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621 Lafayette Rd, Seabrook, NH 03874

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REVIEWS OF The City Tobacco & Beverage IN New Hampshire

William G Horsman

Great selections. Low prices.

Bill Bluemel

Fantastic place has everything you want .

Grace Pollard

It has what i wanted

Bobby B Good

It's right off the highway. The products that they have their a inexpensive and if your wanting something cold to drink boom you got it. If you want some good smokey smoke they got that too

Elizabeth Vanover

So many beers, so little time. Great selection of local, regional and national beers to choose from. Find something new or unique nearly every time I stop in.

Joe Martineau 3

Great deals and good variety

Daniel Tiernan

Quite the beer selection, reasonable to expense DIPA'S by the 4, champagne, tobacco products too..

john brescia

Best beer selection I've ever seen

Todd Croce

This place happens to be the closest place for me to purchase smoking supplies when I go to the house off Hampton beach. They do happen to cater to beer and wine drinkers they seem to carry everything one can be looking for to entertain themselves or guest's for any social event

Stephen Trahan

Best selection of smokes and drinks on the new Hampshire seacoast.

Lisa Gillis

Right off the highway and a cheap prices

Ultimate Towing an Roadside

Great vape shop. Service was great to.

Christopher White

So many beers. Hard to choose just 4 types.

Whitney Hipple

Great prices

Marla Maryea

Got in and out without having to wait!

Ean03874 Chumlee

Excellent customer service. Biggest craft beer selection, and wine . Prices are very good.

Andrea Naylor

Being from California, it feels like we're getting away with something because the cost is so much lower than at home. The place is bright and big, there are clean restrooms and a good selection of beverages as well. We come every year, because they sell our boujie cigarettes Kamel Red Smooth

Lynn Costley

Reasonably Priced

Dave Miller

This place is the best I don't care what anybody says for the air coming from Massachusetts or not it's a lot of people do that but I know I can get my smokes cartons which I prefer I can let my mother go bye-bye her bottle of wine and then I can go next door I can go to my little Vape section and I can do my own thing and you know everybody goes home Happy

Nelly Bell

I like it. They have every beer you could want and cheap cigarettes

mark strock

Wow. As an out of towner I was truly impressed. The place is huge. Great selection.

Ashley Tenczar Curran

I'm from Boston where cartons of cigarettes are over $110 ($11 each!), I got a carton of Marlboro 100s for 70 bucks! Right off the highway and easy to spot. There are other places that are a few bucks less per carton, but this was just as good as Cigarette City. Staff is efficient and kind.

Christine Cranston

Better cheaper cigarettes beer much cheaper

Jim Cocozella

I luv Cig City

Gordon Sims

Amazing beer selection!

Toreva Marshall

I went in to be educated about a product, the young man was more than knowledgeable. He did not try to sell me more than my original purchase. Clean, friendly.

Ed Cunningham

Oasis rite off Rt.95 in Seabrook N.H. HUGE Beer n Wine selection... Cigars too!!!

Mindaay Louise

Needs better hours and more discounts or ddeals


Great selection and great music

Darren Beckler

Great craft beer selection.

Diane Buonanduci

If you don't see something you like they will order it for you. All kinds of beers wine and cigarettes and tobacco products as well as vapor. everyone is very helpful.

Faith Chartrand

Great prices on wines, have great sales

Joshua Hussey

Great Prices and selection!! Easy on and off the highway. All of you travelers headed up to Maine and stuck in traffic this is your place to go for some good beer.

Peter Proach

Great for a small specialty beer store

Richard Chamberland

Great selection of cigars The entire wall of cigars

Tyler Harris

Great selection of wine, beer, and many other convenience items right across the state line. Its worth the drive down from portsmouth or up from the north shore for the beer selection alone

Bryan Mcmanus

They are definitely starting to get better products in the glass shop but their prices on cheaper stuff is still a little too high for the average glass user

John Hamilton

Great beer selection probably the only good beer selection in Seabrook New Hampshire, which I mean it's Seabrook so it's not saying a lot. But they have a good selection of sours, local beers, ciders, a good selection of wine, and if you're just looking to pick up a 30 rack for some degenerate party this will also be your place.

Michael Mullis

Great Service

Sue Roulusonis

Great cigarette prices.

Ken Ross

Always good pricing

Patrick Drake

Excellent selection of beer no matter what you like I would be shocked if you couldn't find it here. They have it all.

Jennifer Rideout

Excellent pricing, selection & staff!

Rich Smeltzer

Great people working there and a HUGE selection of beer and wine with prices usually better than the grocery stores

Kelly Corson

The transfermation of this business is amazing! They have just about all your needs and wants when it comes to tobacco, wines and beers. There's even something for those of smoking taste in it's new addition Vapor room. Tobacco only glassware. (Haven't been to that section yet) but they do carry the rare brands. Always friendly and the prices are cheaper than many tobacco or corner stores. Especially if you roll your own. Thanks for always being on top and satisfying the needs for so many.

Jen Goudreault

I frequently visit this store to purchase cigarettes. They carry an extensive wine selection as well as cold beer. This store also carries accessories to the tobacco industry such as pipes ,, rolling machines ,gifty items and more . Always polite,, helpful staff in a clean environment.

Chuck Casserly

They have a good selection of cigars. I also like that they carry an excellent assortment of tobacco's and tubes, for us that "roll our own". They even have a pretty decent selection of domestic and imported beers. The staff is very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. I very much enjoy patronizing this shop. Always stop here when visiting NH on vacation.

David Joensuu

New Hampshire beer, wine, cigarettes,no deposits. A Ct. Travelers dream

Daniellio Marie

Great prices

jason moody

Very wide variety and selection. All employees are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and kind. Highly recommended!!!

Kanishka Singh

This place has a huge selection of beers and wines. A craft beer enthusiast would love to explore the wide variety it carries. They also have special offers on a rotating selection of beers. They also host beer and wine tastings from time to time.

Susan Moulton

Wonderful, friendly sales staff❣

Betty Burt

Love this store

Nancy C

Great service. Employees are super friendly!

SolarDabs Thompson

Great place. Always friendly and polite.

Toni Chapman

Great selection! Went early morning so not busy. In and out quick.

Stacy Merchant

Great variety.peoples are very friendly. A Lil difficult to get to if you don't know the area. Prices are good and there is a vap/glass shop on the other end. Sweet!!

Rick Alberigi

Big selection and cigars

Randy The Taper

Crazy huge wine and beer selection. Helpful staff always eager to assist in your search for that one stupid IPA or cool microbrew that you had that one time at that place that you can't remember. I go for my cigars as well and humidor accessories. Not as huge an inventory as stand alone area cigar retailers, but respectable nonetheless. The owner hooked me up with a great one of a kind promotional humidor for an agreeable price, then proceeded to toss in a bag of random stogies that he picked out personally. That, is the stuff that matters, and that is why I am loyal to this store.

Nikki V

Awesome store! Good prices! My second time here.

Susan L'Etoile

Great place: wide selection of wines, amazing variety of beer, cigars, what-nots and cool stuff!! Clean facilities. Very helpful and friendly staff. I highly recommend it.

Lawroze Santiago

Posted already about this place. Love it! Love it! Love it! I'll be there soon.

James Williams

Awesome staff n place

Wanda Elliott

This place has a great selection of wine and beer and liquor and all tobacco products !!

S. G.

Anything you need from tobacco ,vape supply, pipes bongs, wine,ECT.

Ann K

The prices are always right.

Jonny Kimball

huge craft beer selection

Derek Bedard

Excellent variety and excellent pricing!

Evan King

Just about all your basic needs are provided here... Including ice cold slushes for the summer

Josh Berger

Really nice convenience store/liquor store/tobacco pickup right off the highway. This place is huge and has everything. I usually go here for the beer selection which is... extensive. They even have their own beer variety.

Stephanie Souther

They have 1 or 2 employees that seem annoyed when asked questions about something you are thinking about buying. Not great customer skills. However they do have some employees who are great and very helpful.

Donald Descoteaux

Cigarettes are pretty cheap 7.50 a pack

Kevin Callei

Great prices

J Rayez

The whole staff is great. Always happy and up beat.

Jeanne Emanuel

This place has great prices and good people working there. Never a wait. Although I was disappointed that they ran out if my brand of cigs.

Ryan Burnham

Awesome beer and wine selection. Great prices!

Christine Soden

So nice when you're walking in and a lot of people are behind you. That the manager says oh look what 5he bus dropped off. And proceeds to argue with a customer about her rude behavior. Never had any good results with any of the employees all rude. Never do any of the employees great the customer's..

Ezra Carter

Great price for cigarettes and fast service.


Excellent prices! Easy stop off Route 95..will be back!

Robert Butland

the weekend warriors

They carry huge selection

Graham Boardman

They have everything

matt picanco

The manager here is a very unpleasant woman. She does not care about the average person and putting then through hardship. My issue is a personal issue with the "manager" whom had my car towed from a parking spot for no reason. This now cost me $633 to get my car back. I was kind enough to go into the store and let manager know, that I am from MA and my car just had engine failure and broke down. I provided her with my name, cell phone number. Told her I was working on where to have the car towed to be repaired. She decided the right thing to do was to have my car towed without calling me or giving me a chance to have the car towed to a mechanic to be repaired. To make a Long story short, the manager here is a heartless, insensitive, inconsiderate, cold-hearted excuse for a person. That is my opinion, but anyone who purposely makes someone situation worst to hurt them more and set them further back is a bad person. I would NOT support this store in a way.

Barbara Bolich

Wanted souvenir craft beers. 1st clerk showed us where and walked away. Second clerk spent time giving us his skilled help. Apparently cheap for the area, but much more expensive than western USA. Hard to find glass containers, guess easterners haven't heard of Alzheimer's and MS

Hal Folmsbee

Huge store, lots of great products

James Protopapas

Great beer selection with the best prices

Jennifer Silverman- Souther

Wow... stumbled on this place... excellent beer selection and discounts! Cigar selection also outstanding...will stop in again when in this area!

Jim Cirrone

Best Place to get Craft Beer Anywhere in New England

Mark Townsend

Great selection of craft beer and ciders. They have a small selection of gluten free beers, including those by Greens. (Greens is the GF beer if you have to follow a gluten free diet - they are great!).

Dana E.

It would be a 5 star rating if they had a couple of written documents of current Cigar inventory for customers to browse through, or even better a LCD DISPLAY that can easily be updated.

Erica Corwin

Everything's in one place!

Faith Brewitt

Great variety and good prices. Nice staff.

Joao Martinez

Very nice place. Staff is friendly. I encourage anyone to go. The prices are great

nancy pollard

Good selection. Good prices.

Joe Screnci

Great staff, excellent selection of fine cigars and craft beers. Best place around

Lael Williams

All tobacco products you want. Also pick up any type of alcohol you may enjoy.

Zachary Peel

This place offers cheap beer and cigarette prices. It has a huge selection of beer, wine, and cigars. The staff is always friendly. No tax NH.

Anthony A

Large selection of cigars and spirits

Jilli R

Great cigarette pricing and beer deals. Always a stop for us on the way back home to NYC.

UTC7513 UTR7513

Great selection. Staff was helpful.

Derek Skala

Employees were very helpful, plus they complimented my friends shoes!

Paul Gibbs

Great prices on cigars and friendly staff !! A must go

Scott Snow

Great selection on liquor, wine, and beer. They offer clearance beer as well. They also offer mystery beer bags where you're not sure what kind of beer you will get.

tom williams

Always worth the stop

Kimberly Bayles

The guys are very helpful and courteous... Always a great experience.

Claudia Botero

Great prices!

darien chalecki

Great tax

Dan Cook

Very big place a lot of choices of cigarettes and friendly people

Demy Lora

The selection of beers here is out this world..

Ray Grace

Great selection of beers and a great group of employees! I won't go anywhere else!

Kevin Hughes

best tabacco prices in N.E. it's well worth the trip

Jeremy Wright

Tons of beer, the staff has always been friendly and helpful. Prices are always the lowest around.

Chris D

Great selection of tobacco, beer, wine, and ciders. Got a lot of craft brews too. Friendly service. always my first stop on exit 1 coming into new Hampshire

Carlos Narvaez

Great selection of wine liquors and beers with decent prices

Fcc Fcc

A great place for tobacco and alcohol, nice staff, clean place, everyone from Massachusetts should buy tobacco products in new Hampshire.

Mike C

Staff great will continue even if there's another next to them I will only go here because of how much I value GOOD STAFF

William Reynolds

Selection is the best I’ve seen in this area for beer. Good wine section. Prices were very low especially compared to other states. Customer service was acceptable.

Brianna Talbot

Great prices! Have alittle bit of everything in there

Julie Mason

Always find interesting beverages I've never seen before

Matt Renninger

Great people, great selection, clean store. Can't beat the location. If you're in the area it's worth a stop! They seem to keep growing too! Keep up the good work guys!

Dolores Chesley

Nice and clean store and restrooms. Shelves are full. Selling beer, wine and alcohol. Difficult to maneuver into driveway it goes down a hill to the building. Must enter on right from rte 1 south. Worth the visit

Charles Lincoln

Nothing to rave about really. Place was clean, pricing was above average. Carton of cigarettes are cheaper at Market Basket 2 seconds down the road on the left. The girl behind the counter that cashed us out was nothing to write home about. Not even a hello how are you or a thank you after checking out. Let me put it this way. I won't be going back to this store anytime soon

CJ Owens

Great selection, tons of variety, great and knowledgeable staff, nice discount section!

Genette Mcgroarty

Great staff and selection!

Jordan Ferrari

Extremely rude dont go here.

Chris Cote

I love the beer selection here.

Patrick Kennedy

craft beer selection is great amazing sales and service

Ollie S

Good selection friends staff

Charlie Doray

Awesome variety... great prices... nuff said...

Gary Ste Croix

HUGE selection of beer at great prices. Found a 12 pack of Shipyard "Old Thumper " which I have never seen in a 12pk outside of their brewery. Cigarettes galore and an extensive humidor. It like a toy store for adults


Awesome has a ton of stuff. All different craft beers, well organized. Pricier then say Walmart but has all SMOKES. Wraps. Tubes, papers.

Isabel Tundidor Suarez

Great place to get beverages! Loved the tastings set today! Definitely getting more flowerbox next time!

Nancy MacDonald

Prices are great and so are the people

Robert Clark

All was a good friendly places.

james stewart

Good people, clean and everything you need.

Tyler Beck

Best selection of craft brews around.

Joshua Wallworth

Very respectful employees and cartons of cigarettes are cheap nice place


Everyones super nice here and they got a good selection of drinks.

Suzie P-Danielian

Great variety great people

alice K

Rudest staff every! Prefer gold leaf tobacco 255 Lafayette rd seabrook nh 03874

Valerie Millar

Great prices!!

William Russell

So polite .best business practice and next to dunking donuts

John Mcdonough

Cheap smokes good deal on lots of stuff

Rob Green

Nothing to go crazy about prices are average craft beer prices are above average, GM walks around with tobacco In his mouth, And could be more knowledgeable on beer, Answers are always guesses, I take a little extra drive to go to Prost awesome little American owend shop, and no i am not a employee there I’m just a tire salesman from mass that’s loves craft beer and great customer service

David Yarckin

Very good selection, not bad prices. I'll return !

Lynette Bergeron

Great prices and quick shopping

Frank Johnson 4-5

Cheap!!! Right off the highway!

Suzanne Coiro

Large selection on e-cigs

Daniel Dalton

Awesome prices and absolutely Great and Friendly service every time I stop in I couldn’t ask for more.

Hulk Hogan

Kaley in the smoke shop is Awesome! Super friendly, understanding, and kind! A+

Joie Bain

Great products great prices

Tim Mackenzie

Everything you need from a NH Border store and more. Awesome selection of beer, wine and tobacco products


Best prices for pieces and cigarettes

Kim Ricchiuto

Great inventory

Lynn Elizabeth

Fast in and out!

Aaron Jamgochian

There the first to have sam adams octoberfest

John Macarthur

Best place to buy cigars

Doreen Pikor


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