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REVIEWS OF Astor Wines & Spirits IN California

Ebony Evans

Unbelievably rude staff. Arrived 3 minutes to closing. Politey asked for the store telephone number. Which I’ll need to come back tomorrow for. I asked again to clarify. Person in the photo turned his back on me. I’ll try and update tomorrow after I’ve spoken with a more helpful member of staff. Shame as they’ve been recommended and I’ve travelled from London England.

Daniel B

Incredible selection of wine and spirits. The staff here are very knowledgeable and friendly and are more then happy to talk about any of the products. They regularly have tasting of new products which are definitely worth checking out.

Jessica Boulet

Great selection (not overly commercial not overly niche), decent prices and fairly knowledgeable and always-friendly staff.

Samuel Howard

Spacious and clean store with an excellent selection. Many hard to find spirits are available. Staff is helpful with wine suggestions. Will deliver.

Jay Shull

Great selection, fair prices.

Colin Adams

Great selection of spirits, incredibly friendly staff. Usually happy to let you try some new things they have open.

Alex Levine

Great selection of liquor and decent prices as well


I love the selection of wine and booze...they have many choices and aisles nicely displayed and stocked, the associates are very helpful, but I rarely need any help since I often snatch up a bottle Mellow Corn and Old Granddad (Bottled in Bond) which are super duper awesome!

Charle-John Cafiero

Always can find good french Bordeaux mid price and bargain prices if you choose. Had a very helpful young man who had some knowledge and was extremely helpful to find what I was looking for. Been going here for many years

Shaun Skura

This is the GREATEST wine and liquor shop in the city. The staff has yet to fail me on recommendations and they have everything you need and everything you didn’t know you needed. Located in the heart of NoHo and offering delivery throughout the city! Routine tastings and purveyors will show on weekends to engage and educate. The best, always!

Arturo Haney

This place is like the Wal-Mart of Wines and Spirits for real. They it all and it's a huge inventory that makes it hard to pick from their selections. You could get lost in this place lol.

Susanna Rhee

Astor is a wine lovers haven in NoHo. There are a most always some tastings happening and the staff are very knowledge and friendly as well. The wine selection is huge and they also stock every other kind of liquor that you could possibly want. The prices are good for Manhattan.

Giovanna Barletta

This place is like heaven. They have an extensively selection of both wines from the different part of the world and spirits of any kind. The 'Staff Pick" item are always worth to try and price positioning is competitive.

Peter Ford

Good prices and helpful information on wine and whiskey. Extensive selection. The place.

Carlos Ozuna

Price and selection of whiskey is unbeatable anywhere in manhattan. Staff always helpful

Mark Talavera

One of my most favorite wine and spirits stores in NYC . Incredible and vast selections of old world and new world wines and Spirits. Knowledgeable staff and eager to help .

Dorothy Lewis

Fab selection so I grabbed 2 nice reds; French & Italian, to take to my hosts. We drank the Italian with pasta & I left the finer French for them for another occasion.

Christophe Cochon

You can find anything there for good price!

Andy Oh

Best selection in town. And terrific staff.

stefano antonio arcoleo

Nice wine store good price to....

Rafael Gavartin

Wow. I never had such a bad wine experience. Decided to follow staff picks, spent $200 and Im sorry- that was bad! Staff has no clue about wine! I feel so sad to have such an experience not to mention my money loss. Never again. Please do not follow staff picks and save your money.

Allen Li

Such an extensive selection of spirits - you will not be disappointed!

Damian M Driver

Nice wine shop. Large selection of different wines and spirits. Staff was very helpful. You can also get things like cork screws, round or square ice molds, spouts for bottles, and corks.

Bryan Lindner

I go to Astor whenever I can - not only are they the best prices around (I know it seems backwards - how could a Manhattan store have the lowest prices?!), but they have extraordinarily knowledgeable and attentive staff who actually love their jobs. With the largest selection of sherries (way beyond just sweet ones), antique spirits/amari and just proper wine in general, ya cant help but go! Don't be turned off by any wines that are under $10, because at Astor that means they've tasted hundreds of other options and decided that these select under $10's are worthy of being sold at Astor. Cheers!

Jenny Butch

Amazing selection and friendly customer service.

Connor Roach

Huge selection of wine and spirits. Will find what you want 99% of the time

Lisa Love

They have everything. So many wines at great prices. Something for everyone.

Sabrina Cheng

they deliver and have descriptive captions to the wine, sake, spirits available. Great place to order hard to find wine, cases of liquor. They deliver and that is outstanding. The staff is attentive, bright, knowledgeable and smart! Definitely recommend this shop to anyone who possesses a refined wine and liquor palate! Five stars always!

J.M. Drake

One of the largest and best stocked wine and spirits stores in Manhattan. Excellent selection and unbeatable prices.

Nick Barber

Great sales reps who were very knowledgeable and recommended a couple great wines for our wedding!

Bernard Zimmerman

Good selection of wine and whiskey.Prices have increased since my last visit.

Andy Dremeaux

One of the best liquor stores in the country. Incredible selection and hand written tasting notes of every bottle in the place! Unprecedented. Very fair prices to boot.

Alan Bemben

The store has a terrific selection and very good prices for a Manhattan store. The aisles are wide and easy for you to browse. The selection of wines, liquors, and whiskeys is excellent allowing almost all but the pickiest people to find a favorite or new item to try. Excellent staff too. I highly recommend this store

Carena Thompson

I went in on a busy Saturday with a friend of mine looking to buy a bottle of congratulatory champagne. I walked in and the place was very busy but still not very loud. There were at least three different tastings going on. I believe two wines and maybe some liquor. The staff is always very friendly and knowledgeable. I walked right up to one of the gentleman that works there, as he was working on something else and asked him about which bottle of champagne I should get. He immediately knew exactly what champagne would suut the occasion and described its qualities and price point. Walked in and out in under 15 minutes for both of us to get everything we needed. Thank you!

Eric E

Nice big store with a very nice collection of spirits and wines good choice of bourbons and rums particularly moderate prices . There's another liquor store on Broadway which is cluttered and over priced . I will definently be adding to my home bar .They also have high end booze ranging in price from 200.00 on up for select limited stuff. Few places garner a 5 star this place comes close !


Nice place to buy Natural Wine.

Karan Makhija

Great selection of wines from all over the world

Hans Kamerlander

My favorite Wine STORE in N. Y. I will never betray you. See you soon !

Stephen Sheets

Best wine shop in the city. Amazing selection of both wine and liquor. Great prices.

Tyler Akidau

Love this place. Great selection of wines. Lots of well priced Barolos, Chiantis, Riojas, and tons of other stuff. Pretty decent whiskey selection too.

Arnaud Derasse

One of the best spirits shop I know in NYC. They have literally everything you can think of and the personnel is helpful.

Charlie Backus

Amazing selection, plus friendly and knowledgable staff.

Victor Xiong

This wine store has huge collections of wines and spirits. I was looking for Japanese sake like Dassai 23, and I walked in this place and found quite a few different sakes including Dassai. The price was also reasonable. Very happy experience, definitely gonna come back for more wines.

Peifeng Liu

Best place to get sake I've found locally.

Valerie K

Have my favorites, great selection

Jessica Cayer

They have good inexpensive selections as well as those hard to find fancy selections.

Xi Lin

always good and helpful staff for choosing your wine as a gift, never disappointed

patrick belli

Endless selection of any and all alcohols.

Vic Tam

Good choice of wine, very friendly stuff. We buy quite often from Astor in NoHo. There is always wine we would like to get. This place often have some tests going on .

Owen Craig

Best liquor store I've found in Manhattan. Incredible selection and very reasonable prices. They always have some items indicated as "staff picks" , which help with deciding and have never steered me wrong.

Jeffrey Yung

Great selection at great prices.

Lisa Standke

Fantastic selection across the board, especially for their liquor section. While their prices are still New York City prices, they're generally the most affordable overall if you're planning on getting multiple things. I finally found the rums I was looking for for a price that wasn't massively marked up, and there's liqueurs I can't find anywhere else in the city. Their staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and their frequent tastings are always a nice plus.

Shawn Williams

This business was good to check out. They have a large section of spirits and would be hard not to find what you are looking for. In addition, they ship. I was able to send something to someone I know in Missouri at a low cost and it was there within a desired timeframe.

Amanda Holz

Huge and well-stocked liquor store, with helpful staff.

Justin Kiena

Great wine store. Helpful staff. I went for a very specific bottle of wine, asked for help at the info desk, and was immediately walked over to it. was even introduced to another wine from the same vineyard/winery. Out of the way for me, so I cant say when I'll be back, but if I lived in the area it would be my go to spot.

Jorge Pellicier

Good place to buy liquor

Vivienne Van Do

One of the best wine stores in nyc. It’s so massive. Huge selection and you feel super special being inside. It’s easy to visit and not pretentious. Great place for celebrity sightings too, but please leave them alone.

Owlie Ru

Astor Wines & Spirits has been around for many yrs. It's one of the best places for great variety of wines, and what is so wonderful is that you can go browse around and read the reviews of what the staff think of each wine. They also have a tasting bar to check out the wines.

Edwin Pratt

Their frequent tasting and education sessions are great and shipping in the city is super easy over $125

John DiPalermo

Great prices, huge selection!


Great store to find almost any kind of spirit. They still don't have my Empress gin lol.

Kiera Le

This store had such a vast selection of wines, liquors, and spirits. Here comes the best part, it's well priced! It's absurd how nice this store is!

Warren Shapiro

Knowledgeable staff, very large, fairly priced selection of wines and spirits. If your order exceeds $100 delivery is free in Manhattan.

Abul Hoque

Always come here to get great deals and selections.

Saagar Chitale

Probably the best place to go for buying alcohol in the city because of the low prices

Greg Eckenrode

One of the best liquor stores in the city. Better prices than the suburbs, free shipping on $100 online purchases, amazing selection, and excellent free tastings. The main reason that I shop here, though, is the amazing staff. Extremely knowledgeable, perfect recommendations for any situation, and extremely value-conscious. You can always trust their picks and they are never pushy or dismissive. Stay fantastic, guys and gals!

Keith Schneider

I no longer live in NYC, but every few months when I go back, I always stop here for things that I can't get elsewhere. One of my most favorite places on earth.

Bryan Nguyen

I have always loved this store! They have an amazing selection of wines and liquors. They always have a nice selection of rare finds that I don't see at other stores. The staff is knowledgeable and prices of the commonly found bottles can be moderate of slightly more expensive, but worth a visit for the rare finds!

Henrik Sandin

Very good wine selection and display. Wines displayed in very good way, both in general section and enclosed sections.

Brigitte Ferdinandsen

This was a wonderful stop during our craft cocktails tour with Brian from Urban Adventures. A fantastic selection of local distilled spirits that you’ll only find here. We found the staff to be super kind when sharing their expertise.

Pedro Benito Urbina

Established in 1946. Astor Wines & Spirits. Nice structure, it has stood on the corner of Fourth and Lafayette Streets in Manhattan since 1885. Its façade has been carefully maintained, leaving its charming period-specific features intact.

Niki Foley

Can't beat the selection. One of the only places I've been able to find Jewel of Russia vodka! Awesome

Corwin Kave

The place to buy everything. Best mezcal selection in NYC BTW

Joshua Stephens

Not only do they have a great selection and good prices for what you can expect to see in Manhattan, the staff made this a 5 star experience. Very smart about their products they sell, answered a bunch of random questions I had, not pushy, not arrogant, very pleasant. I would recommend this place to anybody in the area, or if you aren't in the area. There is a really wide selection and that makes it worth coming here to find some interesting stuff that you don't normally see in the random liquor stores dotted across the city.

Stephen ong

Competitively priced wines in NYC. Helpful staff to find your wine. However shelves are poorly labelled with no ratings info. You will need to get online to find wine ratings. Helpful Chinese cashier but store does not provide free bubble wrapping for travellers unlike competitor on Broadway. Wrapper sold at $2.50.

Gary Crayton

Hands down the best selection of Wine & Spirits anywhere in the United States. Incredibly knowledgeable and friendly staff provide superior service and expertise!


Aah don't you love a wine store with real wine lovers in it, both staff and clients? Known them for many years, wish they're closer to me...but then again maybe not, I'll spend more every week haha. Thank you for keeping quality up there Astor! Tip: check out classes and tastings schedule


Great selection. Friendly service. Fun tastings.

Phenix Hall

What’s not to love about this place? The staff is beyond informed. The selection of wine is way over my simple head. And the prices are reasonable which makes this a place to go to when you want a wine that pleases the crowd at your place this week. Will I patronize this place again— absolutely

Jon Wilkinson

Incredible selection! The spirits buyer deserves a lot of credit - great selections in all price ranges! Unique bottles that aren't easy to find.

Lendy Santiago

So much to choose from

Robin Lacey

High end liquor store

Joy Blazak

Absolutely amazing! Like Disney world for wine and liquor afficianatos!

Cue L

Where else can you go to find ANYTHING you could possibly want or need. In liquors that is.

Ana Stagek

They have a best selection of liquors. I've been there several times and the stuff is always honest and knowledgeable. Great location for tourists and local citizens. The store is one of my favorite on Manhattan.

Ameet Mathew

Excellent selection at good rates. Not cheap by any means, but good rates nevertheless. Worth a stop if you're looking for something specific.

Debasish Mohanty

It's a good place for wine collection. The prices are good. Ofcourse it is also dependent on the taxes charged for the US location.

Joel Bing.

Good prices

Sasha Riser-Kositsky

Enormous liquor store (for Manhattan) with very reasonable prices and free delivery in the city if you purchase enough. About half the store is wine but the rum selection and prices are still impressive. There was also a near full lineup of the Indian scotch Amrut, which doesn't exactly have huge distribution around the world. Lots of liquor and wine tastings ongoing on any given day and the staff is helpful, enthusiastic, and know their spirits!

Alex Koronec

Astor wines is place in which you can find some new favorite scotches & Single malt scotch

Kathryn Fortunato

A great place for just about anything you need in the way of liquor and accessories, and the best prices in the city.


Great selection and an incredibly helpful staff.

Raja Perumal

This is the place to get rare wines and spirits. How many other places have eau de vie sections? This one does!

Eric Canfield

Always love Astor Wines. Great staff/service and incredible selection at every price point.

Shira Galler

Always a good time. Always a wine tasting. Always a knowledgable staff member to answer any questions. And always leave with buying wine.

Yolanda Shoshana

Once of the best wines stores in NYC. It's well organized so you can find a wine in a region you like very easily. There's a nice variety of wine and spirits in all price points. Cheers!

Michael D

Great selections and recommendations. Wonderful staff. Very reliable delivery service.

Johnny Cataneo

Outstanding selection of practically everything.

Bebe Andrukiewicz

Nice wine tasting experience

Frank (Wei-fang) Luo

An excellent wine and liquor storeand a very pleasant shopping experience. They carry a very large selection of wines and liquors. The space is large and beautiful, and you can find many rare items. The customer service is excellent here, and they will special order items for you I'd you specifically want something that they don't currently carry. They also have free tastings several times a week, conducted by the vintners or distillers or their representatives, offering the opportunity to learn about some drink and also to purchase the item offered for tasting at a discount. They will also deliver for free in many parts of New York City, which makes bulk orders easier if you don't want to lug a case or two of liquor around the city.

smarlie chen

The reason people still go to store these days instead of cheaper online shopping is because of the service, and service only. This place used to be alright, today the experience was soo bad. Besides one junior staff who's courteous but doesn't know a lot, everyone from the counter to the staff was so unhelpful amd gave you an attitude. The cashier frowned when I told her their staff just brought the bottle I want to the counter as if it's such a huge favor and burden that she had to walk for 5 steps. Asking a staff his opinion and the palate about a specific bottle, he replies you with something so general that applies to every single bottle in this category (his words not mine, basically what he said was all trees are green) also with an attitude that you asked a question too stupid for him to answer. Out of so many other liquor stores in this city and online liqour stores, apparently they don't care I bring my business somewhere else. After reading other reviews on yelp, guess you have to be white so they'd treat you nicely.

Claire Seroskie

One of the best wine shops in the states. The selection of natural wines and far-flung wine regions are excellent. They do ship, so I often will just order online.

Richard Sadai

Great place, but not so good if what you want is something unique, like Weller bourbon or Willett aged rye.


Huge wine and Spirits Palace with tons 9f different things from all around. I've here like twice in 2 weeks and have found quite a few international liquors that like but haven't tried yet. I think I will try the limited edition Japanese Whiskey that I picked up tonight.

Victoria C.

Best liquor store in the city. Literally has EVERYTHING and ANYTHING plus other things you didn't know you needed.

Luca Schiano di Cola

It's 2019 it's time to start using Samsung pay and Apple pay.

Gay Lee

Prices like like it was years ago,slightly more nit as big a bargain

Elliott Tomes

Best wine store in lower Manhattan. Very thoughtful curation of wines from around the world. The employees are helpful and unpretentious.

Julie Sloane

A great selection of wines, and highly knowledgeable sales people.

Michelle Austin

Great selection of wines, friendly and knowledgeable staff. I love coming here to pick out wine! They also sell by the case with a case discount.

Robert Drakes

You can find pretty much whatever you are looking for here.

Tracy Mckeever

One of the best selections of spirits in the city


Good collection of wines and other spirits, fernet branca (the best) and other amaros. Wine tasting and info desk help customers.

Kevin Xu

By far the best wine and liquor store I have ever had the pleasure of shopping at in New York City. Their selection is massive, their space is well lit, clean, and organized, the staff is friendly, and to top it all off, their prices are consistently the best I've seen in the city. I love this place.

Goldie Thomas Puffer

Superb selection of wines and spirits from all over the world, extremely well organised and categorised. Little note cards to tell you what you're buying. Staff was very active - helping people or doing work which makes it feel like everyone enjoys being there - something I consider very important and makes me trust their recommendations. Prices were good.

Josue Polanco

Relatively cheap prices for spirits compared to other places

Jim Sears

Wide selection and many good deals and staff picks


Excellent selection of bourbon, scotch and rums! Better prices than most stores in NYC.

Kevin M

Large selection of wines and spirits where you'll be able to find your most obscure drink of choice, versus your local neighborhood liquor store. They also have some of the best prices with promotional discounts while offering online ordering with pickup/delivery. This place can get busy so do yourself a favor and place your order online for pickup to avoid the lines. However, don't forget to read the pickup faq. Your order has to be put in at a certain time for same day pickup.

Cortney Evans

I have been buying wine here for a decade and they have never let me down, even after I moved to Boston! This place is the best for having a big selection while being well curated. They have the highest quality cheap wines of anywhere I’ve seen but also have the more high end and hard to find bottles as well.

Stephen McKean

This is an amazing place! They obviously have been around for quite some time as the shelves are really well stocked and it there is just about a seamless variety of any sort of alcoholic product that you want to buy. The staff is super helpful and super friendly. I was looking for a specific type of rum that I have not been able to locate anywhere in the US and Canada for years, Astor wines and spirits carried they rum I was looking for, But this was only after the sales associate had spent considerable time searching the product on their PC and actually found it in the store! I will return to the store again and again and again, it is now my favorite

Scott Cheng

great selection with decent price

Mark Albert

Always a Pleasant Experience. They will have what ur looking for a

Jeffrey Zhu

The paragon for a store selling wines and spirits, with a vast selection of drinks. Wider selection of higher end products, so a lower selection for budget options. They also hold tasting events.

John Lee

The best place to go for the hard to get scotch. Also check out the free wine tasting

Edward Gourdine

The selection is very good and staff is knowledgeable. One of the places to go for your wine and spirit needs.


Extremely large selection of spirts and wines from all regions. Staff is very helpful, including call ahead order and pickup service.

Klaus Thorup

Great prices, incredible selection

Jordanna Douyon

Best wine place in NYC Staff is very polite and helpful.

Jay Lee

Always amazed by selection and value. Best liquor store in NYC. Delivery also fantastic.

Ruda Chareza

I wish we had store like this in Queens! Great variety and people who know what they sell.

Alexander Alvarez

The best selection in NYC. Helpful and knowledgeable staff with everything you need to stock a bar. Great wine selection as well.

Casey Penk

Huge store — the biggest alcohol shop that I know of in NYC. You can probably find anything here. I used their website to order some yuzu sake (a sweet, mild form of the Japanese liquor). They had it ready for pickup in about an hour and when I visited I just went straight to the pickup stand on the left side. Was very impressed they had something of an obscure liquor in stock!

Kenny Wen

Great Selection. Nicely organized and amazing staff.

Pastor CT Jermin

Amazing selection. Helpful, knowledgeable staff

Jason Huff

Always friendly and helpful staff. They usually stock some hard to find spirits and will offer great recommendations. Will also ship to your home for a very reasonable price via FedEx. It’s great they offer this opportunity to bring a few of your favorites home.

Gary Levenson-Palmer

Our favorite Liquor store in New York. A great selection and knowledgeable staff

gianni formizzi

the best place in New York to buy good and interesting wines you'll never find elsewhere!

Chris Hipser

This store is an amazing place. This place has an very wide selection of American whiskey, bourbon, international whiskey, scotch wiskey and of course, wine. Walk around and enjoy the the helpful and attractive staff's recommendations. Hold on to your wallet because they have Mccallen M. Only $4500! I was actually very impressed with the range of whiskey. Laphroaig select is proceed to higher than Laphroaig 10 . . tsk tsk

Paul Astoria

Great rum selection

Benjamin Merritt

Literally the most knowledgeable liquor specialists in NYC. Whether its finding something special for a client or ones own self, this store has almost everything you can want plus weekly if not daily wine and liquor tastings.

Matt Will

My go-to place to restock my home bar. Great prices and an even better selection

Jeff Yablon

Impressive size. Helpful staff.

Naomi H

My go to place when I need a more obscure liqueur for a cocktail I want to try making at home. If you can't find what you need at Astor Wines & Spirits, it's unlikely that you will be able to find it in the city. Staff is knowledgable and helpful.

Tim Evans

Best prices, regular sales of 15% off on specific spirits or regions, free delivery near Manhattan on $100 orders.

Steven Gallo

Extensive and quite impressive selection of wines and spirits plus very knowledgeable staff. They also offer frequent in store tastings and events.

nora moudiyne

Excellent service helping me find rare jin brands I needed

Arelis He

Lots of selection of wines and spirits. My dear friend recommended me this place and it did not disappoint! Everything is neatly organized and staff and the service is great. They also have weekly wines or other liquor tastings, just take a look at their website for their schedules!

James Smith

Best rum selection of any store I've ever been in. Highly recommend.

Karson Yan

Best selection in the area

Richard Schulman


Isabelle Tran

Good selection at reasonable prices. Staff were helpful and knowledgeable.

Josh Patterson

Great selection and amazing staff. Would highly recommend stopping in if you get the chance.

Alex Adams

The best prices on large format high quality Sake.

Diana Marques

Excellent liquor store. They have a very wide choice of wines and spirits and the people are very nice and helpful there. The prices are totally affordable. It's my favourite liquor store in NY.

Jeremy Welsh

Wonderful wine selection. And some of the most helpful staff that you will find anywhere (especially Bambi). One of my go-to places when searching for wine; and they are more than willing to lend a hand if they can't find exactly what you are looking for.

Samir Sarna

What an amazing selection and store! So I wanted to get my dad a bottle of Yamazaki 12 Scotch for Xmas. Alas, the supplies were extremely limited in PA (where I reside) and MA (where my dad resides). After some google research I discovered Astor Wine and Spirits. I called and confirmed that they had the bottle and that they worked with shipping companies that would send to MA. I then went online and placed the order. 2-4 days later my dad received the package... and the bottle was broken! What a bummer! I called Astor and spoke to Santiago who works in their shipping department. What a nice guy! He felt awful about the situation and I could tell he was a genuinely concerned about my dad not getting his Xmas present on time. He assured me that a new bottle will be sent out on Monday and will be there by Wednesday at the latest. Xmas saved! Thank you, Astor Wines and Spirits, and more specifically, thank you Santiago!

Erik Fuller

Best place to get hard-to-find liquors in Manhattan. Great selection of Amari and the joint I get my Aquavit from.

Andrew Williams

Walked up to the door at 8:50 on a Friday, knowing exactly what I needed to buy - was turned away by an employee waiting at the door. If a store this size advertises that they're open until 9, they should adhere to it. No problem - I took my business elsewhere, and will continue to do so.

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