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1123 Bald Hill Rd, Warwick, RI 02886

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Where is Haxton's Tollgate Liquor Inc?

REVIEWS OF Haxton's Tollgate Liquor Inc IN Rhode Island

Anne Ragozzino

Awesome selection and great prices!


Great selection - good prices

Rich Giusti

What does it say for your business when you are so popular that a police officer (or 2) are needed to direct traffic in front of your store. Big variety and wide selection to choose from. Helpful people providing service and good prices.

Gail Cortner

It's close and they have police details to help you get out of the parking lot on busy times

Kristie Remak

Great deals, helpful staff.

Afton Ward

Huge liquor store. You should find every IPA, foreign whiskey, one of a kind vodka here. I love that I don't have to really share an aisle lol. Huge place to shop for any kind of taste.

Hoss RI

Good selection and prices

Angel Ojo

My Favorite liquor store ever.

nancy torres1970

Great prices

Jeff Pietrefesa

My favorite liquor store no doubt

Michael Brown

Great selection and service. Love the samples of wine and beer..Best Liquor Store with the best prices..

laurel truesdell

Enjoyable shopping. Extensive wines and liquors with featured samples. Staff courteous and knowledgable of their products

Joseph Scheer

Don't drink, but always see lots of peeps in there.

Coscma Amcsoc

Conveniently located and decent prices with a very large selection. Staff are always helpful and kind, especially Melissa the blonde cashier. Always willing to help with suggestions and is efficient and knowledgeable about the products. She’s very personable and friendly every time I go in there. Overall, I recommend this location.

leo selvaggio

Prices were fair with a few specials and large selection.

Dany Ortiz

I have had pho all over the east coast, and by far this restaurant makes my top 3.

Dan Umbenhaur

This place always has a great selection. Often see things here that I don't see at other stores. The prices are typically better than most other liquor stores, too. It's the type of place you want to walk every isle for the little gems you may find.

Diane Derobbio

Good prices

Loraine Coutu

Great variety

Adam Williams

Very friendly and helpful staff here. Huge selection as well.

David Hicks

Easy in and out... prices are good... friendly workers...been going here for years.

Christina Adams

It's so much cheaper than back home and you could get 3 bottles of wine for $15. Honestly it's fantastic.

Joe Giannetti

One of the biggest selections in RI! Very helpful staff

Laura Cota

We recently moved up this way and this is the best liquor store we have been too. Staff is always friendly and helpful. It has a HUGE selection of everything! We love going here and browsing

Charles Roderick

There isn't much that you won't be able to find here. Actually, pretty good selections!

Frances Flocco

We make a trip often great selection great prices

Christine Ferney

Price's are great and staff is wonderful.

ben s

Most product and best prices. Friendly and helpful staff!

Neil Lefkowitz

Very nice and helpful staff.

Joseph Ferguson

Supplied our wedding. Very nice and helpful with a huge selection.

Allen Breyette

Awesome place with helpful staff and a large selection.

Blake Himmel

Huge selection, friendly, knowledgeable staff

Richard Caruolo

This store has any liquor you want

Darius Young

Great prices and costumer service

Tired Traveler

They have it all with numerous sizes and a great variety of brands.

Amber Silvia

Awesome variety. The staff is extremely helpful. If youre planning on a party there is carriages and staff will help you box items up to transport them safely. Prices are also reasonable. The Christmas sets are always fun to purchase.

Mary Lou Ryan

Great prices, selection. We like Kevin Haxton's store best! Also very convenient, in and out onto Rt 2, always a must-stop when shopping on Rt 2, next to Target, up from Trader Joe's etc. Works for me!!

Rhea Gonzales

Shopping here felt like I was a little kid at a toy store. Curse you Canada for your many taxes and overpriced liquor.

Michael Slattery

Great liquor store, great prices, friendly employees. Melissa is always friendly and provides excellent service.

paul capraro

Great liquor store has everything and more I can spend hrs just looking around.

Michael Bricker

Huge selection and great prices!

Zoe Shay

probably my fave lq store when i lived in Warwick. The prices are awesome and so are the choices. still frequent from time to time when i’m in the area.

Michael Branigan

They have a very good selection of beer and wine alike and the prices are excellent also.

Alex Bejan

Best prices, best selection, fast service. In Rhode Island that is.

KJ Rock

Nice selection, decent prices.

Randy Ramos

Decent selection. Extremely limited in German beer choices which is a disappointment. Cashiers seem to NOT want to bag merchandise. Level of "friendliness" quite low..

Josh Lima

Haxton's on Bald Hill road was awesome. This was my first time popping in and I was floored by their selections of Beers, wine etc. The staff was so friendly and helpful assisting me with getting the liquor I need for my upcoming wedding. I will definitely be back to grab some of those beers I was eyeing!

Don Simonelli

Best Selections. Best Prices... You can go up or down the street...Their prices you will not beat..m

Anonymous Unknown

I normally don't consume alcohol but I needed a small amount for a recipe and they had exactly what I needed. The staff was incredibly helpful aimed me in the right direction and I found the perfect products. I think that's a great operation, the staff was wonderful and so is their selection

Tracy OBrien

Impressed- since the closing of Phred's, some of us have been forced to alter our "Norm Stops, find New fav's, Haxton's on Bald Hill is surprisingly impressive! Super nice staff, long ranging beer selection & beautiful wine selection at Lower prices than expected! Kudos!

Christopher Mullen

Great prices. Good location.

Johnny Paulhus

Excellent location and mezcal selection

Andrew Urban

Nice selection. The staff could be a little more helpful. Not just pointing towards a general direction when I asked for a specific item. Good discounts on beers and liquor

Kris K

So so rating because their beer selection isn't that good. I was looking for a good dark ale or beer and had a very hard time finding dark beer at all. They had all kinds of fluky beers with odd names and additives like pumpkin, banana, chocolate, etc ugh. So if you're looking for Bud, Coors, etc, or some goofy type beer then they probably have it. But don't bother if you're looking for a good imported beer especially if it is a dark beer. I also was looking for Twisted Tea in a variety pack for my wife and struck out there as well. In the end I walked out buying nothing at all. I went to Joyal's and found everything I needed and probably at a cheaper price. Haxton puts out a lot of product of each type of beer taking up room instead of less product but more room for variety.

Celia Girard

No matter what I'm looking for they always have it

Rik Berghorn

Giant selection of everything. Great prices.Ask the staff if you can't find what you're looking for. Helpful staff.

Brandon Shufelt

Vast selection of stress management. Great prices and nice layout.

Jean Pigeon

Great prices, try to get help. Staff walks buy toy and says nothing to you. Warm beer Isles are way too narrow

Ralph Leone

The best selection of wines from around the globe, and at very good prices.


If you need it they have it. Also, best pricing in this area. Try it out!!

Helena Santurri

A really good selection of wines, the beer fridge is "big"

Theresa Palumbo

Haxtons is my favorite liquor store in Rhode Island! They have the best cashier's ever number 1! They have the best prices they are pretty much the cheapest liquor store around! That I know of anyway.

John Li

RI liquor store with best prices in the state.

Jake Jachym

Store is always busy. Competitive pricing and good selections. Glass door beer coolers need a good cleaning; bottom shelves are sticky, found broken glass last visit.

michael brown

Best Store ....Every Choice Possible and Pretty women crowd the place.

Seth Carson

Best selection, Best shop in West Warwick! For any beer enthusiasts, this was the only place I ended up content and able to spend 5-10 looking through beer selections! Attention to detail on seasonal, local, import, and out of state brews. 5/5! Shop could be a little cleaner and brought up to modern. Early 2000s look. *shrug*

Guy Peter

Great place to get someone a gift who drinks liquor

Joe Lake

A wide varied selection and helpful employees, this is your One-Stop shop for everything liquor!

Danielle Vincent

Good selection of wine and beer. The prices are very reasonable as well.

Tom Nakayama

Great selection. Friendly and helpful staff!

Caitlin Wilson

Have a great variety of liquor to choose from in their store and the staff is polite. I've even had the staff make some great recommendations for some mixed drinks to try. Being open till 10 pm is also a plus, but they get pretty busy around the holidays so watch out for that.

Amanda Springer

Very large assortment of anything and everything your heart could ever want. I felt like a little kid going to Disney world for the first time. Their prices are amazing.


They have a wide variety of every type and flavor of alcohol you could want. We went in looking for a specific kind of wine which we couldn't remember the name of and they quickly helped us figure it out. They have several registers working at any given moment, so the wait to get out isn't very long.

R.E. Johnson

Fair place.. selection is fair..staff snobby..

Eric Loiselle

Nice spot, that has incredibly cheap prices. One drawback is the huge quantity of craft beer they have is tough to tell how old stuff is, without individually checking each pack. You can find a couple '13's sitting on the shelf right now, and those are hidden gems waiting to be mined.

Ganesh Potru

Good one with number of Models . But please get Double Dog Model beers

Patrick Crough

Pretty good selection of craft beers. Wish there was a bit more local representation or at least a better selection of singles. Prices were reasonable and staff were very helpful.


Absolutely great selection and customer service is great

Valerie Adler

Great prices and selection at this liquor WAREHOUSE, plus friendly, helpful staff. Full marks.

John C

Great selection. Helpful staff. Best prices in town

Jim Coningford

Best selection of spirits anywhere, thus overkill if you're just looking for an average .beer. Bought 2 six-packs of Michelob Ultra and a 12-pack of Mike's Hard Lemonade for $32; thus cheaper per bottle than a gas station coffee. Assistance was always nearby, but never hovering over my shoulders. If I was looking for a vast selection, I would given 5 stars.

Gerry Grilli

I've been going to haxton's for about 45 years still the same great service and everybody Smiles and polite you can find anything you need just ask

T Feeney

Found exactly what I needed... As usual

mike l

Great prices and selection. Very busy place.

Ray Karsek

As good of prices as NH stores

Tarek Barros

Love it! They always have what you're looking for and then some.

Cynthia Chick

Absolutely WONDERFUL STORE. MY husband and I were looking for a special bourbon so we rang them to inquire. They looked to see if they had it,they told us how many were in stock,and the entire time they did it with courtesy and with kindness. We were thrilled when we saw the size of the store and the selection. They could not have been more helpful and they all were happy and smiling!!! Great shopping experience. Well done!!!

Dottie M.T. Joyal


Heath Loder

Huge selection - the largest in the area. Parking here can be tough at times, but the police often direct traffic near the entrance to the parking lot, making entering/exiting significantly simpler during peak times. Very convenient location otherwise.

Daniel T. Cook

Haxton's has huge selection of beer, wine, and everything else.They have the lowest prices. The staff is friendly helpful. They stop to help you find what you need and offer help taking large shopping lists out to your car.

Ken Doucette

Great place

Charlie Walker

Biggest selection and best prices in the state. You can't go wrong with Haxton's.

donn pare

Best store all n the state.

LeeAnn Falcone

Found everything I was looking for. Prices moderate great selection of wines, spirits, bears etc...

Brian Croft

Much better pricing than local stores averaging $2.00 per bottle less on wines we drink. More on some sale wine items.

Eileen Marseglia

Best prices around!

Tori Sylvester

Excellent selection, cheap prices, great customer service. They always have great deals, wine ice cream and a huge seasonal beer selection. This is my go to liquor store.

Victor Vazquez

Big store, great variety

Charles Grover

Awesome prices great service also

joe flocco

Excellent selection of all your beverages

Donna Boucher

Large variety & excellent prices.

Gabrielle Bisson

Great selection, decent prices

Jessa Wright

Great prices, friendly staff big selection

Tyler Silva

Friendly and helpful staff, and a massive selection of beer wine and spirits at reasonable prices.

kristen coutoulakis

If you cannot find what your looking for here, then it isn't made

Ojiugo Omeoga

This store is very well stocked. You can find almost any kind of drink here. Great employees, wonderful customer service.

Carl Richards

Great selection & decent prices

joe dionne

Always good service at Haxtons

Stephen Cersosimo

Very busy but not much if a wait very efficient cashiers.Grrat selection they have it all.

Stephen Pecchia

Great selection, great staff


This is amazing. We don't have anything like that on long island.

Kevin Wiles

I’ve stopped in here quite a few times when I’m down in Rhode Island. Good selection at decent prices. Good staff too - I’ve dealt with Melissa a couple times and she was always helpful in assisting me when I needed it.

Thea Donnelly

One of my favorite liquor store. The staff is super nice. They carry local ciders and beers. They were out of Citizens Dirty Mayor but they had Angry Orchard in cans which i love. Good prices. You can buy beer singulars. Could get pricy trying all those beers though! It is almost like a museum; there's so much to see!

Tanya Brooks

Best prices. Most friendly workers.

Sharon Mellinger

Great selection.....bought too much.

mika thinks

Such a large liquor store. The selection was great. The sales associate was also nice. It is in it's own plaza

Jay Villeneuve

Great selection of local beers and tons of spirits at good prices. I picked up EIGHT IPAs brewed in RI or the surrounding New England area and they were ALL good!

Philip Green

Best Prices in The area. I’ve been shopping at Haxton’s for year and overall their prices are consistently the best. I’ve priced other Liquor stores and always end up back at Haxton’s. The selection is nice and the staff are friendly.

Mark DiCristofaro

Good prices. Convenient.

Osborne Hazel

Helped me with a large order. Made solid recommendations of beer and wine options and promptly refunded me when I brought back the leftovers.

Vivlynn Pray

Incredible selection of beer, wine & spirits. Unbelievable prices. Must see destination!!!

Nicole Tillery

A massive liquor store with plenty of wine and beer selections. I especially recommend if you're looking for a case of beer - piles of the stuff as far as the eye can see. The cases could have been better organized bit the selection can't be beat. Warning - traffic can get crazy. Cops are occasionally called out to help herd everyone.

Jay Grossguth

Always find you need here.

Ralph Wiech

Large selection and good prices

Michael Fox

Great prices. Lisa sucks

Steve Silva

Good selection and prices. Holiday baskets are nice.

Drew Gatewood

Some of the best prices and selection

Matthew Roman

Excellent prices and very good selection. Always tons of staff around to help you. Definitely my go to liquor store in RI.

Greg Serpa

This liquor store has a massive selection of all varieties of alcohol. Additionally, the prices are consistently the lowest or close to the lowest in the area. It's hard to not stock up when I'm driving by.

Paul Bovenzi

Best liquor store in Rhode Island.

Trogdor Burninator

Liquor store is big with a large selection that you won't find anywhere else. 4 out of 5 stores due to price. If prices dropped a little I would give 5 stars.

Mackenzie Bertwell

Really extensive selection! Hard to leave with one item

Laura d'amico

Excellent beer selection, liquor prices are competitive, cider selection is great.

Jon Whitney

Great selection and helpful staff.

carlos sanchez

A lot of liquors at good prices

WGPhaneuf WGPhaneuf

Best around!

ramona cook

Great service

Roderick rodriguez

Wide selection and great service.


Great variety.

TLC Terry C.

This large liquor store is conveniently located on Rt. 2 in Warwick a little south of Trader Joe's (on the opposite side). North (same side) of Target if that helps. Huge selection of hard liquor as well as a super selection of both regional and international wines, etc. During the busy holiday season there's a traffic cop which is super helpful for crossing traffic. Large parking lot with parking close to the door. Several registers so there's rarely much of a wait to be able to pay and go. Friendly helpful staff too.

Paul Chacon

Great selection and decent prices

Ronald Olf

Good selection great prices

justin almeida

Great selection and the best prices in town. Good cheap liquor in a very big store, pretty much anything you want they got it.

Island Tour98

Went in to see what all the fuss is about since they hire a police detail to direct traffic outside during the holidays. Nice place. Friendly staff

Alyssa Korzeniowski

Great place and they carry the wine i drink. Not every plaace does

ronald larocque

Good prices , well stocked . Helpful staff .

chikita sy

It cheaper than other liquor store

Joan Bear

You MUST visit this particular Haxtons, as they are now all independently owned and operated. The Haxtons on Rte 2 buys in bulk. They're the warehouse of liquor stores. This way, they pass the savings on to the consumer. Prices are the lowest in the state and the inventory is vast! They will have what you're looking for, at about 25% less than what you'd pay anywhere else. Young, energetic staff, eager to assist!

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