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Castello di Amorosa, 4045 St Helena Hwy, Calistoga, CA 94515, United States

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REVIEWS OF Castello di Amorosa - Calistoga, CA IN California

Alyssa Barbieri

This castle is truly amazingly! The grounds, scenery, paintings, architecture were all so beautiful and unique. It was like going to another place in time while visiting. We did the food and wine pairing tour with Mary and I cannot recommend her and the tour enough! She does such an amazing job on the tour of the castle and an even better job of pairing wines with the delicious food that she makes herself! She was so knowledgeable and so fun. This tour was easily one of the most unique experiences I’ve ever had. If you have the opportunity to try it, I definitely recommend it!

danny byun

What can you say.. It's a castle in Sonoma! Was very cool. White wine are sweet if that's your thing. Very nice property with Rams on site

Samantha Butler

Jason Meyers made our day! He was fun, bright, knowledgeable and lovely. Thank you for the memories!

Simone Lee

Really beautiful place - amazing castle, interesting story, and beautiful grounds. Would be a great location for kids or others who aren't going to do wine tasting. We didn't like the wine tasting as much as the other 2 wineries we went to (Mumm Napa and Ashes & Diamonds) because of the set up; it didn't feel as personal as the others and felt we got less information.

Laura Ahrens

The reserve tour is well worth it and treat yourself, add the chocolates too. Ty was my tour guide and I honestly haven't had that much fun since I toured Houmas House in New Orleans. She was upbeat and quick-witted which I appreciate. The wines are fantastic, I preferred the reds but the reserve chardonnay is a treat. Wink wink.

John Schless

Lovely setting. $30 plus tax walk-in per person is expensive I felt. Having a paid over $60 for the two of us I really didn’t feel like we got the value from the tastings. Service was pleasant enough from the staff but rather rushed as they where getting ready for a event. It’s quite a sight to see for novelty value.

Crystal Wilkerson

This is a beautiful castle with amazing wine! It's a shame that these wines went offered in stores because they are really good, but can be expensive. The castle offers a tour which is so cool! Be ready to walk because it is huge!

Ashley C

Such beautiful grounds and amazing attention to detail in the architecture. Really enjoyed the selection of wines - go in the morning with the soft lighting for photography before all the crowds arrive!

Gladys T.

Save your money and just visit the grounds and take pictures of the exterior, visit with the animals, and walk through the vineyards. My daughter and I paid $50 to walk through the upper 2 floors. Not that exciting. It was so crowded, people were stopping in the hallways and stairs, and other common areas taking picture after picture. Lines to just get the tickets took 15 min. Guided groups blocked entry ways and hallways. Way too crowded. A very frustrating and over priced experience. Staff were not friendly. Guided tours or self guided to see the "torture chambers" were $60+ per person. Give me a break. I paid that for a guided tour of the Colosseum in Rome including the dungeon where they kept the gladiators!

Ashley Stearns

Beautiful home. The tour was very interesting. I learned a lot about wine.

Lydieth Ley

I love this place it is beautiful and has a great view! you should know that in order to go inside and need to pay for a wine tasting or for it to her otherwise it is for you to just walk around the castle. it has a great wine selection and in the souvenirs toys you can find so much more!

Jason Jameson

My wife and I were in Napa for a week. We went wine tasting at 8 of the wineries in the area and this was by far the best one we went to. Our tour guide, Heri, was very knowledgable, friendly, and overall great...deserves a raise. Plus the wine was amazing. Recommend the cheese and wine pairing. My wife and I will be back for more. Highly recommend this place.

Steven Furukawa

A neat outing with a real castle nestled in the woods. Game of thrones feel without the long flight. The delicate fragrance of the grapes wafting thru the air is a plus as you explore the castle.

Janie Frigault

Great winery to visit and tour. This was my third visit to the castle and I enjoyed my time touring and tasting with my out of town guests.As always,the wine and chocolate were delicious. Fox was our host for wine tasting and we found him to be knowledgeable and fun to talk to.

Rachel Ezell

We had a scheduled tour with Gary. He was wonderful and very knowledgeable! Absolutely loved the castle! Gorgeous property and so worth it to go see this masterpiece. Also, that had good deals on shipping wine. I can’t wait to get back to enjoy mine!

Steff A.

A winery and a castle that reminds me of Game of Thrones? how can we not stop by? =) Catello Service & Castle ambiance: When you enter a guide directs you to the check in room to the left. We were in between wine tours so we purchased the most basic wine tasting at $32 for 4 wines. The staff was friendly and processed the lines pretty quickly. The guides were great with wine suggestions and educational on the in house vino. The wines were tasty and the tasting room downstairs in the castle was fun. There's plenty of social media moments throughout the castle so your fans will love it. The gift shop was amazing with plenty of wine and castle influenced souvenirs to bring back home. The castle felt touristy and there sure were plenty of them in the castle. This is a nice wine stop if you're taking tours throughout the day. Cheers!

Brandon Mikeal

Beautiful grounds, but much more of a campy tourist trap than I expected. Very awkward tasting experience as our guide got into a heated shouting match with a couple from NYC because they wanted to finish their tasting with white wine after having four reds (which our guide told us several time he vehemently recommended them not to do). It was a nasty experience where they were shouting at each other to f#@k off. I wasn't offended or anything, but the rest of our tasting was soured because our guide was in such a foul mood after that.

Cesar Park

Ty thank you so much for such an amazing and fun tour. Wine it’s exceptional here!

Sheila Birkinbine

This was an ok experience. Very commercial. Our wine tender wasn’t very personable, and gave the impression that they just wanted to keep people flowing in and out of the tasting room. She barely gave us any information on the wines, and instead her presentation felt like a sales pitch. Also, while the castle is very pretty, it was only built in 2003 and doesn’t have a lot of history to it, other than the owner liked castles and was inspired so he built his own. If you are deciding between wineries, you can definitely skip this one.

Meg Whitener

Amazing winery! Will definitely be back! The employees were very nice and helpful. Wine was superb! Prices a little steep though.


Tourist Trap!!! BEWARE of their scams. If you want to enter you must pay whether you are tasting or not. No sharing of a taste is allowed. When you get to the tasting area they push you to upgrade for a $15.00 additional fee per taste of premium wine. There was no set tasting list, just a price list with all selections. Most importantly our server was rude and hateful making our last stop of the day a horrid experience for us and another large group next to us, all because we changed our location to allow the larger group better access to the bar. Apparently, once you walk up to one area, you cannot move around a pole to make room for a larger group! Finally, after causing a scene at her bar, our server then accosted us in the shopping area and kept her drama going with my man, not acceptable and very inappropriate. There are MANY other places on the road who care about sharing their wine and not just bringing in a dollar, go there instead.

David Hwu

Been a wine club member here for years. Friendly Italian wine sales, great wines, great parties, and every friggen brick is moved here from Italy. Cold winter they even fire up the chimney. Got to knock the door on the draw bridge. It’s awesome!

Irish De Marco

Lovely place but hope they had bathrooms outside so people can enjoy to go inside. Also, restaurant or a cafe since it’s not many place to go around the area. Family, friends goes there so they should have some foods aside from cookies and what towards the exit. The wine tasting was fun the staffs are funny nice would love to go back because of that.

Charlotte Keaveney

Did a tour and our guide was fantastic! The castle is such a work of art! Wine was fabulous! The staff at the draw bridge and ticket office were so rude and unhelpful! We got stranded and I kindly explained our situation as we could not get an uber, all we wanted was a number for a local cab service as our coverage was so so bad! We left clueless what to do and they just closed the draw bridge doors behind us! No empathy what so ever! Nice after spending $400!

Chris Buzas

The Castle is a must see for anyone who is in Napa. It was the most visually stimulating winery tour we went on. The features and attention to detail in the building was incredible! We had a fun time tasting in the cellars and our favorite wine was the Cab Franc, but that is a matter based in taste.

Ksenia Closson

This is a unique place. We enjoyed walking the grounds and exploring the castle. The tasting experience was memorable. We had fun interacting with our server Vincenzo, who is quite a character. His family in Italy makes a great pasta, that they sell on the premises of this winery. I’d recommend coming here if you are looking for an interesting experience.

Dan Hunt

Wow. This was our best tour and tasting experience of the week. The castle was a big hit and the wine was excellent. Bought quite a few to be shipped home. Our guide made it fun too. Upgrade to the reserve selections. We did a combo of the base and reserve. Got a few extra pros too. Took a full 2 hours though. Save the time. Worth it.

Bryan Jasin

This is Disney of wine country. Over crowded, average wine, rushed around through the tour and pressured to buy poor wine. I would suggest more amiable tour guides. Cool architecture

Mitesh Joshi

Nice place for wine tasting in the wine valley. It was a bit crowded on weekend. If you want to avoid crowd do visit on weekdays.

Monty Griswald

Recommended for first time visitors of the Napa as it is a vineyard that has everything. Gorgeous castle with a moat, excellent guided tours, great wines, gift shop, and places to take photos. Of all the vineyards you can easily spend a lot of fun time here. Lots of easy parking as well.

Emre Senturer

Cheap and low quality wonder why their wines are not sold or distributed anywhere. Our wine tasting experience was a failure because of unfriendly and rude staff. We felt like we were serving to them. We were pushed to finish our tasting within 5 minutes. The lady even tried to pull the menu. When I asked to take a picture of the bottle I tasted, i was told to look at the menu and see all vines I'm tasting?! We asked to see if we can purchase a bottle to age for memory and to open with our kids one day but she was again super rude and us that people buy already aged wines and pulled an aged wine menu and pushed to sale instead of answering to our question. Castle is cool but it's a way smaller replica and the place is all about the castle, not their vines since vines are low quality thus, probably never tool it's place on shelves or restaurants because of its poor quality vs the cost. Overall, this would've been a good experience if the staff was friendlier and not pushing us to buy their overpriced ages vines..


The castle itself was beautiful and the wine was great as well. The staff was not appropriate with their commentary and I will not be returning for that reason. Making discriminatory remarks/jokes at a customer is a bad look for the winery.

Robert Martinez

My wife and I have visited before and enjoyed the tour. This time we came with our nephew. We took the tour again and were pleased with Jason's (our tour guide) presentation and knowledge of the castle. We shared wine, chocolate and purchased great gifts. Hope to return and take the tour again. It was a great time. Thanks.

Shá D.

We were skeptical because of the reviews, but it was a very nice visit. They will obviously try to sell you on things, as it is still a business. The only thing that I did not like was that out guide told us we would be able to revisit the castle with full access after the tour because of our tickets, but when we tried that, we were told that we could only revisit sections if we had a guide with us. She rushed through it, so that was disappointing. It's a pretty place, but I wish there would have been more time. The wine tastings were nice, but I was surprisingly disappointed by the simple grape juice. I probably wouldn't pay again to see it, because there isn't much to see that you can't do with a self-guided tour (except the basement). The barrels and such were cool to see.

Yichen Lu

We came here on July 4th around noon and it was very crowded. Tour tickets were sold out so we just got general admission. It turns out that if you don’t get the guided tour, there’s not much to see because they blocked a lot of places if you are not on a tour. Cool castle and the wine was pleasant. People who work there though had surprisingly unpleasant attitude. The guy who poured our wine was very pushy and ignored our request for certain wines. The cashier was also a bit rude. I couldn’t help but think that the staff treated us differently because of our race as they seemed pleasant towards other customers.

Kevin Lee

Great place to come and explore a castle in California! As many others have mentioned, come early to avoid the crowds so you can have more time to explore uninterrupted. It's a very quaint and charming place, and the wine tasting was very fun and informative. Check out the animals outside as well.

art tatman

Service is great and the wines are good. But the guided tour is a must. The tunnels where they store the barrels are awesome.

Amy Pence

Mary was spectacular! This was the most fun and educational wine and food pairing experience we have had! Mary was extremely knowledgeable, generous and fun! By far the best value based experience we’ve had. Mary spent three hours with our group. Incredible!

swat v

Great experience! Beautiful castle perfect for a photo op :) . We've been there twice and both times we did a self tour which was fine but next time I would like to try the guided tour because we saw other groups who were on the guided tour and it looked pretty good to us. I would have ideally liked to give them 5 stars but going with 4 because the guy at our wine tasting was so disinterested in serving us, he barely smiled or talked to us, just so unfriendly! There were others who were so cheerful and serving other tourists well so that's my only complaint about this place.

Rv Ravs

Totally overrated and very disappointing! We did the self tour ($30 per person) and realized within 10 minutes that this place is so commercialized. Coz, they closed most part (85% of it) for unguided tours. Staff was very unfriendly. At the Tasting Room, we were greeted by a young server who gave a handout with wines available for tasting and asked if we wanted to upgrade to Reserve Tasting for an extra $15 per person. We declined to upgrade. He asked us to list down what we would like to taste. We were surprised as he assumed/expects that we are familiar with their wines. So dumb! We requested him to detail few recommendations but he brought the Wine menu that gave a description of what wine it is. At this point, we lost of patience and told him we need to understand their wines and the staff recommendations so we could sensibly choose wines we like. I would never recommend this place to anyone at all, total waste of your money!

Timothy Ross

The castle is very unique and authentically built. The tour is fun because you get to go down in the caves which is the best part to me. The caves are lined with barrels of wine aging in the cool temps. They take you deep down to the cellar where you get a barrel tasting which is fun...the wine is young out of the barrel. At the end of the tour they take you up to a private tasting room where they try to get you to buy the wine... which they don't sell at stores. The wine is good for sure. The pinot noir and merlot were very good to me. Their signature wine is the Il Brigone which is a cabernet. It's good for sure but a little too pricey for me. The gift shop is loaded with all sorts of things... pasta, candles, soaps, towels, coasters, oh and wine :). It feels like Disneyland a bit. But overall it's a nice place to visit. It does get crazy crowded so get there early.

Jenna Feldmeier

My family had a terrible experience here. First, the handicapped accessible entrance was extremely far from the parking lot. Then, by the time I wheeled my handicapped baby up the steep entrance, I was told that strollers are not allowed for fire safety reasons. There were no signs in the parking lot telling me that strollers weren’t allowed before we walked all the way up there. When I asked if they would store or keep my stroller behind the desk, I was told I’d need to take it back to my car which was 1/2 mile away. Then as I was going back to the parking lot, I was chased down by an employee who barked at me saying strollers aren’t allowed inside. Needless to say, we did not go inside and I would not recommend this to anyone with children or special needs family members.

Doug Cha

The Disneyland of wineries.. I guess if you don't expect a relaxing Napa experience but more of an interesting amusement park this works! I felt very rushed here..

Cyndie Crewdson

Loved the castle atmosphere- our tour guide Stephen N.- and the wine. Thanks Stephen for making it fun!

Madeline Green

Really cool place to visit. One of the most picturesque locations in Napa Valley. We did the self tour which was neat, but would definitely make reservations for the guided tour next time

Marishka DesignsLLC

Amazing castle !!!:))) I enjoyed the tour and loved the wines.

Narges Shahidi

Didn't have a good experience here. I didn't want to go for wine tasting, but in order to visit the castle you have to get the tickets anyway. The wine tasting wasn't good too. It's all standup and try wines one after another, in rush, because other people are waiting for you. Not a place I go again

Ravi Natalia

A must go winery! The castle is so Gorgeous it’s part of the history of Napa valley. Book in advanced tickets get sold out! There are animals in a farm close by. Cool little attraction. Also make sure to bring your water they try to upsale u on water their on hot summer days!

Rica Carlos

Beautiful castle and grounds. Wine is very good! Too many people on the weekends. Take the guided tour - its worth it!

Alex Holtz

Amazing Castle and location! The staff are great and very friendly and knowledgeable as well with the history and the wines. Only downside is it is very busy on the weekends and the staff are stretched a little thin so it’s hard to really chat with them as they’re doing tastings. I would recommend going on a weekday if possibly to get a better experience and avoid the crowds. Also leave the kids at home. They charge $25 for admission over 5 and the tasting fee with admission is $30-$45.

Michelle Gomes

It was incredible. A great way to spend a beautiful day. We also had so much fun in the tasting room. We celebrated my 50th birthday and our wine connoisseur added champagne to our tasting, in addition to singing me happy birthday. I can't wait to go back!

Madhu Balajee

Good place to visit, it makes you to feel like you’re in castle. Try to take tour of wine tasting which is worth the price of 30-40$ per person. Try to get chocolate from the store especially the milk chocolate and raspberry filled it was amazing. Parking was not to challenging here. The time over here is from morning to 8:00 to 5:00 ~ 6:00. I guess, visited during national holidays it was opened to visit. Definitely worth to visit this place, there is a huge grape

Lisa W

The castle is very cool but it’s very commercialized. There’s admission cost to enter the castle, around $30-$40 for either self guided or guided. If you are paying that much you might was well do the food and wine pairing for twice that. We did the food and wine pairing and Mary is the lady for that. She was very knowledgeable. It’s not your normal food pairing (don’t think courses) this was more of small finger foods/appetizers. It was good and she cooked everything herself. But probably not worth it if you think you’ll have like a 4-5 course tasting menu (like St Francis).

Robin Juliana

Loads of fun in a well thought out ancient- feel but modern -built castle. Wine tasting at the end of the tour was wonderful despite wine debauchery the prior day *eyes cross*. Jamie, our guide was entertaining and knowledgeable. Look forward to tasting there again.

Jessica Pablo

Loved the Fantasia, and preferred to partake of the drink first then walk. Didn't realize once you paid for the bottle, you couldn't re-enter. Loved it, but would prefer to drink first, buy the bottle, then tour the premises. Amazing winery! Husband was in awe!

Kevin Brocious

Zero stars. You advertise as a winery but imposed admission fees... you literally cannot come here and just have a glass of wine (NOT ALLOWED) you have to pay the admission to even get in. Just in case you plan on bringing your children or your designated drive, BEWARE all who enter must pay. Plus in case you want to eat- you have to upgrade to be a member, can’t just go in and order a cheese plate( a standard at most wineries). Much better places just down the road, good luck.

Christina L

My family loved this winery! We went on the tour of the castle and upgraded our tasting to get the Reserve wines. Both the reserve and non-reserve wines were so good! We are fans of red wines. Our guide was awesome too! Beautiful atmosphere and wonderful wine. A must-do experience in Napa Valley.

Lana Rivera

If your thinking of visit you must! This place is amazing! Sundays are busy but its worth it. Recommend the pairing its a self tour and wine with cheese. Staff is friendly and knowledgable.

Alice Larios

We’ve been here several times over the years and previously enjoyed the family oriented atmosphere. The castle and grounds are lovely and some of the wines are decent. However, today was an experience that will result in us not returning and the reason why: half our group had previously been to Castello di Amorosa and didn’t want to take the tour or see the grounds. The other half paid to go on the tour. The half that didn’t go on the tour wanted to go into the gift shop and purchase some souvenirs as they had been to the castle before and then continue on the way. At the entrance we were told we could go around back and enter the gift shop to peruse and purchase the items. We go around the building and received and entirely different reception. We were told that we had to pay $30 admittance fee to purchase items from the gift shop. Upon discussing with the manager he insisted that for the privileged of purchasing items from the gift shop and because we could go upstairs to the main castle we had to pay. We were dumbstruck and being treated like a group of thieves left a terrible impression. He then conceded one of us could go at a time, because he couldn’t monitor our group of four. We won’t be back and have taken Castello di Amorosa off of our tour list for friends and family visiting.

zyrha pimentel


Azael Colon

First time visiting Castello di Amorosa in Napa Valley with my wife and had such a great time and spent most of the day touring and wine tasting! The staff was very friendly and customer focused and highly recommend to anyone visiting the area to see and take in!

Pritika Patel

This was my friends and my favorite stop on our visit to Napa! Absolutely stunning location and delicious wines. We did the food and wine pairing tour with Mary - she is FANTASTIC!! So knowledgeable as well as so down to earth that we did not feel uncomfortable with our amateur wine knowledge. All the food she made to pair with the wines was superb. 100% will plan to come back here

Sven-Erik Adolfsson

Beatuiful entrance and impression from start. But an expensive tour, $45 per person, with an young Italian girl as guide. She had all knowledge for guiding but she could not master the english language. The whole tour was just a walk and view of the castle without any information. We ended up in the tasting room, where the included tasting started with a 10 minutes selling activity of what to buy and to which price. We left before that selling presentation was over, without tasting the wines. Bad, really bad experience.

Socially Nina Thomas

This is a great date spot. We paid a little extra for the private tasting with chocolate. It was so worth it. We were taken into a cave for the tasting. It was romantic but not corny lol. A lot of fun. They let me take about a million pictures as I trailed behind the group during the tour. Amazing views and a lot of little spots for photos - both inside and out. There's a large gift shop on site where you can purchase wine and a variety of other gifts and trinkets. They have bubble wrap for the bottles or containers you can purchase for easy travel. BUY THE CHOCOLATE. No food on site other than cheese and chocolate BUT if you want a full meal, they have a sister Winery down the street.

Sandra Garcia

Thank you Gary for an AMAZING experience! You're an excellent tour guide! Y'all, the experience is AMAZING and you will NOT regret it. Once again, thank you Gary!!

Ainur Kayupova

Disappointing experience!!! I was so excited and happy coming in, but it became a torture and full of negativity as soon as we walked in! EXTREMELY RUDE employees- especially Lisa, very pushy about everything as if you are on their time or you are the service provider. Everything we asked with a smile, we got a negative answer. Ex. 1. May I take a picture of the bottle I just tasted? - No, we don’t sell it anywhere, bottle names are on the menu (The same menu that Lisa kept trying to remove asking at the same time if we’re done) They want you to get in and out, buy bottles at the end. 2. Do you sell bottles that we can age and open in 10 years? - People here buy already aged bottles and here are the prices. 3. Negative attitude and rolling eyes of the representative is not what I wanted to experience in my first time in Napa Please go elsewhere, there’s no kindness in this place! This business does not belong in Napa Valley and the whole idea of it is not for a good experience but to Sell-Sell-Sell! Felt like a Car Dealership!

Madelin Sanchez

Great place to take pictures and to do a wine tasting!!! Laura was awesome!! My husband and I were absolutely in love with this place!!!

Jenny Park

Flea market in the dungeon is my best description of wine tasting experience here. Checked in at 4:09 and checked out by 4:45. Not worth 30@adult and 20@kid. Not a family oriented place. There was nothing more than castle structured building and any equivalent valued wines out in the market. The bartender was too busy and unfriendly that I ended up buying nothing despite in need of a few bottles of sweet wines.

Jennifer Melzak

With all the respect in the world- the wines were good. Our tour guide was insanely rude because we arrived 6 minutes late and had an attitude the entire tour. If you are looking for a tourist spot in Napa valley this is it but you better be on time.

Diamond Ho

Recently I brought my friends to your winery, and I had one of the most racist and disrespectful experiences with your sommelier - Erika (on her tag it says she is from Hungary). To begin with, I have lived in the US for 10 years and have spoken english my whole life, but Erika treated us with disrespect and acted like she did not understand me or my friends (who are from Hong Kong, and also spoke english their whole lives). When we first arrived, I told Erika, me and my boyfriend won’t be drinking, and repeated that like 5 times because she kept assuming me and him were the drinkers. And then she kept forcing the sweet wine onto my friends, even they repeated multiple times they wanted to try the red wines, she continued forcing the sweet wines on us. I asked her if they would need to order the same wine, or can they order different kinds, she said and I quote ‘I would prefer you guys to order the same wine or else I would need to go back and forth to bring wines to you guys.’ I am not a detective, but seems pretty obvious that your job as a sommelier is to bring wine for people to taste? Did I mention all the wines were literally right behind her? Moving forward, my friend specifically asked for a Pinot Noir, repeated at least 5/6times, pointing at the wine sheet because clearly Erika had no way to understand us. She repeatedly recommended the Chardonnay, and after we corrected her for like the 578th time, she continued bringing us the Chardonnay. When my friend told her AGAIN, they wanted the Pinot Noir not the Chardonnay, she rolled her eyes and poured out the Chardonnay in her glass without saying a word. As me and my boyfriend were not drinking, we were offered the grape juice. As we finished our first glass, she asked if we would like another round. My boyfriend said to her ‘No, I am good thank you. It’s a little sweet for my taste’, Erika took the glass, did not say a word, turned her back on him, and rolled her eyes. Towards the end, we overheard her and another Asian family next to us having a disagreement. The woman told Erika she did not order the sweet wine she brought over, and she ended the conversation with ‘This is a lost in translation’. And as we were leaving, Erika told us if we order the sweet wine with her, we would get a 10% off. And bam there you go, the whole time she was forcing the sweet wine onto her customers was because the winery had some sort of promotion or she would be commissioned. At first we thought, okay maybe she was having a bad day or what not. But towards the end, also hearing what she said to the asian family next to us, confirmed her racism. My friends and I drove 2 hrs to your winery to have a good time. They did enjoy the wine but Erika really ruined the entire experience for us. My friend who was going to purchase multiple of your wine decided not to after all because of your horrible sommelier. Your winery has lost a valued customer, and me who would definitely not bring or recommend anyone to you guys ever again. This is a winery that charge you at the door. So tasting wine or not, we all paid the same flat rate. The experience was extremely horrible. Erika, I hope you know what you did was disrespectful and have left a horrible impression of not only your winery, but California to these visitors. There was never a ‘lost in translation’, just purely racism towards POCs. This winery is not that great, they had horrible customer service, and was extremely overpriced for what it is. Bring yourself to somewhere nicer, cheaper and more respectful if you would like to enjoy your special trip to Napa.

Martina Chiari

Great place to visit. Italians do it better! Go with the tour of $45 which includes tasting, so you can have a proper explanation of how they built the castle. Fascinating! Wines are very good. Lovely guide Savannah was great!

Kassandra S

It was like a dream! The whole property was breathtaking. We took a guided tour with Owen and he was very friendly and knowledgeable. Definitely add this to your vacation.

Kavya Goyal

Great winery.. Looks like we are in some ancient castle sort of place.. They have some peacock, turkey, rooster as well in the garden.. All in all the place is lovely.. They have sessions for wine tasting which is pretty their wines are really good in taste.. We ended up purchasing Around 2 bottles of wine, even when we did not plan to purchase..

Ray G

Avoid at all cost. The place itself is pretty but the staff is super racist. If you are a person of color, don't even bother. The tastings and servers cater exclusively to non-colored people so even if you are at the tastings, you will be made felt like you made the biggest mistake of your life by paying for an experience. Segregation is illegal in this country but they will go out of their way to make sure you know you are not welcomed as a POC.

Jesse Clausen

Amazing place. Very friendly and helpful staff. Some of the best wine Napa has to offer. A must see

Anusha Badathala

This is a vineyard grown around the replica of a 13th century castle, complete with a drawbridge and moat. The entry fee for a tour of the castle and wine tasting is a bit hefty, but the grounds are absolutely gorgeous and you can walk around those for free. We even got to play with an emu! It gets pretty crowded on weekends.

Moh Beldjenna

This place is gorgeous!! 30$ for the entrance, you will visit parts of the castle

Sheena Asbell

Beautiful grounds and one of the more unique wine tasting experiences in Napa but with that being said it’s highly commercialized & very crowded. Our tour guide, Cynthia, was amazing. The story of the Castle & owner/founder is amazing. Good selection of wine & only able to purchase there, known best for their sweet wine which was very good. I would recommend to visit during the week to help with crowds.


My family (India) wanted to find out what the hype was all about. Some never had wine before. Here they had varieties that wash could taste. There was juice for the kids. Premises are very impressive. Thier tour was great. They enjoyed the warm welcoming experience

Troy B

The castle is amazing to see for certain rooms but the premier tasting with tour is a rip off IMO especially with children. For myself and my daughter it was $80. You get to taste 5 wines but about 2 small sips worth of each. The cheapest wine was $30 a bottle which is almost 3x the "normal" cost of a comparable wine. Many people made jokes about the prices but I did think they were high. I didnt see anyone buy a bottle. They all tasted very good. Kids get grape juice which was a stronger and sweeter concord tasting juice. The tour was or felt rushed and other groups intersected our group. It was difficult to hear the tour guide over people and other tours. Some rooms get crowded. The castle is amazing to see but the tour highlights were few. You get to see hundreds of barrels of wine all over the place and you navigate through them. Outside of the tour if you just stopped by you can walk around but not much to see. The good area is for the tour only. For small kids not too much to do. For 7 to 9 year olds or above, certain parts of the tour are interesting and will hold their interest. Our guide did a good job of keeping those kids engaged. For $80 I feel it is kind of a tourist trap and overpriced. Had I known more details of the tour I would not have gone but I did not see much on the website or I missed it. If you can afford the wine, $80 for the tour is nothing so this review will likely not influence you at all. If you are into castles, architechure, and wine making I think this will interest you. We went to see the castle and for $80 I would of liked to see more, a better planned tour, and more qty of wine. In my opinion of course.

Jon Gantvoort

I wish that I was writing this in higher spirits, but unfortunately my experience yesterday has me really irked. The property is beautiful, but the customer service is appalling. My friends and I took a limo from San Mateo to Napa to go wine tasting at three (3) wineries (Castello being the second winery) for my birthday. When we checked in, our tour guide, Audi, was visibly annoyed already. My girlfriend was adjusting her shirt, and he said "careful, those are the money-makers", referring to her breasts -- Not okay. While Audi has an extensive knowledge of the history and influences to Castello, he has minimal people skills. Our group are kind of slow walkers (some wearing heels), and we felt that we were rushed through every segment of the tour, and refused to answer any questions until we were in one spot. While that is understandable, he could have hidden his frustration, and said something like "I will get to the questions momentarily". Flat out, Audi was rude the entire tour, until about the last ten minutes. He constantly referred to us as the "Saturday crowd" throughout the tour. When we arrived at the first tasting in the catacombs, we had wine from the barrel. One of my friends had a headache and did not want to drink his wine. He was going to give it to our other friend, and Audi said "If you're not going to drink the wine, then just give it back". We paid for seven (7) tastings and got six (6). At the final wine tasting portion, again, only six (6) glasses were served, after we paid for seven (7). We wanted, paid, and expected a full tasting, but Audi had something else in mind. He separated the glasses in to three (3) sets of two (2), and poured two (2) dry whites, two (2) sweet whites, and two (2) reds. When we finished, he would go in the same pattern. He expected all us to share out of the same glass, which in my experience is unorthodox. I did not even get to try the pinot noir, which is typically my favorite wine. My girlfriend did not really care for one of the wines, and Audi said "wine is not for everyone" which I felt was really smug and unnecessary. There were a lot of side comments like that, which we did not appreciate. He also mentioned that he has been there for nearly a year (which makes his knowledge of the castle that more impressive), but that he would probably try another winery after his contract was up. Not that I care about his work life, but I would never say that to a client at my job. Overall, my experience was horrible, and that portion of my birthday was ruined. The property is beautiful, the wines are great, but unfortunately Audi made this a memorable experience for the wrong reasons. I have emailed Castello about this, and they have not reached back out to me, to even apologize. After we spent hundreds of dollars at their winery. They clearly do not care about customer service or rectifying a wrong.

Krunal Patel

great wine tasting experience, amazing wine and beautiful ambience.

Natalya Lozano

Absolutely stunning spot. Like Disneyland except for the wine drinking adult!

J Carr

A wonderful tour. Dave our guide was wonderful. The castle is amazing. You would swear you in medieval Europe. The wine tasting was a lot of fun. Great wines at reasonable prices. They will ship for you. I highly recomend.

Quitosky Tom

Magnificent! Add this winery to your excapes in Napa Valley. There is a fee though for the entrance but the experience is Magnificent!

Amanda Parks

It's a beautiful castle that you can drink delicious wine at. The staff was friendly and responsive and I will have my next girls day out at this great winery. They are supportive of their community and the request for a donation for a local non profit was easy and pain free. Thank you for your loving support of Sonoma County and our less fortunate animals.


Would recommend this winery for visit, service is good and very scenic. Came to this place a couple of years ago. Wanted to visit a memorable location in Napa along with my parents on their first visit here. I read about this place in Napa that had a wine tasting room and pairing it with chocolate. The reviews online too were really good for the wine tasting room. The place is awesome, it really looks like a castle from the 15th century, which made for some awesome photos. They gave us a tour of the wine making process and then to the tasting room. They set out 3 chocolates, light, medium and dark. The server starts serving wines, and as we were at a particular wine the server would tell us to take a bite of either of the 3 chocolates that pairs with it. A fun experience, although I do prefer cheese or cured meat with my wine, Chocolate is not a bad combination.

Laine Marsh

Heri Cruz was an excellent guide during our visit to Castello Di Amorosa! He was so knowledgeable with a great sense of humor. The castle is so beautiful. I cannot wait to return.

Julie Wasiuk

We really enjoyed the tour. We upgraded to the cave tour and it was pretty interesting. We got to taste straight from the barrel which was also a fun experience. We came in the off season and parking was still a little tough so plan accordingly. -1 because half the wines you taste are white/sweet which isn't really our thing. Still had some great reds though!

Elizabeth Clarke

Tours were so tightly scheduled that our group kept getting interrupted by the tour behind us. When we got to the wine tasting, they did not have enough glasses and the glasses they had clearly had not been washed. Can’t believe I paid $45 rushed tour, and dirty tasting glasses. Save your money and your time for a winery that values its customer experience.

Jasmine Shelton

Yes, of course it’s very beautiful location but .. eh I don’t recommend it. This was my first time to the general Napa area and I was underwhelmed. The castle is built modern day to simulate Tuscany, there are many interns there from different countries coming just to learn the process. But... the wine tasting was just soooo unorganized and chaotic?! We went to a separate tasting room that also has tables for children. A woman brought us over and only allowed us to have 1 sheet of paper for 2 people to choose the wines, which is fine. But, decided to take us to a different room - she brought us over to another man, Alejandro and he started yelling at her saying she’s ’killing him’ she ‘doesn’t make any sense’ ‘kids are not allowed over here.’ Our group of 6 adults we were all starring at each other like what is going on right now? He totally rushed us through our tasting, kept switching our choices and giving me things I did not like - sweet moscatos blah! A different server maybe would have made a difference. $30 for general admission and a tasting I think is totally fair. Otherwise $45 for a guided tour, and $20 of you don’t want a tasting. The animals outside as you exit were nice to watch/look at.

Vanessa Rodriguez

Beautiful place, great wine, and even better staff. Stephen N. was our group tour guide and he was the best, super friendly and knowledgeable. It was definitely busy since it was a Sunday but overall had an amazing time!

Anirudh Mathad

Overpriced Tours. The staff at the gift store is obnoxious and unfriendly. Gets super crowded.Wine is Ok. The Castle is fine. Go for the Castle not the Winery

JD McQueen

Took the basic $30 tour which includes exploring about half the structure plus five wine samples in the drink room. The castle is fantastic and is the real attraction here. Well worth the $. In regards to the sample tastings, not worth the $. Each taste was two or three sips. Less than an ounce. I was surprised at this considering you were paying for that as part of your admission. Our taste lady was polite but came off as stuck up or pretentious. That took all the pleasure out of the tasting session.

Chang Aidan

three Of us went to the wine tasting over the Labor Day weekend. It was a choice of 5 from their wine menu and after we tasted the first wine, Pinot Grigio, wine server(or receptionist) asked how we liked the wine. We thought that the wine was too acidic and told him we didn’t really like it because it was too acidic to our taste. Very rudely, he rolled his eyes and gave us a disgusting facia expression in front of us then he turned around and with the tone of complaining to the other wine server in front of us again that we said the Pinot Grigio was too acidic and his co-worker said “of course it does, it’s Pinot Grigio”. Yes, I heard their conversation loud and clearly and so do other tourists who stood by the corner. I am very shocked that he was so rude and has no tolerance to customer’s thoughts. We don’t drink wine in a daily basis and we were there wishing for some education not discrimination. We were treated with no respect and talk down to us. I really hope someone from the business saw this post and can retrain their staff how to respect people better. On the other hand, The castle was a great visit though.

Anu Reddy

Beautiful & fun place. We did the castle tour with wine & chocolate tasting. Wine was great, tour was average. It's extremely busy and we felt rushed. Go for the beautiful photos & castle experience, but definitely check out smaller wineries while in Napa for a more personal & relaxed experience.

Jeffrey Thompson

Of the over 500 wineries this has to be the most unique and must see place. We purchased the premium tour which lets you visit the dungeons and the underground barrel rooms. We each had 5 wines to taste and with a couple you can make that 10 between you. We are not wine experts but do appreciate a good glass and we kept finding ourselves writing 10 on the ratings box. We had to hold back and purchased 2 of our favorites but could of purchased 10. Highly recommend the tour and just taking in the Castle and the building techniques that it took to create this wonder.

Mr. Curtis

Had a wonderful experience with my wife here and the cask tasting was amazing


The tasting are a bit over priced but you get to see the castle grounds with the same ticket so it worth it. We showed up an hour before they closed and avoided the crowds. Thata the only way to take nice pictures. Its gorgeous. Thank you Chris and Mateo! You guys were great servers.

Fuping Di

a bit expensive and cheesy. But extremely nice bar tenders with different cultural backgrounds. Plus the wines are not bad at all. Good place to go for big drinkers and wine lovers

Sonali Mukherjee

Wonderful experience. Highly recommend this place. Tour guide was very nice, had a great selection of wines for tasting.

Zachary Davis

ITS A TRAP! Poor service if you can even find someone to help you. The woman at the entrance was rude, argumentative, and combative. The tasting room was way too over crowded and the person pouring the wine, after waiting for nearly 30 minutes for a free spot to open up, didn't seem to want to be there and didn't share any information on the wine. Views are beautiful but so are the views at every single other winery in Napa. I will take visitors to see the outside of the castle but describe my previous experience inside, then we always decide to go to places with better wine and amazing service.

Arunangshu Banerjee

Highly overrated place!! For entry, they will charge $40/adult and $30/kid. Adult will get 5 types of wine testing (Cheaper variations only. For higher quality of wine testing, you need to upgrade) ....may be 20 ml each time. For kid ~100 ml grape juice. The bartender was pretty rude. He was like ---guys, don't ask me more than 3 questions, I am doing a favor. Our dressing might have influenced his behavior. We were total 4 people and purchased wine, Souvenir, wine jelly. Gave them valuable business, however overall experience was highly disappointing. 2 star for the castle which is really good, moderately well maintained.

Sean Feybush

Good for the tour. It's something you can enjoy and is fun. Wine is great but a very commercial. Great for parties and large groups

Nate Anderson

Such a unique, memorable and interactive tour. Simultaneously leaning about the castle features and the wine itself kept us engaged the whole time we were there. Wine tasing at the end was, of course, our favorite part. The whole thing seemed larger than life. Our tour guide Gary was hilarious and so much fun. I’d recommend him to anyone.

Ardis Cormier

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I loved it so much I joined the membership. The grounds are lovely and so are the staff.

Nathan Majeski

Awesome one of a kind cool experience. I recommend going off season as I hear they have more guests than any other winery in the world! I love old architecture, even when built recently! Great tasting environment, pretty decent wine!

Kristin Weatherby

Great experience just wish there were dining options and more snacks available for purchase

Dave Wan

Not worth the price to tour the grounds. Unless you've never been to a castle in your life don't bother.

Chantelle Archer

Fantastic tour, the tour guide Jamie who took us around was very knowledgable and also very funny we knew as soon as the tour started we was going to have lots of fun which made it more interesting and made time pass so quickly we didn’t realise the tour had come to an end. Their wines are amazing that we brought 3 of them for that matter. The castle is stunning and the views are breathtaking. For anyone wanting to do a wine tour this is a great place to go!

Muriel Drew

For our anniversary we decided to take a tour of castle. It was awesome. Our guide Jamie was great with his jokes making the tour very interesting.

Chris Villaflor

They have a family room where your kids can color while you wine taste. It’s a win win!

Monica Rivera

Gorgeous place. The castle is super nice, you feel like you’re in a Medieval atmosphere. The tour is great, our guide was the best! It is awesome to go downstairs and see the barrels and you have the wine tasting there too. Wine is pretty good as well. I really recommend it.

Joe Zobkiw

The grounds are nice. The wines are good. The sales pitch was a bit much. Very used-car-like which did not match the atmosphere that this winery tries to invoke.

Tushar Gupta

Our host Jeremy F. was an excellent host. He included my parents into the experience by offering them non alcoholic grape juice! Really sweet! Also his selection of wines was perfect to our taste. We enjoyed ourselves and ended up buying a few.... Thanks Jeremy

Levon Juni

This castle was really nice. I see people complaining about the price of the tour, but if you are wine tasting this place is definitely worth the tour. (Upgrading to reserve is worth it.) I think it is a great story how they imported 300 year old stones, used master masons, and used local slate in the project. The throne room was cool with an imported chimney made in 1447, had underground tunnels and storage rooms with a torture chamber, a weapons room, and dungeon. We cannot wait to come back for the Pagan Ball at Halloween!

Sharon G

Absolutely wonderful place to checkout. If you love history, architecture, and of course wine, you will fall in love with this beautiful castle. I highly recommend taking the tour as it is extremely informative and eye opening. Plus the tour guide, Marianne really made the tour so much more special. You can feel the gusty coursing off the walls. I don’t suggest wearing heels ladies. The walkways are all stone and it will get painful quickly. There’s even a little far with chickens, emus, goats, and others when you are leaving. I would give it more stars if I could.

Kaylee Bass

GO ON A TOUR! My boyfriend and I loved this winery, but if we hadn't gone on a tour it would have been a bit bland. The tour takes you through many parts that are not open to the general admission. We also selected the tour that included tasting of reserve wines, as many as six if you wanted! Our guide, Jamie, was fantastic and taught us not only about the construction of the castle, but the owner, their wine process, and more! My boyfriend, who isn't interested in wine in the slightest also loved this tour and their wines! Definitely worth the money!

Jemellee Manaoat

Beautiful Castle Winery! Plenty of different souvenirs and great wine tasting venue. The staff were super super fun and friendly. I asked to pair my wine with chocolate and they honored my request. Although the place was beautiful and the wine was great, I thought the price for the tasting was a bit pricey! However, buying by the bottle was not priced bad at all. I wish I had more time to hang out and check out the castle. So when you come visit, make sure you have at least 3 hours reserved.

Alexandra Rodriguez

Go see Jamie!!! The tour was amazing and he was so awesome and really funny! One of the best wine tours! We did the premium tour and had a blast! It was so worth it listening to all the history and how they make the wine! Jamie was awesome! Thank you so much!!!


Excellent guided tour by our host, Jason. We did the reserve tasting tour. Well worth the money. The Tuscany castle is a treasure worth touring.

Christopher AD

The castle is amazing to be less than 20 years old. Jamie made our tour more interesting! Tasting tour prices start at $45 per person and takes 1.5 to 2 hours. There is more to see before or after the tour so wait to complete your purchases in the shop until you are ready to leave.

Brad & Camille Watt

Beautiful!! Loved the self guided tour after tasting. Highly recommed tasting the reserve wine selection they are amazing.

Santosh Viswanathan

Horrible experience. We had Erica A from Budapest Hungary as our Wine Expert. She basically yelled at my wife for asking a question about the Wine. She was rude and perhaps a bit tipsy. I would never go back there. Plenty of other people-friendly spots to go to. I regret having driven from down town Napa to go there. The pictures on line were great until you experience an employee like Erica A from Budapest Hungary.

June Davis

Our tour guide Carrie was amazing! She is very knowledgeable with great stories of the castle. Very enjoyable tour ending with excellent wines!

Alpha Chen

A beautiful Italian castle in Napa Valley. All the materials of castle were imported from Italy to make it genuine Italy castle in California. The wines are very good and have got many rewards in various competitions. The only problem is the prices are a little bit too pricey. A must go winery when you go to Napa.


While the castle, wine and the hall was awesome... What was missing was service. The introductions could've been much more entertaining rather than just narration of facts. Worst was the tasting where water was not given to clean the palate. The wines in themselves were good but I've had better experiences in neighbouring places. Needs work in experience part.

prateek dubey

Club Membership Review: Good Red Wines but do not take club membership, they will fill your cellar with the cheapest white wines with a few reds for name sake. Buy the reds when you visit. Stay away from club membership.

Iveth Colin

This is the most beautiful place,it is beautiful on the outside and inside is a trip to the past. the price is accessible. the landscapes are beautiful the sweet wine that you only find here called "la fantasía" is an experience that you must have. 100% perfect.

megan adams

This place is pretty but very busy and very commercialized. We enjoyed the tasting or wines less here than other locations but the grounds were pretty.

Lynda Saxon

Not sure where everyone else went when they have left a review but it wasn't here. Our tour guide could barely speak English. Great for a tour of individuals from Italy, not for people from the USA. From what we could understand all of it was a marketing pitch. Let your wines sell themselves don't tell me how great you think it is. We were told to go here for kids... There was one room that we spent 3 mins in that the kids found interesting. And when we went back to try and see it, we were told to move along and to catch up. The guide promised the kids chocolate which never materialized. Find another experience, if I could give this a negative 5 starts I would.

Harald Swoboda

Tour and tasting were great, please learn to operate your credit card terminal.

Gowri Nataraj

Nice historic castle . Great tasting wines and souvenirs. We went in fall and all the vineyard in front of the castle had amazing yellow and green colors. We took some nice photos here .

Hoang Dang

Really cool to see a real castle. Reminds me of Game of Thrones. It’s a must see if you are visiting San Francisco.

Hubert Lu

Our wine steward is so rude. She even selected wine for us without asking us which one we wanted to taste.

Zinaida Zhukova

Lovely place, looks and smells like authentic Italian castle. Church smells of incense and candles, the great hall of smokiness, cheese and wine. Come for the castle, stay for the wine.

Brian Farris

This is a bucket list destination. If you are looking for an authentic old world experience closer to home this is the place. From mote to torture chamber, from chapel to wine cellar, this reproduction of a 13th century Tuscan castle is the real thing. Many items you'll see were imported from Italy, and details in the stones themselves speak to careful observation of actual history. This is not a "stop if you get a chance" place. Clear a spot on your calendar and make a plan to see this place. And do make a reservation.

johnson koo

It's a actual castle!! I would recommend taking the guided tour. When I went I did a self guided tour which is cool if you want to see the chapel, dining hall, and courtyard. The guided tour had so much more. If you are going for a tasting anyways, the tour is only 10 bucks more. I would recommend going early because the place I popular. Lots of parking. The wine was good and can only be bought on site. They do not sell anywhere else. I would suggest Choosing your own tasting choices. I felt like I was being pushed towards trying to cheaper wines when I left it to suggestion.

Vince T

It’s worth a trip to Castello Di Amorosa for wine tasting. Being there at the castle makes me feel like being in France. We paid $45 per person for reserve wine tasting and we love every bottle of our choices. We bought a bottle of 2013 Il Passito to take home. The server, Kacy P, was so nice and fun to talk to. Guided tours are also available if interested. We had a great time tasting red wines with chocolates.

Donna Fasulo

So Beautiful. We had a female tour guide by the name of TY who was so funny and knowledgeable. She kept us laughing the entire tour. Breathe taking views.

Sharanya V Prasad

Hated this experience. This is going to be a long post. It's a castle -great, but it's so commercial. Tons of people on the day we visited. We were treated very badly by the staff. They made us stand in front of the bar table for the wine tasting. The bartender at the first bar table said -"this spot is reserved, go check if there are more spots available in the other bar table" . After a long wait, we found a spot for the 3 of us to stand. Due to the large number of people, bartender kept going back and forth between us and other groups, with long gaps in between the serves. While we were touring the castle, we sat down in one of the churches and within a minute, a tour guide came and said, "you guys need to clear out, we have a group coming". We may not have taken a guided tour but we did pay for the self tour and that's no way to treat us! There was another tour guide who said to her group when we entered the cellar that she was giving the tour in - guys let's head to this other "chamber" (or whatever) and this is exclusively for you guys since you opted for the guided tour. In all, terrible experience, commercial, will never ever go back to this place


I took my mom here for mothers day and she was SCREAMED at by an employee because she accidentally walked through the wrong door. She was silent the rest of the visit and her mother's day was pretty much ruined. Needless to say I am not overly impressed with this place.

Sarah Ni

Was five, but it's a one-star now. This is my second visit to this winery and it was a very bad experience. My first expensive was honestly quite nice when I visited with my girlfriends, therefore I decided to go again and bring my husband. We don't mind paying a higher admission fee for wine tasting but we want to have a casual/leisure wine tasting experience on wines we like, instead of being forced to taste the wines they can easily sell the most. The lady who served us for wine tasting was quite aggressive. She treated us like dummies who don't know wine as well as she does. She poured us both our first tasting immediately when we started, without asking what our preferences were, and yes, that counted as our first (out of five) tasting. My husband doesn't prefer the first wine and refused to take it (I tasted it, a sweet wine, and my husband doesn't like sweet ones); and we could tell she was not pleased with his answer. After that, she only comes over to serve us when our glasses are empty, and explained the wines we were tasting very impatiently. We overheard a couple next to us we're very confused with what they can/can't taste as she just pour them different ones instead of spending time to understand how they think about the ones they just tried. After our tasting was done, she gave us the ordering and shipping form with a huge smile while saying - it was great having us, etc... but WE WERE NOT HAPPY with her service at all. There's that - our bad experience with the winery. We still agree their wine is decent but their service has certainly gone downhill. Beware.


Let me first preface: I have been here many times and only had an issue once. They are expensive but provide a great tour if everything goes as expected. That said: If I could give these people less than one star I would. I booked a reservation on their mobile website, which took 15 or so tries to load, and when my confirmation finally went through I noticed that it reset the booking to the current day. I called and asked for a refund so I could re-book for the correct day and was told to deal with it. Not only was this a terrible experience, but their "customer service" or lack thereof, really shines through here. Rest assured the $250 they took from me will guarantee I never go back.

zsa zsa sloan

Loved this place! The scenery is beautiful! The wine is delicious! The tour was wonderful! The people were so nice!

Monica Crider

Wow.. so beautiful!!! I can’t wait to come back for another amazing visit.

Kham ho

Such a beautiful castle and grapes are also so sweet, will recommend this to all wine lover


A wonderful old castle with much history behind it. Take the tour to do the underground wine cellars, with many places to stop and take pictures. The wine tasting at the end was fun, which led to the purchasing of a couple of bottles. A great day to spend three to four hours at easily. Also do the tour of the many different wineries in the area. The surrounding countryside in between each winery is spectacular and beautiful for photography as well. I highly recommend visiting Napa valley.

Dennis Ye

A must visit in Napa valley. Very unique setting with a wide selection of wines to taste or purchase.

Michelle G

Overly crowded, not a personal experience, high admission prices for kids who have a sip of juice. Pretty scenery, but definitely overrated.

jovita cardenas

Best experience. Il Pasito, my favorite wine along with La Fantasia. It's arquitecture, art it's a must see. Best winery.

Beth B

The castle was nice, and I understand they were busy, however we felt so unwelcome there. There were way too many kids, seriously parents? It is a winery. When we made our way up to the bar, the person offering the tastings was so rude. Didn't talk to us about the wines at all and treated us like we were inconveniencing him. I understand about being busy (it was Labor Day weekend), however I have worked in wineries before and I still smiled and made people feel welcomed. For as many trips as we take to Napa and the amount of wine we purchased over this weekend, I was excited about visiting this winery and seeing what we can bring home. After the rude way we were treated, and after learning nothing of the wine from the person doing the tasting, we did not purchase any bottles for ourselves. Honestly, we are never going to go back. We had a much better time at a smaller winery just down the road! The one star is for the scenery and the animals outside of the castle.


The exterior was amazing and reminded me of the castles in Germany during my military tour. The tour itself was very crowded and they wanted $30.00 per person so the view from the outside which was free was wonderful.

Gail Thompson

Great tasting wine, excellent service. Loved the scenery and exotic animals. Bought 2 cases of wine and will be going back someday.

Anne Schumann

This was a bit like the Disney World of our Napa tour, overpriced, overcrowded and overwhelming. It dazzles at first, but then you realize maybe it's not so great after that first impression wears off. The wine guide was pleasant and knowledgeable, but there were just too many people here to enjoy ourselves. And just like Disney they herd you out through the gift shop at the end. Save your money and go someplace where the focus is more on the wine and less on the spectacle.

Andrzej Waszkiewicz

What a fine place to visit and the scenery is right out of a book or a movie. Amazing experience just to explore the site and if you like white semi sweet and sweet wine you will like this place.

Peter A. Morrell

A touch of Europe in the Heart of Napa I could write a whole blog on the experience of visiting this winery, but I'll try to keep my review short. I have heard of Castello di Amorosa over the years as I've been to the Napa region a few times. Earlier this year I decided to actually visit this wonder of the region. Luckily, I signed up for the Napa Valley Wine Trolly tour and made sure it included a 'Trip to the Castle'. I was not really sure what to expect as I had seen many photos and reviews, but nothing captures the true nature of the winery. This is a huge property, it is very unique in terms of the actual design of the Main building, and well it has great wines. Let's start with the long winding road to the castle with varietals all over the hills and fields. When you start to see the castle it is truly a majestic scene. Once you arrive in the parking and there is quite a huge parking area, you can see the front of the castle and take in its magnitude. Once you start walking towards the castle you can see more and more of the castle. Once inside you will find so many different rooms, a chapel, a great room, a massive dining hall, and miles and miles of tunnels and walkways beneath the castle housing several wine rooms, barrels, there is a torture chamber, jail cells, a dungeon and more as walk down level after level underground. What is unique about this castle is that the owner truly replicated a European castle. All of the stones that were used to build the castle were imported from Europe. literally, tens of thousands of stones and brick were used in the construction. It's truly a marvel to witness. Now for the wines. You can experience wine tastings, either through a visit or through booking a tasting or attending an event. This winery has several varietals and as you walk around the property you will see the vats outside, and the thousands of barrels of new wines and vintage that are stored there. My tour included a tasting and there were some very good wines that I was able to try, I also opted for the Vintage wine tasting which was only 15 dollars extra and was able to taste some truly exceptional wines. There are many activities that you can experience at the winery. You can do the tour, attend a tasting, tour the vineyards and shop for wines or other related items at the massive gift shop. If you're in Napa Valley, keep this winery on your list of places to visit. You can spend a whole day there, there is that much to see and do.

Eduardo Bukele

Nice place but access is very limited.

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