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REVIEWS OF Maurice Car’rie Vineyard IN California

Chenxi Hong

My cousin visiting me from China, I brought her here. I ordered $15 wine tasting and with $4 tip for her. A staff recommended 2 , she ordered 2 herself. When she's ready for the 5th, the staff told her she already finished her tasting card. When we tried to remind her she only did 4 out of five, the staff said that's already the 6th one she gave to her. And then she said, you know what, I'm not gonna argue with you, and she popped open a bottle of sparkling wine and poured into her glass despite she ordered something else and said, here's your 6th! With very rude tone. My cousin still thanked her after. This is why I'm writing it on here. Very disappointing visit.

Klay_0809 S

The wine and champagne is great but the thing that seals the deal as a must for me is the fresh baked sourdough bread that's cut in half filled with a disc of brie cheese and garlic butter and toasted. That was amazing, you get crunchy salty buttery garlic bread bread with war gooey cheese..

Justin McClure

If champagne is your thing check this place out. Craft booths every weekend. Large grass area with tables. They could use a couple more large trees in the grass area for shade though.

Angela Borgan

The best white wines in Temecal Valley! Christa is the best server ever! We love this winery!

Adriana Santillán

Bonito lugar, buenos vinos, buena atención. Espacio al aire libre. Lo recomiendo.

Eric Groenberg

Fantastic selection of various infused sparkling wines. Their Cuvee is still my favorite. Of course the baked brie is a must.

Leo Madatian

Very nice place to visit, Wine & Champagne testing Outdoor Restaurant

Patty Jacobs

Jolanda Schilling

The hospitality was amazing!!! I love the variety of the whites and the cab franc was smooth!!! My new favorite winery!

Rachel Tiedemann

LOVED this winery! Recently went with a party bus of people to Temecula to visit 3 wineries and this one was our favorite. We stopped here last, and had been drinking for 3 hours or so now, and the excellent and friendly staff at Maurice Car'rie Winery welcomed our wine soaked happiness right in. We sang Happy Birthday to our friend as a crowd (21 of us!) and the staff and others visiting joined right in. They then followed up with a special decorated wine glass for him. I shared my tasters with my boyfriend and the excellent staff gave us a little extra on our pours because of that. They let me try sips of wines when I was interested in tasting similar flavors before committing to a pour. We also brought some fresh, warm, house baked Sourdough for $3.99. A great pairing with the wines.

Deitric Hall

Small place with very knowledgeable staff

Michael Elliot

Very nice place. Good wine

Estrelle Hannah

Everyone there are super nice, especially Christa!!

Bonnie LG

Shannon Morris

Just went there on Saturday March 17th around 200pm. The lady selling the bread out front was super nice. However the rest of the employees were rude. We bought 2 bottles of wine and paid to have them opened. When we went to the bar to have them opened, 3 employee's were busy having a conversation. I said to the younger gentlemen "hello we paid to have the bottles opened". He didn't even look at me or acknowledge us. He looked at the bottles and saw that they has a red tape on them. So he grabbed them and started opening them, while he continued on with his conversation with the two female employees. After he finished my sister and I said "thank you". He contined on with his conversation and once again didn't acknowledge us or even look at us. It was honestly the rudest experience that I have ever had. We were trying to say stuff to them and it was like we weren't even there. I can see why the place was dead if this is the way the staff treats the guests. I won't ever come back again.

jeff thompson

Great customer service

Cindy Ward

Delightful visit. Good wines.

Michael Douglas


Steve Veach

The wonderful woman, who I believe said she's been there for 20: years kept over-pouring! :)

Jorge Flores

Denise Surdam

This was the second stop out of four on our wine tour for my sister's bachelorette party. The service was excellent and the Peach Mango Wine was divine. I wish we could have just stayed at this place all way.

Irisz Katona


Gotta have the brie bread

Deborah Blanco

james wen

Sara Van Roekel

Ronda Watson

We visit them often. It's always a great experience and they have wonderful wines

Sasha Lewis

I got here at 4:55 pm to buy two loaves of the sour dough bread brie cheese to take home (uncooked) and they had their doors locked! Really? You still had 5 mins to conduct business. Guess you don't care short hair lady behind the bar watching me! So disappointed!

Moe Maithalouni

Analise A.

Anna Gateley-Stanton

Always love my visits to this place. The vendor booths on weekends add to the fun.

Robert M

Max Ninthara

The Brie bread and late harvest wine!

Jack Mi

Very good service and great food

Sandra Hench

Jason Whalen

Nick Wagner

Their wine isnt very good, but the brie bread bowls are amazing.

Pradeep Mohanannair

2nd Stop on our Self navigated Wine tour We stopped just for BRIE Bread with Cheese, YUMMMMMMM. The Baked Brie bread with Garlic flavor is heaven, this is third time here and we never missed Brie bread from here. It is Gigantic , 3 can share easily. It is $16.50 for one bread, but worth it. How to eat Brie Bread: 1. The Top part is cut and placed on the top, open it and treat it like chips 2. The Bottom part is like a bowl filled with Cheese. 3. Once you finish the top part and use Cheese as dip, cut the botoom part like Pizza strips and enjoy the Garlic flavor. I am Drooling ..... And washed it off with Petit Syrah

chris abrams

Very friendly and helpful. We went on a Monday so not as busy as weekend.. try the bread! It's worth the price and can be shared by 3/4/5 people.

Diane Brown

Good service! Me and my friend had a nice time!

Ron Brookes Jr

Stop by this place along the day during a wine tasting trip, friendly staff quiet and inviting. Was about to purchase a bottle and they were offering tastings of other selections similar to what was being purchased. I thought that was nice. Great place and atmosphere.

Douglas Smith

Dorothy Wolons

Family Sunday picnic. Love to sit out on the lawn, beautiful breeze, good wine and the HOT BRIE BOWL, which is amazing. Grandchildren ran around and we all enjoyed the wine. Staff is wonderful and very knowledgeable of the wines and the surrounding area. It was nice to browse the vendors and picked up some pretty jewelry and local honey.

Erron Booker

Jennifer Ashley

sylvia brahar

Awesome baked brie inside sourdough bread with a bottle of Mar uric Car'rie Chardonney with family is the way to go!

Nightshade Hayl


Kristen McVicker

Ken Sullenger

Nice scenery and decent wines. They also sell a sourdough round filled with bake brie that is amazing!

Margot Silva

Excellent staff ... and wine to match! Really knew their wine! One of best wine tastings we have experienced

Daniel Ruiz

Tanya Nelson

Jered H

A perfect place to enjoy a beautiful afternoon, sipping delicious wines.

James Szatkowski

Michelle Volk

Edwin Murga

The delicious bread. But the bartenders we're not friendly at all. It almost feels like we were bothering them.

austin danalewich

It's beautiful and wonderful. Very elegant and the staff are extremely knowledgable. Definitly will be going back every few weeks.

JoAnn Byrd

Best white wines in the Valley! Christa makes sure your visit is the best!

Phillip Gastelum

The sourdough bread is fantastic. It's definitely worth a stop.

Sandra Smith

Love the sourdough garlic bread w/ melted brie and the wine. Beautiful place to hang out with friends!

Lane Arenas

Good times and nice people. I will visit again.

Samantha Betancourt

Awesomeeeee customer service, Laurie is my favorite and the wines are great I am actually obsessed with one of there sparkling wines please try Peach Mango.


The sour dough bread is awesome, good music on the weekend and the little shop's in the front.

David Park

Great service and that garlic bread brie bowl!

Leah Shook

Jocelyn c

Kimberly Hart

The brie was delicious- as promised- but the lady pouring our tastings was suuuuuper slow. (reminiscent of the sloth in zoo-topia) We were through one tasting by the time our brie was ready (at least 15 minutes in) there were only 2 other people there at the time, but we were clearly not a priority. She advised us the brie is important to eat warm so we should go outside and eat it now. We all chose to take a triple pour of something and go enjoy it outside. I'd have liked to taste a few more wines there, but what we had was pretty good. So Its difficult for me to give an accurate rating on the wine being as I only tasted 2 or 3. The experience was a little hampered by the oddness of the lady pouring.

Maurice Van Roekel

Mike Bernabe

Favorite late harvest wine Summer's End Chardonnay

noel ulriksen

Ya gotta say we had a lot of fun

R. Castano

High value readonably priced. My wife loved the decor. I was impressed by the service.

Albert Baloiu

Been going here for about 5 years. Wine is very good for my taste, staff is very wonderful, the brie bread is the best I have ever had.

Dan Lemos

S Tull

Love the bread bowls

brenda torres

Zack Moore

Maria Serrato

Katie Norris

Shirley Kirkman


Leo Reed

Wonderful experience. Jean was welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable about the wines. The Sourdough with Brie was a perfect pairing!

Katherine Crawford

Horse back and Wine Tasting tour. Had an Amazing time Maria was are guide she was Awesome. Stephanie was our wine Steward she was Awesome as well. Great Experience will be back.

Paula Paul

Great place to sample wine. You get to keep the wine glass. They also had a small atreet fair going on.

Kenneth Matz

The wines were very good and the staff were very helpful and friendly I would recommend this winery to anyone

Michael Gianfrancesco

e ester

Ali zamorano

Very good

L Torres

Richard Graham

Christina Mitchell

Ian McGough

Nothing bad to say about this place. Friendly staff that is knowledgeable, but still down to earth. Delicious wines, good selection. Great environment. If you come on the right day, they have a little local swap meet ish thing and a DJ. Was not overwhelming, but an energetic and fun place. The Brie bread was absolutely delicious. . . A mouthgasm. Large sourdough loaf with an entire wheel of Brie cheese baked inside, seasoned well. It should be a criminal offence to come to Temecula and NOT purchase one of these Brie breads.

Keith Willems

Awesome wine. Fair prices. On weekend they have vendors selling various items. Makes for a nice change.

Karen Peterson

Maria Munoz

Darrell Sin

Robin Wayland

We stopped in for a brunch/lunch and the burgers were awesome. We had tuna on sour dough which was equally good and the sandwiches come with potato salad which was fine. The view is very pretty and the service was outstanding. Our server made sure we had our take out order at the end of the meal and the hot food came steaming hot and the potato salad crisp and cold, the way it should be..same for the sandwiches.

Gus R

Jerrad Schmittle

John D

Carrie Tash

Love this winery it's smaller and friendly. With bands. They need to open a little earlier

Michael Simmons

The brie is the bomb! Bring an apple, slice there and enjoy with the brie and a nice glass of white wine. Perfect to start or end your wine tasting day.

Pedro Portillo

Chau Vu

Elefante' Williams

Great place to visit to get to know your inner spirit... The Brie Bread is worth the drive any time...

Leland Hyde

Julie Cover

I want to give this place ZERO stars. The Manger (his name escapes me), made the experience absolutely terrible. I'm in the wine industry, I am a direct to consumer ambassador for several Napa and Sonoma wineries; I'm also a LOCAL San Diegan that was on her first LOCAL wine tasting excursion. I hadn't heard very encouraging things about the wines available but figured it would be fun no matter what! Its customary to introduce yourself and present your business card when visiting any winery-industry folks get a discount on wine purchases and complimentary tastings. I only wanted to get my host the complimentary tasting because she had graciously taken 14 of us on a stay cation and wine tasting trip and this place was 1 of 4 we were visiting. I also had a few bottles of my Sauv Blanc in the limo so I didn't HAVE to taste if I wasn't interested. After I introduced myself and explained what I did the Manager looked at me, then at my business card, and then handed it back to me and said, "I don't know what this is." Huh? So I explained my role in the industry again and he said, "We only honor people that actually work locally in a vineyard, do you work in a vineyard?" Again, Huh? Needless to say I was completely miffed. I said, "That's interesting because we just tasted at 2 other wineries and they both honored my industry status." He replied, "Well, I'm just following the "rules"." So, I joined my group over at the Wine Club Bar and a really nice gal took my card and said,"Great! How cool! Let me go get our book and sign you in." When she realized the other Manager had the book she told me I had to go talk to him. I said, "Never mind, we've already met, and hes not very nice, but thanks!" As I turned to walk outside she said to me and my group, "Yep, we hear that about him all the time". So there you have it. I already heard from others that the wine was terrible, but I wouldn't know because the rude guy would rather turn me away because I don't physically work in a winery. I wonder if he would tell that to someone that works for a local distributor like Vista or Pacific Wines or KNB? Totally ridiculous. I wanted to ask him if he's ever seen Pretty Woman, specifically the part where she walks back in to the store and says Big mistake. Big. Huge. I hope someone from this winery takes the time to read this post, its important that you build relationships with people regardless of their geography. I will also be posting this on Google, Yahoo, pretty much wherever Im able to, wine tasting is a luxury, you should be grateful for locals to patronize your winery. PS:The best part about this place was the DJ--that's it.

Delia Votsch

John Steed

Always a great time.

Steve Tamburello

The bartender here is so nice. They make you feel like family. The wine is the best! I have been to over 50 wineries all over the east coast and this one, in the West coast, is by far the best. Nothing in the east coast compares to this!

Martha Benson


Jen H

$10 for tasting (5 and you get to keep the glass), $18 combo tasting for Maurice Car'rie Winery and Van Roekel Winery. There's also the famous Sourdough bread with Brie for about $15 (approx 15 mins for baking time). The bread was soaked with butter and baked crispy with the cheese melting in the middle, delish! note: enough to share for 4 Top Hit: Peach California Sparkling Wine (perfect balance on Peach and Champagne) Hits: Heather's Mist NV 2011 Sauvignon Blanc 2012 Sara Bella MIsses: Sweet Kai (sugar overload) Tempranillo (too much skin) Pomegranate California Sparkling Wine (hint of taste; reminds me of diet soda) Raspberry California Sparkling Wine (tasted like cough syrup) On the Fence: POSH Port Pineapple California Sparkling Wine The ground is old and beautiful here with picnic benches. On weekends, they have a couple of stands with various items that were selling. Overall, the wine was 50/50 and the prices were A-Ok. The service was day and night depending on who you get to pour for your tasting. Sebastian and Danny were wonderful; very cheerful and informative. Hint: stay away from the grumpy face ones. Overall, I would come back for their scenery, brie bread, and bubbly wines.

Razvan R

Cheese bread= awesome

Antonio Henry

The wine was OK but the service is laughable and I'm being polite. The tasting experience can make or break it for your wine and this one is broken. They weren't Wine servers they were two Grandmas that had their filters removed. Seriously between the two senior females that were serving they couldn't combine efforts to make up one server and this is coming from myself, a senior. We had two for one coupons for the tastings but (for inventory) each couple shares a punch card which didn't confuse us but the two servers were lost and we spent more time explaining to them who had what or how many then they spent trying to sell their wine. If the tasting room was crowded I would cut some slack but there were 11 people in the place and we were five of them, now I know why.

Scott Wesley Brown

Love the Brie bowls and the arts booths but the music doesn’t fit the winery unless you’re into 80’s hip hop! Ditch the dj and play some soft jazz or acoustic guitar. Not sure we’ll be back. Don’t want to get my ears blasted out!

brenda murillo

Great place to spend with the family while drinking a cup of wine, great friendly staff , delicious baked brie sourdough bread

Keesha Ford

Jennifer Cerda

Christa was super nice and very knowledgeable. I've been to plenty of wine tasting and never had such amazing customer service like I did today. Definitely coming back soon. Thank you Christa for making our vacation that much special.

Arlene Liberto

he qi

I can't believe someone delete my one star review for their bad service!

Scott P

This review is specifically for their brie bread. This is a great snack for wine tasting. Be prepared for up to 30 minutes for a loaf. We frequently stop here for a loaf as we are heading to other wineries. The wine itself, I have not tried for years so I cannot make a comment about it. This is a nice looking tasting room with a friendly staff. I believe this is the oldest winery in the Temecula Valley.

Sebastian Minjarez

Mark Baird

Roberto Elliott

Grant Norman


Maurice has a quiet, relaxed atmosphere. My wife and I love to order a bottle of wine and sit on the porch. It's a nice winery if you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy the scenery and the person or people you came with.

Karen Kenner

I love this place and their wine/s but the pours today were tiny!

Christopher Vollandt

Not the most exciting wine tasting that I’ve had but it wasn’t bad either.

Renee Chapman

Great experience. Lovely lady that has worked there 19 years...good time!!

Hanae K

Their sourdough bread with Brie is so good! I baked mine at home and my family devoured it immediately :) it was around $16...cheaper if you eat it there but they were all sold out. You have to call at least 15min in advance if you want them to bake it for you. baking tip: chop up the cheese before putting it in the oven with the bread so the cheese will melt all the way.

Gault & Co. Realty

Linda Matheny

Maurice Car'rie Vineyard and Winery❣ Amazing staff, fantastic variety of wine selections and fresh hot sourdough bread

Evan Chang

It is the best way to start the rounds in Temecula. Staff is super friendly and guide you not just through wine (with extra pouring BTW) but also with all places around. Excellent place over all.

Cheryl Simmons

Misa Romasco

Meredith Dufield

Great wine favorite is Moscato

Bena Patel

Rene M

They weren't even open yet, but took care of me anyway. That's what I call great service.

Briana Wagner

JD Rinde

The lady who served me gave me numerous pours and allowed me exchange one of the wines on my shipment that I was picking up

Darci Castillejos

Dominique Jackson

Ruben Perez

Great winery! Just enjoyed some sourdough bread with baked brie inside along with some great wine. We received wonderful service from Christina who is super sweet and a real treasure.

Adam Schaeffer

Jay Shay

Mike Marshall

Their wine and bread are wonderful.

michelle newlin

Dale Sutherland

Great wine and terrific sourdough bread!

Stefan Posta

1 Hogman 95

Been a while, little sad restaurant is closed. But the brie bread & wine are great..

Denise Jones

Lots of fun

Sandra Aviles

Darlene Banuelos

Go there for the bread and the music. Don't bother joining. The guys inside are not very nice.


Nice environment and of course the wine

Trent Nguyen

Tori Miller

The older lady at the first counter running the register sucked. We almost left because of her but Christa at the tasting area was AMAZING! She was so knowlegable...we could have talked to her for hours. If she ran that place it would be hopping. The wine was to die for other than that.

Alejandro Salinas

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