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REVIEWS OF Brattleboro Food Co-Op IN Vermont

Aaron Spaulding

Great coop! Good prices, friendly staff, and a great location. All key to a great store. Don't forget to stop by the deli ok,the prepared foods for a snack, and lunch is allways good here with sandwhiches and prepared food bar!

Peter Rukavina

My favourite place to grab lunch or supper in Brattleboro: a grocery store, yes, but also a great hot and cold buffet.

Richard Thackston

from dreds to fine threads.

sam miller

I always enjoy walking into the Co-op and seeing such a vast variety of local products I either already enjoy or would be interested in trying. Considering the mission they try to accomplish by providing natural organic options the prices are reasonable. They have a nice cafe area to sit and enjoy if you find the time.

Isaac Toth

Very nice co-op. It's like what I imagine a Co-Op in Vermont to look like.

Marvin Bentley II

Nick Esposito

Our local Co-op!! Fresh produce, bulk section has many choices and staff is happy to answer any question!!!


Such a cool store with so many healthy options! Everyone we encountered was super friendly and helpful. We also got to see the fair which was super awesome!!

Jeff Hilnbrand

Inna Tunik

They have a good variety of food and drinks, not that cheap though.

Ryan M

Best co-op in the world.

Nathanael Matthiesen

Chris Snow

Tobias Gelston

It is awesome in a small town to have such a great selection of food, drinks, local produce and more. I wish it was a little more affordable.

Steph Santoro

Such a friendly store, great variety of natural foods, great produce section, great foods to go. I am so lucky to have this in my town!

Dennis Linnell

Love this place! Definitely more appreciated by a more Eco and health conscious demographic.The Co-Op acts as something of a central hub for Brattleboro's thriving natural foods community. They display monthly calendars for events and workshops.They invest in their community and employees in accordance to the founding principals. Recommendations: pizza, house made chicken parm sausage, anything from seafood (it's always fresh), bulk herbs and spices (so many dollars saved!!!), and local kombucha on tap.

Barishi VT

Overpriced swill!!!

Danielle Look

Keller Allen

Great food, expensive prices.

Askold Strat

Great selection of healthy foods

Julie R

Ashley Haskins

Rebecca Rueter

I've been shopping at the Brattleboro coop since moving here in 1999. I particularly like their bulk department including a large number of spices that I can purchase in the quantity I need. They have a HUGE variety of produce, wonderful deli selections--freshly prepared, a large choice of all the healthy name brand items from milk to soup to household cleaning items. They also carry fresh fish and homemade sausage plus fresh meat from healthy cows. The staff is knowledgeable and

joe jacques

Good food grate place for families to eat .

Steve G

Excellent independent natural foods store.

Veronica Funky

Dear Google, This place needs to go out of business asap. I believe they purposely singled me out and discriminated against me. Giving me a no tresspass order from the local police . ...I think they should be put out of business, it was random hurtful insulting of my character for lies they believed . ..not giving me the benefit of the doubt . ..basically they trumped up lies and exaggerated the things I said and twisted them against me. And I even applied the there.

Tracy Agnew

Malaise Lindenfeld

we drive all the way from dublin nh to shop here

Keegan Allen

Tappan M

Adorable hippie joint. I like their sandwiches and large eating area.

Eli Gelfand

the brooklyn of Brattleboro

Jennifer Jacobs

Wylie Carlisle

The best grocery store in town....if you can afford it.

Jess A

Great selection of healthy food with excellent deli, hot food items and friendly staff.

Margaret Doty

Great choices, good prices

Mark LoGiurato

It's a grocery store with a good selection of products. It is NOT a wine shop!

Karen Gosselin

Anything you possibly need at a reasonable price....

Brattleboro Car Service Adam Ziegner

All natural and locally-grown

Mohamed Shams

5 stars for being a reliable spot to get quality healthy supplies during our trips into Vermont. They carry healthy, natural foods, reasonably priced and a decent selection at the lunch buffet as well. To top it off, you can sit outside on a nice day while you have your meal with a pleasant view across the river. Bathrooms are available. Friendly staff and easy parking. Easily accessible from the highway. This has become our defacto stop on many trips out to Vermont & NH from NYC.

Billie Wells

I go here to relax and get a morning coffee and baked good. Nice people and clientele are friendly

Sarah T.

We try to come here everytime we are visiting family in Brattleboro... We stock up on Vermont made products and my friend always wants me to buy beer

Rachel Myers Moore

Quintessential food coop. Love it! Incredibly well stocked. Great deli counter. Delicious roasted chickens. Fabulous!

Sarah Simoneau

Love the availability and all the hard to find items but wayyyy over priced. Gotta have some big bucks to shop here.

E Bizzie

Friendly customer service, and they have free samples on occasion, as well a food you can buy!

Arthur Peale

Phil Charles

Awsome food selection

Lacey Beetham

I like the co op for everything I can't find at the grocery store, but it is expensive. Expensive for good reason, because employees are payed well here. But sometimes it's just not in my budget. Bulk options are great and lots of organic food. My favorite part is the deli, which also has a carryout menu.

Francesca Bourgault

I am a member if that says much. I love shopping at the CoOp. The staff is awesome. Selection is always improving. The space is always clean and organized. I'm still getting used to the new layout but think it seems logical enough that I will get the hang of it eventually.

Matt zebroski

I am a touring musician and every time our band heads up to Vermont we make sure that we stop here for lunch or any meal appropriate for that time of day. Everything they sell is fresh and ethically sound. Great prepared food and great sandwiches. Fairly priced for the fantastic quality. A very large supermarket.

Kariah Scott

I Love this place so many fresh food options

William Henry

A must if you are a foodie!!

Bumble Bee

If you prefer healthy food options this is the place to go in Brattleboro! I was only in town for probably 24 hours on a road trip but shopped here like 3 times. They have a juice/smoothie bar and the smoothie I got was fantastic. The girl who took my order though did not seem happy to be there at all or maybe that's just her default personality. It was kinda weird like that, half the staff I interacted with were very friendly but the other half were not at all. That's not a huge deal I guess, but it definitely plays into the overall experience.

Ravel C

Good quality food and a nice selection of local goods. Prices are between lower-priced* to over-priced* depending on the available surrounding market. The people working there are varied between snobbish, privileged, and elitist to a few down-to-earth friendly folks who make the place redeeming enough to shop at. Ambivalent to the place.

Mattia Viganò

Ottimo negozio con tanti prodotti biologici e di qualità. Prezzi un po' alti.

Helena Leschuk

I could count on both hands and both feet the times I have mistakenly purchased expired or nearly expired dairy. ALWAYS CHECK THE DATES ON DAIRY AT THIS COOP. it's clear the dairy department is aware when the date is turned to face the back of the fridge and not where consumers will actually look. So dishonest. Otherwise I think the staff is friendly and the selection is good despite high prices but i can't really fault them for that.

Christopher Hastings

Lots of gluten free options, helpful staff.

Alex Ainsworth

A great locally owned department store, a boutique-y feel but employed by great people.

Jenifer Meagher

great selection of local and whole foods. great place to grab a meal, salad bar, hot bar, deli, bakery and more. eat inside or out on the patio or by the nearby brook.

Francesco Milito

Great market with some great products! Gotta love co-op markets!

Marty Piper

A great place for local, organic, healthy, and allergen friendly food. The fresh made pizza and smoothes are a must after getting your groceries!


One of the best food coops that I've ever shopped at. Excellent product selection, ample parking, and great service.

Tulip Cafe

Well. I would appreciate it if the co-op kitchen staff stopped tossing the word "Turkish" around, for food items which have nothing to do with Turkish cuisine at all. I would know. Because I grew up there. And I am very sorry to break this to you all. The brattleboro food co-op staff does not. Stop doing this please. It is offensive. Your hot bar item with ground chicken and sesame called "Turkish chicken" is mislabeled. We do not really use sesame in our hot food. It is used on breads. Tahini is used in hot dishes. Not to mention the fact that we do not ground chicken. Stop trying so hard. You are being ridiculous.

Anna Duca

Henriëtte Viljoen

Amazing shop but sadly very expensive!

Alfred New

Great food. parking can be a problem

Trey Reynolds

Nice place popular and crowded

Timothy Guarente

Saera Hanlon

Nate D

Don Doughty

Brattleboro Co-op food market, the highlight of every trip I make to Vermont. They have a attentive staff and a wide selection of fresh and prepared food. On nice day be sure to check out the park benches by the stream, Plaza Park across the street and the nearby Brattleboro Museum & Art Center.

Jesse Yishai

Best coop in the Pioneer Valley and Southern Vermont, for quality and prices and customer service.

Ted Lemon

Great produce, lots of good food products, really good cheese section, and a great team of people keeping things running.

Joseph Smeraldi

Timothy Shortell

Best supermarket I've ever shopped in. Superior seafood, produce, cheeses, and prepared foods. Great beer and wine selection. Super friendly staff.

Abby Moore

Beautiful, huge Coop. Love this place. Fun to explore. Lots of vegan options and beautiful organic and local produce. Lots of oils, herbs and EO's to make your own non-toxic personal care stuff. Great bulk section for everything. Relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Staff are really nice and helpful. Unique hand made gifts by local artists.

Eric Davis

Allows me to be full of myself while still on a budget!

FreeSpirit Wine

Great spot with many bulk goods and produce. Organic obviously and local. Places to Chill And eat your fare with cheap tables and plastic forks and knives. But good experience and nice people.

Scott Hurley

I've had two experiences of extremely dishonest cashiers. The first time a front end manager got intense with me about making multiple cash back purchases before ever telling me there were rules about it. But they then continued to get intense with me about it even after telling me there wasn’t a rule (and that I therefore was allowed to do it). The real dishonest thing is that I left a customer feedback form about it and not only did it not get posted on the customer feedback wall, which is meant to look like there is transparency between the store and customers, I never even got a call or email about it. I don't know the manager's name who was getting confrontational but they're soft spoken, petite, and have blond/dirty blond hair. My second experience was with a cashier who I had mutual friends with and who had offered to bring me legal weed. I didn't initially ask for the weed and was quite surprised that he offered it to me, but between that, having a mutual friend, and him calling me 'brother' all the time I trusted them enough to ask about a girl he worked with. Soon after I was told I was not allowed in the store anymore and, come to find out, not only did he tell on me for asking about his coworker, he also changed his story about the weed and told his superiors that I had initially asked him for it and it made him uncomfortable and got me banned.

Ryan Glick

This is a great place to pick up some groceries or grab a quick hot bite to eat. If I'm passing through I usually stop here to pick up some VT craft beers.

Joanne Homer

Excellent selection, with so much local produce! The deli and bakery are amazing as well.

Chris B

Fantastic!!!! There's a small Co-op about 45 min from where I live, but I'll drive the extra hour and a half to go here.

Tristan Leeds

Unfortunately, I rather to shop there compared to the local grocery chains because it's much closer to home and sometimes has "unique grub variety". It can be very pricey and overall store variety seems to be very provincial, albeit limited compared to stores I've shopped at outside New England. The Tuna Mac & Friday's fish fry are my faves.


Unfortunately it's the only grocery store in the downtown area, because almost everything is priced much higher than the same or similar things at Price Chopper and Walmart. Great place for snobby upper middle class white baby boomers who like to think spending $100 on a bag of groceries makes them better then everyone else.

Brian Lambert

Great place to shop.

Anh Pham

Wide selection of fresh, well organized produce & meat, as well as bulk foods, natural, healthy options, and ready to go meals. Indoor/outdoor dining areas for patrons. Very thoroughly thought out grocery store. This would be my one stop shop.

Caitlin Caserta

Scott Harris

The lunch counter leaves a bit to be desired. Sandwiches undercooked and over priced. A salad bar that reminds you why Burger King dropped theirs in the ‘80s. After those 2 strikes, I’m afraid to go back.

Kim Isaacsen

Good place with lots of local products and fresh veggies

Shell Lucas

Good sandwiches

Clay Turnbull

Wide selection of food and body care products. Full service deli, hot bar, salad bar, three home mode soups daily. Large selection of bulk dry foods, honey and syrups, nut butters, and soaps and detergents.

Karin-Aisha Pandelaki

Excellent locally owned food coop.

Anni Spires

Great selection

matt downing

They expanded about 3 years ago and are better than ever. Decent prices. Amazing selection of high quality products.

Christine Bates

Amazing Coop! Great selection, great cheeses, wine, ciders, and beer. Nice people and loads of clearly marked local produce, meats, dairy, and products... Seafood, hot bar, salad bar, all great offerings!

Ty Davis

I had never been to a food coop before this and I love the idea. This place reminds me of a Fresh Market or Whole Foods. Just a great little store.

jeffrey macioci

Found Great items. Raw grass fed Vermont cheese.. kombucha flavors ive never seen before. Grass fed full fat yogurt. .. hummm

Chris F

The bulk foods, cheeses, beers, and coffee are great, and the prices are good. The wine selection is iffy and their recommendations can't always be trusted. Sometimes the deli is very good but often it's surprisingly ordinary and bland, and the price is very high--a sit-down restaurant would be cheaper. Except for the items in my first sentence, I rarely shop there as the prices are ridiculously high. I see no justification for them, especially since many of the employees are volunteers. Membership does not give you a discount; it simply entitles you to work there for free and *then* receive a very slight discount, 10% I think, which still makes the prices higher than other stores.

Rommel Cordova-Fiori

Great place with excellent products, very clean and people are really helpful, to stop by when visiting the town.

Bruce Frauman

A full service food Co-Op in a relatively new building. Has food in all catagories. Includes self-serve shampoos, body wash, Kombusha, oils and more. Fresh vegetables and fruits. Many, many self serve dry goods such as nuts, chocolates, grains, cereals, spices and more. Wines. Frozen goods. Prepared food and an indoor/outdoor cafe. Some people feel it is "expensive", though there are always discounts in most all departments.

Christian Panas

Andrew Barbato

What kind of co-op doesn't list the ingredients of the food they're serving? This one, apparently. Mayonnaise is not an instrument, nor is it an ingredient.

Aaron McFarland

Great selection and usually done pretty good sales throughout the store. Sometimes things can be a bit pricey but the bulk section is pretty great!

Quebec Charlie

The bulk section is amazing. The best kept secret? Bulgarian feta.

Bob Pelosi

Alex Bergeron

Overpriced food with "organic" stapled to it just to give it an excuse. Half of the fruit looked rotten.

Darrell Graves

Best meat around

Savanna A

Good variety of healthy foods and drinks

Farley McDavis

This place has a nice environment. It had good sandwiches and food. It's not as big as some other food co-op's though.

Tim Buckley

All natural and locally grown food's from the friendliest and best group of people I have ever worked with.

James Boyd

Very nice


Great selection of local craft beer. Plus all that organic goodness.

Luella Strattner

They have everything you need and lots of things you will want. Great selection of produce and bulk items, plenty of reasonably priced "natural" products and a wonderful sense of community.

Nikki Gangi

Amazing availability, so many things sourced locally. Priced well, good hot and cold bar. Love the deli, lentil salad is amazing ♡♡♡

Rosanna DiTaranto

Always Fresh Always The Best!!

Todd M

Best co-op in vt!!! Love the juice bar.

Dante K

Misty Watson

The CoOp is a great stop for lunch!

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