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REVIEWS OF Beverage Warehouse IN Vermont

Bre Valente

This is THE go-to stop for all things boozy! If you're looking for a staple, the Bevy has got it. If you're looking for something fun and different, they will make you a great recommendation! And if there happens to be something rare you've been searching for that they don't have, you probably can't get it anywhere else in VT either! And don't even get me started on their beer selection. It is extensive! I can get lost in there. Love, love, love this place.

M. Quinn Sweeney

Helpful staff, great variety

Kurt Oughstun

Great selection of potent potables.

Jennifer Frankland

I always return my bottles there. ***I ALWAYS TIP THE GUYS IN THE BOTTLE ROOM.***Also they always have Bud Ice bottles and 30 packs

Chris Channer

Get your Heady Topper here on Saturdays at 10am. Well, actually, show up at least 20-30 minutes earlier if you want a shot at it. Staff is nice and they have a great selection.

bruce jones

A little sad they were out of crown royal maple. I'll shop again soon tho. ☺

Prabhas Ande

Pretty huge collection

Christopher Schneider

Your go to place for the biggest selection of beer, wine, and liquor!

B-Trone Skapown

I can easily spend an hour in here looking for great beer. I usually look up reviews and comments online, but they have printouts and ratings for a lot of beers that include descriptions. The people working can always help me find something if I am having trouble. This store is one of the best places to find a wide variety of beers in the Burlington area

Chris B

Best selection for beer, wine, and local spirits in the area! Always in stock as well!

Mike Tosolini

Excellent wine tasting. Great staff. Amazing selection of beers, wines, and saki.

Amylynn Dike

Watch your bottles when you bring them there. I counted mine before I went I had about 28 bucks and change and they gave me a 15 dollar ticket. Then when I said something he gave me a 23 dollar ticket! Spoke to a manger and he said its because they stare at bottles all day and sometimes get in a daze. I understand the motion part but when there's a 10 dollar difference in how many bottles you bring there its just scam or laziness . I will never shop here again. Its not hard to count a 8 year old can do better!!

Ryan Brown

Had trouble picking something out. The staff is very knowledgeable about the products that they sell and were able to give me some suggestions after asking me a few questions about what like.

Dave Birmingham

The Bevie. What do you say? This place is simply the best. The best selection of beer on the planet and everything else any adult benverage seeker could want. oK, They have a great selection. What makes the Bevie really special is the team. Jen, George and all their team are super friendly and helpful. I would like to single out Jason. Jason (long bearded young fella) is almost alelways present. He Never fails to say Hi. He ALWAYS offers help. He is so PATIENT W I hear some questions he might get 100 times a day like “where is the Bermont beer?” What a great asset to this business. The Bevie rocks because of the team! 6 Stars!

Karen Davidson

Great selection, friendly and helpful staff, and quick service. You can find about any drink item you’re looking for from non alcoholic ginger beers to top shelf liquor and brews from across the globe.

Tracy F.

The beer selection is fantastic. Some shoppers though could use a lesson in manners though. I've been shopping here since I was a teen, so three decades and have noticed something recently. We've been several times now and dealt with rude customers. Saturday's trip had a group standing in one of the only parking spots tell us too bad and we could go park somewhere else because they were talking. Then in the store, some guy looking for Green Empire got in my way as I was taking a 4-pack of Four Quarters out and said that he's "more important and that I could wait." I already had what I wanted and only needed to close the door. As much as I enjoy the selection, some are starting to ruin the experience.

Steven Shine

I return my bottles here, it's the best place to do that. The automatic machines in other places seem to always need service or are full. The best part is that you can redeem the deposit and get more drinks. The beer selection is the best, I can always find the things I like. Even better I can always find something that i have never tried before. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable! Love this place!


Best beer selection in Vermont.

Becky Hallock

Very helpful staff. Awesome variety of craft beers. Found just what I was searching for. Cashier was adorable and friendly

Charles Schoonover

Very friendly and helpful staff. Great selection of beers, wines and liquors.

David Warshow

Best selection of beer, wine, cider, and liquor in the region!

Antoine Gravel

Beer nerd heaven. Excellent selection of Vermont brews, plus some hard to find out of state breweries. They've even got a decent assortment of Quebec and Ontario beers. Friendly, helpful staff if you need assistance. Also a great selection of wine, cider and mead.

Floydian Slip

Beverage warehouse mainly sells alcoholic beverages. College student's buy their key's here.

Chris Mazur

Very good selection of beer.

Loretta Parsons

Because there helpful

Simon Leclerc

Great craft beer selection, plus tons of your dad's favorite beer too

Tim McElheny

Amazing knowledge of both Wine and Beers. More than willing to help us find exactly what we were looking for.

Nansea C

Excellent inventory but you need to use two separate cashier's if you buy anything other than spirits . Beer and everything else is a separate line, a separate cashier with a 5 dollar minimum to use a card. If you purchase a $50 bottle of vodka and a bottle of lime juice, you're s**t out of luck without cash because a bottle of lime juice is less than $5. I'd buy liquor there only

Jim Tye

Excellent service.

Casey McClain

Great place for all of your beverage needs! Excellent selection of craft beer, both local as well as domestic and imported craft beers, regular domestic brands at great prices. Tastings from local companies on premises, large wine and liquor selections available. Non-alcohol beverage selection also available on location. Also carries all of your beverage related items (glass wear, bar equipment, gift bags for bottles, etc.). Staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and of they dont have an answer they will know where to find one for you.

David Whitmore

Price, selection & service are 5*

ryan mayers

Very friendly staff and a MASSIVE selection

Brooke L-J

Great selection and some awesome deals on more obscure items that ended up being less popular.

Lee Harnois

Best variety of beers in the state. Only place you can get certain craft beers. It is, in fact, a warehouse.

Brian George

Busy place. Lots of options. Staff doesn't have time for you but it's friendly if you ever get their attention. Be careful because you can spend a lot if you're not careful. Some of the local stuff gets really really pricey but it's worth it if you are looking for a conversation about beer.

Linda Olsen

Had the hard to find liquor we wanted!

Scott Crotty

Best beer selection I have ever seen

Zewo Maluk

I love

J Sullivan

They have it all! Seriously!

Jeannette Reed

The owner is so unfriendly!

Cindy Allard

Great selection

Dash Porter

Variety variety variety! Ask questions and you shall receive from the very knowledgeable staff. Also don't forget the discount section for serious deals.

Vicky Foltz

Always a pleasure to stop in here when we visit Burlington/Winooski. Friendly staff, the best selection in town.

Tasha DeCaen

This place has an insane amount of drinks and drink mixing tools. Like an alcohol wonderland. 10/10

Lance Ward

Great selection of beer, good prices too!

Michael DiStefano

I have never seen so many hard to find beers in one store, we were driving by on our way to a brewery and saw a line, figured we would wait in it to see what they had , walked out with a case of very hard to find stuff !!

Troy Frostad

Great selection and a knowledgable and helpful staff. I recommend for anyone looking for a good variety of beer and wine, including many local options.

Mike Reno

You name it that have it for beer,wine,cider.hard alcohol,or anything spiked.

Carl Thornton

This shop offers an amazing selection of beers and wine. Locally brewed beer is available but the hottest sellers can fly off the shelves especially when college is in session. They also offer a solid selection of imported beers, not just the usual fare.

Matthew McClintock

All sorts of great beers, wines, ciders and mead here!

Melanie hi

Theres soooo many varieties of everything. If you dont find something to get, theres something wrong with you.

Ryan Gates

Great selection of beer, best in Chittenden County!

Codie Cottrell

Great beer selection, they have some treasure in the clearance beer selection too. Also I'm never disappointed with the IPA selection.

Joshua O'Floinn

Enormous selection of domestic/imported/local/regional beers, including kegs of local brews. Good selection of spirits & soft drinks. Wine selection is meh, especially when compared to the vast selection at Cheese & Wine Traders on Williston Rd. Parking is easy. Never too crowded during late morning & early afternoon.

Robin Holden

Great selection, great prices and lots of solid options, I stop in when ever I travel through the area. Use your GPS, exit 15 is really only half an exit, so that can complicate getting there, even thought it is close to the highway.

Elizabeth stringer

Very helpful staff.just so you know you have to spend 10.00 in order to use your charge or debit card.ciders are cheaper at hannaford

Terry Viano

Incredible customer service that help me find Vermont beers I wanted. Overwhelming beer selection which is a great thing.

Jeff Behn

This place has one of the best selections of beer I've ever seen (and I've seen a lotta beer.) Solid collection of German and Belgian beers, which for some reason are difficult to find in New England. Plenty of representation of local VT brews, as well as New England brands. One thing that I think is incredibly awesome is that they encourage you to break up ANY of the sixers and make a variety all your own. Highly recommended.

Terry Markham

Awesome selection. Good prices

jessy kapoor

Great people very helpful you can get almost any beverage

charles cooper

A Beer Lovers paradise! A lot of choices and many of the local, precious brews. Heady Topper was available here ...

Carrie Bowgren

Awesome selection of craft beers, helpful staff, and bagged ice!

Joe Hannon

The selection is good and the prices are good. Don’t bother with the early morning beer deliveries, you’re standing in a giant line. Staff is a real mix. Some are friendly and helpful, some will seemingly go out of their way to avoid you/ doing their job. It’s pretty frustrating.

Rick Parent

An absolute must stop for Canadians before crossing back across the border. Insane selection and helpful/friendly staff. Top up your allotment!

Jason LaFrance

Love this place. Always something new to experience. Will order what you want if they have access to it. Weird discount items up front. Always can find something to start your weekend right.

Wade Culver

Whatever your flavor they will have it!

Zachary Simmons

Awesome selection of beer and liquor.

Philippe Grenier-Vallée

Biggest beer selection in Vermont easily.

Ben Thibodeau

Best liquor store in the state

Nicholas Ceffalo

Always a great selection, I think the largest i'n the state, and great deals

Carl Sedon

Great vt beers always AVAILABLE

Heather Nadeau

They have a big selection to choose from. Some stuff is very cheep and some very expensive. The guy working was very rude to me when asking where somthing was. The floor was very dirty when i went in and wet.

Melissa Burnor

Lots of craft, and alcoholic beverage selection

Jordan Phaneuf

Excellent place to browse and buy assorted liquor and wine at great prices. Got to meet John Rich of Big and Rich as well to promote his whiskey, Redneck Riviera. Would highly recommend this establishment to everyone.

Lee Nalley

Staff very helpful had every thing looking for

Shawn Deuso

I have grown up knowing the beverage warehouse. One of the best place to get any type of wine, beer even sodas! Perfect place to bring your bottles for quick cash! Friendly services!

Dawn Thibault

Friendly service and an extensive selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and spirits. If you can't find it here you can't find it anywhere! And also lots of free parking and bottle redemption!

Jeff Parker

One of the best liquor stores in the state

Max Neakro

Greatest spot in Vermont for good craftbeers & liquors. HIGHLY recommend. Staff is also very nice!

Lisa Perry

Alcohol! What else could you want? Great selection! Friendly staff!

Guillaume Turcotte

Lots of great beers!!!

Lisa Kapoor

Great variety

Fiona Griffin

Great beer, wine, and liquor selection. Lots of local options in all categories. Knowledgeable staff.

John Curtis

Very helpful and great selection!

Jane Partridge

Great Beers that you can’t find elsewhere! Awesome selection. Need a little more people there to help you out but otherwise terrific.

Jim Cyr

This is where you stop to load up either before crossing border or to enjoy a few days in New England. Wide selection of beer and very solid wine & booze. Note that growler fill station will only fill their own bottles. Quick access to highway

Bethany Wolfson

A great selection of wines, beers, liquor and soda.

Allan Cruz

Great selection of high-end spirits. Prices reasonable. Place has great selection of beer including hard to find beer in Vermont.

Steve Collison

Great staff, they know their stuff.

Missy Eusebio

The guys here are cool. A good sense of humor. One of the guys likes it when you stare at his nips. LoL!

Kyle Ledoux

Great selection of all types of beer, wine, and liquor. Fair prices. Staff is mostly very helpful.

Jonathan Stevens

Large inventory, knowledgeable staff, and convenient parking.

Misty Leonard

People are very nice all the time for the most part. But good place and prices most of the time.

Bart Simpson

Got my heady topper, so I'm happy!

Cindy Phenix

Great to return bottles/cans! Snacks available to purchase. Wide variety of beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages).

Josh Neilson

More than I could imagine. So many choices! Confusing check out. I love them though.

susan moore

All sorts of craft beers. Always in stock!

Ben Lawton

Wide selection of both beer and wine, very knowagable staff who make excellent recommendations. Watch for vendor tastings.

John Cormier

AMAZING selection from an even more amazing staff, prices that are exceptional, selection/availability that is hard to parallel, the mgmt/owner is doing everything right, &these out-of-towners felt right @home

Leah Holsclaw

Traveled from NY to get a specific keg. The staff was extremely helpful and accommodating. The selection and the prices were fantastic. I could've spent hours checking out all they had to offer. We will be going back!

Terry Stage

VERY good supply of all types of alcoholic beverages! Not only local beers, wines, spirits and ciders, but also a great inventory of beers and wines from around the country and even foreign brands.

Kathleen Meninger

Always fun to shop here! The best selection of beverages in Vermont!

Andrew Roy

Huge selection of beer, spirits and wine, as well as most of the things gs you'd find in a convenience store.

Matt Ronco

Amazing selection of beer and liqour with a very knowlegeable and helpful staff. Many local beers can be found here.

John Suler

Great Selection & kind staff

Scott S

Great selection and great prices. Like another reviewer said, I could easily spend an hour or two perusing through the two sides ( one side is beer and wine and the other side is liquor). Very helpful and friendly staff.

Frédéric G

This place have a massive choice of beer and that's what makes me crazy about it. People there are very nice. As a guy from Montreal, I couldn't be happier to have found a beer store with as many choice of craft beer. A++

Killian Hermann

Replace the word "beverage" with the word "alcohol" and the name becomes much more accurate. If you like alcohol this is the place for you. I expected this place would have a lot of alcohol and it has never failed me in that expectation. I would visit this place again if I needed alcohol but probably only as a convenience, not a destination.

Damian Bush

Pretty good selection of beer and wine, but a little limited in the spirit selection. It did have alot of local Vermont stuff.

Andrew LeValley

The staff is lovely. They're helpful, and they know their booze. Plus, every time I go in they give my dog a treat. Shifting toward the selection, Beverage Warehouse has the best game in town when looking for beer, but they also carry a good selection of liquor.

Exaucene Tuambilangane

Good place for any kind the beer or liquor you will looking for

John P

Good selection of all kinds of beverages, alcoholic or otherwise. Excellent service and helpful staff.

Jon Brow

The staff are all friendly and helpful when comes to finding whatever you're looking for. As long as they sell it that is.

Shawn Cochran

I live next door and a bigger gentle men with silver hair has always been a great help to me! Just want to show some love to y'all thank you!

Jon Whitley

Super great selection of top grade beer. If you really like Vermont - New England IPA's then this is the place to get them. Keep up the good work !

Matthew Kelsh

ottle redemption, swift and efficient.

Travis Finborg

Stellar selection of beers, wines, and spirits. Friendly knowledgeable staff willing to answer any questions. They sell growlers and have a rotation of beers and ciders to refill for very reasonable rates. If you are looking for a drink this is the spot.

Justin Peregoy

Amazing beer selection! Liquor is fair, wine above average... great staff!

Michael Leake

They have a huge selection of craft beer from Vermont and Beyond oh, so you are sure to find something to suit your palate. There's also a large selection of other alcoholic beverages available, including some non-alcoholic stuff so everyone in your party can feel free to party.

so good buy I love videos

They have always had what my bf & I want

Allan Bursaw

I had to get some beer for a wedding and I wasn't sure if I could get it all in one place or have to go all around town to find small amounts. The amazing people here got me all I needed to the last can. If you need Alchemist beer, or any other stuff this place is the best around.

Jim Ski

I shop the "Bevy" mainly for beer but I know they have a huge selection of all alcohol. The beer selection is crazy diverse. I just learned about a nearby microbrewery and put it on my list of places to visit and found their beer on the shelf. Staff is super helpful and knowledgeable. Parking can sometimes be tight but traffic moves along pretty well.

Rebecca Waggoner

Arguably the biggest selection of beer, wine, and liquor in the state. Pretty much everything you could want, all under one roof. They even have a very large clearance section, where you can find interesting and eclectic beers and wines at killer prices. Highly recommended.

Dave McGuriman

I like this store great selection, sometimes serivce is amazing other times cold as ice, they should work on the consistency there

Paul Kulowitch

Awesome selection of craft beers. Even let you break 4 and 6 packs to purchase singles!

Lindsay LeBlanc

Wonderful selection. Many local beverages to choose from. The bottle redemption center is fast and easy.

Bill Marlette

I like the discount section. Beer is good and as a homebrewer I save the 22oz bottles

Richard Bushway

2 year old beer at full price... 2016 Anchorage Love Buzz. Mark it down and know your product.

Scott Reigel

Nice enough staff, great booze selection, and the worst customers in Burlington

Holly Ward

This store has tons of choices and hard to find beer and liquor. Employees were very friendly!

Alan Maynard

Best of everything. Knowledgeable staff. Awesome place!

Ian Boyajian

HUGE selection. Good employees.

Smoldering Forge

Top notch beer selection.

Dave Kinney

Nice staff, very good selection, easy to get kegs. Only complaint is kegs have to be paid in cash. I wouldnt mind if the deposit had to be cash but the beer has to be also. That being said they still have a great selection and can get lots of good beers in kegs.

Albie Frye

Awesome place. Awesome staff.

Felix Arroyo

Good selection

Michael Michaelson

Interesting place lot of Beer from Europe always a good thing

Dana Basiliere

They have a huge beverage selection there. The prices are pretty competitive. It can seem overwhelming at times however just ask if you find yourself wandering around looking.

Heart Of the Village Inn

Possibly the best selection of Vermont, American, and international beers, ciders, meads in the Burlington area. If there is one place we recommend our guests to get liquid souvenirs at, this is it. And, of course, an impressive selection of wine and distilled beverages. Time and $ well spent.

Tim Porter

Best beverage store ever!


MASSIVE beer selection, excellent one stop shop for anything one might need for alcohol.

Kayla Ray

The place has the best low-carb, high protien chips around! Thanks for carrying and introducing me to My Little Revolution chips!

amazing lover

Very good prices

Phillip Mele

If you love craft beer this is a stop you have to make! They have hundreds of option 's that will surely make you happy.

Stan Payne

Beverage Warehouse is hands down the best place to buy beer, wine and spirits in the state of Vermont. They carry over 1000 different styles of beer, hundreds of different styles of wine and a variety of spirits. They are a liquor store which is not controlled by the state, but they do maintain state regulations. You can almost find most of your favorite beverages there. They do growler fills on select beers. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you find certain beverages and make decent recommendation. Their drive up redemption center is in the back of the store where you can return bottles and cans with a deposit. You will get a voucher for your bottles and cans to get your deposit back. You must cash in your voucher on the same day you return the bottles and cans.

Shawn Severin

Fantastic selection of craft beer. Weekly shipments of Heady Topper & Lawson's Finest (Sip of Sunshine, special releases). The employees were friendly, knowledgable and more than happy to suggest some great beers. While the narrow aisles can get cramped when it's busy, the huge selection makes up for it. One of, if not the, best place for craft beer selection in Vermont.

Eric Lessard

They have my FAVORITE thing right now, Hi Chew!

corey brown

Only place I can find colt 45 fourty ounces on glass bottles

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