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REVIEWS OF Advancify IN Washington

Stephanie Starkenburg

I'm always pleased with the quality of service we get from Advancify!

Christy Rodelas

I have used MANY IT techs and I have to say, Kevin ROCKS IT! Hes always available when we need him and his prices are sooo affordable!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!

Joanne Theresa

Advancify is a wonderful local business. Kris takes personal interest in making sure customers get the best service possible.

Chris Welsh

When we first met Kevin our work laptop had a gamut of issues, from a failing hard drive to a broken fan. But after a visit to Nanosecond Tech, it runs like a champ! What used to take me ten minutes to load our Quickbooks program now literally takes me 30 seconds. If you're tired of running at a snail's pace definitely talk with Kevin, he can help get your biz operating efficiently in Nanoseconds!

mark jimmie

Hello ,I am a very satisfied customer with Nanosecond .The Tech that helped me was Kevin.He was able to come threw team viewer into my computer and was able to repair my video card,Cannon printer and walked me threw with the DvdFab burn program.Kevin was very patient with my slow computer and professionally did his thing to make me walk away with a big smile.And I am telling people at where I work about this tech friendly computer man.

Marvin McCalman IV

Kevin has been taking care of me throughout my first comput build. My first issue resulted in multiple crashes,and failures 2 weeks after the initial build. After hours of frustration, and failed attempts to fix it I knew I needed help. Kevin came to the rescue.....AT....11 PM! On a Friday I might ad. In under an hour Kevin diagnosed the issue as an error with the bios, found I had neglected to update it, taught me how to update it, and then informed me I had not optimized my RAM. Fast forward a few more days, and I have another crisis. I attempted to install new RAM due to a self diagnosed ( again) hardware problem. I ended up pissing the mobo off, and thought I had fried it. At 8 pm on a Monday night Kevin helped me out again. He taught me how to remove the battery, reset the mobo, and properly test my sticks. Oh...and reoptimze them. After struggling with the build for hours, going from 8 GB of ram to 0, Kevin resurrected my newly built machine with 32 gigs of RAM. Before I called him I was prepared to take the thing apart! All while patiently listening, and guiding my novice understanding of computers. If you need help, then this guy will take care of you!

Lance Illman

Kevin saved my bacon!! He under promised and over performed, a rare style of business these days. I highly recommend him to anyone that needs to retrieve data from a failed hard drive! Thanks Kevin!!!!

Jeff Starkenburg

Moceri Construction, Inc.

Kevin is knowledgeable, efficient, affordable and reliable! Nanosecond Tech was the perfect fit for our mid-size office. The reassurance of Kevin being a quick phone call away is priceless to any busy office.

Luminous Lexi

Keston Kuechel

Tyler Gentry

Great guy really helpful and fixed my slightly older computer that was barely running within a 2 days of getting it

Kindra Sniffen

Advancify is fantastic to work with. They are thorough and friendly. I highly recommend them.

Evan Svedin

I had an external drive that failed and like a fool, i had no backup for my photos and music. Luckily, Kevin at Nanosecond has the ability to recover data from drives that would otherwise be lost forever. I highly recommend that you give Nanosecond a try for your service, repair, and data recovery needs.

David Schneider

Kevin has been taking care of our tech needs for the last three years. I'm so happy he's finally out on his own. He is easy to contact and schedule with and gets right to the source of the issue. He helped us manage a large software conversion and his service could not have been better. I've even brought him into my home for my home networking needs....It's so much easier than struggling to do it by myself!!!! Highly recommend!

BEA Treasurer

Kevin, of Nanosecond Tec, provides top of the line service. Quick response and so helpful. He is always happy to help and I swear any electronics issues we are having immediately stop the minute he steps in our office!

Mary Gibb

Our company, Gary's Plumbing and Heating is very satisfied with the website designed by Chris and Matt at Advancify. They are very enthusiastic and easy to work with. We highly recommend them!

Janet Maxwell

Advancify designed our website and set up our e-commerce shopify. We love working with Kris and Matt. Couldn't find a better company or employees anywhere, they are always available and open to any ideas or questions we have. I'd give you 10 stars if it were possible.

Aurora Hayden

Kevin was so friendly, helpful, and open and clearly explained to me what was going on with my Mac and what my options were. I went in for a free consultation in which he examined my computer and I was quoted a fair and affordable price to fix it. I really appreciated his flexibility and honesty and would definitely return for any other computer repairs.

Kevin Leja

After my NAS drive failed a day after its backup drive failed, I knew I needed someone qualified to try to recover the more than 14,000 songs I had carefully copied from the CDs I own. I looked around town and came up empty, until I did a Google search and found Nanosecond Tech. The owner, Kevin Rudy, quickly diagnosed the problem and set about recovering all of my data. He recommended new, better gear than I had, and made sure that I had redundant reliable backup. He also quoted a fair price for the work he did, and even offered to come to my house if I had any problems with re-setting up my system. I highly recommend Kevin and Nanosecond Tech for your data recovery and networking needs.

Reese Ferguson

They are like your IT guy's IT guy. Could not recommend more!

Jordan Baker

Have you ever wanted to create something that makes people wonder how you became so good at computering and designs stuff? Well here is my little secret........ I'm not good a computering and designs stuff but I know the guys to call when I need to impress my dad after being a disappointment to him for most of my life; Advancify! They created a logo that has not only brought me business and attention with my website and logo but my dad now calls me his son again! Thanks Advancify!

Paul Hardersen

I am the CEO of a small group travel company, Trouvaille LLC, and I have been working with Advancify to redesign our website in our efforts to dramatically expand our business in 2019. From beginning to end, the staff of Advancify worked with me to craft a modern, chic, beautiful, and functional website that is already receiving rave reviews. The effort began by discussing Trouvaille's needs and goals, which were taken by Advancify, and turned into a full-service website that "WOWS" visitors with a beautiful design and carefully crafted text. What impresses me most about Advancify is their genuine efforts to work with me through the entire process and to really take ownership of our company's goals and aspirations. That is rare to find in today's world and is greatly appreciated. I look forward to continue working with them to achieve our big goals for this year and beyond!

Justin Robichaux

Excellent customer experience. I called them to get my HDD repaired, Kevin was very helpful in getting it fixed. Recovered all my data, moved it to a new HDD, and reformatted my old HDD for a great flat rate. He was also extremely flexible with the hours that I was available to pick up my HDD once he was done, which was a huge bonus for me. I'd highly recommend this business to anyone looking for data recovery.

Gavin Green

Fun and knowlegable, I consider myself pretty tech savvy, but couldn't keep up with everything website related and still run my business. Having Advancify help me with my webpage was one of the best decisions I've made.

Cole Heilborn

Kevin totally saved the day. We run a video production company and had a hard-rive go bad on us. Kevin was able to retrieve all of the data in a very timely and affordable manner. Unfortunately hard-rives crashing are a "when" rather than an "if." Knowing this, Kevin is our go to for data recovery!

Noble Chiropractic

Kevin saved the day! Our main office computer (which runs the program connected to all our other devices) crashed suddenly, so we were in a bind. Kevin was quick to respond, knowledgeable, and communicative about the process. He came to the office and had everything running within a couple hours! Not only that, but Kevin was super friendly, patient, and affordable. We’d definitely recommend giving him a call for your tech needs!

Kristina Zapanta

These guys have great attention to detail and are always providing me with new ideas! They take care of what I need promptly and are just a joy to work with!

Mitchel DeRosia


I needed to replace the Graphics card in my computer, and after taking it to Nanosecond, Kevin was able to figure out my motherboard was too old for the new card. He helped me pick out a great new motherboard, and after a followup to change it out my computer is working better than ever, all for a SUPER affordable price. Kevin was friendly, funny, and clearly knew exactly what he was doing. Would recommend to anyone who needs to fix their computer!

Bonnie Banks

Advancify was very helpful in setting up our business email. It is now reliable and it all syncs up beautifully between business owner and office personnel. Very cool! Thanks Advancify!

Benjamin Witzel

An affordable, reliable, and personable company/person. Nanosecond tech is the best place to go if you need to get your computer fixed or data recovered.

dean martin

I found Kevin to be a patient and well read. After the first contact ... I felt assured that there will be an efficientl solution to my problem. His tech knowledge perseverance and patience paid off. My problem was resolved to my satisfacrion despite great disheartening obstacles presented. Kevin is to me a thinktank who worked within my budget. He has established such a great rapport that i'd recommend him to anyone who needs his service. He is simply a smart honest trustworthy guy and a great asset to this company.

Clarito Zapanta

Sheri Ellis

My computer was in excellent hands. It was fixed very quickly and I would definitely recommend Nanosecond Tech to all my friends and family.

ed roddy

Kevin was very helpful getting our home computer cleaned up and replacing the hard drive in my daughter's laptop! He was quick, knowledgeable and easy to work with. He spoke to me in in layman's terms so I didn't get lost in the details! Highly recommend his services.

Mike Grummel

Heather Flaherty

Kevin was extremely patient and easy to work with. He was willing to try every tool at his disposal to help me retrieve my data. Honest, affordable, and awesome. We got most of my data back because of him!

CBC Operations

Kevin consistently provides prompt and professional service. He is our "go-to-guy" for solutions to our IT problems.

Jaime Hernandez

Do you want to dominate your competition? Well if so Advancify will help you get there with measurable out comes!!! Contact them NOW!


Kevin always made sure to stay in contact with me and let me know what was going on with my iMac. He had to do a deep recovery on my hard drive and although it took a little bit to complete, I was more than happy with his commitment to customer satisfaction and the job he did recovering my files. Was also very affordable. Would recommend to anybody looking for data recovery help or other computer issues.

Larry Stahlberg

Backed up my laptop to a portable hard drive. The portable hard drive failed. Ouch! Enter Nanosecond Kevin Rudy. 3 day restoration of all of the data. Folders with Word docs, photos, Excel worksheets, PDFs. Very affordable, too. Geek squad was very interested in referring hard drive restoration to Nanosecond. Gave them his contact info.

Sam Roth

We contacted Advancify a year or so ago requesting they help us work with a partially finished website that we had from another developer. They were willing to work with what we already had and made it great! Additionally they have been doing excellent work with our SEO and web marketing. More recently, we started a new company and contacted Advancify to help us with the design portion of our start up. They absolutely crushed our new logo, business cards, and even set up G-Suite for the new company. The will most certainly be building a website for this company when we are ready for it. Don't hesitate to use Advancify!

John Blum

Kris and Matt worked with me conscientiously and helped me develop a web site that not only presented me in the best light, did it in such a way that it was fun. They are technical wizards, and both have incredible senses of humor. They have a lot of integrity, and were on top of the entire process. I can't think of anyone else I'd rather work with on a web project and highly recommend them.

Linda Gudmunson

Graham Dawson

Kevin was personable and knowledgeable - exceptional service at an affordable price!! Very quick to respond to initial request and made an appointment that day. He made the entire experience very easy. Highly recommend him for any IT issues you may be having. We will definitely be calling on him in the future. Thanks Kevin!!

Jackie Ryan

What a delightful experience! We own a construction company and are definitely not tech people! Kevin took over and made the switch out to newer computers approachable! He answered all of our questions and did a lot of extras. We highly recommend him! He's our guy now!

Amaris Benjestorf

I've used Matt and Kris for both of my business websites. They have been professional, thorough and responsive. They are very down to earth and I have recommended them to friends.

Dylan Kloch

I had all but given up hope on my relatively new samsung solid state drive. I had years of personal and sentimental photos, music and other information that I was quite distressed about losing. I had been told by my usual repair guy that it was broken in ways he'd never even seen before, and this dude was no slouch, he knew his stuff. In a last ditch effort I decided to get one last opinion and decided to contact Kevin and see if he could help. He met me after hours and very last minute and just immediately hopped into diagnosing the issue. Kevin walked me through the whole process and what really impressed me was his explanation of the software and diagnostic tools he used and how explained that my personal data and information was safe and wasn't accessible to him. Data security is incredibly important in this day and age and Kevin's explanations certainly made me feel comfortable and that I was in good hands. In less than an hour he had diagnosed the issue, re-installed my drive into my computer and I had all the data back that I thought I had lost . Between his technical knowledge and his superb customer service I cannot recommend Nanosecond Tech enough.

Tim Sullivan

Whether you know a lot or a little about website design, the guys at Advancify can be a huge help. Certainly the most comprehensive, economical and pleasant approach I've experienced over the years. A big yes.

Richard Huizenga

Always on time. Easy to get in touch with. Professional and polite. Very happy working with him.

Catherine Witt

Kevin is so knowledgable. He diagnosed my computer's problem after running a few tests and got it running quickly and inexpensively. He's so honest and goes the extra mile for his customers.

Shawnna Mckenzie

He's our go to computer guy from minor to major he has saved the day more then once. He explains things in a way that the tech challenge can understand. His service cost is actually affordable to those on a budget. I would recommend Kevin to anyone who needs a bit of help or major help & everything between, you can't go wrong with his service.

Mouse Bird

Kevin of Nanosecond Tech is a rock STAR. I spilled wet, gooey, eggy food juice of death directly into the ports of my brand new laptop that then sat overnight. He met with me to take my computer apart, which is now dysfunctional, to recover the data on my hard drive. He let me borrow some equipment so that I could bring my data home, with no charge! Cleaning water-damaged computers is not his specialty so he referred me to CompuMan who is in the process of cleaning the hardware in hopes that it will reemerge amongst the living. He's kind, generous, prompt, enthusiastic, and cares about what he does.

The Import Guys

Kevin came out same day to help out with some installations. The process was a little complicated but he seemed to come out and get the job done with no issues! Highly recommended, great service! Thanks!

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