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REVIEWS OF Grgich Hills Estate IN California

Marc Sabljo

I have visited Grgich Wineries a few times. I am giving grgich 5 stars for two reasons. 1. Mike Grgich is a Napa pioneer who still makes amazing wines. 2. Linda (tasting staff) made my visit extremely enjoyable. Linda was so helpful and genuine and spent time with me educating me on the winery and it’s history. She suggested I watch the movie that was made on Mike Grgich and it was fantastic. If you visit this winery ask for Linda she is a pleasure!!

Bryan Rodrigues

Really fun tasting room with great variety of wines. Gustavo was a wonderful host who walked and talked us through each wine and peppered in fun anecdotes along the way. The Californian wines are all very good and we also tasted a few of their Croatian wines, which was an unexpected and fun extra. We ended up getting a bottle of the Croatian Posip.

Ish Gill

Rich C

One of the few places you can do grape stomping just to say you did it. Also it includes a glass of wine and a shirt that you put your purple foot prints on. Was well worth the cost and experience.

Zach Klitzman

Great wines and only $25 a tasting for six

Joe Thornton

Tour guide Eric was both a knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide. The tour was great and learning the history of the winery and th e wine maker was very enjoyable. I would highly recommend it to anyone. The wines are wonderful. We did this tour as part of the Napa Wine Train and it was great.

Sam Dollisk

I have never been to another that was at this level, my favorite from now on

Ron Robertson

Grgich Hills has been around at least since I was a kid in Napa, 1976. I know the owner is in his early 90's and still goes to work every day. That's real passion.

Rebecca Wolvek

Beautiful winery, very fun experience. Visited via the napa valley wine train. Our tour guide was hilarious and very informative

Michelle Hotard

Thank you for an excellent tasting experience, Gustavo! My group had a great time and the wine is smooth and delicious.

Steve Clemmons

Club membership has it's privileges. Great wine tasting for free, plus other events!

Scott Saftler

Can't believe I have not been here in all the years I've lived in the area. Mr. Grgich is a legendary figure in the history of the Valley and the wine industry. Special thanks to Toni who was very personable and a great ambassador for the winery and the area. Her knowledge of how the area has grown and changed over 30 years made my visit!

Peter Hall

Love, love, love Grgich!!!! Bring clients to this establishment all the time and I've never had a bad word said about this Winery the staff is exceptional and the wines are very good!!! Toni runs The Tasting Room very well and is always pleasant!!! Keep up the good work you guys!!

Andrew Eramo

Steff A.

As the Vino newb in our group, Grgich Hills was the only vineyard I was familiar with on all our tours...they provided a great experience... Party of 12 and we were lucky to get Toni as our tour guide. We learned a ton on the vines and the strategy of growing, protecting and maintaining them. On to how the grapes are processed to produce the juice for wine. The important strategy of storage and finally the great history of Mike Grgich's story in Napa and his estate. The tour flowed flawlessly as did the wine. Toni was so knowledgeable, funny and her passion for her love of wine was evident as well as entertaining. The facility was well organized and all the staff we came across were smiling and greeted you. Tons of displays Mike Grgich's fantastic history of wine making. This was like a fun museum where you get to drink on a fun and educational tour. My souvenir purchase was the 2015 Paris Chardonnay and I highly recommend giving it a taste if you make the visit. Definitely make a visit to Grgich Hills Estate when making the wine tour rounds in Napa Valley. Cheers!

Larry Lezon

Four of us signed up for the grape stomp - great!! Lots of fun and the souvenier tee shirt with our grape stained footprints is unique. Dave offered us a glass of chardonnay to start and enjoy while we walked the demo vineyard. Emily was gracious and wonderful in guiding us through the grape stomp - we all had fun stomping grapes and then stepping onto our Grgich tee shirts with grape stained feet. After we rinsed and dried our feet Melisa and Steve offered us a tasting of their wonderful wines. We'd been here years ago and it was nothing special. This time was a bucket list memory.

Gabriel Freeman


Cosmin Pop

Adam Riemer

This is one of my favorite wineries to visit in napa. Their cabs are very hard to beat. The downside is they do not waive the tasting fee if you shop. It is also expensive, so expect to spend money. Also, wear a coat. It is by far the coldest tasting room I've ever been too.

Rob Warren

Nitin Murali

Marco Tessari

Grgich estate is a nice place to be, like to be in a family!

Jane Turner

This was a disappointing visit. We had been recommended to go to Grigich Hills by a couple of other wineries in the area because I love Petit Verdot and Grgich was supposed to have one! So unfortunately they were sold out, which happens, you know, whatever, but my mom and I stayed to do a tasting and it went pretty poorly, I'm not sure why. The tasting associate kind of ignored us completely while we were there, like, they would pour us a wine and then walk away and leave us to our crackers, olive oil, and surprisingly not-good wine without saying a word. On a personal note, I used to work behind the bar as a wine tasting associate and even when we were busy I tried really hard to at least look all if my customers in the eye, to try to make them laugh... like, it's hard to come down on someone in the service industry because we work so hard but I was a little frustrated, especially watching my mom try to find out more information and being completely ignored. It was rough. Finally, the wine was not as good! As some others have been! What the heck was going on with that "award winning" Chardonnay?? It was bad! Then the tasting associate skipped over a couple of wines and poured others instead saying, "oh this one is better than the one that's on the list,"... like if the one that's on the list is really that much worse than the one we're being served, why serve it at all? I couldn't make heads or tails of it, especially because the ones that were supposed to be better were pretty bad. Listen, I know wine comes down to taste. I know it's in the palette and it's personal and all that, but this area is so jam-packed full of good wines that I cannot recommend going to Grgich. Go somewhere else!

Jodi L. Preston

As always, we had a wonderful tasting and experience at Grgich Hills Winery! The wines are delicious and consistent, and I was thrilled that they are now bottling a rose. Being hosted by Linda is always a highlight of our visit. Linda is knowledgeable and passionate about Grgich Hills and the wine and you could not meet a nicer, more professional person. Thank you for another wonderful experience!

Shannon Donohue

Great wine, amazing staff. Treated like royalty. Chardonnay and 2013 Cabernet are a must try!

Erin Slonaker

The grape stomping was actually great fun. The tasting was small but the wines were nice.

Iulian Poştaru

Micah McDonald

We were told by multiple other wineries in Napa that this was one of the most historical wineries and that we must go to while in town. While it wasn’t necessarily our favorite wine we had in town, we really enjoyed the experience and loved the laid back feel of the staff and winery. We did the private reserve tasting, which was a good offering. We really enjoyed their Chardonnay, though I’m typically not a Chardonnay drinker because I don’t like the oaky/buttery aspect of Chards, we found theirs to be really light and crisp.

Grace Mwero

Rare thing's to see.Tasting rooms!!!

Christopher Barrow

Very interesting wine tour & if you believe the hype, they have the best wine in the Napa valley & possibly the world. They talk constantly about how their wine beat the French in the 1976 Paris wine tasting. It is very nice wine though & they do need to beat their drum, given the competition in Napa, Sonora & the rest of the world.

Leo Mulholland

We are members so it would be biased to review but we love it!

Phil Lapp

Rude customer service and poor quality. Not worth fake stomping

Richard Marcos

Went in really excited about this tour. Myles was our tour guide. There were twelve of us all eager to buy wine but in the end we were treated as just another group. Really disappointed. We won't be coming back...

Laura Tracey

Chris L

Fantastic tasting experience with a lot of wine available for tasting that you won't find at retail. Linda helped us out and we got bottles of some pretty fantastic wines. She was great to talk to and answered all of our questions. Highly recommended.

Ruchi Deshmukh

Jessica Hubber

Juan Carlos Pocaterra Amengual

Expetacular wine and attention...especially Luisiana. Very kind women!

Jamelle Williams

Enjoyed my time here. Gustavo was an incredible guide and explained the wines really well. I really enjoyed the Violetta

AB Landscaping

Linda is an amazing tour guide!! My husband and i had a wonderful time here. We were visiting from Michigan. The history of the grgich wine is so fascinating. The wine is wonderful. Grounds beautiful. The cork tree outside is really neat. If you come ask for Linda. She is warm, friendly and funny!

Marcus Mack

Fun experience with grape stomping. There was good a fume wine that sold out.

Trinity SF Bay Tours

great tour

Pancho Paquett

What a wonderful family and also very good wine

Rich Latimer

Some of the best cabernet in the world is produced here. Book a tour or drop in for a tasting.on the silly fun side..stomp some grapes...yes try it very cool and fun.....the library tasting flight is spectacular


Andrej Steven Horvat

Najbolje vino na svijetu

Bradford Gibbons

Sonny Noto

Scott Zawalski

I was not really a fan of the wine or the atmosphere here. The best part about this place was that we got a recommendation to go somewhere else. We did do the cheapest tasting so perhaps if you go for the more pricey tasting the atmosphere and the wine get better but first impressions are important.

Deborah Egbo

Great Sauvignon Blanc and you've got to taste the Violetta! It is seriously an amazing sweet wine, like a white version of the portugese Moscatel! Gustavo is an amazing host and has a great knowledge on food pairings! Also taste the olive oil. Seriously good stuff, add some garlic and dry or fresh herbs and you seriously have a good appetizer (a great recommendation from one of the staff, who is a chef) make sure to add this to your napa wine tasting trip!

Paulo Coelho

Erika Špehar

I think many people don't realize that California would not be on the wine map today if it weren't for Mike Grgich . The "Judgement of Paris" tasting put wines of the "New World" in a whole new perspective and changed the global wine industry forever. Of course their wines are first class ...

Bridgette Bruce

Loved it

J Fraz

Great selection of white wines

A Washington

Loved the experience.

Justin Kelly

Mike Jones

Beautiful property and great wines!

A Carl

Great service and attention from Linda, and we loved being able to check out the vibes and sample the grapes. Would be 5 stars but I was not enthralled with the wines. Might just be personal taste.

Keerati Na Ranong

Gary Bacon

Shivram Iyer

Great sales team if wine selectors. Very informative and helpful. Got a decent deal on wines

Anthony Ruozzi

We didn't have an appointment but the staff got us in. Some great wines and great information. The staff was helpful in the tasting and worked with us on shipping. Well worth the stop.

Reena Singh

yesicsa jovel

Ambrose Leung

Great club member service

David Cree

Michael Wilhite

Very good wines. Little pricy but not the worst.

Damian Bibb

Vuk Lacmanovic

Great wine and fun wine tasting experience!

Eddie Fraticelli

Grape stomp is funny but not embarrassing.

Fiona Rolander

Best Russian wine that i've never had

asmina jivani

kids friendly and amazing customer service! I have always wanted to try grape stomping and I am glad I tried it at Grgich!

Tony Webber

No interest from the taster guy who frankly seemed uninterested . The girl who described the wine was a temp and has no clue as to the wine characteristics! $25 against he wall. The lady on check in from Fiji was absolutely outstanding

Davorin Andric

First time I did wine tasting. It was fun and my wife and I really enjoyed selection of wines and history behind this place and its founder Mike Grgich. My definite recommendation.

Allison Cunningham

So much fun! This was an impromptu trip so we didn't have an appointment but they were able to squeeze us in for a tasting. Our guide was warm, knowledgeable, and humorous. The grounds are beautiful and the wine is fantastic. Mike Grgich even showed up to sign bottles! After when we were waiting for our uber, the woman behind the check in desk brought us water. Everyone was so nice!

Josh Thingvold

Pavel Usmanov

James Fitch

So wonderful Winery with some very distinguished and delicious wines a little aloof

Adedayo Adetunji

Gustavo was an amazing guide! Such great wine and olive oil. Can’t beat that!

Henry Nguyen

Great wine, great staff...enough said

Olivia A. Watson

Wonderful stories beind the wine, kind and friendly family and staff...and delicious wine!

Kemic Smothers

Lovely environment and great wine!

Kyle Knickerbocker

E. Brad Moore

Great tasting with a lot of history, style and grace.

Rob Palmer

One of our favorites. Ask for Miles

Liz Spaetzel

Outdoor patio is very comfortable to drink wine on a beautiful day.

Jennifer Rudder

My friend and I found this place because we wanted to do wine stomping which was awesome, and the tasting room was so welcoming and the staff was super friendly, especially Andy, who gave us some advice on other places we'd enjoy during our trip.

Claire,hee eun Yang

Wonderful staff, warm service, great deal(both tasting and buying wines). Personally, the best winery of 2016.

Gerard Barry

Intimate winery that is storied in Napa Valley folklore and mystique.

Pablo Monroy

Toni was so much fun! so fantastic! she made the already tastey wines even better!

Maurice Dean

Daniel Wylie

Delicious, well crafted wines, genuine hospitality and an interesting history including the well known 1976 Paris tasting. There are hundreds of wineries in Napa Valley and Grgich is on my short list of tasting rooms to frequent.

Yvonne Pryor

Very good. Will come again in the near future

Geir Hegre Romundset

Excellent wines and personal attentive staff

Brandon Stricklin

My wife and I visited in June and had a great experience. We did the wine and cheese pairing and the only thing I would say is a negative is the choices of cheese (personal preference). There seemed to be too many goat/sheet varieties for my liking. Other than that the property was beautiful and wines were tasty!

Richard Gray

Great wine only eclipsed by the fantastic experience! No reservations accepted so walked in and had to wait about 5 minutes for a spot. Ryan was really down to earth and made us feel welcome and informed during our tasting, which included some reds (Cab, Zin, Merlot) and some whites (Chardonnay and Fume Blanc). He even offered to pour us anything else from their offerings that we may be interested in. $25 tasting fee waived with $75 purchase. The best part was how well they took care of my wife and newborn son. Our visit coincided with his nap time and the staff ushered the two of them into a separate, more private seating area where my wife was offered water, wine, chocolate! We were blown away by their hospitality. We will definitely visit again!

Josh Helminski

Really didn't care for the wine or the service.

Wallace Wang

Place is family owned and so homely. The Chardonnay is the best in Napa. Plus Olivia, the winetender was beyond helpful. We had an awesome experience here. Zinfandel is from Croatia...who knew? We learn something new everyday

Jim McGarry

Toni took us through a Wonderful tasting experience. Knowledgeable, experienced and fun. tremendous wine selection


Small winery, the wines are okay. There are some good ones here. It is a famous winery as is the past vintners here.

Sanjeev Sivakumar

While the wine/ tasting room is low key, they have a good selection of whites and reds. Try their Violetta dessert wine, wont be disappointed. Tasting flights come in 3 groups. Get more value out of the money you put down on tastings at this place: if you purchase wine, they will waive the price of the tasting (The amount you need to purchase varies depending on the flight). Cheers

David Pielsticker

Great facility. Brandon was a great guide.

Eric Jorde

Great wine tour w/ excellent wine. Very interesting history of the estate and connection the movie Bottle Shock.

Anoop Radhakrishnan

On the expensive side. Liked the wines though.

Meg Weglarz

Great tasting very knowledgeable staff very helpful and the wine is fabulous

Ben Lee

My wife and I stopped here after visiting some of the bigger wineries and found this stop to be much cosier and more enjoyable than the big guys. Our host was very entertaining and knowledgeable as we learned about Mr. Grgich's award winning wines. Great wine and highly recommended!!

Elliot Schneider

Robin Olson

too commercial, no personalized service or attention

Dickson Fung

Laura Kaump

Delicious wines made in the French style and all organic! One of the most historic wineries in Napa as Mike Grgich made the winning wine that beat the French in the blind tasting in Paris in 1976. They have what is now almost an old-fashioned tasting bar in a wonderfully dark and quaint room. Or sit outside(inside in bad weather) and do a cheese and wine pairing. A definite must-see in this beautiful valley!!!!

Ruzbeh Shokranian

The bartender was rude and there is no place to sit in the tasting area.



John McCoy

Dave Lemoine

Rudy Herzog

You have to go to his place very highly recommended!! Friendly staff great wine lots of options one of the original places that makes estate wine that is up to par or better than any international counterparts. You are treated like family.

Lavender Love

纳帕谷(Napa Valley)。全美全加州最著名的葡萄酒产区,有迷人的阳光,清凉的海风,优质的美酒,风光迷人。在纳帕谷的众多葡萄酒中,表现最好,也最脍炙人口的是以赤霞珠(Cabernet Sauvignon)酿造而成的纳帕(Napa)红酒。今日加利福尼亚州葡萄酒可以得到如此多的关注和赞赏,绝对要归功于那些产自纳帕谷的赤霞珠红酒。无可置疑地,纳帕谷Grgich Hills Estate的赤霞珠已经成为世界顶级酒的经典之一。

jessica little

Our favorite winery while in the Napa area!! Toni was very knowledgeable and an excellent host to give us an overall fantastic experience. When you’re going through Napa’s wine tastings, you absolutely must stop here!! Ask for Toni! Bonus: they also provide a military discount.

Kenard Puchalski

Beautiful, award winning wines. Small, cozy and unpretentious winery. Staff is very professional and warm. Loved that they had vines right out front to sample the grapes.

Victoria T

Anthony was awesome in describing the wines, providing the history of the winery, and making our experience memorable. Great tasting wines, especially the cabs.

Jacob Bitran

Horrible horrible horrible We were 1 minute late at 4:31pm and they said we can’t do any tastings we had some traffic on the way in. Where is the customer service here? Why are people closed in a box man...... won’t be returning here

Joseph Poch

Authentic and not just a bunch of tourist trap BS. Great wine and fun experience

Kevin Myerson

Chris Kopek

Josh Westmoreland

Morgan Pickwick

We just finished the Exclusive Tour and we were blown away! What an amazing and informative experience. Our tour guide was Ryan, a native of Napa, he was so personable and knowledgeable about wine and the area in general. Definitely a highlight of our trip.

Jens Josephsen

Mycket trevlig och vänlig personal som gärna visar sin vinkällare och erbjuder provsmakning av sitt vin. Man kan givetvis köpa med sig flaskor eller betala för flygtransport hem till skandinavien.

Randy Majors

This place put California and Napa Valley wines on the map, beginning with their Chardonnay. Excellent wine tasting and tour. One of the few vineyards and wineries you can get to directly off of the wine train.

J. Angelique Lopez

Mate Padjen

True history of American wine and Napa Valley. Grgich Hills became famous long way back and still keeping traditional look and wine tasting is one of the best in the area. Mr. Grgich originally from Croatia and to point out he helped mostly that Zifandel was born in Croatia at Adriatic Coast.

Maria Andrade

Super friendly and informative crew!

elise nolan

Barry R Jones Jr

We went here Valentines weekend for the Wine and Chocolate Weekend. They paired up different chocolates that compliment and enhanced their different wines, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Merlot, etc.. We are not big wine drinkers but we had a wonderful time and would suggest checking it out if you are in the area. They also have a wine and cheese event. Reservations are required so book early. The only thing is that we wish we would have gone in the late spring/early summer when the vineyards are growing; we know it would be beautiful. We suggest to anyone to definitely go during growing season. Also, I suggest their Violetta wine, it is a sweet wine and delicious. On a side note, they have a very interesting history and put California wine on the map in 1976. Lynn Rae Moore Barry R Jones Jr Adventure Bums “Get off the Path”

George Newton


Eric Hess

Excellent tour! Our tour guide Brandon was very knowledgeable, answered all my questions. Gave us plenty of wine tastings. Great winery.

Vinay Mohan

Robert Bober Bachus

(Translated by Google) Bacchus Wine I recommend (Original) Bachus Wina Polecam

M PottyMouth

Great, knowledgeable staff. They have different priced tasting options, and the tasting fee can be waived upon purchase of the minimum. The minimum depends on the tasting amount.

Brittany Gilchrest

We took the wine train and stopped to tour Grgich Hills. It was a wonderful experience. Eric, our tour guide, was very charismatic and knowledgeable about the winery. Throughout the tour we got to try several very nice wines. I highly recommend visiting.

peach chunti

Joe Bassey

Popular choice

Keeley Scully

We spent 3 days in Napa and Grgich Hills Estate was our favorite stop. Linda, our tour guide was fantastic and gave a fascinating tour. The beautiful, rich history of this romantic place make it a must visit. The wine was delicious, the Chardonney and the 2014 Cabernet being our favorites.

Liam Mann

Great spot. Beautiful inside. Awesome staff. Very helpful and looked after us very well. Tastings well priced.

Dylan Tibor

Amazing experience

Laura Grubb

Nice well established winery. Reds are my favorite. Can be crowded during high season. Friendly staff.

Rodrigo Kelly


Great wine, great staffs.

Scott Hays

Great Wine with Storied History. I have a ton of respect for Michael Grgich. The new business marketing does not provide a solid experience. They move a lot of people through, but a lot of detail is lost (wine was wrong temperature, poor presentation and the person was distracted/seemed to be reading from a script). I live in the bay area so it is easy to compare who is on and who is not. I dislike being treated like I came off a tour bus!

Silka Reich

and then i found croatian wine in san fran ... err ... by an accident :) #imaginethat

Tom Lin


Kathi Lerch

I visited on Thursday, August 2, 2018. This was by far the most pleasant wine tasting experience I have ever encountered. I was greeted by Eric when I walked through the door. There is no prepaid tasting fee. You choose from menu and proceed. Eric was extremely knowledgeable about the history of the winery, its owner, and the wine. I have been a fan of Grgich wines for many years, but this was my first visit to the winery. Again, Eric worked very diligently to make sure I was tasting wine he thought I would appreciate. These wines are not cheap. They are a palate pleasing experience. Though not every wine was to my taste, many were. As I tasted, I listened to the other people being served. All the other servers were pleasant and knowledgeable, but I feel that I was especially treated well by Eric. One pays for their tasting, but if one buys a minimum (two bottles) the fee is waived. I bought a case of mixed reds and whites. It was a pleasure visiting Grgich Hills Estate. And no I did not know Eric before that day.

Kavi Anand

My first time visiting and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. My wife and I tried grape stomping here and it was well worth the experience. We continued our day here by doing some wine tasting. Our server was very professional and informative about the wines made by the winery. We ended up taking a bottle home with us.

Cathy Adams

Brock Warner

Winery with a great history

Linda Leddy

Fascinating back story on the owner included with our tasting and every wine a winner

Ranell Prioleau

Very beautiful winery! Very educational and great experience.

Ben Tolman

Some truly spectacular wine. The Fume Blanc is one if my favorites. They have great weekend activities frequently (wine stomping), and a great sample vineyard in front. The tasting room is simple and sometimes noisy, but the wines are great.

Waleska Torres-Toro

Nice site scenes, friendly and professional staff, great wine.

Kevin Van Veldhuisen

Leuke wijn proeverij gehad!

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