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REVIEWS OF School Of Veterinary Medicine IN Wisconsin

Mel Schappert

Incredible staff and knowledgeable in Avian medicine, this group goes above and beyond to provide the best possible care for our birds. We learn something new each time we bring them in for their check-up. Doctor Mans makes certain that the parrots are not stressed by using a new form on intranasal sedation and with birds that's very important. The entire experience is painless. We drive 3 1/2 hour hours each way with our 5 parrots because of the top of the line care we receive. Can't say enough about the school.

Leah Krawczyk

Nancy Biese

Tyler Tappy

Estevan Trinidad

The receptionist and vet staff were so polite, they handled my little buddy with care and were very respectful. Love this place.

Makenna Maurer

Awesome! I cant even say!

Angelina Sylvia

Way too expensive. All about $$

s miyako

marika lang

Best vets around hands(or paws) down:)

Kim Perez

I love this place! The people are caring and always wanting to learn.

Native Colors Exotics

It is impossible for me to give the review I want to give here. There aren’t enough stars in the sky for me to give the rating these vets deserve. We raise ultra exotic poultry. The breeds and varieties on the brink of being classified or once classified as endangered. Recently, we had a very puzzling case with a rooster that suddenly couldn’t walk. Local vets were at a loss and suggested euthanasia. Since we wanted to exhaust all resources before making a dreadful call like that, we went to this vet hospital. We were assigned to the most delightful vet intern- who by and far- exceeds the talent, knowledge and exceptional demeanor of any vet I’ve ever dealt with in my 45 years- and from hello, it was clear that dr. Pfoss (very unsure on spelling, but in late August/ early September of 2019, she was in special species rotation), was part of our team, ready and willing to go to any measure, within our comfort zone to get our treasured little bird back to good health. Not only was her knowledge and skill paramount, the way she handled the bird (s) was with unparalleled loving care that put us at ease. Our cranky boy actually liked her, which is so unusual for him to take to a stranger. Normally he’s very ornery with the unknown- be it people or places. She also took the time to let us know what she was doing, what it would cost, and all the possible outcomes BEFORE it was done. She really took her time and was surreal I’m terms of being a member of the veterinary community and all that it implies. So after, many other vets were up in arms, this wonderful human being was able to determine exactly what was wrong with our boy (two small, old fractures deep in his skeletal structure) and develop an action plan to get him back on his feet. She even called - more than twice- to check on things. A phone call, by the way, that did not generate more revenue for them- yet she took the time to call and take time out of her busy day for 20+ min phone calls. Further proof, it’s not just about a buck for her/ the hospital. Both visits were also followed up with very detailed reports of what was done for our records. I simply cannot say enough positive things about this vet, the hospital and the staff. If you have a perplexing case on a beloved pet and vets are telling you euthanasia is the only choice, go see the vets at UWM- I have a living, breathing, healthy and normal bird who once could not stand or walk at ALL- that’s testimony to their ability, heart and commitment. My hats off to all of you and my never ending gratitude to dr. Pfoss- a woman we will never forget, and always remember with warm regard for going the extra mile and being the clear consummate authority in all that is exotic animal medicine. Thank you! So much! Noelle Reagan and feathered friends from Native Colors Exotics in Big Bend, Wisconsin

L Fox

Professional, courteous, advanced knowledge, I've taken pets here several times for treatment over the years and the service has always been excellent!

Service Life Cole

They are rude and won't answer questions

Angel Anderson

Joe Pearson

Kevin Walsh

Very knowledgeable and caring staff. From what I've experienced they have the ability to correct almost any issue that might be plaguing your little critter.

Kirstin Roby

I chose to drive to madison to get the best treatment possible. I was surprised to find out that she would not be taken care of. I spend 4 hours waiting. 1 xray and $393 later and I had to take her to another specialist. Much better experience. I have never been told that my dog was not important. Will never go back there.

David M.

I’ve taken my pet here a few times, unfortunately. In short, every single time I have been here, I had the worse experience. My biggest issue was the horrible, rude staff. I have made phone calls to this location so many times with no answers for days, and rude, condescending responses when I was able to talk to someone. Most of the doctors caring for my pet had the worse bed side manners. In addition, the receptionist is not nice either. I highly do not recommend this veterinary hospital, and I do hope that a professional running this facility will see this review, and hopefully get their doctors, and staff in check. I gave this location several visits in hopes that the next one will be better than the others, but after a few times, the experience has been disappointing every single time.


Took my cat because she was scratching her ears a lot. Thought it might be ear mites. The vet said it was a nervous problem and prescribed Prozac. She continue to scratch Took her to a different vet where she was diagnosed with your mites and treated. No more scratching.

Melinda Rhodes

If you are having a veterinary issue which is critical or cannot be figured out this is the place to be. We have used them several times over the years. The last time for an elderly cat with a perforated eye. I brought him to their ophthalmologist for evaluation. It was the best choice for poppy. It is costlier but coming through the door is only about $60 more than my regular vet and they give you a definite answer of what is going on. Once evaluated, our plan was to have all the tests done at the university and our home town vet did the operation he needed. (One 1/4 of the price)Our vet consulted with the university team. ☺ This was a win win situation for 18 year old Poppy who was operated on 1/24/17. He is doing great and I must attest to the skills of both practices. I do want to add what might be seen somewhat as a negative. The second vet/student I saw was sort of short with me when I sited a similarity between Poppys eye and a similar perforation I had seen years before ~ that had a positive outcome / and I was trying to compare - question. When you are under emotional pressure, slept little due to the worry and drove over 2 hrs, maybe I should have stayed focused on Poppy in my discussion? But I also think compassion is a very large component. I recognise that this person is also under pressure to stay on schedule and probably sleep deprived too. But now we look at ~ time spent with me during this section of the interview ~ less than 10m, compassion level/sensitivity to the problem ~ not inciteful and total bill ~ around $390. I will still always use the university for complex problems. I will also not ever stop questioning and putting my 2 cents in. Lastly, eternally grateful they were willing to work with and advise my vet. Its all good.

Nicole Marie

Julia Wronski

Daniel Page


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