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Our tasting guide did a great job. We learned a lot about Cakebread and she did a good job answering our questions. Cakebread wines are always reliable. We sampled several wines in the barrel storage facility. Had a great time.

brittany martin

Katie is the BEST!!! You must come here!! Great people and wine! DON’T MISS OUT ON THE BEST WINERY!!! Yes

Brittany Lauren Henson

Highlight of our Napa Trip. Cakebread has been one of my favorite wines for quite some time now so I knew this had to be a stop on our day trip to Napa. After reading some negative reviews, I was a little nervous as to how it would actually turn out, especially being there were some others along with who had not tried their wine or been to Napa as well. Our time spent at Cakebread was perfect. We started at Cakbread with the 10:15am tour/tasting. We were welcomed with a "Welcome Wine" while we waited for our guide (some people have made comments about the size of the pours, after visiting other establishments I feel as though it really was an average pour). Our guide, Barrett took us to the vineyards, then through the lovely garden and then we were brought through the process of the wine making for both the reds and whites. Barrett was great, and always made sure our group had wine in our glasses! Definitely will be coming back, especially to see the new construction.

Roland Bryan

I ordered three bottles of wine from Cakebread Cellars and they sent it to the wrong address. When I called to inquire where the wine was they told me I was not in there system and it was my job to recover the wine and not their problem. Their wine in very good but their customer service is atrocious. I am very disappointed and I will never order from them again.

Yadira Zapata

Not friendly hosts at all

Jen San Jose

Make sure before going to make an appointment for tasting!! Claire was super helpful and knowledgeable about the different wines and making sure to explain the blends and where the grapes were sourced from. Awesome time there. Super friendly to military servicemembers. FYI: no pets or outside alcohol welcomed.

Larry Ross Jr.

Great wine and food pairing experience with Amy! Seriously delicious food...and even better wine.

Baptiste S

Probably one of the best wineyard in the Valley, staff is so nice and knowledgeable. Authentic!

Matt Hochstetler

Cool people and great value for the dollar. I was actually very very impressed with the value per dollar in the merlot (albeit jammy) and the cab. Tour guide was a bit inexperienced but fine. Cool walk around. Good value for the dollar. You will not lose money with this wine. Upper mass market.


Ronald Anderson

Great wine, great place!

Joe & Mariel

Mend Stern

Rits M

For me this place is cute and they have a strong brand message that helps you identify product and process. However, it's a smaller vineyard and I didn't like the wines themselves as much. The layout is cute though and much more manageable if you want a smaller vineyard. I like the main barn and all the staff here is super friendly - I would go so far as to say friendlier than other places and more accommodating. Additionally they all really believe in the brand promise and you will see that through the tasting menu. the people were really helpful and seemed consistent with the story and brand promise. Sadly these wines are not for me, but overall, a great experience.

Rachel Ezell

We had a scheduled tasting. We got there early and they were unable to accommodate us early. We had to sit around for 45 min with only a “splash of wine” to hold us over. The wine was nice. I do wish there was room to sit inside and hang out. The facilities were pretty basic.

roberto rivas

Kate Hartwell Jensen

Fabulous & Delightful experience! Did a red wine private tasting. Don was entertaining & extremely knowledgeable.

Bianca Taylor

Beautiful grounds. We did the tasting only of select wines, but we were also given a mini tour which was unexpected. Their wines were very refreshing and very enjoyable. I was a fan of the Syrah.

Zachary J Burton


Keith Winston

Best chard in napa

Jordan Gary

This was our first stop on our Napa winery tour and we lucked out. Our group got a beautiful tasting outside by a very knowledgable and friendly member of the Cakebread family who walked us thru not only all of their wines, but a ton of questions about winemaking and the Napa valley region. We enjoyed their wines and the garden next to the tasting area. Unfortunately, we didn't like their wines enough to buy them, but they are available nationally.

rosemary stabile

Naki N

We came here for the Reserve tasting. Our guide was a lovely Scottish woman who was very knowledgeable about wine. We had a brief tour of the grounds before moving on to the tasting. We really enjoyed the wines we tasted and we ended up buying a couple of bottles to take home. Cakebread also make delicious olive oil, which was a nice surprise for us. We also bought a bottle of that too.

Scott Eddy

Great place for a wine tasting, very informative guide. And their new facilities are almost done, looking very impressive.

Lily Wong

We were lucky Cakebread was able to squeeze us (a party of 5) in for a tasting same day we called to inquire. Since the wine tasting cellar is under renovation, we had our tasting conducted outdoors starting in their garden! It was the best experience as we were encouraged to try the basil and sweet cherry tomatoes to cleanse our pallets in between the pours. We also had a chance to eat the grapes, apples and sunflower seeds in between pours. Thank you for such a unique experience!

Laurie Dumais

A fabulous winery tour. Nick was super knowledgeable!

Nick Balestino

Consistently good wines. Fun tasting room experience. You do need to schedule a tasting reservation but it’s well worth it. Definitely one of our favorite wineries in Napa.

Jolie Patel

Lisa Chatfield

Not a fan of the wines or the experience

Steven Adams

Lisa Barnes

Paddy Arunachalam

Barrett, thanks for being a wonderful host! Fantastic property and family friendly tour. My 4 year old had so much fun. The Merlot and the Pino were the pick of the lot. Also, thanks to the front desk person who was kind enough to accommodate us last min. We appreciate the hospitality very much. Will certainly be back.

Marc Marco

Judy Trout

John Lee

Awesome experience with knowledgeable staff

Kristina Daily

Wonderful wines! Intimate wine tasting experience. You need to make a reservation, but it is well worth it!!

Daniel Foster

Ali Price

One of the best and most informative tastings I've ever experienced in almost a decade of regular trips to Napa. Delicious wines, incredible service, and a very unique tasting experience.

John Welch

Chelsea was just great with the tasting

Alexander Davison

Great wine. Griffin gave a great tasting and was very knowledgeable about the wine

Elliott Hudak

Great experience with a red wine tasting with Sam. Wish we had done a full tour of the vineyard. Another reason to come back for a visit in addition to the amazing wines!

Harry Hwang



Very friendly staff

Barbara Cote

Smooth. Clean. Fruity. Dry excellent best tasting Chardonnay that I have experienced

Nathan Akers

Nici Hinkel

Our first stop in wine country and I loved it!!! Awesome tour guide who explained everything perfectly and the best wines!!!

kenji song

Good place

J. Yenerall

Went there to celebrate with my fellow Air Force friends. The older woman with dark hair was a hot mess and see we were ready to taste and spend money at your winery but when she insisted that the glasses were not for sale then a white couple behind is were able to purchase...i almost lost it on her. The young lady jumped in and gave us two for free along with a couple of other goodies. Everyone knew we were there for a birthday celebration, they knew we were retired military, and they knew we were there to have a great time but I cannot get over the blatant disregard for my friends who are African American...its a shame lady you need to find a job that fits you, not the other way around! Will never purchase their wine again.

martin gregory

Ping Fu

Great wines and beautiful landscapes

David Whitten

Napa's best winery experience

Eliseo Sanchez

Open but under construction

todd carbo

Selena Yang

The Sauvignon Blanch is delicious

Lord Birdish 1337

As an educator, (I own Mt. George Elementary), I greatly appreciate the food and service, but the head chef keeps his adopted albino african child in a constant state of starvation.

Olivier Ifrah

Hayden Jones

Ken Suzuki

Jonas Pettersson

Justincase Weego

Justin Manikas

Stephen Gardner

Great venue, amazing wines of course.

Cross Ganaway

Great tour by knowledgeable staff. This is a beautiful property some friends recommended we visit and I'm passing it on. Cakebread is well worth your time.

David Langhofer

George Chen

Great wines and reasonably priced tasting packages. However, it's was a bit straight to the point - whereas many wineries in the area do a lot more to educate/entertain guests.

Antonio Canseco

Raymond Rifenburg

Wonderful wines, fantastic staff, great place to sit and sip.

Henry Martinez

Our group took an in depth tour. Fantastic wine tasting and great knowledge gained! Also, kudos to you for having a level 2 electric car charger!

Trieu Xuan Uyen

Cakebread Cellars

Andrea Schulz

Arrogant host and hostess. Won't let a non-drinker accompany you. Didn't bother tasting here when there are so many other solid options - Alpha Omega is just down the road and is a superior winery without the attitude.

Anthony Ruozzi

Being our first time in Napa, my friends and I wanted to see both the boutique type and the big boys in wine making. Cakebread was great. Our guide Bob was excellent. We had a lot of questions during our tour about a few different wines so at the end we were given a few extra samples. Well worth the money and the time.

Luis Morales

Bobbie Williams

We did the red wine tasting and were happy with the presentation and education behind the wines. We would have liked a little more wine :)

Joel Palmer

Amazing wines, gorgeous grounds, and fantastic events.

Christina Kyle Casteel

Wonderful experience! Dennis Cakebread and his team were so friendly and accommodating. We were there during Crush which made the experience so much sweeter. It would be difficult to find wines better than those made by the Cakebread Family...if they exist at all!

Patricia Kopec

We had a fantastic tour at Cakebread! From the moment you walk in you can feel the family vibe. Lisa, our tour guide, was knowledgeable, friendly, and a pleasure. You can tell the attention to detail and love they put into their wine. Don helped us out at the end and again made us feel like family. Highly recommend coming here! Not to mention the wine is amazing!!

Jim Ancel

Cynthia Marchant

Joshua Jackson

Joseph Zhan

Heath Grant

Joel Albert

We visited on June 7th, 2018 and Barrett was our sommelier. He was amazing! Right from the start we hit it off. Luckily for us tasting group was small - just the two of us. Barrett took some extra time talking with us and we thoroughly enjoyed the wines, but also his enthusiasm, knowledge, humor, and energy. To start the tasting we walked out past the vineyards and Barrett took some time to talk about the winemaking process with us, and how the grapes are grown and harvested. He also discussed the goal for each plant and how sun, water (lack of), soil, temperature, etc affects the grapes. He really impressed us with his knowledge of the Valley, the history, and we really enjoyed his personal story. Cakebread was HIGHLY recommended to us by some friends, and the experience explains why. We bought a nice bottle of the “aged” 2011 Chardonnay (a special year for us). Upon returning we just enjoyed it last night and WOW, it was even better than during the tasting. During our 7 day visit, Barrett made this one of most enjoyable vineyard tasting experiences. We will be joining their wine club and we will be sure to make this a stop every time we visit Napa. - Joel & Carolyn Frederick, Maryland

Alan W.

Been a member here for almost 2 years, and I can honestly say I have never had a bad experience. The staff are always friendly, and the wines are always amazingly. They might not all tickle your palate, but there will always be at least a couple that will satisfy you. The only downside is they are by appointments only, so make sure you call ahead and set an appointment up.

Jody Resnick

How can you not love cakebread?! As a fan of all things white and rosé the tour and tasting were very well balanced between reds and whites. It was informative but bit pushy. Highly recommend.

Thomas Nourse

Janis Varney

Amazing wine and amazing people.

Michael Black

What a poor experience. We were treated like we didn't matter. When we arrived I found out it was a $15 tasting fee and asked the person at the front desk if there was a better tasting we could do. Cakebread was my wife's favorite wine so I wanted the best experience possible and was willing to spend a lot more money. The response from the guy at the front: "What, are our wines not good enough for you?". That really threw me because it wasn't a joke - he was deadpan and snobby. He didn't listen when I politely rephrased to ask if there was a more expensive tasting with more rare wines. He literally turned away while I was talking and ignored me. Then he said "Here's a white" and poured a tiny pour without any introduction. We thought it was just something to sip until our tasting began - nope - it was the first wine on the list. No intro, no smile, nothing. We didn't even know what it was. We got to the tasting and the staff member said "we have five wines for you today" and we were surprised. We said we thought there were six, she looked at us like we were dumb and said "you just had one of them". What? Four of the other people in our tour were also surprised because they had been treated similarly to us. It wasn't just us, everyone was having the same experience. The pours were extremely light and we were not allowed to revisit any wines. When we asked if we could, we were told "No, we don't do that". The whole tasting had the vibe of "hurry up and get out, we don't need you, you need us, quit asking questions and be thankful we're pouring you a half oz". Here's the thing Cakebread: We - your customers - have what you need... money. You were such a huge disapointment to my wife that you won't be getting any more money from us. Your brand is now associated with disapointment. You made my wife sad because you treated her like she didn't matter. You were her favorite wine. She'd been looking forward to a tasting at your facility for months and you totally let her down. When I think of your label I now think of the disappointment in my wife's eyes. I hope the actual Cakebreads read this and make a real change to how the staff treats the customers. When staff treats customers poorly, it's a manifestation of a systemic morale problem and not an easy fix. I hope you still care enough to fix it. You just lost two long-time devoted customers. When people ask us how our trip to Napa was we'll be answering that it was great EXCEPT for our huge disapointment in Cakebread. Two stars because the wine was good as expected but overall we left with a sour taste that will stick with us.

André Bernini

Sarah Lutz

Ben Cahalan

Excellent staff, very broad selection offered for our tasting, discovered some nice hidden gems!

Elena Bottari-Smith

Cakebread Cellars is a beautiful setting with an amazing garden and equally amazing wines. The customer service is exceptional. We didnt want to leave and will definitely be back.

Katie Dunn

We were able to snag a tasting on a Saturday morning even though we called on Friday. The woman who led our tasting was friendly and knowledgeable. Cakebread wine is awesome, but this is a nice spot to come and enjoy their garden and outdoor seating if you’re members. They have a large construction project underway which looks like it will add a lot of space- can’t wait to see what it will be like once complete!

Melissa Simpson

This is the 1st wine club my boyfriend and I joined. We went back in Dec on a Gilt voucher for a food & wine paring. We love wine country & couldn't believe we didn't know about this place. We were blown away with the great wine & the excellent pairing by their chief for each one. This place is a gem that we will continue to enjoy for years to come.

Yvette Ngo

The wines here are great, but there's not much else to look at on the grounds. Nowhere to hang out with friends other than the counter where the tastings are held. Our host was not very attentive either. You need reservations and even though we had one, they were running behind on time. I did like the l high quality wine glasses we got to go with the tastings, however. We use them almost every time we drink wine!

Trace Richard

J Smith

This was one of the best wine tasting experiences in Napa Valley! The wines are, of course, excellent but what really stood out was the customer service. They are really talented, very welcoming, and offered to share as much about the wine making experience as we wanted. I also loved that no one pushed us to buy any wine afterwards. But again, the wines are fabulous at Cakebread so we took a couple of bottles home. Would go again and again!

Mac Gardner

Richard Flathmann

Superb wine but expensive. We didn't have an appointment but the gentleman at the front desk gave the four of us a free taste of their Cabernet. Out of this world good!

Peter Lindell

(Translated by Google) Fine (Original) Fint

Sarah Mountford

The wines are amazing, the service and tastings were done very well. Lovely people

Shannon Kelly

Good wines, member tasting room is lovely, and the garden is beautiful. The main tasting area is chilly though, which is probably fantastic on a warm summer day.

Brandon Stricklin

My wife and I chose to visit Cakebread for the first tasting of the day and it was a wonderful experience. We chose to do the white wine tasting and it ended up being a private tasting with just the two of us. Even though we were just doing the white tasting we were still offered some reds if we wanted to try them. Exceptional experience and beautiful property!

Wallace Wang

Super duper family owned warm nice. Amy front desk squeezed us in for wine tasting. And Jacob was beyond helpful friendly and knowledgeable about wines. We got free wine glasses from them even. We ended up buying two bottles from them. Our favorite winery in all of Napa!!!

Abby Ellsworth

Carlos Heffe-Alvarez

THE brand name in wines in the Napa valley - and there's a reason why. It's exceptional, the wines are valued perfectly, and their Merlot will knock your socks off with a peppery taste that's not overbearing, but interesting. Aged perfectlly, they will always get 5+ stars for their wines!

Carmen García Rebollar

(Translated by Google) In June 2019 the visit was great. Complete, by all dependencies and with a lot of information. It attracts attention so much wood in the construction. With a tasting in each room with the wine at its point, transported in a portable refrigerator by the hostess. (Original) En junio 2019 la visita fue estupenda. Completa, por todas las dependencias y con mucha información. Llama la atención tanta madera en la construcción. Con una cata en cada ambiente con el vino en su punto, transportado en una nevera portátil por la presentadora.

John Kimbrough

A true must visit to a legend in Napa. Beautiful grounds and the wines to match. Best w/ reservations

Katie Rubel

Definitely one of our favorite wineries. The one on one tasting experience is very well done (and reasonably priced), the staff is kind and knowledgeable, and the wines are excellent. We didn't schedule the tour, but wish we had because the grounds are beautiful. Would absolutely go back again.

Dickson Fung

Bill Kuhl

Misha Miles-Burgard

Super friendly staff. Wines are awesome in taste. A must "stop" if in Napa Valley.

Magaly Saldivar

Valerie Tsang

Beautiful property and check-in area for tasting tour. The cork ceiling is incredible! Being handed a glass of wine prior to the beginning of the tour is a great start! The tour leaders are very knowledgeable and talking to the cellar workers provides deeper insight. As our tour leader said, it's like a Disneyland for adults! Love the grand garden outside too.

Cheryl Heinbaugh

Relaxed and fun!

Laeun Sung

It was good. Average. Decent. Would I ever stop in again? Afraid not. Too much of a sales pitch for me.

Yixi Battaglia

Joan Falleiro

I liked the landscaping but didn't care for the wines

Neil Ford

Best Chardonnay!

Ashley Arbgast

Vijay Patel

Unpresumptuous wine tasting. Great tour guide. Great value.

Shane Miller

Always a great time....

David Bair

Skip by all the rest, but DO NOT miss the best in Napa Valley. Their finish is like velvet....reds or white. Go there for the wine, but don't skip the tour. Very nice and knowledgeable staff.

Andrea Locke

We thoroughly enjoyed our wine tasting appointment during our first ever visit to the Napa Valley area. Tom Schetter was our host and he was personable and knowledgeable without being pushy. We signed up for the wine club and had an incredible experience that we didn't want to end that day. It was one of the most memorable days of our vacation. Thank you!

Dave Audriana

One name: JACOB! What an incredible host. He completely made our experience at Cakebread. As our last stop of the day, we had our share of wine and our expectations were high. Jacob welcomed us, entertained us, and gave us the best time we ever could have asked for. Additionally, one of his colleagues gave my friend a complimentary tasting of one of their higher-end wines which was incredibly kind. You can't do Napa without doing Cakebread!

Matt Werner

My wife and I brought my parents here for a tour, what an incredible experience. The staff was extremely friendly, professional and knowledgeable. The grounds were breathtaking, especially the garden area, but the wine was absolutely delicious. Make sure to put this on your list of stop while in the area!

charles McKenna

Very knowledgeable and accommodating folks.

justin wise

Aaron Agustin

Un buen lugar turístico para visitar

Joe Bolton

Eric Marhofer

Christine Snyder

So fun! We got to try grapes right off of the vine, beautiful gardens and a peek inside the barrel room. The wines are a great value and so so good!

Travis Duncan

Definitely worth a visit if stopping through napa

Jake Kalifornia

They consistently produce some of the best Chardonnays in the Valley. I try and pick up a couple of bottles whenever I visit Napa. They seem to change up the tours and tasting every couple of years. Some tours/tastings have been better than others, but it is worthwhile if you are on the fence about buying something.

Tami Holzman

Favorite place in Napa. Great wine, beautiful setting, and friendly staff

Sergey Shevchenko

This was a pretty unusual and great wine tasting experience. They took us on a mini-tour of the nearby vineyard where we tasted the wines from the flight, listened to stories about Cakebread itself, its vinyards, and wine making process, and — most impressive of all — picked and tasted the actual Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes straight off the vines (!), as well as cherry tomatoes in a tiny garden next to the vineyard. The wines themselves were no less impressively than the tour, especially the 2014 Merlot, which was unexpected given that Cakebread is generally considered a Chardonnay and other whites shop.

João Pedro Monteiro

Jon Caborn

One of the best tasting experiences in Napa. Our guide was amazing. She gave us a tour while trying wines at different locations on the property. Educational, entertaining and amazing value. Can't wait to go back!

Kathryn Wiley

The tasting with Summer was fun and generous pours. Wandered the beautiful grounds. Late fall is a gorgeous time in the valley!

Jay Yeosin

My goodness this winery is so beautiful! This is a must stop when you are in Napa. I've always left with a case of wine whenever I visited this gorgeous place! I recommend their Chardonnay, if you find yourself lost and not much of an expert in wine. Also, don't forget to schedule your tour online!

Kari Ehm

I really like the winery's grounds and the look of the place. The wine was delicious, but we did feel a little like cattle as they moved us from place to place in the winery. It felt a little less personal than normal wine tastings.

Don Farnsworth

Just had a fantastic tour from Ana! Cakebread is a must stop anytime you are here. Very educational. Mot to mention the delicious wines. Highly recommend.

Lakhwinder Kaur

Anthony Wong

Excellent tour, good value and great wine. Worth a visit as its one of the smaller wineries that make wine the right way.

Tina Chan Ling

David Patrickson

This was an amazing experience. Summer gave us a great explanation of the different wines and her personality is great. Will definitely be back for more wine and fun.

Robert Johnson

I have been a long time customer and lover of this establishment since it opened! I used to come over from the mainland to see my parents and are first stop would be to go to Hot Chocolate to pick up some of there delicious decedent treats and then walk along 5th street. When I heard they were opening up Cake Bread I was delighted and I am never disappointed! They're plenty to help even with all the hustle and bustle of people in and out. My old favourite is the White Chocolate Raspberry Scone! Yum! I recently went to taste test the plethora of different oils and vinegars they have and went home with some white truffle oil and huckleberry balsamic vinegar. They did not disappoint!

Brian Sapp

Wesley Herman

Gerardo Ramirez

Adam Harris

Cakebread!!! Whoop whoop!! If you're going to Napa and haven't been here, you need to do it. You'll need to make reservations, but if you're a baller like me (aka forgot to make reservations) and walk up, they **might** be able to slip you in with another group. Their chardonnays are off the chart good (especially their Reserve varieties). Staff is knowledgeable and more than happy to answer your questions. Unfortunately the tasting/tour fee can not roll into your wine purchase. Boo.

Gil Cervelli

If you don't like Cakebread you don't like Napa wine. An inexpensive 6 wine tasting was a highlight of the day

Colin Braley

Don (our wine educator) was great! Highly recommend

Tonya Powell

Melissa O'Hara

We booked an 8 person tasting reservation in October for birthday celebrations and were paired with Jessie. She was personable, friendly and enthusiastic along with sharing all the Cakebread Origin stories. We highly recommend her for your tasting experience and were able to celebrate HER birthday there too! She wasn't pushy and it was a very enjoyable experience. She even let us taste the grapes! 10/10 would visit again when they finish the expansion of the visitors center!

Michael Urioste

Great food, fantastic wine!

Ken Straus

Been drink Cakebread wine for 20. We had a reservation for 7 I was the 8th, the driver and wanted to walk along. The guy at desk was very rude and said I couldn’t walk along because a group of 8 required a private reservation. Will not drink their wine in the future and will never return to winery.

lick lickerson

Wow just amazing, small but the atmosphere makes up for it. The burger Is the perfect size, strangely enough poppyseed bun went well with it since I've never really liked the taste.

Marie Hewitt

Great service and fantastic wines

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