and feed. Very nice setting in the countryside of the Smoky mtns. Great place to take family for a relaxing exciting experience. I highly recommend going here

bethany barlow thomason

Took our 11 month old here with us! We had a blast. It really is off the beaten path but WELL worth it.

Erica Price

Our family had a wonderful experience! We spent around 2 hours here. Feeding the animals was a blast! Seeing all the animals up close and be able to pet them was a fun experience. Our daughter was unsure about riding the pony and the 2 guys working were patient and super friendly! She ended up loving it! Super glad we found this place while on vacation! Highly recommend for all ages!!! Only negative thing I would say is the inside worker seemed to care more about being on his phone more than taking care of customers.

Jim Stapleton

Grandkids had a great time. The place is clean, the animals look in good health..enjoyed every minute

Rachael Blevins

Wonderful. My 2 year old and 56 year old parents had a blast!

Nick Coffman

Pretty fun. A lot of cool animals. Pretty dirty cages. A lot of poop laying around and the animals had no water.

Kaylee Stewart

I got myself a 90 dollar plastic cup.... Dont get me wrong the kids enjoyed themselves but man if you have a group of people.... Its not cheap. The animals could have better living conditions as well considering how much they're raking in. Pacing ponys and despondent donkies is what you get here

susie hale

Pitiful!! I was expecting to see well cared for animals living in habitats as they should be in the wild only to find over crowded pens, hosting several pregnant females. Dirty water. Several without proper shade. Multiple animals with oozing eyes from infections. The signs point to “pastures” that we’re actually hillsides of dirt. Totally unacceptable living conditions. What I thought would be a nice family experience left me with a broken heart. The things people to do animals to make a buck or two.

travis myers

You get to feed animals you normally would never get to pet or feed anywhere else.

Daniel Howard

Good family atmosphere wonderful animals kiddos and the kid in me loved it to, highly recommend this place,great friendly staff!

Vanessa Wiles

Very adorable place and great for kids! The are a Very spread out zoo with the ability to feed many different animals like deer and a zonkey! I highly reccommend this to anyone who is an animal lover and doesn't mind getting their hands dirty!

Deke Tooley

My daughter and I had a wonderful time today. She loved all the animals, and enjoyed every minute we were there. The prices were reasonable, and the staff were friendly and helpful. Highly Recommended for a great family experience.

Carlos Rodriguez

Lots and tons of deer. Horses, zebra, kangaroo, bulls and more. U get very close to these animals. Bring boots. Lots of dirt and mud. Also good place to ride horses.

Kathy Smith

Great place. Clean, pens and water clean for animals. Granddaughter loved it.

Sue Anthony

Nice petting zoo especially for kids can feed a lot of the animals and go in with the deer and goats even pick up baby goats.

James Brown

The petting zoo was interesting and the grandkids really enjoyed it. The owner was so friendly and nice it was amazing and the other help around were nice as well. Interesting variety of animals with Camels, Emu, Ostrich, Lahma, Waszuki Longhorn cattle, Mini-horses, ponies, donkeys, zebra, Zonkey, Elk, Reindeer, Fallon Deer, goats, and more. Most of which you could feed and pet. The goats though were the big attraction with the kids. Entry fee was on the steep side though with 4 adults and 3 kids coming in at $120.

Rishelle Murphy

We LOVED this petting zoo! All the animals were so friendly and so well taken care of. The staff is so friendly and great! The prices werent bad at all and even their gift shop is well priced! Our 1 year old loved feeding the animals and the zonkey is such a sweetheart!


Loved being able to pet all the animals! Got to pick up and hug a baby goat!!! That was my favorite!

Patrick Rekczis

Great little place to see and feed a bunch of different animals. All seem overly happy to let you feed them. Staff was nice and very helpful.

Amie R

The best petting zoo that I've been to in years. You can feed nearly every animal on the property. Food for the animals is reasonable. Cost of admission is well worth the price for the experience. Fun for all ages of animal lovers


Petting zoo and trail ride was excellent. We had Bron as our guide and he was fantastic!!

Sharon Farina

The people there are fantastic and make you feel welcomed and comfortable interacting with the animals.

michelle cooper

M yg boyfriend and I loved it. Best part was getting to pet the zebra. Best birthday ever. Friendly people. And the prices are perfect. Great place to visit.

Brittany Smith

We had a wonderful time! Staff was very friendly, animals looked well cared for, This is a must do for the little ones!

Colby Musser

Today we visited the Smoky Mountain Deer farm with our 11 month old daughter Abigail. I think we picked a good time to go even though it's cold out. It was still a lot of fun. There was not a lot of people so we really did get to experience all the animals and it was so much fun to watch Abigail pet and try to feed the goats. If you're looking for something to do as family, you should definitely check out Smoky Mountain Deer farm. Not only do they have a petting zoo and a load of different exotic animals they have horse riding for all ages including trail rides. My family will definitely be back to experience that; it looked like it would be a lot of fun.

Candice Hudson

We had a lot of fun at the petting zoo and plan to go back another day for horseback riding.

Katarie Herman

Such a great experience. Those that work there were upbeat and cheerful. The animals are sweet and my family and I loved it. My brother has autism and normally has issues with sensory things but he loooved this.

Cheri Smith

I drove over 800 miles from Florida just to visit this place and it was worth every mile! Absolute heaven on earth to someone who has always wanted to pet a deer! I loved that place and the feed was so affordable! I would definitely go back in an instant!! Make sure you go horse back riding at their stables too!

Kim Hoyle

If you love deer - you gotta go!!! We love deer and definitely got our deer fix on. We enjoyed all the other animals., too. They ALL had fresh clean water (we check those things).

Ashley Ahzisjs

This trip was fun for our whole family. We have a 7year old and 1 year old. They loved it and we loved it as adults. Pricing was good and staff was so friendly. We will definitely return in future

matuska T

Great place for kids to interact with didferent. Its good for about 2 to 3 hours of entertainment if your kids and animal lover. My wife had a blast. You can get up close and personal with all the animals.

Justin Osborne

This is how all places should operate. The staff here, in our opinion, went above and beyond to make us feel welcome. We went here with a two year old who decided to pitch a fit, and so we had to leave about 15 minutes into the trip. On our way out, my wife returned the 1/3 used cup of feed and was told we could come back again another day, since we were still in town a few more days and they'd also give us more feed. We did end up returning the next day, and our 2YO was great. He loved getting to see all of the animals.

Benjamin Loveland

Great horses, rides, and views. Petting zoo is awesome, critters have a way of stealing your heart!

Elizabeth Harrison

My family loves going horseback riding, and this was one of the best we have been too. The guide did great job very friendly with kids would definitely recommend going!

Marty Ledford

Had a great time seeing and feeding all the animals, and the horse riding was great. Excellent staff,very friendly and full of laughs. Thae prices or not high very affordable, will definitely be back and create more memories..

Herondale JAce

We liked that the guide gave us freedom to visit the animals at our own pace. The girl at the front counter was super friendly and informative. We loved the camels and baby goats.

Angela Lewis

Fun. Basically there are several animals and you buy feed and apples when you get your admission ticket. There are deer, antelope, zebra, zonkey, antelope, long Horn cows, highland cow, draft horse, camels, ostrich, emu. Be careful! The camel accidentally bit me...she thought he was going for apple core but it was my finger...she didn't judge clearly lol. Fun times and the kids loved all the animals.

TJ Lawless

Amazing place! My daughter absolutely loved it. It's a little out of the way but would definitely recommend to anyone visiting Sevier County!

Tina Hopkins

Very friendly staff- Kids enjoyed being able ro be inside the pens with the animals instead of serving them from behind glass or a fence. Some of the goats were pushy but only with eachother.

Jennyfer Peters

So awesome. Be careful. Those deer will swarm you if you bring food. Lol such a great time. Going back tomorrow

Madeline Medley

If you have young children they should have a blast. There is quite a bit of animals to see, feed, and touch. Prices in the gift shop were fair. The animals are well taken care of. The employees were friendly and engaging. It seemed like they really care for the animals.

Jeff Rizzo

Very professional, very well run operation and very friendly staff. We did an hour of horseback riding. Loved the pace, the scenery and of course the horse. Family of 6, kids ages 4-16 and everyone had a wonderful time. I'd highly recommend over the other opportunities to ride locally.

Bryan Overman

We took our 3 year old and she loved it. We had to go back for a second day

Debbie Cooper

Loved it....and it's a very family oriented experience

Tony Botchagaloop

Tomorrow will be our 3rd or 4th visit. We love the place and going in the pens with the baby deer and the baby goats. Our grandchildren ages 9 and 11 are visiting and the first thing they wanted to do down here is to go to the Deer Farm petting zoo! Remember to bring your food cups from your previous visit. ;) I was curious and looked at the very few poor reviews and honestly don't understand what some people expect. Probably city folk who aren't around animals very much? Hint: All animals poop, including humans, but I don't expect the exotic animals to be potty trained and flush a toilet. Besides, even if they did, the males would probably forget to put the seat down after they are finished! :)

Dinah Google

The deer farm was great. Next time I think I'd visit when it's cooler to enjoy it more.

Megan Kreiner

Awesome staff very sweet and very social but I like it they have love for their animals they weigh you before you ride and I love that it shows that they have compassion for their animals they also have a petting zoo did you can do while you’re waiting for your horse r awesome staff very sweet and very sociable I like it they have love for their animals they weigh you before you ride and I love that it shows that they have compassion for their animals they also have a petting zoo we had to wait for a hour so we went to the petting zoo it was totally worth it every bit of it

Marrisa Hayes

We looked for Horseback Riding and found this place. We visited on a cool and wet day but they were open while other places were closed. They were able to get us in and we didn't need a reservation. The staff was friendly attentive, and personable. They seemed to love their job. We had 2 guides because there was a big group of us with 3 different families together. John and a petite female that we can't remember her name (sorry). They made sure everyone was ok the entire trail ride and fixed any issues that came up calmly and safely. The lady that checked us in was attentive and personable as well. We had a great time and would recommend this place.

Heidi Richmond

My son's favorite place in the world, and as an angsty, hard to please preteen, that's kind of a big deal.

Jill Clayborn

I love the Deer Farm. We had to go twice on this trip. The owners are so sweet. The animals are amazing. We hand fed them all.


Zoro the Zonkey was so sweet!!! If you love animals this is the place to go!! Really cool interactive experience.

Love Cards

We have come here for years and this was the worst experience. Animals all had horribly dirty water, feces all over and many had issues with their skin and coats. Did not look at all well cared for. The guy down and the pony rides for kids hates his job/life and was miserable. Not my fault you hate your job. Put on a smile and pretend this is what you wanted to be when you grew up.

Melissa Wise

A great place to take the family! Fun for all ages. We loved getting in with the goats and deer!

Doug Lauerman

My wife and I have been coming here for years. It is one of the highlights of our trip. The owner is awesome and most importantly she loves her animals. I think it's the humans that cause her concern.

B&G Farming

The kids loved it. Pony rides were great. Awesome staff.

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