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141 Pitman St, Providence, RI 02906

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REVIEWS OF Bottles Fine Wine IN Rhode Island

Ryan Pease

penni rebello

Excellent selection. The staff is very knowledgeable and the tastings are fantastic

Alexander Gifford Howard

Gary Goldberg

Very nice selection of alcoholic beverages

Kristen Walker

Cooper and Thief !

Daniel Beam

Bradly Widener

Great selection, friendly staff, enticing sales, and awesome events. My go-to place for wine.

John P. Edwards

Great wine selection.

Justin Poirier

Matthew Barker

Everyone that works at Bottles is awesome!


Bryce Caster

Large liquor store. They sell more than just bottles of wine.

Nick Dawson

Jake Camara

Excellent selection and helpful staff

Madeline Herec Poirier

Great selection and prices.

Lindsay Kelly

David Gasior

Jonathan Stark

Great service and selection. Convenient too... Plenty of parking. You can pay with your phone at the register. And they do delivery through the Drizzly app.

Natty Beer Club

I feel they may be a little pricey at times, but I have found many beer gems within there selection. They always take care of me by putting special limited beers aside. I found they are very knowledgeable and not rude at all like some other reviews suggest. I keep going back because of the great service and the beer selection, and although the selection is on the moderate side compared to some of the other big beer stores, it's still a little hidden gem of a beer store and I always leave happy. I would suggest you give it a try.

Santina Siena

Timothy Eagan

Great selection of Spirits and liquors for cocktails and a great selection of wines and beers

Christopher Zimmerman

Probably my favorite liquor store in providence. Cool staff and great selection. Not overpriced either.

Jeff Mayse

Alex Narodowy

Best reward system, best staff, best craft beer and sake in Providence

Aaron Hoydich

David Masulli

R Drayton Fair

Very friendly and helpful staff with an extensive selection.

Phoebe Burton

Great selection and prices, very helpful staff. Love the mix-and-match beer options


Great selection

Susan Bastian

Best selection of rye and whiskey anywhere.

suffolk plaza

Spoiled wine, not palatable; tasted like vinegar.

Steven C

Great selection! Disapointed by sales associate's last recommendation.

Gabriel O'Neill

Steve V

Timothy Boardman

Great selection of wines and beer. Good value and a great rewards program

Ben Spooner

Liquor store with rewards program, so that's awesome. Good selection of all alcoholic beverages and some interesting non-alcoholic selections as well. The staff are all friendly and knowledgeable with great recommendations. Only reason it isn't 5 star are the prices which, while not stupid high, are definitely more than other liquor stores. Still my favorite on the east side.

Yormosi Gmail

Michellece Revill Cufone

Great selection of wines, beer & liquor in all price ranges. Unbelievably helpful staff, able to assist you in choosing something wonderful. I'd had a particular wine at a restaurant. They were able to steer me in the right direction, telling me about the region, etc...AND though it's on the East Side, most of their prices are quite fair!

Matthew Moritz

Susan Lembke

Aevan McLaughlin

Raymond Marandola

John K

Sean Hennessy

Great selection and personalized service


2 stars

Darias Iberto

Marc Guillotte

Great tasting featuring Scarpetta wines.

David Stewart

Fantastic selection of wine and liquor. Their selection of single malt scotches is excellent. My only “complaint” is they don’t seem to have Macallan 25.

Sam Hooker

Awesome spirits selection, especially in the cordial / apertif range

ken poole

Very good selection beer/wine, very helpful staff

Dene Scotney

This place has everything! Knowledgable staff and tastings on Friday and saturdays

Josh De Los Santos

Has a good selection of beer and wine.

Carlo Catucci

Great selection, knowledgeable staff and great rewards program.

Ralph Nathan

Brianc tec

Nicolas Valletta

Great selection and service!

Kevin Carlson

Ken Wagner

Great selection, great price.

Ryan Kopp

Fleur Defries

A great variety of wines, beer and liquor and always helpful staff.

Scott Callas

Janelle Sartini

Paul Wermer


Jeremy Shapley

Super cool liquor store. Heavy into European funky organic/ natural wines..great selection.

Kerri King

Cloudy Bay

Corey Mulvey

Krystal Sarcone

Kelly M

Brittany Polion

Mike Ambrosino

Tutor Rhode Island

Amazing selection, including very rare items and valuable wines. Amazing, knowledgeable, staff. Prices are a bit high (15% higher) compared to budget places for common products. If you want common stuff, like Bailey's, etc, and you know exactly what you want, go to a discount place. If you want to try new or interesting items, this is the place to go!

Gary Comtois

Susan Morgan

Always helpful.

michael leshinsky

Decent selection a little little pricey

Jonathan Samolis

David Churbuck

Best source of obscure cordials, liqueurs and top shelf booze in Providence

Darren Andrade - RI

Richard Rybacki

William Jankowiak

Aida Rodriguez

The worst experience ever in Providence. My older daughter lives in Providence. We traveled from Puerto Rico to have a Thanksgiving family reunion. My daughter wanted to make a Coquito(a traditional beverage that we use to make with Don Q crystal rum). When she was about to pay for the rum she noticed that she forgot her id card and could not buy the liquor. I tried to pay for the rum because I had my id card but this so called manager named Josh Shields didnt let me buy the liquor because I was with the person with no id that in the first place tried to buy the liquor. He quote me the Rhode Island Class B liquor law. We looked for the law and it isn't even a law, the Rhode Island Class B Liquor License . Anyway this license doesn't mention anything that this man explained to us. After my daughter and I left the store my younger daughter's boyfriend, who is 23, tried to buy a bottle of rum and a bottle of wine and Mr. Shields didn't allow him to do so cause allegedly he was of the same household of the person that didnt show her id. And everything because the first time he saw all of us together. Can he denied to sell a product to a client properly identified only because this client is acompanying another client that try to buy liquor and couldn't show her id? Does this man fulfill his tasks based on mere speculations? Is not more antimoral to let the clients enter the liquor store carrying babies and children? Can someone answer my questions? I request an explanation to them because of the unfair treatment that we received.

Rick Scianablo

Could have had the whiskey the east end reccomended i get there

John White

Ross W. Hilliard

Tom Simbron

This place can be a little pricey, but not exoranantly. It is on the east side after all. They have a great assortment. They have a whole shelf for Sake and Japanese liquor, which is absolutely awesome. The staff is mega friendly and were super helpful and personable. I was staring at the beer refrigerator looking dumbfounded and lost and an associate asked if he could help me find something. I said I wanted some kind of fruit beer or sour. He said oh we got this new one in that I grabbed for myself too and we haven't put it on the shelf yet. Let me run in the back real quick and grab it for you! It looked cool but I wasn't sure if I wanted the whole rack and he somehow noticed that in my stare and slight hesitation and said oh, you can take a single if you like! Oh great! I said what about any of these. He was like sure grab anything you like! It was a great experience. Such wonderful staff.

Silver Angel Shines

Annette Correia

Stew Milne

Great selection and moderate prices.

Wesley Miller

There is a decent selection here, but they we're missing a few kinds of liquor and craft beers that I was trying to find. Obviously, there's a heavier focus on wines, and they do a great job in that area.

Kathy Sherman

Jessie Choe

Jasmine Watson

Wide selection, very knowledgeable staff

Chris Roland

Michelle Denault

Excellent selection of wine, beer, and liquor. Employees are always helpful with a suggestion or two.

Lauren Sullivan

Patrick Salone

Nathaniel W. Turner

Justin Cardinale

DH Thaggard

Jonathan Pearl

Great selection, friendly staff, regular tastings, rewards program. Prices could be a bit cheaper.

evan roy

Liquor selection is great. Beer selection is standard, meaning, I've seen better. Prices are standard and every once in a while you can find a good sale. The best I can say is that patrons are welcomed to sample before purchase, within reason. Solid 4, maybe even 4.5 out of 5. Cheers!

Eric French Monge

Zaiyarpyie Hlamaung

David Szewczyk

Excellent selection of absinthe. Nice people.

Debu Tante

I like this store. They have a good selection and I agree with other reviewers that the staff is helpful and knowledgeable. My rating would be higher if I had a better experience at one of your wine tastings. The person doing the wine tasting was a weird foreign guy who had no personal skills and was inappropriate. He would have you try a wine and then ignore you for the next round although you were clearly ready to taste again. He told me that the older gentleman standing next to me was creepy and disturbing. I told him I didn't agree. He then said that the gentleman next to me wanted to kiss me which I did find disturbing and told him so. I asked how he got his job providing wine tastings and he said from his parole officer. At that point I checked my phone and excused myself from the tasting saying I had to go. The foreign guy said "that's too bad you are leaving, I wanted you to taste this particular wine." I said ok, I would try it before leaving. He got distracted and ignored me again. Another couple left because he was ignoring them too. Perhaps his culture is a factor, but I was really turned off and could not get out of there fast enough.

John Hyde

Great selection of everything. The new wine person really knows her grapes!

Diane Straker

R. Baya

The most expensive in town (by a hair), but the liquor store with the best selection of cool stuff. They've got some weird cheap stuff too. Weird stuff, all around, is what I guess I'm saying. I come here for Mescal and Sake.

James Smith

Best package store in New England!

Brian Tavares

Cool liquor store right near the Henderson Bridge. They have a good selection of hard-to-find beer and liquor. They even have a rewards program! Nice place

Dean Frankensplean

Big space with an excellent selection of beers and liquors at very competitive prices.

Joseph Cukjati

Greg Serpa

Great wine selection and location. You pay for it in the slightly higher prices though.

Elias Gabrielsen

Fantastic microbrew and singles selection to mix your own six pack of strange and obscure beers or special edition brews

Andrea Yusif

Disgusting manager!

Lotus Blossom

Fantastic selection of liqeurs.

Stephanie Roman

Tati Berkley

When you make a big enough purchase, they kindly pack everything into a box, rather than a plastic bag. Not only is that a great idea, but also so great for the environment! During this visit I needed a suggestion and I easily got an opinion, on that was delicious.

Will Meek

Michael Iavarone

Nice place.

Norma Robles

Dan H

Jennifer Jacobs

A huge selection, there's something for everyone of any flavor and budget. Love the mix and match beers.


J. R

Nice clean store with nice selection

Mathew Gibney

They wouldnt accept my drivers license because it was from the USVI. The lady picked at the lamination and said we won't accept this... I guess we aren't good enough for eastside providence. Stupid.

Michael Santos

Brett Barlow

Knowledgeable staff, good selection, near constant tasting events.

Janelle Foley

I'm a professional fairly new to the area and have been trying to give Bottles Fine Wine a chance, but they make it difficult. The "value" section is filled with items that are actually average priced. The non-value section items are grossly overpriced, and you can easily see this for yourself by taking out your smart phone and researching competitor's prices while you browse. Meanwhile, the beer selection is never consistent and poorly stocked. I realize the pricing structure is partly based on being inoculated by the neighborhood, but there's no reason for me to go out of my way when I get much better deals elsewhere. Why pay more? It's the same juice.

Ricky Chakraborty

I've used Bottles Fine Wine numerous times for anniversaries, birthdays, and now a retirement. Every single time, I've not only received excellent customer service, but the product has been amazing! My aunt and uncle loved the engraved bottle of wine I got them for their 30th wedding anniversary. I will continue to use BFW as more celebrations come up in my life!


Excellent service and selection

eli medina

Brian Delfino

Whoever stocks the bourbon selection knows what they are doing. The employees conduct themselves as Staff, in the best of ways. The store is a gem. I've been a few times now even though its well out of my way. Worth the ride.

Hoyt Scharff

Awesome biodynamic wine selection

Andrew Henry

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