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Great venue for a show and great views of the valley. The theater is small and every seat is a good one. Sadly the trade off is that most of the performers are way beyond their prime so finding a show you want to see can be difficult but check the calendar and get there!

M.A. Jewell

Don’t bother going unless you’re attending a concert. We specifically visited well before the performance because we wanted to see the beauty of the mountains and the old winery buildings. Prices were high but the setting was gorgeous. All was fine until we wanted to walk around. We were advised THE ENTIRE FACILITY was OFF LIMITS due to the pending concert. So no photo ops from the observation deck, in front of the quaint buildings, or anything outside of the 200 square feet where the tastings are held. Security followed us as though we were terrorists and blocked our path at seemingly open areas. While they may have true security concerns, I suspected their real purpose was to ensure we didn’t manage to stay for the concert without paying. In short, my experience was disappointing because I’d wanted to see the winery, not just the tasting bar. Nor did I discover a wine I couldn’t live without. Though it Looked like in about 6 hour the concert goers would have a great time.

clifford lobberegt

Purchased tickets six months in advance to see ABBA. Drove 2 hrs to discover a group of people, upset and arguing at the event entrance. Apparently, we were not the only attendees who felt "duped". Event workers assured us that "ABBA the Concert", was a very good group and we wouldn't be disappointed. Oh, how wrong they were. 1) ABBA the Concert started 20 minutes late. 2) although the costumes were correct, the male lead singer must have had his fitted 30-40 lbs ago. 3) The sound mixing was so bad that the keyboards and drums were so over powering that the vocals couldn't be heard. 4) The left speakers cracked and sounded as if one or more were blown out. ABBA the Concert, was such a poor excuse for an ABBA want-a-be, that my entire party walked out in the middle of their third song. The only redeeming value for the evening was that leaving early meant there was no traffic on the way home. And, as been said by others, the food was expensive, not very good, and who pays $25 for a glass of wine at a winery??? Would I go back, not on your life!

Abhishek M

We attended a packed concert here in summer. It was a fabulous experience. They have food and bar stalls at the venue. Menu is limited though. You get great views of the southern bay area from this place. Parking can get tight. Auditorium is small but seems soulful. Stage has a beautiful backdrop of vineyard. Intimate venue for summertime concerts. And thumbs up for the super friendly staff!

Tamer Sherif

Awesome views and nice venue

Rhys Rookard

Guest are entitled to their opinions, that's cool, but Trip Advisor has no right to link employees names to an uncomplimentary reviews.This is not freedom of speech, but abuse of internet privacy. How about this, hypothetically, Trip Advisor "is a money sucking corporate business posting libelous, slanderous and damaging statements about business employees who have no notice, or ability to retort, or defend themselves and/or correct a service situation." Just an example!The fact that Trip Advisor has posted a customer review that does not even mention the employees, but has linked employees names to the review is damaging.Not only will I be taking legal action, I will be writing a bill preventing internet companies from mentioning employee names in internet postings. Truly distasteful! I have completely lost all respect for this company. So sad that this business has such low standards.

Lon Edwards

I order two glasses of wine. Total cost was $55.00 Dollars. The bartender did tell us the charge. Do order any wine or food at this venue. It is a total rip off.


Went for a VIP show and the venue is spectacularly picturesque. There's a long, windy drive like you're on the way to Lake Como and then you finally arrive atop the mountain with incredible views of San Jose. Now for the preshow dinner critique: The preshow dinner was a bit of a disappointment. Ordered their finest bottle of wine and they cashed the cork and then brought back the same bottle pretending it was a new one they opened before bringing to the table. No wonder they wouldn't leave the cork on the table for me to see it. So the awfully expensive bottle of red had bits and pieces of cork in it. When the food came it wasn't what we ordered nor did it even taste good. When I caught a glimpse of what the rest of the world was eating from the food vendors/stalls available to the general guests... it looked way better. So I don't think I'd bother with the VIP preshow dinner thing again. Everything else was fantastic. Highly recommend the venue for a show.

Kristine Kaplan

I really like this venue - great location, views, and acoustics. Unfortunately, the drinks and food tend to be overpriced, and parking is expensive when there are few (if any) other options. I usually wouldn't even feel the need to mention those things, but I found it very rude when they cut the speakers off during the last 30 seconds of the last song the band was playing at a show I was at (at 10:30!); for the amount they charge for everything, you'd think they'd be a little more lenient (like 30 seconds more lenient).

Greg Pardo

The event coordinators have no idea what they are doing.. unorganized and unprofessional. Extremely rude and condescending

Dennis Derecho

It would be difficult to have anything but a great time at the Mountain Winery. The views alone are spectacular! Seeing a group perform that you can identify with from younger years, or performers more recent makes for a special evening under the stars. Have dinner at the on-site restaurant, or at one of the many great restaurants in the nearby town of Saratoga - only 15 minutes away

Sally Furness

Love the venue. Really enjoyed Huey Lewis and Martina McBride last year, however Alanis Morissette two nights ago was horrible. She was incredibly awkward on stage, and some of us even suspected she was lip syncing. We left early. Tickets, for bench seats in the back, were $140 each. What a disappointment. We feel ripped off. Don't know if we will go again. Four hour drive.

Nikki Armstrong

Beautiful place incredible vista from where the theater is and oh my God the sound in that theater is fantastic and/or the sound person, a young woman, they had for Dave Koz and friends summer horns!! Great job the show and the sound they could probably improve though if not the prices for drinks and food the food in the drinks they can prove that but other than that totally worth going to and why pay $15 for parking if there's nobody assisting parking in the dark late at night that's a little dangerous but I still give it 5 stars

Tina Chin

Beautiful place to relax and have a few glasses of wine to melt away during the weekend! Very nice little patio area for wine tasting and very friendly service!

Tre Retter

Beautiful location. Good sound. Some friendly staff. $20 parking is greedy in my opinion. Everything is way overpriced. No backpacks.

jennifer farhat

Great winery. Nice wines and lovely scenery

Irene Turrubiates

Attended a concert at Mountain Winery. It is a beautiful venue with beautiful views. The one star is because they lack hospitality. They intentionally cut the power to the band that was playing an encore performance of one of my favorite songs because they played passed 10:30....they cut them off at 10:32 when the song was almost over. I found it rude and distasteful. Will never pay to watch a concert at this venue again. They could use more organization in the parking lot also.

baris kandemir

Mountain Winery is one of the best scenic place in the area!

Steve Schroeder

Great venue for a show, best in the Bay Area. Never had their wine. But why do they forbid cyclists?? Why would I not be welcomed if I rode there?

S Ritt

Very beautiful place.

Lukas Filler

Very nice live music venue. Well designed for good views from most seats and very good sound quality. Pretty location. Parking lot set up well for scenic pre-event tail gating picnic. Did not try wine or food.

Brenda Gutierrez

One star because I can’t give 0. Horrible management, horrible policy communication. All the info on the website doesn’t correlate with actual policy for concert days making it impossible to plan accordingly for the day. Online it says parking costs a certain amount, cash only but when I arrive the price is different. Called to explain my concerns and the lady was awful in assisting my concerns and After suggesting to update the policies online and/or add new policy to the homepage she simply dismissed me and hung up. I feel bad for the employees getting yelled at constantly for this. If you want to go to go wine tasting or to an event in the area...maybe find a different winery.

Alison Shearman

I love this venue. It is so beautiful and the atmosphere great. We had third row seats and Brandy Carlile was fantastic! Everything from ushers, to food service to performance was streamlined, warm and professional.

Samurai Boss

Very well maintained, just don't close the entire place for weddings

Hazlitt Krog

Incredible views.

Constantine Firme

Really pretty place for dates. Fairly priced wine. Get the cheese plate, lots of cheese for very fair price. View of the whole Bay. Clean air. Performances happen in the amphitheater often. Clean facilities. Has a brunch buffet that is $80 a head and full of typical white seafood, not the best value, would avoid. Everything else is perfect.

Grace Popple

Lovely people. Great shuttle up from Saratoga and back on the Rhythm Shuttle. Gorgeous setting, super seats, quite a few food options.

Pan Zajac

Security guards who are uneducated and picked up on street and not trained blocked my way because I am Handicapped and because they had the power. (The supervisor had like 5 of us handicapped go to special elevayor and this young security man started calling us a retarded and yelled at my wife for being married to handicapped). This unshaved young white male so called security man was physically agressive for no reason ... his male older security friend refused to arrest a couple of drunk ladies who started to put their hands on me and kissing me in front of my wife at the concert end. Also the waitress at diner before the concert stole my knives and forks like 2 times telling me to eat $100 dinner with my fingers .... The hospitality female supervisor sat me in a remote corner of the eating place far away from other people (I am Handicapped but require no wheelchair) ... Than she got bored and started to serve things spiling hot liquids and said she was not a waiter and does it for fun. Haha hehe she said!!!! There were rich young males smoking marijuana in public in no-smoking places and security just laughed and said give me some

maryam r

Road at night seems unsafe but building and service is fine. Nice place for events and dance.


Great venue for a concert. Thoroughly enjoyed the one I just attended.

Tina Zedginidze

Enjoy beautiful views while sipping on wine. A bit pricey but so worth it.

Peter Burke

Beautiful, welcoming venue. Concerts at this venue won't get too crazy because all attendees have a seat and there's no dance floor or mosh pit in the front.

Ronald Sheehy

Amazing place to see a concert. Intimate setting in an outdoor venue. Ziggy Marley was amazing. No one was sitting

Avi Gingold

Great romantic place with great shows and performers.

Esther Kim

Had a discrepancy on my bill but it was taken care of promptly, wouldn't mind coming back.

Caitlin Raymond

Beautiful venue! Food and wine are ok, but the venue makes it worth it! Bring comfortable clothes and dress in layers.

kevin mckee

Great place to see a show. Pretty much all the seats are good. Ok food, good wine, soso beer selection.

Andrea Winton

Saw Seal here last week. What an amazing venue. Loved everything except the $20 parking fee!!! Looking forward to going back for another great evening

Denise Romandia

Beautiful scenery and the concert venue is perfect. Doesn't matter where you sit, you'll have a great view of the stage.

Lia Laney

This winery is a nuisance; drunk people leave all the time and drive recklessly down the windy road we live on, we just almost got hit by a guy who pulled out of the driveway and immediately jumped in the left lane to pass people in front of him, the lane that holds oncoming traffic. They don't do anything about this, nor do they seem to have anyone capable of hiring a traffic coordinator who is actually capable of coordinating traffic. It is a shame they are successful, would love to see them close as they are a danger to the community.

Melaida Corpuz

Came here in 2014. What a spectacular place to watch the legendary B. B. King for one of his last concerts. We had dinner before the concert on the patio. It was just a beautiful night.

Bear Seiver

Great venue with great views. Treated us like a VIP. Food was good and the show excellent. Jesse at the wine tasting was a delight. Nice history there too. Highly recommend!

Paola Frye

Seat A 6 where I sat is BROKEN... The plastic chair kept cutting into my leg that I had to sit side ways... I was so uncomfy... I didn't stand until a lot later... I didn't like the way they treated the singer I was mostly there for... They cut him off and the next act had 3 times more stage time... I mean another singer broke his guitar string so we had to wait... They didn't cut his time... I even saw one of the staff throw the mic that the singer I was there for in the bush... EXTREMELY expensive Considering I paid $22 for a BLT and Pepsi...

Kevin Gapol

Great Venue! Beautiful location, and the bartender Johnny was awesome! Very informative about feature concerts and overall made our visit their outstanding! Thank you Johnny and Mountain Winery !

Karen Bish

We go to concerts here several times a year. Wonderful venue for watching and listening. But food and drink prices are outrageous . And if you want a glass of wine better spend the crazy expensive for estate wine because the inexpensive is the worst. I will never buy eat or drink here if I can help it

Paul Cole

Amazing views, good music, and great food options. Great place for a concert.

Angelo Kaplan

Cut off band during encore, completely rude. Overpriced, crappy food. Way overpriced drinks. Could be a good venue if it weren't so completely terrible.

Ben Kralj

Great place for a show!

Katherine Evans

Always a great experience at Mountain Winery. Phoung in the parking crew is the best. He works so hard and is so friendly with the visitors. He'll even snap a group picture for your group if he has a minute!

Sandy D

This is a great venue to watch live performances. All the seats are good and the views are amazing. Be prepared to pay a little extra though.

Jay Howell

Amazing venue! Not a bad seat to be found. Beautiful design incorporating historic, working vineyard. We ate in the Paul Mason area. Absolutely delicious food. Highly recommend this venue.

Emma Rudié

Most beautiful concert venue I've ever seen! Can still hear the music if you wander off to enjoy the scenery : )

Richard Lewis

Music wine grapeview what more can you ask for

Tahmina Khanom

Beautiful setting, but overshadowed by the terrible customer service. On our first visit on 8/19, we had the displeasure of being served by a pushy and rude man at the counter. We have never experienced something like this at any other winery we visited.


5 stars for the gorgeous views and beautiful setting. Place is relaxing and staff is wonderful. It would be cute to dress up and bougie it up at this place, though my friends and I casually visited in our hiking clothes and it was cool. I do look forward to my next visit, maybe when they are having the summer concerts.

Ty Lim

My department had their holiday party here and I was just blown away by this place. The venue is beautiful and the views are absolutely breathtaking! The food was decent and I'd probably only give it 4 stars, but the view is what bumped it up to 5 stars for me. I'm definitely going to check out a concert the next time they have it here! :D

Kristie Peters

I came here for the Alanis Morissette concert. I recommend if you are getting tickets to a event, try to get it through the venue. Tickets I had gotten for the listed price through the venue was $85 a ticket. I later found out most people had gotten theirs through other ticket vendors and paid as much as $300 (stub Hub). We came early and lined up for parking before the venue opened. When we got in we had reservations at the Chateau promptly at the open. The drinks were nothing special, but the food was very good. It was a three course set of pre-selected selections. The view as we ate was beautiful. We were able to walk around and decided to not do the wine tasting, but instead splurged on hot coco and cheese cake. The concert venue is outdoors. Some people knew to bring small blankets as the sun set and it began to get chillier, The show was good, she admitted that we had to bear with her as she found her groove. It was still awesome to see her. The ambiance of the venue made it more memorable.

Dee M

The most breathtaking venue I'd ever been to. It will feel like a very intimate experience with those on stage. While you're waiting for your show to begin, take in the sites. Be warned, if it's a popular show, get there really early as getting into and out of the parking lot, will take a long time.

omega edwards

The place is very nice but our seats were in the sun until the sun went down and to boot we got two plastic cups of wine unbeknownst to us it was $55 the wine was not worth $55 total rip off

Noelle Vincent

AMAZING food & wine. Beautiful and gorgeous space for events and concerts. Such an intimate place to listen to music.

Deborah Goldeen

They need porta potties in the parking lots! Good luck getting to the toilets. Usher said they get that request every night. I can't think of a better concert venue in the entire Bay Area. However, beginning to wonder if they require all their aging rock and pop acts to stick to their hits. I heard Earth Wind and Fire here last year and am here now for The Moody Blues. Both bands technically excellent, but playing like robots.

Choupette Mini

I have not been here for a long time. Came here recent for Dave Kuz & friends concert. They upgraded their seating area with real chairs which is really wonderful. Love the cozy environment and view.

Amandeep Singh

Didn't have the wine but went to see russell peters. He was good. The place was open with no roof. it was a different experience.

Yusuf Khan

Excellent enjoyed the place. Dedicated chef Really helpful awesome food

Sophia Yuen

What a gorgeous winery with a gorgeous view! And they’re pretty literal when they name this place Mountain Winery. I came here for wine tasting one time and then for a concert another time. They have a pretty outdoor patio for wine tasting where you can just chill in the sun enjoying your wine. I personally wasn’t a huge fan of the wine. It was not light enough and too dry for me. But that’s just my preference. For the concert, it’s a great venue. It’s smaller than most spaces for concerts so it was nice and intimate. Overall, this is a super nice place to hang out and relax and enjoy some wine or a concert.

Dale McNamara

The Beach boy's concert was excellent!

Barry Wakefield

Eveything is "nice", but $25 for parking for your own events? GTFOH

Sue Jones

Fabulous music venue!

Noelle Carroll

Nice local venue!

Sam Hassas

What a wonderful place for most any occasion. As a wedding photographer, I've shot here and the venue was a perfect backdrop for a couple. I had lots to choose from when shooting the couple and the bridal party. The ceremony location over looked the vally and was breathtaking. Beyond that, I've enjoyed concerts and stand up routines, (Kevin Hart). Highly recommended.

Evan Rabinowitz

Beautiful venue. Not enough restrooms.

bahram raad

Great view. Beautiful setting.

John Utah

Best place ever to see a show

Kathleen Sidenblad

Lovely summer spot for evening concert and dinner

Kathy Tucker

Had an amazing time at Mountain Winery with Daughtry in concert. This was by far the best concert venue I've attended since the Pantages Theater. Put it on your must do list.

Lingchuan Chen

Great environment and fantastic view

Chanaka De Silva

Loved it. Beautiful view of the valley. Good wines. A good selection of cheeses to accompany. Loved wine tasting here. Overall, an interesting afternoon. I learnt that they hold special events as well. Noticed an interesting line-up of entertainers for August and September. Would have certainly liked to attend if I were here at the time.

Gee Morgan

Very nice venue and atmosphere.

Michael Huhn

Excellent concert venue! Views of the valley are spectacular!

Doug Couch

Amazing place! The vista is breathtaking. The seats are all pretty good. I think this may have been the best concert venue I have been to.

June Kanda

Get the concert started on time. Not one hour later :(

Monika Antos

This review is for the Mother’s Day brunch. We came here for the views, but our table felt like in the middle of the parking lot (the table was nicely decorated though). Brunch looked good, but most of it wasn’t covered, so the flies were crawling everywhere. Eeewww! Staff clearly just ignored the issue. There were only a few safe options left, mostly hot food. Some choices weren’t properly labeled, e.g. scrambled eggs had beans in it. Staff was everywhere, but they seemed iddle/disorganized (e.g. why would you need three ladies at he check in desk for 20 tables). Finally, the wait for the check was way too long. We will give this place another shot for a concert later this year, but somehow I am already dreading it.

Cynthia Gaedy Davidson

We went to see Jacob Tolliver & Headliner, Jerry Lee Lewis! Yes! He's still alive & still awesome! I loved the Winery itself! The road getting up & down from there seriously needs guard rails and more lighting. It's also hard to get an Uber or Lyft up there.The gentleman in white is Jerry Lee Lewis. Front & center.

Paul Jai Dee Watters

Hidden $25 parking fee after paying $200/ ticket. Main act didn’t go on until 9;00 and then they shut down everything at 10:00. So I paid $225 to see a band for an hour... was it worth it? IDK but they need to be forthcoming about the extra $25 for parking. One way in and one way out i have been sitting in traffic after the concert for 2 hours now and I’m still in the parking lot. Very unhappy about this venue.

Hilary Groves

Amazing atmosphere, stunning views, wonderful friendly staff, and amazing wines. I already can't wait to get to go back!

Edgar Moreno

Great atmosphere and wine; the staff is just incredibly friendly!!

Steve Bigley

Very nice location and fun crowd. Most of the seats have good view... general admission seats felt a bit isolated but worth the $69 tix price.

Rubeen K

Great views. Staff employee Mr. Phuong was very friendly and accommodating, gave us a whole background and history of the winery and really helped to make us feel welcomed at the winery. Would definitely recommend because of the great staff and service.

Tejaswi Rao

People are nice.. venue is just amazing.. makes every show feel very personal..

Cheryl Moeller

Lovely evening. Sweet concert by sixto Rodriguez.


Love the outdoor concert with intimate setting and gorgeous view. The drinks/food could be pricey but the service is always top notched.

Yu Shin Chuang

Beautiful scenery. The food was okay.

Latasha Hollins

Love this place the concert venue is awesome!

Gaines Coleman

This is a cool 2500 seat music venue. On the top of a mountain at a winery. Nice food and drink selections, if a bit expensive.

Mark Brandemuehl

Wonderful concert venue. Best sound in the Bay Area, beautiful picnic area.

Katrina G

Boney james concert awesomeness

Grace Pacione

Beautiful view and wine is delicious.Thank you Jessi for making us feel at home

Daniel Durham

The Music Venue Is Always Great. An Awesome place to hangout with Friends & enjoying time together under the stars

Elmer Baltazar

Good food good people

Michael Velasco

Great place to see any performer

Vana Lyn

I celebrated my birthday here, with a group of friends and it was AMAZING. Jesse and Jessica were so kind, courteous, and fun! It was my first time here, and they absolutely took care of us in the best way possible. When we were fearful it would rain, they accommodated us with an indoor space, and were always patient. Will definitely be returning! And of course not to mention, the view is spectacular! Thank you Mountain Winery!

Andrew Liu

Fantastic views, worth the visit just to see.

Michelle Pujals

Utterly magical venue. One thing: Getting out and getting home takes a while depending on where you parked, so hunker down and enjoy the incredible view!

eric slosberg

Great and intimate show setting

Hugh Kinnear

Great place to watch a show. Awesome views of the South Bay

Nat V

Great shows. Food not so great and overpriced you get better food for less in downtown Saratoga. I paid $18 for a sausage in a hot dog bun.

Jared Lyon

Great food, but an even better venue. I just wish they would let me bring in my water bottle :(


The most beautiful setting on top of Saratoga w incredible views of the bay and mountains. Hot summer days make for perfect night shows. Sharp end times at 1030pm only drawback.

Antonio S g

Great super cool place

Evan Burton

It's a nice place. Don't buy the food though.

Don Haderle

Add some porta potties! Not equipped for concerts at all

Joseph L.

Place is beautiful but food no so much.

Eileen Dressler

Making a long story short, the Mountain Winery Beverage Service is nothing more than a scam! A bunch of well dressed criminals from Stockton. If you accept their extremely steep prices, they use square and will add their own tip after the transaction is made! I put $5.00 in their tip jar and when the server saw that, he quickly yanked the electronic screen away from me which was apparently an option to add a tip. I thought that this was kind of odd, so I watched my credit card posting transactions. Low and behold, I was charged $20 over my transaction--the server entered his own tip! I called the Mountain Winery and they would only put me in contact with the manager. The manager never refunded my money and the winery wouldn't ever address my complaint. A $500 evening was ruined over a $20 transaction. $20 doesn't really sound like much, but it is actually a felony as it is identity theft. I will NEVER go back to this venue again!!!! Check your bar bill!!!!

Debbie Leon

Came here to see American Idol Live 2018. Excellent grounds, pricy food and drinks, great amphitheater having so many levels and the configuration of the landscape allows you to hear performers warming up yet you can't see them from anywhere outside the theater. I highly reccommend everyone get tickets to your fav show(s), bring a jacket, wear comfortabke shoes and enjoy the sites!

Nia R

Such a great place for a date or night out with friends. Intimate vibe and great views! Came here for dinner and to see UB40. The dinner was a two course meal of an appetizer and entree. It is was decent. The remodel is great and there is not a bad seat in the house!

Anna Lisa Gentile

Always check their website for timings. During concert season the tasting might be completely closed or closed earlier than stated here.

Tanya Bailey

One of the most beautiful places to go see a outdoor evening summer concert with a fantastic view. Simply loved it

Michael Marshall

Amazing place... A must see for the summer concert series.

Noel Chavarria

The venue itself is beautiful and very intimate. That being said, I felt like we were in church. We sat in the bleacher seats that were numbered and very small which meant a lot of butt squishing. Went with a group of girlfriends and we were quietly talking while enjoying the show and were shushed numerous times and got the stink eye even more. Its an outdoor event people should be able to talk quietly if they want. For the price of the concert and the price of food and drinks I was pretty disappointed with the way we were treated. Totally unacceptable

Jeannine Gerkman

Well organized venue, long windy road, but worth the trip. Beautiful clear night. Lovely concert.

Yani Banani

Gobsmackingly great place to see music. Really impressive... stunning views, great wines. Bring a blanket or two for the cooler evenings. (The chairs are also cold). Didn't diminish the great time we had with Linda Ronstadt... This winery is on my highly recommended list...


Good food, great wine and great service. Went to concert. It was $25.00 for two and $15.00 for 3 or more people for parking. They do take cash or cards for parking. I suggest you wear comfortable shoes the landscaping is uneven for high heels you can bring a 9x10 bag and bring a blanket. The seating for the concert is fabulous no matter where you sit. They have formal dining as well as casual dining. We decided casual, we got the blt, the nachos and wine. No matter what you get everything is delicious. They take cash, card and a line for apple pay. They do have pizza I'm going to try that next time. I can't say enough about the staff, they are friendly and ready to help. They even have services for the disabled. The concert was a wonderful.Thank you Mountain Winey for making the experience wonderful.

Jinwoo Lee

amazing place to have formal dinner

Kelly Mayer

Beautiful scenery, great wine, and friendly service! Definitely recommend!

Michael Langsdorf

Thru don't have any non alcpholic beer! You would think they would prefer people not drink and drive!

Sean Schluntz

As a performance venue (I don't know about wine tasting or private events) This is a truly wonderful place to enjoy a show. There really isn't a bad seat in the house. The farthest away seating (general admission) is still closer than what most folks would experience for even premium seating in larger venues. Sound from the stage is good and for the most part the seats are comfortable and have enough leg room. There are multiple options for food, though if you want to enjoy the patio area with formal table service you need to make reservations in advance, I doubt you'll get a table if you just show up at show time. The views from the venue and even the Eastern parking lot are stunning. The silicon valley is spread out beneath you, the view is even better in the dark when your view is if the city lights. There are places to setup chairs and even some picnic tables available so if you want to same some money show up early and eat from your car. The two big downs for me, and what cost it a star, are how close the seating is together (not even arm rests in all of the assigned seats) and the limited parking with horrible traffic going into and out of the site. I still keep going though.

Sarah Lopez

Many seats and all were in good views. A very good sound quality. Pretty location. Parking was easy. Love their wines and the meals.

Conrad Kozawa

Beatiful view, limited selections of wine brewed at the winery, tasting was nice and affordable.

Alma Perez

This place is beautiful, romantic and most welcoming. The staff was very helpful and informative about upcoming events. Johnny, the bartender, made my husband and I our favorite drinks and was very attentive every time we came around. Thanks Johnny for being so great!!!!!

Josh Lewandowski

Beautiful view, great wine, cheap prices. Just a wonderful place to visit if you live nearby. It's a very quiet and relaxing place

Mary Soltis

Wonderful venue for concerts! We love coming here!

Catherine Hege

Great concert, poor (not enough) restroom facilities.

Stephmoney Discover Explore

If you like good wine and good times this place is pretty sweet. Plus the view is really nice.

S. Kisa Updike

Mountain Winery is a beautiful, chill venue. We always have a wonderful time.

Mark Davenport

First if all they have a great venue. Every show we've seen has been beyond fantastic. The food is very good, but expensive for what you get. Service has usually been excellent. The stage and seating sections are great, but the seats themselves are horrible. Squeezed together so tight you are almost in the next person's lap. Worse than the airlines. Why? Charge a few dollars more and put in something comfortable. Which brings us to the parking and your exit strategy. It's very sad to see fans leaving before the show even ends so they don't have to wait an hour or better to get out of the parking lot. And whatever you do don't Uber up there. The wait can be more than two hours to get one up there so you can leave. Sad, I love the show's, the views, the food, ...but I won't be returning.

James Ayvaz

Beautiful views of the valley and a classy venue for wine tasting. There is a ln ampatheatre for live shows.

Troy Dudash

Not worth the drive. Better wineries exist. Discriminatory bicycle policy.

Diane Kolber

Beautiful venue. Pretty comfortable seats. Great lighting and sound system. Expensive parking.

Robert Shelby

The BEST VENUE for converts..!! The food is amazing too..!! Go to their website and see all the activities..!! A MUST visit..!!

David F

Awesome location and surrounding to enjoy some live music. Decent wine selections.

George Resburg

Parking good. We were three people so we got the carpool discount rate ($15 instead of $20). Hike up from the parking lot was tough. Concert was great-Good sound. The view was great from the bleachers. Super relaxing with the trees and vines on the hill behind the stage. Bring your shades like I did as house lights are very bright. Lot of good looking people so get dressed up. Hike back to car was tough. Great spot. Saw Buddy Guy with Johnny Lang last night, 7.28.17.

Drew Christensen

Stumbled across this winery while visiting California a few weeks ago and so glad we did! The wine and views are fantastic; however, our favorite part was the staff member behind the bar, Jesse! Jesse is a fantastic host- extremely knowledgeable about the property's history, music, and cannot forget the wine! It was a very enjoyable afternoon! Highly recommend!

Sandy Johng

My husband and I would not recommend getting married at Mountain Winery. Even though the view from the venue is beautiful, the management staff with the exception of our coordinator April were unfriendly and difficult to work with. My husband and I got married in Mountain Winery on May 2017. After 9 months and many emails planning our wedding since we booked the venue in April 2016, there was a change in management at Mountain Winery. No efforts were made between outgoing or incoming management to communicate our wedding plans, so I had to repeat all of my previous emails and re-coordinate dozens of details. There was a completely new food menu that I was not aware of until I emailed the venue a couple months before the wedding to confirm our meal orders before ordering invitations with the selected meal options. Because there was a new food menu, during an in-person meeting I repeatedly asked if there was a new beverage menu. They had printed a beverage menu that I had emailed them from the prior management, and brought it to the meeting stating it was their current beverage menu. When I asked again, they looked and there was in fact a new beverage menu with prices that were $10/person cheaper than the menu I had sent them. Since we had a 120 person wedding, I would have paid $1200 more than if they would have given me the new beverage menu from the beginning. If you do plan a wedding here, be sure to advocate for yourself. The original tasting they offered was for a few appetizers and an entree that 1) wasn't on the wedding menu and 2) was not requested by my husband and me. After asking repeatedly that we get served actual entrees and appetizers from the wedding menu that we would consider serving our guests, they accommodated. Our entire wedding was outdoors. The week before, it looked like it would get chilly at night to the 50s, so we asked if it would be possible to put up a tent on the Chateau Deck where the reception was. Mountain Winery said a tent was not feasible because, for one it cost $11,000, and secondly it has to be set up for two days, so the couple getting married the night before would have to agree to a tent as well. Our ceremony was on the Vista Deck, which does not have a rain plan. At all. I asked what would happen if it rained, and they said the wedding would just have to get rained on. We got ready at the venue, which costs about $500 per room. They don't allow outside food, and there is a corkage fee. So my wedding party had to rely on a cheese plate the venue provided from 9am when we started getting ready until our 4pm wedding. Lastly, several of our vendors communicated to us that they did not enjoy working at Mountain Winery because the staff were difficult to work with. The fact that professionals in the wedding industry who work at a lot of different venues also had the same feeling we did further validated our concerns. These mishaps contribute to the overall frustration my husband and I feel with this venue after having planned a wedding here, and why we would not recommend it to anyone else.

Allen Braun

Great venue. Not a bad seat in the place.

Holly Morrison

Love the wine, the view is fantastic and Jesse was entertaining and knowledgeable! We'll be back!

Jane K.

Great venue for concert! Beautiful setting.

Reuben Toledo

Mountain Winery is a beautiful place. Very serene environment. Concert seating is great from any perspective. Very friendly services good people and their wine is so tasty. You'll love it too!

Rebecca Lillo

This place is absolutely beautiful! You can't beat the views or the atmosphere. The wine is very good, but also very expensive. The food I ordered was good, but also expensive. The staff is accommodating and friendly.

Alastair Wade

Fab venue... very enjoyable

Hooman S.

The true vista point of the bay area

Mana Nahavandian

Fun events. Live music, dancing and beautiful scenery. Drinks are over priced so it is better to just order a bottle of wine. A couple of mixed drinks cost more than a bottle of wine! :) Most importantly, they need to have a minimum dress code. These events used to be very nice but last time I was there few people showed up with shorts and plastic slippers! I don't think it is too much to ask people to wear pants and shoes!

Carrie Smith

Beautiful venue, lovely view. Helpful staff. Had a wonderful evening.

Patrick Lee

Great venue that's more intimate than Shoreline Amphitheatre. Amazing views of the Valley at sunset in late summer

Tejiri Orugbo

Awesome Venue. Great place for a concert

Carole Dulong

Beautiful place for a high school graduation ceremony

Dee Mergelsberg

I've always loved coming here for concerts. Beautiful setting! However, the last 2 shows I've seen here, the staff came around asking people to sit down.. what kind of venue makes you stay seated at a rock concert?? I wonder how the performers would feel if they knew the audience was being told to stay seated?!! Also, the alcohol is way overpriced.. $15 for their cheapest glass of red wine..ugh

Alexander Tomlin

They don't currently have food, but that's supposed to change in 2 weeks. There weren't any views from the wine bar; unfortunately, we had to go walk around outside the bar area to appreciate the awesome views. Staff was super friendly and the wine was excellent.

Kosta Mushkin

Beautiful place, but rude and arrogant service.

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