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You will see all the information of real people who use the services and products of Creekmore Marketing & Web Design (Website Designer) in the area close to Kentucky.

To this day this business has a rating of 5.0 stars out of 5 and that score is based on 133 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Creekmore Marketing & Web Design IN Kentucky

Stephanie Crosby

Elizabeth was such a delight to work with. She is very professional and shows great work ethic. You can really tell how motivated she is to work with each individual person.

Kim Stamper

I love my website!

Ken Brown

The team at Creekmore Marketing does amazing work!

Stephanie Hunter

Chelsea is great at answering any questions about web design and online marketing. This is a great company.

Syd M

I am very pleased with how knowledgeable Creekmore is and would highly recommend using their marketing services. They give invaluable customer service and help small businesses reach their target clientele. Thank you!

Kaelyn Dannenfelser

I highly recommend them for digital marketing needs - their team is great at making your online presence more visible which is great at helping businesses succeed! Chelsea is always available and responds to her clients needs very tentatively and her employees are very pleasant to work with. Great people and quality service - what more businesses should be like today!

Sabrina Stephens

We have been extremely happy with Creekmore Marketing. They are always fantastic to work with and I highly recommend them.

Karen Johnson

The Creekmore team is extremely knowledgeable about SEO and great to work with. Their services exceed expectations!

Brynna Ryle

The staff at Creekmore was very helpful and provided me with all the advice and assistance I needed for my small business advertising. Thanks Creekmore!

Ken Buker

Josh Karg

The team at Creekmore is phenomenal at helping to increase the exposure of businesses. Lindsey has shown how passionate and dedicated she is to helping clients get the best results possible. I would highly recommend anyone who is on the fence about using a marketing service to look into and contact Creekmore about their services. I am sure you won't regret the added exposure your company will receive.

The Christion House Team

Sean Larkin what a social media / marketing stud!! Forget all those other marketing teams and "huge" marketing companies. Mr. Larkin and their team of passionate professionals are all you will ever need building or expanding your online brand! I highly recommend Creekmore Marketing and Sean they have proven tactics and a history of excellence you can count on.

Cassiidy S

I've worked for Creekmore Marketing & Web Design for over two years now. It's been so neat to see the small business we work with grow. We've worked with clients from all over the United States, from Lexington Kentucky to Hawaii! It's a great company to be apart of. I'd wholeheartedly recommend them to any business, large or small.

Trish Buker

Very professional.

Scott Kessler

Chelsea and the team at Creekmore Marketing are incredible! They handle all of our online advertising. It has been amazing for our company at ADA Heating and Air. Our internet searches are up, as well as our leads and website visits, including social media. We're staying super busy! Our online advertising through Creekmore Marketing has contributed to that! They know all the latest techniques and are super involved in every clients needs! Thanks Creekmore Marketing!!!

Custom Window Decor

Creekmore has delivered consistent results for our business. They keep our phone ringing with new business every week.

Autumn Jade Bittel

Great company! Loved the work they did, and they were incredibly accommodating and friendly!

Andrew March

Chastity Kessler

We use Creekmore Marketing for all our business marketing! Whether it be SEO, website or social media; Creekmore takes care of it all!! We highly recommend them to anyone!!

Miranda Hinchman

As a Real Estate Agent it is very important I have a strong internet presence. Creekmore Marketing has always been responsive and patient with us. The team at Creekmore takes time to explain everything and has great follow up. I highly recommend them for internet marketing Miranda Hinchman, Realtor

Christian Johnson

very knowledgable about web design, a very big help :)

Daniel Bevington

Chelsea and the staff (Alex, Sean, Jennifer, and Elizabeth) are excellent at what they do. I can’t imagine working with a nicer, harder working group of people. I highly recommend them for internet and social media marketing!!!

Beau Michael

After seeing the work of Creekmore Marketing, you will not want to go anywhere else for your online marketing needs. Not only do they take care of SEO but can help redesign your website as well. Amazing!

Donald Kersey

Creekmore Marketing's SEO package provides the best ROI by far, especially compared to other marketing we've previously done. So satisfied with their services.

Shawn Rutherford

Great experience with consistent follow ups. Stayed on top of changes and issues that my Web hosting was having.

Bruce Stith

Creekmore Marketing is a great company. They have been managing our Internet Marketing for three months now and already we have jumped up hundreds of spaces on Google. We went from having virtually zero people visiting our website to over 200 this month. We are very pleased that they are helping to grow our business and would recommend them to anyone.

Ann Arnold

Michael, Creekmore’s Lead Designer, is a pleasure to work with. He listened carefully to my issues and suggested solutions. I really liked how he worked interactively with me, communicating options along the way. There were decisions to be made in the process & Michael explained my options clearly (and patiently) so that I could choose well. Our web site is so functional and aesthetic. I am thrilled with the end result that exceeds my expectations!!

Buck Combs

I chose Creekmore Marketing when starting a new business and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t of made it through the first year, I’ll forever be grateful.

abigail soblowski

The website design was out of this world!

Sue Hart

“Creekmore Marketing will grow your business! They’re so knowledgeable about SEO and internet marketing. I highly recommend them.”

Barry Phillips

Chelsea at Creekmore Marketing is highly dedicated to her clients needs & can provide any business owner outstanding service. Web marketing is so much more than just having a web page, Chelsea helps educate her clients as to what it takes to have a successful web presence and online marketing plan. I can refer Creekmore marketing with great confidence.

Elle B

Emma is such a sweet and focused member of the team. Would highly recommend their services!

David Powell

Chelsea with Creekmore Marketing designed my website for real estate and interior photography. She did a great job in designing and is readily available when I have questions.

Zach Johnson

It's been great working with Chelsea and her team. The advise and results continue to be excellent.

Matt Christensen

Chelsea is a very professional person and she will actually do research on you or your issues before meeting with you. This shows that she is genuinely interested in finding a solution to your issues. Chelsea is very thorough when explaining her plan of action and will be sure you understand what needs to take place to ensure the plan is successful. I highly recommend her services to anyone.

Rolando Gonzalez

Michael Jehlik

The whole web design process was simple, to the point, and intuitive.

Caitlynn Rogers

Elizabeth was a great help and responded to all inquiries quickly. Excellent customer service. A pleasure to do business with.

Anthony Silber

Very professional people to work with. They excelled in meeting my marketing needs

Darrell Waddell

Excellent people to work with, quality service and pleasant in every way! Highly recommend!

Elizabeth Wnek

Great place! Knowledgeable staff with timely and effective solutions.

Paul Hope

Chelsea designed my website. I'm very pleased with it and frequently get leads via email!

Drew Virgin

Everyone at Creekmore is wonderful! Had dinner with the staff one evening and really enjoyed talking with everyone. Great company for small businesses!

Pamela Greenberg

Arin Gilliland

My experience with Emma at Creekmore Services is more than five stars. Her understanding and enthusiasm for each and every client is such that I would recommend to anyone or business!

Joelle Riding

I cannot say enough great things about Creekmore! They are always a step ahead at finding out the latest trends and marketing tactics to get you noticed online. They always quickly answer any questions and are so personable and friendly. If you've been looking for a way to get more leads, redesign your website, or increase your online presence, they are worth every penny!!

Josh Hildebrand

The Creekmore team was great! Very professional and helpful. Mindy and the everyone else with customer service did a wonderful job with answering all of my questions!


Our company has had excellent results and customer service from Creekmore. They are passionate about what they do and it shows in their work product. We have been most pleased with their consistency of services as well as helping us move up in the Google Ranks. There are many companies out there in the world of internet help that either do not follow through or over promise and under deliver. Creeekmore is not one of them. Definitely give them a chance because you will definitely be pleased.

Alex Jacobsen

When it comes to internet marketing, Creekmore is the go-to business

Terry Huffman

This business is great, their attention to detail is amazing! They were truly focused on my success.

Jeni Reed

Chelsea and her team are talented at getting the word out on the web and social media to promote your business! What a difference specialized marketing can make!!

Justin Weibel

The team is professional, and they do a great job at marketing small businesses online.

Lindsey Crowe

Creekmore Marketing is one of the best companies to work for! Chelsea is a wonderful person to work for, and she is so knowledgeable about SEO and marketing. I have learned so much! Work isn’t “work” when you’re employed here.

Kathryn Borelli

I am consistently impressed by this company’s professional manner and expertise of all things related to online marketing. They personally work with you to develop a personalized strategy and ensure your success!

Candice McEachen

Ashton Lindsey

The Creekmore team is lovely to work with. Their web design skills are incredible, and they have such a knack for what they do!

Shawn King

Creekmore Marketing is 100% Legit! If your looking for a real SEO Company, that is local and personable. This is a one stop shop for Website Design and Internet Marketing. After several failed attempts with other companies we found this local Internet Marketing Company. They make good on their promises and get your company real results. Our Locksmith Company has grown 300% or more in local sales. Thank You Lindsey Greenburg!

Taylor Stewart

The Creekmore Marketing team is so helpful and works hard to meet your company's goals! The team is creative, collaborative, and ensures customer satisfaction. I would enthusiastically recommend to anyone looking for effective marketing, large or small scale.

Andrew McCarty

An exceptional marketing firm! I love the perfect balance of professionalism and approachability. It’s a wonderful choice for small businesses, and I highly recommend it.

Stuart Pope

The Creekmore team is a fantastic asset to businesses all throughout Lexington. Emma has been especially exceptional. Even though she's only been with the company for a short time, she has embraced the culture and brought even more passion and dedication to an already outstanding team. Will highly recommend Creekmore to businesses in Lexington.

Dave Gardiner

Chelsea is great to work with and very reasonably priced.

Ed Clark

I have been extremely satisfied with the search engine optimization work of Creekmore Marketing. Chelsea and her team have significantly improved the ranking of our law firm in Google searches, and the number of calls we are getting is steadily rising. Creekmore Marketing provides a great deal of feedback and information. We are grateful for their help.

Lee Preston

Everyone at Creekmore Marketing is incredibly friendly and helpful. I recommend them to all my friends for their SEO marketing needs.

James Younce

Very powerful knowledge of social media & how can impact your business' daily life on the interwebs! Loved speaking with them about social media strategies!

Daniel Stacy

What a great group of people. They make everything so easy. I recommend them to everyone.

Nathan Rainey

Creekmore has been handling my businesses advertising for over a year now. We have seen our leads and sales increase by 15% since they took over. They are very affordable and extremely good at what they do.

Heather Zalme

Great people to work with and they fulfilled their obligations!

Bailey Vickers

The team is very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anyone looking to grow their business.

Allie M

amazing people to be around and would highly recommend their services! Loving everything

Jonathan Noel

I highly recommend Creekmore Marketing for any Online Marketing and Web Design! Sean Larkin was great to work with and extremely professional!

Rachel Sine

There are some great people working here! Jenn is super professional! I’m very impressed with her writing and use of language. She knows what she is doing.

valeria osorio

Creekmore Marketing is so experienced and easy to work with! Would definitely recommend to everyone for quality work

Caleb Martie

The company really care for needs and helps my company become the best it can be!

Brandon Henshaw

The marketing team at Creekmore has impressed me with their attention to detail, professionalism, and commitment to quality. 5/5 stars, would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to grow their business.

Niki Dillman

Chelsea is the bee's knees! She is a great listener and really does incorporate all of your ideas when it comes to web design. I will definitely recommend her to others!

Denise Patrick

Mindy Buker was very helpful and professional. I would definitely recommend her.

Carmen Willis

We have hired Chelsea to build 4 websites

Faith Gray

Chelsea and Michel at Creekmore Marketing & Web Design were both incredibly helpful through my website build. I came from a truly awful experience and was very nervous to start from scratch, but Chelsea grasped my vision from day one! I couldn't be happier with the client care and patience that Michel provided during the wee hours of crunch time, to help me further understand my site platform. Thank you all so much! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone needing assistance in refurbishing or starting fresh in the website building process!

Carly Taffet

Excellent company to grow your business with their digital marketing strategies! Lindsey Greenberg is wonderful to work with and made the process so easy and seamless. She is a gem! Definitely recommend this company to anyone looking to grow their business.

Jacob Gebhart

Very highly recommend for all your digital marketing needs!!

Brooke Jackson

Great for growing your business! I would recommend Creekmore to anyone with expansion in mind!

Brooke Simmons

Great company to work with! Very professional and talented! Would definitely recommend!

judi pressman

Creekmore marketing is one of the best companies to grow your business! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for digital marketing.

Blaine Adams

Creekmore Marketing is wonderful.... they helped me update my website and create a mobile version. It works great.... Thanks!

IB Moore

Creekmore Marketing has been the best thing that could've possibly happened to us. As an industrial fabrication and distribution company, we had literally zero online presence. Due to phenomenal Google reviews and client feedback, we chose to bring Creekmore in. The team built a brand new website for us (which we continuously get great compliments on) and they are now in the process of increasing our virtual footprint (pay-per click and SEO). I cannot begin to explain how easy it is to work with anybody on the Creekmore team. The great display of patience, explaining details and processes, immediate responses and open communication are superb. They tend to their clients with 150% commitment. Creemore shows you what great customer service should look like! You will always feel as a priority. I love them, they are a great family and an even greater addition to Lexington's business world!

James Cook

A highly skilled & talented web marketing team that makes exceptional works & produces results that deliver.

Ron Cissell

The team at Creekmore Marketing is phenomenal! Their digital marketing services are unparalleled and they truly care about helping your business succeed.

Sfox11 Kk

Chelsea and team are so nice to work with. They have grown our business and really have helped our website. Our SEO was out of date and so was our website. Our swimming pool business at Backyard Fun Pools has flourished from Creekmore Marketing’s help. Highly recommend using Chelsea and her team for all your website needs. They have met and exceeded all our expectations. Thank you Creekmore!

Paul Dalton

We are a full service counseling and psychiatric practice in Lexington, Frankfort, and Richmond KY. We needed an updated site to promote our services. Visually and technically, our other site was getting outdated. Chelsea listened, has a great web guy that was nice and courteous, and our site represents our organization the way we want it to. Going live soon! Thanks for the hard work!

Wendy Crowe

Great company and Lindsey Greenberg is wonderful to work with.

Cody Fox

We hired Creekmore to do our SEO. We are so excited about the results so far! We get calls and leads from our website daily!

Brooke Lawson

Very engaging social media messaging! Love their drive to help small businesses.

Clay Neff

Our experience has been fantastic and the results even better. Hiring Creekmore has been one of the best decisions we have made.

Beneath The Skin Inc

Creekmore Marketing has been the greatest blessing to my business!! They are professional and knowledgable but more importantly they are personable, friendly, and helpful! My business wouldn't be where it is today without their services and support, They are quick to respond, have great insight and suggestions, and always made sure I was happy with the results! A special thank you to Chelsea and Michel for working so hard to ensure we can continue serving others!

Maura Bassman

I recently had the pleasure of working with Chelsea and her team at Creekmore Marketing. Chelsea is friendly, experienced, professional and extremely responsive. She diagnosed my website and had a plan to me within a few minutes of our first email exchange. She has a true passion for helping small businesses and wants each of her clients to succeed. I have seen first hand the importance of SEO for my business and cannot thank Chelsea enough for helping my business grow. Highly recommended!!

Shelly Fortune

Chelsea and her team were fantastic! They were able to identify our needs and create a winning plan!

Stephanie Crowe

Creekmore Marketing provides quality SEO and marketing services that can help any business grow. I’d highly recommend using them for all your marketing needs. You won’t regret it!

Devon Virgin

I’ve heard a lot of good things about this firm. I would recommend this company and it’s employees!

Susan Henshaw

Mindy Buker was very professional and exceptionally helpful! I would recommend both Ms. Buker and Creekmore Marketing to anyone searching for that one-of-kind Marketing group, that will not only work with you one on one, but will also exceed your expectations by far!

Lindsay Appell

Creekmore Marketing provides professional, effective, customer-focused marketing services. I would highly recommend them for any business looking to grow and increase your brand! Lindsey, in particular, is dedicated, passionate, and a joy to work with!

Zachary King

I could never say anything bad about this great company. They are always there to help and make sure your priorities are their priorities. They are a heartfelt company who treat you more like a person rather than a check. Great company and great group of people!!

Evan Wright

Emma was absolutely delightful, she was helpful, well informed and an absolute pleasure to work with. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend creekmore after my above and beyond professional experience with Emma!

Window Wonders

They do an excellent job! Always a prompt answer anytime I need something . Very professional!!

Matthew Clark

Chelsea and Creekmore Marketing have been such a pleasure to work for! I've been with the team since January and everybody is very friendly and focused on creating great websites.

Keith Bellman

Phenomenal web design services! Extremely pleased with the finish product

Sean Larkin

Great website design! If you want to grow your business generated from the Internet and social media presence, Creekmore is the company for you.

Eric Kimble

Well worth the money!

Lisa Bazzano

Creekmore Marketing was a key part of my new business growth in the first year. Their team of SEO professionals are top notch. If you are looking to grow your brand awareness online, call Creekmore Marketing today!

Patty Tierney

Great staff!!! Energetic and wanting to help make you successful!

Sean Massey

They're very knowledgeable, and extremely helpful in navigating marketing needs.

Matthew Smith

The staff is really great. All of my encounters with them have been cordial and professional; they're a real pleasure to work with.

jeff novak

They did an excellent job establishing and transforming our social media presence.

Shelby Wade

Great business! Very knowledgeable and reliable. Would definitely recommend!

Jessie Lamb

Charles Jardon

Creekmore marketing has played an exponential role in increasing our exposure to prospective customers! Their team consists of some of the most knowledgeable and professional consultants I have had the pleasure of doing business with. If you are considering a marketing avenue to propel your business to the next level; look no further. Thank you Creekmore team for helping us bring our ambitions to fruition.

Bill Spink

Great company to deal with. If you need internet marketing this is the place to go!!!!

Toonces 65

Creekmore Marketing can grow your small business with effective digital marketing, and they’re so knowledgeable about SEO! I’d highly recommend them to anyone in need of a marketing firm.

Jeannie Chung

Chelsea and her team have been amazing from the start to present. They are at attention at all times and I can focus on my business while they take care of the online secrets for me. My online presence had definitely grown since our relationship started. Emma has been on target with updating my information on my website and the details involved in the business. I wouldn't be where I am without them. Thank you Chelsea and Emma!!!

Ryan Joos

Chelsea and the rest of the Creekmore team are solid. Very responsive and invested in their clients. I've had a chance to work with them on a number of projects and I've been very impressed. I think they have a really solid hold on marketing for the window, blind & shutter type of space but I've seen them do really well with clients in other industries as well. I'd totally recommend them.

Sara Dixon

nick maxey

Creekmore Marketing gave our website a face lift and got our website on the first page of google. They are great to work with and has been the best marketing move our company has made. Thanks Chelsey for all your help!

Mitchell Kraus

Creekmore marketing has beautifully designed websites that they create!

April B

Emma is a motivated go-getter, helpful and kind.

Brad Crowe

Tony Prince

Chelsea is a fine web designer. I would recommend her company to anyone.

Jessica Finn

Johnna Wilford

Mindy Buker has the highest level of professionalism, and was really able to work with me on exactly what I needed. Definitely recommend her and the company!

Alena Ross

All of the employees working at Creekmore Marketing are very authentic and are driven to help you succeed! I would easily rate this company a 6/5 if I could!

Christian Montero

Creekmore was great to work with. Completely met my expectations for social marketing

Dan Miller

Creekmore Marketing gives great advice and online marketing plans.

Rachel Delevett

Creekmore Marketing provides customer-focused marketing that is both effective and professional. If you are looking to grow your brand, Lindsey is the strategist to help you. I highly recommend Creekmore Marketing to help your business grow.

Dan Buker

Wonderful company. Great at marketing small businesses!

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