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1098 Main St, Fairfax, VT 05454

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REVIEWS OF Steeple Market IN Vermont

Josiah Raiche

Great little market and fair gas prices. Steeple market offer a surprising selection of produce and groceries, including locally raised mushrooms, meats, and more. They also have a nice variety of hot breakfasts. The only thing more I could wish for is to be open before 6, but that's not a big deal.

George Elliott

Great beer selection, great selection of cheeses, stop by for amazing specials on steaks. The biannual Truckload Sale has great deals

lonnie burke

Pizza Mondays, good wine prices, local flare

Shawn Morse

Great store with many items to choose from. Pleasant staff.

Guy Saba


Tetrah PS

I waited over an hour for my food and it sat on the counter for a good 20 minutes open before they finally gave us our food.

Justin Loati

Karen Campbell

Great selection and good food, but the prices are higher than other places.

Erin Rock-Ballard

Angele Paul

Nice little market.

Adrian Hahr

Jesse Hannon



Fresh food

Ben Esancy

Chad Ray

Nice little store, good meat, they make sandwiches and other food ready to order as well as daily specials (ribs, wings, etc).

Jude Spencer

One of the best local meat stores

Tara Baumeister

Dustin Charland

Expensive but a very good spread. Much better than your average convience store. You can get anything from wine, cheese. Pizza, canned goods, meat. All of good quality.

Benjamin Carter

Great deli/sandwiches, a bit on the pricey side and you need to check the meat and produce for freshness.

Kate Castonguay

This is a good little market. Has most immediate needs you're looking for. Figure out your line situation at the register. When it's busy it's frustrating/confusing and a woman shoved past me (literally). It really soured my trip. Beside that, she was probably a jerk, I found what I needed and more. There is local meats along with a great variety of snacks.

Kat Badger

Sarah Gilbert

jessica howard

Suzanne Blanchard

We love especially their homemade meals and salads.

Floydian Slip

Carries fresh meat, and produce when in season. Nice place to ship

Connor Allan

Justin Lawliss

Best place in town to get groceries. Local selection on meats and lots of homemade food as well. Prices are very fair.

Susan Shepard

Love this sweet little store! Great food!

Sue Senesac

David Schwartz

This is a proper country market. You can buy groceries, dry goods, beer and wine, meat, some produce, and fuel your car. They also offer prepared or cook at home food, growler fill service, and coffee to go. And it's all decent at least. Some is really good, others less so. Now if you need to do major shopping you'll probably be better off going to St Albans and the Hanaford there. But this is totally the place you stop by on your way home to fuel the car and grab milk or beer or something for dinner. Two practical notes: If you live in the village you can walk to this place most times until you get to winter. Then since no one really shovels the walks that can difficult. The prices here reflect that its only one of two operations in town. So produce prices and some grocery can be high. Meat is about average to sometimes a good price. Keep your eyes on the sale board on 104 for deals. Cheers.

patrick rooney

Kohle Feeley

The place has a great feel and has a large selection including a good sized grab and go selection. Some prices seem a bit high, but overall not bad. Feels a bit squished inside, but that adds to the charm :P

Ethan Kichura

Excellent food and service, but a bit rough around the edges due to limited storage space. Still, worth the visit for amazing quality food!

Jareth Wischmeyer

Steeple market is an amazing local store. The staff is super helpful and the prices are great. Overall it's one of my favorite stores


Sarah Rawson

Favorite gas station at night I saint albans that had downy fabric softner

Tamara Michels

Great selection of take out food, beverages and deli

Jessica Cogswell

Friendly and convenient!

Randy Bingham

Just had the best seafood chowder highly recommend!!

Noah King

A little pricy, but nice selection and nice folks.

Zo Snelling-Seymour

Wide variety of food, nice deli!

Steven Davis

Linda Geno McMahon

Joe Slaimen

They had everything I needed in one quick trip!

mike e

Little crowded due to Town meeting I suspect otherwise fine

Stephen S

Great market and deli.

Myles Helfand

Kelly Fiske

Not only is the food amazing. The people are friendly and helpful. It's also one of the best places to work.

Dan Hogan

This place is amazing, they have almost everything and everyone is very helpful. A real town market.

Linda Brunelle

Alex Rawson

One of the best pulled pork sandwiches I've had in years.

scott stone

Nice place

Nicole Charron

This is a great Mom n Pops country store. They have a full deli. You can have them make grinders the way you want, theres fresh made pizza, produce, beer, wine, already prepared foods. Just heat n serve. When I'm in the neighborhood, I love stopping here. Friendly people and great service

Troy Frostad

Great local market with deli and take-out options. Local produce, meats, cheeses and beer along with a helpful staff make for a great experience. I recommend Steeple Market.

Don Carl

very crowded store hard to find things no aisle signs hard to tell which registers open can't see the people behind the Clutter the prepared food is hit or miss friendly people that are very accommodating

Jackson Keogh

Great store

Brian Cummings

Awesome place to get food. Great breakfast Sammie s

Jeremy Ayotte

Good meat

Meg Delorme

Lee A Meunier

Good food

Patricia Parrow

Very cute store. Prices are a little high, but they sell a lot of local goods.

Cathleen Keogh

Great market. Good food in the deli, great selection of groceries

James Soul

They refuse to listen and have been charging 5 cent deposit on soda ECT... I use EBT.

Drew Milizia

Great meat and the staff is great!

Jade McGillis

Jonathan K Hutchins

Awesome local store, they have an amazing amount of stuff.

John Ashton

Great selection of food, beer, wine. Good deli sandwiches, but only marginally good cooked food. My wife gets dinners there once or twice s month, and they mostly suck. I never appreciate the raw meat that we get from them either. We can cook, but their beef must be below even "idea select" because it's nearly always awful. Nice people though!

Jeremy Tessier

Allison Brown

Needed a jump start and all the employees asked were not helpful with hands in the air after a good customer pays 5.00 a pound for hamburger

Lindsey Koditek Hogan

I come all the way from Boston to be able to pour my own growler of local craft beer. Great selection. Decent prices.

Marc Stringer

A complete grocery store in a country General Store package and atmosphere. Deli and Sub sandwiches too. I bought the prepared pizza to cook at home and it was great. I've also bought all the groceries there. There was a local mix Granola I bought, loved it.

Jennifer Vautier

Their prices for some items are expensive.

Christopher Bennett

Great place to buy meat, also the deli is worth the trip.

bate goiko

Nice clean place with friendly stuff, good choice of meat and deli

Tamsin Coon

Love this store! Everything you need and more.... A little pricey but you can get things local and fresh!

fran tag

Awesome home town store with a great variety

Kimberly Prim

Great meat and deli and wide variety of beer and wine. But unfortunately the produce is not very fresh

Loretta Grant

Great Greek pizza. Nice wine selection. Good fresh produce.

Jacqueline Battoe

Small town grocery store with a flare. Coolers filled with gourmet prepared foods. Extensive deli and meat counter. Large beer cooler. Gas pumps. Offer a daily specialty meal.Pleasant staff and clean.

Tracy Gilbert

Good food cold beer

Shari Mckenzie

Friendly staff, the best Turkey Pot Pie ever

Michael Boucher Jr

Great service, good food, and excellent pricing

Nicholas Ceffalo

Another register would help at times but other than that, no complaints

Brennan Mcdonald

BillyJo Conover

Karma Dancer

Pleasant, high end grocer with many gourmet and fully prepared dishes. Daily hot meal is generous and home cooked. Prices are high.

Carrie Spear

David Wechsler

Excellent deli! Convenient grocery store.

Stacey Bigelow

Jenna Dusablon

I love their daily specials! Good food, great prices! 10/10

Crystal Neskey

Trish Flowers

I love Steeple Market! Friendly staff, great wine selection, beer cooler and fantastic fresh meats daily. If that's not your thing, how about some CBD kambucha/CBD soda and some locally made goat cheese with organic, gluten free cracker optionS. Such an aclectic little place, that has almost anything you can think of. You won't be disappointed. If you are, lower your expectations... you're being ridiculous.

Lenny Montuori

Great Store

Todd Baumeister

Great store. Good sandwiches. Good people.

Samantha D

I had gotten a sub the last time I was there and a few hours after eating it I became violently ill. Ill enough to have been sent to the hospital by my DR. As if that weren’t enough the staff is generally very rude and their items are extremely overpriced. There are plenty of other places with better food and nicer staff in the area.

Anza Beldon

Easy and comfortable for quick shopping.

Adam Saunders

Excellent variety for a small market, especially when it comes to beer.

Philip Knight

James Carswell

I have been a patron of this market for years, and have never been disappointed. Awesome service, great selection, and incredible made to order gastro delights! Steeple Market Rocks!!

Travis St.Hilaire

Very rude on the phone. Trying to order pizza and interrupts during order and hangs up without saying price or time frame. Just lost my service and will no longer be using them!!! Very dissapointed!!

Richard Laws

The steeple Market is awesome. They have the best variety for small town shopping. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Their food is delicious and Fairfax is a nice place to live.

Kunal Saini

Good grocery variety!!

Thomas Whitney

Awesome truckload SALE!!!

Suzie Kelleher

Great deli. Lots of sandwich choices made fresh with Boar Head's meats.

John Plante

A bit pricey but overall a good small local grocery store with a deli. Food is great. Prime rib Thursday's is awesome.

Dawn Vining

Amy Weller

Eat here everyday.

Terry Bosworth

Sweet store with extensive selection. Helpful good humored staff.

Tiffany Barker Cook

Excellent collection of wine and beer. They also have a good selection of premade meals, baked goods, and groceries.


Friendly staff, great deli/butcher, very well stocked beer cooler.

Matt Ronco

Surprisingly good meat and vermont beer selection.

Joshua Smith

Great options for out in Westford, where it's far to travel for anything.

Danny O'Neal

Sub was gross. That takes talent to make Boars head nasty.

J. E. Paulson

Great food with great service.

Christine Mendelsohn

Great sandwiches!

Cait Dow

I go here probably at least once a week. Great deli with hot sandwiches and paninis. Also pizza and fries. All homemade and fresh. They also have great marinated meat and fish. Large wine/beer selection and snacks. It's pretty tight inside but the squeeze is worth it.

Dustin Robinson

Best local food store in the the area. The butcher carves amazing cuts off meat and the kitchen makes great premade selections that are sure to impress.

Michelle Ricketts

Love it here will ALWAYS return, great selection,delicious deli(and specials everyday) I highly recommend they're chicken, pork loin,always good. Great service . They have fresh coffee and lots of different desserts, tons of different wines. Also surprisingly a lot of different frozen dinners. What surprised me most was the amount of natural & organic selections they had-far more than any of the other stores in Fairfax so I would strongly suggest going here if you're looking for something for dinner, or a couple things and you don't have time to go to a full grocery store.

Scott Rushford

rebekah ovitt

You will Pay an Arm and a Leg for your basic needs and you will feel like the biggest inconvenience when you go to check out like the staff doesn't even want you there. Only giving two stars for the Cash discount on Gas.

Joe Jacobson

Aliens work here. Not INS aliens, but NASA

Mark Reid

WJ Patry

Awesome little store!

Shawn Dillon

Great butcher shop.

Ethan Farmer

Great grab n go selections of salads and meats, fast deli service and plenty of variety in local beers.

justin conner

Awesome home cooked food. Small town family owed store whitch is a nice atmosphere to be in. Not to many places left like this.

Linda Tracy

Good selection.Supports local producers.Good and reasonably priced prepared meals.

Todd Miller

This store has restaraunt quality food great deli and other selections that is very good

Kacy Chicoine

Awesome place!

Ryan Ayres


Great local store with really nice people.

Matt Woodside

Great place with an amazing staff. Don't miss the butcher

Robar Inc.

Dennis Gebhardt

Nice little market- typical store but has "Whole Foods" type options with meats/soups/salads. Good meat deli as well.

Michael Finn

Great Deli, beer cave, amazing meat selection

Sean Gordon

Jewels Vermont

Wonderful place to stop!

Jade Chicoine

Good quick place for grabbing something when you can't make it to a grocery store

Jeremy Neskey

Good local atore

Adam Fitzgerald

Grace Eastman

Really good meat, it is a little expensive but still if you live in the Fairfax area it has a lot of stuff you need. The paninis are really good and so worth the money. The staff very friendly and helpful, but they seem to rotate out alot and sometimes get rid of the really good ones. But over all good experience

Charles Crandall

Special stop. Hot food grocery store. High end product

jade shanahan

It's perfect if you forget something at the grocery store. A nice selection, but a little pricey.

Hollie Hatch

All I can say is... Sunday morning donuts.

Russ Perna

Good selection, Boars Head deli, prices were decent.

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