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1670 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016, United States

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REVIEWS OF Total Wine & More IN Arizona

Richard Stark

Couldn't locate a certain moscato at 11 other places across Northern Colorado and in Cheyenne, WY. Staff over the phone was professional and quick to answer. They had the exact amount of inventory that was given over the phone. And I found one of my favorite beers $6.00 less than where I usually buy it! The staff and atmosphere of the store was great! Definitely recommend!

Rebecca Davison

Total wine has the best prices and most importantly, great customer service!!! The beer I was looking for was still in the back waiting to be stocked but the employee didn't give up on locating it. Glad I found this total wine after just moving here from Dallas.

Zero Fox Given

Prices are good. Service is great. Only 3 stars cause Old Camp went up a dollar, because I'm guessing its selling well.. Of course because I bought 18 bottles the past 2 months

Josh Violette

Love this store. Great selection and helpful staff. Visit whenever we are in the Valley.

Dominic Blair

If you have a valid paper ID they won’t take it guy said he’ll put a sign up to tell people but definitely won’t my paper ID scans and everything this place can take its head of you know where and it would be a pleasant visit

Kyle Israel

Great people willing to drop what they are doing and assist

Parissia Powell

This liquor store is the Chick-fil-A of liquor stores. There customer service is EXCELLENT! Scott one of the managers answered any questions I had and made sure my needs were taken care of. The selection is unmatched and prices unbeatable. This is my new favorite store for sure. Also they have a bottle chilling service so any of your items can be ice cold in a matter of minutes.

mikey mike

Great selection of liquor at the right price.

Aaron Rayl

Place is fantastic. Went in there looking for some specialty beers for a friend for his birthday. Was given a personal tour of some awesome hefeweizens, Saison, And several others. Surprisingly thorough facility.

R J Whetstone

Great selections in any catagory along with value

Ted P

They just opened up in Denver metro and boy am I glad that they did. They probably have the cheapest liquor, beer and wine among all the liquor stores in or nearby Denver. Also, they have a huge selection of wine, beer, and other liquors, especially scotch and whiskies. I would not buy travel size or small bottles here since they are more expensive than other liquor stores. Staff is very helpful and friendly, a must go for booze shopping.

Pamela Rutter

Vast selection of wine and spirits and knowlegable staff if you need a recommendation.

Anastasia Barreto

Selection is ok, but customer service is questionable. They check your ID twice (cashier and manager) like if you are trying to buy with a fake ID.

Liliana Pina

I like it. The only place where they ask for my ID and make me feel young again. Lol

Devin Thyst

I may only be learning what good alcohol is, but the staff here are the right people to teach me. Between them, they have a good understanding of each section of their selection, and chances are someone there will be an expert on the subject you need. I asked about sake, and while the person I initially asked had no idea, he quickly connected me to an employee who was an expert. That's how you pool your resources. Beyond that, the place is clean and meticulously sorted, and the management are wonderful and accommodating.


Love the Four Peaks Lima. Keep this in stock!!

Jessica Garcia

Best liquor store I been too! So many beers. Small section was refrigeratorated so if you want cold beer it's a small selection but I will be back to explore

La Tanya Arrington

My favorite place for wine and spirits.. Saturday tastings from 1-7pm. Today full bodied wines on one side and premium Tequila on the other.

Reuven S

They have a quite large selection of all kinds.(they got a large selection of everything; scotch, bourbon, wine, gin, vodka...) They have a helpful staff. The prices are overall some of the best in the area. It's also set up nicely so you have a quality experience.

Jasemane Gutierrez

This place is huge and beautiful. The staff are helpful and knowledgeable. There's even a wide chilling machine that's free to use

Shanion Hart

This store has lots of great selections of rum. Wish we had one in Fort Collins, closer to my home.

Justin S

The best selection and prices I've seen anywhere in recent memory. I highly recommend shopping here, this is my new goto liquor, wine, and beer store. Very friendly and helpful staff too.

Eliza Ross

This is by far the best liquor store in Colorado. They have an excellent selection at great prices. It is so much better than any of the smaller liquor stores in terms of price and selection. They have literally anything you could want including tons of super specific liquors. My one complaint is that I have had a few unpleasant encounters with employees being rude with me.

Mark Avery

Wonderful shopping experience. Very helpful staff for out of town shoppers. Found my hard to find beer and more. Definitely recommended it for regular shoppers and visitors.

Esther Dries

Total Wine is a great place to shop they have a very good selection of wine beer and liquor

Fred Brockmeyer

Great service that matches their prices. Need help finding 2 items and in both cases some one was within a few steps or a normal volume to answer my request.

Wayne Water

Always a great selection of booze and very helpful staff who are well informed and very knowledgeable. What, does everybody just sit around drinking? They must, because they know their booze here...good job! Great prices, too. I save $$ everytime I come in, and oftentimes there are free samples and not just off brand stuff, but top shelf!

Michael Hyser

My go to liquor store always and amazing selection, great staff and dare I say, taste test before you buy.

Elia Glouman

Nice place to find favorite drink

Jarrod haynes

Great selections on wine and spirits, great customer service and always very low prices

Nathan Bui

The staff is extremely helpful! There is a person in almost every section. One of my favorite places to go.

Grant Schowengerdt

Cheap AF and the selection is out of this world. I drive 30 minutes each way just to shop here.

Deb Lyon

Great prices on liquor and beer

Michael Phelps

Huge selection of every type of liquor. Clean and organized. They were very well staffed, and we were asked several times if we needed help. Their prices are very good on the items I normally purchase.

Kathy Landis

Best prices and friendly, helpful staff.

Bernard Villegas

Good selection and good prices. Make sure you join the frequent flyer club. It often will provide discounts

Laura Masters

What. Can I say? Free wine tasting and just about anything you want. My complaint? No Chandon sparkling Rose.

Suzanne Swafford

Great selection. They have expert help available at all times! The prices are best in Denver!

Ira Sanders

Unbelievable selection. More scotches than I've ever seen anywhere. Great prices on a lot of wine and liquors. Johnny Walker Blue at $159.

Jake Norris

Super big selection, great prices... Gonna drive all the small guys out of business

L. Myint

excellent prices, the staff is usually friendly. really good selection of beer, wine, spirits for about 20% less than anywhere else.

Cheri Riptoe

Real nice place. Saves a lot of money.

toad 1-2

First time was the most amazing selection of anything you would ever want to drink! Staff was so knowledgeable and helpful. Prices were lower than anyone else's. All kinds of cool gifts and accessories too. One stop shopping for Christmas! Will certainly return!

Dave Scaife

Got just what I wanted and some beer I tried last year when I was visiting here and bought again

Elaine Colantro

You can find everything here. Great customer service

Dillon Smith

It's like a toy store for grown-ups. Seriously though, an amazing selection at awesome prices. I couldn't be happier to see this store opening up within a few minutes of me. Staff is knowledgeable and always eager to offer their suggestions. And let's face it, with an inventory this massive, we need some direction every now and then.

John Staus

Great selection. Fair prices, pick and choose. Only place in town to get some of the wines.

Some Guy

Friendly, fast, and great selection. Be sure to engage the staff and ask for recommendations - they know their stuff.

Debra Rodgers

It was great service and nice representative

Daniel Szilagyi

One of the most helpful places in terms of staff and they are knowledgeable and friendly. Huge selection of just about any of kind of alcohol that you could want. I'm surprised people aren't alcoholics given some of the prices.

Jeff Dooley

Not really into wine, but the beer selection is unmatched within 50 miles. Unfortunately, the website isn't up to date with what's in stock. The prices aren't too bad either. Make sure you go during the sampling.

E Def

Was rude about my inquiry about a beer I didn’t know the exact name of on top of a military ID which is valid and within my legal rights to use. Will not be supporting this store with the attitude they’ve taken. Don’t have a service job if you don’t want to be helpful or kind

Karie Mason

There was a particular beer that I had been looking for. These guys looked and looked and finally found it. Great customer service!

Randy Peterman

Wow, that's a lot of adult beverages! The thing this store has that makes them stand out is this: they have really diverse non-alcoholic beverages as well. NA IPAs, stouts? Yes.

Lynetta Harris

I am very impressed with the knowledge of the employees. The variety is amazing. Fully stocked.

Kristen Townsend

This place is my dream come true! Great deals on some of my favorite and hard to find wines, and all the local liquor selections I love! Also have fun things like wine glasses, serving dishes, gifts, etc.

Bobby Bigwood

They have everything there! They even have a cigar humidor which is very exciting to me!

Timothy Goolsby

I was looking for a very old port from Taylor fladgate (1969) for a 50th birthday, and near as I could tell they were the only place in Colorado that had it, and at an amazing price, plus about a thousand plus other wines.

Elaine Ray

Hugh variety and helpful staff.

Michael Bergman

This place has a great selection of craft beers from all over. They are well stocked and organized. My MAJOR complaint about this store is that for a store this large, their refrigerated section is incredibly tiny and disappointing. It's only a small fraction of the size of similar sized stores. So this store is great for buying beer you're going to drink another time on another day. But it has a severely limited selection for what is going to be cold if you're looking for something that day. If you need something that is cold, find another store.

Vinnie Manaktala

If you drink or buy alcohol at a grocery store you need to go to Total wines at least once if you been to a Total wines & More you know I've given him five stars free claim a $20 credit when you spend $100 on Groupon in the Phoenix market even better best prices I've found are most alcohol and some of the wine is amazing

Donald Hoffmann

Best selection of products from around the world in any store I've found

Steve Van sickle

First time there. People were very nice and friendly. Good selection and prices.

Charles Perry

Great selection, easy on and off from the freeway.

Stephanie Yambao

Total wine, you fine. I'm always able to find what I'm looking for here, and even what I wasn't looking for! Beyond the selection of selections.

Jennifer Parks

For prices and variety, it can't be beat. When we host a big party, a trip here is a must. However, we have gotten a couple staff recommendations which were total flops. And several people in the parking lot were very rude, which is more an indication of Denver, and the tight parking lot. But if you want a bit of everything and a good price, this is the place.

Adam Sarwar

Inexpensive, incredible selection to choose from. Some employees know a lot about the different types of alcohol, and some just know the basics. A good spot to find what you’re looking for. Maybe they could use a larger craft beer selection.

Ramona Sallee

I've been going to Total Wine for years - mostly I buy wine. Their prices are better than any other place in Phoenix. They have fantastic customer service and one my favorite features is their "instant" chill for wine. Last night I bought chardonnay on my way to a party and in 6 minutes it was perfectly chilled.


There is an unbelievable selection of wine in the store, as one might expect. Staff are always helpful and recently directed us to an extremely good tasting South African red blend wine, called The Caracal. The gentleman called it "oh my God good wine". And let me say it is "oh my God good wine"!!

Eve Flores

This place has some products for great prices, then other products not so great... let's just say if you need any kind of juice for your cocktail.... please get it before hand... other than that great prices on the alchohol.

Daniel Gallaway

Went in to learn about wine. Brad was an awesome wealth of knowledge and very pleasant.

J. Ochoa

Just visited this store and I'm a little disappointed. The two women I interacted with were really unpleasant to do business with. The liquor I consume is easy to find at my neighbor's liquor store. I don't think I will be visiting this store in the future.

Futuristiccentury 2020

The best beer & best wine you can have it is a great spot!!!

Austin Nagy

Beat prices for some wines I have love, and also have some of the rarest beer selection I have ever seen. Always worth the trip.

Jane Linkswiler

Always fun to roam around

Orlando Garcia

Can always find what I need and the wine recommendations are off the hook!

Robert T. Powell

A mall for feel-good juice! Love it!

Josh Miller

Large selection of beer, wine, and everything else. Best prices as well. This is our go to store for all adult beverage purchases.

Pam Craig

Great prices and selection.

Ryan Stiles

I was impressed with the selection of every type of alcohol

steve handy

I love this place. Great variety and helpful staff.

guillermo dominguez

Cashiers act weird when i show my mexican passport as a form of id..

Mary Porter

The best selection and prices

Veronica.C Martinez

I purchased 3 of the Buzz Ballz.this place was Exhilarating with every drink you could imagine.

Blessed Kashaka

Good prices,good stuff overall tho

Danielle Beem

Helpful staff. Generally great prices. Very large selection.

Tony Cole

Wowee! The service is excellent here. The staff knows their stuff and can make good recommendations. They also have a great selection of whiskeys available and some rare wines/spirits available too. I haven't been to their classes, but they're probably amazing!

Amy Gladu

Friendly staff; Great prices and selection

Tara Wisniewski

HUGE SELECTION. Coming from Michigan, it's nice to have a place down here that has all of my craft beer favorites. The staff is also very knowledgable and can help you pick out the perfect wine for any occasion/price.

Graham Kist

National chain. This is the only place I go for beer, wine, spirits, and cigars. (Juice and soda mixers you can buy at a grocery store, but they also have a great selection of unique mixers like ginger beer). Simply put, they have the best prices, best selection, and most knowledgeable staff. People in the store care about and know about what they are selling. Each store is clean, well laid out, easy to navigate. On top of it all, they do both smaller free tastings and planned, themed, paid (Like $5) tastings (very well attended, buy tickets in advance). Every store across the country I have visited is as good as the next, across the board.

Esther Hammonds

Great place to shop for Alcohol at affordable prices. I enjoy there free wine & liquor tasting

Ira Schwartz

My favorite scotch whiskey was on sale. I would visit more often, however my daughter would accuse me of drinking too much.

Ashleigh Stone

The best liquor store in Denver! Top notch selection!

Daniel Stifflear

They have a huge, massive selection. And all priced to drink!

Jhomayra Tordecillas

The staff is always helpful and informative. I've had a few recommendations for wines and they've been wines that either I or my husband ended up enjoying. The beer selection is large and we always find something new to enjoy as well.


Best selection that I have seen in Arizona including Royal Jamaican Ginger Beer.

Susan Blank

I always find what I want and more...

John Crawford

You cant find it? They have it when no one else does. Great high end and regular cocktail snax and garnishes.

Ms Kittye F B

Carrys what I drink most. Nice deals and prices and selections. Can be overwhelming to a novice of the spirit offerings. Enjoy the experience.

DeVonna Prinzi

Found what we needed. Great selection.

Paul Richardson

Great prices. Great assistance. They actually have staff available to help you find stuff & surely special order if they don't have, (which is hard to believe). Loads of wine, beer & liquor!

Suzanne Bronson

As far as Total wine & More goes I have been to some better stores. They have virtually no beers on tap and good luck trying to find someone to help you.

Sandra Roberts-Taylor

Staff very helpful I love shopping here

greg beesch

Great selection and I suppose they pride themselves on customer interaction but I was looking at a wine section and an employee who was evidently restocking began restocking right in front of me, apparently I was invisible because there was no verbal interaction (shrug).

Brenda Hill

Great place..staff is knowledgeable and very helpful..

Patrick Miller

What a great selection of wine and beer (that's all we looked at) and great prices. The staff is very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. We ended up buying a few things and will definitely be back.

Ev Davidson

The staff is so very friendly & knowledgeable! They know exactly where to find what you're looking for AND they take you there! It's a BIG store, & they have EVERYTHING you could ever want. That was my first visit, but I will return again and again!

The Ericsons

Good selection and pricing on most items. Clean, and helpful staff.

Taisha Maclin

Always have my favorite wines in stock and someone is always available to help when I can reach a bottle. This is my fav Total Wine location.

Ed Becker

Brad was fabulous giving us advice on

Sarah Fox

The prices are reasonable. The employees are helpful. Great range of products.

Luc Jean

The place is absolutely fantastic for choice. Found Ricard and Haitian Rhum not Rum

Josephin Monroe

Cool place and much cheaper than most liquor stores in Denver.

Terry Bradshaw

Good selection of wine beer liquer.

H. Mob

Holy Molly! That's whole lotta booze! We stopped for some shooters, interesting to see Macallan 12 has shooter, great selection!

Theron Wesanko

Super happy Denver finally got a Total Wine! Best pricing in the area and they have the largest selection of anything you may be looking for.

Kristi in Wonderland

Brad is the nicest, most helpful guy—and a great conversationalist! On top of a whiskey recommendation and two for wine, he told us about a couple places to check out in Sedona, and N A I L E D I T. 5 stars, all to Brad—give him a raise for personability

Phx Wife

Great service, excellent selection. Finished our Christmas shopping in one stop. All staff offered help in every aisle. Will definitely return.

Nicholas Pappagallo Jr

Pretty solid in stock selections and also they have accessories. We use them for kegs when we host private parties. Prices seem to be lower or the same as most places. Check them out for your next event

Warren Ross

Easy to navigate and helpful staff. Great prices too!

Robert Reynolds

Wow! Impressive in scope and scale. HUGE variety of wines and spirits. Good walk in cooler for cold domestic macro beer selection. Staff was very friendly and seemed to be looking to help, not just punch the clock. Cheapest price on the case of beer I was after by $3 and a very accessible location at Corafo Blvd & Evans.

Lance Dobson

Great service. Great people. Great selection.

Amanda O'Neil

OMG never been to this place before! They have everything.. and so many tiny little bottles if you don't know what you want or like! They even give out samples of some stuff!

Debbie Crawford

Love the store. The largest selection of wine and liquor ever!!!

Laurie J Jones

Fabulous service here to help you find even the most obscure tincture or additio to your cocktail makings! Big place with a great selection and reasonable pricing!

Stephen Wheeler

Huge selection with great prices. Can't ask for more.

Jerry Nevarez

Everything you need you will find there, wine ,beer liquor and more.

Ablam Koulefionou

It's the biggest wine store i ever seen, the workers are very nice and the wines are affordable with a good price

John Bailey

Friendly staff, typical for total wine. Amazing selection in many categories, not just wine. If you're looking to browse and expand your repertoire, this is a great place to visit.

Celeste Cotter

Staff is friendly & willing to share their knowledge when making selections from their huge inventory.

Hannah Duggan

Cheap and they have everything. But they're taking out small liquor that sucks.

c jakelsky

Lots of good ,knowledgable staff to help you find the spirits you want

Linda Colwell

I needed a simple wine rack and 3 employees went hither and yon to find one for me "in the back" which is exactly what I was looking for!!

Andie Wixom

Knowledgeable staff and an amazing selection of wine and other necessary items to make your favorite cocktails. Prices are amazing!!

Erick Latkowsky

Out of stock of favorite wine, had to go to bevmo

James Krug

Great selection great prices friendly service and rewards points and possible tastings if you're over 21 and nice


Did you know that you can use vodka to take away smells from an old rug? You can also use vodka for cleaning around the house and on your face. They have vodka (along with many other alcohols) at great prices in nice looking bottles that are fun to show off to friends.

justin heape

It's like being a kid in a candy store but the candy in alcohol and the kid is a alcoholic......loved it!

Daniel Fieldstone

I have been here a time or two. Total Wine is a chain that has spread across the nation from one end to the other. This place has one thing going for it: A MASSIVE SELECTION OF BEVERAGES. They also have events like wine tastings. This is a great spot to get someone a gift. This one is located in the busy plaza on Camelback.

Ssolim .

It's a total wine and more, great selection, good prices... If you've never been and are not in a north eastern state. This is the best corporate chain liquor, beer, wine stores around aside from like high high end boutique places. This store maintains the standard

Rabbi G. Vogel

I was greeted by a store manager who went out of his way to help me and he was also very detailed when I ask him questions about certain items. Additional representatives was equally as courteous and assisted me in a different area of the store as well. They have a great selection. I tasted a bourbon that I never heard of (& subsequently purchased it). Would definitely recommend and come again!

Marion Dame

It's like Wonka's chocolate factory, except it's for adults. I can spend hours there and selecting a beer usually means carefully choosing 20 beers and then having to narrow the field to about s half dozen. Its, like, magical. .

Joshua Navarro

Great i love this place employees very knowledgeable on the products they sell and very helpful

Robert Hoyt

Outstanding selection and prices. Wonderful customer service (thanks for your assistance, Diane)!

Clayton Williams

This is one of those places that make you question you grip on reality. So many options for every kind of liquor. This place is great

Danny Hawkins

Easily the nicest liquor store I've ever shoppers at! The environment was sophisticated and inviting, the staff was very knowledgeable and helpful, and the selection is absolutely top-tier!

Berta Riedell

Sooo many choices?? Great great prices

Mirsadela Shqalshis

Prices are the best and the customers service is very helpful

Katie Bryan

Great location for that specific wine of your choice. Always buying dessert wines!! Professional and helpful staff.

Joseph Cerino

Huge selection of different beverages, and staff friendly and helpful.

6PACK 110

Great place. Tastings on saturday

Maurice Viscuso

Got everything I had planned on purchasing and at a great price.

Sahji Gbadyu

Great place to get your drinks

Pammy Johnson

This is a great place but they need to carry more. NA beverages!

Steve Van Wasshenova

Good store, bad location because of the parking situation.

Lawrence Hau

Best place for alcohol in the city (except I like Costco’s private label too). My wife loves champagne and the Korbel Brut here is $5 cheaper than basically everywhere else. Domestic beer is lowest price here also. I haven’t bought much hard liquor here but the selection at least is prolific to put it mildly!

Lester Berry

Every think imaginable for drinks in this place awesome


Biggest selection of all you adult beverages and the best prices.

Denver Gregg

Great selection. Great prices. Friendly folks. The only possible improvement would be better parking. The parking is always a mess

James Jiao

Best prices, selection and service in town.

Susan Thompson

Every where we have gone Total Wines has great prices and tastings. So far, Westbury, New York; Jensen Beach, Florida; and Denver, Colorado...all great.

Bryan Townsend

Umm... I found heaven! Super knowledge staff. They have the best selection I've seen in a Long time and great prices. They do have a humidor too work a good selection of premium cigars. I'll be back for sure

Ritch Sternbach

Need something to drink? I often do and this store has an awesome variety of every spirit,wine, and beer you could ever ask for. And the pricing is excellent as well as their rewards program! Picked up a 6 pack of mix and match craft beers and am loving it! Cheers!!!

Sean Owens

This place is great. Its a playground of education and discovery. I learn something new every time im here. The staff is well trained and educated. They have great deals all the time and can always steer you in the right direction to help you get what you want. Id you don't like something you can bring it back with your receipt and they will give you a refund. Yep. That's right. They'll give you a refund on your booze if you dont like it. Nobody else does that!

Lilach Mazor Power

Always a great experience. Great service. Great recommendations

Steven Parrish

This store has a great selection of all kinds of beverages from all over the world.

Jenifer Liver

If you like wine, beer or spirits, I highly recommend you check out this store. So far as I've seen, they have the best prices in the city.

Kristian Brower

Wonderful selection of alcohol, and if they don't have something they'll try and help you out.

Ryan Simpson

What a selection. Pretty much anything alcoholic you could want. I even found Yeni Raki from Turkey first time I've ever seen it outside Turkey! Friendly and helpful staff. Beware of all the hipsters though!

Audrey Nelson

Great choice of booze, I usually get some extra dry bubbly while the hubby is browsing the beer aisles. Reasonably priced.

Maddiewatson15 Watson

They have a massive Selection of wine and beers. We spent almost 300$, our first time there and the gentleman helping us out with the wine was amazing... he knew so much about all the wines.

Kristine Papi

Great selection and Johan was super nice and helpful!

David Gonzalez

Omg the most knowledgeable people about wines and spirits every time I go in there they're very helpful I made 6 purchases this month highly recommend it to everyone else and if you buy a membership you actually get everything Dirt Cheap including 18 packs of beer I'm just saying small price for a huge discount well worth

Brandon Wilson

Only place in Denver that had a specific Beaujolais I was looking for. Decent pricing, helpful and knowledgeable staff. The only drawback was the parking lot. It's cramped and always packed (it is Denver though). We go here when we need to find something specific, or a dinner gift. Nice place.

dianne marrheller

If you can't find it here, it doesn't exist! Huge store with good prices! From A to Z for all your alcohol choices.

Pauline Riley

Great variety - we went to buy Long Island Iced Tea, hoping to find the brand we buy in PA, but unfortunately they don’t carry Montebello brand. Will be in Phoenix next May for Graduation again, so if you could carry this, it would be perfect!

Steven Phenna

Cheapest prices and friendly staff. Also offer interesting classes on wine and spirits


Incredible selection and great prices. Occasionally the help can get a bit cocky with their recommendations, but most are spot on. The cashiers are hit or miss. You can tell that some were simply hired in order to put more bodies in the store. This was a store policy, but it was irritating to be ID'd one time when all I was buying was a completely non-alcoholic drink.

Mary Ellen

Very knowledgeable gal at the wine tasting desk, great fun!

David Vaughn

Great selection and prices

Fox Den

I went in this location to audit one of my brands and the employee was very attentive in my search. He even zoned it, to make it look nice. (Making my job a little easier.) It was clean and all of the employees had a smile.

Tracey Miller

Beat place for booze with overall best prices

Tom Kuma

Best deals for quality alcohol in the world. Good selection and nice staff.

Stephanie McGuffie

The staff was attentive and knowledgeable. I loved the organization of the store.

Ronnette Davis

Very helpful. Has everything.

Mikey Sharpe

Great selection of just about everything and staff is very friendly, A++ liquor store.

Dennis Keith

Alway a good place to found a special drink for the nite

Raiishon James

Loved that I found some Absinthe..I was overjoyed.

Khun Sateeb

Best place for cheap booze. Great wine and beer selections. The people that work there know their stuff. Ask for anything and they will ive you a reccomendation that is good. Bottles of red dry for 10 bucks that are good. A single malt scotch for 50 that is comparable to a 100. A super hoppy IPA that is a good price. Are all simple questions that can be answered. If the person you are talking to can not answer they know who can.

Vanessa Caniff

Wonderful selection. Best prices in town. Awesome staff!!!

Mike Carroll

The ultimate in liquor stores. Clean, great selection and knowledgeable personnel. Oh, did I forget to mention great prices? Drove 50 miles one way just to get there.

Niles Koenigsberg

Talk about selection! This place puts the corner liquor store to shame with great prices and an outstanding selection. What more is there to say about this place?

Robin Cataldo

I could spend a lot of time in here just admiring the packaging! Great store. Very organized. You will find what you're looking for 98% of the time. :) Friendly staff too.

Ashleigh Parkhurst

The staff here is super helpful and nice! They have great selections of multiple types of alcohols, local, seasonal, imported, etc.

Claudia Levine

We were there on mother's day looking for especial kind of wine for my mother. We didn't had an idea were to look for it, in less than few seconds we had two employees in fron of us offering to help us. Great place and great costumer service

Techo Logic

Huge store with great selections

Suzana O'Malley

I could seriously spend hours in this store. If you can think of a beverage, they have it. They have beverages I didn't know one could buy in the U.S. and prices were great for what you could get.

Turquoise Brown-Utley

I love this place such a great selection of wines and the price was really good!!

Matt Rosenfeld

Friendly and knowledgeable staff that can help you find the right beverage for any occasion. Good parking lot for smaller vehicles...if you get my drift.

M Fisher

Best wine selection with great prices.

samantha brown

Oh Total Wine how I love you! Everyone always has great suggestions. I know nothing of wine but always grab a couple of bottles before we visit my parents in The Middle of Nowhere, AZ. My mom has yet to be disappointed with the selection and even has a new favorite now. We also grab different beers for my dad... I think you should think of expanding that section considering we have almost gotten everything

Jonathan Mateer

Carey was rude and ignorant towards myself and my fiancé. Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. We’re rewards members who moved here from Florida. I’ve never been so disrespected and am incredibly disappointed in this location here in Colorado.

holly marie

Great selection & helpful staff

Luella Armendarez

They have a smaller selection of Smirnoff flavored vodka than Frys grocery store.

Robert Perry

Super helpful staff! And the selection was amazing! I highly recommend

Donna Shiffley

Ran in for a bottle of coconut cream for pina coladas, should have come here first for all ingredients rather than the grocery store that didn't have all ingredients. Staff was helpful in assisting us find everything.

Marion Matthews

Personal knowledgeable staff. Clean organized layout.

Julian Franczyk

Really good prices and a great selection from around the world as well as local. Free tastings don't hurt either.

james sled

Ordered online from this store, every time I go to pick up my purchase everyone is always super nice

Michael Savoie

I appreciate being able to order online and pickup onsite. They have several options here that most other shops don't have.

Lexi Electric

I went to this location for the first time last night, probably won't return. Maybe you have to look a certain way to get treated with respect here (I'm tattooed and pierced) but the staff on the sales floor were so rude and inattentive, one manager almost walked right into me without even glancing at me like I was a ghost. Immediately following that, I was looking for a particular beer so I found a worker just wandering an aisle literally doing nothing. I smiled and kindly asked if he'd be able to assist me (no reply or smile from him) and I told him the name of the beer. He very literally shook his head no and said "never heard of it," and started walking away. The fact that he didn't even try to help at all was so rude. I found the beer like 2 minutes later... I work for a major grocery chain in the area and I would never be as rude to my customers as they were. The cashier was super nice though. Good prices and a great selection though!

Ron Robbins

Manager was very friendly and helpful!

Deryck Wylie

Wow. Called to ask if they had a specific product. Woman on the phone was rude and had the personality of a piece of card board.

Tanner L

Best prices in town. Love this place!!

Ari Zavaras

Great prices and friendly staff

Maxwell Strong

They have everything you could ever want for alchohol. Also a very nice cigar room. Their pricing is very competitive and they have brands from all over the world as well as local. I will continue to shop here, but my only complaint is their loyalty system. While occasionally I get coupons or deals I can use in my email, I mostly just use it to save up for the occasional 5 dollar reward.

scott Nordlander

Good selection didn't really find much good and the Arizona microbrews from what I had bought but the store itself was good

Kae Revlis

My go-to. Thanks for the help; you're awesome, Christopher.

Chandrin Katuwawala

Great place to Chillout.

Tanya Cardwell

Classy liquor store...a step up in poshness from competitors. Public classes at $10 a class, wine tasting. Knowledgeable staff are dressed respectfully in vests. Contrast this with your typical dusty, congested neighborhood liquor store with florescent lights, and staff that look like they recently roll out of bed.

Scott Smith-Hall

Always has what I need. Great prices.

don warren

My favorite adult store. Sigh up for the membership and get amazing offers. No one beats their prices. Outstanding selection.

Marjorie Mishler

My favorite place. Everyone is wonderful. Price is amazing

T Phoenix

First time in there and I loved it. I was actually working an event. Staff was VERY warm and welcoming and super helpful. I watched as sales staff engaged with customers and made each and every person feel like they had their undivided attention. I will definitely be going back as a customer!!!

Connor Pratt

When I visit family in Albuquerque, the local Total Wine is the go to spot for all of our alcohol needs even though grocery stores and convenience stores etc. are able to sell liquor. Needless to say I was excited to recommend it to my girlfriend when she was going out shopping for my birthday even though it's pretty out of the way from where she lives and drive by countless other liquor stores on the way. However, the way she was treated was absolutely astonishing. Before the lady in front of her even paid the cashier rudely barked at her for her ID. When she took it out he yelled for a manager to verify it before he even looked at it. (It is a Florida ID but she is 31 years old) The two of them stood there aggressively investigating the ID for a few minutes before finally allowing her to make the purchase (which did not include what she went there to find in the first place) I get that preventing underage sales is important for a business; but an ID can be politely asked for and this kind of attitude is completely unacceptable no matter the age the cashier ASSUMES someone is. If this store is more concerened with yelling at and scrutinizing their customers age to try to "catch" someone than providing the pleasant shopping experience I'm accustomed to, then they will never get my business nor anyone's I know.

Loren Moulder

Great selection, staff could use more training in the whiskey department to back up the offerings.

Bill Radke

They always have what I need! And most of the time it's beer and liquor with a side of wine! #TheBillRadkeexperience

Cristy Cannon

always enjoy shopping there..easy to find everything, customer reps are always so friendly. .


Best place to find the spirits, liqueurs and wines you are looking for. Always have great recommendations if your not to sure what you want.

Lee Lester

Amazing place with tons of selection. I went looking for a specific beer. I wanted APA type beer and they had many to choose from. I got the “pick your own six pack.” I’m new to Denver and I want to find the best beer so I wanted a variety. It was Saturday and many were people there. It looked like they were doing some wine tasting as well.

RobFut 99

Better whiskey selection that other “imitators” in Colorado have. Pricing is also better on almost every whiskey I looked at. Other big box liquor stores need to take a look here and see where all their business is going to.

Alex Wight

Hands down favorite place to shop for wine and spirits. Fair pricing on everything and the widest selection I've seen. It is incredible the amount of inventory they fit into the store. Everyone has always been helpful and attentive. I love getting to know each person's taste's as I try staff picks. If you haven't been yet I'd highly recommend checking it out

Deb Carey

Good selection of products and related accessories. Prices are reasonable. Picked up wine, Grolsch beer, Bailey's Irish Cream (on sale!). I enjoyed the smaller atmosphere, as compared with some of the other super stores around. The availability of help was limited and would be my only criticism.


Excellent price on 18 pack of Miller lite that's all I've bought there.


Probably the best liquor store I've ever been to. The size and the variety of products is insane and even if product is out you can order it online and pick it up the next morning. Don't forget to sign up to loyalty program - very rewarding! But the best one are prices which are usually 20-40% lower than any other liquor store I've been before. Love it!

Adrienne Meech Foster

Lots to choose from and great prices!

Bobby Fenwick

They have got it all. Really incredible wine selection. Great service too. Prices can’t be beat

Colin MacGregor

Amazing selection, hard to beat prices.

Carl Schurtz

Great selection helpful staff. Our go to booze shop

Scott Woody

Great New Business! From the classy new build out, clean and sharp, to the great customer service, I was able to quickly find my tequila and check out. Awesome location just west of Freeway Ford one light on the north. Easy on- off I-25. BEST PRICES in town for my favs! Customer rewards program! Growing new company for Colorado! I'm all in, sorry DAVEs, you've been out done!

S Moyer

Always friendly and knowledgeable staff. Prices almost never beat so if you are buying something you haven't tried before, you can feel assured that you aren't getting gouged

Kendra P

You can spend hours in Total Wine just looking at all the spirits and wine they have to offer!

Robin Krause

In general, Total Wine has upped its game on rewards and we're able to take advantage of our status. The Camelback location has excellent wine tasting classes and the instructors are very personable and knowledgeable. Great selection of beer, wine and spirits at reasonable prices.

Nick Wohlleb

If you want alcohol, they have it. Great selection at decent prices. Make sure they have what you want online before you go, a lot of things have very limited supplies.

James Wertz

Awesome place to just look at all the different wines. Alcohols and spirits. Plus the staff is very helpful and friendly.

Marissa Mazon

I’ve been here twice and each time I’ve been here there’s been an issue with my ID. I understand this place has a liquor license to obtain, but Jesus christ. I recently turned 21, so obviously my ID is vertical. Some girl at the register started off with “just so you know” trying to tell me that my ID is only valid up to 10 days after my birthday and if I use that at a bar they’ll throw my ID out. What the eff? JUST SO YOU KNOW, it’s valid for 30 days after my birthday. Teach your employees how to inform CORRECT information without being rude about it.

Christopher Conley

Best selection anywhere!

Ashley Antill

The people are friendly, store is clean and organized well. Excellent pricing!

Natasha Penn

My new go to. I drove over an hour to get to this place and I wasn't disappointed. They carry my favorite whiskey that is super hard to find and no longer ships for online orders. Love it!! Totally worth the time, gas, and money spent.

Julie Bethel

I love their great supply of mini bottles at Christmas! Wonderful stocking stuffers

Don Perrotta

Best liquor store in Denver, prices and service are tops

Steven Dell

This place is garbage. There are so many great liquor stores in the metro area but this place is one of the worst. I went in to get some beer for a party we were heading to the other night. I have been meaning to check it out because I had heard they had a large selection and a well stocked cigar humidor. There is a humidor and it's really good for a liquor store but it's also missing some pretty major brands. I found that interesting, but my real reason for the visit was beer. Colorado likes their beer. With this much real estate your store can stock a very large selection/representation of what Colorado has to offer. Total wine may do this but it is almost all warm. WARM. The cooler is tiny so you have to decide what beer you would like to try between the six (sarcasm but not really) options of cold beer. Why would I want to buy beer like this? Especially when they could have all of it cold. The prices were not even any different than a store down the street. I'll keep my money local. GARBAGE.

Martin Garvey

Great selection and unbelievable prices

Terry Conkle

We always get great deals at total wines. Really get great service when looking for something, but not sure what.

John Lombardy

Best prices in town. Knowledgeable staff. I’ve asked the staff for what to take to a party with preferences for _______ type of alcohol and a ____ budget and they always help me get the most bang for my buck

jasmine norush

All around best prices and selection. I literally can’t come here alone simply because there’s too much to choose from!

Jeremy Moss

Very very good place! They have everything up to Louis 13! Amazing! Glad to see them coming to Colorado! Great company and atmosphere!

Trevor Davis

The best liquor store i know of. If it is an inconvenient location for you, come in and stock up. They have a wonderful selection and wonderful prices that make this place a destination. The only drawback is their cold beer selection is below average. But then again, the prices are so good you may as well stop in if you need cold beer. You'll find something good/cheap.

Aaron Cooper

This place is BA and I'm not talking about a Bachelor of Arts here. There is more wine than you will know what to do with and then in the back you will find beer from just about brewery there is. They have a ton of selections of craft beer!

Donovan Mungaray

This location is well organized. Fair prices as usual for the chain and great, helpful staff so no complaints!

Kayla Hubanks

Went in to check out their NA selection. A very nice employee promptly asked if I needed anything and helped me find exactly what I was looking for.

Michelle Mada

Great, no the best deals ever! Whenever I'm entertaining or just want to indulge with a few friends, I get my beverages at Total Wine & More. The have the best selections and the best prices. You just can't go wrong.

Melissa Billington

The place has more than any other!! The best booze store ever

Dee ann

You won't walk away empty-handed. They have everything you need for entertaining. We covered everyone's favorites from Red wine to Canadian beer. You'll love the selection and the prices guaranteed.

Carlos Lopez

Great service, had a few questions and got assistance immediately.

Kimberly Gutierrez

Best place in this area. I love how they have knowledgeable staff that can educate or recommend top choices..and if your not the social type...that's ok they have flagged the staffs top choices throughout the store. Love this place!

Blanca Campos

If and when you are able to get someone to help you, they are very helpful, friendly and knowledgable. The problem is getting the attention of someone to help you.

marlo D

Best prices in the Denver area on cognac...

Robert Jones

Loved it there is such a huge selection of everything

Alaina Marie Orrico

My husband and I loved going to Total Wine when living in Atlanta and missed having one nearby when we moved back to Denver. We were so excited when this store went in on Evans and it has exceeded our expectations- awesome prices, super helpful staff to answer questions or give recommendations. Best place to go and stock up for a dinner party

Crystal Manney

Great selection. Friday samples are awesome.

Janie Taylor

WINE WINE WINE. So much wine and they are well educated to help find what you're looking for! I'm more of a beer enthusiast myself, and their selection is rather impressive. They have a huge variety of bombers, unfortunately nearly 100% of them are shelved and not at all chilled. (Where am I, in Oklahoma?) Upside to that is that they have great prices on Colorado craft beers (some of the lowest I've seen in the area) and those ARE chilled.

Stafon Mccarthy

Nice selections and l was able to choose what l needed.

Joe Aiello

Great selection. Staff avoided helping people as if stocking is more important than selling stuff.

Amariell Ramsey

Favorite store to buy wines and beers! This is the place to be! I just wish they had more cider options for my boyfriend who is an huge cider fan! There has to be more than angry orchards and ace. Great spot, the staff on the floor is more friendly than the cashiers.

Larry Gubno

Didnt have a beer I requested took them 20 min to tell me they have it in back and I need to wait till tomorrow, went next day they still didn't know what I was talking about Tsk Tsk Avery brewing cucumber hibiscus......

eric hanson

Large selection good prices

Stephanie Pagel

You can't get a better deal in Denver on any liquor, wine, cordial or beer! The staff is always wandering around and are extremely helpful. They have tastings on the weekends and a rewards program.

Barbi Zemtsov

This place is amazing for those interested in interesting and exotic wines. They're selection is wonderful, and their staff is very helpful.

Amanda Brown

Every time I visit the staff is ready to help and give recommendations. It can be overwhelming because of the selection but I know that if I ask someone there for guidance they will consistently go above and beyond.

Dan Garcia

This place has a truly amazing collection of wine. It used to have a phenomenal beer selection when it opened, but these days the selection is limited.

Nick B

They totally have wine... And more

Sheila Hahn

Amazing selection. Brad is wonderful!!

Dalton Olson

U get everything you could possibly need alcohol wise. Checkout is always quick as well!

Theo Chapman

This place is completely overwhelming in all the right ways.

Sarah Kelly

I don't know how the prices are so low but I'm not complaining! The staff is knowledgeable about wine and has never made a recommendation I haven't enjoyed. They do have a big craft beer selection but it's mostly not refrigerated so plan for that.

Justin Gatlin

great location and great selection. Wish they had cold white claw

Jilliean Phillips

Build points an get money off a purchase love it


Wide selection, top to bottom. I have known of this chain from Florida. I was not able to find as many of my favorites here compared to there, such as my favorite sparkling wine, and favorite beer. BUT, that maybe just different distribution for different states. They are supposed to keep all product flush to the edge, but many shelves had lots of product hiding way back and not noticeable until you kneel down, making it look not as full. The Florida stores must just be on top of their game with this. Also, the staff’s customer service here was really lacking. Usually EVERYONE on staff goes out of their way to ask you if they can offer assistance with finding something or giving you suggestions. This surprises me most, as this is a very new store and they should be doing a top notch job with at least being proactively helping guests. Check out did open up another line once 3 folks were waiting one the one. Cashier was super friendly. Not as greeted on the floor like the Florida stores. Love the chain, but meh so far for this one. Please help me update this review soon, gang.

Chandler Brown

Best place to buy wine and spirits in Denver. Always very nice and clean. Employees are always nice and very helpful. Plus you cant beat the prices. Cheapest place to buy alcohol Denver!

Charles Kingsbury

Amazing choices!! Friendly and professional help is always available to you around most any corner of the store!! Free samples of wine and beer at designated times.

Jeff Stewart

Horrible service. Staff super unfriendly. Won't go back .plenty of other places to go.

Victoria Lee

The amount of alcohol or alcohol related items in this store is mind blowing. Staff is great! Friendly and helpful. Store is clean and organized. Selection is abundant. There is plenty of parking space. Price is fair. Overall it's great and I don't have any complaints.

Anne Clinton

Best prices and biggest selection

Patrick Cullen

They have a great selection of beers, alcohols, wines, and cigars. The employees are helpful. I cannot complain.

Kymberly Botelho

They always have a fun tasting going on or promotion. Staff is helpful when you're looking for something specific.

Ann Justus

No one can beat their prices. It is a plus that you can order online for in store pick up. I would give 5 stars but the parking sucks!!!!!

Audra Usher

I feel like you have to know what you're looking for or what you're doing already before going in. I've never seen an employee anywhere but at the registers. I've never been offered any help. There are plenty of things to choose from so it can be overwhelming or hard to find things. At least the store is clean and orderly.

Aaron pickering

Great selection and prices are better than anywhere else I've been able to find around town. The staff in the whiskey section is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

Joe Tilghman

Alcoholic Mecca. Awesome selection and great prices.

Kathy Miller

Very helpful workers, when I needed help finding St. Germaine. It was a real hunt! And then I wanted a passion fruit liquor. So another hunt. But we prevailed and I left happy.

Aviv Dahan

I enjoy buying my liquor here everytime. Lots to choose from and great prices!

Chaz Denver

If you can't find it here, you probably don't need it anyway. Staff is super helpful.

Paul Hoff

Awesome wine (and beer) selection. Highly trained staff. Excellent!

Lama Gaming

Lovely staff however prices are outrageous on some things

Maria Natalia Ornelas

First time visiting the store. Wow! Amazing selection, great service. Fair prices. And of course, could not walk out empty handed.

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