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REVIEWS OF Wines & More of RI IN Rhode Island

Nick Celano

Everyone is always friendly and there are many knowledgeable staff. The selection of wine and spirits is quite large as well as a wide selection of snacks and accompaniments.

Chris Lamoureux

Great selection. Fair prices

Mario Corsetti

Good selection decent prices.

Chris Pagliarini

Large selection of great foreign wines

Cynthia St. Louis

Great selection, prices are competitive

Jordan Fetherolf

Huge selection and a wall of International wines organized by region.

Ryan Mitchell

Huge selection of wine including California Merlot and Cabernets my favorite. Plus exceptional beer choices. Plenty of local New Englad IPAs which is always a win.

David Blais

A great place to stock up for whatever. A large selection of everything and if they don't have it, they can get it for you.

James Cinquegrano

Everything you need and more! Pricing is great for you.


Place has a great section of craft beers and the staff is the best, they have a lot of knowledge and are very helpful.

Bob Natale

Great selection but there is always a long line. Needs more cashiers.

Dave Scott

Good selection of beer and wine

Joe Chasse

Fantastic selection. I recommend a separate line for people who buy lottery tickets and nips. I hate getting behind these people, they take too much time and slows the line down for everyone else.

Adam Williams

Very friendly and helpful staff. Huge selection as well.

Ryan Johnson

Way bigger inside than it looks from the outside!

Kell Bain

Went to a wine tasting with several friends, yesterday, thoroughly enjoyed myself. Great selection of wines, plus they fed us well!

Grant Mosesian

Huge building but prices and selection aren't as good as what you'd expect.

Themis Reyes

Excellent liquor store

alex kaminski

Great selection of beer, wine and spirits. Very clean building and they have tasting sessions.

Joseph Hawkins

Surprise they had such a variety off beer.

Boris Sherman

Great selection of wines and beers.

Katie Kat Sigmon

Great service!

Christopher Williams

Disaster today. My brother had a wedding and they sold him the wrong tap for the keg he purchased. Worse part they did nothing to rectify the problem including offering another keg, the right tap, or bringing a case of beer.

Derek Kelly

Best selection of craft beer, ciders, wine, and liquor in RI. Mix-A-Six option to try all different types of drinks. Don't bother with any other liquor stores, this place is a one stop shop!

Linda Song

I understand that Rhode Island has a law regarding alcohol purchases with in the presence of a group. But what I don’t understand was the sheer derision I experienced with the staff here. No one warned us at the door about this law (we are from out of state). And we were only notified at the cash register as if we were criminals that everyone would need to be ID’d. I just wish we were told before spending a good amount of time finding wedding rehearsal supplies. But I didn’t argue, I complied and just walked away without a purchase because on the day before my wedding it wasn’t worth my time or my energy. So if you are shopping for groceries wedding day breakfast and think this shop is a convenient stop for some champagne for your rehearsal dinner, leave any underage wedding party members at home. Or be prepared to be faced with immediate judgement. I have never felt so humiliated in a store experience in my life.

Sébastien GIROUD

Great choice!

Kim Dee

Amazing selection, but it's the help that really makes this store 5 stars.

Rebecca Tartaglia

Staff friendly and knowledgeable

Brooke Porter

Went looking for beer and was not disappointed...enormous selection of domestic, import, and crazy amount of craft beer! Love this place!

Bryan Erickson

Large selection of craft beers, wines, and spirits.

Rose Blake

I was assisted immediately. I needed some recommendations on wines and she was knowledgeable. I took her suggestion and the wine taste great. The store was clean and the shelves were in great order.

Frank Monti

Large store: plenty of choice; good prices.

Kaylin Perry

Large store

Alice Callaway-Ridgewell

Good prices, convenient l o.j cation.

Luis Eduardo

Excellent place for wines and all tipes of beers

Gail Bolden

Great wine tasting regularly I'm becoming a wine connoisseur.

Richard Hanson

Kind of pricey but good selection

Sonya Del Rio-Cerezo

Wonderful selection, a taste for everyone. My favorite is the Früli strawberry beer. Everyone should visit this worth the trip if you don't live in the area. Staff is friendly, helpful and quite knowledgeable.

Diane Hallstrom

The grand wine tasting was a lot of fun...great selections of wine and the staff is very nice

Aaron Derobbio

Great selection of any kind of liquor you desire. Many different kinds of IPAs and spirits. Definetly best liquor store around for the best prices. Even have a beer cave where they keep larger quantities of beer and kegs in a big walk in fridge.

Peter Oliver Jr

One dude that works here gets to personal

Carol Davis

Have Plenty of $$$ cuz their Prices are High


Great prices

Lucas Berry

Huge selection. Will special order


Awesome selection.

William Sellers

Awesome prices & Military discount

Jennifer M

Good selection

andrew scarpaci

Great wine, beer, and liquor selection. Staff are always helpful if you need suggestions.

Dave Loewenstein

Large clean store, with a great selection of craft beers from all over the world. They also have tons of wines, as well as just about any other kind of alcoholic beverage you might want. They host tastings for beer and wine. There's a decent selection of wine and beer accessories, fancy snacks, and wine and beer publications. Staff is helpful but sparse. It's a warehouse style store and I would like if they had more info on the shelves for the wines. Some info is available, but basic.

Samuel Custer

Bought beer from here 5 times in the past. This time the tell me my drivers license is “not recognized” it is a North Carolina ID. You should have the systems in place to identify genuine IDs, so that you do not burden your customers. Horrible experience.


My purchase didn't ring up at the correct displayed price. They ended up owing me $12. I guess the sale was over, but they forgot to pull the sale price displays the night before. Woman at the register was a little "ditzy", but that was fine. They need to retrain her on how to put the paper in the receipt printer. She told me her printer wasn't working and that I didn't need a receipt. I told her that I'd like to have a receipt though, as I paid with a credit card. Printer needed paper! She put in a new roll, but still couldn't print my receipt. Manager came over and noticed the paper was in backwards! Hello??? Glad I persisted on getting a receipt, because that's how I noticed all 12 bottles of wine rung in at a higher price than what was displayed. Aside from that, my visit was fine (really didn't walk around much, as I found what I went in for right in the front part of store). First time in this store.

Virendra Singh

Great store with thousands of options to choose from.

Kathryn McNulty

Great selection! Non-invasive helpers.

Gina Tartaglia

People are very kind and helpful. Well stocked and clean

Jonathan Seavey

Great craft beer selection

Michael Fischer

Go to place for wine and beer, because of their fair pricing and knowledgeable staff. Sale prices can't be beat.

Jeffrey Cutler

Great choicesand good prices

Robert Anderson

I called and asked if they had a particular bottle and the guy hung yo in my face. I called back and he threatened to call the police. NiN a prank call or rude in any way. I'll spend my money where in welcome.

Elaine Gagne

The prices are great. They have a wide range of inventory and price points. I go out of my way to go here.

James Galligan

Had to hit the beer cave for the wife

Katie Putnam

They have just about everything. They dont have any four locos

Melisa Alviti

The inventory is amazing

Edward Simpson

Great wine and beer selection.

Dan Ivanov

They are kind of discriminatory here. My mom asked me to come to Wines&More and buy a bottle of red wine for Thanksgiving. Today I showed up to buy what my mom asked. I am 26 and brought along my girlfriend who is 20. When we get to the register, the clerk asked to see our IDs. I inform him that my GF is underage. At this point the clerk immediately starts taking everything off the table saying he cannot sell to me. I then ask the clerk if he can hold the wine bottle under the counter (so that I can come back into the store alone and buy it). The clerk responds by telling me he cannot sell to me. However, parents come in here all the time with their children and the store always sells to the parents despite them being in the company of children (who are under 21). So what's with this policy? Why are some people allowed to buy alcohol with underage people with them while some others are not? This indicates the clerk judged my appearance, without even looking at my ID he concluded I was up to no good. If you don't want anyone under 21 then that's fine; put up a sign and enforce it. But don't be subjective and allow some people to buy alcohol with minors and not allow others, because that's a dangerous area and gets discriminatory real quick. Your clerk judged me and there should be no subjectivity at the counter at the clerk's discretion. Anyways, I had to drive across town to another liquor store to buy the wine we needed. They didn't have the larger bottle size so I had to buy two small bottles. Who the hell brings two bottles of the same wine to a Thanksgiving party?

Joshua Skidds

Crappy overpriced place that doesn't know state laws, or just chooses not to follow them.

Jake Jachym

Always a friendly staff. Prices are about the same as most liquor stores. Great wine and craft brew selection.

Edward Mcgettigan

Great deals quick in and out

Molly Homchenko

Huge selection. Love that wines are divided up by country and type. Clean, bright, super friendly and helpful staff.

jay galgano

Excellent customer service, good people

Christine Beattie

The selection is incredible

Shant Davidian

Amazing selection of liquor, beer, and wine

Tony Couto

Selection of craft beer is not bad however majority of the beers have been sitting around for quite some time. As I was selecting a few of the craft IPAs I came across beers that were canned over six months ago. IPAs are to be consumed immediately and not sit on a shelf or refrigerator for more than a month. Prices are also high.

Scott Yi

They offer a Pick 6 discount, and have a wide selection of craft beers in singles. We went there to pick up a brand that wasn't available in any of our closer stores.

Brad Emerson

Great knowledgeable craft beer staff


Good price and great selection

Marta Houde

My favorite liquor store great rewards point/loyalty program.

Rob Brooks

Great selection of everything. Fantastic craft beer section. A bit more expensive but the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Brendan Fernandes

They're too professional there.

Tiffany Floody

Great selection of craft beer, spirits and wines. Very knowledgeable staff but it is on the pricey side. They do have Mix-a-6 which is great for trying out new beers.

James Pepin

One of the better selections in the area, a bit on the pricey side but that's what you pay for if you want the variety. Mostly friendly and mostly knowledgeable staff, some employees better than others. Over-all my go to liquor store in the area.

Karen Cayer Dorgan

Great prices , friendly staff, wide variety of everything you could possibly be looking for

wayne pereno

Excellent beer selection. Superlative and knowledgeable help.always a joy shopping here

Amir A.

Huge and clean, a great place to shop for wine and beer. Decent selection of spirits -- local, domestic and imported. Average prices with some special discount sales. No glassware.

Steve Masterson

Beer selection here is second to none in RI

Jay Milz

Too expensive

Nick Davila

Huge selection! Plus they sell cigarettes along w wine, beer, liquor n beer. Good spot.

Patricia Adams

Wonderful selection, great service and really lovely tastings and events.

Michael Mitchell

Big selection of wine and alcohol and very decent prices, never too crowded.

Jeremy Shapley

Massive liquor store with the biggest Organic Wine selection I have ever seen. Super friendly staff..

Michelle Shireman

I had the WORST experience here. I went in, got some Mike's, and was met with utter embarrassment as my NC ID would not be taken by their card scanners. I also had to fight the lady to get my license back as she assumed it was a fake and held onto it even after rejecting the sale. I will never be back, and will warn any person from out of state to not go to this establishment. IT IS NOT WORTH IT! Go to any place in Warwick, where I go, because they are way more friendly and professional.

Charles Quigley

Huge selection and decent prices. Can't go wrong.

Everett Fortin

Great selection

María José Guevara Ortúzar

You can find all kind of drinks for all wallets

John Meara

Good selection and helpful staff.

Andrew Menard

One of the best selections in the state for wine. Knowledgeable staff knew exactly where to find the obscure whine I needed to buy for the girlfriend.

AF Veteran

I used to enjoy shopping here but then they they stopped selling Dog Tag Brewing. Although I was really unhappy about it I continued shopping here because of the military discount, helpful and friendly staff and vast selection. But then they changed their policy on military discounts.

Dave Hall

Prices are a little high here. Good selection.

James Faulkenberry

Very big place, a lot of alcohol to choose from.

Sara Scannell

My favorite liquor store! The beer selection is just fantastic- and changing, so every trip you find something new. They have a huge wine and liquor selection. There are tastings held in a large back room and often on the sales floor someone handing out samples.

Nicholas Elliot

I don’t drink but the staff was extremely helpful with picking out the perfect gift. It was on sale, too.

Melinda Ferrucci

This place is huge, and they have just about anything you can imagine—top-shelf spirits as well as your standard stuff, wines both commonplace and obscure, and a solid craft beer section. Good prices, incredible selection, and the staff I've encountered have always been very nice (helpful but not pushy).

Christina Bellisle

Always have what I need, sometimes a little expensive.

mike f

Great store they have everything you can think of

Jim Monti

Great selection of wines and beers. Delicious variety of wines. Many DOCG wines from Italy.

deborah leong

They have Everything!

Nichol Corey

Huge store cheap prices

alan bagian

Best beer selection

Jacqueline Bell

A very huge selection! Friendly service!

Kevin Golde

Great variety of wine and beer.

john montecalvo

Never failed me yet! I think they have ever wine on Earth!

Michael Sorensen

My favorite liquor store. You can mix a six and get 10% off

Steve Elias

Great beer selection!

Jennifer Greene

Great service!

Deen Bandhu

Nice collections worth visiting

Dennis Jeng

This place is really discriminatory,we're not american but we are qualify to buy alcohol,but the clerk said we need American passport to buy?????and she said it's not that you can't buy without the America passport but this???

Adam Anzuoni

Great selection and prices!


I walked into the store around 9:45. I made my selections and walked up to the counter. There were two sales people waiting for me. I put my drink down and immediately was asked for my ID in a super rude way. I told her hold on perceived to take it out . Then one of them turns to the next customer in line and the sales person told me that we were together so she would have to check both of our IDs together, then she asked where the third person we came in went. (I did not come in with any one) I thought it was very rude and strange that they called the next person in line, check their ID, and would not give me my ID until they were finished with hers. Then to ring me out next to this person... I don't want my card number in view of anyone else. Extremely rude, odd, and unnecessary. There are plenty of other places to buy drinks, and I will be spending my money elsewhere.

Randall pelletier

Great selection but on the pricey side

Dr. Shaunak Das

Different types of wine available here. Love this place.

Barefoot Bonsai

The lady at the cash register had a nasty attitude, when I asked for my receipt, she replied "I'm not giving out receipts today"

Peter Crisostomi

great selections a little pricey

Len Mormando

Large store,clean, great selection

Danielle M

Great selection of wine, beer and spirits

Mark Wellington

An AMAZING selection of craft beers that can only be equalled by one other store (Yankee Spirits). The service and knowledge of the staff is a real selling point here as well.

Glyn Morgan

Great selection of wine and spirits, freindly and informative staff.

Daniel Chamberlain

Clean place and good prices

Jaime Cherry

Great well-organized store with lots of details about all kinds of alcohol liquor and wines

Max Hayter


Irene Caprio

This is an amazing liquor store. If they don't have it, you don't need it. Helpful and friendly staff and very knowledgable.

joseph kopels

Special wines girl is great

Princess Smith

Straight up rude, horrible customer service. I don't recommend this.

Ashish Kumar

The choice of beers is just amazing.

Robin Mott

Convenient and they have a wide selection. Was looking for Polish beer but couldn't find any.

Gabumon Girl

Very nice shopping atmosphere. They have a big selection and sometimes do tastings. If you look young be sure to have your I.D. They always card me.

Neil gelinas

Great selection of wine and everything else to lower your inhibitions and assist with a good time.

Richard Zalewski

Fully stocked venuecw coureoys knowledgable staff

Stephen Edwards

Great beer selection, and they always have some good fresh IPAs

Paul Kapchus

Well stocked, nice store

Lotus Blossom

Good selection but prices are a little higher for what we usually buy.

Larry Busteed

Higher prices but excellent selection.

Nichole Wright

Wow! They have everything including friendly and knowledgeable staff. Get their rewards card

Lisnel Arias

I go here out of convenience because it’s close to home, but the customer service is horrible. Clerks are rude.

Adam Palazio

Great selection. Customer service is lacking. There is always a long line. Prices a little high on some items.

Matt O

Great service and info from the employees and probably the biggest selection in RI

Lorna Dobson

This is the supermarket of booze. Huge store with wine tasting kiosks and a beer cave. Prices are pretty darn good. The location, however, is tough. Two complaints are parking area too small and no place to put the carriages once done with them. Outside of favorite liquor store in RI. (OK, love O'Neills but not as good).

Susan Rasmussen

A little pricey, but the prices are offset by the huge selection.

Ricky Potts

Have you heard of Total Wine & More? This is that only in Rhode Island. Great selection of beer, wine and spirits. Nice staff, too. Did you know it is illegal in Rhode Island to have chain liquor stores? Went once and will be back. Isn’t far from where I’m staying. Cheers! UPDATE (July 18, 2018): Needed beer so I went back to Wines & More. Last week 2 of the beers I bought were expired. I posted about it on Facebook and they reached out and said someone would be in contact with me. Never happened... No biggie. Tonight I was explaining my situation to the lady ringing me out said, "Oh, yeah. Are you Ricky Potts?" Yep! My order was roughly $56... Then she took off the 6 most expensive beers off my tab and gave me a few additional discounts. By the time I left my bill was $27. Tip of the cap to Erin and the entire team at Wines & More for truly understanding what customer service is all about. I am beyond impressed and they have a customer for life. Cheers!!!

Victor Hurtado VH I.T. Solutions

Super friendly staff, lots of diverse products!

Victor Mateo

Simply a lot of varieties definitely love the place

John Dunn

Great place for an emergency bathroom break

Kenneth White

An "ok" selection of whiskey/bourbons compared to some of the larger stores. But as a newbie to this genre of alchohol, one of the employees, Mark, gave more than enough info and education to help me make a choice in the right direction. I'll definitely b back to pick his brain in the future.

Steven Ogden

Great place to get whatever your looking for to drink, unbelievable selections of wine, liquors and other refreshment. Really nice selections of micro brews and other beers from the USA and abroad. Resonable prices with great helpful staff make this the place to shop for all your beverage needs !!!

Allison Dias

Good selection

Joshua Ferragamo

Sometimes pricey but good selection.

Lucien Menard

Good prices one of the best around and many options plus they offer a rewards program.

Ron Gagne

This was such a good find liquor store. If you are looking for a few specific beers and wines you might be able to find them here if not they are very helpful on ordering them for you. The staff were exceptionally helpful, friendly, and patient. they have a section with single beers, so you don't have to commit to an entire six pack which I found extremely useful. This will be my new go-to spot to pick up some spirits. I love this place for its huge selection of rotating beers, wines and assorted liquors!

Daniel Curran

Good selection. Comparatively over-priced.

Thomas Holmes

Great place, staff actually knows what they are talking about, HUGE SELECTION!

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