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1760 Quechee Main St, Quechee, VT 05059

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Sampada Borkar

Nice view and awesome place for a romantic dinner. But the food wasn’t worth the price. A couple of dishes were excellent. But the main entrees were pretty bland and boring. The opportunity to get to see live glass blowing is cool though.

Brian Dunlop

Very cool glass creations on display, with working studio downstairs. A good side trip if you are looking for something to do on a ski trip. The artists working downstairs are impressive to watch. They turn out pieces pretty quickly. Did not eat at the restaurant but it looked very good. Would go back to try it.

Cherie Binns

Today's soup of the day, mushroom leek, was to die for! It was the high point of the meal all though nothing was less than stellar. Those of us at the table sampled salmon, sesame chicken, Point Judith calamari salad, and the lamb burger. There is a wonderful dessert menu as well. Adding to the joy of being there was that our table was right over the river next to the falls almost at the covered bridge so it was a Scenic dining experience. Additionally there is a lovely gift shop next to the restaurant and downstairs you can watch as the glassware is blown and made. This is definitely a destination Eatery. You won't be sorry that you took the time out of your day.

Coach Kip

Very very high end hand made glass. Go downstairs and see live glass blowing and glass making. Well worth a visit for education and to see what a great craftsman can do.

Michael Redding

Amazing art, so much to see

Jessica Soldivieri

Very unique and artsy. Watch glass blowing in the basement. First level has gudt shop with all handmade one of a kind offering. Restaurant has farm to table feel with local dishes done upscale. Upstairs has private event room with windows overlooking the waterfall.

Dan McDonald

Great place to visit. Watched the artisans work with the glass, saw the falls that generated the power for the place, toured their store and last but not least has a few beers in the bar/lounge. A Must See!

Carla Kooij

Food was great and we had a great view of the water while dining.

Nancy Hayden

There is so much to offer here at Simon Pearce. The array of glass displayed for sale is breathtaking. There is even a line featuring the work of the apprentice glass blowers. Add to that the opportunity to observe the actual glass blowing - amazing! To top it all off, the Simon Pearce restaurant has fabulous food, great service, and ambience. Wonderful!

James Huguelet

Delicious and unique premium dinner. The food was wonderful, the service was excellent and the price is what you would expect to pay for fine dinning. You eat off dishes this company made in it's plant north of near by Windsor Vermont and drink from glass wear blown just downstairs at this plant. There is a huge glass wear retail store located here, all stuff this company made. Dinner was around $85 for the two of us, we drank only water and had one appetizer and two meals.

Mike Stillwagon

Fantastic views. Very interesting and talented glass blowers . Exceptional food. Products priced a little too high

Dan Sloan

Excellent food, service and view

Paige Cooper

The duck was fantastic.


We had a delightful dinner, superb food & ambience, very friendly staff, stunning view of the dam from our corner table in the far room. It was a very special restaurant to celebrate my birthday at!! I'll have to find a good excuse to come back out from my home in Portland, OR!

Pamela Starr

Great little day trip from Southern NH. See craftspeople make beautiful blown glass items and browse the myriad of offerings in the store. Even if you aren't super hungry, have a drink and a snack , or more, in their lovely restaurant. The perfect place for a little day trip escape from the mundane. Food and drink in the restaurant is carefully prepared.


This place is really cool. The food was delicious, all served on Simon Pearce glassware. Waitstaff was very attentive. They have seats overlooking the falls, we sat more inside which was also nice. Rustic but but upscale feel. Once we were done with lunch the glassblowing demonstration, glassware browsing, turbine, and view of the falls were all beautiful in their own way. Will definitely stop by any time I'm making the trip from Boston to Vermont!

Peter Petredis

This is a truly amazing place to visit. The glass for sale is amazing, plus you can watch the glass being blown. Having the food be terrific is the icing on the cake. If you can get a water side table the waterfall view is great.

Don Arsenault

Food is always spectacular. Ambiance is magical, sitting over a river, dam, and waterfalls. Impeccable service.

Tim Arden

We visited the glass blowing area downstairs. Crafted artisans who are happy to answer questions as they work. Worth the stop for school age kids. We did not visit the restaurant but it looked beautiful.

Michael Clark

Really good blown glass. Great meal. Attractive area and waterfall, covered bridge.

George LaRocque

Amazing glasswork, interesting display of artisans at work, and an amazing dinner with fabulous service. All in an amazing setting.

donna kelley

It is a very nice place for glassware and hand made glass accessories for your home. They have glass blowing on site downstairs in the place, so you can see how pieces are made. Highly recommended.

Jacob Axel

Very good and consistent.

Gary Woodward

Beautiful views. Awesome food. And glass blowing was incredible to watch.

John Joy

This is a really nest place. Be sure to go into the basement and even lower to the engine room. So neat!

Travis Shumway

Always enjoy the food, staff, atmosphere, and having dinner by the river. If you haven't yet enjoy some drinks and food at the bar crafted by a fine carpenter

Annie Chen Andersson

Stunning shop and location with a beautiful view of the river and waterfall. The restaurant is absolutely delicious with excellent service. I love the soup and salad option for lunch, they do a great job at both. Also really nice is the quiche - yum. Also great cocktails and nice to shop afterwards, especially the seconds section where you can get a great deal!

Jason Bouchard

Great place, food, service, and views!

Zulfikar Dhilla

I have been there a couple of times on the way to Stowe and the restaurant has always been amazing. The food and service are always perfect and the view of the river and waterfall are fantastic as well. Every aspect of the property from the glass blowing, the water works and the glass creations are always something unique to see.

JT Aldridge

We needed a for lunch while travelling in Vermont and stopped at this lovely restaurant/shop/glass blowing studio. First we had a nice meal with excellent food and friendly service. Then we looked through the shop and glass blowing studio. The studio was making standard glassware, like you find in a restaurant, sturdy and fashionable. I highly recommend a stop here if you have the time for a good meal and a couple of minutes of touristy activity.

Todd Mackay

Upscale place with awesome food..A little pricey, but definitely worth every penny. We will be back again when we are in the area.

Luba Randall

Great place with fabulous view And exceptional food n service

Keith Wilkes

Delicious lunch. The sheppard's pie was amazing!

Isabelle Tremblay

Nice restaurant, not too expensive. You can visit the glass making place and there is a store to buy wonderful glass art.

Lorena Gallardo Soto

Excellent food and attention. Nice location and interesting gift shop

Paul Hanley

Unique view...good service...decent food.

Joshua Mulloy

I love the cheddar soup, great customer service, and awesome glass pieces. It's so cool to be able to explore a working water power plant used to create such beautiful works of art by skilled artists. Truly a wonderfully unique experience and impressive combination of engineering, art, hospitality, history, and delicious food.

Mark M

Great local food. Amazing views and ambiance. Server was competent and top notch.

John Johanson

Simon Pearce is a perfect day trip destination with something for everyone. Quechee's picturesque backdrop invites you in to Simon Pearce's full-scale production operation, not a kitschy tourist demo. Upstairs, the store is a visually appealing collection of their work, highlighted in the restaurant where their glassware is used for service, a nice touch. The menu, plating, and service were very good...and the pacing A++! Can't wait to bring others here to enjoy!!

Christine Goodrich

For the prices that I saw online, I was expecting a little more. The portions were actually reasonable, but what was presented in quantity was par in quality. The haddock had an interesting flavor on the outside and was well cooked, but the flavor didn't permeate through the food. The same thing with the duck. My boyfriend wished he got something other than their signature duck. Maybe we've been spoiled in the past. The food wasn't dry or poorly cooked; it just lacked the fullness of flavor that we've experienced at that price, as though the flavor is just placed on top. I thought the glass blowing would be closer to the dining area, although now that I've seen it, I understand why it isn't. So they advertise the glass blowing as part of the experience, when really it's just a restaurant at a glass blowing shop. I'm glad we went, but we probably won't go again the food is simply just not worth the cost.

Steve Kutrzyba

Good food and nice views.

Ryan Amos

This is a must visit. There's a great restaurant overlooking an old damn, but more importantly, head downstairs to see glassblowing demonstrations. The glassware is beautiful too.

Grainne Curran

Good spot for some live bands

Josh Goodman

So cool to see people actually making/blowing glass. Kids were mesmerized.

Mary Catherine

GORGEOUS. Need I say more?

Sherrey Larmour

As always the food and ambiance were amazing!!

Ian Witherby

Tons of hand-blown practical glassware in a really beautiful building. The old Mill is honestly half the fun! Waterfall out the back is worth checking out, and make sure to head below to get a view of the turning in action. Centerpiece, though, is the studio, where you can see the pieces being created in furnaces by actual artisans, who are friendly and eager to answer questions. Spent about an hour--well worth it.

Jennie M.

The restaurant has great views and good cocktails. It's fun to look around the store and watch the glass blowing. The whole building is an interesting space.

simon futcher

Amazing food in a unique setting, a must.

Ann Van Horssen

Oh my goodness a beautiful spot! The outside waterfall and covered bridge beautiful! Inside the restaurant smelled of delicious food...the showroom of blown glass Spectacular! So glad I got to visit!

Andrew Hackett

We ate at the restaurant for lunch and it was absolutely delightful. Had a warm bowl of soup and then a perfectly cooked piece of trout. I'd love to come back for the food, but the actual glassware is way too expensive for me

Anne Bryan

Always a treat!great location and service!

Pierce Liefeld

Unique experience to be had at Simon Pearce: come in just for a close-up view over the waterfall, then stay for the glassblowing demos, attractive shop (you can also shop "seconds" for cheaper), and cool bar. You could easily spend a few hours here, beginning or ending with lunch or dinner. The restaurant is on point, and all the better if your table faces out to the river. Makes for a pretty romantic meal!

Meg Amb

Very beautiful glass work. The glass maker was very friendly and informative

Jason Szumlanski

The location is simply amazing and the artful glass is beautiful, but I was less than impressed with the food in the restaurant. It was just okay. The service was attentive, and atmosphere made for a great experience. The soup was very good I will say. Everything else was just, well, average.

Tor J Keyes

Gorgeous glassware and inviting live studio! Great way to learn about the art of blown glass in person!

Glenn Harris

I don't think it gets any better than this

Rick Yabor

Excellent view and food.

Phil & Carlene Waldron

Wonderful dinner with even better company

Will Johnson

We enjoyed watching the glass blowers at work!

Ian Nielsen

Hands down the best restaurant I've ever been to. Professional, beautiful atmosphere and views, friendly staff, perfectly prepared food. Couldn't be happier with it visit. The store is also immaculate and it's exciting to shop around and see the incredible glass works that they have

B Short

Glass blowing was very cool. High end high price glass, but you got to go. ( did not eat).

Chris Walsh

Such a cool place. Amazing food and service!!! Beautiful blown glass!!! And it was so fun to see the glass blowing workshop in action.

Lynn Hansen

This is a FABULOUS stop. Enjoy the Quechee covered bridge, the glass blowing factory on the lower level, the restaurant and the gallery across the road. Highly recommend this as a lunch stop.

Bernice Kammies

Great place. No joke. The food is exceptional. My husband and I visited 3 times in one week due to having stuff to do in the area. Cocktails were delicious. My only suggestion for improvement is this: Service. Staff is friendly, but need to hustle a little quicker to get multiple stuff done at a time. When you get as busy as they get, there should be a active need to move with the pace of service.

Gretchen Howell

Like a spa for the eyes. Beautiful glass housewares blown on site, delicious food in the restaurant overlooking the covered bridge and water. Quintessential Vermont and then some. A must see if you're anywhere near by - such beautiful pieces you'll want to buy them all.

Ken Kriz

Amazing place to see craftsman at work, enjoy the beautiful natural environs, and have a first-rate dinner experience. We loved all of the meal, but especially the pork belly appetizer and the house made sparkling apple cider.

Joseph Brown

Steak was excellent and the creme brulee was perfect!!

Phillip Ruprecht

Amazing food in a truly wonderful setting.

John Fruncek

Fascinating watching the artists

Alexander Cohn

Incredible food and drink selections, not too mention the view.

Alison Rooney

We visited Simon Pearce many times over the years. The setting is gorgeous and the glassware is elegant. We found the dining less worthy than in past visits. The server was inexperienced and the food was mediocre. I would have given a lower score but the setting is so special. We were disappointed by the overall quality of food. The coffee wasn’t good, the “cremant” was flat and the server didn’t seem to care too much. Perhaps it was an off evening.

Kristina Koutrakos

Amazing artistry and a truly inspiring spot. Watching the glass blowers downstairs is a must. The restaurant is pricey but extraordinary. For munchkins, the chocolate milk is like melted chocolate ice cream. A one-of-a-kind find not to be missed.

Sal DeFini

High end with commensurate high prices, but worth it. ( But $4.50 for a cup of hot tea ????)I had a lamb burger, cooked exactly right. Nice to watch the glass blowers while waiting for a table. Just can't wrap my head around paying over $300.00 for a wine decanter.

Melissa M

The food is phenomenal and the experience/view is amazing. You can see them hand craft their glassware and the view of the river is beautiful. The restaurant has a really nice atmosphere and there is so much flavor in the dishes. My fiance and I really enjoyed their steak frite and lamb burger.

Anne Angley

They do beautiful work. The history of the building is very interesting. They have glass blower displaying the art of glass blowing. Their wines are great! Their restaurant is top notch. Their employees are pleasant. A definitely a must go to!

Scott Bigelow

It's a must see.

Veronica Vahsen

Precious moments remembered by delicious, creative food offerings. Magical ambience, not rushed terrific service.

Amanda Davidowitz

What a cool place!! Worth stopping by this location to see the incredible Craftsmen at work making all the glass products by hand. Didn't try the on site restaurant, just stopped by to shop and look around.

Alex S

Always a fantastic spot for lunch or dinner. Make sure to get a reservation!

Zach Billings

While on vacation in Quechee with my girlfriend, we called Simon Pearce on a Friday afternoon to get a wait time. I was told they only took reservations and were booked for the evening. Intrigued by their apparent popularity, I made a reservation for Sunday. The restaurant has a high end feel and appears to attract almost exclusively affluent diners. The menu is priced accordingly. Our waitress was friendly and interested in engaging us. I don't feel however that we had her undivided attention (obviously we can't, but you should feel as if you do), as 3 other staff members were involved in bringing us our orders throughout. My assessment of the food is that it has a nice presentation and is good, but the prices in the menu are dictated not by quality but by atmosphere and what their demographic is willing to pay. Speaking of the menu itself, the options were limited, almost lacking, and my biggest complaint would be vague descriptions where one was warranted. If you want to find a nice spot where your $100k vehicle isn't standing out in the parking lot, Simon Pearce restaurant may be for you. If you care more about food and value than exclusivity, there are better meals for less money. We spent $160 (before tip, including a few drinks). That's not overly pricey for the right meal, but I thought it was underwhelming, compared to a meal elsewhere that was 20% cheaper. Wouldn't choose to go back, but if someone was treating me I wouldn't be unhappy about it.

Mark Sills

Apart from the superb glassworks, the absolute best thing to do is is to watch and talk to the glass artists. They must be selected not only for their great skill, but also for their ability to interact with the onlookers while working! A great experience! Be prepared to spend some money! Check out the seconds and the apprentice work.

Cheryl Strohm

The people that was blowing glass very nice.

Jerry Ochs

OMG! Talk about a lunch! All members of our party of five appeared to enjoy their luncheon selections, but of course I chose the absolute best thing on the menu, which was the calamari salad. Perfectly cooked calamari, coupled with wonderful greens and an amazing sauce made my day. Great service, beautiful room, a view one could get lost in, and glassblowing on tap just a floor below. Definitely a place to return to again and again.

Ashley Gloeb

Good gluten free options. Beautiful location. Fun to watch the glass blowing!!

Diverse Directions Self Guided Cycling Tours

On the night of December 21, 2018, we celebrated a dear friend's birthday at the Simon Pearce restaurant in Quechee VT (the new location of my self-guided bike tour business). From the Vermont cheddar soup to the wonderfully decadent chocolate dessert, this was the BEST meal I have been served anywhere in many, many years. The service was impeccable as well. I look forward to recommending Simon Pearce my customers this coming cycling season

Charlene Anderson

We just arrived today and decided to try this Restaurant. We enjoyed it very much. The food was excellent and such a treat with the views of the water falls and the Quechee Bridge. Perfect combo GOOD FOOD, very helpful staff and Beautiful Atmosphere.

Bryan Kipke

Amazing place for custom blown glass. Make sure you go downstairs for a demonstration.

Hayden Fleischer

Service was was just okay.

Shsdi 12345awn Hadwen

This place is beautiful. A must see (and eat). Call ahead to make sure they have room.

Inessa Madorsky

Loved babaganush, beefsteak, Bloody Mary, and the view!

Mickey Christopher

Food was what you expect from an elegant place such as this. Nice atmosphere overlooking the river. Did have to wait 25 minutes past my quoted reservation however, would’ve expected a draft or something if we knew we were going to wait so long. Also the mens bathroom had a leak from one of the urinals, which meant you had to stand in standing water to use the adjacent urinal.

Claire Davey-Karlson

Love it so beautiful

Luci Roberts

Had the lamb and it was a good as everyone said it would be.

Jim DiRenzo

Outstanding food, service and presentation are the standard.

Mikaela McGee

The main level has a large shop filled with glass items for purchase, as well as a restaurant overlooking a waterfall and adorable covered bridge. You can also go down one floor to see the glassblowers at work! They're great about engaging people in conversation and answering questions to help people learn more about the process. A cool place that's worth a visit! Great customer service, too!


Too pricey for me, but great to watch the artisans blowing the glass.

HJ Glazer

Great food, great setting on the waterfall at the gorge

I. Cem Onur

Authentic and romantic place with delicious meals (stuffed peppers recommended) and a glass blowing atelier downstairs. Not cheap but definitely not expensive either. Reservations recommended.

Jens Andersson

Coming here is a real treat. Start with lunch in the restaurant (great service and food), then head to the downstairs glass blowing workshop for a demo. Amazingly skilled workers that are demonstrating how they make the pieces. I also recommend seeing the turbine an additional level down - I found the history interesting. Then head upstairs to the beautiful shop - the style is a little chunky for me, but there are some amazing pieces there. Love the building and the interior.

Ievgeniia Zasoba

Stunning views, great food, and something to see - a glass blowing facility downstairs. We bought some discounted apprentice glasses, left happy and we are hoping to be back!

Zachary Peterson

Amazing food! Amazing glassware! The basement has the glassblowing going on that you can use just upstairs in the restaurant with great views of the river and covered bridge. The food was spectacular to go along with it and the service was very attentive.

Andrew Meinbresse

Amazing dinner and experience. Food is outstanding, I always get the cod or the halibut. The glassware is unique, heavy, and appropriate for your drink. Great beer selection as well- have had hill farmstead on draft Everytime I've been there.

Margaret Moloney

We had dinner for our anniversary and had an absolutely lovely time. The food was excellent and our waitress was a sweetheart. Our table sat right over the dam with a gorgeous view. It was the perfect romantic evening. We enjoyed watching the glass blowing and the shop. I would definitely go back.

Kenn Miller

So disappointing, very limited menu and what they did have was tasteless. Super small portions and overpriced. Don't waste your time, their also overpriced glassware making is not entertainment enough to make up for mediocre food. Definitely will not return.

Michael Billings

Amazing glass crafts and pottery. We enjoyed the glass blowing demos downstairs.

James Arata

Fine all.around experience.

Kelly Mulloy

Excellent food. I have liked everything I've ever had here. Creative presentation. Dinner menu has on trees ranging from 25 to $30. Lunch menu 15 to $20. Wonderful desserts. Store next to restaurant where you can peruse beautiful glassware. Downstairs you can see glass blowing and glassware being made, as well as hydropower information on how the place is powered. Outdoor there are beautiful areas for viewing the river and covered bridge. Cool experience great food.

Robert Kuhn

Went for lunch. Share the cheese plate appetizer. It was very good. One of us had the Smoked Bluefish Melt and the other had the Calamari Salad. Both dishes were delicious. Service was attentive and friendly. It was pricy, but we knew that it would be.

Simone Wheeler

Great environment, the food is good, the service excellent. The only reason I didn't give a 5 star is because there are not many options on the menu.

Mark Jones

Wow, what a setting!! Not to be missed. Food was awesome and VonTrapp Pilsener is worth a touch up

Annie Grantham

Overall a wonderful experience from shopping to dining to watching the glass blowing downstairs. My family gathers here a couple times a year and we have an amazing time. Stephanie has always taken great care of us when we dine and we love to see how the menu changes from season to season.

Glenn Goodman

Great atmosphere... Awesome venue .. Good food

Jacqulyn Wesley

The food can't be beat, but the prices can. Lovely drinks, beautiful setting, personable staff. I'm not the biggest fan of upscale dining, but if that's your thing, check them out!

Louise Manzi

Beautiful crafted glass and beaitiful setting

Douglas Yriart

The food and service in the restaurant are always good. The view of the river is a great backdrop. Worth return visits. We drive over two hours to get here.

Jim Carlins

Great tour of glass blowing factory with actual workers answering questions about the processes. High quality products of glass, pottery and wood for purchase. Also a nice restaurant with a view of the waterfall and covered bridge, and a delicious menu with moderately priced meals.

Jennifer Joseph

My husband and I came here on our honeymoon because we wanted to see glassblowers in person. We enjoyed browsing the store itself and looking at the beautiful glass. However what really blew us away was the beautiful bar with the bar taps made of blown glass. And also the romantic dining room where we had an amazing dinner with our excellent server. We left with two hand blown glass ornaments to take home and want outside to look at the waterfall that powers the hydroelectric power the store uses.

Cate Cate

Great atmosphere, excellent service, wonderful menu, beautifully prepared food. Thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience.

Wayne McMahon

I watch them make the glass pretty awesome didn't eat anything while we were there

Karl Albert

Nice view of the falls.

ML Sanderson

Outstanding and well known US glass blower. Great place to buy presents, as well as for yourself. Don't forget to check out the seconds. In addition they have a wonderful restaurant using local products for lunch and dinner. Ask for a table where you can see the waterful; even at night it's lovely.

alan santiago

Love Simon Pearce, his store was great. Going downstairs to see the glass blower was amazing. The waterfall and the views were so awesome. We ate at the restaurant, The food was good but very small portions. The service was not great but not bad.

Dan E

Beautiful blown glass in a really cool, historic building. We walked around a bit, saw some glass blowing and on the way out noticed they had a bar which was a nice way to end our visit

Byron Byrd

The venue is amazing. The glass shop, the glass works, and the restaurant overlooking the waterfall made for a great birthday celebration night. The service (Stephanie) was perfect - always attentive and interactive. The staff acknowledged my wife's birthday as they sat us and provided us a candled sorbet at no charge. Our appetizers were terrific - the cheddar cheese is a very tasty representation of Vermont goodness. The cod dish was perfect in presentation and taste. You should definitely visit this lovely restaurant! Our 4 was given for the very dry halibut. It would have been nice to have a small and larger glass of wine option as a bonus - not as a score detractor. And, the noise is a little loud - maybe soften up the space? Make a reservation and if available - sit by the window!

Steven DeGangi

Very swank place. Wow.

Frederick Vogt

Food and service for a Saturday night was excellent.

Jane Wilkins

Delicious food and drinks. Great place to get that special gift.

Kelly W

Cool place to visit and have a nice lunch and a drink. The glass blowing demo downstairs was awesome and the guys were friendly and engaging. I sincerely appreciate hand crafted artisan ware and these pieces are really beautiful. Just make sure you keep that in mind when you see the price tags

Daphne Barber

Way overrated and overpriced. There's a cool waterfall outside and if you're into getting blasted by the glass blowing furnace you can check out how the products are made but for the price stick with Waterford. The restaurant is supposed to be very good but we didn't stick around.

C.T. Black

Very beautiful area. It is really neat to see how the glass is made as well. Everything is very expensive. They had a nice restaurant with a view of the water. We did not eat there but the food looked good from what we could see.

Hector Ortiz

Cool spot to eat some awesome eats. And stop by the shop and see/buy some truly beautiful glassware. And the view is amazi2

Jane Barrs

Beautiful glass, pottery, woodwork, awesome food! Beautiful view of the waterfall!

Myra Clayton

Very nice displays in a well kept old building right by the river. Wares Seem a little pricey Based on volume available. We did see some live glassblowing Demonstrations, best part.

Thomas O'Hearn

Excellent year round location. World famous glass and scenic restaurant overlooking the Ottaquechee river and covered bridge.

Chetan Suresh

Great ambience! Beautiful views of the waterfall and the food was excellent as well

John Peris

Had a very nice dinner while at the bar. The two bartenders were busy but took great care of us. Delicious food, great drinks, fun and pleasant staff. Tabitha and the young gentleman with her were so very friendly and made our evening memorable. Thank you!

John Campbell

The whole dining experience was perfect from the view to the food

Karen McP

We always enjoy coming here, whether for a special occasion or just because. Magnificent views, wonderful service, delectable food, excellent wine list and the glass blowing team is so kind.

Sue Lass

Fabulous view along with exceptional food and service. Highly recommend.

Joshua Doonan

Magical location, exquisite glass creations, and delicious food.

Laura Louder

Beautful stuff

Ian Bowers

Truly interesting place to visit. The actual glassware is quite expensive. But it's fun to drop in to grab a bite and watch the glass get blown. Also a rare opportunity to see a working hydroelectric generator.

Tim McKean

A must place to go for dinner when visiting the Woodstock area. Great food, service, and a wonderful environment. We all enjoy visiting the glass blowing exhibit downstairs and wandering thru the retail shop viewing the glass works. Have picked up many pieces through the years that always brings us back to this special place. Highly recommend.

Mike LeRoy

So cool to see the glassblowers at work

Demetrios Kanavaros

Wonderful atmosphere, waterfront dining, and well executed yet comfortable food. Don't miss the glassblowing shop downstairs!

Scott Ormiston

Food was wonderful and very relaxing to eat with the sound of the falls below you..

Mpumelelo Nxumalo

The deserts are amazing. We went on a self-guided tour of the glass blowing area and got to learn a bit about how they convert Belgian silica sand into fine glassware. Views of the water outside the windows are spectacular!! Check this place out!!!

Greg Langer

Professional wait staff, fantastic food and incredible views. They have always had a good vegetarian option, and decently sized portions. And of course if you haven't seen live glass blowing before then definitely go watch for a bit

Chelsea King

I love stopping in here whenever Im in the area, although I can't afford even the smallest item. Great quality works to browse, love to watch the glass blowers and stand out by the waterfall. I always miss the restaurant times, but some day I'll eat there. I highly recommend stopping by.

Ali Ahmed

Great food!! Awesome atmosphere!!

Ed Robles

Fascinating to watch glass making/molding in action! Shop has beautiful and ornate pieces with high end prices. Unfortunately many will find the prices to be a bit too much on the high end!!!

Diane L. Buck

Interesting glass with a glass blower. Gave it a 4 because my lunch was very disappointing. To their credit, they took the charge off my bill.

Sue Behr

Always such beautiful artisan pieces. Stay and eat in the restaurant tooe, delicious!

Alan Walmsley

Took afternoon refreshments here, but no snacks were available. Was very nice, anyway, with good ambience. Glasswork in the shop amazing design and quality. Watch the glassblowing at the furnaces very informative, and hot! Nice view of the weir from the outdoor platform. Well worth the stop.

Richard Hague

You can watch the glass being made. The prices are exquisite. The food at the restaurant is outstanding.

Anthony Muir

Fantastic food and some really awesome pieces. Watching the glass blowing was wondrous. Really nice location too!

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