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Where is Long Island Game Farm Wildlife Park & Children's Zoo?

REVIEWS OF Long Island Game Farm Wildlife Park & Children's Zoo IN Connecticut

ashlii Jackson

Its a wonderful, one full price to interact with all animals you only have to buy the animal food to feed them. Definitely recommend for all ages.

Nutty Bar

I went on 70's day. Glad I did. I would be disappointed paying full price. They advertise so much but there really isn't much there. They don't have proper parking. They have you park in a field of uncut grass with bees and bugs flying around with every step you take. It was nice, only spent an hour there. Took longer to drive. Wasted $20 in gas. The animals I did not see and they advertise they have were, ostrich, gecko, pigs, cattle, and sheep. They don't even give you a map of the place. They have maps posted around the place but only saw two, but couldn't read them because of crowds of people blocking them. If you need something to do and have money to waste it's good.

Tamarah Patricia Louis

Great place for all Members of a family. A lot to see and learn. Definitely going to visit again.

Olivia P

I haven’t been here since I was a child so we decided to go for fun today. Not only have I gotten into actual zoos for the price we paid, $40 for two people (on top of animal food $7 each and bottles for the goats $4 each) the conditions of the animals can honestly be described as deplorable. I like to hope zoo’s actually care about their animals and want to recreate natural habitats for them to enjoy, but each animal was in a way too small cage/enclosure for them, especially the monkeys in a tiny circular cage and the poor poor giraffe in by far the tiniest square footage I’ve ever seen a giraffe in. I can appreciate and support zoo’s that care for their animals and their conditions, regardless if they are “retired” as the game farm claims they are, but it’s clear out of all the land the game farm claims on top of the prices they charge, the owners do not care to put their animals in healthy, large updated enclosures that mock real life habitats. It is sad to see and I will never go back to support this “zoo” and I wish others wouldn’t as well. It is old and outdated and they need to take better care of their animals or transport them to a zoo that actually will. Zoo’s should no longer be just for the public but for creating a happy healthy lifestyle for the animals in captivity while the public can enjoy. Disgusting.

Chelsey Moreira

Love it

Krysta DiBari

Great animals, very friendly and informative staff and a perfect day trip!

Linda bioley

What a wonderful day I had with my boys!!!! workers are great!!! Clean as it can be! it is a farm! Loved Clifford the giraffe. beautiful animal. Recommend for all ages.

Joe Oppici

Was at a friend's house not the game farm just shows how accurate goggle maps are

Dawn Williams

Cute little farm. The children love to feed the baby goats from the baby bottles and the Carousel is a big hit too. Very $$$ when you have 3 children though.

Michael Florez

Pretty disappointing. Many animals not there due to cold weather... not sure what is the point of opening that early in the season if this is to have only a few animals.

Franklin Bonilla

Although on the pricey side, the Long Island Game Farm is definitely a place your kids will enjoy. There are plenty of animals to see here. Feeding them is going to be an additional charge. While the kids are having fun, adults will notice that the farm could be more exciting than it is. Along a good portion of the path sits a row of empty cages and space where animals used to be and is now deserted. A couple of changes and upgrades and this truly would be a great place for the entire family.

Robin Harris

For the amount charged to walk in, and pay to feed not even half of the animals ? Disappointed. Nothing fun about this place at all.

Allecia Ahearn

This place is great for kids the have alot of animals and you can feed them along with pony rides and an up close and personal visit with the giraffe you can feed the baby goats also

Mr. Gustafson

Great place for a little day trip. You can even feed baby goats

Maribel Ortiz

Great for toddler's! Excellent staff. Just too much rats roaming.

Brian Stanfield

Cute park. Fun for kids. Clifford the giraffe is the best part of the whole place! However its pricey for its size and a bit run down. Needs updating badly. Good getaway place to take the kids for the day during the summer when they are driving you insane.

Benjamin Paul

Great entertainment for kids. The animals are able to be fed, the are a few small carnival rides. My daughter had a great time, as did we. Giving 4, not 5 stars because admission is expensive and then they kind of nickel and dime you to participate in many experiences. (Feedings, rides, etc).

Dino Pappas

Great place for family fun. Got to hand feed goats, deer, sheep, and even a giraffe.

Neha Bhambhani

Lot of fun feeding the animals.

Carolyn Martin

As usual, we had another wonderful time at the Long Island Game Farm!!!

Melissa Hartmann

Great time for the family!

F Bashar

I've gone here after about 2 years, last time experience wasn't so bad. This experience was really bad. I went with my family on opening day, it took us almost 30 minute to get in (understandable) but then once inside, there was barely anything to see. Not much animals, empty in most areas and just dead inside. I've gone to smaller farms and had a much more enjoyable experience. Tickets weren't so bad price wise, but still felt like it was a waste of time and money. I do not recommend this place, maybe sometime later, during summertime might be better.

Joanne Ortiz

Granddaughter loved it, very kid friendly.

Richard Anderson

Going again soon. Love Clifford!

Charles B

Good experience for toddlers and children. Need more hand washing stations and soap for the kids.

Michael Manara

We were the 5th person online and as soon as we got in my wife took the girls to the bathroom. It was absolutely disgusting and they just opened? I guess they never cleaned it from the dat before. Other then that it was fun for the kids for 2 hours.

Bill Sappo

For the money not bad for young people...

Jeannie Kuhner

The baby nursery was adorable- park your stroller at the gate and the kiddies can roam in the enclosed area- it was great. However I felt like the giraffe pen was very small and there were very few employees around when we needed help finding directions. The map could also be better labeled. For example, we wanted to go to a demonstration which was held at the "green and white tent", but no such place was labeled on the map, no signs for it, and there is more than one green and white striped tent: additionally no employees around to help. Be prepared to have to roam aimlessly for a bit. Otherwise, a nice zoo.

Jamie Miller

They need to fix it up.. Cute place the giraffe is the best part

Joshua Glasner

Always a good time. Beautiful setting. Everything you could want in a generational family run "zoo"

Alan Bell

What a great place to visit

Candido Garcia Jr

Animals look malnourished deers are unsupervised so anyone can go to there enclosure and don't get me started with the giraffe.... Poor thing

Greg Vlahakis

Great Long Island based zoo/farm. Has a good collection of animals nothing too crazy but interesting nonetheless. FYI last time I was there the giraffe who is really cool and a great photo op was ill and nowhere to be found. *Mom's and Dad's* be prepared that there are many extra items that will cost you extra $$$ ex: pony rides, bottle feeding the animals, food, carousel, tea cups and various toys, shirts, etc. Overall a good time.

John Kiss

Great for the kids to learn about animals etc

Victoria Karaman

Small cozy farm where you can touch baby animals. Staff is polite and friendly. Territory is clean and nice. Animals look well-groomed. We enjoyed our visit there

Marilyn Ghiotti

My six year old granddaughter had a wonderful time yesterday at the farm. Feeding the goats with a bottle, feeding the giraffe, riding on a pony was just a small part of a wonderful day. Went on a Tuesday so the crowds were at a minimum. The farm and animals are well cared for. Staff was friendly. Will definitely return.

James Rogers

Not worth going too looks a lot run down. The up keep not like it use too be.

Jessica Romuno

The animals are wonderful its expensive and a bit dirty

Virginia May

Great place to enjoy a quiet day enjoying the animals. A little pricey but a friendly donkey named Gabby makes it's worth while.

Jeff Kirsh

Really fun place for kids. Entry to the park is inexpensive but pony rides, carnival rides, some animal encounters, etc are extra. However you can easily enjoy the park without extras. But be ready for it because kids are gonna beg, plead, haggle and cry to feed the baby goats and go on the merry-go-round.

Muhammad Qasim

Cute Animals especially the little hedgehog

Barrie P

I cant believe I have not been here before! Took some family for the first time this week. We had the best day! The animals are super friendly, the staff is as well. You can tell they live these animals so much! The cost was more than I expected, (82$for 3 adults and 1 baby) but once your inside, totally worth it. Plus that cost helps cover the expenses of the animals up keep.


The parrot jungle of ny

Kaitlyn Lesmeister

Its a good family Sunday place. It's really more suitable for children 2 and older. Go when it's nice out

nicholas wong

Great place for kids.

Laura Dawson

Awesome family-owned zoo with friendly staff and plenty to see and do!

tori b

My favorite place to go! Everyone is so friendly and such an amazing experience that doesn't empty the wallet

Katherine Miller

I went with my husband and my little girl yesterday, and the experience was amazing, we fed the animals and had a great time! I would definitely recommend it.

Mark Leonhardt

Grandkids loved it

Colleen Hartung

The staff was fantastic. Lovedthe giraffe. Watch out for llama babies they do spit. I would know


This is a great place for family fun. It has a good variety of wildlife.

Pam Coleman

We went on an anniversary day, so it was great to get that discounted price. Paying extra to feed the giraffe was worth it though. I did not purchase food for the other animals because we got there about 2 hrs after they opened. I believe though, they should stop selling food during different points of the day when they know the animals may be full. Kids were disappointed when they couldn't get the animals to eat.


I was here twice. The first time was a few years ago and we loved every minute of it. It was worth the trip from Brooklyn so we came again this summer. I wasn't so impressed the second time. Maybe my expectations were too high. All in all its a nice place and definitely worth a visit if you are within an hours drive. More then an hour I would say its just OK.

Carol Marra

Great place to take the kids. Everything is expensive but its going to a good cause.

Roberto Sandoval

Great Place

Alexandria Gomez

Cute animal farm :) has small rides for children as well

Jack Topaz

Good animals, good staff, ok prices

danielle Paruolo

It's nice for the young kids and local enough to make the trip worth it but it gets pricey. You pay to get in then you pay extra for nearly everything inside.


Very cute, kid friendly, and clean

christina w

If you love to interact with animals.. Then this is the place for you.. The staff is great.

Kaitlyn Ahrens

This place was great and not too pricey. There was many great things to do and see and it was a great afternoon trip. I can't wait to go back. There were many animals you could directly interact with and all were very sweet. The staff was very nice too. Would definitely recommend.

k m

Excellent experience!!!

Phineas Reichert

The staff was very friendly and helpful. The animals seemed well taken care of, and were friendly. Bathrooms looked like they hadn't been updated since the 70s. Rats present in the Discovery Nature Center, which was very out of date. Large area to explore, and lots of animals to feed. Very fun experience for my family! 2 stars because the price was not right. For the price (close to $20 per person) the farm should have more amenities, like hand washing stations (only one was present).

George westsidecustom

It was good

Gus Juhlin

Great place to bring the kids if they love animals.

John Breimann

Good for kids. A little pricey, but what isn't on Long Island

Justin Himes

We had an amazing time here today. My girlfriend and I did the wallaby encounter and it was so great seeing, touching and feeding one up close like that. We also really enjoyed bottle feeding the baby goats and petting the giraffe. They also gad adorable baby deers that were 2 weeks old. Id definately go back and if you love animals or want to introduce your children to the joys that animals bring than this is a great place to come. More hands on than a zoo and alot more educational and real than an amusement park. This is a small place but still had enough to keep us busy for a few hours. The staff was great as well and super helpful and freindly. Cant wait to visit again!

Isai Escobar

Fun for kids and adults. Lots of animals. Check the show schedule to plan ahead.

Marina Gerasimchuk

You can see all animals up close, feed deer, goats and a giraffe. Great dog show! Love the place . Kids always have a terrific time there!

John Smith

This place is on a downward spiral, 1 attendant collecting admission, multiple animals missing & trails closed down. Everything looks like it did in the 70's & appears if it is going to break soon. The train that once circled the park is buried in the corner of the park which is soon to be the rest of this place.

Jimmy Mac

Lots of nice animals but the place is completely run down.

Alexander de Boer

I went as a counsellor with some children and was pleasantly surprised by the variety of animlals

Frank Cantasano

Great for young kids.

Christine Signorile

Pleasantly surprised at the amount of animals. Only saw one show which was the main attraction and thought it was lame. Kids enjoyed feeding the animals. Will go back next year.

Lu Jiang

good place. friendly service. the place is not very large, but good enough for little kids.

Syd Floyd

Like everything else , especially in NY, too expensive! Lower your damn prices! Should be under $10 for kids and $12 tops for adults.

Bengee A

It's a good place to enjoy with kids.

Debra L. Jimenez

Not many animals and rides are very old.

Alison Benincase

So much fun! Loved feeding the baby goats. Great for young kids.

George Weidner

Nice place for young family while helping animal rescue.

Joseph Vormittag

If we had paid full price, we would have been very disappointed...... the deer feeding and petting area is cool.....

Lorena Cueva

It is a good place to visit with the kids.

Kelsey Edwardes

Granted we went opening week but the farm was way understaffed and over crowded. Quite a few animals were not yet on display which would have been nice to know ahead of time (maybe an update on their website) instead of while purchasing tickets. The bambiland had a large family, adults and children chasing the deer around the pen, even though there was a large sign posting not to do so. There was no staff around or at least none that were clearly visable to alert. In fact only one person was seen wearing a game farm shirt in the entire time we were there. There was only one bathroom that I was able to find with 3 stalls, and a very long line. We didn't bother to buy feed or bottles for any of the animals as the lines were very long and as I expected none of the animals were hungry after being fed by so many people. Overall we will not be returning.

Sheri Acquaro

There were RATS everywhere ! It's very dirty .i went home and lysoled our shoes and bags lol. We purchased food and threw it out because we noticed Rats coming out of where the food is . Then we started to notice they were everywhere . People were letting their kids play in the hay piles and probably didn't know . The price includes getting in but then you pay extra for certain things. My son had fun but we cut it short due to the Rats. We won't we going back. We have been to many farms and zoos and have never experienced Rats just everywhere in broad daylights eating the animals food

joseph algerio

Kids love it. Could be bigger but its not a deal breaker. We should all support this place so it can stay here another 50 years


Very nice for the kids

anthony macciola

The rates are very reasonable and great access to the animals. The giraffe experience was amazing and feeding him was alot of fun. Great performance at the theater with the dog show. Will definately recommend to friends and will be coming back soon.

Laura R.

Brought grandchildren ages 7 & 13 yrs.Had a lot of fun so much to see and do love the Giraffe and got to feed him was an experience

Kerry Williams

Great place to take kids. Some of the animals are roaming free and they can pet them.

Piers Platt

Some zoos you can tell they spare no expense to keep the animals healthy and active in large habitats with lots of interaction etc. This is not one of those zoos. Somewhere between well meaning and half-assed is the overall impression you get, with a large dash of run down. Kids will likely enjoy it, especially the carousel and dog show.


The place needs some updating like bathrooms. Its expensive for what is. But the animals seem fine and staff is nice. Wish they had maps or posters around the place telling where you are. Ended up walking in circles and after the visit it seems that we may have missed some exhibits.

Jillian McHenry

Meh. The day we went apparently a bunch of staff had called out so only one ride was open. Too expensive for what we got


Had a great time. Loved the animals.

Michelle Castanon

Great place to get interactive with the animals! My daughter loved petting and feeding the deer and baby goats. We will definitely come back

christopher brady

Great for the kids

Ryche Fan

Nice place but it is small for what you get I do realize it's seasonal and not like a big Public Zoo or something still I would recommend it.

Russell L

Not a bad place although parts were closed being renovated!!!

andrew r

Kids loved it!

True Review

Nothing favorite part was the rats in the chicken coop..they looked happy and well fed...ive noticed the owner only responds to positive reviews and ignores all others instead of having an apologetic attitude..

Zunaira Azhar

Very disappointing. Definitely not worth the money they charge, only few animals....never going back :(

Demetrios Limbas

Way way over priced for what it is.

Tori Gullo

Best place for kids and parents to have fun for the day. Seeing the animals is quite fun.

Christian Acevedo

Very enjoyable place. If you're like me and you love animals and are dying to pet a goat, alpaca, or cow then you have come to the right place. You can feed the animals and get into the enclosures with them occasionally, it's pretty great. My only complaint is the rats I saw scurrying about, and the general size of some of the cages. The monkey and lemur cages were way too small. Other than that it's a nice place to go. The price of admission is cheap too about 17$ for an adult.


What a great place to get up close with animals! The kids love the rides and animals. We all enjoyed interacting with the animals. The shows were both entertaining and fun

alexander Argueta

So much fun for kids and adults. Definitely recommend

Swerve Bros

Place is very dated, seems run down...I understand it is a "retirement " home for most of these animals but some of them seemed ill. Pricey for the condition of the park.

Jenny Bar

I think this acevia great for small children. My child loved that she was able to see and touch baby goats and cows. She also loved feeding the various animals.

Arie Frankel

Enjoyable. Kids friendly. Good place to go with kids.

Jos Cherry

I went today, with the whole family ! I fed the giraffe aka Clifford is awesome. And went on a few rides and I saw Erik's show. And the dog show with the monkey ! So fun we saw all the animals you could think of... From the safari,jungle and farms and the dessert islands. I think you should visit this place. It is good for all people and families. They let you feed the animals ! Too.


Great experience, cute old fashion place. My kids 4 and 7 loved it.

Alan McNeill

Good idea very entertaining dog show, Need a more variety for the money.

Yesenia Ortega

We like it!! We wish they were more rides but it was fun overall

Ryan Morahan

Our favorite place. Highly recommend

Sally Peters

So sad

Cece Wheeler

The $20 admission is worth it just for David Rosaire’s dog show - I went in with zero expectations and it was amazing: turns out the guy is a pretty famous act, and I was very genuinely impressed. The nursery area with all the baby animals is the other highlight - the sheep, goats and cows are all super cute and will come right up to you. I could have stayed there all day (especially since it is free to enter!) The park itself is nicely shaded and very clean - I could see how it could quickly become packed on a crowded day, but go in the middle of the week and it is extremely pleasant to walk around and look at all the different animals. Overall I had a great time and would definitely go back!

Diane Matos

It was ridiculously expensive for what we saw there. Don't waste your money. $60.00 for three people and really nothing much to see. I did like the giraffe though

Joanne Garofolo

Had a great time with a nine year old boy and a 10 year old girl

Fahad Idris

This place is awesome. It was a great experience for the little ones, especially when they could pet the animals.

Annah ako

It's a nice place to take the kids and enjoy nature. It can get pricey if you have a few kids, so pack lunch and drinks

Paula Malone

My girls and I had a wonderful day with the animals and the staff was helpful and really really nice

Paeder Varnam

Giraffes are majestic and social creatures from the African Savannah. They’re used to huge open plains and being in a herd, they get depressed when alone. It broke my heart to see the solitary Giraffe here with a broken spirit, kept in a 2000 square foot, baron enclosure with nowhere to for privacy, shade or comfort and no water in sight. All of the animals here are kept in substandard conditions but the giraffe really stood out and brought me to tears.

lolo girl123

It's a fun place. You can do everything within 3 hours. They have a lot of interactive areas and my son had a blast. There are many areas to wash your hands and to sit in the shade. The food prices at the concession stand are decent. I bought fries for $4, but you got a decent amount of fries; I was able to share them with a second person. So I'd say you def pay for what you get, which is nice compared to other places that have small servings but high prices. I would def go again. I suggest others go at least once.

licata john

And absolute shame very sad to see this wonderful place hitting rock bottom. We have been going here for years I have never seen it this bad.

Wendy Doe

If I could give this place 0 stars I would have. I forgot my camera so I was unable to take pictures. This place is in deployable condition. To start there was a pot belly pig with deep gash wounds that was not addressed. They had ducks and a rabbit in different wired fences with no shade. It was 91 degrees .These poor animals were laying in the sun with there mouths open trying to stay cool. A goat was stuck in the fence. After trying to find an employee, she was torturing the poor thing trying to get him free. A patron was able to get him free. Every animal had something wrong with them. Missing half their coats, missing feathers,lack of food and water. All the animals all had depressing and sad looks on their faces, like they just wanted to die. It is so uncared for. It was so heartbreaking to see these animals like that. How they are still open is beyond me. The bathrooms are in horrible condition as well. They charge $22 for an adult ticket. At least they can do is show concern and compassionate for those poor animals. I do not recommend going there.

Fred Dietrich

Very enjoyable. Great for bday parties


Super cute place to take children. My 2 year old nephew had a blast.


Great place for young kids. Lots to see and the dog show is worth everything!


Beatiful place, to relax wildlife.

Yarden Segal

Very nice place for kids and adults alike! There are many animal interaction/petting opportunities, and you will definitely see animals you didn't expect to see on any animal farm on long island

Julio San

Cool animal zoo. Animals seem like they are well cared for and the food for the animals is reasonably priced

Martha Furgiuele

Took my grandchildren there today and they loved it especially Clifford the giraffe.It was great to see him close up. the animal nursery is great also kids loved feeding the baby animals.

Diane MB1963

Great place to take the kiddies!

Patricia Elder-Scharf

1. Monkeys are miserable in a old small rusty looking enclosure. 2. Giraffe, although friendly .. the enclosure is small. 3. More supervision for employees recommend. In this day and age, as it's nice to meet the animals, I was shocked at what we saw.. depressing.

Nick Sinanan

I love here it is very countryside and good for petting the animals and good for family friends or couples. Food, there is not the best. Bring your own food and drink.

Joseph Themann

Little run down, but not a terrible place to bring a toddler to distract them for a few hours.

Priyadarshan Bajpayi

Small place but fun for kids. Limited amount of animals but have feeding of animals. Kids can ride the tea cup, carousel and enjoy the pony rides.

linda blank

This game farm was in such poor shape , I could not believe the condition. Everything was run down. Termite damage all over the buildings especially back by the main stage, It’s sad cause I hadn’t been there in many many years. This farm needs to be closed and reconstructed . Like the animals who live here they are dying . The popcorn was not edible . It tasted like it was there for days. The staffing was more interested in being on their phones then anything else . Have a fundraiser or do something. It’s just so sad to see the animals in this environment

jhael Solis superj 59 beyond

Nice but if you do not have a ticket it could be boring

Randi Gottlieb

Not as organized as it should be for groups.

Mecca H

People need to bring their children and support this beautiful place not all that big but enough for a date or for a family day trip.

Angelina Hawkins

Has a good collection of animals nothing too crazy but interesting nonetheless.

AnnMarie Pacheco

The kids love feeding the animals we go every year

D White #2

Great for kids and adults. Don't rush lots to enjoy, but I would bring my own food next time.

Darlene Gerecitano

Meh. Animal exhibits were ok, bathrooms were pretty gross.

roop veer

Amazing place for the entire family. Super friendly staff.

Kristin Farrugia

Very dissatisfied. The animals are in poor conditions. Spent less than an hour there and saw the whole place. The show was horrible and clearly not rehearsed. The holtsville ecology site is much better and its free!!

Jacqueline Minkel

The deer in the pen were terrified. There was no staff stopping kids from chasing them and I know that’s on parents too but they should be looking out for their animals. I thought my kids were going to get run over by one of them just trying get away from the other kids running after them. I’m not sure if the set up is the same all day but the peacocks were all in a small cage all together. The lines to get tickets were ridiculous. They probably should have put more people on to help lines move more. Four kids standing on those lines not fun. I don’t think I’d go back. Hopefully some of the other farms are nicer.

Darien Silvestri

It was great. My two year old loved being able to feed the baby animals

Debbie Morris

I have taken my children here for many years. Now this is my third time with my grandchildren. We were very sad to see the condition of the animal pens....they were dirty. Many of the animals had no water in their bowls or in their pools. It was in the high 80s today. In the 3 hours we were there, this situation was not rectified. In the nursery, one if the goats had his head stuck in the fence. He was turning his head back and forth trying to get out. It looked like they were short-staffed. There were no staff overseeing the nursery or bambi Land. There were no operators near the rides even though the clock next to the ride said it would be open at a specific time. It wasnt. It use to be a nice place to visit. It looks like it has fallen on hard times I'm sorry to say.

avani motta

Fun place for everyone!

Hanna Elkotni

It's a lot of fun. So pretty and the animals are so cute

Liz Thomas

Very cute place to go. Just wish poor Clifford the giraffes fence was a tiny bit shorter. You know ppl are feeding him treats and when he bends down to get them the fence is choking him out it looks like. That or open up the stairs so ppl can get to him at higher ground. Only animal cruelty I really saw other then that fun place to take your kids for the day.

Travis Savard

Vey fun place especially for kids

Jorlenys Jimenez

Great place to spend a nice day with your children

Frederick C. Lingen III

Fun place for kids!

tim nicholson

Great place friendly staff needs a bit more upkeep and not cheap

Brian Roller

Much better than I thought. They have quite a variety of animals.

Matthew Pangburn

On the small side no supervision I watched adults tease the animals

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