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207 Swansea Mall Dr, Swansea, MA 02777 Located in: Swansea Crossings

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Here you will see all the reviews of people like you who consume the services of Yankee Spirits (Winery) around Rhode Island area.

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REVIEWS OF Yankee Spirits IN Rhode Island

Thomas Souza

Good prices, large selection.

David Bradley

Booze and more booze

fran kelly

They have everything and prices are competitive.

Alissa Delorey

This is one of the best selections of beer in the area and they have great prices at that! I love the choice of craft beer as well as popular favorites like Sam Adams. We've been enjoying the 12 pack or Sam Adams for $12.99, that is a great price. Our favorites are always in Stock and as soon as they are available they are for sale here. If you enjoy other types of liquor they have a gigantic selection, I'm not sure how the prices compare because I normally don't buy that often. Be prepared to show your ID, they card 45 and under, so have it ready to avoid getting annoyed to show it later!

Allen Dewsnap

Best liquor store in southern Massachusetts. Great wine an beer selection.

andrew doolan

Killer selections but they tend to highlight the big conglomerate wines (Josh, mondavi, Kendall Jackson) that don't need to be. Great wines though on their lay down racks. Just take a minute to look down the aisle and you'll find plenty of hidden gems!

Foster Kerrison

Great store with a large selection of wines, spirits and beers

Diana Henderson

Good selection of wines. Liquor and beer...very reasonable prices...friendly staff.

Dan McDonald

Has just about anything that you could want at reasonable prices.

Nicole Wall

Alcohol... enough said. Actually they have awesome tastings all the time too

Tyler Watroba

Sonia Pontes

Nice selection of spirits

Pat Mckenna

Becky Mac

My favorite liquor store hands down. They have tastings on the weekends pretty often which is great because I found this great Apple Cider Whiskey that I just love that way. Even had sam adams come down to do a tasting and got pulled pork out of it! The selections is very wide especially for craft beer fans.

Matthew Preble

A few times I have purchased wine at the Swansea store and the price on the shelf doesn’t match at the register. Surprisingly it was more expensive at the register. Rude management at the Swansea store. I wonder how many bottles they up sell at the register

Jamie Buckley


Stephanie Mitchell

Very clean and a large selection of beer and wines

Katie Graffum

Awesome wine selection! They had a wine I'd been searching for for months! Staff is knowledgeable and helpful.


Really love this store, their excellent prices and tasting events but what is up with all the female cashiers?!? It's obvious they would rather be somewhere else. You're lucky if you get a "Hello" and Thank you" out of them. Smile ladies and put a little effort into what you do. ;-D


Always have what your looking for and then some.

joseph Rapoza

Still no cold non-alcohol beer on the cooler shelf. Yeah I know who's buys non-alcohol beer. ME.. yeah it's a waste of money.

Kristen Coyne

Great selection, several hard to find brands

Ray Goddu

Mark Thatcher

This liquor store has one of the best selections of micro Brews and Belgian beer!


This place is almost too big of a spirits store. They have a wide selection of beers, wines and spirits. I went in there looking for sangria and couldn't decide since there were so many options.

Douglas Mercer

It's a amazing store I felt like a kid in a candy factory. Very good selection of wines beer and whiskey.

mark sherman

Quiet a variety. Can get just about anything special

john smith

Was a regular customer until I was told that I couldn't finish with my can return because they were closing in an hour. I understand business have hours but crushing cans ready to make another purchase. Kid working the returns insisted I leave. No you have to leave now? Called big Mike. OK big Mike, 1 great customer gone for life. I will bring my cans else where, see you later back to Somerset Liquors, where they have always been polite. Yankee Spirits, You are just to important for me..

Chris Hunter

Awesome selection.

James Burgess

great prices and special events

Rick Miller

I need to get my drink on

stephen munroe

Great price

Jon Horton

An above-average liquor store with plenty of selection.

Michelle Soares

Great selection and good prices!

Alicia Jean

I always loved this store until today. I was visiting my very sick dog at the animal hospital in the area so after the visit me and my sister went in to Yankee to pick myself up some craft beer. Very expensive craft beer I might add. I usually like to buy a few six packs when I’m in the area because they have a great selection. My sister had forgotten her ID at home so she went to leave the store. The very rude cashier insisted to check both out IDs even though my sister was exiting the store and not purchasing anything. I explained that the although she is over age the beer is for myself and I have a valid ID. She still refused to let me make my purchase blaming store policy. Well your store policy is ridiculous because now you have lost a sale and a valued customer.


A very good liquor store

Paul Cabral

Clean, friendly folks nice place.HUGE selection of wine and beer, spirits.

Albert Affonso

Good prices and selections

Richard Grenier

Great prices, fantastic selection of all beers, wines and liquors!!!

Micah Rei

Bid selection reasonable price helpful staff

Gabe Gouveia

deb mars

Prices can't be beat!

Erik Edson

Great beer selection!

Kim Nelson

Prices are good !!

William Pavao

The employees here are great and very knowledgeable. Their prices are very good compared with other retailers in the area, and their selection is by far the largest I am aware of. I drive from out of the city or wait until I have business in this area just to give my business to this retailer.

Aparecido Rebelo

Paul Sousa

Everything you can think of and a bunch of stuff you never would of thought of under one roof.

A E.

Great selection of wines and spirits. Reasonable prices.

Demitra Wilder

Great selection, good prices, nice staff.

Glenn Daley

Largest selection in the area. Very good prices.

Jeremy Scott

Craft beer like no other in the area, next best thing if you can't get to Muckeys.

Andy Piszcz

Any things you want. They have it

Connie Reese

We're visiting from SC and our friend took us to Yankee Spirits. That is the largest booze store we've ever been to. They had exactly what we were looking for and also a few new things we wanted to try. Great place!

Edward Mcgettigan

Best place around... great variety and best price...if you can't find it can't find it around here...

Jordan Deariku

Big selection. Wines and crafts. And my grandma works there so shout out to gg. Also cbd stuff. Lots of samples and events they host on their website. Check it out.

Nicholas Donovan

Great craft beer selection as well as liquor/wine!

Ruben Fagundo

Paul Boissonneault

Nancy Williams

Wow. I was overwhelmed. Great place, great help staff. Wish I had one down south.

Sally Desrosiers

Best place for Craft Beer.

Soulja Boy

(Translated by Google) Discussion (Original) Doodoo

Jeanne Amaral

You want it they have it.

Adam Miga

Best selection anywhere around.

Denis Perreault

Great selections of beer and wine. Very neat, clean, and organized. Easy to find what you want. Reasonable prices.


Great redemption center with a helpful staff member always there

Douglas Goulding

Jamie just assisted me with an order to be sent to Sturbridge store...way beyond what he had to do but saved me 45 minutes driving and a lot of time. Exceptional Service!! A very nice selection and location convenient to the Cape/Providence. Always someone available to assist customer. Knowledgeable staff. Nice people

Al Costa

Great selection, reasonable pricing and a staff that knows their product...outstanding!

Jen Miner

Great selection

Jacob Skillin

The selection here for unique beers is always outrageous. And while the floor staff can be hard to find, they're genuinely interested in their products and are willing to talk shop.

Kevin Danis

Good selection good service reasonable prices

Leigh Motta

Christopher Cornman

John Gouveia

I really like this liquor store

John Hague

Great selection and prices.

Michael Sweeney

Excellent wine selections. Helpful and knowledgeable staff and the best prices on all products.

Patricia Tribou

Reasonable prices, large selection

Jack O'Brien

Love this place

Jennifer Medeiros

Great selection and super low prices.

Dominick Pinardi

Great place and Great selection!! Seth was awesome and very helpful !! Customer Service is becoming a thing of the past , Its great to see a place that still values its customers!! Wicked Cool Place!!

Arthur Pacheco

Yankee Spirits has an incredible inventory and the best employees!

Ricardo Cardoso

Yankee Spirits is a liquor superstore. They pretty much have any libation one could possibly want. If you like wines, they have loads. Micro brews get the job done for you, they've got you covered. Hard liquors of every time are available here too. Prices are very good and the icing on the cake is a very friendly and knowledgeable staff to answer questions.

Josh M

Great selection of beer wine and also liquor. Very friendly and helpful staff.

Dave Livingston

Shelly Hunter

They have a great selection and also great prices. The store is very clean and well organized and it is a pleasure to shop there as they have great displays that showcase wines and alcohol that I would not normally known about. Great place to shop for a gift of alcohol for someone or to buy all your alcohol given the great prices.

Janice Munroe

Top notch! Always friendly, helpful and a great place to sample new things during their tastings.

Alexis Weglowski

Awesome selection of Polish spirits. Really nice, helpful staff.

Sandra Sheehan

Great selectionof spirits nicely displayed and competitive prices.

Jerry Fitzsimmons

WOW! We're visiting here from Northern Virginia and my brother-in-law sent us here on a rum run. When we walked in it took our breath away. This place is huge and the selections are endless. It's also very clean and well lit. The ABC stores back home got nothing on this place. This will definitely be our go to whenever we're in the area.

maurice mailhot

I think the selection, variety and prices are great, the staff at the registers wonderful. the managers and sub managers are not up to standard on looking pleased to have your business or being courteous for that matter, in my opinion. The Main manager looks miserable all the time. Love the store, the check out folks, reeducate the so called managers please.

Jay Buckley

Awesome selection, great prices, helpful sraff

Christine Patota

Best wine and beer selection anywhere.

Christian N

Massive beer selection.

homebound 1968

It's the "Daddy" paradise. Lol.

Kyle Fayan

Great selection, good prices. Good amount of craft beer

Joe Coon

John Martelly

Steven King

This is the go-to store for your adult beverage shopping. The wine selection is fantastic and DO NOT miss their tastings- usually a few tables every week but huge ones about once per season. The managers in the wine department are always willing to help out with pairing a wine to your meal and they do not push more expensive wines when a $12 bottle will suffice.

Alvaro Rodriguez


Tom Heelan

Went to a beer tasting. Great selection, very good prices. Well worth the trip.

Emily Rose

Ashley C.

Probably the biggest selection of beer, wine and spirits in the area. If you need suggestions they have staff who are always willing to help. Highly recommend shopping here.

Dennis Lima

Great variety especially the wine selection

Christine Correa

Beautiful store, great prices

Douglas Mailhot

All & all great , just some cashiers should just do their job instead of making it known how much they hate it. Or they act like they hate it & as u can see I'm not after jobs, it should be said some people are not good with the general public.

Gregg Johnson

Fantastic prices. The wine staff, in particular, is very helpful!!!

patrick jordan

Great place for discount liquors I dont mind coming from the city as there selection is pretty good.


One of the best liquor stores within 20 mi radius.

Lori O'Connell

Fun wine shopping. Advisor available. Displays are labeled with ratings and awards.

Richard J McBride AIA, IIDA, LEED AP

I love this place. Especially the tastings they sponsor. Highly recommend.

wade pezzullo

Great selection of microbrews, wine, and spirits.

Jeffrey Rowe

Awesome place everything you need is here!!!

Mann Braga

This is my one complaint.... The provider of Ice, at your Swansea Location, needs to be replaced.... The Ice comes in blocks of cubes and 1/4 of the bag is just a melted clump that is useless. The vendor is supplying you with ice that is not being properly refrigerated and you are not paying attention to the quality of the product that your name represents as the vendor of this product.... I am a bi-weekly customer and expect the same care and quality of your total services you provide....


lots of selection good pricing

Jeff Agyemang

Nice place to buy drinks from and a lot of parking lots

Michael M

Always has a great variety of options and the people on staff are ready to help you with great choices.

kathryn medeiros

A great liquor store! They have pretty much everything you can think of!

Linda Sable

Great prices

Scott St Pierre


Great selection! Good prices.

Shane D


Wonderful venue for the

Joanne Joanne


Paul Samson

Wide selection of Wines and Liquors. Chances are if they don't have it nobody does.

Matt Peixinho

Gil Woodside

This place is great...staff is great and their beer tasting events are so much fun

James Cordeiro

Huge parking lot, huge sales floor, friendly, knowledgeable staff, good prices.

Frank Grace

Great selection of Liquors

James Drohan

Good place. Weird parking lot. Have to drive by all the equipment/construction store stuff in the parking lot but once you are in the store you could spend a lot of time just looking at what is available. Very nice store.

melissa odonnell

Staff was very helpful and friendly greatly appreciated

Tim Barlow

Anthony DiGirolamo

Great location with low prices and large selection

Rachel Armstrong

Went to get a bottle of caramel vodka and the shelf was out of the smaller bottle. I asked the cashier and the manager went and found it in the stock room for me. Prices were good and superb service.

Fred Kelley

Great selection with very good prices! Recommended.

david cousins

Huge selection of craft beers

Domenic Bruzzi

While this location lacks the charm of the Attleboro store, it still packs a load of goodies for all your alcohol related needs. As package stores go, this is the Walmart of them. An enormous selection of wines, spirits and beer can be found among its many aisles. The staff run around like crazy trying to keep the place in order, but don't be afraid to flag someone down if you need assistance.

Frank Riordan

Mark Quigley

Huge selection. Great pricing.

Stephen Mattos

Tucked away but worth seeking out to get great deals on alcohol. You may have a hard time finding this place, its actually pretty gigantic once you get inside. The selection is what one would expect in a liquor warehouse setting. The staff was friendly enough, definitely would go back.

Stephen Pereira

Craft Beer Haven - by far the best selection of craft brewers in my area.

Paul Bienvenue

Nick Snow

Huge selection, cheap prices

Adam Carvalho

Great selection! Pretty much get any kind of wine or liquor you can imagine. Craft beer selection is great as well as beers around the world. One stop shop for all your liquor needs!

Karen Picard

Staff is great. Managers are miserable

Marlana Harrison

Renovated store, new classroom. I like the new organization of the wine aisles.

Myles Mueller

Great selection of wine and craft beer that constantly grows.


Knud Hellested

Great selection low prices

Robert Fortune

Dry throat

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