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158 Main St, Jerome, AZ 86331, United States

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Where is Caduceus Cellars and Merkin Vineyards Tasting Room?

REVIEWS OF Caduceus Cellars and Merkin Vineyards Tasting Room IN Arizona

Donna Chesler

Always the best!

Chris Bauer

great spot to get a great bottle of wine. A Bottle isnt cheap here anymore due to making themselves a good reputation for wine making. Gotta buy and support local tho, the lead singer of Tool built himself a very solid relationship in the wine industry here in Arizona. Def get one of the shirts too, they are comfy as hell!

Bengt Lindblad

Cool place.

Virginia Stevenson

Great fun shopping

Matt Markham

Great service, the wine is amazing, great tanins, great finish, and the food options while limited are quality. Worth making the trip for.

Yvonne Caudillo

My husband and I love this little cellar and the staff that work there. We have come back 3 times and the staff has always been so attentive and sweet. We have enjoyed this place and the wine so much that on two occasions we have walked out purchasing either multiple bottle, a case of white and a 1/2 case of Red. We love this wine so much that we used this wine for our wedding reception. Dani is such a gem and super informative and Brian was so warm and welcoming. I HIGHLY recommend check this out for yourself and trying the tastings.

Mark Avery

Love this place!! Friendly atmosphere, great people who love their careers.

Rhianna Latshaw

This is a very cool place! The whole town if Jerome is pretty awesome!

Whitney Ford

Delicious wine in a quirky little town.

Jamey Carver

Enjoyed our visit. Came to Jerome to visit the tasting room and found a nice place to have dinner. Interesting place, can't wait to come back.

Jennie Smith

Owned and created by recording artist, Maynard Keenan. Very clean and cozy! Staff was top notch, prices were fair and ample tasting available.

Karen Russell

Great wine & gluten free options

Roman Raider

Great wine, must get couple bottles to go!

sean mccarty

Great atmosphere and killer wines

Johnny Johnson

Amazing wine tastings!

John White

Decent wine, high priced labels. Helpful staff


I’m not a wine drinker but the wife loved it. Picked up a bottle and a T-shirt. Very friendly staff told us some history of the wine and of the town. We will be back again.

Joshua Belstock

Best place on earth

Rick Reynolds

Took my wife here to buy a few bottles for friends. Neither of us drink alcohol but the staff was more than gracious in helping us with our selections and our friends were extremely pleased. The owner is also on site from time to time and is just as gracious in helping to select the right bottle. A must stop if you're in Jerome or the surrounding area.

Alex Telidis

Absolutely love this place. Have been a club member for a year now and really enjoy all of the wine. Have visited the testing room multiple times and always have an excellent experience!

Chris Child

Awesome atmosphere with friendly staff, great wine sampling too if that's your deal.

dana skelly

Great place to check out in Jerome. Comprehensive selection of wine varieties, great selection of local and gourmet snacks. Nice small menus and very friendly and helpful staff.

Jessica Avery

Beautiful place with delicious wines! Kudos Maynard! I'm happy to have finally visited!

Derin M

Good service, good wine... Ambiance was a bit sterile... Their rose' is excellent...

Valerie Paxton

We stopped in Jerome first, on our way to a charity auction dinner at Merkin's Osteria in Cottonwood that night. We love Caduceus and Merkin wines and have many bottles in our cellar. Unfortunately, we hated our experience in the tasting room. Beyond pretentious. I was so disappointed and frankly, embarrassed by the way we were treated, not treated, ignored, unappreciated. We're used to the typical friendly AZ tasting room experience. It was crazy! Even so, I dropped $465 on 9 bottles - and still they wanted to charge for the tasting. I made my case that we were there with Velvet Slipper Club members but it was so uncomfortable. I left with a bad taste in my mouth, and it wasn't the wine.

Valerie Buck

Was pleasant. Informative but not invasive. Let us experience the wines at our own pace.

Katrina Arredondo

Splendid wine!

Yak Romero

Maynard really needs to come to Texas for a concert, and sell some wine.... I mean it's Texas, people drink wine. #Tool to Texas

george limon

You can tell they're passionate about their wines and I loved all of them!

BL Garrett

Knowledgeable and friendly. And the wine is amazing.

Fenn Vali

The food and drinks are sublime, Maynard pours the same artistry into these creations as he does his others. The macaroni and cheese was the most unique and delicious recipe I've ever had, and the gnocchi was ridiculously fantastic.

Joe Meza

Great wine and staff

Mark Miller

Allan explained the wine selection very well and was a delight to talk with. I bought a bottle of Sancha.

Chris Tidroski

The wine is good, the flights are reasonably priced, but the bottles are a bit on the pricey side. $50+ for a bottle. But overall a neat spot in Jerome.

Tim Martin

The staff here are very friendly and very knowledgeable about the wines. The wine selection is excellent. The staff is very open to answering any questions you may have about the wine or the vineyard.

Tori Forte

I always stop here for a flight when I’m in Jerome. Excellent wines, tasty noshes, and great staff

Brittany Hansen

Really cool atmosphere and awesome service. I really enjoyed the variety of cool and irreverent items for sale.

Casey Olsen

This place is beautiful! You can truly tell the owner put a lot of love into this special place. The staff is awesome, very friendly and knowledgeable. The wine is definitely a "wine drinkers" wine that is exclusively grown and bottled here. If you go for a tasting flight or a glass, you really should order the olive oil & vinegar with bread to to compliment your tasting. The wine and food together in this beautiful setting makes for a place you can easily loose track of time. We spent a couple of hours here and it was superb!

derek marquez

Great time learning and shopping

Farmer Ted Jacobs

Friendly and knowledgeable service. No seating, pricey, but tasty, cheese plates


Incredible service! Also, incredible wine. Buy a cheese plate, take the journey!

James Seaman

The selection of wines was a bit limited, and all horribly overpriced, but I enjoyed browsing for a bit. But then I was slowly pestered by two different staffers who clearly thought I'd overextended my stay. I bought a bottle of Shinola they headed out. I had MUCH more fun at the nearby Puscifer store.

Dust'an Whytock

Beautiful cellar! Did both the Red and White flight tasting. All were delicious went home with the Chupacabra Rosa.

Neander Wallace

This is a definite "must stop in" place when visiting Jerome. The staff are superb, the wines and pairings are even better and the atmosphere couldn't be any more perfect for sitting, sipping, asking and learning about different grapes and various blends (if you choose to know). Even if you are a first time wine taster you will always be treated with courtesy and respect here. There are no wine snobs on premises I assure you. You'll feel right at home no matter who you are.

Kittie Peters

Not super huge, but beautiful! Very helpful and friendly staff. Super cool stuff for the MJK fans.

Timothy Kane

Alan is the King..... amazing person.... amazing place

Rocky Ringhiser

A really enjoyable space full of friendly people. Aside from the wine, food, & atmosphere, they have a variety of locally crafted items (including recycled wine bottles). Oh, and some excellent loose leaf tea!

Nathan Domino

I really enjoy the wines here. I have not had a bad bottle. Great small Vinyard selling interesting wines. Worth the stop on the way through town.


I think this is the best wine in Arizona. It is always great to stop in here - the staff is great, the food is great, the wines are exceptional. I love the care that goes into making these wines - they are clearly creative, personal expressions by the winemaker.

Steven J. Kasperski

Great atmosphere in a town full of artistic energy; the juice was good too.

Ron Marek

Very good award-winning dry red wines, albeit a bit overpriced. Service could have been better. Overall, I wouldn't not recommend this place, but (based on my experience) don't expect to get much information about the wines if you're doing a tasting. I recommend tasting from the Velvet Slippers Club list (see photo).

Alyssa Kregel

I really enjoyed the wine here. This place is honestly a gem I didn't expect to stumble across. Not only was the wine wonderful, but the staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and not overwhelming or in your face. If you're going to taste wine in Jerome or even Arizona this place is a must.

Pat Valerio

Really good wine nice space pricey though

chris maynes

Wine was ok had higher expectations

Stephen Pons

Best cellar. I've been to a cellar or two in my day and this one is the best cellar. Merkins are part of the staff uniforms.

Noe De Alba

Awesome staff and great wine for a first time tasting

Paul Krimm

Excellent place to start the day...and wrap it up before heading over to the haunted burger for dinner and subsequently PJs before hitting the sack. The wine at Caduceus cellars is fantastic and it accurately captures the Arizona landscape in each bottle. Well done Mr. Keenan and team. Oh and the fig and chocolate empanada we bought there was the best!

Sarah Marie

Amazing wines! Every time I go for a tasting, I'm blown away!

Emma Nesset

The town is a absolute. Must see. This is a great find....Great coffee and winery.

Kimberlee Peterson

This was a great experience. Lovely wines with kind staff. Next time we are near I will be stopping in again. Thank you Maynard for making such yummy wines and employing such wonderful people.

Bryce Kasinec

I'll be honest, I went here because I have loved the owner's music but the wine was fantastic. My wife and I did the 6 glass tasting with a special wine tasting of a limited release bottle. I am not a big wine fan but I really enjoyed a lot of these wines. The staff was very knowledgeable about the grapes on where and how they are made. They even shared some of the inspiration behind certain wines.

Jennifer Flynn

Very helpful and friendly staff, amazing wine, gorgeous and comfortable atmosphere and fantastic cured meats board! Would go back again in a heartbeat!!

Steven Becht

This place is magnificently decorated. MJK did a great job....everything inside is perfect. The person pouring the wine tasting was knowledgeable and very friendly. We didn't eat, but the food smelling amazing. I would give it five stars, but the prices for the wine are a little steep.

Lauren Manguso

This is a really fun place to just relax and enjoy an delicious glass of wine. All MJK matters aside, the vibe of this tasting room is really fun and relaxing. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable on their selection. The wine is great. Even for those who aren't tried and true wine enthusiasts, you can tell the difference between a regular glass of table wine and these wines. They are very rich, full bodied with complex flavors. Its like a journey for your senses. I am a red fan so the Anubis and Sancha were our choice. Both really great flavor and quality. The space is small and cozy with a fun eclectic vibe. Jerome was literally the perfect place for this little tasting room. Even if you don't love wine you have to try a glass, they are nothing like you have ever had.

Liliana Martinez

Surprisingly good! Tried their 3 choices of wine tasting and the were all good. Also tried the pizza, cheese plate and olives. Everything very fresh and tasty. Friendly staff.

Kris Maham

Did a wine tasting, wine was fantastic and server was knowledgeable and helpful. Also had an espresso which was good too. If you're a fan of MJK's work and/or like wine you won't be disappointed.

Jennifer Kilpatrick

Great store. Wish the lady behind the counter was more willing to let us taste the wine. She acted like we were bothering her. But the girl in the morning was amazing the chai was amazing.

Mary Ann Barron

Loved the wines


Well the winery was very nice and classy, the staff made me & my wife feel like we were outta place, wasn't anything they did they were just a bit off putting, we had a glass of Augustina with the cheese plate It was good. The only recommendation would be to have bar stools or more places to sit.

Liz Lang

Staff is amazing, wine is amazing, venue is amazing. Maynard, well done.

Tammy Doepner

One of my favorite places on the planet!

Erik Maloney

No pino noir, service could have been friendlier.

Eric Krieger

Amazing wines very Tuscany in flavor and aroma. Built into the side of a mountain the town of Jerome almost had a Tuscany feel...with a beautiful view of the valley below. We tried both the Merkin Vineyards and Caduceus Cellars wine flights both excellent. Allan (a/k/a Bug Jesus) described each wine to us and his knowledge of each was very informative, including the back story of each wines names. I ended up buying a case of wine... I'm now wishing I'd bought more.

Sergio Gijon

Beautiful store, my buddy and I have been looking forward to trying wine from here for a very long time. We finally went. We tried 2 flights with the very friendly and positive Danielle. She really made the experience pleasant. Talked about the wine and different experiences, it was really fun. The wine is interesting, i found some i really liked some were ok, but that's the beauty of wine you get what you like. Only bad to this experience was a very rude old lady who pushed me from where I was standing, all she needed to say was excuse me and. I would have seen and heard her prompting me to move. Sorry, just people ruin good things. Please go by and enjoy this great place.

Allis Graham

This is a sweet retreat from shopping!

8lb6oz BabyJsus

The wine is so good!

Do you St. Tropez

No my favorite wine, but great atmosphere.

Jillian Pinto

Got engaged here! This place never disappoints and their new small bite food options are to die for! It varies based on the local ingredients that they use.

Remington Trast

A beautiful, well kempt winery with a lovely assortment of drinks and some novelty foods as well. The employees were welcoming, helpful and gracious. I enjoyed the wine my sister and I purchased, and I most certainly would recommend to a friend. Cannot wait to visit again!

Denise Jennett

Gorgeous view from the floor to ceiling windows. The wine server was all smiles and great service. We tasted white wines that were all good.

Nicholas Tropea

Good vibes and good wines. Can't go wrong.

Jamie Mason

Amazing wine and food!! Love the bartender he was a huge help and knew his stuff extensively!! Love the merchandise as well great atmosphere! Wine was very flavorful and exquisite

James Kamb

Beautiful space to try the Caduceus wines. With options for flights, glasses and bottles you have lots of variety. The staff know their wines and are friendly and helpful. Ask questions, they like to teach. There is also a small food menu with snack items to go with your food. A small store sells bottles of wine, shirts, hats, signed posters and lots of local craft food items.

Nick P

Did a wine tasting which was good and the staff was helpfull. This place felt pretentious..which is just how I like my wine

Karen Plavic

This is such a cool place. Between the great tasting wine, the awesome, friendly, knowledge staff, and the character of the building, the atmosphere created is quite unique. Casuceus is absolutely somewhere to visit. I'd never done a wine tasting before and I feel that Allen/Alan really went above and beyond to explain everything and talk with us. He really elevated the visit to an experience that left a lasting impression. His knowledge of his work is outstanding, but not only that, he made us feel welcomed and invited. Thank you!

Marc Luby

Great place to just hangout and take in the Vibe! Love Jerome and all the shops. Hey Maynard!!!!

Jeremy Gallimore

Amazing! I can't say enough good things about this place. We did a wine tasting and had some awesome espresso drinks here. The staff was very knowledgeable, friendly and easy to talk to for a newbie such as myself. I wish I could visit every week! Thanks again!


Best wine in the state!

Liz !

Wonderful wine tasting experience, with a more relaxed vibe than you get in Napa/Sonoma. The wines are getting more and more local, with some grapes being grown right in Jerome. Good soundtrack, too.

Mu'na Bey

We came up for my Ladys day of birth, the Views and NRG are Amazing! You can get a lot done in a day up here!

Ronald Drees

Wonderful dry wines, low key vibe.

Tina Mitchell

The hubs and I, always come here while visiting Jerome. We were celebrating our anniversary a few weekends ago. We love the red flight! Our host was charming and gave us a little history about the Town, buildings, people, etc. He was awesome, which made our visit even better!

Jason Minosky

Great wine and great experience. Additional cool factor if you're a fan of MJK and his music.

Jesse Hanenburg

Everyone was knowledgeable and welcoming, wine delicious and great coffee in the morning. This is all I need

Ashley Gray

My favorite place to be in the state of Arizona. Knowledgeable staff, great wine selection, relaxed atmosphere. What more could you need?!

Melissa Alexander

This is a wonderful stop on your wine tasting tour of Jerome. Excellent red blended varietals.

Jeff Love

Exciting wines and great staff. Alan was well versed in wine culture and knew just how to pour.

Mariana Gonzalez

Farm to table food! Savvy staff that make great recommendations. Personable too! Enjoyed conversation with the locals, staff, and other visitors. Nice ambiance. Hints of heavy metal all around while you sip your wine. You can tell the owner is very meticulous about cultivating his own vineyards. Lots of thought and genius goes into each bottle. A beautiful craft! We signed up for the home delivery. Can't wait as it arrives tonight! We will be back for sure. IG: mariana_aguilas8

jana harper

Such a fun little place! Nice people, good wine. I highly recommend it!

Kristen Phillips

Absolutely beautiful views and art! Wine is amazing!

jim reichert

Went for my birthday a couple weeks ago ...From Chicago area.. Had a great day great people and great wine ..Wonderful town loved the Reds here i will be back thanks guys n gals ....

Ashlee Havens

This place is just neat all around. Staff was incredibly knowledgable and friendly. The food was good as well.

Christopher Barrett

Great place, awesome service. Only one problem: the wines are about twice as expensive as they should be. And the reds are on the oaky side, just for those who aren't into that style. I thought the Merkin wines were better balanced and better values. But it's a cool spot and well worth a visit.

Heather Lou

Excellent tasting room experience in Jerome.

Matthew Kohen

This is a unique experience you can't get in Napa. Well worth the pilgrimage.

Dan Pepler

Wish we could have hung out longer, and the town is super cool.

Caitlin Rowlands

Really lovely and interesting wines, food was delicious and Danielle had a vast knowledge of all the wines and vineyards and was a pleasure to chat with.

Nick Berget

I, like many others, visited this place because I like the owners musical endeavors. I enjoyed the variety of wine they offered and took some home with me. They have a seasonal wine called "Judith" which I assume is too expensive to offer in the tasting, but it's the most unique wine I've ever tasted. If you have the opportunity to try it, I urge you to.

Justine Ritter

We had such a great time here! We will be back

Nick Hammond

We were there during the insane rush of Tool fans before the big Halloween show in Tempe. We managed to get in before the line stretched out down the street. I am not a wine aficionado in any way, but we sampled a couple of flights and liked what we had. The service was prompt and friendly despite the chaos, and I would definitely stop in during a quieter time.

Aaron Hill

Service was great, not pushy but not cold. Wine was excellent!

zachary mccoy


Andrew Barber

The new tasting room in Jerome is a great place to taste some amazing wine and spend some time. Well worth a visit if in town

Kevin Lee

Amazing! Thank you so much!

Paul Williams

We had a great time sampling the wines. Also bought a few items. Great place to stop and enjoy.

Trina Bull

Delicious tastings and wonderful moods!

William Alexander

I am a new member of the VSC and just got my first shipment. We opened the 2018 Rosa and it was amazing, the description card was spot on. You can tell it’s a quality wine with character. I look forward to drinking the rest of the shipment.

Craig Reeder

Very cool place and atmosphere. The staff is very knowledgeable and super friendly! They even made sure our kids were taken care of. If you come to Jerome you must stop here. This is now marked off my personal bucket list! Thanks Maynard!

Jeremy Moore

Was blown away by the intrigue of the wines on the tasting menu. Incredible service and charcuterie. Walked away with a bottle of each. A great spot in this lovely, odd, quaint corner of the Earth, Jerome, AZ. Go for the wine, stay for the views and the haunted burger.


If you visit Jerome you must stop by and check this place out. My girlfriend has been obsessed with Caduceus Wine for years now and we finally got a chance to come and visit! Totally worth it!! The individual who helped us out was extremely friendly and knowledgeable about all the flavor profiles and tasting notes. We both sampled the flight of red wine and everything was absolutely amazing. I am not a huge wine drinker but I was extremely impressed with everything. They sell bottles in the shop if you want to take any of them back with you. I believe they will also ship them to you if you ask!!

Tomcat Mason

I'm new to wine. They were very patient hosts. Nice store in an incredible town. More scenic than I can describe. Like a fairy tale if any fairy tales happened in a desert.

John Cameron

Knowledgeable staff. Great experience

Jason McDowell

Nice place, knowledgeable staff, did not mind talking to us to help us make a selection that was best for us even though we did not know a lot about wines to start with.

Michael Audi

The interior decoration combines a nostalgic historic old world feeling with modern conveniences. The only reason I came to visit is because I'm a Tool fan, however my wife loves wine and it turned out to be high quality wine. The wine tasting and food pairing was Top Notch. Hope to visit again!!

Christopher McBroom

Wife loved it. Amazing!

Oliver Karstel

I'm sure it's lovely I just wish Maynard spent more energy on the new Tool album


Visited caduceus while I was spending 2 weeks in Arizona. It's a beautiful place. The atmosphere makes you feel welcome. Customer service is friendly there. they have samples of wines there that they serve. offering you a menu of choice to try wine before you make a purchase. I've bought a wine here along with wine glasses. I asked them for corks and they gave me those for free. Caduceus is located on top of the mountain in a very small town of jerome. The parking there in the town is very small and the streets are narrow. It's a great place.

Brent Davis

Yes this is Maynard’s winery. No it isn’t a shrine to Tool. The decor is very rustic and fits perfectly with the area. The wines are high quality and the food pairings are perfection. This is a MUST for anyone who is a fan of Tool, wine or both!

Kim Van Ham

Best cold brew coffee I've ever had!!! Went back 3 times in the week we stayed in Sedona to get more. The bubbly was delicious as well lol :) yum

Kena Aaron

Nice wines and friendly staff

Eric J

Came for Maynard - stayed for wine. Kidding aside... Great place minus minimal seating. The ladies here are awesome. Very knowledgeable. Wife and I enjoyed their dedication to educating us. We stood at the bar the whole time. Seating is 4 couches that are paired in 2 that face each other. Sometimes it's nice to just not be social if that makes sense. When a couple is already sitting there it's kinda awkward to just go sit down 2 feet across from them... Granted this was on Valentines day.


Was here just yesterday, we were trying to go to the Merkin Vineyard and Osteria but good old Google got us lost so we stopped and asked for directions to S Main st and ended up being lead here. still cool, the view from this little town was absolutely beautiful, the staff inside were very friendly, very mellow atmosphere. loved it. still have yet to drink the two bottles we bought!

Jeffrey Maidens

Fantastic staff! They took the time to help my wife and I pick out the perfect wine for our tenth anniversary. The wine is amazing!

Melissa Blanshan

Great atmosphere and amazing wine! Definitely one of the best parts of the whole Jerome, Arizona experience! I am a huge fan of Maynard's music, and now a fan of his wine as well.

David Hoppel

Great wine, even better staff. Danielle was super friendly, Brian was very interesting to talk with. Stop in during the week for a great experience.


Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Had some great wine tastings. we managed to leave with only one bottle but will be back ☺️

Gerry Varguson

Great wine and service. A must visit in the Jerome area

Nick Jordan

Great wine selection from all over Arizona. Staff was very knowledgeable and friendly.

Joseph Poland

Very nice, but a little pricey.

Kait Meguire

I highly recommend stopping in. The staff are very knowledgeable and the atmosphere is so comfortable. After they explained the different wines, I said that I'm new to the world of wine and not familiar with much of the terminology. The woman then switched to explaining the wines in a different way: "This one tastes like you've just had a nice Christmas dinner and you're sitting down for good conversation with family afterwards." I sampled a couple of wines and left with a bottle of Airvata (the wine she'd described as belonging with Christmas conversations).

Monika Piazza

The wines here are great! Staff is top notch! This is our favorite winery on the Jerome main drag. The foods they have a really good too!

Krissy Klinger

Had a wonderful experience tasting wines and tried out their cheese plate, nice! The staff was super friendly, really loved them! If I ever get back here, will definitely stop in again.

Andrew Schaefer

Great tasting room. Very welcoming and excellent wine.

Ken Kerrick

Great wine tasting room. I thought it was going to be overrated due to it being founded by a celebrity. I was pleasantly suprised to find it had really wonderful red wine. The staff was very knowlegable. I joined the wine club they offered. My fav was the Oneste Merlot blend.


Awesome,wine was delicious,also had a chai.staff was super friendly. Recommend it for everyone.

Jared Lange

The wine is amazing the place is cozy and the people are as friendly as they come. If your going through Arizona you must stop in Jerome and Caduceus it is well worth the side trip.

Ashley Staie

Best wine and cheese boards in Jerome and the surrounding areas.

cme 2529

Absolutely love this place! Located on Main St. in historic Jerome and owned by musician/entrepreneur/genius Maynard James Keenan. The staff is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful, the wine selection is great and Ganesha keeps the peace. :)

Karen Moody

Thought it could have been a more friendly atmosphere. The tasting was good.

Ryan Greenwald

Nice place to go, the employees are great, and I enjoy their cheese boards. Strong 3!

Steven Cooper

Great selection of wines. Was hoping to run into Maynard. ;) Service was impeccable. My wife and I will definitely return the next time we're in Jerome.

nathan alvarado

Enjoyed starting our mornings off here w espresso and scrumptious breakfast. Wine tastings were excellent and friendly staff were wonderful for putting up with our redundant joe tourist questions. Very reasonably priced as well.

Robert Conway

Is it possible to leave more than 5 stars, because this place is Awesome! I flew out to Vegas on a trip to pick up a vehicle in Lake Havasu City, the headed up to 40 to take a pit stop in Jerome. So I went down to Prescott Valley then started up the hills about ten miles outside of Jerome. Man, talk about some of the most beautiful country side of this nation I had ever seen. Along the way I got to see the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon and parts of Sonoma with the red rock hills. Then as I am driving through all of the curves going up into Jerome, over 400 curves it seems, I am all of a sudden in Jerome and what a fancy little town it is. Not to mention the view. No wonder Maynard lives here and picked this spot. What a brilliant mind and great taste in life and creation he has. I found a parking place and walked down the street until I saw the hanging sign to the Caduceus Cellars and then walked into the little shop. Needless to say I am a huge fan and had watched all the videos about this place and had also just listened to the Fear Inoculum Album on the way up. I was amazed by the craftmanship of the winery and had hoped to meet Maynard, although I didn't get to, I did get to meet Brian and me and him had a great conversation for hours. I bought one box with a Judith and some older aged Red Wines. Then I bought 6 more newer wines that I plan to age myself. I had always heard that Maynard used the cellar as his recording studio, but I wasn't sure if any of the wine I purchased had been "Blessed" by his music while aging. I did a taste of a flight and continued to talk with Brian for hours. Interesting guy has known Maynard for about 20 years and used to make picture frames (as Maynard did too) Brian told me that Maynard had asked him to frame some televisions in that shop for him (which you can see inside. Now Brian works there serving and selling the wine and accessories that they have on display there in the shop. Brian says that he lives there but is never there. I can imagine he wouldn't want to be barraged by his fans all day where he lived, but it would have been nice to just have a small conversation with him to let him know how enjoyable his art is in both creation of this wine and music. On the way back home to Joplin, MO the next day me I got back just in time for the birth of our Daughter Eve born 9/22/19. What a great trip and I'll never forget Brian or Caduceus Cellars and thank you for a great time and great wine! ~Alan Conway

Kristin Donadeo

Great spot to buy wine of many different types and flavors. The staff is very knowledgeable about the wine and there is a really good priced wine tasting. They have a small menu so if want some snacks with your wine that is available.

Nicole Heisler

Picked up some fantastic wines. The staff were so laid back and friendly. They make things approachable -especially being relatively new to certain wines. The espresso was so smooth and delicious.

J Skid

Union Retirement Solutions enjoyed!!!

Mike Hall

What an amazing place and experience! Very personable staff, helped a total wine novice pick an absolute incredible 6pack of wines. And a very stylish wine tote bag as well!

Matthew Morgan

knowledgeable staff eager to share information about their wines. great pricing for wine tasting as well. store is also filled with a bunch of neat gifts!

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