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REVIEWS OF Kronenwetter Veterinary Care IN Wisconsin

Diane Shebelski

8/13/19 Presented for a Nail trimming for my dog, was not greeted by the two Reception staff as I presented. In waiting area 10 min. prior to being called in (normal). After services, I was informed by the Receptionist that they are now charging for a technician fee. Total cost for a nail trim, for a 13lb dog was $32.05. When asked why I was not informed of the increase prior to services, I was told they had a sign posted at the desk, also posted on the web page. No sign at desk, checked website when I arrived home, could not find costs for any services even routine services on the web. Not sure how often pet owners routinely check the web site when they have already established care. Or as guests present or a nail trim I am usually told to have a seat prior to approaching the desk. Was also told that this change occurred in July. I again asked why I wasn’t informed prior to services. No answer. I would of reconsidered, and went else where. This additional increase is almost double what the cost was previously for this service. I didn't,t appreciate the hidden added cost, without prior knowledge, so I the pet owner could do made this decision vs having it made for me. Very dissatisfied.

Shauna Robinson

They are fabulous with my fur kids. I am happy to have found a vet who isnt afarid of my dog Lucky. Dr. Chris is amazing with Lucky and Dr Lisa is amazing with Nutmeg. Dr Lisa helped figured out the issue with Nuts collapsing, not the news we wanted but he is still being spoiled and loved by all!

Jean Kopplin

Paul Bowers

The Drs are awesome, have true concern about our dog. Customer service level is very good.

Bonnie Crochiere

Wonderful staff there and Dr. Chris is the best. Very caring and very thorough exams. Have been going there for many years. Highy recommend.

Denise Ashby

Natalie Wadinski

My furry family has been patients of Kronenwetter Vet for almost 30 years. We tried a different vet for a very short period but quickly came back to Kronenwetter. They have always been helpful, kind, informed, compassionate, flexible and thorough. I have always found their staff to be friendly and helpful. The family who left due to long wait and poor customer service- I'm saddened to hear your experience. There have been times that my wait has been longer than I would have liked. However they have always spent as much time with my pet and I as necessary. In this day where human physicians are forced to shuttle humans through their clinics like cattle, I appreciate the individual attention and thorough customer service I have always experienced at KV Care.

Ashley Schmid

Brenda Blume

I have been going here more than 20 years .They are very understanding and caring vet.They give wonderfull care to my pets I could not ask for more. I would recomend them to all my freinds and family If they dont have an answear they go out of there way for one. I for one love this place and use them as my main vet

Aurora May

We have been going to Kronenwetter Veterinary Care with our cat for 3 years following a negative experience with a different vet. We couldn't be more satisfied with the service we receive from all of the staff, particularly Dr. Nikki! We trust Kronenwetter Veterinary Care with our boy and would recommend them to our friends and family.

Michael Van Offeren

Staff is very caring and treats my pets as their own.

Brenda Ostrowski

Jordyn Olp

Andrea Calhoon

I have been going to KVC since we moved here 5 years ago. Dr. Chris is the doctor I see when possible! He is such a nice man and cares about our animals so much. It is evident in his care of them. :) The techs are great and knowledgeable as well as the front desk staff! Would highly recommend! :)


We have used Kronenwetter Vet Clinic for years. Entire staff is friendly and professional. We work with Dr Lisa. We like the fact that she thinks outside the box when it comes to treatments.

Cathryn Waite

Friendly staff, and they work with you on large bills. Truly your pet comes first

Kathy Schommer

They fit us in for a doggie injury, and Took time for Fergus

Chris Kronebusch

Scott Fields

Kim Darling

I was so worried when my fur baby became very sick and I found out he had a defect he was born with. When uncovered by previous vet I was left devistated and they didn’t give me much hope. I heard about Kronenwetter Veterinary Care from my pups groomer and decided to give them a call. I was thouroughly amazed when the owner, Dr Chris took my call and listened to everything I had to say, got my pup in, thourough exam, ultrasound, labs and biopsy and came up with a treatment plan. Dr Lisa put me so much at ease when she told me just because he has this does not mean he can’t live a normal happy life! WHEW!!! Fast forward a year and a half and he is perfectly happy and healthy with supplements to keep his condition in check! Cannot say enough good about this place from the friendly staff when you walk in the door to the vet techs and the vets!! You are in good hands here!

Lynn Petska

Our dogs have been going to KVC since 2004. All of the staff is wonderful especially Dr. Paul (our main veterinarian) and Dr. Chris (our back-up). I can't say enough about the kind and caring atmosphere at this clinic. I give a lot of credit to Dr. Paul for keeping our Bailey going for many years beyond what her disease life expectancy was. Thank you for caring!

Amber DeBroux

No complaints about the level of care, but this clinic is very overpriced compared to others in the area.

Karen Hauch

We love Kronenwetter Vet, from the receptionists to the vet techs to the vets, everyone treats us and our dogs like family! Couldn't be happier with the service and care received. Dr. Lisa and Dr. Chris have been a huge part of our dogs lives.

Barbara Thatcher

Through the full lives of our dogs, pregnancy, new puppies, major surgery, to end of life. We always been treated personally and professionally. Shout out to Dr. Nikki and Dr. Paul great care great people!

Sarah Corning

Lukas R.

Michele Borski

Rev. Pat Pierce

Lynn Wilson

meeko151 .

I have been going to Kronenwetter Vet Since they opened and I was a child. My parents brought my pets here when I was a kid and I have done the same with my pets as an adult. You couldn't find a better place to care for your furry kids. If you live close enough to bring them here I highly suggest you do.

Rachel O'Brien

KVC has always done a wonderful job caring for my animals!

Ma Je

For the past 30 + years, I have LOVED coming to this vet. The staff are AMAZING!!! So caring for your fur baby and you!. Thanks again to those there today: Sara, Melissa and Bev! Sophie loves you!!

Morgan Rindfleisch

debbie huffman

I only take my girls to the best. I like Dr Paul to be my regular vet, but anyone there can step in if needed and I know they are in good hands.

Debbie Ahles

Kent Graves

Since relocating to the Kronenwetter area from the Twin Cities we needed to find a Vet Clinic for our fur family. We have been here almost a year now and are very happy with the care we have received at Kronenwetter Veterinary Care. We would recommend them to everyone.

Michelle Bella

Angel Augustine

They take such very good care of your pets! All the doctors are Great!

Carrie Heckendorf

Dr. Chris is the best!

Victoria Tesch

I have many animals from kittens to beagles. Both old and young. They have been there for my pets journeys. I have gone to other vets over the years. This is the one I am staying with. No matter who sees my pets they are ALWAYS kind, informative and have patience. Hands down this is the best veterinary clinic!

Brian Caldwell

Craig Enerson

On 10/12/2015 we had a 10 A.M appointment we got to the vet at about 9:45 and the waiting room was empty, we had all our paper work filled out and all of our cats records. This was our first visit and we thought the place was clean. We ended up 10:35 A.m Without even being called back. They came to the waiting room twice to get our paperwork which remember we had turned in when we walked in the door. After waiting for over 40 minutes we said forget it we will take our cat elsewhere and they didn't seem to care didn't even ask what was wrong. We couldn't tell you have the Vet is since it was our first visit but I do feel it's rude to be waiting 40 min and no one saying one word to us that sorry doctor is running behind. I can see reasonable waits but this was crazy. First off your receptionist DID NOT come out to say sorry about our wait , that never happened. What did happen was a staff member came at about 10:15 asking for our paperwork which we turned in when we checked in, I told her this and about 5 minutes later she comes back to ask again, again I told her the same thing. We left your office at 10:32 to be exact. I didn't feel your staff cared if we stayed or left. When my wife told the girl at the front desk we would take our cat somewhere else all she did was say ok and rolled her eyes ... Professional if you ask me. The one person who put a review saying the place was dirty, I think the place was very clean that wasn't the issue for us.

Nathan Ciszewski

Kim M.

Once again Dr. Nikki is the best and I will never be able to thank her and staff enough. If you are looking for a clinic to bring your pets to this is the place. I love all the employees at this clinic they always take the time to answer my many, many questions and they truly seem to care for my pets. Dr. Chris as well is very special to me. My parents brought my pets to Dr. Chris when I was growing up. As an adult, I still bring my pets here, my daughter lives in Minneapolis and we are going to bring her pets here as well. That is how much faith we have in this clinic that we will travel if we can to bring our pets here. Dr. Nikki came in on her day off to care for my cat and a few other pets that needed her today because her schedule was that full for the week with that many pet owners needing her. That tells you how many pet owners put their trust in this clinic too. That is dedication as she could have stayed the day home with her own pets and had our pets wait longer to get seen? I see some of the bad comments on here and it sucks because you have to understand these Animal Dr.’s are just as human as you are and you are not always going to have a perfect visit or perfect experience anywhere that is impossible. But after going here for 20+ years through many pets they have been wonderful and have caught problems with my animals that could have easily been missed and one life threatening issue that was caught just by chance. And for sure they don’t make up their own prices for what they want to charge you for a service? So, you cannot blame it on the Dr.’s for what their prices are and if you ask me my pets mean everything to me and when I know I am getting them the best care possible (Which you will get here) I will pay the prices. But let me tell you this and maybe the prices won’t seem as bad to you. After having to go to the Appleton Animal referral Center for a surgery for my cat. Traveling back and forth a few times x-ray’s, ultrasounds and buying medication from them vs. Kronenwetter Clinic. Kronenwetter Clinic is A LOT cheaper and they spend way more time with You and Your Pet. That could mean the difference to you getting all your questions answered or you remembering what you forgot to ask them on your way home. You would never again complain about prices when you have to go somewhere that is more expensive. Some med’s that my cat needed were double the price then Kronenwetter’s prices which I didn’t realize until later x-rays, ultrasounds also way cheaper at Kronenwetter Vet. Don’t get me wrong The Animal Referral Center Fox Valley was an awesome place and did an amazing surgery on my cat but their prices were much higher and I spent way less time with them for the price. I didn’t want to go to the Appleton Clinic but it was the only place that would do the surgery my cat needed at the time I couldn’t wait to get back to my regular Kronenwetter Vet’s Office. But I would just say to those people that have a problem with the prices look further into it mostly into the quality of care you receive, and look into the time you and your pet gets with the Doctor, and look at what the aftercare is that you receive. I don’t care what anyone else thinks I have 20+ years here and wouldn’t take my pets anywhere else unless I have to.

Michelle Bensman

Best Veternarian ever, Dr. Lisa Clark

Kaylee Z

*PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU TAKE YOUR PET HERE* You will be over charged tremendously and they will try to do something to your pet that is not necessary. If I could rate 0 stars I would, sucks I have to give them 1 star. Took my 6 year old 10lb dog in because I noticed he was having issues eating his food. I figured it may be his teeth. While my dogs mouth was being examined by the veterinarian (Erica I believe was her name) she said he will have to have some extensive dental work done. I asked if he would need any teeth pulled and she said he will need quite a bit pulled if not all of them. I was so sad for my dog. She came back with a high price of $1,300.. I almost puked. After I left kronenwetter veterinary clinic I decided to get a second opinion. I called another clinic that we used to take our previous dog to in Rhinelander. Took him in to this clinic and explained what Kronenwetter Clinic said about his teeth. The veterinarian choked when I told her what they were going to do to my sweet boy. Scheduled a dental appointment to have his teeth cleaned and was told it would not be over $500. On Wednesday October 17th I took him in for his dental procedure.. called to check on him at 12:30 and the veterinarian said NOT ONE TOOTH HAD TO BE PULLED! I started bawling. I could not believe this veterinarian at kronenwetter clinic wanted to pull all my dogs teeth when really he didn’t need any pulled!! My grand total for the procedure, medicine, tartar control powder for his food and pill pockets was $307.00. Quite the price difference huh? Im warning you guys.. please be cautious with this clinic they don’t actually care about your pet, it’s all about the money. I’m still in shock. I’m so thankful I got a second opinion because if I didn’t.. my dog wouldn’t have any teeth left. Since I can’t comment back on your reply below, I’ll just edit my review. 1st this review was posted before I even called you. 2nd I don’t care about the price, its the fact that one of your inexperienced veterinarians wanted to remove my dogs teeth BEFORE she even did any kind of X-ray or a more in depth exam. She opened his mouth and made her judgement. She also told me it would be more on the higher side of the estimate due to most if not all his teeth needing to be pulled. (FYI The low end was $900 something, that was NO teeth pulled) 3rd the new vet I took him to did X-rays, fully checked his teeth making sure none had to be pulled. They did a fantastic job in my opinion. They follow basically the same protocol you guys do. The difference was that they price out dental exams by weight. 4th that’s great that you guys do payment plans with your customers, I never said I couldn’t afford to pay the total up front. I simply said $1,300 is pretty pricey. Even $900 for a cleaning is quite a bit. Again, I don’t care about the price.. the whole point of my review was about the veterinarian telling me my dogs teeth needed to be removed when clearly they didn’t. Lastly, you were not in that room with the veterinarian and myself. So you really don’t know what she said. Go ahead and cover for her inexperienced judgements about my dog. I’m so thankful I took my dog elsewhere. Because according to your inexperienced veterinarian my dog would hardly have any teeth left. He’s happy as can be today with ALL of his teeth still intact. Again, my review is to show other people that they should be cautious going to this clinic because this veterinarian wants to go to the extreme when it’s not necessary. Thank you for your response though.

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