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REVIEWS OF Keller Lake Animal Hospital IN Wisconsin

John d

We love this place. I had to bring in Tom the cat that had passed on for cremation. I felt very comfortable with the experience. Our other dogs and cats go there too.

Samuel MacKenzie Jr.

Love this pet home away from home. friendly, everyone is really knowledgeable, and so loving to all pets. They have been my vet hospital for over twenty five years, and always will be as long as I have pets. They take the best care of everyone, and every pet. They always seem to have the right answers, or they go out of their way to get the right ones for you. Thanks Keller lake hospital for all that you guys do for our pets. !!! And FRANKIE says hello and thanks also !!.

Bernadette Cech

Keller Lake is AMAZING. I brought my dog there for the first time last week and I will never go anywhere else! I can confidently say it is the best experience my dog has had at the vet since I adopted him.

Mickie Vang

Very friendly environment & the vet was very informative!! Definitely going back.

Cathy Seiford

We've had 3 different vets in the last 10 years and now we finally found THE BEST FIT for us! Mickey was well cared for his last year with us.

tyra moreno

I look forward to bringing my little dachshund to Keller Lake. They remember her by name and she actually enjoys going to see them. All the staff there are really friendly and definitely know their stuff.

Anthony Jones

they were all friendly and helpful. i will keep bringing my pets here


I've been going to Keller Lake Animal Hospital for what seems like forever! Love the doctors and staff because they love and take such good care of their patients. I moved a few years ago and could have found a more convenient/closer vet, but stayed with Keller Lake because they're that good!

Roxanne Rossbach

We recently moved back to Minnesota and spent quite a bit of time researching to find the perfect vet for our dogs needs. After posting asking for recommendations and having three locals recommend Keller Lake Animal Hospital, along with describing their personal experience, we decided to check them out. We were excited to find that they are one of the top vets for brachycephallic breeds in the Twin Cities, as we have a Boston Terrier, a Bugg, and a Pug. From the personal recommendations we were also pleased to hear that they are wonderful with senior and disabled dogs (which both of our girl dogs are). Pulling up to Keller Lake Animal Hospital I liked the cozy feel, it is a smaller building with a nice parking lot, and great large grassy area in front. Going into the building cat guests seating is to the left as dogs are to the right with front desk between the two, I liked this as it helps lessen stress on the pets (vets can be stressful enough, so anything to lower that stress is wonderful). Seating in the waiting room was comfortable and it smelled nice and clean. Front desk staff was amazing! She greeted me immediately, listened to my ramblings, and gave me a great tour of the hospital while describing everything and answering all my questions along the way. I was pleased to hear that they only have about 8 staff members, all that have been there many years...this shows consistency and that is something I value for my dogs and myself. I was also pleased that they do electronic pet records as our old vet was able to email all three of our dogs records and we were immediately in the system (had another vet we were considering want us to fax the records, which just doesn't make any sense in this day of technology). I did my walk through in the morning and was able to schedule an appointment for one of my dogs that same afternoon. When we brought our girl to her appointment we had staff members compliment how cute she is, which of course is always welcome. Kuki (our dog) is afraid of hard floors, they took the time to put a nice rug on the exam room floor for her, along with a mat on the exam table...we both greatly appreciated that. The staff and vet were very friendly and seemed to truly care about my dog and developing a relationship with not only my pets, but me. We also didn't feel like just a rush through number like some vets make you feel. The vet that saw Kuki took her time to examine Kuki, learn about her medical history, and discuss a care plan. We left with a feeling of being in good hands and care. I look forward to having Keller Lake Animal Hospital get to know and care for our other dogs also. I have full faith that they will continue to be amazing and would highly recommend.

Joel Dick

Great place for your loved pets, the staff is very friendly and caring. I'd recommend this place to anyone that cares about the care of their pets.

Justin Hall

Should not be called a hospital. Had a dog eat lots of chocolate and went there. They told me there was nothing they could do for me if I didn't make an appointment and the only one they had was 6 hours later in the day.

Sam Crosby

Great vets and techs.

Chad Quigley

We've only been clients for a little over a year but really like coming to Keller Lake for annual check ups. We are always seen right away and the dogs just love the staff (well the treats they give before, during, and after kind of help with the affection :) ) and I appreciate how through they are explaining what they are doing, what they found, and following up the next day with lab results or just to check to see how the dogs are after a vaccination.

keller golf

This animal hospital is top-notch! I'm glad I found it.

Jim Alm

Thomas Hovey

Staff is friendly and courteous. Setting up appointments is easy and convenient. We've been going here for over 20 years with 3 different dogs and 2 cats.

Randy Ebbinger

Great care for your pet and great people

L Swanson

I am always happy to give reviews for Keller Lake Animal Hospital, All the staff and doctors are wonderful and have been fantastic. They have helped us through the routine and through the truly bizarre. We have 2 Bengal Cats, (now 3 and 4 years) and they have not been easy cases for Keller. The Keller team stuck with us through a lot. Thanks to their help, we have happy healthy boys.

Jean Rice

I love Keller Lake Animal Hospital, they are always quick to get me in and treat my Katy with a gentle caring touch. They also handled the cremation of my last cat of 17 years with compassion and caring.

Marie Hedican

We were so lucky to find Keller when we did. Our old dog was getting sicker and sicker and we took him in and there they made such a great attempt to help us, we finally had to put him down and it was with great compassion that they helped us help our friend. we now have a new dog and they are helping us with him, Great people and great clinic!

Angel Chelberg

We have been going to Keller Lake Animal hospital since our Chance was a pup. He loves everyone there and so do we.

J. Evans

We definitely recommend Keller Lake Animal Hospital. We have been taking our pets there for over 10 years and have found that all the staff there are knowledgeable, skilled and caring.

Kris S.

Very caring and compassionate staff. They have been wonderful with our dogs and helped our family through a very tough time when our older dog became suddenly ill.

Robert Bougie

We had a wonderful experience at Keller Lake Animal Hospital!! It's obvious they love animals and care about their needs. I'm definitely coming back!! Their care and kindness makes all the difference. Thank you Keller Lake!!

Ellery Carr

Excellent place to bring your animal. Staff is very professional it's very evident that they care about the care and treatment of animals I found the doctors very knowledgeable and the staff extremely polite. I like the separate entrances for cats and dogs.

Jeannette Eibensteiner

Mallorie Johannsen

kind, caring to my cat and I. Great experience. I would definitely recommend!

Linda Eells

We love Keller Lake, and the staff, and the doctors (our primary is Dr. Amy Mead but Dr. Melissa DeWoskin is terrific too). They are the best, so compassionate. We recently had to euthanize our Milo and they were so patient and kind as we struggled with the decision right there in the clinic. Everyone came in to say goodbye since they had gotten to know him through his many health issues. I recommend Keller Lake to everyone.

Melanie Pidgeon

I travel from far always, always for my pets to be taken care of by the very best.

Robert Havlik

We have had two dogs in the past 20 years with health issues.. Keller Lake has provided outstanding care to both of them and I could not be happier. Their lives were well lived and well supported. If you love your animals and want them to receive the kind of care you would deliver to them if you had the knowledge and skill set - then pick Keller Lake. You will not be disappointed. We are now on dog #3 who just turned 1 year old - and he loves going to the office to get all the attention from the wonderful Team at Keller Lake. Keep up the great work!

Brenda Cortes Hernandez

I chose Keller Lake AH due to all of the amazing reviews received, and they truly are amazing! I have brought my puppy for routine care and my cat for a urinary tract inflammation and they both have been treated with so much care. My puppy loves going to the vet because he knows he'll be getting a lot of attention and treats. Their no-fear approach is something I truly admire, I was nervous on how my puppy would react with his first vaccines but he barely even noticed as he was so distracted by the treats given. I would recommend Keller Lake to any pet parents!

Kimberly Clark

Pretty close to a fear free clinic. Vets and staff are all about making it a good fun place for your four legged kid. Angel, our dog, gets happy excited to go there and visit them.

Matt Leaf

We've been taking our dog to them for basically his entire life and have nothing but great things to say about these folks. We currently drive to them from Bloomington and I can honestly say that it's worth the trip for us. They are very attentive to our dog's needs and provide very individualized service.

Kelley Bierwerth

BEST VETS EVER!!! Our dogs love each and every person there. I only wish my doctors would care about their patients as much as these people do. Our dogs love to go there! They can't wait to get inside.

Donna Schoon

We love Keller Lake Animal Hospital. they have been there for my family since I was little. My grandmother brought her dogs and cats, my parents brought all our dogs, and now I have had 2 cats and 2 dogs seen by Dr. Lillie. the staff are always there to help. I had to call and ask about my dog Tucker awhile ago because he had lacerations. I couldn't come in because at that time both my husband and I lost our jobs. I was so grateful that they helped me over the phone. When I was able to bring him in, they welcomed us with open arms and did not lecture us on the length of time it was between visits. he is healthy and up-to-date with vaccinations. I will always recommend Keller Lake to everyone who is looking, I have never went anywhere else, because how well they treated all our family members. You can honestly tell they care deeply for your furry family member and will do anything possible to give the best care. Thank you Keller Lake, from Mildred Hovseth, Nancy & Henry Stack, and yours truly, Donna Schoon

Nermina Milutinovic

Ann Kvaal

Can't say enough about Keller Lake Animal Hospital. Doctors and staff are all very friendly, caring and genuinely want to help whenever possible. They also provide many options for care that best fit the needs of their customers. We have been customers for almost 20 years and will continue to be.

Lara Willard

When my dog was injured and needed stitches, I had to find a highly recommended place to entrust him to, quickly. Keller Lake had great excellent online reviews, and they were able to see us that day. Now I can't imagine going anywhere else. My Havanese was very vet-shy, but they are so great with him, they put him at ease as soon as he gets into the room. Highly recommended.

Nancy Sackett

The folks at Keller Lake Animal Hospital are the best. Dr. D, Dr. Mead and Dr. Lilly care so much for their patients. I recommend them frequently to others. They have seen us through 3 dogs, good times, and bad times (one dog with cancer). We have come to feel they are extended family - always there for us. Everyone who has a pet should have a relationship like the one we have with Keller. So comforting to know they are there.

mike nelson

Anne Vittum

We love everyone here! They are so nice and caring towards our animals. They really know how to keep them calm and give lots of love. Our dog needed knee surgery and they helped us along the way of finding a specialist and making sure we were able to find alternatives if necessary. They seem genuinely excited to see and visit with our animals and will always stay to answer any questions. I would recommend them to anyone for their fur babies.

Devon McDonald

Great staff to work with. Been going there for years and would never dream of switching.


Phenomenal! I adopted a cat from a shelter whose previous owner was a hoarder with over one hundred cats. He seemed scared and was having a hard time adjusting (or so I thought) and wasn't using his litter box. He would go a very long time without going potty, then go on the couch. When I brought him to Keller Lake, the veterinarian walked right up to him and started rubbing his belly! I was so surprised when my kitty was rolling around and purring. I had never seen this side of him before! She told me to get a second litter box, since he was probably used to more than one in his previous home. Sure enough--he was happy as can be! Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable staff. I will recommend to everyone!

Rebecca Meyer

Keller Lake staff have always provided excellent care for our two dogs and genuinely care about their health and well being.

Rebecca Gibson

Francine Fieldman

Very nice staff - explained everything thoroughly. They give you options regarding treatment/costs. I would recommend them to everyone!!!!!

Natasha Jenson

We have 2 cats and 2 dogs and I go here because they treat them as individuals. If you have a reactive/fearful animal, you know how much that means. I have a large dog that does not do well with other dogs. They are always aware and make extra efforts to schedule when other dogs won't be in the waiting room or bring us in/out a side door. This means EVERYTHING. Our other dog is fearful of "stuff", but doesn't fear dogs. So when he goes in they are really supportive of him taking his time to get comfortable. One cat is deaf and a bit skittish and once again they are really good at going slow and working at making her comfortable. Cat #2 is just perfect, so no issues there!! They take the time to listen. They explain so I understand. They don't try to sell me stuff. We fully believe in annual visits and preventatives so we have been there enough to get to know the staff and they are just really good people. We adore them. Our animals adore them. Really. Our dogs love them. Cats, meh. Cats be cats.

Amy Gustafson

My two cats and two dogs receive excellent care at Keller Lake Animal Hospital. Dr. Mead is excellent with them. One of my dogs had always been very stressed visiting the vet, but last time, he relaxed and didn't react at all to his annual shots. I am also noticing marked improvement in how one of my cats responds to the experience. She only hissed once! (The hissing had previously been nearly nonstop while being handled.) I am very happy with how thorough and welcoming of my questions Dr. Mead is.

monica leick

Love taking our Dogs to Keller Lake Animal Hospital, because we love the staff. They are all kind and professional.

Jessica Thury

Everyone there is fantastic. They treat me and my animals like family and always with a smile. Give them a try!

patrick hedican


Doris Olson

Keller is awesome. Called Saturday morning at 9:15 and they were able to get me in by 10am for my sick cat. She is feeling so much better. I have used them before with my cat for 19 years. They are the best.

Kristine Sindt

Always feel good bringing my cat and dog here! Great staff!

Bob O

Just plain..the best and he janitorial service always great process.

Melissa Elke

My dogs have gone to Keller Lake Animal Hospital since they were puppies (they're now 5 & 6 years old). Some of the staff members know them by name. They make it very easy for the animals to feel comfortable, making the vet as pleasant a process as possible. They're great with routine visits and random appointments (e.g. if your pet gets sick or injured). I highly recommend KLAH.

tim ronchak

Everyone on staff is great! Always caring, compassionate, and always friendly and willing to please. The best! And would highly recommend to anyone wanting great pet care!

Pat Jondahl

Keller Lake Animal Hospital - Plain and simple... There is a no better place to take your pets!! Kind, caring staff and Vets treat your pets with compassion and professionalism. They care about each 'patient' as if they were a member of their own family.

Patrick Maloney

Incredible vets & staff! Friendly & Professional, Clean & Comfortable! Top notch!

audrey t

Took my cats here yesterday. My poor boy was scared but the staff made him right at home

clint skaggs

The staff are the best ever!! Have been taking my babies to Keller Lake for 10+yrs. Can recommend them to anyone and do!!!

Gina Gaetz

I love this place! You feel like they really care about your pet, not just doing their job. Been happy client for two years now.

Anne Gattman

The folks at Keller Lake take care of our dog and 2 cats. They have been a tremendous resource along the way, like when our former dog was nearing his last days and as our new rescue dog is presenting with some challenges. The doctors and techs are patient and helpful and very caring toward the animals and we feel like we aren't alone in helping our pets through some tough times.

Jackie Wormley

Such a great place, they really care about your pets.

Susi Weldon

I love the staff and so does my puppy, Butch. The cost for services are always less than I expected.


Patricia Kohls

I love this clinic, always welcoming, friendly and they remember me and my pets even though we're not there frequently. THe vet care is top notch, up to date and compassionate. I can't imagine going anywhere else.

v kesler

If you're deciding on a vet clinic for your pet, in my opinion Keller Lake AH has provided us great vet service for our pets. Dr. Lillie, the other veterinarians, and the staff are incredible. They inform you of all options for treatment and make sure that the pet owner truly understands what ails your buddy so you can make informed decisions to get them bouncing around again. :) I have had them make follow up calls to check on my buddy's well-being to be sure he was doing better. That was very helpful in the treatment of my dog since I had additional questions since the clinic visit. They also offer the VetSource pharmacy which has saved me money and time. Thanks Keller Lake! V. Kesler

Cris Moger

We've been clients at Keller Lake for over ten years now. They have been through everything with us from having a kitten (or 3) a puppy (or 2) and all the different stages of life each of our pets go through. They have always answered all questions for us, laid out options with pros/cons and I have always felt like the entire staff genuinely cares for our family. I would recommend this clinic to anybody without any hesitation.

Julie Lund

I have been using Keller Lake since I moved here 8 years ago. I was referred to them by a very satisfied customer. They have taken great care of my dogs and were especially kind when I lost one this past December. You can tell they clearly love what they do. 08/21/18 Just had Hershey (mini doxie) microchipped. Everyone was very welcoming and fawned over Hershey. Everyone was professional and pleasant. I love this place.

Raquel S

Very thorough, clean, friendly, informative and GREAT follow through. I love the individualized notebooks for each pet.

Becky Lilies Legacies

Colin Youngblood

I have nothing but praise for this buisness they are above and beyond the best of the best. They got me an appointment when my cat Zorra was sick when 28 other vet clinics would not. The front desk attendents have a kindness that you rarley see in todays world.They are super courtius and truly concerned about your pets well being.Dr. Rivet thoroughly checked Zorra over and answered all the questions I had with true knowledge that makes it easy to understand. She is truly gifted with working with animals and gives 110% which makes her a gold standard vet.She relieved my stress by letting me know that Zorra would be ok. She was right now Zorra is back to being a adht cat with 24 hr energy driving me crazy but I would not want any other way. I very highly recomend this vet to anyone who considers their pets as children you will never find a more caring team that puts their whole hearts into their jobs. I was truly blessed to find a vet clinic that puts the pets care and follow up as a top priority. And I for one will always be gratefull to them for helping Zorra when no one else would. A very very satisfied costumer Colin Youngberg Zorra Black Beard

Deirdre Opp

We are very happy with Keller Lake. We take both our dog and cat to them, and have been very happy with the service for the past three years. The staff are friendly and easy to ask questions. They clearly love animals, and seem to remember our pets each time even though we are only in once or twice a year. They ask good questions about lifestyle choices we're making for our pets (foods, exercise, access to other animals) and I feel like we can have a good discussion about vaccinations given what they know about our pets. I haven't done a lot of price comparison, but we used to go to Banfield and that was much more expensive (after the first year) and we don't feel extra service and shots are pushed on us here. The online portal is also nice and easy to navigate.

Debra Watson

We've taken our dog and cats to Keller Lake for many years. The vets and assistants are always caring and knowledgeable. I can't imagine taking my pets anywhere else.

Betty David

I have found all of the staff friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated to what is best for my pet!

Amber Lindahl

One of the friendliest vet offices I have delt with. They really take the time to get to know your pets and make them feel comfortable. They are also great at explaining issues that are going on so that it is easy for you to understand. Love everyone there!!!!!

Candace Okeson

I always appreciate the kind, thoughtful, and helpful care my animals receive when we visit Keller Lake Animal Hospital. I also love the 3-ring binders they gave me to keep all my pets records organized!

Neal Lewis

Very professionally run office with great staff. Everyone there loves animals and it shows. They care for you and your pet. It is not the cheapest place to take your pet but your pet gets the best care and treatment possible. We highly recommend Keller Lake Animal Hospital, all the Veterinarians, and Vet Assistants that work there.

Ellen Delaney

I am appreciative of the care and attention given to my dog. Thanks for all you do!

Dee Jay

Keller Lake Hospital is the best! When our dog Rudy entered our lives 12 years ago I asked a friend which Vet he took his dog to he recommended and he said Keller Lake is the best. He was right! The doctors and staff are kind, caring and always provide the best of care.

Aimee Baxter

The staff at Keller Lake is always caring and knowledgeable! Angie, Vicky, Dr. Melissa, and Dr.Lillie have been taking care of our hunting dogs for years and have always given us options when the choices become more difficult. We appreciate that they are a part of our team! A GREAT place to go!

Steve Bien

Friendly, caring, and competent staff make your visit enjoyably. They enjoy caring for their animal patients so much they have a wall full of pictures.

K Clark

Our Angel, enjoys going to see her friends at Keller Lake Animal Hospital.

Jan Hill

I have been with Keller Lake for ages, I wouldn't go to any other vet

Diane Greenwood

Wonderful place to take your pets. Staff always personalizes attention. Have helped us out over the years with all our dogs and cats

Decommissioned Account

Everyone at Keller Lake is kind and compassionate - we have three dogs, we've been going there for years, and I couldn't recommend them more highly. They really listen to what you have to say about your pet's individual personality, and they factor this into their care and treatment. We drive a fair distance just to go there.

Phil Burdine

Great staff and great prices!

Jason Schwietz

The people that work there are so great. The go out there way to help your pet.

James Marsden

Always provides the right care for Jock.

Donna Spikes

Ralph Ludden

We have been going to the Keller Lake Animal Hospital for about a year, everyone there is super friendly, extremely helpful and Kirby loves it there. We wouldn't consider taking him anywhere else.

Brandon Mani

We always bring our pug here. The staff is great and gentle when caring for the animals.

Jackie Beach

Friendly staff.


Keller Lake Animal Hospital is an amazing caring place. I have been a loyal mom of a cat and dog. I would bring them no other place then Keller Lake. The Front Desk is always welcoming and super friendly to me and my furry loved one. They know my dog only likes soft treats, so that's what Dr. D has ready for him. Dr. D also knows that my cat is always in the sink when she comes in the room, so she always knows to look there and greet her. Keller Lake is a very special place.

Joan Kahle-Berger

Always friendly, excellent care!

Jenna Paulus

We started taking our beloved dog Arnie here when we first got him as a puppy last November and have loved every experience! We've seen every vet on staff and have had a great experience with them all. Arnie loves visiting them because they make him comfortable from the very beginning. Whether we're going there for shots or just for a quick check-up, he's as excited as ever to see them. We love the phone call follow-ups and the puppy binder they gave us in the beginning was the cutest. We were the most worried about Arnie getting neutered, but they told us exactly what to expect and did an amazing job with making him feel comfortable and loved. I would recommend Keller Lake Animal hospital to anyone. They have a small town feel about them which I love and they give us the attention we want and deserve. If you just got a new pup or are in need of a new vet, I'd suggest trying them out, you won't be disappointed!


The greatest! The staff is amazing & caring & I trust them completely with my furbabies! :)

James Speckien


Lynda Bany

We have been going here for years - they are always great.

Linda McEwen

Our pets have been cared for by the wonderful staff at Keller Lake Animal Hospital for 15 years. The staff has seen us through new arrivals, sad departures and everything in between. Our pets are cared for like members of the family and the care is always excellent. I recommend them without hesitation!

Dean Galvin

We used them with our prior dog. Great people, great place for animal care. Little bit of a drive for us, but we'll worth it.

Chris Thomas McCRADY

We love Keller Lake Animal Hospital, We know are pet is in good hands their,and the ladies their are so nice and friendly .

Kim Hill

They were so patient with my new dog. By the time we left her tail was wagging. They were nice to me to and let me ask questions too. Nice place to go.

Amy Lau

These people really do care about you and your animals. Highly Recommended!

Debra Pogue

I have been coming to Keller Lake Animal Hospital for thirty years. Dr. Lillie had been looking after my felines. Now both Dr. Lillie and Dr Amy are giving the best care to my 14 month old Golden Retriever, Charlie. They provided guidance and research to deal with Charlie's resource guarding - which is much better. They were very patient with me as I discussed the latest recommendations from breeders, even if they weren't in total agreement. The technicians and the staff are great. HIghly knowledgeable and I trust them completely. Charlie is doing great thanks to the great care of Keller Lake. I highly recommend bringing your pets to this clinic. I should add that their method of scheduling appointments insures you rarely have to wait to be seen.

terry tobin

Linda Rodgers

Libby and Pippa absolutely recommend their doctors and everyone at Keller Lake! They wouldn't want to go anywhere else for anything from annual visits to colds to surgery. They have taken care of all of our dogs with expertise, compassion and sensitivity. All that care is given to us as parents, too--can't imagine going through the happy times as well as the heartbreaks without such help and loving support. I've recommended them many times--they are the best!

Fernando Prieto

The staff is very friendly and always make my pet and I feel welcome.

Jan Lillie

Absolutely the best care for your pet ! Compassionate and very professional.

chelsea strube

The best bet clinic around! I am currently going through an incredibly difficult time with my chronically ill cat, but Keller lake has been beyond supportive, helpful, and compassionate. Highly suggest to anyone that wants their animal to be not only taken care of, but loved as well. Simba and I will forever be grateful.

Jennifer Soika

Been going to Keller Lake for over 20 years. Love the staff

Aleah Kraft

Ken Muller

Very good experience great with animals very genuine

Lee Schoon

Keller Lake took care of our last dog his whole life from a puppy that needed laser eye surgery 10 yrs untill the unfortunate sad day we had to put him down which they helped us with tremendously. We've never had a bad experience with any of their staff they're always so friendly and really care about your pet. We just got our new puppy adopted from the St Paul shelter and he is now a patient at Keller Lake too! They will be our vets as long as we have pets. Lee and Donna Schoon

Jane Thomas

Keller Lake is so friendly and caring. Everyone was so kind to our bulldog Maddy. It has definitely become our very favorite veterinarian.

Heather Anderson

We have been taking our labs to Keller Lake for almost 20 years. The staff is awesome and so supportive and caring. We highly recommend them. The Anderson's

Cynthia Rhodes

We have been going to Keller since 1991 and it is a great place. All of the staff is friendly and treat your pet like their own. We wouldn't go anywhere else!

Annette Peters

The staff at Keller lake takes the time to know you and your pet, and over the years I feel like they have become family to both me and my dogs. Dr Dewoskin has been there for me when the going was rough, and was available to help me, at times during non-business hours, Staffers like Angie, greet your pets as old friends. Everyone is awesome, passionate, and animal-loving, understanding both the quirks and special qualities of your pet.

Andtea Simmer

This staff is phenomenal! So caring I would not go anywhere else

Bill Hoffman

Keller Lake Animal Hospital is a wonderful, professional, caring clinic with a staff second to none. From regular check-ups to more serious incidents, Keller Lake has worked with us to ensure our dogs have had the best care possible in every circumstance. To steal from the great show MASH, I would say Keller Lake has "The Best Care Anywhere!"


The best of all animal hospitals! The only one I will bring my cat and dog to. Very reasonable and extra gentle with your pet. Very experienced too.

Katie DeCosse

I have been coming here for the past 25 years and they are wonderful! All the people here are so very kind and GOOD at what they do. . . care for me and my pets. I highly recommend this clinic and do so frequently!

Michael Boland

We have been going to Keller Lake for 14 years. Everyone there is amazing. The care that our cats have received over the years is the best.

Diane Meistad

Amazing VET! They not only care for the animal but ensure us as parents are okay. Our puppy was neutered last Friday & the care & attention provided before, during & post-opp was terrific. HIGHLY recommend Keller Lake Animal Hospital to everyone in the twin cities area.

Mary Jean Becker

The vets and staff are incredibly wonderful - always helpful and explain things very well!

Gerald Solnitzky

Very caring people

Sue Bartizal

I have been bringing my pets to Keller for more than 15 years - I cannot be more thankful for the care and unbelievable concern all of the staff have for not only my pets but everyone that walks in the door... If you have never been there and are looking for a veterinarian office - this is definitely the place to go...❤️

Karen Peterson

Could not ask for a better Animal Hospital! They have been with me through thick and thin over the years. I have had SEVERAl pets that have been treated by the staff at Keller Lake. The staff are always professional, compassionate, caring, educating, honest, real people with feeling, that know what they are doing. Getting down to the ground with my pets and giving treats to be sure my pets are comfortable. (I have a nasty dog) and staff are very kind to her. They love their jobs and they show it. They don't try to sell you more than you need. They will support and encourage you until our pets last day. Dr. Lillie, Dr. Melissa, Dr. Mead, Angie, Vicki, Kim and Liz. You are the best and I really do appreciate everything you do for me.

Angela Tima

Great caring team.

Katie Heinze

Keller Lake Animal Hospital is a wonderful, wonderful place. Their doctors truly care about their animals and they have great rapport with their animal's humans as well. :) I would highly recommend them.

Cheryl Smith

The doctors and staff at Keller Lake care for your pets as you want a pediatrician to care for your children. I have been a client of Keller Lake from more than 20 years. All of my cats have been rescues and I have used Keller Lake for everything from initial check-ups and vaccinations, to dental care and managing kidney disease, and unfortunately the hard situation of euthanasia. The doctors are knowledgeable, up-to-date on latest treatments, and I never feel rushed during my appointments. They answer all my questions, even the dumb ones! The supporting staff at Keller Lake are a true asset; they have been there for years and know your pets and you. I really appreciate the follow up phone calls to check up after a procedure, even a dental cleaning. I drive by many veterinarians’’ clinics on my way to Keller Lake; and I tried a few of them out 20+ years ago, however there was no comparison to the quality care at Keller Lake.

Deena Bell

I've been going to Keller Lake Animal hospital for years and years. They are kind dedicated hard working people and are always so sweet to my animals! Thank you for all you do!

Michelle O

Always so friendly! They really care about you and your animal.

Daniel J. Walker

We have three pets, two of them senior animals with special needs. The Keller team always takes great care of them. We have been customers for over 15 years.

Jennifer Monson Gimpl

Four of my dogs have been patients of Keller Lake Animal Hospital and Dr. Lillie. This is a wonderful clinic with caring, compassionate, patient, and knowledgeable doctors and staff!

joyce krizanac

We have had 9 dogs cared for by Keller Lake for from everything such as puppy shots to cancer. Dr Lillie and his staff are FANTASTIC. Our recent addition was a puppy who followed a neighbors daughter home. We took him in and as our latest "stray adoptee" he ended up in isolation at the emergency hospital for 4 days with parvo. There is no doubt that Rufus would have died had he not gotten immediate care at Keller and the Emergency hosp. He is our latest and probably not last adoptee. When we have had to put down 3 of our dogs, the staff is so understanding, compassionate and sympathic. They truly CARE about their patients and families. They understand that 4 legged children deserve as much love as any other "kids"/


When I first bought my dog. My main concern was finding the right vet clinic. Breeder had gave me some recommendations but they were more than 20 miles away from my house. So I relied on google reviews. I had found this vet clinic( Keller Lake ) not only it was so convenient. But everyone that works there are super nice and friendly. My dog loves all the staff and the staff loves my dog. They’re honestly very professional and they know what they’re doing. The place is always nice and clean. They have two entrances where dogs and cats enter and keeps them safe. They also guided me through some tips and advices on how to treat and maintain my first dog. I would honestly recommend anyone to this vet clinic. There prices are very reasonable and I couldn’t be anymore happier. I’m just glad that I had found a very reailble vet clinic I can count on. Don’t let those stars fool you. Give them a try and you’ll never return to that other vet clinic again.

Lindsey Clark

I have been with Keller Lake Animal Hospital since I adopted my first dog, Teegan, 5 years ago. Teegan's health seemed to be a constant concern that first year and as a first time dog owner, I was worried about every soft stool and cough. The staff at Keller was so patient with me and all of my questions and gentle with Teegan. My second dog, Finley, was terrified of the vets office at first. They have always been very patient with him and over the past few years he has become increasingly comfortable going there. The staff at Keller treats their clients like VIPs when they walk in the door. I've never felt rushed through an appointment. They really care about the people and animals that they work with. I give Keller Lake Animal Hospital an A+!!

Tricia Meyer

amazing experience! the staff is great and I was very pleased. Gracie and Lulu will continue to receive care from Keller Lake!!!! I highly recommend

June Hessler

We love KLAH! The vets, techs and staff are wonderful when I make appointments, have questions and they treat my 10 year old cat with much love. I highly recommend Keller Lake Animal Hospital. They are good people who love animals.

Jeremy Mastrian

A++++ vary nice ,friendly and professional, thanks for your services.

Robert Bob


Jackie Heimer

Awesome place to bring your Pup.

Duane Lenander

This is the best vet clinic I've been to. Everyone that works there is friendly and knowledgeable. They seem to care about giving me and my dogs a good experience more than just creating new things I should pay for. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a great veterinarian.

Kath Wicker

Excellent, caring and committed staff.

Krista O'Connor

I've been taking my pets to Keller Lake Animal Hospital for over 25 years! At one point, I moved, and decided it was a good time to switch to a closer vet. But I was back to Keller Lake after just a couple visits with another vet, and they are definitely worth the drive.

David Peterson

We've brought our dogs (7) and cats (3) here over the years after being dissatisfied with other vets. They have always given us the information We've needed to keep our animals healthy.

Derek Knutsen

Great staff. Knowledgeable and truly care about your pet.

Lynne Schuman

They are both caring and expert, and clearly love the animals they serve. Very easy to work with, and excellent communicators.

Pamela Sorensen

We have taken our dogs here for years. The staff is always so kind and caring.

Carol Henkes

We have been going to Keller Lake for a number of years and everyone on the staff is so professional, kind and caring. They clearly all love animals and the animals love to go there. We have never even considered going anywhere else.

becky rose

The caregivers at Keller Lake are the kindest people around. I've taken pets there since 1998 (2 dogs and a cat) and have had great service and exceptional care for my pets. They treat the animals brought in as if they were their own.They return calls promptly and are very willing to consult on the phone. When the time came for my dog and cat to leave this world, their kindness helped carry me through my grief. I love Keller Lake Animal Hospital and would not go anywhere else even though there is a vet hospital much closer.

Terry Depp

We are new to Maplewood, MN and our cat, Oliver, became ill. I found Keller Lake Animal Hospital via the web because I was looking for a vet close to where we lived. We were very pleased with the care Oliver received. I also found a pet sitter there for our two mini dachshunds which was a plus!

John Terry

They are wonderful!!!!!

Lonn Bakke

The Doctors and support staff go out of their way to make sure you and your pet are taken care of. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking quality vet care.

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