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REVIEWS OF Branson's Promised Land ZOO IN Arkansas


The park is over priced and minimal as far as a zoo. They claim to be Christian but act very different. Their automatic arm into the drive thru portion closed early and hit my car. They did nothing to take responsibility for the damage. They initially gave us a card with no phone number to "call" for assistance. Then the director was no assistance and did nothing to help the situation not even apologize for our encounter. According to them even if one of their vehicles hits you, they are not liable. They cover nothing. Which makes sense if your talking about getting bitten, it's a zoo after all. But not if their equipment goes astray. So no apology and not even a refund on entrance fee. It simply is ridiculous.

Angelica Clem

Rather disappointing. Over-priced and not viewer friendly. Watch out for the entry and exit points. The exit gate opened unexpectedly and scratched the fender and headlight well of my car. The gate opened inward instead of outward and hit the front of my vehicle. There was no sign to warn of the swing of the gate. I was about to punch the exit button which was supposed to open the gate but the gate opened without warning on its own.

Holly Woodmansee

Loved this place! So much to see and do! Feeding the birds was our favorite!

Benet Conlin

I’m sure this place would be great if you took the tram and upgraded to VIP experience. Was way expensive for what we got. The animals don’t look like they are being taken good care of. The giraffe didn’t have a high feeding trough, one of the bamboos had a sore bottom, an ostrich appeared to be loosing feathers, one of the armadillo’s didn’t have a hiding place and was scared, a antelope was missing a horn, and ram was limping. Not worth the $107/5 for just a drive through.

Carlos Santos

We took all the kids to the zoo and they loved all of it. Lots of walking and some really interesting exhibits like the giraffe and hyenas. It's well worth the price for the general admission, we spent about 3 hours looking at all the safari exhibits and visiting the different station.

Adrienne Dutchuk

We were the last week and splurged on the Ultimate Excursion!! Well worth the money! The staff is great and our tour guide Marsha was amazing! Definitely a must see when in Branson...we will definitely be back next time we are in town!

Jamie Brown

We had a great experience. We bought the VIP plus package so we were able to hold a baby kangaroo-adorable. We got a tram tour and food to feed the animals on the tour. We even had a private visit with the 5 sloths on site. It was a wonderful visit!


An amazing zoo with wonderful staff! We did the VIP tour and it was well worth the money! My son loved feeding all the animals from the bus, and I enjoyed it as well! He also thought it was cool to hold the python & the baby kangaroo! I loved seeing all the Bible quotes posted throughout the zoo! Definitely glad we visited!

Katie Parrish

absolutely worth going to. It’s the most educational and interactive zoo we have ever been to! Animals are super silly and happy which just shows what great care they take of them!

trisha nodine

It was truly a amazing experience. We did the ultimate excursion and the guide was fantastic. Even though I had a broken foot and on a scooter he made sure that I enjoy every step of the adventure. Truly amazing place and people. Can’t wait to go back! Also one on one with sloths and lemurs was an experience of a lifetime!

Allison Womack

We brought a group of kids here with a summer program, and the staff is absolutely amazing. I'm very particular about which zoos I visit because many do not have a code of humane treatment for their animals, but Promised Land always keeps their animals happy, safe, and healthy! Cannot wait to take my fiancé!

Daniel Higgins

Awesome Experience! This was a hands on zoo and we loved it. I would recommend the VIP experience its worth it without a doubt!

Caitlyn Welschmeyer

One of the coolest places in Missouri. The experiences you can have here are amazing. Everyone may rave about the St. Louis zoo but they should rave about Promise Land Zoo!!

Cody Thomas

Took my wife for the VIP plus experience, We really enjoyed it I just wish they had a affordable family pass hopefully they’ll add one in the future

Kayla Whelehon

We spent the money for the Ultimate Excursion and it was well worth the money. We would do it again. We hand fed so many animals and the sloth interaction was amazing. Being able to feed so many different animals and see them up close and holding a kangaroo was so much fun. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly. It was an overall excellent experience.

nathan wilson

Unforgettable experience! Get the VIP package and get hands on with some of the animals. We had a great time here. They were in the process of expanding while we were there so it’ll be even better next time. The staff was friendly and informative. The animal show was nice for the kids to get close with some of the animals and learn about them. We got a Groupon here so there is some money to be saved if you look.

Emma Russell

We have gone here every year for four years, and our experience is amazing each time! Getting to feed and interact with animals is what sets this zoo apart from others. The staff are helpful and friendly, the park is very clean, and the animals seem very content and happy. I also got the special encounter with the sloths, and I got to feed them apple slices. There was even a baby sloth! I felt very safe the whole time and Haley was very helpful in answering all my questions and making me feel comfortable. I'll definitely be back next summer!

Christy Hendricks

This place has the most hands on zoo experience I've had. It's amazing

Lisa Echeverria

I probably wouldn't pay that much again to see the animals and do the VIP thing. Too many people for our session. It took a while to just get through all the people to hold or pet the ones in the session. Other than that it was nice.

Lisa Cleveland

We purchased the VIP passes which I thought were a bit overpriced. The small animal encounters were great. The team ride was good but due to rain we did not get the full experience. We were unable to walk the foot path because of weather so no idea how that was. I was told that the parakeet house is not handicap accessible.

Misti Ard

Great family trip, teenagers and babies loved being able to interact with the animals.

Michelle Regan

Came here a couple years ago and had an amazing time. We did an animal encounter, my daughter got to hold a baby kangaroo and my son helped with a massive snake. You won't regret stopping by and visiting!

Set Morr

We got the normal tickets- glad we did not pay for one of the more expensive packages! This place was sad- old, tiny enclosures, and the animals did not look well kept. The tiger shared a tiny encloser with a lion. They had no room to roam at all. I hope the animals are better taken care of then they appear. The monkeys and others looked miserable. I will not be returning here and will pray for the animals that call this sad place home :-(

Stacey Winkle

Love this place! The staff is so great and knowledgeable. The tram tour was amazing and fun. Love the sloths sooo much. Great place!

Dan Erwin

OK, first of all...if you run across a "one star" type review...take a good read. You'll find that it's written out of ignorance, and is most likely tied to the fact that they don't like that this is a Christian run zoo with Christian themes throughout - not "in your face", but present and unmistakable. Oh, and BECAUSE they are faith based, they take their job of caring for God's creation very seriously. That said, MY review: My daughter and I took the Ultimate VIP...or Ultimate Excursion tour. This is kind of pricey...REALLY pricey for what you'd think of for a "zoo", but I'm so glad we did it! To me, I look at return on investment...the return is intrinsic, and was well worth it. My daughter - 12 years old - had an amazing time (and so did I). As part of our experience, we were able to participate in a small animal encounter - holding a baby kangaroo, an armadillo, guinea pigs (not "exotic" but as a person who's had multiple guinea pigs in the past...they're just cute), baby mini-pigs, a snake if you want (not me, thanks!), etc. Two employees worked with a small group to explain some information about the animals, and helped with ensuring we did things right. Then, as part of the VIP tour, you go on the tram with the group to take a tour through the zoo. As part of the Ultimate package, you have a private tour on an ATV. Our tour was given by the owner's son-in-law (can't remember his name...I'm terrible with name, sorry!), and was awesome! It starts in the gift shop, and although small gestures, they were very appreciated: grab a free drink, here's a pack of beef jerky, get a complementary picture in the ATV. We had a big bucket of food, and small pails to refill to feed the animals, and then we drove around the zoo. He explained all sorts of interesting facts about the animals in general, the animals specifically, their zoo vs. typical zoos, etc. You can really tell they care about these animals, he knew the back story of so many of them. We were able to drive up into certain areas that you can't get to except on that tour, and had crazy emus put their heads right in the cart just attacking the pails of food. We were laughing - it was funny! We had buffalo, cows, camels, various exotic deer, etc. come up to the car and eat out of our pails while we petted them. Then we stopped at the giraffe enclosure and were able to feed...him (?) a couple heads of Romaine. It was great. Then he dropped us off at a small building with various small animals, handed us off to another employee who took us into the sloth enclosure, where we fed them strips of cucumber. Those creatures are too cool (including the baby). Then we went into the crazy lemur enclosure - they'll jump right on you, climb around...try to pick your pockets... We finished the day by walking around the rest of the zoo, back to the front. Here's my ONE negative. I'm a hat collector...they didn't have any hats for sale! I'll probably live though. lol. You definitely need to go to this, it's a good zoo, with caring people, healthy animals, great back stories of rescues, and a fantastic experience. Thank you all! We loved it!

Dawn Shopp

The highlight of our trip! We paid for the extra encounters and it was well worth the money! I loved my private experience with the sloth - I got to feed it, and he crawled into my arms! Amazing pictures and an experience I will never forget! My son got to hold a baby kangaroo and pet a baby pig that my husband and I held! We always make time to visit zoos when we travel and I can honestly say this was one of the best trips ever! A must see in Branson!

Alicia Griffith

Terrible. Over priced. Animals are not cared for and the staff at the entrance was rude and lacked basic customer service skills. I wouldn’t recommend and will not be taking my family back. I am not an animal activist, however I believe in caring for animals, especially when you are making profit off of them. The slogan is “get closer!” and I can get closer to animals at a walking zoo. False representation and not worth the money.

Jennifer Chase

Super cool place. It is worth the extra money to get the VIP tour.

Allyson Steele

I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Every employee was kind and more than happy to help in any way they could. Our tram guide was hilarious and very educational! The experience was phenomenal and well worth the money(we bought the VIP+) we chose to go in with the Sloths and that was a dream come true to be able to love on them and feed them. Next time we go, we're choosing the lemurs! Thank you so much Sanders Family! ❤️

Amy Mark

DECEPTIVE MARKETING!! See picture! We booked tickets in advance. An email (see picture) stated that the VIP pass included a meet and greet with the giraffe. A meet and greet was NOT part of the VIP pass. When I asked about the meet and greet I was told it wasn’t available. If it is not available it should NOT be advertised as part of what I am paying for.

Jenny Martin

I know the one in Eagle Rock is amazing. I can only imagine this one to be even better. I will let you know after we go. Jesus is Lord

Tal Amar

This was one of the saddest and most traumatizing experiences of my life. The conditions at the zoo were horrid. These animals need to be saved. Never take children here. Never take anyone here. Spread the word that they don’t take care of their animals.

Chris A

What a great experience this place turned out to be! If you're looking for a hands on experience for yourself and/or your kids, this is a great place. Even the basic package is a fantastic experience to be up close to the animals. The drive thru part was good, but not great, hopefully this continues to improve. The rest of the experience from the foot safari, to the adventure building, to the parakeet feeding were very unique. They're unabashed in their Christian identity and it really shows in the way the employees go above and beyond in their conservation and education efforts. This place is a must visit when in Branson!

jessica m

Was originally only gonna give 1 star because the conditions these animals live in is depressing. Esp the larger animals (i.e. the giraffe, lion and tiger and hyena) their enclosures are so small there is hardly any room for them to move around and almost no shelter or shade..we spent over 200 at this place and we were not happy..things got a little better when we went on the VIP tour where our daughters got to hold some of the animals and the employees were friendly. We decided to skip the tram tour then we'd really had enough of the husband and I suggest you skip this place. Not worth the money.

Natalie Moore

Highly don’t recommend this zoo! We paid $55.00 for the foot safari, which took us all of 10 minutes to get through. We drove 4 hours from Kansas City for a week vacation, we figured we would bring our son to the zoo, he didn’t even have fun and he is almost 2 years old! We wanted to be able to walk through a zoo with our son because he was excited to go and ended up being very disappointed. All of the animals looks like they haven’t been fed or taken care of. The drive thru? What even is that? Normal people like to walk through zoos and experience things at their own pace. Our son couldn’t even see any of the animals because he was buckled in his seat. I would demand a refund but it clearly says no refund. We could have used the $55 on something more useful or went somewhere that would have been more exciting for my boyfriend and I as well as our son. very very disappointed and will not be returning.

Joe H

Great place. Great animals you can get right up to. Did the basic fee and it was just as good as the others. You get right up close and can do the driving tour as well. Other higher prices would definitely not be worth it. Only gripe was the ticket lady. Very unfriendly and unhelpful. The rest of the staff was awesome. An older lady actually came out to help us figure out the prices because the lady behind the glass had no interest in helping. I do recommend this place.

Chelsea Shackelford

5 Stars for what it is now! I know this zoo is still pretty young so you cant really bash it too much!! .... I can not wait to see what the future holds for this zoo. VIP tickets are the way to go for sure! The tickets are well worth the price. My kids LOVED every minute of it. Were from KCMO, our ZOO is definitely a lot bigger but this experience is not offered at our zoo. i'm sure the future will bring on bigger expansion for the Promised Land Zoo. I cant wait to see whats going on the next time we visit Branson! my youngest is scared to death of birds and she actually went in and fed the parakeets! I could not believe it. Thank you Promised Land Zoo for this AMAZING day! and the great experiences with some sweet animals.

Rhyker Dye

Absolutely amazing! The animals are all so healthy and happy. They do not seem to even realize they are in captivity. If you go, I would recommend doing the VIP or VIP plus. My fiancé and I do the VIP plus and we love hanging out with the sloths!

breann willoughby

My family and I got the VIP plus package and chose to see the sloths, everything was such a fun experience. With the VIP plus you got a personal guide to drive you around the inside of the zoo and you got to feed the animals that were there . You also got to go through your own drive-thru portion of the inside of the zoo without a guide . On top of all of this you were also able to go in and feed the birds and as part of your VIP portion you were able to have one-on-one contact with multiple animals . The only thing that had ask semi disappointed was that we were not able to hold the sloths when we were told that we would be able to. Update: we were informed that if they chose to climb on you that you would be able to hold them. Overall amazing staff and great place to have a family outing

Amanda Reising

We love going to see the animals at Branson’s Promise land zoo. We also love going to their drive thru zoo!

Susan Jordan

Can’t express enough how great this place is. My daughter and myself did the Ultimate Excursion, well worth every penny!! The staff is wonderful and the up close with the animals is unforgettable. Spend the extra and do the Ultimate, you’ll be satisfied

Joel Brannan

Just amazing. I'm a huge nature/animal nerd and loved this place. Very clean, animals were very healthy with only a couple exceptions, and the experience is incomparable to any other zoo I've been to. I didn't get the VIP experience but the basic admission has so much to offer it's unbeatable. I was able to interact with more animals than anywhere else! Please visit this gem of Branson if you love to see happy animals! Buy plenty of animal feed, visit the little Muntjac deer, and get ready to see cute little baby animals everywhere!

Amber Jaster

Had a fantastic time. Was our first family outing together.. our 12 year old had a blast as well

Traci Lowe

I drove from Ky to visit my daughter who recently moved there. We did the Ultimate Excursion and it was worth every dollar! It does seem pricey at first but once you have met those animals (safari style) and then the sloth, lemur and the giraffe (Mason was my FAVORITE) just added the something special!! We had Amber as our guide and she was AMAZING! She was very friendly, welcoming, knowledge of the animals was fantastic! We could tell immediately that she was a wonderful person and loves her job! I will be visiting again and will be doing the excursion again!!

Amy Burba

Absolutely love this zoo! Great place to take the family. Definitely will be going back!

Nicholas Miller

This place broke my heart! The animals look so sad and cages are small and dirty. There is a small kiddy pool for about 5 ducks and the water is black! This place has scriptures all over the park but clearly that’s just for show. Whoever owns this zoo needs to take a second look at all these scriptures. The Promised Land Zoo is definitely a disappointment and ran down. Whoever runs a zoo like this needs to be put out of business and animals need to go somewhere else.

Nancy Redick

We've been coming to Branson for many years and had never been to the Promised Land Zoo. It was a beautiful day and thought this would be fun to do. We did the walk around the first part of the park and it was fine. The drive through the park in our car was what made us frustrated and very upset. Only caught a a glimpse of a few animals. What we did manage to see were, what I call a few animals with antlers and horns. Very boring. There was a giraffe at the end. I read through a lot of the reviews and noticed that when people give a positive review, you thank them. When you get a negative response, you are very defensive. You might want to take the feelings of people who didn't enjoy your zoo and ask yourself, what can we do better? I just edited my review after receiving your response. I AM NOT AN ANIMAL ACTIVIST. They have the right to their opinions though. We just wanted to enjoy a few hours at your zoo. Your response was that we should have spent more money to get VIP passes. We shouldn't have to pay more money to see animals in your drive through opportunity.

S Bear

We have been going to promised land zoo for the last 5 years. We will continue for the next five. We love everything here. Very sorry Banana passed away. My little girl has been holding her and loving her since she was 2.

Alison Rue

My family loved the Promised Land Zoo in Branson, Missouri! We did the VIP tour and highly recommend that! We look forward to going back next time! Definitely a must-see when you’re in the area! We also loved seeing the Bible verses on signs! To God be the Glory!

Becky Coyne

We had a great time here. My kids LOVED feeding the animals and the live show where they got to touch a huge exotic frog and learned about a couple other animals. The setting was small so everyone felt like they were involved. We got some super animal selfies!! We were there at Thanksgiving when the lights were up and the display was beautiful! My kids are animal lovers and the Spirit of Christmas is wonderful in Branson!

Denise Conway

I would not recommend this zoo to anyone. The areas have no grass for the animals that graze to graze on, the Amazon parrots are in small cages throughout the walking area, and when I ask if they were brought into an actual shelter in bad weather, I was informed that "no they stay out until it starts getting cold" so they are in the small cages during thunderstorms, bad weather, there is no way they could get high enough in their cage to escape down pours of rain & wind. The macaws did have a bigger enclosure & more than one Macaw in the enclosure & they were able to come in & out of the building. Amazons & Macaws are flock birds, and really need to be in at least a small group, but most were in cages alone. Don't try and say I am some animal activist terrorist like I see you have done in the past to other negative reviews and that you have all theses people on staff including an animal abuse specialist of some sort, that is on your payroll, you know the people that you are paying will say everything is okay at your zoo. I have been through other drive and walk through zoos, at least they have grass where there animals roam. The animals at your establishment do look very sad & the grounds appear to be mainly rock & broken trees, reminds me of when conservation burns off plots of land. And at your establishment the animals need to have better living arrangements, maybe someone not on your payroll should come in & investigate the living arrangements of all of your animals, especially the Amazons and the African Grey parrots that you have in the walking part of the zoo. This was the most depressing place I have ever been, I was sad & upset the rest of the day. Not that any of you would care how your establishment makes anyone or anything feel. I truly hope you do a 100% upgrade on all of your animal enclosures, you advertise as "promised land" what I seen up close & personal your establishment in no means is a promised land.

Martha Sanders

This is a very awesome place. The VIP experience was one to remember. Feeding the animals was so much fun! The part where you go in the little room and cuddle some critters was my favorite part

Ashley Love

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Where in the world can you get so close to animals and pet and love on sloths and lemurs? Great place, great people and great animals. It was hot out, but we all had a great time, the bus was cool, the encounter area was cool and they have several a/c buildings to which are great on a hot day. Loved everything we saw and all the animals looked well cared for and clean.

Brittani Henley

My husband and I went for our anniversary and had a blast with the VIP pass. We got to hold various animals including a joey! I cannot wait to come back with the kids!

Angie Brown

Love this Zoo. This was 4th visit. Staff is friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. A variety of animals to see and with VIP package you get close to, pet and hold some of them. All animals are very well cared for and kept in a safe and secure environment.

Ryleigh Tucker

Best Zoo ever!!! Friendly staff, incredible animals, a GREAT environment!! Really hoping to get to go back! Highly recommend the sloth encounter!!

Adri Lowe

Wonderful zoo!! Would love to visit and meet the sloths! I have dreamed since I was a little girl to meet one!

Peggy Biellier

Took my daughter for her 13th birthday as a surprise. The parakeet house was amazing. It was my favorite. Her favorite was a hot named Hershey that she friended and wanted to take home. It was great to be able to see all the animals up close and interact with them. Our whole family had a amazing time and can’t wait to go back.

Laurie Griffith

My 19 year old and I do a Mother/Son trip every summer. This year we chose Branson and he saw Promised Land on the internet. We did the VIP+ and went and had one on time with the Lemurs! They were so much fun! The lady with us very nice and knowledgeable. The only thing I would advise is if you go to a Lemur Encounter do not wear any jewelry. The Lemur that came to me was fascinated with my necklace and tried to eat the charm. He also tried to get my bracelet. The one my son had almost yanked his earring out! It was a fun experience though!!

Michaela Dawes

Other than a few animals it was mostly goat or goat like animals with differences so small you can't even tell. The park was laid out fairly poorly just all hills. And every enclosure although it had hay the ground was entirely rocks making them look incredibly uncomfortable. Overall a disappointing experience that is not worth the money.

Jill O'Bryan

Wonderful family experience with extended family including ages 1-60+. The extra $$ for the VIP animal tour, where you get to enter the exhibits of the large animals with a guide was definitely worth every penny. The kids and adults alike loved being up close and personal with the animals and even getting to feed a few. The VIP animal tour takes a couple of hours, so if you have little ones, you might consider planning around nap times. The basic admission leaves plenty to do and see for a shorter visit. In the summer, avoid the heat of the day by visiting in the morning.

jeffery mcdow

This is the worst zoo I’ve been to this zoo looks more like a collection with terrible animal living conditions. The zoo is more like farm cages they have put animals into none of the animals looked happy and were hugging the walls trying to escape the harsh sunlight because most exhibits don’t give any shading. This zoo should be investigated on animal negligence I have not been this mad about animal treatment but the Branson promised land zoo has shown a lot of wrong doings and should be educated on how to properly take care of the animals.

Adele Bennett

This trip was for my granddaughters birthday but after arriving I quickly realized it was for the child within myself. This safari-zoo is a must visit!!! I cannot say enough about this experience. The staff was amazing with the knowledge they knew about each animal. We cannot wait to take more of our family members and cannot wait to visit their other locations. It's something about getting around brings the child out in all of us. You will not regret it, make sure to take the tram ride...that's the bonus of the trip.

Amy Hanson

I had heard a friend positively comment on her visit. I decided to check it out after reading varying reviews. We opted for the Vip Close Encounter. We loved it, especially since it was a small group. After we left we realized we missed seeing a few things which was disappointing, but overall we really enjoyed it.

Kyla Clenney

I took my daughter here last year for the first time. We had a great time! We liked being able to pet many animals, feeding the birds, and how all of the animals seem active and happy. We are looking forward to our next visit.

Austin Jones

The VIP tour was worth the money! From getting to hold a baby kangaroo to the awesome tram tour where we got to hand feed the animals, every part of the trip was amazing. The zoo keepers were knowledgeable and the tram driver was very entertaining. Definitely an experience I will never forget!

Angel Cordova

The area is not very big and it seems over priced. We got the basic package which includes a drive around. I do not think this should be called a zoo. They have some cool animals but I also saw Guinea pigs, roaches and chickens. I would not recommend this place. If you do go walk around the main area then drive the other part.

Cheryl Sadlier

Basic ticket was very disappointing for us. Enclosures needed updating and there were very few animals. For the price you pay, in our opinion, this was not a good deal. I think for young kids it is a cute hands on experience but if you're expecting a big zoo like we were you will be disappointed. So go if you have young kids...they will probably love it...or if you just want a cute something to do but not if you want a true zoo and drive through experience. Or apparently get the VIP ticket.

Kaitlyn Anne

Love the hands on activity! The staff is so knowledgeable, kind and accommodating!

Janice Cumberland

If you're thinking of visiting here, change the filter on the reviews and choose 'lowest ratings'. Unfortunately, every single one of them is correct. This zoo should be closed down... the animals are treated with at best 'neglect', but in a lot of cases it is downright cruelty. I don't expect to visit any animal facility and have to see animals in far too small enclosures, with little or no food available, in filthy condition and many clearly in pain. As animal owners and lovers ourselves, we found the while visit very upsetting and distressing. I'm sure the owners reply will dismiss everything I've said like they do with every negative review but rest assured I am not a member of any anti-zoo movement and I most certainly have visited this appalling place. I am actually sickened by the fact that I've spent over $120 to support this place when clearly the money is not spent improving the animal's welfare. Obviously bad reviews are not stopping people visiting. I spoke to one of the managers about my concerns, particularly about the poor donkey that was quite evidently in severe pain due to untrimmed feet and an open cut on his leg that looked like it was becoming infected... her response was, he was a rescue and he gets seen once a month for treatment. That is absolutely disgraceful and I will be reporting this zoo to any and all relevant authorities. My conscience can't let me just leave this.

Adventures of Nanis & Valerie

Very bad customer service! We were thrilled and excited to see more animals and encounter with them. The price did not bother us if we got to have a good experience but when we went to the front desk and ask questions for clarification the worker only gave us a one word answer no explanation of what is included in the VIP OR VIP PLUS package. We wanted to bottle fed baby animals and the tiger as shown in the advertisement (wrong advertisement is you ask me). We end up buying our tickets online there is no one to direct you or check your tickets, when you ask questions all the workers look at you as if you were an alien and they don’t understand.

Sarah Burke

My family and I loved the zoo! The singing dogs and petting zoo before our VIP tour were some of our favorites! Our guide on the bus tour was awesome and very funny! We didn't get to do the adventures part because the kids were to young which was a little disappointing because we really wanted to see a sloth up close but maybe another time! Highly recommend checking this place out!!

Hannah Breeding

Incredible! Unforgettable! Joe Lee, one of the guides and caretakers of the animals, took us on our "Ultimate Excursion." He was amazing! We all had such a great time! We learned a lot and laughed so much! I would recommend Promised Land Zoo to everyone and I, myself, plan to go back again!

Amberp Hulsey

Great Zoo! i loved everything about this zoo. I went around new years so it was cold but i still loved it. You get to get up close and personal with the animals. For a little extra you can even get in the enclosure with sloths or lemurs.


We did the walk through and drive through. The walk through is amazing!! I have never been to a zoo where you can get so close to the animals and be so hands on. Parakeet house was a huge hit with adults and children and BONUS included with general ticket! There is a small charge for the petting zoo/walking part of the zoo but totally worth it. The drive through was not as impressive; we now think the bus tour might be better.

Amy Fisher

We went to Promised Land Zoo for my sons birthday. We all enjoyed it. They was able to have several hands on experiences. The zoo is well maintained. It is well worth your time and money. We can’t wait to go back. The parakeet house was our absolute favorite!


I had high hopes for this zoo. However, I was severely disappointed. The price for the VIP package was way too much for what they were offering, and the regular zoo admission was for the zoo and the drive thru safari. Which was disappointing as well. You were not able to roll down the windows (even though all the animals were in enclosures anyway), the zoo itself was full of pocket pets and goats. I would recommend this attraction for those of you with smaller children because they would enjoy it, but I would not recommend it for those of you who are grown and enjoy going to zoos, your chances of being disappointed are very high.

Bethany Hilltop

We got the groupon and upgraded to the VIP Adventure and it was well worth it! This place is definitely the Gold Standard for animal care. I grew up on a farm and every animal we came across was well fed, had fresh water, clean areas and nice coats! Happy animals for sure. Upgrade to VIP and everyone will have a blast! Thank you Plzoo for all that you do!

Dawn Hollaway

It was the best zoo I've ever been too I recommend it to anyone that is in Branson or visits loved the interaction with the animals and especially the sloths.

Derick Pratt

Not worth the discount tickets we got. Hardly any animals to see. Most were way off the road laying down, and almost impossible to spot. The weather was beautiful too. No reason for the animals to be hiding in the shade.

Ashley Buchheit

This is the *saddest* zoo I have ever been to, and I've been to zoo's across the country and even in different continents. This honestly shouldn't even be called a zoo, more like animal enclosure where the animals are mistreated and are in environments that are way too small. This is a for profit zoo, so the owners are putting all of the money in their pockets instead of caring for the animals. The focus of this zoo is not to save animals. The owners use this zoo, and their other location in Eagle Rock, MO to breed and sell exotic animals. This place isn't about the animals, it's about putting money in the owners pockets. Don't waste your money, because if you do come here, your money will genuinely be wasted. Maybe I'm just spoiled by the St. Louis zoo because it's FREE, huge, there's way more to see, way more to do, and the animals are actually treated properly. And the next issue I have is the religion being thrown in my face. I have no issue respecting other people's beliefs, but this place has signs everywhere with bible verses or Christian-like references. I understand that this place is private and has the right to put their religion on their things, but 1) it's way too much and 2) shouldn't you be more concerned about the animals than whether people understand you believe in god or not? I would literally never waste my money here again. Side note: we did purchase the VIP tickets (which came out to just over $50 after tax) and the tram ride was interactive and fun, but that doesn’t allow me to overlook the conditions of the zoo itself.

bailey B

This place is amazing. So many encounters and so many things you can do. I love this zoo so much!

Jessica Sleczkowski

Hands down worst zoo I have ever been to. The animals were in small cages that clearly are never cleaned. The smell was overpowering and nauseating. Attempted to go and feed the birds. All the birds stayed as close to the walls and the ceiling as possible. It was clear that they were avoiding any human interaction. The animals all looked sad and sick. There were plenty of mice on the floor so people were feeding those instead. The zoo also had plenty of Bible verses at every turn. Gotta love how some people try to use religion as a scapegoat to actually treating other beings humanely. Incredibly disappointing and absolutely disgusting.

David Wallen

Got the ultimate excursion and had a wonderful time. Got up close experiences with sloths, lemurs, a giraffe, baby kangaroo, and many other animals. I'd highly recommend this experience and you'll get to see behind the scenes of a great zoo. Loved it.

Kristine Reeder

Perfect for kids. We took our 2.5 yr old and she loved it. We did the middle package with the animal encounter and guided tram.

Victoria Stahl

This is the most depressing zoo I’ve ever visited. The cages are far too small and many of the animals exhibit signs of stress. There are bible quotes everywhere which was just weird to me. I was going to give two stars because the kids in our group had a great time (even though all the adults left sad), but seeing that the owner responds to every negative review with just a copy and paste of a good review (or accusing them of being part of a terrorist organization) is just such a horrible business practice that I don’t actually think they care about being better or doing right by the animals they care for. They tout that they are one of the top 25 zoos in the US, but it’s from TripAdvisor 4 years ago. I can’t find them listed when a reputable group comes through and actually ranks zoos for amenities, animal care, exhibits, etc. Little to no effort has been made to mimic the animals’ natural habitats. If you love Jesus and Branson, you’ll probably love this zoo. If you’re someone with a kind heart who cares for animals, you’ll probably leave depressed. Also...expensive. EDIT: This review is not anti-Christian, nor is it paid for by a domestic terrorist organization.

Amber Scott

I love the variety of and hands on experience with the animals. PLZ has always been enjoyable for me and the staff have been nice! My favorite has been feeding the birds , and a kangaroo! I enjoy that I learn something every time I go!

Marja Fletchall

Wish we would have realized the driving part was under construction before we bought tickets. The buildings and walking areas were very enjoyable

Gayla Lauer

It’s been 4 years since we have been here, but it was one of the best stops we had on our vacation. Loved the variety of animals, feeding the birds, and the pig that followed us around. Would love to go back again with our girls and see all the new animals!

Aubrey Haskins

Absolutely the BEST experience ever! This was the one activity that everyone in our group loved. The tram and encounter yet were amazing and we are still enjoying the pictures from our time at the zoo. Definitely go do the VIP it’s well worth it and love their mission!

Courtney Stewart

Amazing experience! Would definitely go again in the future!

Jessica Copeland

While many changes they have made since our last visit (2016) were great, I have to say that I am disappointed in the changes they made to the VIP and VIP+ options. The first time we visited there, we purchased VIP+ tickets and had to make a reservation time to get our up close and personal animal excursion. They have now chosen to make that a first-come, first-served process, which was chaos on the day we went. We walked back to the building where you can have your sloth/lemur/owl experience, and the building was packed to the brim with people waiting for their turn. There is no sign-in process, so you are forced to wait or take the risk of leaving and coming back to a larger crowd. We waited roughly 45-60 minutes to have our experience, as there was only one employee trying to get everyone in and have a quality experience. I just wonder- if you have to sign up for a time slot for the VIP experience, why not have a time slot for VIP+? It seemed to run very smoothly for us the first time around, so it was shocking to see it so disorganized 3 years later. Additionally, for the VIP portion, where you get to interact with many small animals, the increased group size has made it incredibly crowded and less enjoyable (in my opinion). We were previously with a group of roughly 10 people, whereas the group size has increased to at least 20. I understand that this is a popular experience that you don’t get to have at other zoos, but packing everyone into a room like sardines definitely lessened the experience for us, after having a much more intimate group in years past. Overall, the experiences provided by this zoo are ones that many people would enjoy, but I think there are some aspects that need attention to make them 5 star worthy.

Lisa R

We visited the zoo and did the VIP tour. Everyone at the zoo was very friendly, and went out of their way to make our day great. The sloth encounter was the highlight of the tour.

Richard Bruner

My wife and I came so that she could participate in the interaction experience with a sloth. It did not disappoint. She had a great time. What we wish we had known at the time was you can choose to do the drive thru portion of the zoo first (which is where you do the animal encounter). We spent some time walking the small area first since we mistakenly thought we would see the sloth up front. Not at all a big deal but we were a little short on time. We ended up see everything so we got our monies worth. This is a wonderful place and I seen some animals I had never seen before which is always nice. Especially in Branson, MO which is known for a lot of different activities. Next time we will bring our little one so he can enjoy it as well.

Millie Westerman

Loved feeding the animals on the bus tour. I highly recommend getting the VIP so that you can do this! You get up close and personal with the animals. My husband paid for the VIP+ just so that he could interact with the sloths. He was like a kid in the candy store! He loved it! Our whole family had a great time!

Cathy Fowler

We had a great time, lots to see and do. Learned alot about all the amazing animals in the Zoo.

Jonna Shores

We got the basic package. It was overpriced for the experience, one of the worst zoos I’ve ever visited. It was more like a glorified petting zoo. The pens were small and the smell throughout the park was just absolutely rancid. I had to change my daughter’s diaper in the bathroom and the smell in there literally burned my nostrils. The animals themselves were covered in flies and looked absolutely miserable. Half the pens in the drive thru safari were empty, or at least the animals weren’t visible. They advertise a cafe but the cafe was literally a food truck, next to the foul smelling restrooms. I was really looking forward to this activity but it was just a huge disappointment.

Jacob Bozeman

I'm giving an amazing review now because I'm going for the first time ever some time this week and have high hopes for i . I'm gonna do the VIP experience and I hope I get to feed and or hold an exotic baby animal. I cant wait to be there

Sabrina Sams

This place is awesome. We did the VIP experience. We enjoyed getting to hold/pet some of the animals. The lady that did the animal encounter part was awesome. We also enjoyed getting to ride the bus to feed the animals. The guy that drove the bus was awesome with his corney jokes.

Grace Senjem

I have nothing good to say. If I could give this place a 0 i would. You make someone pay $21 to see a low maintenance zoo with no care to their animals. Animal cruelty to the max. I literally watched one of the zoo keepers pick up a kangaroo and throw it in a bag and hit the other one in the cage in the head hard with the door. The animals look to skinny like sick skinny. I love hearing little kids ask there parents if the animal is okay. This place is sick and should get shut down for animal cruelty. Also drive through is trash because theres grass everywhere else except for where the animals are. How are they supposed to eat? No wonder why they can barely walk because they are so skinny. So sickening.

Troy Reynolds

I loved it. The kids had a blast looking at all the animals. Every employee that was on the VIP tour was awesome and informative. It was definitely worth the money and highly recommend to everyone

Erin Willis

I have been here several times and every time has been great! Sweet staff, great environment, and so much fun!

Brandi Wallace

My family and I visited during the Christmas Holiday! Let There Be Lights Drive Thru! It was amazing from the drive through to the end when we got out and was able to get up close to the Reindeer, pics with Santa and hot apple cider !! I was the driver so I got to go as slow as I wanted ;). I loved the Rainbows! Will def come through again. I cannot wait to come see the Sloths and during the day to see more of the animals! Everyone was super nice! We all loved it !

Ashley Johnson

Very impressed with this zoo. We loved the walk through part. Parakeet paradise was amazing. Definitely buy the food to feed the other animals. We just did the basic package and it was well worth it.

Tina Praiswater

This place is big despite what you can see from the Branson strip. The staff is very friendly and helpful. It's organized and the VIP+ tickets are worth it. My husband and I had a great time.

C Gann

Had a great time seeing the animals with my wife and family. We purchased the VIP plus package to see the sloths, but ended up not doing the tram part because we had to leave. Wasted a bit of money, which sucks, but the one on one time with the sloths really was the highlight of our trip. I would recommend going here, but be sure to plan out what you want to see and decide which packages you want to spend your money on.

Laura Williams

We have been to many Zoos and this one is by far the most interactive we have been to by far!! We got the VIP++ package and it was worth every dime!! The staff was amazing and the animals were happy. We watched how the zoo keepers interact with the animals and how they responded. We will be back soon

Jennifer Seehase Miller

My family visited the zoo on July 27th. We purchased the basic tickets. While driving through we saw very few animals and the ones we could see were far away. Some of them looked ill. I thought maybe it was a fluke cause it was hot out but I just read another review that stated the same exact thing. We stopped and walked through a small building with owls, reptiles, and a few other things. You could touch the two rabbits and two turtles. There wasn't much at the zoo. It took us a half-hour total. We saw everything we were able to with the basic price. It definitely was NOT worth the price they charge. Very disappointing. I would not recommend this zoo.

Stephanie Gordon

We went a couple of years ago and loved it but recent trip was not as good. It still is a decent zoo. The "VIP" experience where you hold animals was not as streamlined and way too many people in the small room. I do like the tram ride where you feed animals. No one for the longest time at the parakeet exhibit to get food. Did not see signs on most of the enclosures indicating what animals were there. Love the scriptures that are throughout the park though!

Shannon MacNeilly

The absolute best part of our trip! We did the Ultimate Excursion, definitely SO worth it!

Sara Bryant

Amazing place. Amazing staff! My family loved it. We can not wait to go and have a sloth encounter next time!! Well done Promise Land!

Laureen Boykin

This was the most amazing experience for my family EVER. Our visit was hands-on and so informative and educational for the children. This alone is worth a trip to Branson!! What other zoo out there lets you have a personal encounter with animals, or lets you feed the animals? Again -- AMAZING.


My girlfriend loves animals and insisted we visit. We had a great time walking around and feeding the animals. The driving portion was cool but it was hard to see some of the animals. I wish the lion/tiger were in a bigger cage. Otherwise, the basic admission was worth the price.

Scott Harvey

We'll worth the VIP ticket. Kids LOVED feeding the animals. Amazing staff, especially the tram driver.


I loved/commented & shared! I never have actually been here due to financial issues but just giving an opportunity to win this for my precious Mom is worth 5 stars! OMGOSH! This would make My elderly Momma dreams come true! This has been Her only wish, to touch, feel and feed live sloth before She passes on! I would give most anything to win this for Her!

Brian Herron

Zoo section of this was cool, but the tour buss was disappointing. The driver was annoyed with kids that were dropping the food out the window while they were feeding animals. He then proceeded, on the intercom, to say he couldn't understand why parents can't keep control of their kids, and how parenting is not hard if you just put your food down. Seriously? None of the parents on our bus appreciated this, and the tone for the rest of the ride was horrible as everyone talked about how this bust driver was out of line. For $300, I want to enjoy my time.

Tricia Bentley

WE LOVED IT ..the best hands on educational experience we have ever had..we did the VIP ticket and had a wonderful experience with the sloths ..the zoo is a great place especially for the price..I even enjoyed the afternoon show where you could go up to the stage and let some of the animals and learn about them..we are so ready to go back again .

Dana Glasfore

We loved all of the hands on with our VIP ticket! Our daughter and her friend both said how much fun they had. Having a sloth is always an added bonus! The only part that made us a little sad was the size/condition of some of the enclosures. We would recommend it to our friends!

h n

The family had a wonderful time! The caretakers were knowledgeable! The price is great considering the animals you get to feed and pet. Our bucket list has gotten shorter!

Leo Tibble

This was the highlight of our trip to Branson. Young and well seasoned enjoyed the entire park. We even grabbed some bison burgers and they were so good we brought frozen ones back to grill another day. Loved the camels, all the exhibits and the tram tour. Kids played on the playground for an hour too! You will love it!

Mandy Manuel

We took our children/grand baby a fews years ago and they absolutely loved it. We had a great experience

lee scar

Amazing zoo. great staff. love the interactions.

Geoff Lyons

I’m not sure how you could not enjoy yourself here! So many cool animals that I’ve never seen before and so up close too! These one star reviews have got to be some up tight ladies, I just glad I’m not on vacation with you guys I feel for your families! We upgraded to to VIP and were not disappointed, we have other Encounter places down where we live and let’s just say the price is 10x what it was at Promise Land! We will definitely be back.

Aubrey Ausler

I love animals but struggle with zoo's because there is so much walking, the animals are never out or they look miserable if they are. I took my kids to the promised land zoo eith my best friend and her kids. I expected about the same as all zoo's, pretty boring. I was incredibly wrong. Every single person that was with us LOVED it. The zoo is semi small so you have time to enjoy the animals and walking doesn't kill you. The enclosures are pretty interactive which provides the loss with a greater experience. The time you think you would lose due to size is made up in interactions. This is the only zoo I enjoy going to. Bonus* There are sloths! That. Is. Everything!

Nicole Smith

We had an amazing time at the Promised Land Zoo. The VIP experience is a must do! We took our 14 month old daughter and she had a blast holding and feeding the animals. We will be coming back!

Ashley Nicole

We love Bransons Wild Life! Awesome place to visit! Definitely would recommend!

Destiny Suggs

I loved it! We got the guided tour package and it was worth the extra money! It was awesome to hold some the animals, especially the baby kangaroo, and get to feed and pet them! The zoo attendants were very nice and knowledgeable, and the bus driver was hilarious! I have been to Lord of zoos all over, but I think this was my favorite because we could touch most of the animals. Anything with a single fence you were allowed to reach in and touch and the animals came right up to the fence to get loving. The adult male kangaroo even pointed out to me where he wanted to be scratched! My husband and I had an amazing visit and would absolutely go back!I recommend this trip to anyone who loves animals, there is walking involved up and down inclines and hills so wear comfy shoes and make sure to catch a ride on the bus to feed the animals that was lots of fun and the driver has good jokes.

Sandy Gann

We took the VIP+ tour and it was worth every penny. I was in sloth heaven with the Sloth Encounter. The staff was great and we loved feeding all of the animals on the tour. This is a place for kids of all ages! Even the older than dirt ones...

Megan C

First time visitors and we did the VIP, my son and I loved the hands on with the animals and the guided tour through the safari! All the employees we encountered were knowledgeable and you could tell they enjoyed their jobs! We will visit again!

D Ronning

Great place for a hands on experience with some exotic animals. Minus the lady who sold us the tickets, everyone else was so pleasant and welcoming. You can be as involved as you want. Definitely do the middle package at least that includes the VIP experience so you can be up close to the animals. Our girls loved it and they are 10 and 12. They do have a Military discount as well which we greatly appreciated. What a fun day.

Scott Shook

Fantastic VIP experience! Close encounters like I have never had, great knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend.

Lindsey Force

Legit the WORST experience I've had in this city, and I went to a timeshare presentation. I mean seriously, no customer service. NO help what-so-ever for anyone, even the disabled and less abled. Looks trashy, and held together poorly. Outrageously expensive for Jack all. All in all do not recommend, it would hav negative stars if possible.

Taylor Family

We weren’t given a positive reaction from our hotel concierge about this place, but my kids had seen the sign and I thought we would stop by to check prices and times - it was after hours, and my kids discovered the zoo sign was a Pokémon gym. We were parked (car running) in front parking lot by the sign so they could “battle” which takes about 10 minutes or so. Security promptly came and told us we had to leave because the owners “do not allow that.” Wow. They should just have their site removed from the game. Needless to say, I won’t be spending any money there- my kids can look for Pokémon somewhere else and we will take the concierge’s recommendations for other Branson attractions.

Kelly Henderson

Great staff! Everyone is friendly and the facilities seemed wide open and hospitable to the animals.

Kaitlyn Lewis

Me and my husband went here today and absolutely LOVED it! We did the VIP tour(which was around $100 for both of us!) and got to learn so much about these amazing animals! Marcia did an amazing job of educating us and letting us hold and pet some of these awesome animals! We got to hold and pet a kangaroo, hedgehog, and python among getting to pet an armadillo, super cute mini pig, a really neat skink, and see the CUTEST baby pigs! Then we got to go on a tram tour with Tom who let us feed camels, ostriches, emus, and alpacas. He also showed us a ton of other awesome animals! We got to feed parakeets, pet kangaroos, goats, emus, bunnies, and see a TON of other animals and it was amazing! My husband and I agreed that this place was the best place we went to during our honeymoon! Your staff is great and we will definitely be back!

M Family Kots

The VIP Package is the way to go. You get to interact and feed some of the animals. It was a fun day!

Ally Rosin

This zoo is a waste of time and money. It’s absolutely STUPID!! No, we didn’t get the VIP because it was $25 extra for each person!! CRAZY. I would never recommend to come here. For 2 adults and 3 children it was $99.95. It was the biggest rip off ever. The “walk through” zoo was dumb and took 5 minutes to walk through. No cool, exotic animals to see either. The drive through zoo was the absolute worst thing ever. Such a rip off. The animals are in their enclosure and some you can’t even see because they are so far up. Also, the best animals, and therefore the most “exotic” were the giraffe and the zebras. And the zebras you could barely see. All i’m saying right now is NOT to go here. Not to mention, the parakeet feeding was pretty cool except the fact that there were MICE running all over, coming very close to your feet! YUCK. DONT GO HERE! It stinks in every indoor thing you go into (bathrooms, shop, etc.) and it’s just overall disgusting, run down and a complete RIP OFF!!

BreAnna Pearson

Honestly, I have never been. But I get triple entries for the Sloth experience. And my 8 year old son in obsessed, so I NEED to win this!!!! So they get 5 Stars just for the opportunity!!!!

Crystal Hawkins

The first 3 animals wasn’t visible most of them are animals with horns for 3 people was $76 Totally was not worth it at all Rating this 1-10 1 being the worst- 1 For a Zoo .. not a zoo

Shannon Meireis

I wish I had more time to write 4 yr old daughter and I chose the VIP excursion and it was amazing! We got to pet and hold several animals and we fed camels, emus, ostriches, deer, and alpacas! We didn't feel worn out because of the fact that we toured most of the zoo in the VIP bus with an amazing bus driver who was our knowledgeable tour guide! We are so grateful! I can't wait until my daughter is old enough for us to choose the ultimate package so we can experience even more hands on animal encounters! We live 6 hrs away but we will definitely be back! All of the staff made us feel super welcome! God bless them all! What an amazing facility! By far and away it's the best zoo we have ever been to ever!

Wally Novak

Our entire group, ages 7 to 71, thoroughly enjoyed our time at Promised Land Zoo. It was educational and enjoyable to hold some very exotic animals and learn about them from your staff. And the staff was excellent ensuring we all were able to participate. We also had a great time feeding all the animals during the bus ride through the park. Xander the camel was a hoot and watch out for those pesky ostrich. Haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. A VIP visit is highly recommended and I don’t see how anyone could be disappointed. Thanks for a great time.

Jennifer Whitledge

The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. They made seeing the animals on the tram and throughout the zoo an experience our family won’t forget. My daughter did a VIP plus encounter with a sloth. It was a dream come true for her to see, feed and pet them. Would recommend this place to all friends and family.

Nicholas Barton

I took my wife and family yesterday and it was a really really bad experience. The entire place is quite sad for the animals really. The full grown tiger has a space smaller than most houses garages and the entire place needs a desperate face lift and set of repairs. Not worth the money

Andrea Wolven

Absolutely adore this place. With the VIP and VIP plus you get so many hands on experiences with animals I've never had anywhere else. We try to make this a yearly adventure. We have done the sloth encounter as well and it was one of my favorite days ever!

Jake Bradley

Fantastic zoo! Everyone was extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the animals. Would highly recommend the Ultimate excursion package for a amazing up close and personal experience with the animals

Audry Flores

Absolutely the worst overpriced zoo I have ever experienced!!! It was nothing but an glorified petting zoo! The animals looked miserable and the zoo was dirty! Granted I did the basic package but for $22 a person I expected a lot more. My FREE hometown zoo is way better and cleaner than this one! Don’t waste your money....very disappointed!

Rayce Reynoldson

I would barely call this a zoo. Half of the animals in the buildings are things you can get at a pet store. The animals outside are in small enclosures and look bored. It is poorly maintained. The tram is the only part worth doing thanks to the driver being kind and talking to us about the animals and Branson itself. No other staff seemed to give a darn that a paying customer was standing there with a question. Not worth the price at all.

Cody Warren

Great experience. We were able to interact and hold animals we normally would not be allowed to at a zoo. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and the animals are never hiding like some zoo's. My wife and I have a 15, 13, and 7 year old and they all enjoyed the zoo. Overall I would recommend this zoo to any family.

Katelyn and Mia

I was really disappointed. I took my daughter for her first birthday and there were barely any animals the only thing we were impressed by was the parakeet paradise other than that I would rather spend my money driving to st louis for their zoo.

Aaron Chauvin

Nice visit but something should be done about the religious beliefs posted all over the zoo We loved everything that you all are doing for the animals and enjoyed our time at your zoo, but it should be clearly stated on all promotional material that there is a heavy religious influence throughout the premises. Not all people are religious and don’t necessarily want other peoples’ beliefs crammed down their figurative throats, especially without any warning at all. Simply stating that the name “Promised Land Zoo” should let patrons know that there is an underlying religious theme is a rather weak argument. More should be done to to properly inform potential visitors of the religious themes such as pictures of some of the signs with scripture written on them that are posted throughout the zoo and explicitly stating that there is a religious theme at the park. If you are worried that doing so would ultimately negatively impact your revenue stream then the alternative is to not have your religious beliefs posted all over the zoo.

Kylie Folsom

It was cool to see the different animals but they didn't look so great in most outdoor enclosures. The drive through animals have small habitats in my opinion & the road was terrible to drive on in some places. The staff were awesome with the guests. Overall, it was pricey for what you got & it doesn't seem like all of the animals are treated that great. We don't plan on going back.

Toryn Jones

If you're an animal lover, I highly recommend treating yourself to the VIP+ package at Promised Land Zoo. Getting to play with lemurs and hold a young kangaroo is one of the top moments of my life.

Leslie Huckaba

I took my 5-year old son and my niece to visit the zoo. I purchased the VIP tickets, so we experienced the small animal encounter and tram ride. My niece was really excited because she had never held a baby kangaroo! My son and I had, but we loved getting to do so again. The staff were all very friendly and knowledgeable about the animals; we really enjoyed the small animal encounter. The tram driver gave a wonderful tour too. The only negative of the ride was due to the windows on the tram. The windows slide open from front and back, so if the person in front of you fully opens their part of the window, it closes yours. The man in front of us kept shoving his part of the window open all the way. The first time he did it my son moved his arm in time to avoid it getting smashed and politely told the man that he almost mashed his arm, so the man was aware of how his actions affected our part of the window. About halfway through the ride, he slammed it back so hard on my son's arm that it caused a big red mark all around his arm and really hurt it. My son cried quietly and held his arm the rest of the ride. He was afraid to put his arm out to feed any animals after that. Although this rude man's actions were in no way the fault of the zoo, the owners might want to see if there is a way to modify the windows, so the opening of one side fully does not result in the other side closing totally and hurting someone's arm or hand. Overall, it was a wonderful experience with the animals and employees.

Emily Puche

We visited the zoo today for the first time. When we arrived we got in line for tickets. There was a family, three people in front of us, that had an issue with tickets. Something to do with already buying online but wanting to upgrade at window or something. Anyway they weren’t happy about what was happening so we stood waiting for them to get the issue resolved for 15 min. We felt like when a situation like that occurs the second ticket window should have been opened to continue the flow of purchases or the customers with the issue asked to wait just a moment while others bought tickets. By the time they were told to go around to the gift shop to finish whatever they needed, there was quite a line behind us in the parking lot and a family in front of us had left. It took me 2 minutes to get tickets so I know it can move swiftly. We were a group of 3 adults and 3 children. I purchased the VIP adventure for $270 so we could all enjoy the small animal encounter, which was awesome, along with the parakeet enclosure it was the highlight of our visit. Pricey but worth it I felt. While waiting for our small animal adventure we walked around the upper part of the walking safari. We then went to use the restroom before heading back into the breezeway to do the encounter. The women’s restroom had no soap for hand washing, which I thought was weird since there were signs everywhere saying to wash your hands before and after touching animals. I went and let the worker taking photos know that there was no soap in the restroom and she said she knew and that the guy that was over at the parakeets was supposed to take care of that. So I said ok and went to wait. We had a great encounter and then went out for a short guided safari walk and then head over to the tram. The tram was brand new which was nice, clean, great A/C. The windows were a little awkward because if you fully slid yours open then the person behind you couldn’t open there’s at all. So you had to make sure and slid yours only half open. Luckily everyone was nice. The tram tour was fun and we enjoyed feeding animals and seeing new babies. Unfortunately our tour was cut short because the driver ran into one of the gates. No one was injured and he asked if everyone was ok, but we had to spend time waiting on damage to be accessed and we didn’t get to go over to the ostrich and emu’s. We took the car safari route where we then waited a bit longer for the owner to come and take a picture of the damage to the tram. I was a bit surprised that the owner didn’t come onto the tram, apologize for the incident and check to see that everyone was ok (the driver did do this) I was just surprised the owner didn’t. We were taken back to the building and the tour was over. We went back to the restroom, so an hour later, and there was still no soap... Yes we had a good time, but improvements could be made.

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Edit: im going help u guys save some money. they dont check cars when doing the drive tho. So i would just pay for one person then half way tho park your car in the parking area and Walk the zoo!!!!!! That is the only way u will get your money worth.A very horrible place I spent $66 for two adults and one child for the drive-thru for hardly any animals to be out when I went in to complain I was pretty much told to email a district manager. And then she comes back to tell me what I should have done this differently and just got the VIP package. Just like $66 is not a big deal and you get what you get.. Back to the the response from the company the same staff that did not suggest the VIP package when I went in to complain after driving through is the same staff you're telling me has a right to judge a disabled person on what they need.. and just so we're clear all of this has been discussed via email through the owner that just responded that told me I was out of luck pretty much. They might of been on the inside of the zoo. I paid that price for the drive through for a reason. And like I told you through email my mom is disabled she cannot walk for long. So paying what we paid would have been fine if the drive-thru was worth it not for only seeing four animals

Melissa Booher

I haven't been yet but am planning to go this summer, my husband and I have been to many zoos and I am very excited about this one because it is a faith based zoo (: please don't ever change that!! As a christian I am very inspired to hear you are faith based and have Bible verses to read etc. Can't wait to visit and see all the animals

April Hutchens

Wonderful place to visit on our vacation. Branson has many great family sopts but this was my favorite.

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