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2211 137 Rockingham Road Suite C ext 5, Londonderry, NH 03053

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We have the opinions of real people who consumed the products and services of NH Liquor & Wine Outlets (Winery) in the area close to the state of New Hampshire.

To this day the business gets a score of 4.5 stars over 5 and this rating has been based on 72 reviews.

You must have seen that its rating is basically the best one, and it is founded on a large number of feddbacks, so we can think that the score is quite reliable. If there are many people who bothered to value when they've done well, it works.

As you know, we don't usually stop to put opinions when these are positive and we usually do it only if we have had a problem or incidence...

This Winery belongs to the category of State liquor store.

Where is NH Liquor & Wine Outlets?

REVIEWS OF NH Liquor & Wine Outlets IN New Hampshire


Cheap hooch!

Stanley Wood

Good prices compared Vermont. It's a liquor supermarket.

Yohan Hernandez

jim m

Edie White

Excellent service and very helpful support!! Terrific store:)

Kim Farnsworth

Parking is a busy area

Marietta Lopshire

Jon Snyder

Clean store with all the options

Tami Dambruoso

Great place to stock up on wine and liquor. Can not beat some of their sales!

Jeremy Conley

Good variety

Ivonne Isaac

Nora Demedeiros

Excellent selection, and great prices

Philip Hyjek

Liquor and wine at NH tax rates, what's not to love?

Adam Chesley

Liqueur, what else do I have to say

Pascal Latulippe


Charles Kramp

Great selection and staff that is informed and friendly.

andrew carter

Great! Wish I could put my bed in there and rent the place!

Dan Sherman

Good prices and decent selection

Abby Blum

The best staff and best prices! I drive an hour from Vermont to come here! Thank you for being NH!!!

Kristopher O'Neill

They are moving!

Miles Thrall

Bigger store.

Larry Kahn

Madeleine Lussier

Skip Monty

Love the selection here and the prices can't be beat. People come from all over NE to stock up tax free.

Chad Henry

Tom Brown

I love this place. Great food. Very good for morning coffee. Excellent place to park a rig

Tammie Morrison

Great selection and service.

Maria Dailey

Mathieu Desbiens

Good price

Stanley Nova

Bev Owen

Lots of variety for every occasion. Convenient location. Friendly staff. Plenty of parking. Reasonable prices.

Madeline Goodell

Always like looking for the good deals Always someone around to inquire if you need help finding something

Nanci Stone

Has 5 aisles of wine

Dawn Kersula

Great selection of New England gins.

Augustus The Great Gus

They sell only liquor nothing else.

Kristina Aldrich

Everyone is always extremely helpful. I can't wait until the new store opens!

Joseph A. Roberts III

Not the biggest selection, but overall good selection of wine and all liquors, staff is very helpful!

Daniel Kivett

Jasmin Omanovic

Friendly staff and a great selection!

Jeff Nielsen

Big selection, great deals.

Katye Reed

Good selection cheap prices.

jim cole

Booze...low price, good service .

Robert Decca

Great prices on everything...

Gary Graichen

great location ,

rick frederick

All the same, you see one you seen them all. State controlled.

Ang Therrien'Seymour'

Yay alcohol

Mark Farnham

Good prices and a useful selection, though I doubt I will ever purchase the $399 Ardbeg

Mark Nylund

The variety is outstanding and there is always a happy ending for my wallet !!!

tom bryant

Great deals and service

Kimberly Alaimo

Jacquelyn Vero

So much variety to choose from, and the prices are a lot lower than Vermont!

elwin smead

Great the people there were friendly and helpful very nice and the new building is great

Chendo Quiterio

Richard Foreman

Did not have the brand of Tequila I was looking for but my coffee liqueur was 5$/ bottle less than I pay in Massachusetts.

Phil Garland

Very friendly

Patricia Polito

Thomas Tillson

michael knechel

Good selection and interesting store

Jim Weeder

Great selection

Joseph Malatesta

Craig Bigger

Great selection and prices. Definitely worth a stop

scott stone

Great prices

Nathaniel Norton

Penny Miller

Good selection and prices.

Pepeita Pryce

Found everything I was looking for & more.

William OConnell

Great store lots of help finding what you want

Roscoe Putnam

Nice selection, good customer service. Nice place to shop.

Kristi Tate

Great selection. Great prices.

Ahmet Meyveagaci

Dirty and awful help

Kathy Kurdzo

I love this place. It's never jammed and right off 93, so no crazy traffic. They do a great display.

Frank Santos

Sam Dee Jr

The State shouldn't be in the business of getting people drunk.

David Hurd

Dudie Silberman

Plus: no tax and good selection Negative: prices aren't great to begin with. I've never found it worth it to venture into NH just for their booze.

Mark H.

Great selection, only once have I not found what I was looking for and the staff looked up the specific item and informed me it was on the way. Great service and great outlet.

Alexander Laplante

Decent selection but not enough staff to check out quickly.

Carol Flint

Barb is amazing! Thanks for your help!

Francisco Rivera

Great selection and the best prices around. The people who work here are very polite and knowledgeable about wines and spirits here. Sign up for coupons and deals on the website for extra deals.

Holly Howey

Jackie Kozup

Great selection of liquor and wine

William Eisner

Mecca of wine bargain shoppers! Specials this month: Italian wines and Power Buys 15% off the case.

Ethan Barry

Friendly staff. Period. Best prices.

Jeremy McWhorter

Great selection

Carlos Manrique

Old facility not well organized

judi foucher

Great prices

Russell Reeves

Travis Noiles

Michelle Lackovic

Best prices and great service..

Yvonne Reed

Michelle Bruneau

Always have what I want and always better pricing than VT liquor stores, even when they are having sales!

evan charest

What's not to like?


Very large selections of wine & liquor Pretty much everything. I went with"FABRIZIA'S Italian Margarita" 2 kick back wit an watch playoffs 2night. HEAT VS. RAPTORS gonna b a good 1

Lalit Sareen

Snow day to stock up the bar.... low prices and no tax

Joshua Laber

Mark brilling

Great place to shop for a party !!

Teresa Rowell

Wow so many

Josh Laroche

Great selection. Picked up a couple bottles that I hadn't found elsewhere.

Lord Insidious

Smells like vomit.

Deborah Layne

Convenient to my location!

Lynn Acciard

scot Pooler

Like you have to ask why

Hollie Fumero

Candy store for adults! Clean and very organized! Helpful staff!

Ashley Odonnell

Convenient .. right off Highway.. helpful staff

Always Hope

Walter Ferreira

Horrible service, cash register was down and about 20 customers,very kaotic I'd wait until they relocate

Despina Mardas

Worth the drive FROM CANADA

David Abbott

Betty helpful folks.

Cynthia Decker

The best staff! Knowledgable and helpful. Clean and well kept store.


Helpful staff, low prices, good selection. I like shopping here.

Edward Baciak

Simply Amazing!

Christian Richter

Raymond Silvia

There is a New store and it is next to the Weathervane Restaurant

Seth Silver

Oh its there. Best prices around, worth the trip!


Nice people they aim to please and help you find or order in what ever your looking for

Angela Trapani

Options a plenty. Efficient and knowlageable staff... kudos to Hunter. You took the time to share your knowledge. The gifts I purchased will be more meaningful...

Randall Woodward

Great choices, friendly staff. Not super busy..

Kristen Johnson

Kris Brown

A huge selection to choose from. Most of the staff was super nice and helpful!

Joyce Rowe

Great selection of all kinds of alcohol and drink mixes and good prices i shop here for all wine and hard liquor can't find anywhere cheaper to buy your alcohol. Also the workers are great very friendly never had an issue they help with anything you have a question about.

Jon anderson

David Simmons

It's a liquor store :)

Jean Robidas

Very nice selection.

Rodney Young

Price was good and amazing selection!

Sharron Prairie

Great selection and good service.

Colleen Newton Pause

Didn't have what I was looking for...

Brian Kaiponen

Cassidy Turner

Great prices especially when you get something on sale too! This location could stand to be updated though.

Anthony Hopf

Arturo . Arnold

Bonita M Therrien

Vincent Glazewski

Love buying here for the variety, prices and no state sales tax.

Justin LaDuke

Jessica Rose

They got what you're looking for with friendly knowledged staff but fyi they don't carie beer

Ann White

Best prices in the upper valley. Great selection!

Clifton Cantlin

The store is moving over next to Weather Vane .

Johnny Sze

Desiree Mccrorey

Nice selection, good prices compared to Vermont. The staff is always exceptionally helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.

Christian Foster

They are easy to get in and out of and easy to shop.

Jerry Stanley Jr

They have everything you need

Jessica Hohlbein

Big place nothing new in it higher prices to will stick with the smaller store

Nicole Kelley

Great selection and very good prices.

Justin Tognazzi

norman peters

Easy in and out. Everything well labelled and so affordable

Tanya Nichols

I was never even there why is this saying I was


This is a brand new outlet store for Lebanon - servicing locals as well as cross border tourists at the junction of I89, I91, and the Ct. river! Clean and bright, with easy parking in front. Could definitely use a traffic light at the exit area onto 12A - left turns are a nightmare!

john shields

nadia vargas

Kinda pricy but accessible

Eduardo J. Barrios P.

Tieneb lo que buscas

Zane Manley

The new location is great! Lots to choose from and the space is well organized and stocked.

Heather Hinckley

Great prices!

Jason Fish

Nice and big

David Marcillo

Great selection, great prices, great service

David Camacho

Jon Fischer


Daniel Coit

Big selection

Brussels Penka

Newly opened from 7000 sq ft to 19000. What can you say . Lots of product new and old on shelf, reasonably priced, and no tax.

Uldis Skuja

Friendly, informative and professional....


Mary Cantlin

Love NH, alcohol sold on the Interstate.

Robert Allaway

Always end up spending less than expected.

Heather Guy

Always helpful and try to get in special orders quick

Melissa Tickner

We will not be back to this location. They had a good selection and the prices were good. However, you could barely walk in there, there were so many displays. The aisles, which were already kinda small, were totally over crowded with redundant sale displays. The price tags were unclear and it was hard to tell which bottle was which, so we ended up not getting things we might have because we didn't know how much it was. The cashier (didn't catch her name but she was on the shorter side, a little heavy set, with dark hair) was pushy and rude. Believe me, I understand that it's hard to work retail, especially around the holidays, but there is no need to talk to people like they're children or dogs. So, the store itself was ok, but we will not be back.

Robert McBride

Barry Pollard

Clayton Caddy

Mark Naylor

Serendipitous Apostrophe101

Graft way to get Hammured

Tammy Polak-Hutterer

Traci Pare

I got drunk

Brandon Kier

As advertised: it had liquor, it had wine, it was an outlet, and it was in New Hampshire. I'm reasonably old and bearded, yet they still carded me. I take that as a compliment. Also, the place is government run, so it's technically socialist liquor. Which is... fine, I guess. Cool.

Doug Coombs

I really like the selection (wine in particular) at this particular location - Superior to most of their other locations I have visited. I should say the wine selection here is good, but better at the one over by Market Basket in Londonderry.

Mary Cain

Was closed when I stopped by. No directional signs for restrooms. Finally found it- very messy. All restaurants were closed. Disappointed.

Carrie Boyce

Tim Bridge

Good location. Good staff.


Good selection of liquor and decent wine selection but a bit pricey.

Stuart Corpieri

Inexpensive products

Mark Tremel

Wow. I love this place. Being from out of state, I find it very interesting that New Hampshire has state run liquor stores. But I was able to save probably 20% to 30% on my total bill. Because of this I probably spent more than I should have, but this will last throughout the holidays and likely beyond. If you are going to drink, why go broke doing it?

Rick Joyner

Good selection and open till 9:00 Very helpful staff

Jason Place

The people who work here are the best! They go the extra mile to find what your looking for. ALWAYS super friendly!

Roberta Roberts

Going to be moving next door to the Weathervane

Matthew Kahabka

Great variety and prices. Sometimes there is a bit of a line at the register.

Abigail DeVone

Gary Picard

Sunny Frankins

Get schwifty

Jill McGrath

Awesome selection, fast check out. Friendly staff.

Joseph Cure

Roberto Linares


Mother Tornato

Brand new facility is great!!

David Minshall


Alfred R Decker Jr

A little bit of everything. Great selection.

Kevin Anderson

mike paquette

Save money

Nate Swasey

Massive selection and very competive prices.

Richard Romer

(Translated by Google) New location .... well assorted (Original) New locación ....well assorted

Chris Mercier

Richard Liscinsky

Brand new sparkling store with the spirits you prefer at great prices and plenty of parking.

Rick Gagnon

Great selection, great prices

Bert Dickinsonfireman15

Awesome, great selection and friendly and cheap prices

Cindy Waterman

CS is great!

Benjamin Polson

Everything you need

James Genega

Cheaper than vermont and no taxes..

joshua matthews

Service and selection are always great at NH liquor stores.

William O'Brien

As always, great prices that can't be beat anywhere. Not the best selection of the NH Liquor stores, but certainly not the worst. On top of that - they will order something from other stores for you if you ask.

Cyndi Lou Hobbs

Great variety of everything you need and wonderful specials on wine.

Corrie T

Why dont they have a state liquor store sign on the highway?! Not one of the biggest state stores but has all the necessities.

Cynthia Marecki

Bought booze, cheaper than in Vermont

Robert Moher

Best price...

Emily Colonese

very friendly staff prices are a little high though

stephanie krolman

Good prices and ok selection.

Marcy Crosby

Yum yum

Larry JBird

Great selection of discounted liquor!! Love the state ran store! Every time I go there the employees are friendly and helpful. There's also one located in the Manchester, NH airport. It's a great place to stock up and drink on your plane ride.

Angella Marcel

Amazing selection of adult beverages

Tina Lowell

Alot to look at and congested

Jhony Basha Shaik

wendy thibault

Love stopping on our way through here prices so much better then VT.

John Howard

Clean, well lit, well stocked, friendly and helpful staff.

Rob Dog

Excellent liquor store prices

Mark Green

Everything u need for an adult time out friendly an good service

Loriston Fennell

Large selection, and very helpful staff

Alexis Morin

Great selection of wines, liquers and spirits. The staff wasn't too knowledgeable when we asked questions though.

Miss Meghan

Great prices

Kevin Clark

Best store in the area for what you're looking for.

David Wishinski

Mark Plagge

Good selection of wine and spirits. Friendly and helpful service.

Angie Hinton

Many varietys can answer questions well

1BoardwalkAngel Forever

State of New Hampshire Certified Liquor Store with a very large variety of wines, proseccos, champagnes and hard liquor. The staff is friendly and helpful, you'll definitely find what you're looking for.

cheryl waples

Helpful and they have a huge variety.

John Revilla

Great selection and prices

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