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REVIEWS OF Madison Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Care IN Wisconsin

Mindy Witte

Our pup collapsed and we took him to MVS. The staff was extremely compassionate and sensitive to our situation. Every time we called to check on him we were able to receive an update from a doctor or nurse within minutes. The doctors would answer our questions with as much detail as possible, and help us understand the diagnosis to the fullest. When we visited him we were given a room to spend as much time as we wanted to with him. They were upfront with pricing as we determined our next steps with his diagnosis. They gave us options to chose from, as well as their recommendations for both testing and care. Once we brought our pup home we received detailed care instructions/training, as well as phone calls and emails to check up on him. They also helped us find a pharmacy to keep the cost of our prescriptions down. His check up appointments were a blessing! When we returned for a follow up appointment the staff remembered him, came into the examining room to visit him, and even took him around to see everyone. We know that when he was there he was loved on like one of their own. Thank you MVS!

Jennifer Dercks

We took our three (rowdy

Barbara Katz

Christy Fink

Great staff, would definitely recommend. Great follow up care.

Carol Siewert

Emergency visit for a younger dog with a swollen, painful front joint on her leg. Didn't know what happened. Called ahead to let them know we were coming, which smoothed the way when we got there. They warned us it might be a bit due to a respiratory distress animal that came in, which is absolutely appropriate triaging. Nonetheless, it probably only took 10 minutes before we got into an exam room. The tech took a history then we were seen by a vet who specializes in orthopedic medicine. What a bonus! We elected to do x-rays for the certainty, but he did let us know we could go more conservative. It was worth it--he also gave us more insight on the age of our rescue pup (that meant we would continue puppy food a bit longer). Checkout was reasonably fast, they communicated with our primary vet by email and they also called us the next day to check in. Overall, fantastic service. I only wish they did primary care. It was about $350 for exam, xrays, anti-inflammatory, but as I said, worth it for the cost.

Mary Jo Froden

My dog jumped off of a bed early one morning and he must have tweaked something. He was in so much pain that I couldn’t wait until our usual vet clinic opened. I phoned Madison Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Care and then took him in. The staff were wonderful! My dog’s pain was managed without unnecessary tests or procedures, and I left feeling confident that we had a good plan for his care. They contacted our clinic so that our vet could follow up, which they did. I am so grateful for MVS & EC. I wouldn’t hesitate to return there, and I highly recommend them!

Eileen Stocks

I have, and will recommend Madison Veterinary Specialists & emergency. The prices are reasonable. Their staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and caring. Everything that I expect in Veterinary services.

Renee Graham

Vicki Wright

Beth Gordon

Our rescue had a dog who bloated and needed emergency surgery. From the minute we walked in the door with him, to the minute he was discharged the next day after the surgery, the care, warmth, skill, patience, and attention both our dog received as well as us, were second to none. From the front desk, to the nursing care, to the surgeon, we were treated as valued clients. We would not hesitate to take advantage of this wonderful hospital for any future medical need for our dogs.

Vicki Shaffer

Our first experience with MVS was in the fall of 2016 when our dog, Oliver, tore his cruciate ligament. Dr. Silbernagel and everyone at MVS was great and made a difficult situation as positive as can be hoped for. One year later, when he tore the ligament in the other leg, (as predicted) there was no question that Dr. Silbernagel at MVS would perform the surgery.

Tisha King Heiden

horrible experience at this clinic. Sent dog home at 7:30 pm after anesthesia even though we had over a two hour drive & she was clearly not recovered (coughed up blood in waiting room). Didn't show me the result of test. didn't send home care information after a surgical procedure and essentially a terminal diagnosis. After 4 days no call to check on dog's recovery from surgical procedure or to provide definitive diagnosis as promised. Still waiting on that call after I called clinic.

Susan Motisi

My young Borzoi Cairo loves all the friendly, knowledgeable, Staff and is doing well. Dr Tuttle explained the surgery and expected results in language I could understand.

Susan Aschliman

Incredible doctors and staff!

Anna Maenner

Caring people; excellent care!

Kathy Barney

I was very impressed with Madison Veterinary Specialist. My 5 month old Malshi is needing eye surgery. My vet in La Crescent MN highly recommended them to me. I was very nervous going down there as I didn’t know what to expect. Everyone was so kind. I was welcomed right away. The tech and vet took their time to make sure they answered all my questions, and genuinely seemed to care. They really put my mind at ease. The surgery was scheduled within a week, and they worked with a general surgeon so I could also get her fixed at the same time so she doesn’t have to go under twice. I am much more at ease with her approaching surgery. Would highly recommend them to anyone needing quaycare.

Lynne Osterlie

Thoughtful, caring, professionals. I would definitely recommend MVS.

Brandy Pate

I have taken my cat here 2x now, each time the fantastic staff treated me (and cat) like they understood how stressful the event was for us. Thank you for always being available 24/7 for life’s crazy moments and for triaging each pet as they come through the door. I now trust that we will always get the highest level of care and attention, thank you!

Margaret Anderson

Friendly & helpful staff, excellent doctors who care about your pups and explain everything clearly - conditions, procedures, risks, costs, etc., and a clean & pleasant environment; everything you hope for when you're worried about your fur kids. 'Been taking my dogs there for years & wouldn't go anywhere else. Highly recommended.

Beth Jensen

We were referred here by our family vet to have our dog's eyes looked at for cysts/tumors/cancer. Jordy is a reactive dog and we always muzzle him at the vet, and even though he's muzzled, he's still quite grumbly. The staff here were AMAZING with him! From the moment we walked in the door, they greeted us with smiles, were friendly and super helpful, totally understanding of Jordy's unhappiness, and still talked to him with love and care. Super sweet. The two vets we then saw during examination were the same- super sweet with Jordy and were great working with him. He even wagged his tail at them! They were great in explaining everything to me, along with sending home information on the visit and follow up instructions. HIGHLY recommend!

Leslie Bacon

Traveling from Central PA to visit my son in Madison when my dog, Rex, unexpectedly crossed the rainbow bridge. The staff was incredibly kind, compassionate, and professional. And I just received a condolence card from them. Thanks so much.

Kathi Grupe

Excellent facility with great staff who truly care about your animals.

Susan Deegan

I brought my dog in on August 20, 2016 because he was experiencing shortness of breath. I walked my Wesley, a rough collie, in the office with the aid of a sling because he was having some hind leg weakness. They wanted to keep him overnight for hydration, a chest xray and labs. I thought that sounded reasonable. They called me in the morning, Aiugust 21, 2016, and said he was fine and they wanted to give him some IV hydration so I should call in the afternoon to see when to pick him up. I called and the vet told me the same thing except he added he is not eating or drinking. He didn't know why Wesley was short of breath but I should see a respiratory specialist on Monday. He said I could take him home. My friend called the vet and they decided he should be treated at UW Vet School because a respiratory specialist was there. and we had to transfer him. We went to get him. They brought him out on a stretcher with his mouth wide open gasping for air. We rushed him to UW. His heart stopped after we got there. My friend called MVS after his death and MVS blamed it on the car ride. It took me 3 weeks to get his records. They never told me RESPIRATORY SPECIALISTS DO NOT EXIST IN THE VET WORLD! THEY NEVER TOLD ME he got 2 different IV narcotics! They never told me that his potassium level was very low, 2.8, and they supplemented it but never rechecked it. They never told me he never got oxygen. They never told me he was not on a heart monitor. They NEVER TOLD ME his Heart rate was 176 at one point and they didn't recheck it for hours later. There is much more they didn't tell me. If they would have told me any of these things or what they were doing to him, I would have snatched him outta there. This was the worst experience of my life! If you love your pet you will not take him/her to MVS!

Karen Bausch

My experiences over the last couple yrs with Madison Vet Specialists have all been wonderful. I've dealt mostly with Dr Pauli by, have also seen a couple of the other vets. Dr Pauli is as kind as they come and has been over and above in accommodating. My dog isn't even afraid of her. Her tech and staff have been wonderful as well. I would recommend them to anyone.

Sara N

Mike Finkel

The entire staff is caring, professional and compassionate. It was an experience that truly exceeded our expectations. And, I have received 2 follow up calls in 6 days to check on our beloved yellow lab. If that's not caring, I don't know what is. Kudos and thanks to you all!

Dale Seifert

Joe Hanneman

I took my little terrier Mickey in because she had not been eating or drinking. Your doctor laid out a very thoughtful plan to look for a cause. He discovered a footlong piece of string wound around the base of her tongue, causing a painful wound. With that removed, Mickey bounced back to her normal self by the next day. Thanks to everyone there, all of whom were so kind to us.

Brett Knutson

Friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming staff. The doctor took the time to explain to me in detail the procedure my dog would be having without making me feel rushed or like I had to make a decision in the moment. He took the time to answer all my questions to help me feel comfortable with the surgery my Dane needs. I would recommend this clinic to anyone needing care for their pets.


I loved the staff at Madison Vet Emergency care. Max had develop a skin infection that needed to be treated because I was leaving town for 3 weeks. They were very knowledgeable and the vet explained in detail what was going on and gave me a treatment option. I got Max's medications and went on to celebrate Christmas. I also thing that the charge of $125 for the vet exam on Christmas day, and 2 different medications were more than reasonable. (Try calling a heating and cooling guy Christmas day and see what that will cost you!) I will recommend these guys for any pet emergency.

Drew Beck

I've had to take both of my kitties in for emergency visits at Madison Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Care. I'm very impressed with the staff and also the way the parents of "fur babies" are treated. I'd recommend this place to anyone who needs special attention for their furry family members.


Great experience with Clif, my Kerry Blue Terrier. Feel confident that we received the very best of care. Highly recommend MVS for your pet's needs.

coco coolcat

My cat spent 4 nights and $2400 at this place, underwent several useless (would have had more if I had not refused more) inconclusive tests. Impossible to talk most times a vet. They "insisted" on calling me at 7 am, convenient for "staff," even though I asked not to be called! Got endless vague answers. I should have brought my cat home after 2 days but lived in hope, based on vague answers. Totally unresponsive to pet parent, completely obvious how goal is to soak as much money possible from clients to pay for their new as of March 2019 facility. Nice that cats & dogs in separate places, I guess. Refused to let me see! My cat was in horrid condition, knotted/dirty fur as of day 2! By day 4, I had to cut tons of fur off because horrid fur conditions! They refused to use my cat's foods/nothing to encourage him to start eating and drinking water! Something bad going on at this place. No backup vets or vet techs to speak with if your vet is busy in surgery, with other pet parents or not in, which is always the case! Staff doesn't ask for pre-approvals of tests or budget considerations! Arrogance rules! No signs of cat affection! If you take your pet here, make clear your budget and pre-approval requirements!

Janiece Zablotski

dr. silbernagel has performed ortho surgery on 2 of my newfs with excellent results. and when i had to come in as an emergency with a newf that had been porcupined they took awesome care of my girl. highly recommend

Andrea Dearlove

Caring, attentive, truly dedicated team!

Rachel Saunders

Ruthmarie Hale

My veterinarian referred me for a specialist's opinion for the final word on the diagnosis and treatment of our newly adopted feline family member. Crowley was spared unnecessary surgery, the underlying issue treated and the old treatment abandoned.

Jodi Ziegler

We had a wonderful experience when bringing in our sick dog. They were able to get her in right away and quickly diagnose the issue. So glad this service is available, and reasonably priced.

Emilie Predl

AMAZING! It was 11 pm on a Thursday and I had to take my cat, Scooby in. The staff on the phone beforehand was helpful and gave me great directions to the facility and when I got there Scooby was admitted almost immediately! I was in and out in under an hour. The vet explained things so well and truly wanted the best for Scooby. I would recommend MVS to anyone in the area!!! 10/10. I can't say enough good things!

Gail Nordlof

The staff at Madison Veterinary Specialists is always caring. Dr. Pauli and her assistant Jen, gave my cat Alice such a better quality of life by performing eye surgery to correct a chronic problem. She 's 15 years old but is acting like a kitten again!

Courtney Ryals

I can’t say enough great things about this place. From the time we stepped through the door, all the employees were so accommodating and supportive. They explained every detail and walked you through the pricing for everything. They took excellent care of our kitten and am completely comfortable going to them for anything he needs.


We brought our Sadie to your facility as our local vet couldn't figure out why she wasn't getting better. We feel very fortunate to have been sent to your facility as we feel we received top notch care for Sadie. Dr. Bates is amazing (and so is her assistant Erik). They both listened to our whole story about Sadie and told us what testing would be done on her and what the approximate costs would be so that there wouldn't be any surprises. 10 days later we had Sadie's diagnosis and finally know what is wrong with her and what can be done about it. Every time I called MVS to check on Sadie's lab results or to see where things were at, the staff was incredibly nice and very patient. I can not say enough great things about the staff, Erik, Dr. Bates and MVS in general. Thank you for taking such great care of our fur child, and us, during this stressful time in our lives.

Advanced Health and Safety

Our lab was showing signs of distress so we rushed him to the clinic. From the minute we arrived, the staff took such great care of not just our dog but of us as well. They were kind and compassionate knowing we were very worried about him. He ended up having emergency surgery, but not until after Dr. Silbernagel and his staff discussed the procedure and options with us. I cannot say enough about how grateful I am for Madison Vet Specialists and how wonderful they were! They made our family feel so much better knowing Louis was in great hands and we were so happy to bring him home the next day!

brianna espe

My dog tore his cruciate ligament and his meniscus he was in a lot of pain. The people here took great care of him and got him in so fast. I would recommend them to anyone for there fur babies!

Al Yingling

They gave our cat Ginger excellent care!!! They followed-up with a call and answered all of our questions. They were very nice and professional although they were extremely busy.

claire ortwein

The entire staff was kind, gentle, and compassionate. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this facility to any pet owner in need of veterinary services.

William Schloemer

Kelsey Laager

I really appreciate the excellent care my pet received. She was treated like an all-star and she is recovering well from her surgery.

Susan Weaver

Patrick Eagan

We really liked the care MVS took with our dog Cider after his CLC rupture. They were very gentle with him am supportive of us. They got him in for a consult right away. He had surgery the second day after injury. As a result he is expected to have a full recovery. We are happy to have him home with us now. Thank you!

Ashley Zabler

We just moved to the area, and have a dog that is very challenging to work with. Their kindness, professionalism, and expertise with my baby was so appreciated. I am usually so nervous going to new vets with a fearful animal. They are great. My mind is at ease knowing such wonderful caretakers are so close to our new home.

Thomas Kuenzli

Best 24 hour Emergency Veterinary Clinic in the Madison area!

Karen Duffey

Very happy and appreciative to Madison Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Care for their care of my cat and all the testing of concerns and issues she had. Excellent care.

Christina K

Our vet referred us to MVS to have a growth in my cat's eye checked out by Dr. Pauli. The front desk staff was very courteous and professional, and we did not have to wait long to be seen when we arrived for our appointment. Dr. Pauli and her assistant were very kind and caring, and took plenty of time to calm my nervous cat down for her exam. They patiently answered my questions and gave me a thorough explanation of my cat's condition. I would not hesitant to call on MVS again if we needed emergency or specialty veterinary care!

Rebecca Reeves

Our dog ate a treat while on a walk and immediately threw up three times. He then could not walk and went limp in my husband's arms. We rushed him to MVS. They had a tech at the desk waiting for us as promised because we called ahead. Next, we met with an assistant and told her what happened. She figured that perhaps he had choked on the treat and that's why he reacted the way he did. She conferred with the vet and the vet agreed. We were offered the opportunity to talk to the vet and was told upfront what that cost would be and then was allowed to make the decision if we wanted to spend the money. We appreciate all the information provided, the upfront cost information and the fact that the tech was there to meet us at the desk as we were very concerned about how our dog was acting. Peanut is home and being his ole sassy self. No more treats on a walk!!


Todo bien en la atención veterinaria

Annie Zhang

Kim DeBroux

Were able to help me over the phone. Seemed very knowledgeable & friendly!

Kayla Fochs

They overcharged us horribly. We had gone to a different emergency hospital in Middleton and got a pain medication for my cat a couple months ago. My cat got sick again and we tried this emergency hospital, and got the EXACT SAME medication but they charged us literally 7 times as much. I questioned the price difference for the exact same prescription and did not get a call back for 3 days. They basically said they charge more, and to get over it. The doctor also did not think my cat needed the pain medication in the first place, so she sent us home. Only for us to have to come back 3 hours later because my cat was still whaling in pain. Ridiculous. Go to Veterinary Emergency Service in Middleton instead.

Abbie Dvorak

Denise Wischer

We could not imagine receiving greater compassionate and professional service than we did. All staff members were very polite and friendly, providing clear, understandable information and sensitive reassurance.

Tracy S.

We have used the services of MVS (Drs. Bates and Silbernagel and their staff) several times for our dogs through the years. We feel that they have always gotten the most professional and compassionate care. We are very grateful to have access to this clinic.

Ziva chicken

We would highly recommend anyone with sick or injured pets to Madison Veterinary Specialists. All the staff are awesome, very considerate and, treat your pet as their own. DR. Julia Bates is very knowledgable, took plenty of time to explain diagnosis / options considering how extremely busy they were and we are glad we took our girl there, she is no longer in pain!!! Worth every penny for all the services that were provided and would go back again if needed. We are very happy and so is are little girl.

Sue St Vincent

I can't believe (we are only human to be wrong) ... every visitor here gave a 5.0?

Deborah Laurel

I have found the veterinary staff here, particularly Dr. Julia Bates, as kind, considerate, knowledgeable and very caring and efficient. I count on them for issues with my elder cats and they have always been able to help. If you have a pet emergency, this is the first place you should consider going.

Kerry E. furnauri

They are amazing here, Oliver is never scared to be here and the doctors and nurses are fantastic! They take such great care of our little buddy!

Eric Borchardt

This hospital was open in the middle of the night when my dog needed medical assistance. The staff were all so amazing and they quickly took care of my dog. After x-rays, blood samples, shots, and take home meds, our bill was well under what I was expecting. He quickly recovered and we are just so happy to have found this place.

Chris R

Although pleasant to speak to and work with, extremely slow and unresponsive on follow ups. The diagnostic and continued follow ups were extremely delayed and required me to pester and beg to keep the ball rolling, always with the same answer that they were too busy and would try to call back (generally, they wouldn't). Meanwhile my dog continued to go untreated and his general health spiraling downhill - the lack of follow up or sense of urgency as he suffered was extremely frustrating. Seemingly significantly over priced, you will not get what you pay for from a service level. Avoid if possible.

Leah Rittenhouse

Excellent clinic and exceptional staff. Everyone there took such great care of my dog when she had to stay their for 5 days. So thankful for Madison Veterinary Specialists.

Barbara Scholl

Never disappointed. High quality care. Compassionate. The best Madison has to offer. Dr. Silbernagel and his staff are amazing. Everyone is so caring. You wont be disappointed.

Dawn Flynn

I very highly recommend Madison Veterinary Services! The staff, services and doctors were wonderful! We were greeted immediately and our dog was seen and treated quickly and with great care!

Key to Happiness Rescue

Top notch vet care with amazing veterinarians and staff that are always there to answer questions. The support has been amazing and we couldn't be more thankful.

Amy C

Our dog received excellent care. They explained the diagnosis & options clearly to help us make the best decission. Thank you to the staff from the reception desk, nurses, doctor & surgeon.

Sarah Crowley

The staff here was FANTASTIC and so kind to me when I took my 3 year old cat in for urinary problems. They're open 24 hours and I came at midnight and left before 1 A.M, very quick and efficient. I will absolutely bring my cat here for any future problems and definitely recommend them for anyone in the Madison metropolitan area.

Ashley A

Julia VS

It was almost a year ago that my cat Zoe had gradually and then suddenly become very sick due what we would eventually find was a lesion in her upper intestine. The whole experience of watching my outgoing, affectionate cat become so ill so quickly and so badly was horrific, and I truly owe my deepest gratitude to Madison Veterinary Specialists that Zoe is alive and thriving today. Through the whole process, the techs and doctors showed sympathy, a willingness to explain/communicate their processes and options, and truly amazing flexibility (time-wise and financially) when Zoe and I really needed it. They've also showed patience and understanding when (since the surgery) I have called them at late hours with questions/concerns about my cat, maybe indulging my hypochondriac sensibilities a bit but hey, Zoe is my baby and my responsibility. I fully believe all the five-star reviews on MVS's services, because mine certainly has warranted that.

Cam Moll

Excellent service. Excellent value for the services. Kind, friendly, and knowledgeable staff and Veterinarians.

Meg Hoffmann

I felt confident my dog was in good hands and would be well taken care of. They took excellent care of him and called me right away in the morning as they said they would.

Edna Torkilson

Miss Sophia was diagnosed with Lymphangietasia, treatments started and sent home with her. We were not able to get a diagnose at our own Veterinary Clinic. Thank You Madison Veterinary Specialists.

Derek Schilling

Great staff all the way around. Well explained surgical options for torn CCL (ACL in humans). Experienced surgeons. After overnight care, back home. After care instructions well explained also. Would highly recommend.

Diana Albrecht

I took my dog to see Dr. Silbernagel. He was kind and thorough! He listened to my concerns, made recommendations and I now have a direction. If you need to seek advise, I’d recommend reaching out to this clinic.

Donna Woller

I highly recommend Dr. Silbernagel and Dr. Bates. My 8 month old golden retriever puppy was born with a birth defect and needed to have a kidney and ureter removed. Although I was very scared since that was such a major surgery, they reassured me that I was making the best decision for my dog. They were both extremely knowledgeable, qualified and helpful. My puppy has made a full recovery thanks to them and their team. I cannot thank them enough.

Jane Pizer

We appreciate the fact that we can receive the highest quality veterinary care (including ophthalmology and internal medicine) without having to go to the UW Veterinary School. The vet technicians are extremely friendly and welcoming to our blind 15 year old cat, and he acts as though he is very comfortable throughout procedures.

Danielle Hart

Very friendly and knowledgeable ER staff! You could tell they all genuinely cared about my cat and answered all my silly questions. Would highly recommend!

Stephen Kerr

Shortly after we moved to Madison, our Border Collie/Retriever mix Marty blew out his second ACL. Back in Los Angeles, when we first adopted Marty, we had several bad experiences with his first ACL. The adoption agency supposedly fixed his leg, but we soon found that the first surgery (a lateral suture) didn't take and he needed the more drastic surgery (TPLO operation). Well the surgeon we went to was fine, but they treated Marty for pain after the surgery with a Fentanyl patch that caused Marty to hallucinate and freak out for about 48 hours straight until we took the patch off prior to when we were advised to. After that he calmed down, but it was a traumatic experience for the dog, and for his new owners, seeing as how we'd only had Marty for a few months at that point. And the surgeon didn't even prepare us for this as a possibility. Cut to 2017 and Marty's 3rd surgery and 2nd ACL repair, and our new vet (Lakeside, also great) recommended Madison Veterinary Specialists. We got an appointment with Dr. Silbernagel and he explained everything that would need to happen to fix Marty's leg. But he also explained that the lateral suture operation isn't recommended for larger dogs like Marty and that they would never use Fentanyl patches as a pain medication as it's not even approved for use in dogs! How the veterinarians in LA didn't know this is beyond me, but Dr. Silbernagel's honesty and knowledge on the subject was really reassuring. Equally reassuring is the fact that he does multiple TPLO surgeries several times a week, so they are really second nature for him and the team there. So we went through with the surgery, which was substantially more affordable than it was in LA (also recommend ASPCA pet insurance if your dog is prone to injuries like this. If enough time passes after the first ACL repair, it's no longer considered a pre-existing condition despite the high likelihood of a second injury, and they covered a bunch of it for us). They recommended more mild forms of pain management and when Marty got out of surgery, he was just plain old Marty, not the freaked-out drugged-out dog that came home after his previous surgery. They also took care not to shave the hair off his butt this time, as he had a lot of difficulty growing it back in after his last surgery. This was just a small personal touch that really shows that they care. Marty recovered nicely and each of our follow up appointments with Dr. SIlbernagel were just as great, and now we have a happy healthy dog once again. Can't recommend this place highly enough!!!

Deb Holland

Love this place!

Jessica B

Took my 5 year old boxer here for surgery at the recommendation of my local veterinarian. They were able to get her in quickly, were very kind, professional, and did a great job! We are still in recovery and have some follow up appointments, but her sutures are clean and her scarring should be minimal. I am very impressed!

Sandra Kath

Michelle Sweet

Over the years, we've visited Madison Veterinary Specialists several times with several pets. It's never fun to have a pet in a emergency situation, but Madison Veterinary Specialists do a really nice job and I will continue to go back. They handle the intake very calmly and professionally, provide on the spot cost estimates and have very caring staff. Hats off to the staff who work 24/7 to help people with their pet emergencies!

Emigh Cannaday

Showed up without calling ahead because our new puppy was having D&V and we were still welcomed right away. This was our 2nd visit to this location and both times we were treated with compassion by the entire staff. They were very sensible with the treatment plan and upfront about pricing. I feel they are very fair in what they charge for services, but I wish I could give more than 5 stars for the way the staff treated me and everyone who came in that afternoon. Reception, techs, and doctors were ALL just amazing towards both me and our sick puppy! Seriously, their staff has shown some of the absolute BEST BEDSIDE MANNER I've seen in the veterinary field, and I've had pets for 30 years. :) Nobody wants to have an emergency, but if/when you do, go here! When

frederick greb

Major was treated well by everyone. He has fully recovered and is doing great. I'm more than satisfied with everything

Reinette Beaulier Griswold

This place is amazing! My dog had his surgery done here and recently was seen for emergency care due to an illness. Everyone at Madison Veterinary Specialist & Emergency Care is friendly, caring and knowledgeable. They are truly experts in their field and they are wonderful to work for your pets needs! They are truly exceptional!

Julie Drew

The staff at this hospital are beyond amazing. My puppy broke his leg and was in xray within 10 minutes of arriving at the hospital. He needed surgery and the staff said they would call with updates. Every time staff said they would call, they did. It was a great experience!

howard ross

Excellent service. Our Husky tore his ACL twice. The staff and doctors were wonderful. I recommend them highly.

Margaret McFarlane

We have had wonderful positive experiences at Madison Veterinary Specialists. Dr. Pauley has been very helpful and goes out of her way to make sure you have all your questions answered. The veterinary assistants are also top notch! We appreciate their knowledge and TLC ...our dogs are important members of our family!

Dianne Klinski

These people are simply awesome!! They cared for our little Festus like he was their own. When to e They say they go the extra mile, they really do!!!!! They are patient with worried pawrents and make sure you are comfortable with instructions when you take your baby.

Linda S

Could not have been a better experience. Our dog ran into a post in the yard at 6 am resulting in a bleeding eye. We called and headed the the ER and were taken care of immediately. We went from frantic dog parents to relaxed. Received the best of care!

Tori Dexter

I’ve been to MVS several times for emergencies and been very happy with the care we received, but my non-emergency visit today is what finally convinced me to write a review. Dr. Silbernagel was WONDERFUL with my fearful puppy during a consult for her hip dysplasia, stopping the physical exam as soon she was showing signs of discomfort, and gave me great recommendations that made me feel incredibly hopeful about her future. I went into this appointment a frantic, nervous mess and left with a clear plan and feeling much more optimistic. And on top of all that, I left with a puppy who was clearly much less nervous than she was when we walked in! The whole experience far exceeded my expectations.


Excellent emergency and specialty care. Staff and veterinarians are very knowledgeable, competent, respectful, caring and kind. My dogs have had top notched care in both the emergency side of the clinic as well as when seeing a specialist in doggy internal medicine and ophthamology.

Jennifer Wells

Madison Veterinary Specialists took care of my pup on a Saturday evening and made us feel like we were the only thing they had to worry about. I would recommend them to anyone looking for services.

Ryan Pete

Very friendly staff and well priced for the service. This is my go-to for emergency vet care, and they always keep my primary vet clinic informed in case there is any followup treatment necessary.

Mister Turbo

Everyone was very nice and I could see that everyone was passionate about their job. They made me feel like a friend, not just another customer. They understood that my puppy is my baby and treated her that way. The prices are reasonable compared to other places in the area and if I ever have an emergency, this will be my go to place.

Carissa Todaro

Dr. Silbernagel & his team are outstanding! Our r month old puppy had to have surgery and they were able to get us in ASAP and schedule surgery for the next day. Everyone was incredibly friendly and knowledgable and made our stressful situation more bearable. We will be recommending them to many!

Gina M. Gomez

Great place! They were super thorough, thoughtful, and helped our pooch get back on her paws! Thank you!

Jerry Lamb

We were impressed with the knowledgeable and friendly staff. We drove about 50 miles to get a 2nd opinion on our dog Hanks kidney issues. Although no miracle cure was found, they did help us better understand what was going on with his kidneys and how to manage his condition the best we can

Greg Griffin

Took my cat in for a non-emergency visit to get his eyes checked out. The place was easy to find and is beautiful inside. The waiting area was comfortable, the staff was very friendly and the vet and techs were extremely knowledgeable, to-the-point and fun to talk to. I am so happy we discovered this place. If there was ever an emergency with our cats, I would feel very comfortable taking them to MAdison Veterinary Specialists! Thank you!

Emily Ayers

I went here about two weeks ago when one of my cats became very ill, very quickly. They examined him right away, but unfortunately, based on what they found, the outlook was grim. I was presented with all the options we could pursue, and the vet was very kind and very honest with me, which I greatly appreciated. In the end, based on what I was told, I made the decision to have him pass on. It was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make, and everyone at this facility was amazing, kind and respectful. I never felt rushed, and felt he was really in the best hands in town. Even though the outcome was devastating, everyone made it as easy and smooth as possible. If I ever had the need to take any of my pets to an emergency clinic, I would def go here first. **They also sent a condolences card about a week after it happened, which was a very sweet touch :)

Ervin Voss

I brought my dog Otis to Madison Veterinary Specialists to have his knee looked at. His knee required surgery. Unfortunately Otis really wrecked his knee, Dr.Tuttle did surgery on his badly injured knee. After 5 days Otis is doing well on the long road to recovery. He still has some swelling, and is starting to stand a little on his leg. I have faith that Otis will make a full recovery in the next couple months. Everyone at Madison Veterinary Specialists has been very helpful and truly care about animals. I am glad I researched and decided to take him here for care. Thanks .


Took cat in to be sure his leg injury wasnt too serious (it wasn't). The staff was friendly and kind, and worked quickly. Visit took a bit longer as they became fairly busy while we were there The doctor told us our options (home with meds or x rays to make sure nothing was wrong internally). Something I found very kind was that while the doctor told us our options, she told us how much the x rays would be. Though this didnt particularly matter to us, I could see this being very nice for someone in a tough financial situation who is weighing their options They are also getting settled in a new building so there may be some various banging noises for a week or so Overall, would definitely visit again if the need arises!

Keely Willis

Everyone was friendly, professional, and quick to respond to my dog's emergency (she'd eaten a box of baker's chocolate). The cost was reasonable, considering I brought my dog in at a moment's notice on a Sunday afternoon.

Lisa Pantelopoulos

Staff are caring, professional and provide explanation of tests, treatment and follow up care. I brought my older kitty Sally in on a Sunday and the care team listened to what I had to tell them about Sally and treated her appropriately. They also were open to and recommended other suggestions to help her feel better sooner. I'm grateful that I know I have a caring, compassionate 24hr emergency vet should when I need one. It was also a pleasant surprise when I received a call to follow up and see how Sally was doing. Thank you for taking care of my precious-kitty-angel-meow >^..^<

Daniel Rehr

Excellent care and service!!! My dog loves going there and she loves the staff that work there. She's so eager to see them!!!

kari lloyd

My dog had a huge rectal polyp that was bleeding heavily. I called an animal hospital in NE Wisconsin that was recommended by my vet. Staff there were extremely rude, unhelpful AND the earliest i could get in was two weeks out. I contacted Madison Veterinary Specialists and I was able to get in the next day even though they appeared to be booked solid (constant stream of customers coming and going the whole time i was there). The staff were very kind, caring and willing to work with me to obtain the result without breaking my budget. I was not charged for an 'emergency' visit and the removal of the polyp was performed that day. My baby is resting comfortably and I owe it all to you. Thank you!! Highly recommend this clinic and have already shared my experience with many. Thanks much to all staff at Madison Veterinary Specialists!! UPDATE: Although i gave a 5 star rating, I would have liked to have received a written post operative instruction sheet listing the procedure that was performed, what to expect after the surgery and any side effects of the procedure.

Cristy Lee

The most caring doctors, nurses, and technicians who care about your pet realizing that they are not not just a "pet" but a member of your family. My German Shepherd puppy received very warm care and healing as she is going through growing pains. They are thorough and attentive to details that they want to ensure that they are addressing the right ailment...w/plenty of puppy love!

Samuel Schumacher

The assistant kept referring to a 'doctor' that he kept having to duck out to ask questions to but who we never saw. More time was spent trying to pressure us into additional services than diagnosing and treating the cat. They were very timely in offering us three separate invoices with varying amounts, but as I write this, we have been waiting for 10 minutes for the technician to return with the answer 'how long should we keep him on' a medication he printed us an invoice for. The 'examination' was mysterious, they did not provide us with any of the measurements that we paid $80 for. The final printout for administering medications was helpful, but we felt very pushed into additional services.

Lauren Lottes

My dog just couldn’t use his back legs one morning, so I rushed him there and they were so incredibly helpful and nice. They even helped calm me down, and they explained everything to me, and if I didn’t understand, they made sure I did, so I wouldn’t leave confused. I highly recommend them.

Ray Danielson

everyone was so nice. The staff and Dr. patiently answered all our questions. Our dog is 4.5 days out from surgery and starting to feel pretty frisky. We're keeping him calm and carrying on for another 12 weeks but then I look forward to some nice walks with him.

Cathy Holmes

Great care for our dog Vick! It is so clear that they really care about getting the best result for your pet. Vick is actually happy to go to see them. His pain is gone and his knee is working great! Thank you so much!!!

Brenda Reger

After our dog got very sick over a holiday weekend we took him in to get checked out. All of the staff were really nice. They ended up keeping him for a day and a half to get him feeling better. They explained everything to us, and even let us stop back for a visit the first day so my girls could see that he was being taken care of. We were sent home with several medicines, and they called to check on him the next morning. If we have another pet emergency I will be back.

Seth Bell

The story I just heard about a friend's dog here made me sick to my stomach! How could you disrespect the body of an animal that is a beloved family member in the way that you did? To fold a dog in half and put in a trash bag is DISGUSTING AND DISRESPECTFUL! Not to mention they were expecting to see him laying covered in blankets like they were promised! Imagine if this was your child and you had to come do something as difficult as this? That is how it was to this family. The utter disregard for their emotional state just goes to show what type of people you are. I will be sharing this review with my VERY LARGE network of followers and you can believe that until you have apologized for what you've done, compensated them for their heartbreak, and given your staff extra empathy training you will lose vast amounts of business.

Evan Ripple

I don't even know where to start. The level of care we received here was unparalleled. They we're kind, understanding, and thorough. Our 3 year old Husky, Layla, was diagnosed with grade 2 soft tissue sarcoma and Dr. Tuttle (spelling?) performed surgery on her face/lip to remove it. Today is her first day home. They have called to check in, they've given an incredible level of support and truly cared for our family member. I cannot thank them enough for making this extremely horrible experience that much more bearable. There is no other vet I would trust but these guys. I would give more than 5 stars if possible.

Linda Williams

The staff are always friendly and helpful. Dr. Pauli and her technician truly care about your pet and greet them and take care of them as if they were their own.

Alicia Netzer

Dr. Silbernagel, Dr, Bates and all the staff have been wonderful for my fur babies Ruby and Kona. We take Kona to give blood as a donor which is wonderful that they do. They are so sweet with him and he gets so happy to see them. Ruby was diagnosed with bone cancer and they were all very supportive and helpful. Dr. Silbernagel did the surgery and kept me updated and I felt very informed with all options. He did a wonderful job and Ruby recovered great. He is there to answer any questions, is always checking in and really cares about Ruby. Dr. Bates was very informative on the options and helped us to understand what was out there and that no matter what we did it was ok. We never felt pressured or like we were making a bad decision. She would check in on Ruby's status which was so thoughtful. It has been a blessing being able to take them there.

Penelope True

I brought my dog in to schedule a surgery for some bumps. She has one on her eye lid. They scheduled me with the optomaligist. I was not informed that they would be trying to put several drops in her eyes to do various tests. The appointment was for a bump on her eyelid. I kept asking them to skip the drops. My dog was once sprayed in the eye with chemicals and has grown more resistant to getting her blood drawn as she ages. I think she got triggered by having all the stuff going at her eyes so when they took her back for the histopathology blood draw she bit someone. I regretted not asking them to do it with me present. I had no way of knowing that would happen though since she's never bitten anyone ever before. Anyway. Since she has a history of cancer she was not up to date on the rabies vaccine. So they called animal control and I had to pay 185 dollars to spay me for a 10 day rabies quarantine where I was not allowed to visit her and they made me sign a release form that said right on it that they wouldn't be held responsible if the vaccine gave her cancer and that it could cause cancer. By law I had to get the one year vaccine even though the 3 year one is the exact same thing. They were quick to schedule the surgery which I had to then reschedule for when she got out of quarantine. Honestly though after reading reviews the one star reviews were so bad and one reflected a lack of explanation and consent that I felt when we were there and so I've decided I'm going to cancel and try doctor Sondel because my normal clinic is booked and I just recalled that I had a good experience at Sondels before. Just wanted to give some explanation here.

Derek Sauter

I have a primary vet that has been seeing my pup for years, but alas they are not 24/7. Have visited twice due to emergency situations with my dog. Each time the staff treated me and my dog like we were regular patients. From reception to discharge the staff made me feel calmer and confident about the situation and outcome. Clear post visit instructions and the doctors took the time to really understand the situation to help them find the problem accurately and develop a care plan. Highly suggest them for all your emergency pet care needs.

Tanya K

I found the entire team at Madison Veterinary Specialists to be experienced, calm, and compassionate. I was very upset when my 11 y/o Akita tore her CCL; she was basically just lying on the ground and couldn't walk. My regular vet (indirectly) recommended Dr. Silbernagel as someone experienced in TPLO surgeries. Dr. Silbernagel was professional and explained the operation clearly, and Nicholas (vet tech) was also supportive. A big thank you in particular to Cassandra, a member of the surgical team, who went out of her way to make sure my dog didn't feel abandoned when I left her there for the surgery. Yes, a TPLO surgery is going to be expensive, but I'm glad I had it done, and I'm glad that it was with Dr. Silbernagel and his team. My dog looked dazed and distressed from all the post-surgery medications, but her knee seems to be healing nicely, and we can go for short walks again. I do suggest that you look over the bill before paying b/c there was a slight error. (The norm is to be charged for a $50 supportive sling to help the dog walk and a "cone of shame," but my dog never used either. The ladies at the desk were very nice about refunding the charge.)

George Lazarus

We are very pleased with all the wonderful care that was given to our dog!! Thank you very much All you do!! I highly recommend this establishment for All your pets needs!! 24/7 care & easy to find!!

Ken O. Bowman

The veterinarian and tech were SUPER!!!!

Josh Sweno

I have been bringing my dog Emmie here for years for her eye appointments, and now recently for knee surgery. I continue to be impressed by the level of care and knowledge among all of the staff at Madison Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Care. Thank you so much for everything you have done for Emmie.

bug zilla

אפרים נוימן

Amy Pauli, DVM, DACVO is an 'incredible' Veterinary Ophthalmologist. And her assistant Gianna Velazquez is so efficient and has great social skills. They are a first class team! And a HUGE thank you to Julie Block Client Care Specialist! Please give her a gold star or maybe even a raise. I appreciate how she took time to assist me. She went past any reasonable expectation.

Jessica Jean

Brought my dog in after a terrible fall and I was extremely distressed, scared and had no idea what might be wrong with him. The whole staff -- from front desk to techs to the doctor -- was really helpful, welcoming and did so much to alleviate my concerns. We were seen promptly and we really felt cared for, that our concerns were valid and everyone took the time to do a thorough evaluation. WONDERFUL knowledgeable clinic, would recommend to any of my animal-loving friends! Thank you MVS!

Kelly Tobin

I was referred to MVS in December by my vet for my dog who has elevated kidney values. My initial visit was very pleasant. I left feeling hopeful and that my dog was in very good hands. Sadly, my dog's follow up appointment was a very different story. My dog was not improving, her blood work was worse and Dr. Bates felt it was best to consult with a new doctor that was being hired at MVS and she would then get back to me with a plan of action. This was back on January 15th 2019. To date, I have now left 3 messages with the front desk asking that Dr. Bates, honestly anyone at this point, please return my calls. Nothing. My dog is old, her time left in this world probably isn't long but that doesn't mean her life doesn't matter because it matters to me. Patients like my dog and owners like myself are the livelihood of your practice. After two visits, I spent a lot of money for silence, no ideas, no plan, no suggestions on how to help my poor old girl. I'm beyond disappointed at this point, frustrated and more importantly sad for my dog who is still not well. UPDATE: Thank you MVS for getting back with me so promptly. I appreciate the phone calls from Dr. Bates and yes, medication is greatly helping Raffle's quality of life right now!

Jennifer Marten

From my initial phone call to post-op pick up, every staff member was friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to spend time to answer my questions. Highly recommend.

Deborah Magee

We are very lucky to have such a wonderful emergency veterinary service available! Our 15 year old dog had a seizure, we called our veterinarian and they advised us to call Madison Veterinary Specialists so she could be seen immediately. Two staff members were waiting for us at the door when we arrived and took her immediately to the emergency room. They kept us informed and updated. Dr. Johnson was able to pinpoint the cause and clearly explained everything to us. Long story short, we came thinking we may have to put our sweet girl down and even though she had to be carried in she was able to walk out the door! We saw an immediate improvement with the treatment prescribed and today she is doing very well! We can't thank Dr. Johnson and the staff enough!!.

Robin Henn

Dr. Tuttle was great! Very thorough examination and explained everything well. Was very patient and answered all our questions. We felt very satisfied with our consultation and plan of treatment.

Emily Meier

I have called Madison Vet Specialists three times about concerns with my dog, and they have ALWAYS been incredibly helpful, kind, and patient on the phone. Today I finally had to bring my pup into the office, and I am so grateful that they took care of her issue so promptly and with kindness and gentleness. I was also lucky: a vet who works at my normal clinic was on hand at Madison Vet Specialists and was familiar with my dog and her case. All around great place to take your pets — though I hope nobody has to spend too much time there!

Laura Grogan

My dog broke his leg and they were incredibly knowledgeable, responsive, caring and honest about potential costs! I will continue to go there for emergency care, though I hope to not need it!

Robin Staley

Dr. Pauli and the ophthalmology assistant were kind, clear in their explanations, upfront about treatment options and expenses, and very gentle and competent in their examination of my cat. Our entire experience at MVS was positive!

Vicki Willard

I have always had 5 star experience at this clinic! I know that my animals are always in good hands when they are there. Very happy with everything! Could not ask for more!

amy froelich

I LOVE this vet office! Everyone is kind, there are no long wait times, and they have reasonable fees for all services. I am grateful that Dr. Megan offered a few different care options so that we can make whatever decision that we feel is best for our old man cat. Highly recommended!

Theresa Smith

We had TPLO done 2x. We love Dr. Silbernagel and the staff. Dr. S has great bedside manner, preps you for what's ahead, and did a great job getting our dog back to running around. He's made a full recovery from his first knee and is nearly there for his second. We would take our dog to them for anything major, it's worth the driving distance. Can't say enough good things about them and our experience there. Highly recommend.

Dave Dushek

Our dachshund ruptured a disk in her back on Sunday and we got her back today after surgery. The road to recover will be long but we're so thankful to the wonderful staff at MVS for the heartfelt care they provided.

Jerry Bohne

Kati Rhyner

Appointment was on time and cost was reasonable considering it was for a specialist. Treated me and my pet with kindness and respect. Overall, my first visit was a pleasant one.

TnT Espe

Outstanding professional team of Dr's and support staff, and such great care they provided my dog both times we had her in for orthopedic surgery! I really appreciated how well the Dr. discussed the procedure and options with me, and the calls before and after surgery to let me know how she was doing, and the next day to see how things were going at home, really felt the care and concern from everyone!

Cheryl Kraft

Thanks to everyone at MVS for putting my cat's jigsaw-puzzle broken leg back together! She was so well cared for by all of the staff during her 3 day stay it reduced my worry for her when I couldn't be there. Thank you!

Carissa Brudos

Welcoming environment and staff. Very satisfied with the care my fur baby received! Highly recommend facility.

Kristin Schulz

I took Zamboni to Madison Vet Specialists on referral from my primary vet and was extremely concerned about the possibility of him having cancer. I was so impressed with the beautiful facility and the caring staff. Dr. Steele and our vet tech, Becky were so kind and loving while handling Zamboni that he behaved beautifully. After a day of tests, we had a wonderful outcome, but regardless, I am so grateful for the care we received at MVS. Dr. Steele could not have been more thorough and patient with us. She took the time to explain things in detail and in a way that was understandable and answered all my questions in a thoughtful and comprehensive manner. It's been 3 days since our visit and I have already recommended Madison Vet Specialists to several fellow pet owners :-)

Mike Schmeltzer

Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. The doctor who handled our pet's welfare provided a thorough consultation and did not rush through anything. I've already recommended MVS to others!

Jeff Gilbert

Lynn Drake

So glad we found Madison as we were traveling through Wisconsin. Our dog was in need of critical care and we found it immediately at Madison. The staff is top notch - professional, very smart and very caring. We left the next day on our road trip with a pup on the mend, thorough instructions and names of vets at our destination. The whole experience was first class. So grateful.

Lauren James

I hate to give a bad review because they did really take care of my child (cat), we have been here twice and have had negative experiences both times. The medical staff seems to really know what they're doing and our doctor was good. However, the front desk staff was pretty rude to us: rolling their eyes, talking badly about other members, and complaining loudly about their jobs. The second time we had to take our cat, the doctor recommended we do some labs since he was still having problems, they were insanely expensive but we still did them to be safe. They told us the results would take about a week to come back. This was back in August... we still don't have the results. I've called every single week since August and every time I call they tell me they will get back to me. No one has called me back yet, and I still don't have his lab results, over a month later. Not only has this been a huge waste of money, but I still don't know what is wrong with my child. It's very frustrating because I do want the best care for my pets, and they're supposed to be the best in the area, but I will never go back here.

Brittney Powell

My 1 yr old German Shepherd Suffered severe trauma to one of her Paws :-( once my Regular Veterinarian suggested MVS we were brought in without a wait. From the reception to the surgical consult to the actual surgery everyone was extremely professional and helpful, very nice and great to work with! Thank you so much for your efforts and expertise. I feel very at ease with my puppy's procedure and recovery plan.

Tony Wieczorek

Tami Radel

Very professional and really take the time needed to answer all questions.

Klara Bahcall

Our cat, Karamel has been a patient of Dr. Pauli for several months. He has glaucoma. Every time we see Dr. Pauli or need her help between visits she is always there for us, giving the most wonderful, thoughtful care to our cat. Couldn't even dream of a better doctor! This is also true about the people who help Dr. Pauli. Jen and the other technicians. Very knowledgeable, gentle, true professionals. Just recently we got to know the rest of MVS. Karamel had a serious problem caused by a small kidney stone. He got so ill that we had to take him immediately to the closest 24 hour hospital which is in Appleton. As a result of the "care" he received there for 5 days he was rapidly getting more ill. Not only the kidney issue did not get resolved but also his eye health and vision was getting worse as well. When I was told by a physician of the Appleton facility that they want to take away as an answer to Karamel's problems all of his glaucoma drops and "blind him" (!) we had to run to Appleton to take him away and drive to MVS immediately. It was a two hour trip in a snow storm but worth every minute of it. Dr. Bates welcomed us and immediately made a wonderful treatment plan to salve Karamel's kidney and eye issues, Dr. Pauli examined him and very thoughtfully planned his eye drops to stabilized his eye pressure, next day Dr. Silbernagel did a brilliant and successful surgery and Dr. Pauli even though she was not scheduled to work on that day at the clinic still stopped by to double check Karamel's eye pressure and adjusted his eye drops. As a result of this incredible care Karamel started to eat and was back to a healthy cat in no time. We are so lucky and grateful to have such wonderful and exceptional doctors! Thank you Dr. Bates, Dr. Pauli, Dr Silbernagel and the kind and professional staff of MVS!

Lita Onsrud

My Bear was admitted Tuesday ! He has acute pancreatitis I have absolute trust in this awesome clinic. The entire staff is amazing and I know they will give the best care I could ask for I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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