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REVIEWS OF Dog and Rooster IN California

Chic Jones

Dog and Rooster did a great job interpreting how I would like my website to look. The whole team did a great job. They really listened and took into account everything that I said. They even scheduled a few more meetings to go over the progress of the project. I was at ease and I did not have to worry about anything.

Jason LeDay

Dog and Rooster did an outstanding job on my website, making it look very professional and easy to browse through. They still kept my vision, but used their knowledge and expertise to develop and design the perfect site. I am very impressed!

Eric Christopher

Dog and Rooster team did an amazing job redesigning our website. We are pleased with the layout, design and functionality of the site. They are professional, talented and I would recommend them to anyone looking for redesign their website.

Mona Jadiri

Dog and Rooster Company is just incredible. It took me more than a year to find a web design company to feel comfortable to work with. From my first meeting with Jack I was sure that I am in a right place. He is very patient, knowledgeable and not only answered all my questions but also he informed me a lot in the first meeting. I am so pleased with his designers too and A BIG thank you to Carolynn, Tomoko and Miko for their great job. All of them are very helpful and accommodating beside that they are super creative. I would rate them higher than 5 and I highly recommend Dog & Rooster to everyone who is looking for a professional team to work for their marketing needs.

Stephanie George

Our company’s website is old and outdated. We really wanted to give it a fresh new look with clean, modern, and user-friendly design. Then, one of my colleagues referred me to Dog and Rooster. That was a year ago. Few months ago, they’ve finished our new website and our business has been growing much faster than I’ve expected. Jack and his staff have been extremely helpful throughout the entire process. They make sure to address all your concerns appropriately and are very honest about their recommendations. They’ve been in the business for more than a decade and they are very knowledgeable about what works and what doesn’t. We absolutely love our new website. We have an excellent online presence and our business is growing much better than expected. We could not be any more satisfied than we already are. Thank you Dog and Rooster!

Patrick Davidson

Highly recommend Dog & Rooster Studio for you a website design project. Rebuilt our Word-press site Up-grade to a custom site. And did a fantastic job! They suggested excellent improvements and has been super supportive through the whole process. I recommend them highly for UI designing and heavy duty programming. If you have a large project that an ordinary web design company can't handle (I've tried and learned the lesson) Dog and Rooster can do the job!

K.E On The Track

Dog and Rooster developed a website for our business last year. Perfect job, from start to end. They are ready to help and come with new ideas at any time needed. We look forward to working with them again in the future. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to create a web page or need advice in their field.

Cale Villano

Very nice work, and they were actually involved with maximizing the look and feel of my site. The team have created a custom site that is amazing to look at. Dog & Rooster is a professional operation with great customer service. I highly recommend them for any business owner!

Hui Yin

2 Stars. Bad experience with Dog and Rooster. Took my money and produced bad website that was not at all what we signed up for. And it cost over $10,000. Very shady company, who also threatens "legal team" against people. I give 2 stars because the office person was nice. Save a headache.

Maricela Moreno

Jack is great!

Kimberly Tinsley

We choose Dog and Rooster to help us re-brand our website. The end result was beyond our expectations. Working with Dog and Rooster has been a wonderful experience. We have been so pleased with the service we received that we also selected them to head our SEO.

Malcolm Taylor

The Dog and Rooster gave us what we needed and continue to help with integration to our applications. They've been a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to an ongoing relationship with them.

Maria Avila

Great investment of my time and money! My website looks beautiful and it's been gaining more and more traffic by the week. After they finished launching the new website, I signed up for their SEO services and business online has been getting busier. Whenever a problem pops up, their staff is always quick to respond. Highly recommend going with Dog and Rooster!

Frank Johnson

We had a great experience with Dog and Rooster! Previously, we had our own marketing team managing our website. Unfortunately, they were not gathering much results. We then consulted with Dog and Rooster and found that our website could be so much better. They’ve been in this industry for more than 17 years. So you can trust that they really know what they’re doing. We wanted our website to look simple, elegant, and user-friendly. Jack and his team went above our expectations! We really loved the designs that they came up with. They are also very responsive and efficient in what they do. They taught us how to use their custom management system so that we could easily update our content. We’re very pleased with Dog and Rooster. I highly recommend any business to check them out first.

Charlotte Pinkerton

Best website design company for me. I had problems with the previous company that I hired for the project and had to look for another company to fix the issues. The Dog and Rooster team was very professional and had excellent service. The quality of work was great. I’m very impressed with their service and that made me sign-up for monthly maintenance. A huge thank you to the team!

Steven Alvarez

We truly loved working with Dog and Rooster. They were able to follow up and follow through which are really important. They even went the extra mile to deliver quality work. Not only did they exceeded our expectations, but they were also very accommodating and showed great interest and energy into the project. Truly just outstanding customer service! Now, our website stands out from our competitors and users are quite happy about the overall look, content, and user-friendly layout of the website. Big thank you to the entire team! Overall we had a positive experience working with Dog and Rooster. If you are looking for a company that follows through on their word, this is definitely a company to work with

Michael Maguire-Carroll

We had different sort of challenge for Dog & Rooster: a nice web UI for our web-service API. Their developers quickly learned how to interface with our API and deploy to our servers on AWS. All along, they were collaborated well with our team and flexible with our changing needs. Above all, we and our clients are pleased with the beautiful design.

Ruth Ledford

Dog and Rooster rebuilt our website from scratch. It’s amazing what they’ve done. Our website looks more beautiful than ever and they’ve made it easy for us to update our content. Their staff has been very helpful throughout the entire process. They gave us unlimited design samples and only proceeded with the development process until we had the perfect final design. They were quick to address any issues that came up too. Thanks guys! We’ll definitely get back to you if we need anything else.

Frances Porterfield

As a growing company, I felt that our website was lacking a lot of things. I was very pleased with the previous projects that they have worked on so I decided to have a consultation with them. The creative director was very knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend Dog and Rooster.


When no one could understand what we were trying to build as a website, Dog and Rooster was the only company to even grasp the idea of our intentions. They have Amazing Insight & Out of the Box Thinking!

Maria Angel

I have a start-up business that requires an extensive online user directory. To develop my website, I first went to a local company that specializes in WordPress development. The price was right, and they said they had the confidence to build my idea using WordPress (I had a small budget). Long story short-- After six months of stressful development time, the project went nowhere. So, I asked one of my friends who launched a successful start-up business to refer me to his developer, and he introduced me to Dog and Rooster. We started the project about one year ago, and they completed the project about two months ago with custom programming. Dog and Rooster, Inc. has extensive knowledge and experience with project development needing heavy duty coding. I could never have realized my web application without their guidance and expertise. If you have a project that calls for functions and features exceeding template website capacity, I highly recommend working with Dog and Rooster.

Claudia Soto

After a terrible experience, we looked for the best companies in the area and we found Dog and Rooster. Right after the first meeting we knew that we landed in the right place with the right people who really knew about this business, not only in a commercial way but also in the more technical side of it with coding. Now that our project took-off we cannot be happier with our e-commerce website, it's responsive, smart and it has a friendly user back-end and order management design that really makes the work easier and more productive that's helped us to keep growing our business the way it should be.

Denise Holland

So happy to have found Dog and Rooster! I was looking for web design company in San Diego. Thankfully we met this professional team. These guys really know mobile-friendly design:) The best part is how easy it was to communicate with them. Trust me if you want great design and an efficient turnaround, just call Dog and Rooster.

Alexis Moreland

If you are looking for a web development company to understand to your needs then I highly recommend Dog and Rooster. They will work with you to design the right internet marketing strategy for your company and their customer service is outstanding!

Maxine Irma

Our previous web company is closing and we had to find a new company to take care of our website. We found Dog and Rooster and they quickly arranged a meeting for us. I signed up for their monthly SEO program where they managed our online presence. So far, I’m very satisfied with their service. Our online rankings are much better and I’m receiving more and more requests from potential clients. Would recommend Dog and Rooster for website maintenance needs.

Eric Pogue

Awesome professional team to work with! I do not know much about technology, but I definitely learned a lot from Dog and Rooster. They were very professional from the start to the completion of the project. Great people with great ideas. They provided extensive insights and knowledge to the project. What I like most about working with them is that they listened to the ideas or concepts I have in mind and they also gave opinions on what will work and will not work. It was truly a collaboration. They handled the project very well and I commend them for that. They really know what they are doing. I still can’t believe that the ideas in my head are now an app. The app is outstanding from the designs, functions, etc. I would definitely hire them again for another project in the future!

John Stirn

Dog and Rooster Inc. designed, launched and set up hosting for our website. They have done an amazing job in designing a beautiful and elegant e-commerce site that we had envisioned, and with their expertise, it's a lot better than we have imagined. All while sticking to our brand's aesthetic. It has been a pleasure working with them. Whenever you have questions, they are quick to respond with a solution or acknowledgement. Not only were they responsive during the development of the site, but also quick to address any technical issues we had after launching the site. Their attentiveness to the client after launch is excellent. They made us feel confident that they will be there for us whenever we need them. We are delighted to work with Dog and Roster on this project and establish a long-term partnership with them.

Patricia Faulkner

Working with Dog and Rooster was wonderful! They’ve been very helpful and prompt throughout the entire process. They offered unlimited revisions for our homepage design, but we only had it revised a few times since their designs were already great to begin with. The tech team also addressed all problems promptly as they came up during the development process. We will definitely do business with them again in the future.

Muriel Macon

I have always wanted to have my own business that is related with my passion. After taking a few classes at a dance studio and being able to observe how they operated, I started thinking of a similar business concept that I wanted to establish. I wanted to create a mobile app and website where people can see the schedule of dance workshops and reserve a spot ahead of time. At that time, I did not have enough funds for such a project so I had to wait for years before getting it started. It was just last year when I felt comfortable with the amount of money that I was able to save for this, but it was crucial to go with the right company right away. I did heavy research and called several companies. After several consultations, I decided to accept the proposal made by Dog and Rooster. The pricing for me was fair for the complexity of the project because I wanted several functions to be added and I wanted the designs to be really creative. I had a hard time deciding which mockups to approve because great and unique designs where provided overall though I had a few minor changes. In the middle of the development stage of the project, I went through a really hard time and I had financial problems. I had to put this project on hold and Dog and Rooster was really understanding about the situation. I contacted them as soon as I was financially stable again in terms of having the funds needed to wrap up the project. They started working on my project right away and everything just fell into place. We launched the site and everyone loved it! I would not even think twice to call Dog and Rooster again for another project or even recommend them to everyone!

MIke Ascc

It's great experience working with Dog and Rooster. I have been burned by couple other web design companies and almost gave up. But Dog and Rooster was different. They have extensive knowledge and very responsive throughout the process, and delivered wonderful website and mobile App.

Heidi Koenig

I have been searching for a good web development company for a while to help me redesign the overall look of my website. I called Dog and Rooster and they were able to schedule a free consultation right away. I was able to explain the ideas that I have in mind and they also provided some of their ideas. I was so happy to see the outcome of our website. The new website even helped my company to gain more customers. I highly recommend Dog and Rooster. You can never go wrong with them.

Sebastian Wilson

I didn't work with Jack directly, but his work was fantastic. My company has deployed his work flawlessly and our printer was pleased with the quality sent over.

John Lopez

Dog and Rooster was a pleasure to work with. I contacted several website development companies around the area, but I decided to work with them. I wanted to redesign my website because it was outdated and was not as responsive or functional as I would like it to be. Customers actually called me and brought it up to my attention. During the consultation, issues were pointed out and some of the projects launched by Dog and Rooster was presented to me. I just knew I was with the right company. I love everything about Dog and Rooster. Fresh and unique designs were sent and if there were any changes they would change it right away. Communication was excellent. I always get quick responses for any questions or concerns that I have. They have an outstanding team that works together very well. The price was just right for all the help they have given me. I now hear great feedback from my clients. Truly one of the best web design companies!

Ashley Beverly

Dog and Rooster revamped a website for one of my businesses and because of my wonderful experience they are now in the process of creating a website for my newest venture. I love the clean user friendly look of their site designs. They also made it easy for me to change everything on the site myself by CMS, which is something I need to do on a daily basis. This used to be an aggravating task for a "technology challenged" person such as myself. Now it only takes me a couple minutes to update all my sites information. They were also easy to deal with and answered my questions and emails quickly. They changed anything I requested on the spot and even now months after the job was completed they still answer all my inquiries promptly. I am highly recommending Dog and Rooster.

Nicole White

I could not be more pleased with the results they bring. Dog and Rooster really understood my vision and successfully brought my idea to life. Its garnered very positive feedback so far. Their team was very professional and they respond pretty quickly to anything that came up. It really was a pleasure working with them.

Connie Breckenridge

I’m glad to have found Dog and Rooster. The staff there are professional and easy to work with. Their designs were beautiful and their designers were very open to our feedback. They provided us with unlimited samples, which gave us a peace of mind. The team were very quick to respond to any issues that came up during the development and even after launching our new site. We also had a custom CMS made for us so that we can easily edit any content without having much programming knowledge. I’ve recently signed up for their monthly program so they could optimize our online presence. I highly recommend any business owner to consult with Dog and Rooster.

Scot Vick

If you guys are looking for a website development company, I highly suggest going with Dog and Rooster. The staff are really nice and very competent. Service is nothing but amazing! I’m glad I invested in redesigning my website.

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