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1212 S Washington St, North Attleborough, MA 02760

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You will see all the reviews of real people who are consuming the services of Chris Gasbarro\'s Fine Wine & Spirits (Winery) near to the state of Rhode Island.

At the present this firm receives a score of 4.6 stars out of 5 and that rating has been based on 271 reviews.

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This Winery is classified in the category of Liquor store.

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REVIEWS OF Chris Gasbarro's Fine Wine & Spirits IN Rhode Island

Terra Semaia

HUGE selection of wine and craft beer.

chuck d

Great slection

Andrew O'Shea

Great prices and hard to find items. Definitely a go to store.

bass out

Love the selection

Todd Croce

Grabbed a couple fireball nips to enjoy when i got home


Great selection great people great area I recommend

Luis Espaillat

Huge variety. I typically go for nice beers, and they let you customize a six pack with the beers of your choosing.

Terri Affanato

Knowledgeable staff, great assortment of wine, spirits and beer. Could use some products to compliment for gift baskets and holiday gifts.


Nice place. Clean. Friendly staff

Alex Blacker

Can Google please stop stalking me everywhere I go please?

jared francis

Didn't have what I was looking for, but still had an excellent variety of just about anything you could possibly want. From fine wines to rare whiskey they'll have it.

Donald Maceachern

Good beer

Tony Howell

Always my go-to.

Patrick Lozeau

HUGE assortment of beer, every kind you could think of. Lots of wine, but I have no knowledge of wines.

Anthony Machado

Wasn't in there just broke down in front of them

Jason Adam

Best Bourbon and Whiskey selection around...except for their Seekonk store.

Karen Bratkon

The best selection, prices and service!

Cheryl Ann Lainhart

Great service. Helped us pick out a nice wine for a gift.

Chris Brown

Most impressive Liquor store around. Great prices and a big staff to help.

Anthony Rieser

Gasbarros has an incredibly diverse selection of beer, wine and other drinks. I love that they always seem to have seasonal beers earlier than any other stores in the area. And their staff is incredibly helpful and professional - they will drop what they are doing and go out of their way to assist you. Recently I've noticed they started using Beer Advocate labels in their craft beer area, which is very helpful when my arms are full of beer and I can't reach my phone. Overall they are the best place to buy alcohol that I've found.

Dorothy Radnor

Very good took time to explain a lot of different wines to me. Friendly atmosphere plenty of parking.

Christopher Thomson

Excellent selection of wines and spirits. Specifically looking at Scotch, the selection is fantastic and well stocked. Prices appear to be very competitive across the board if not a bit cheaper than surrounding places. Again, though, some product I have only seen online and so not very comparable to other stores. The staff is friendly. Parking is plentiful and not the worst lot to get into from Rt 1. I will be back.

delete account

Huge selection, helpful staff

Michael Bergeron

Only place i can find Deadhead rum...thank you guys

Michael Peladeau

Great selection

Lee Parkhurst

Love to visit there . A really great selection of wines. But I especially enjoy the lady who helps with the wine section. She is so knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Always a pleasure to spend time with ber. Also there is always a man to help carry the purchase to our car. Above all the prices are the best around.

Mike Cap

Awesome collection of craft beers.

Jason Longton

What's not to like? Great selection and some of the best prices in the area. the only issue is that Route 1 makes it hard to get there sometimes (the trick is to cut through the Walmart-Lowes- Raymour parking lots).

Swiss 88

Good selection of alot of items

Mike Wilkinson

Great selection!

Brooke Towle

Best place to find and learn about wine and sprits

Brittany Grover

The people there are always friendly and willing to help you find what you need!

Luisa Alves

Great variety. Good prices, helpful staff

Talaya Heard

I love this one! Everyone is so helpful especially when I can't make up my mind. I wish they had a rewards program because I go there once a week

Michael Kenney

John Deroy

A lot of competition now, they have competitive prices, and great range of selections.

Melissa Thomas

I drive out of my way to go here. Staff is very knowledgeable. Store is clean and neat. Doesn't have that old beer smell.

Stephen Cronin

Always great selection.

Kirsten Orzolek

Excellent selection and the best prices around. Staff is incredibly friendly and very helpful when you need a hand. I often go out of my way to buy my wine here.

John Gniadek

Just got a great deal on a 1.75 of Chopin.

sheila roy

A good community business

Debra Kent

Always friendly and helpful!

Introverted Bean

Great prices!

Jennifer Saing

The staff always offer the best beer suggestions, and they carry a huge variety.

J Rigby

Great Employee very knowledgeable. Easily locate type of purchase by overhead signs. Reasonable pricing

Neil Svendsen

Great selection and price

carrie almon

Awesome craft beer selection including hard-to-find faves...great prices!!!

Wunknown Beatbox

great selection

Patrick Noll

Really large selection of beer, wine, and liquor with good prices and really helpful employees. Also have a build your own six pack option which includes most microbrews.

Spyder 49

Richard Rylander

Huge store with lots of choises for wine and beer. Sadly in the Northeast, no beer distributor for my favorite CA and Louisiana brewers.

Don Towner

evelyn gonzalez

Excellent family place.

Roger Brien

Great location. Wide variety of wine, beer, and liquor reasonably priced.

Night Shade

Pretty good selection.

Lindsay LeBoeuf

Nice facility. Was once charged $25+ extra from shelf price on a nice bottle of scotch for my husband. Gave a refund when I returned

Gregory Weishaar

Little bit of everything here..plenty of big box items plus lots of craft beer, you can even build your own custom Six pack. Staff can be hard to find when you're looking for something specific. Also don't waste your time with returnable cans abd bottles - small room that is not emptied regularly.

Jegan Mohan

Large range of liqours , wine and beer. They are also relatively cheap. One stop stop for all your liqour needs

billy amerault

Great overall selection and very friendly staff. Most often when we go on the weekends they're doing some wine sampling as well.

Karen L

Excellent beer selection. Nice selection of bourbon. Lots of wines but I can't speak for the quality of them as I am not a wine person. Plenty of vodkas and tequilas. Staff is helpful. Store is clean and well lit.

Valerie Carchia

Always a great selection

Herbert Perry

The guys I dealt with, No complaints! And we had quite a few laughs. Thanks Guys

Matt Perry

Great selection of beer, wine and liquors. Especially the beer selection.

Michelle Kornberg

Great selection and service!

George Hantavis

Rip off prices

Donald Harnois

Great selection of Wine & Spirits

Edward Mcgettigan

Always great deals

william sabanosh

Has to be one of the best liquor stores for price and selection. When they have what I want on sale, it's usual a good buy.

David Neto

The beer selection is very good. Though I don't think it's as large as Yankee Spirits, they have different stock which is nice. The wine selection looks big, but I don't drink that.

David Mooney

Huge selection. I like trying new beers and they have plenty to choose from.

Pankaj Patil

Has many brands when it comes to wines and spirits. Open till late nights too.

Michelle Goewey

Huge selection & very clean. Very helpful staff. Twice I was offered assistance, but without them being pushy which is a big plus with me. Checking out was great too. The clerk was very friendly & helpful. He actually engaged in conversation instead of like some places where you get a distracted, no eye contact "Did you find everything you need?" & "Have a nice day." that you can tell they are just saying automatically like a robot. All around pleasant experience & I will definitely be going back!

Mark T

Good selection and prices.

Ashlee Griffin

So many options- the only place I go!

Brad Lee

If you like wine, or high end beer this is the place for you. Not just another large liquor with stacks of Bud and Gallo.

Lionel Brooks

Great prices, nice people, clean store.

Adam Horton

Amazing selection at decent prices

David Quebec

Helpful staff.Good selection

Maria Eugley

Clean, friendly and very helpful

Linda Karaberis

Wine tasting kiosk. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Very organized store.

Tony Moreira

Excellent selection and pricing.

Timothy Auclair

Very helpful staff. Great selection of wine and craft beer.

Gregory Jeannotte

They have a great variety of the hard to find

Josephine Roberts

Great prices.

Terri Richards

Very nice selection of different genres of liquors

Anthony Vitali

Best selection ever

Waldimir Nelson

Everybody here is friendly and helpful. Large assortment of liquor, wine, and beer. So glad to see some of the alcohol i havent seen in local liquor stores in here.

Lisa Lazenberry

Wide selection and great prices

Debra *DEE* Pacitto

Lots to choose from

Aaron DeSalvo

Clean and neatly displayed.

Rian Ringuette


Kevin Berard

Rebecca Hamel

Great selection, large store, helpful employees

John Turner Jr

Was able to get a 12 pack of Shipyard Pumpkinhead

Ryan Crowley

Large cheap selection

Runtt Hanson

Excellent selection. Very helpful staff

Ashley R

It has a grocery market style. Nicely organized.

Richard Young

Nice place

Charmyne Goodfellow

Really great, well organized store

Mark Moseley

Great craft beer selection, takes up almost half the store and very varied with a great seasonal selection as well.


Great selection of craft beers and very helpful staff!

Robin Gagnon

Great selection and prices are good.

Gunny Dix

Great selection, priced well. Every time I see the Dos Equis guy in the corner that has been there for like 4 years it makes me smile. They always have sll the current trends and the old standbys at the ready.

Sarah Emmons

Lots of selection and good prices.


Con venient to route 295

Krysten Doerr

The walmart of alcohol

Downtown Powerwashing

Best wines


Prices are low. Check it out

Cheryl Andrade

Staff is helpful

Brandon Fournier

Good selection

Danielle Richards

Always has a great selection of craft beers, which is normally why I go in

John LaRouche

Great selection

Rick Forman

This place blows Yankee Spirits out of the water. They were always cleaner even at the old location next door. The new location is even better. The craft beer selection is great. The staff is always extremely helpful and friendly. Most of the time if youre looking for a good craft beer and they dont have it, they might get it. Few times ive gone in there and theyve had products that i havent found elsewhere. Wine selection is great for all types. It helps that there is usually someone working there that has knowledge of basically anything you could imagine to be looking for to help you get what you want.

Tim Rzewuski

Great beer selection

David Goodfellow

Clean, helpful, and a lot of variety

Linda Hammell

Great selection and value

Evan Jacques

Great selection of IPAs and other fine spirits. Prices are good and the employees are extremely helpful. Will keep coming back. =)

krystal rich

Best see ice and personell I have ever had! Keep rocking guys!

Curt Will

Great selection and very friendly staff.

Keith McAuslan

I go here to get selection of 6 different beers, pick a 6. I also pick up a bottle of a Riesling. The huge variety of craft beers, is the main selling point for me.

Cynthia Robinson

Fabulous Store! So much to choose from. Staff is very helpful!

Kyle Greenwood

Huge selection of fine drinks

David Rabinowitz

Excellent selection of beer and wine. The people are also very helpful.

Thomas Gallagher

Nice Clean Very Large Store. A Lot of Merchandise. Wondering Why the Refrigerated Items Are All the Way in the Back?

Nick Deubert

Great beer and wine selection, though I wish their craft beer was better organized (see savory grape in East Greenwich) and that they had more German beers.

Sandy Mann

Great prices, friendly & knowledgeable staff

Derrick Elliott

Good craft beer selection

Kim Clarke

Great selections.

laveatter rankin

Got my goodies !!!

Diane Constantino

They have a huge variety of wines and pretty much anything you might be looking for.

Raymond Tammany

Awesome selection

Richard Houle

The employees are very helpful. The selection of Beer, Wine, And Liquor is second to none. The prices are very competitive. ONE STOP SHOPPING! AS ALWAYS, ITS ALL ABOUT THE LIFE STYLE.

Geoffrey Marchant

Lots of varieties at good prices

Rene Levesque

Great place

Gary Claytor

Like most liquor stores. Good variety in wine.

Charles Bridges

Helpful staff, they didn't have what I wanted.

Michelle Egan

Always spotless and organized. All the staff is extremely helpful and accommodating.

Guy Balzano

Extensive products and low prices


Very good selection lots of parking!

Jessica Fedorka

Great selection and staff. Got a free Stella glass with my 12 pack!

Craig Freedlund

Always great selection, decent prices (Harpoon IPA @ $23.99 loose case is the main reason I go there) and they're good about taking back cans/bottles.

Mike Ruggiero

Wide selection of wines and liquors. Fair prices.

Allison Jones

Great prices. Knowledgeable and friendly staff

Brian Quinn

Great prices, wide selection, helpful staff


Helpful courteous staff. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Carries a large variety at all price points. Even offered to help carry my purchases to my vehicle.

Bob Coughlin

I love Total Wine which has a great location in MA where I am from originally. Finding something comparable in RI was a taller task than I expected. I would say the closest thing I've seen to it out here is Chris Gasbarro's. The selection is wide ranging. The store is large, open, and clean. I don't think the pricing quite compares to Total Wine, where a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue runs you $200 at CG and $175 at Total Wine. But for those of you that never knew the difference, it doesn't matter; and for those of us that have to drive 45 minutes to get to a competitor to save $25 it isn't worth it. All and all, it's a big spot likely to have what you're looking for.

Ana Costa

Awesome crew that is always will to help you look for your favorite drink ☺️

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