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REVIEWS OF Menomonee Falls Animal Hospital IN Wisconsin

Kathy Lloyd

Want a vet with an amazing bedside manner? This is not the place for you! Want a vet who knows his stuff and will take top notch care of your pet, at a reasonable price? You just found him!

Adriane Klumb

Extremely rude and refuses to give my own animals records... never would recommend

Kayla Noller


The doctor is not the warmest/fuzziest of people, but he does care about the animals and is reasonably priced. After seeing him a few times, he did soften up a bit towards me...and he was always gentle with my nervous dog. I don't need to be bff's with my vet, as long as he properly cares for my dog and doesn't charge an arm & a leg, I'm happy.

Matthew Schneider

Really nice people

Jean Abbott

I will not take another pet to this Vet ever again! And I hope and pray no one else makes the mistake I did. I took my dog there with mouth pain, he charged us 300 for X-rays and antibiotics. Told us she would need a tooth pulled and for us to come back in a week and he would clean her teeth and pull it. When we came back he was to say it nicely "Rude" to my husband and I. I did not like leaving her there at that point. When we came back to pick her up he was not there and his assistant said the doctor ( and I use the term loosely) said to tell us he didn't have to pull it, it fell out. And showed us a tooth with out a root. And said they had cleaned them. I could not tell the difference. No more antibiotics or pain pills or nothing. And that was another almost 400 dallors. Now my dog still has mouth pain and we are trying to come up with enough money to afford to take her to another vet. My heart is broke, my baby is still in pain and I just don't understand how he could do this to his clients we had been going to him for years. I know his bed side manner was not very good, but I never ever thought he would do this to us. PLEASE LEARN FROM OUR EXPERIENCE

Jason Meier

We have been taking our dog and cats to Dr. Sekhon for over 4 years. The de-clawing job he did on our cats was the best we’ve ever seen. Our dog has had some health issues over the years and he has gone above and beyond to care for her. He is friendly, informative, and his caring for our animals, particularly our dog, is unequaled. His staff is pleasant, knowledgeable, and helpful as well. We highly recommend Dr. Sekhon.

Bobbie Morris

Dr. Sekhon is a great vet. Straight forward, compassionate & caring, extremely knowledgeable. Our Baby (that is her name) is a special needs dog & Dr. Sekhon is always available. I have been to other vets in the past with our grand dog, & in comparison, Dr. Sekhon is the most reasonably priced, cares the most about the pets under his care, & makes sure you understand what is going on. Dr. Sekhon keeps our Baby healthy & for that we are extremely grateful. I would recommend his services to anyone.

Heidi Schmidt

We had the best possible experience we could here with both of our cats when we needed to put them down at age 17 and at age 18- they were very sick- the Dr. was very down to earth but nice and the fees were reasonable-

Nicol Perez

Natalie Zavada

Dr Sekhon can come across as rude but he does warm up after he gets to know you. He is a Type A personality and a very straight shooter and really knowledgeable about animals. While he may not be overly warm and fuzzy to humans, he loves animals and goes straight to their health problems with precision and no nonsense. I've been going to him for 6 years. He finally cracked a joke with me on my last visit and I nearly fainted. But my pets health is what matters most and he is my guy.

Moemen Elshaarawy

Great Service, Reasonable Pricing

Gold King

Kari Kleven

Very rude Doctor. I brought my dog in for a check up after adopting her from the WI Humane Society. She had a few ticks on her and he told me I should return her to the Humane Society. He barely explained anything he did and had zero bed side manner. I would not recommend this place to anyone. Never went back either.

Makayla Verburgt

K. Morrow

I have been taking my dogs here for a few years. At first, I liked the direct approach of the doctor and the price was right. I did always felt uncomfortable with the way he talked to the techs and the way he bossed me around. Once he even picked up my two year old son and set him on a chair without permission from me. I kept coming back because I liked the treatment he gave my animals, he was affordable, and I could always get in. One of my dogs had an cervical disc rupture in his neck and was seen at the emergency hospital. I followed up with Dr. Sekhon. He was rude to me on the phone and I was upset and scared. I brought my dog in for X-rays. He was in pain but it was manageable. While my dog was in the back room getting his X-rays something happened and he began SCREAMING and CONVULSING and lost his ability to walk. It was so traumatic. The Dr. told me he was just scared and the tech carried him out to the car for me where he urinated all over. He couldn't walk and was trembling in pain. I gave the pain pills as directed and spoke to Dr. Sekhon the next morning when I couldn't get his severe pain under control. Dr. Sekhon told me to wait a few days. I ended up taking my dog back to the emergency vet three times to get his pain under control. Unfortunately, we could not get this injury under control and could not afford the $10,000 surgery so we had to put him down. I deeply regret taking my dog to Dr. Sekhon. I don't know what happened in that back room but he came out injured far worse than he was when I brought him in. Seeing him in that much pain was so traumatic and I am heartbroken over the loss of my dog. THEN, I took my other dog in for a nail trim at a new vet the tech WAS RUDE to my new vet when they called for records, rude to me when I gave permission and HUNG UP. The receptionist commented "whoa. I can see why you are switching." Don't take your animal here. It could be a life or death issue.

Susan Strasser

With all my pets, this doctor has helped when no others were available. I can never repay him for being there when I needed him. God bless !!

Jenny Havlik

I have been taking my pets here for years. He is reasonably priced, he knows what he is doing, and he is a straight shooter.

Delinah Howard

Amazing care, got us in the same day and it was obvious that they really cared about the animals and tried to make sure to get us the necessary help while not charging us an arm and a leg. Highly recommended!

Andy Hughes

The Best! We’ve brought our dogs to Doc for 8+ years now. Even after moving out of the Falls, we just make the longer drive because we trust our fury family members with him... It’s only icing on the cake that he’s the epitome of a “small town businessman,” which doesn’t get better in today’s world... I could go on and on and on about Doc going above and beyond over the years, but I’ll avoid writing pages upon pages. I have to say when we’ve had emergencies, unfortunately on holidays in years past, he’s answered the phone to advise us while he’s been in different parts of the country (and world for that matter!) Last night, while both of our kids under 1 1/2 slept, Doc came to our home to give our 11 year old dog, Max, the peace his deteriorating health has taken from him.. Doc did everything imaginable to explain, ask questions of us when needed, and showed the utmost empathy/sympathy as he knows how difficult just making this decision was for us- which he brought up approximately one year ago, and never pushed me/us to put Max down as he likely saw my absolute denial about the end being so near... Lastly, Doc stepped out of the room to give us time afterwards, and because I wished to hold Max one last time. Doc gave me a big hug and kept telling me how sorry he was, but that we made the best decision for Max... Doc is a tremendous human being and, whether some people like it or not, he doesn’t BS people when it comes to the love for family members that just happen to be covered in fur... -Andy & Alyssa Hughes

Rachael Vinyard

They're always very helpful and they know how to treat my dog. Which is really important to me because she hates going to the vet.

Laura Cavanaugh

Great vets and nice staff.

Koni White

Love this Animal Hospital! I would recommend this business to anyone that is looking for a new vet in the Falls. They are good at getting people in on the same day, they are honest and also reasonably priced. The place is always clean, and you can tell that both Dr. Sekhon and Brian have your pets best interest at heart. Most importantly, Dr. Sekhon takes interest in getting to know his clients and their pets so you feel like family when you are there. Its definitely my kind of Animal Hospital!

Ashley Bowers

Extremely rude doctor. No customer service or people skills whatsoever.

Tammy Wolfe

This place is HORRIBLE. I can NOT believe people are giving this place positive reviews. They are either FAKE or paid for. This practice is extremely judgmental, the Dr. is RUDE, and uncaring. My co-worker and I both had similar extremely bad experiences. My husband put our experience down as a bad day...everyone has them. However, on each of the 4 occasions we were disrespected and words barely exchanged with the vet. Watched him verbally abuse his staff on each visit. This is not where you want to bring your family members.

Thomas Whittenberger

Very knowledgeable, very efficient treatment of my granddaughter's dog.

Jennica Schweitzer

I took my rabbit here because my normal vet wasn't able to get me in that day. My rabbit was diagnosed with what was thought to be an eye infection back in April. His behavior and appetite were normal, but his eye didn't look quite right. It seemed to kind of heal, but then more symptoms started to happen months later. I took him to this vet when he started to have a head tilt, no normal mobility, lost his appetite, and he wasn't drinking. Dr. S to start called my rabbit a rodent. Rabbits are not rodents. They are lagomorphs. I should have took this as the first clue to just leave. He carelessly grabbed by rabbit by the scruff when scared him and made her frantically kick without being held properly. The vet did not weigh him. He just looked at his ears and eyes, and he told me he had an eye infection. He claimed the eye infection was affecting the optic nerve and causing neurological symptoms. (He never weighed my rabbit.) I questioned him a bit because that didn't make sense to me with his symptoms. He sent me home with the same eye drops my regular vet gave me and said to do them more frequently. The only slight positive of this clinic is the price. Visits are $40 instead of $60 at my regular vet, but if the vet doesn't know what they are doing, there is no point in even going. His symptoms never improved about 2 weeks of drops 4 times a day until I ran out of drops. I, immediately, got him back into my regular vet (Dr. Loomis at Norwood Animal Clinic). Dr. Loomis first weighed my rabbit. He was 4 pounds back in April and now was about 2.5 pounds!!!! Holy cow. I couldn't notice his weight loss because he is such a fluffy breed. Dr. S should have weighed my rabbit, so he could've had a more aggressive treatment plan. My regular vet is treating him for E. Cuniculi, which shows all of the signs of what my rabbit is experiencing with his head tilt, loss of bladder control, not eating or drinking, and now moving in circles. Since he hasn't been around other rabbits, but has been outside, this is most likely what he is suffering from. I wish I would have just gone to Norwood or any other place because the doctor at this clinic doesn't know what he is doing with rabbits and doesn't care enough to go through all possible causes.


We had the opportunity to visit the MFAH on Saturday, June 27th when I thought my 12-yr old std poodle had a tick on his neck. Dr. Sekhon and his staff welcomed us in even though it was already after noon on Saturday. It turns out that it wasn't a tick but just an inflamed skin tag. While we were in the office, the doctor noticed that Max was in need of a teeth cleaning. He performed the blood-work and we got him started on antibiotics to prep him for the Thursday appointment. The cleaning went very well and now Max's smile is worthy of Hollywood and has dramatically improved breath as well (no doubt). It's refreshing...Dr Sekhon is very direct, no beating around the bush. I also feel like his prices are reasonable when compared to other clinics. Thanks to the doctor and his staff for a successful procedure.

Vicki Dylan

When it was time to finally say goodbye to my beloved 18 yr old dog, I am SO grateful that I found Dr. Sekhon. He came to my home (at a VERY affordable rate), so my poor old fellow wouldn't be stressed by a vet visit. Instead, Mickey went very peacefully and quietly while laying in our laps as we petted him for the last time. Dr. Sekhon was so kind, thoughtful and gentle, both with Mickey and with us. I HIGHLY recommend this vet to anyone, and plan to switch to this clinic for the future. Thank you so much Dr. Sekhon for making this difficult task so much easier for us all.

Lindsay Slazakowski

Wonderful, modern clinic and very accommodating! Our younger cat is a patient at the clinic but our older cat is very difficult to get out of the house. When I explained this to the staff they informed me that the dr also makes house calls! Great service, thanks!

Tameka Gilbert

k m

I only wish I would of found Dr. Sekhon earlier in my dogs life! He gave my Seamus many additional years and provided excellent service and information. Once my dog got into some chocolate and I was able to stay with my dog for the whole procedure and wait time as it made my dog more comfortable. Thank you Dr. Sekhon and the staff at Menomonee Falls Animal Hospital for everything. It will be awhile before we get another pet but when we do, we will be back. You are worth the 40 minute drive. Again, thank you for everything. Seamus's mom.

Laurie Rude

We have taken both our pets to Dr. Sekhon at MFAH for the past 13 years. He has helped them both with various routine and emergency issues. Dr. always makes himself available when we call to get in to see him. He is extremely knowledgeable. His assistant Brian is also very helpful. Dr. has a very direct demeanor which can be misconstrued as rude. He is just extremely direct in his practicing of pets.

Dennis and Patty St.George

I take exception to anyone saying the reviews are paid for or fake. We have been going to Dr Sekhon for 8yrs. with our 3 dogs. We can always get in no waiting.Very caring vet and staff. I have recommended him to friends and they all like him. Prices are the best around the area.What people see as rude is just a no nonsense approach. He is there to treat your pet not hold your hand. He gives you very detailed info about what is wrong with your pet. My 5 month old puppy just last week was sick dry heaves and lethargic. Dr Sekhon gave her fluids and a nausea shot by the time I got home she was much improved. The next day she was running with the other dogs. She just ate something that upset her tummy. Great Vet.

Sue Kellom

Dr. Sekhon was kind, professional, and understanding during our time of Sorrow. We had to put our cocker spaniel down and he explained everything and was very gentle. He made the transition much easier. I'm very grateful.

Sue Kleppin

We've been taking our pets to Dr Sekhon since he bought the practice. While his demeanor may be offensive to some, he's there to treat your pet first and foremost. He has always been there for us day or night and has been available to us through many emergencies. His prices are fair and reasonable and he always tries to offer options for the client to select from. He doesn't immediately recommend the most expensive treatment or diagnosis process like many other clinics do. He's straight-forward and gives you the facts so you can make the appropriate decision for your situation. If you want handholding and counseling, he probably isn't the vet for you. If you want knowledgeable, compassionate, and fairly priced treatment for your pet, he is a great vet.

Gretchen Foster

Anna Brown

Did a heart worm and fecal on my dog for the cheapest price in Milwuakee and the falls. Also examined him and trimmed his nails at no cost. Never been seen here before so that was a blessing. Would recommend.

Danny Mccanna

I will never bring my pets here again. Rude doesn't begin to describe this man. There are far to many vets in the area than to take your pets here. To make and extremely long story short, My 10 week old puppy wouldn't stop vomiting we brought her there because we wanted to get her an xray to see if she ate anything. The vet laughed at me while i was holding my terribly sick puppy, he literally yelled at me while pounding his fist on the counter. He and told the xray wouldn't show anything and she needed fluids because he was sure it was parvo. I told him she was vaccinated for parvo, and that she was tested for parvo the day before and givin fluids. It was not pravo. After a bit of back and forth he reluctantly did the xray which showed an intestinal blockage. He apologized for laughing at me.... Dont Go Here! I agree with other people on here saying that the 5 star reviews are fake, if you read though them a lot sound like bs

Tj Binney

Jacob Sobiesczyk

Angela Walters

This Vet and his assistant are amazing. Some say in past reviews that the Vet is rude. However, this Vet is one of the most intellectual men I have ever met. What one may think as rude really is PASSION for his job. Im a foster parent to a dog from India and my dog, Brownie was very sick (later found out she was dying). This Vet and his assistant literally saved her life and were very compassionate and made sure he was getting the best treatment and medication for what my dog needed. Today because of this Vet, she is happy and healthy. Along with great care his prices are EXTREMELY reasonable. Its actually the cheapest Hospital and/or clinic I have found. If I could give 10 stars i would and they have earned a permanent client.

J Matthias

Menomonee Falls Animal Hosp came through for us close of business on a Friday. Our dear dog Bella, 14 yr old min pin had a stroke and our vet in Germantown was closing for the day and wasn't able to help us. We called Menomonee Falls Animal Hosp and were told to come in immediately. The Vet and staff provided us with immense strength, expertise and caring in an emergency situation. Our entire family was made to feel comforted and taken care of when we had to see Bella off to heaven. I'm so proud, relieved and comforted to know there is a vet in town that you can rely on. Someone who doesn't watch the clock and keeps his doors open when your family pet is in need. We will be forever grateful to him and his staff.

Paula Coffaro

I stumbled across Dr Sekon ten years ago when I had an emergency with one of my dogs. I have seen many a vet in my years, but not one compares to "The Doc". It seems too many customers don't see past the very simple reality - he has and will always put your pet first. Dr Sekon is the only vet I have ever actually trusted, and he is truly one of a kind ❤️

Daniel gitzlaff

Mary Strankowski

Dr. Sekhon may be brusk, but is a very good vet. He cares about my dogs health and does not like to see people waste money on needless tests or procedures. For example, I had made an appointment for x-rays which he stated were unnecessary after watching my dog walk (it was a ligament injury and I thought it was arthritis). After keeping her on meds and low activity she is fine! I have also called him after hours and he was more then happy to meet me at the clinic on a Sunday for a very nominal fee. I trust his medical advice and my older shepard mix has thrived in her older age!

Katherine Murray

Dean Erlitz

Good doctors that know what they're doing

Tonya Fife

We had our cat Angel fixed and are pleased with the care and kindness shown by Dr. He was very nice and direct with his instructions.

Kari M

We love this vet! Affordable and has a friendly staff. They truly care about the animals and we love seeing Leo (the friendly cat that greets us on the way in)

Sheri Lieffring

Dr. Sekhon may come across as brusk, but he is a compassionate and knowledgeable vet. His focus is on the animal, not you. We have been bringing our pets to him for several years. In addition, he is so much more affordable than ANYONE in the area. We love our pets dearly, but we are not willing to overpay for all the other overpriced vets in the area. He always remembers our pets and their issues (if there are any) and asks about them. Recently we adopted 2 kittens from the WCHS. As soon as we got them home, one of them began having seizures. We called WCHS as this condition was not mentioned in any of the paperwork we got for her. They claimed not to know anything about it. We took her to Dr. Sekhorn and he saw her on short notice several times over the course of a week. He got to the bottom of the issue quickly and saved our kitten's life. It would have been devastating to lose her as we and our children already loved her very much and the 2 kittens are extremely bonded, so the other kitten would have been very negatively impacted. Rest assured that Dr. Sekhorn always has availability for your sick animal unlike many other vets in the area who make you wait weeks for an appointment.

Nicholas Becker

Knowledgeable. Honest.

john pike

Excellent vet. Highly recommend after 50 yrs of loving animals. High quality experience, skills, love of animals, understanding, gentleman . I accept only the best for my beloved animals. This is the one. Must be high quality to have animal hospital. Through the years;————————

Wende Goble

Dr Sekhon the most compassionate vet that I have ever met. His service is straight forward and affordable. He worked with me and my family to ensure our dog Princess received top notch care in her last years with us. He knew she was very sick and that we had "rose" colored glasses on when it came to her illness...but in the end, he did not judge us, nor did he force us into any decision to put her down. He let us resolve and make the decision for her ourselves. He is not about the $, he is about your pet and it's well being. I know we have been through so many vets that did not know our dog by name from one appt to the next...but Dr. Sekhon did, and he would call us and be very descriptive in regards to her test results and would give us the pros and cons of treatment, and took the time so we understood. He is a straight to the point doctor, and some people don't want to hear it because they don't want to believe...but he is there for your pets medical well being...not yours. We went through 2 vets before finding Dr Sekhon, and he was the vet that immediately diagnosed her versus the other 2 vets that after 100's of dollars and still could not figure out what was wrong with her. I wish we would have found him sooner when we first moved here. He took time out of his office to come to our home to euthanize our dog, to make her last moments peaceful and by him taking time from his office to allow us to surround Princess with loving family members in our own home...priceless... He was very professional and caring and would recommend him to anyone! Thank you Dr. Sekhon for everything that you did for our beloved Princess, and we will be returning to you when we welcome a new puppy to our family!

Susan Krivichi

Our pets have been patients at Menomonee Falls Animal Hospital for at least 12 years. We have had a number of pets over the years with various health issues that crop up when you have multiple pets. We truly appreciate the conservative treatment approach advocated by Dr. Sekhon. In the past, we used other vets in town and every time we walked through the door with our pet it was a minimum of $200. This really adds up when you have a multiple pet household. I would much rather try a conservative approach, and that has been extremely successful most times, than to do a myriad of tests and procedures which may not be necessary. Dr. S is very kind to the pets, and has been very kind to us when the time came to put one of our pets down. He is firm and doesn't mince any words if the pet needs something or he needs you to deal with the pet in a different way. I appreciate all the fine treatment all of our pets have received at a very reasonable price. Thanks to Dr. S and Kala for their great help with Ebony this week :).

Timothy Schuelke

I for one thing am not fake. I have nothing but positive experiences everytime we've visited. They are super accomodating... I have and will continue to encourage people to go there... Dr. Sekhon is the best!

laurel parbs

I have been taking my animals to Dr. Sekhon at Menomonee Falls Animal Hospital for at least 10 years. In that period of time I have gotten to know Dr. Sekhon and many of his staff. Dr. Sekhon is a kind, caring and an intelligent man, and an excellent Vet with vast knowledge and appreciation for all animals. He can be very direct and curt, but don't mistake this for being rude. Listen to him and learn from him. Your respect for him will grow as you see him give your animal compassionate care. Does not over prescribe or pursue unnecessary procedures. Competitively priced.

Dionna Meredith


Kathy Dford

Agree with most positive AND negative reviews. Dr. is EXTREMELY rude, condescending, defensive, and terse. He becomes very agitated and defensive when asking questions. Lousy bedside manner for both pets and humans. He is also very knowledgeable and his prices are very fair and will always offer the lowest cost treatments even if that is not your main concern. If you can get past the demeanor, which is EXTREMELY frustrating, then I wouldn't hesitate taking your fur baby there.

Robin Patel

Judy Gunther

Excellent Veterinarian.

Cheryl Wilson

The Vet and his assistant went out of the way to get us in on a Saturday when our dog had something wrong with his paw. They went above and beyond to make sure Moose was comfortable and out of pain. The passion they have for animals is amazing.

Brittany Sabin

Dr. Sekhon is very firm and stern, BUT extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We took out 4 month old puppy to him for a wellness checkup and shots, etc and he took excellent care of him. He is very kind and wants to help any way he can. He said anytime and where if you have questions please call. He made us feel safe bringing out puppy here. His prices are very affordable as well, no need to shop around! We will keep him as our vet for sure.

Jackey Postuchow

They are great there! It's not a 24hr hospital. Just a vet. He is wonderful. No non-sense vet. Does what is best. He's prices are very reasonable. We foster rescues and have emergency situations and I have always gotten in as soon as there has been an issue.

Kayla Matusinec

LoveAnimals B.

I like that I can take my dogs in without an appointment at the spur of the moment because my vet at times is hard to get into. If you're looking for warm and fuzzy you'll have better luck turning to your pet for that. Dr.Sekhon is concerned about your pet and he is always helped my pets.Thank you Dr.Sekhon.

Christina Woodrum

Will NEVER go back to this vet. We had other bad experiences at different vets and saw this vet had a lot of great reviews, so when our cat was having a very bad constipation issue we decided to take him here. We warned the assistant and the vet that our cat gets VERY agitated at the vet. In fact they saw that our pet was hissing and starting to strike out. We even told them that he has needed to be sedated in the past. Dr. Sekhon requested that my husband help restrain the cat for a general physical to assess the situation. My husband assisted as asked, with our cat displaying even more agitation. After the assessment was completed Dr. Sekhon asked my husband to take our cat back to help restrain for an x-ray. Yes, my husband should have stopped there, but figured that it might help our cat feel better about the situation so he did as he was asked. When Dr. Sekhon wanted our cat to be rotated on his side for the x-ray our pet lashed out and attacked my husband. Dr. Sekhon NEVER offered to help my husband remove the cat from his arm. In fact he left my husband to try to take care of the situation, more or less by himself, to come out to the waiting room, where I was left to hear all of this happening, to yell at me about having this cat as a pet. After being verbally attacked by him I was told that my husband needed to be taken to the hospital without any idea as to what actually happened. Needless to say it was a VERY traumatic experience for everyone involved and complaints will be filed. Completely appalled by the lack of care for our pet and his emotional well being as well as our own. We did take our pet back to an old vet where we have never had problems. The only reason we stopped taking our pets there is because of distance. They had absolutely NO problems taking care of our pet and addressing his problem. In fact everything went very smoothly. We will definitely make the drive from now on for the better care we receive there.

Rita Simons Santiago

Christine Prause

Our 2 year old rescue dog Hank, a small pug/terrier mix, ran away and after 11 days and 3 miles from where he was last seen, he was found. The wonderful couple who found him called Dr. Sikhon and he went above and beyond! Even though it was after hours he tracked down our information from Hanks tags and called us to set up a meeting. It was a happy reunion and Dr. Sikhon & staff made time to see us right away and give Hank a clean bill of health. I would highly recommend Dr. Sikhon to anyone looking for a friendly and caring vet. Thank you doc!!

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