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REVIEWS OF Wolf River Veterinary Clinic IN Wisconsin

Dori Krueger

We think Dr. Ziegler is the best. They are always kind and understanding when our Hattie crawls under the chairs. Patient. Just what you want in a Veterinarian.

Mark Metko

Excellent care for your pet.

Fred Zaug

Always great care for my dog

Patricia Adams

The staff is great and very helpfull.

Brenda Eisch

Good for pets

Nick Kirchnet

Love it took great care of my pug will go back

Sam Barwick

Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. My dog loves going here.

Tom Wildenberg

Very nice vet clinic. Friendly and great prices

Jenna McKay

Friendly staff, always greets my cats n dog, decent prices, and the boarding staff is great with my dog

Terresa Lider

They are awesome! My dog had surgery there and all the staff were amazing.

Monikers G

Expert, compassionate Care!

Julie Larsen

Nicole Boesken

Wolf River has phenomenal staff, top quality care and affordable rates for veterinary care. I adopted my dog from their SAFE program nearly 8 years ago and have had consistent, quality care with transparency for rates and charges. They utilize many cutting age technologies and products to facilitate the healing and well being of pets and are simply, phenomenal.

kristine Nett

Dylan Koenig

Took our dog in because he was acting really tired. They got me in less than an hour before they closed. They took x-rays, found out he had a ruptured spleen, and stayed late to perform surgery. Dr. Zeigler is always very informative, compassionate, and very kind. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Alycia Houseman

I was so impressed!! I went to have my rabbit neutered. First, I called every place in a 40 mile radius, I was quoted prices from $160-$320, then I called this wonderful clinic. I was charged $87.50, and they quoted me that exact price beforehand. The vet was so knowledgable, and seemed to genuinely care about my bunny, Radar. The last place I went to, the vet recommended keeping him in a wire bottom cage and didnt seem to care about what I fed him, as the vet described my rabbit as simply "livestock". This Vet, Dr. Zeigler, was so nice and gentle with my bunny. He did an amazing job, and when Radar struggled to recover, Dr. Zeigler responded immediately to my late night calls, emails and pictures. Radar healed nicely without needing another visit, but I am forever grateful for how gracious Dr. Zeigler was in calming my worries.

Susan Moore

Janan Vinger

I had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Jim for many years now--even before he opened the Wolf River Clinic. My vet where we previously lived "walked on water", so Dr. Jim had some BIG shoes to fill. He treated our numerous dogs, cats and horses over the years. And those shoes?...They fit quite nicely, thank you. He is compassionate, knowledgeable, caring and just plain nice! You'd have to go a long way to find a better all-around vet. He always goes the extra mile for the animals under his care. I consider it a privilege to add my 2cents worth in support of him.

Leah Flatoff

Friendly knowledgeable staff, patient and caring

Ann Pacshen

Angela Schiedermayer

Laura Tews

Best vet ever. Dr. Kyle saved our Sam's life.

Jackie Cartwright

Not good at all. Was quoted 360 to get kitten spade and declawed. Went to get her was 525 wth


Very good pet care.

Barbara Lowe

WRVC is a great business. We use them for veterinary services as well as boarding for our two cats. The doctors and vet techs are always incredibly friendly and show how much they care about animals. They are skilled at handling our temperamental female who hisses and growls at strangers. The boarding service has been very reliable and we always feel like the cats have been well cared for during our absence - even Miss Hissy Fits. Two thumbs up!

Nathan Krake

Top notch service. Prices are good

Brianna Van Dreel

Dr. Ziegler is amazing. WRVC does not typically perform surgeries or even see rabbits. My 6 year old lop rabbit had gotten a very bad infection in his left eye and needed to be seen immediately. When I called, they fit him right in and Dr. Ziegler got him on some medication that helped prevent it from spreading any further. A few years after this incident, the infection was getting bad again, so again, I brought him in. Dr. Ziegler told us that his eye needed to be removed and that he had never performed the surgery before. He gave us two options. One, we could take him into a specialist in Appleton which would cost me a lot more than I could currently afford or he offered to perform the surgery himself, which is what we chose to do. As he had never performed this surgery before, he did not make us pay for his time at all, the only cost we covered was the tools, anesthesia and medication used in the process. The procedure went off without a hitch and I was able to bring home a happy and healthy bunny. I would trust Dr. Ziegler with my own life if it came down to it, he is an incredible doctor and I recommend him to anyone who asks.

mark turner

Very nice people that care about your pets

Tammy Brown

Theresa Pichelmeyer

Very unhappy with service! Requested flea medicine for dog and told he had to have a physical exam for the year first???? Especially considering the dog had been seen by a vet for another issue mid year...I have been a customer of this facility for many years but am getting very tired of all the costly "requirements" . Looking elsewhere sadly.

Morgan Ewings

The entire staff at Wolf River Veterinary Clinic in New London is always friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. We really appreciate the same-day appointments for a sick or injured pet.

Joy Griffin

Very professional. Did not make you buy any services you did not want. Always friendly.

Kat Campbell

Carol Breault

Love this clinic, always so helpful.

Roy Mitchell

Dr. Z and his staff have always provided the best care posible for my dogs.

Mr Smith

They are great with my pug I will not go anywhere but here great staff and price.

Michele Mazemke

We brought in two of our three dog fur babies. They were not acting like their normal happy babies. We explained the symptoms to the Doctor. Our Doctor took the time and demonstrated through his actions that he was truly concerned about taking care of our babies. He sat with us to teach us how to care for their individual medical issues But the icing on the cake was the follow up phone calls from him to make sure they were doing well. His actions show that he loves animals and understands how valuable our fur babies are to us. That means a lot to us.

Penny S

Dr. Ziegler and his staff are the best!!!! They not only know how to give the best care to pets but they treat each and every pet as if the pet was their own. Recently we rescued a pot belly pig, today we had him neutered by Dr. Ziegler. Dr. Ziegler explained everything to us prior to the procedure, the staff was very friendly and helpful while we waited for our piglet to be brought out of the recovery area. We were allowed to stay in an exam room until we felt comfortable taking our piglet home. We were educated on the type of sutures, how to monitor the incision site, as well as to call with any questions or concerns at anytime. Our piglet came home with us today and is doing so well. Thank you Dr. Ziegler and your entire staff for the compassion and kindness.


The team at Wolf River Vet provides outstanding care for my dogs and are always very caring and thorough. I drive past several veterinarians on my one-hour drive to New London because they are THE best!

Kim Van-Kinderman

Dr Ziegler is the most compassionate vet in our area! Our Sharpei is a very difficult breed to manage and Dr is very knowledgeable and caring to all his needs. We work together to manage his skin and orthopedic needs. I have never worked with a vet that listens to the owners and works together. I never hesitate to take my baby in for care!

Kathy Schwanke

They took good care of our elderly dog and even allowed our younger dog in with her.

Virgina Davies

Very friendly Dr and staff. Prices may be a little higher than other vets offices but, I'm more than willing to pay that extra money to know my animals are recieving the best care with respect to the animal and owner

Jim Knuth

Best vets ever!

Fay Campbell

Best vets and staff EVER!!!!

BudgetDrywall wi

Best vets around! They take the time and care about your pets. They also do rescue! I have adopted a dog and a cat from them. Best vet ever!

David Gardynik

Clear Way Maint

Service and staff


The TL:DR version is Wolf River Vet cares more for the money in your wallet, than for your pet. I took my senior 12.5 yr old cat there roughly 7 months ago. I was quoted a "Senior Wellness Exam" for roughly $120. They even had it listed in their brochure. So my cat was checked out by an Older Dr. who didn't seem personable or compassionate. He poked and prodded around my pet, ran a panel of blood tests etc. I tried telling the Dr. about some of the issues my pet was having, such as frequent vomiting, but he seem unconcerned and didn't offer any suggestions. So, after we reviewed my pet's blood exams, they said he was fairly healthy and "slightly" elevated thyroid levels and prescribed Methimazole as a precautionary measure. When they go to run up my bill, it came out to $175, I had asked what about the Senior Wellness Exam pricing, and they said that there computer was acting up and wasn't bundling the services properly. I said, well can you fix the invoice so I pay what's quoted in your brochure. The receptionist said she'll go ask the Dr. what can be done. She came back, and offered a discount on the "Office Visit" charge to bring the bill down to $125. I said that it still isn't what was quoted in the brochure but that I won't quibble over $5. The receptionist seemed to not care if they bill out services fairly, consistently, or to their own quoted prices or not. So, about 5 months after Wolf River Vet, my pet had become very ill, lethargic, etc. It was about 9 pm on a Friday night, so I took my pet to the Fox Valley Animal Referral center. A test later, and it's concluded my pet had a very large tumor on his liver that was impacting the stomach and likely causing his vomiting issues. The tumor was about the size of a golf ball, and unlikely to be surgically removed without my pet dying anyhow. I unfortunately had to put my pet down in lieu of emergency surgery. I can't help but wonder, why didn't the Wolf River Vet exam find any trace of this tumor? Why didn't the Dr. offer any ideas or tests to check up on his frequent vomiting? I'm not blaming Wolf River Vet, but it makes me wonder given the other issues I had with them.

Judy Handschke

Staff and Vets awsome...peace of mind when you get your beloved pet taken care of there

laurie walecki

Adam Lehmann

Went there with friend with sick kitty. Staff very professional and friendly.

Sheila Dorsett

Very caring staff

Eileen Schendel

I have been a client of the Wolf River Veterinary Clinic for several years. The clinic is a valuable asset to this area because of the staff's expertise, commitment to all animals, respect and concern for their clients, and community service to make life better for homeless animals and to reunite stray and lost animals with their families. The staff are all pet owners themselves, so I feel a bond with them.


We love Wolf River Veterinary Clinic! Dr Baetke and Dr Ziegler are Great! We would not go any where else.

Roberta B

Wolf River Vet Clinic was the only clinic willing to help me with a friday afternoon emergency. I was not a regular patient, but the were willing to see my barn cat at 4:45 pm on a friday afternoon when my regular vet would NOT make time for me. I was so grateful. Their medical care was GREAT and my boy is back in action. The staff was very kind and caring. I am seriously considering moving the rest of my small animals to their care! If you are looking for a clinic, this one would be a great choice.

Polly Lindemer

Dan Neely

Craig Garton

When our puppy needed knee surgery Wolf River Veterinary Clinic was recommended to us. I called and Dr. Ziegler spent 20 minutes on the phone with me discussing my pet and I wasn’t even a customer of his yet. As of today, our puppy has had double knee surgery and follow-up care provided by Dr. Ziegler and the staff at Wolf River Veterinary Clinic, all of which has been exceptional. Dr. Ziegler is extremely knowledgeable and kind. Every contact with Dr. Ziegler and the staff at Wolf River has been beyond positive. I can’t say enough good things about them all, which is why I will continue to drive 30+ minutes to New London for all of our little Macy’s care.

Sheila Thompson

I called at 1015am to get my 8 year old chocolate lab in due to vomiting and a sore on her butt. They had an opening at 11 and I was seen on time. Dr Weyenberg also was understanding of my financial constraints and gave excellent advice on what to treat first. My dog is doing wonderful so far and I trust that if something happens in the future, the staff at wolf river vet will do all they can to help.

Anna Wilcox

So caring and wonderful...can't speak high enough about their services. Thank you Dr. Pete and Stephanie for your help today, especially.

Steve Stadler

Great vet and a great staff. I drive over an hour to get to the vet. I probably have six or eight vets in my area but I like that vet that's why I'll drive the distance to get there. I've been going there now for over 15 years.

Benny W

Lori Paige

Wolf River Vet clinic is a great place for your pets. Our dog needed surgery and they were extremely professional and kept us informed the entire time he was there. They took great care of our buddy!

Doc Kunz

Agree with the "ethics not there" review from below. All about money and not the place it used to be BY FAR!! I would suggest finding anything else in the area, I will never take an animal there again.


Keaira Berndt


Mimi Gardner

Wonderful veterinarians and staff...we are so thankful we found them when we moved to town!

Jackie Janke

Kathee Schuster

Maddy Wachowski

Took good care of my cat but don't buy the Purina brands because they contain "meal" and byproducts. Grain and byproducts are very bad for your animals.

Melissa Prochnow

Chris Vollert

Great staff; kind, caring and it's evident that they love animals and know how much they mean to their families. Dr. Jim is wonderful! Very clean office.

Barbara Gulbrandsen

Lisa Wiese

Stephany Brown

This vet clinic is awesome! The vets, vet techs and the rest of the staff are amazing and so compassionate. I got in the same day with my 7 yr old black lab who had a medical problem. The vet was very thorough and helpful in explaining everything. I have went here for preventive care as well and I have had the same level of care.

Melissa Pollom

Lamar White

Kristina Mosley

Great staff and facilities. Performed surgery on an abandoned puppy and did an excellent job! Follow up was great - highly informative and comprehensive. You can tell the staff truly love animals.

Elyse Premo

The veterinarian and the staff are the best they truly are compassion. I have been to many vets that try to run unnecessary tests just to up the bill but not these people. When I had to put two of my babies down they were so caring and tender with them, but they had exhausted every possible way to save them.... To me I will never take my pups/cats to anyone else why would I look for another store when I already shop at the best. Thank you to the wonderful veterinarians and Staff.

Donna Hoffman

Very good Doctor..Jim Ziegler

Kristy Nelson

Best clinic - everyone is very helpful and compassionate. They love pets!

maribel jaral

jeff quaintance

VERY friendly staff reasonably priced

Liz Popp

I'm not really sure how I feel about this vet office. Would rather not say. Use your own opinion and make sure your wallet is full

chris gorges

sharon rudick

Wonderful people. Wouldn't take our kitty any where else such wonderful nice people and so good to the pets can't say enough nice things about the doctors and the staff awesome pei

Angie Euhardy Angie the Beautiful and You are too

We take her animals there. They seem to be safe and loved while they're there.

Nicole Lane

Rain Geeding

Brenda Robillard

Dr Ziegler is the best vet in all if NE WI. He is extremely knowledgeable with many years of practical experience. He has been able to diagnose and treat our dogs thru a variety of animal issues including a tough to find rare cancer. A good vet is hard to find in NE WI...Ziegler is the BEST. A1! 5 STAR!

chris shatto

Diane Botzet

horrible experience --- over charged even after asking prior to the procedure - then claimed a tiny kitten bit them and sent us into a nightmare from hell ................................................................ DO NOT USE THIS CLINIC !!!!!! only care about the money money money and not your pet !!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY rude as well - would give zero stars but couldn't

Melodie Quall

Simply The Best Ever!

daniel breitzman

Good place for the animals. Like this place. Hardly any waiting

Gary Henke


Very nice people. A little pricey but worth it.

John N.

A very thorough Veterinary Clinic. They really care. We trust them with our furry kid!

Debra Johnson

Knowledgeable caring staff!!!

April Gunderson

Beth Gardynik

Great staff

Timm Hereau

The only place to take your pet. Your loved one!!!

Walter Harris

Great place

Corey Hudson

Very professional yet loving and caring staff.

Alan Van Mater

Short wait time, nice staff.

Steve La Dow

Excellent staff and service. I found their prices to be very reasonable as compared to other vets we have used for our 2 dogs. I would highly recommend Wolf River Vet Clinic as we will continue to use them for our pet care needs...

Randall Bartlett

very friendly staff n would hugely recommend as a veterinarian

Bonnie Wells

The staff is wonderful! We had a great experience.


The absolute best!!!! Service and staff are all wonderful. They are more helpful and knowledgeable than our vet of 10 years in Appleton, I will literally drive an hour for visits here vs continuing where we've been going all this time. Also prices are noticeably less expensive, and they perform Orthopedic Surgery. Look them up if you have a need or before ever going to the referral center.

Nancy Unglaub

Have been a pet client almost from the beginning of the clinic and continue to have excellent care for my cats. We had BowC and Snookie care for 16 years and now it is Ashes and Buffee, all feral cats that became domestic with us. I rate this clinic as Excellent.

Barb Gifford

The staff are very friendly and have taken great care for my pets.

Craig Cwiklowski

Wolf River Vet is great! They have good people, good services and a place where they really care about your pet. Dr. Ziegler is excellent to work with, from the exam room to surgery, he is very talented. He always takes the time to explain the issues, discusses alternatives, provides his expert opinion and is always concerned about your pet. Highly recommend Wolf River Vet for the Doctors, Staff, facilities, and care. Your pet is in good hands at Wolf River Vet.

Ann Severson

Friendly staff. Only negative is wait time. I have brought my fur babies here for years!

Karen Budelman

Wonderful veterinary clinic, very kind and caring.

Cherri La Rue

The staff is nice so are the Doctors, But!!!! Their too busy, they said my 12 yr old Golden retriever had swollen anal glands that's why he couldn't go to the Bathroom, gave him drugs! 5 different vets later & 5000$ he died BECAUSE he had a tumor on his kidney that no one found! Evan though it was huge & the vet in Hortonville found it right away. Only it was too late!months before at our first visit we could of saved him

Mitch Bowflex

Best vet I've ever been too. Doctors are very caring and give the best treatment and advice possible

Sharon Wichman

Wolf River Vet is the best place to go when your pet needs surgery. Their prices are more reasonable. And I really like Dr Rosenbaum, he's great with your pets and really cares.

Mark Brandt

Christine Zapatero

have my favorite people to work with there. helpful and can tell they care about our furbabies as well as us. have had dealing with others working there not so great. last time had who i wanted.

Wendy Femal

Nice place too take youre animal

Stephanie Kragh

They were caring, professional & helpful. Ive always taken my pets there, I trust them & I value their professional manner.

William Schneidewend

It's a great place to take your pets with a well trains staff

Vickie Frank

Great service, easy to get an appointment, and they don't mind putting up with my very happy labrador!

Tessa Stoeger

Jason Hill

Very compassionate and caring when we lost our beloved Katie to cancer. Dr. Nokes was very knowledgeable and kind. We really miss Katie. She was a very important and loved member of our family and they treated her like a family member, not just another dog.

Miss Katrina Klein

Jerry Cerney

Boarded my cat there for a day

Ed and Rita Nokes

Very professional

Dawn Ploeckelmann

I would like to let every person on your team know how amazing you all are. You didn't just save our dog; you saved our family from the heart brake of losing our baby boy ( Bean ). I will never be able to thank you enough. And a special thank you to the lovely lady I spoke to on the phone, that was willing to put me on hold, to give me an at that moment update on Bean. It meant the world to me! With All Of Our Love ~ Bean's Family~

Sherrie Kent

J. Kay

Compassionate, caring people! They do there best for every patient!

Barbara Schultz

Faye Schafelke


Emt Fritz

These people are the greatest! Dr Ziegler explains everything in layman terms and is the most caring vet I've ever met. I would recommend him every day of the week.

Chris Dijkstra-Ivory

Cookie Regal

If you need a vet clinic that treats you and your pet the way you want to be treated this is the place to be! I took my Jaxon in for his heartworm test and mentioned that his ear seemed to be bothering him a little. They immediately took a sample from him and determined he had a yeast infection and I got the medicine he needed to get back to normal. Over the last 30+ years we have had several cats and 2 dogs. I only wish I would have found Wolf River Vets sooner. These folks are the absolute BEST!

Paula a

Quality care and very caring and helpful staff

Bonnie S Rose

My miniature pincher hasn't been feeling well. I called in and was able to get him in within 3 hours. The assistants and the vet were very good with him and my little dog is now resting well.

Shawnee Allen

very nice place, great staff and Dr's

William Adams

Very friendly place,excellent treatment for our dog, reasonably priced!

Casie Thelen

Micki Benton

Very cold personnel. 100% focused on the dollar and not the animal in need of care.

Laurie Jorgensen

Always feel so welcomed and get excellent care!! Keep up the good work.

Robyn Evans

Mike Levezow

Good staff. Nice people

Deanna Eichsteadt

My dog has had skin issues since he was a pup & the vet I took him to could never figure out what was wrong. He got so bad his hair was falling out & he had nasty sores all over his body. I was referred from a friend to go here & I’m so glad I did!!! Dr Ziegler is wonderful! He figured out what was wrong & treated him, he is doing so much better!!! Thank you!!! ❤️

Grant Ubl

These folks are the best vets in the area. My dog is always given the best of care.

Cindy Prinsen

Very nice take good care of your pet. Genuinely cares

Linda Butler

All of the staff are professional and nice, very understanding. Always answer my questions when I asked. All of my pets go they

Tyler Murphy

Staff is very friendly and the services are very reasonably priced!

Nicholas Hurst

Compassionate and caring.

Gerald Bellin

This place is very reliable when it comes to diagnosing pet ailments. And staff here is very friendly and truly concerned about your pet.

Denise Boeckman

We have been going to Wolf River Veterinary Clinic for more than 15 years. Their level of service and professionalism is exceptional! Since we live in Appleton, it takes us 45 minutes to get to their office. I know we pass other veterinary clinics along the way, but my husband and I feel Dr. Jim and his staff are worth the extra effort. Dr. Jim Ziegler is great. He makes sure we are taken care of and considers our efforts in getting to his office. He goes out of his way to combine treatments to minimize the number of trips to New London. Dr. Jim also does a great job explaining our dog's situation and treatment options. If you are looking for a vet for a new puppy or any age dog, I highly recommend Wolf River Veterinary Clinic. It is worth the drive for the best level of treatment possible for your pet and your own peace of mind.

Mike Campbell

Great bunch of people, reasonable price

Rhonda Koehler

Good doctors, saw our cat for an emergency

Steven Brown

Marina Orlova

We are so very thankful to be seen as an emergency by Dr. Baetke and staff here at Wolf River Veterinary Clinic while on vacation in Fremont, WI. This hospital was the closest to our cabin and we could not be happier that our Boxer was treated right here for an allergic reaction to a Deer Fly bite. He got bitten right by the nose and went from Boxer to Sharpei in 15 minutes with crazy swelling on face and all over his body. Dr and staff were waiting for us when we arrived and we got seen and treated right away. Our Boxer is already feeling better! Highly recommend this hospital to everyone who lives and travels near this clinic! A+++++

Terri Nelson

Been clients for 8 yrs

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