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REVIEWS OF Inver Grove Heights Animal Hospital IN Wisconsin

Bonita LaDuca

We have gone to Inver numerous years and have been extremely satisfied with the care they provide. I did notice, however, that since new management the front desk staff does not seem as personable or friendly which was so outstanding in the past. It may have been just the day, but I thought it important to note. Our former vet had to leave for personal reasons, but Dr. Erickson who we met with was patient and caring.

Sean Burke

Staff are very friendly and helpful. Have taken care of my family's pets since I was young.

Sharon Metcalf

Excellent care for puppies at Inver Grove Heights Animal Hospital, especially when you have your little one spayed. The after care is terrific too.


We Love Inver Grove Heights Animal Hospital! Our concerns are always important to them. They are great in times of stress and happiness. They make you feel like your pet is the most important thing to them as they know our pets are the most important thing to us.

Tia Chavez

Really work with u on prices

max amillion

Unnecessary prescriptions and unnecessary procedures or multiple procedures which should have only taken one. They will do anything to take your money with a big friendly smile on their face. Their prices have gotten so high it’s ridiculous. They are making it almost impossible for many people to even own a pet. That’s why so many of these animals suffer now because people can’t afford to take them to the vet and get the care that they actually need. It’s more about the money then it is about the well-being of your animal. Greedy, greedy, greedy.

Amy Cerney

They are so friendly and compassionate. I can't recommend this clinic enough!

Kallen Bahl

I hate to post this as I've always loved IGHAH, but I wrote them a private message about my negative experience and didn't receive a reply, which was disheartening. Side note: I do love this clinic. But my experience with Dr. Kevin Kimber (I'd always seen other vets in the past) was beyond awful. When Dr. Kimber walked in, the first thing he did was address the two techs in the room in his misogynistic tone and said, 'Can I ask you ladies a personal question? Are you pregnant? How about trying to get pregnant?' My dog has brucellosis so I can understand why that question is necessary, but not in front of me. I feel terrible for the techs. Dr. Kimber then proceeded to tell me that he was on the MN Board of Animal Health and that he wanted MN to be a "0 in MN" state--that all dogs with brucellosis are euthanized. I could not be more offended by this. I have poured thousands of dollars into Macalester to ensure that she is healthy -- and she IS. She got a 100% clean bill of health at her physical. Usually when I come to the vet, I'm met with praise that I really look forward to. Vets at IGHAH have always told me I'm doing a wonderful job. This time, I was seen by a creepy vet that told me the majority of the time it is "inhumane" to keep your dog alive after a brucellosis diagnosis because most of them can’t walk and will never get better. Well, my dog couldn’t walk, and she DID get better. He also told me that he was aware and part of notifying me after my dog's diagnosis when I was given my "options" for what to do. I remember those phone calls very well. Being told that my dog would never walk again and that she would be in pain her whole life and it would be best to put her down. Which is all a lie--dogs CAN get better. At my last appointment at the U of M I was told that from a radiology perspective my dog is ALL better. She runs and plays and is so happy. Maybe if people like Dr. Kimber didn't threaten people into euthanizing their dogs after a tough diagnosis, a lot more would be alive and well. Dr. Kimber is an insensitive, arrogant vet that I do not recommend to anyone.

Zach Schuman

Excellent vet clinic. They truly love each animal as if it was their own pet. The knowledge and expertise with brachycephalic is very helpful.

Christina Julian

For 9 years we have had positive experiences with IGH Animal Hospital. Great staff and facilities.

Sarah Osojnicki

They always take great care of my self and my fur babies. I appreciate their help and honesty when working with my babies. However make sure you leave plenty of time around your appointments. They are taking longer and longer to get in and see the doctors. This time it was almost 40 minutes after my scheduled appointment that I was brought into a room to see the doctor. They are a great place that I highly recommend just make sure to leave plenty of time around your appointments and not be in a hurry!

Danielle Beck

I have always had a good experience here. Vets are knowledgeable and I know my fur baby is in good hands. I moved out of the area but have not and will not change vets. I trust this clinic and would not risk going somewhere else!

Taylor Bauer

The only place I will ever bring my dogs. The staff's number one goal is to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable and obviously, to take care of your pet. I am never disappointed.

Anna Bader

The team is amazing and my bulldog receives the best care with lots of love piled on top!

ron christensen

Love the people here.

Eric Wood

We - me, my wife, and dog, Artie have always been thankful for the pleasant caring and professionalism of IGHAH. THANKS TO YOU ALL

Alex Nguyen

Brought our two Chinchillas over for a wellness exam. This was our first time brining them to the vet so we were nervous on how they might behave. The front staff were very nice and greeted us kindly. The technician and vet were extremely nice as well.

Jeanie Everson

This place has their act together. They have a nice facility, they are friendly and professional, they are upfront about options and costs and they love animals. I feel great about the care my dog receives and strongly recommend this place. If I move to other parts of the Twin Cities, I'll still likely come here with my pet.

Jasmin Whiting

We took our first puppy here for his first vet visit and it was amazing! Dr. Lukas and team were so warm, inviting and incredibly knowledgeable. They made our pups first visit a fun, stress-free experience. We can’t say enough wonderful things about this clinic and highly recommend you take your pets here!

Jean London

Our dogs have been cared for at Inver Grove Animal Hospital for the last 11 years. Our Springer Spaniel needed cruciate ligament surgery and after extensive research, we brought her to Inver Grove. And it was the right decision. She went on to live a healthy, active life. I have found the care consistently to be absolutely what pet owners would hope. From helping us acclimate our puppies to our home - to end of life care for our beloved elderly dogs, Inver Grove has always helped us understand the issues at stake and have compassionately administered care to our dogs and support to us. We would never go anywhere else. Dr Arnold London and Jean London

Leah Smith

They are very friendly and great with my dogs!

Lance Nelson

There is no one else I would use for my Bernese Mountain Dogs and reproductive than Dr Jim Winsor. He is caring, compassionate as well as very knowledgeable. We are able to discuss things with him and he does not look down on us as breeders. Also, he has the best office staff! The staff is kind and considerate. In addition, if I need to get a dog in immediately, they find a way to get you in. Love this place. I wish I just lived closer as I live almost 1.5 hrs away.

cody joiner

The most amazing vet I have been to! I originally brought my dog to an ER for a c section and had a horrible experience so I left and rushed my dog here. They took care of my animal and had the best staff who took care of my pet. Since I have only brought my animals here. 5 stars to the staff, atmosphere and the overall experience. Thank you so much for taking care of my pets!!

John Ahart

Great experience every visit, waiting time is minimum with fast checking out.

Jacob Michel

Great care and flexibility with appointments.

Floden Farm Jennifer Winningham-Floden

Great veterinarians and staff. Very pleasant to deal with. Busy place. Some growing pains and difficulty keeping customers straight, perhaps could use better technology. Otherwise very satisfied with level of care. Had surgical AI performed, awaiting results! The vet and tech took their time to explain everything.

Sheila Daly

For 19 years I have been depending upon IGHAH to provide care for my dogs. The entire staff - at all levels - is committed to utilizing their skill, knowledge and talent for the health and benefit of my dogs, but they give their hearts as well. 44 paws up!

jameson york

One of best vet's in town. Wouldn't take my bulldogs anywhere else!

Margie Wass

I have been going to Inver Grove Animal Hospital since it opened. The Vets working there have always been knowledgeable, kind, caring, and professional. It's a busy hospital but they always get you in as soon as possible. It's obvious that they all love the animals and will do anything they can to help them, but they are also thoughtful and considerate of the owners.

Jenna Endres

They were very knowledgable. Every question I asked they had an answer to or suggestions immediately without looking up anything. They were also very friendly and very helpful. Everyone at Inver Grove Heights Animal Hospital you can tell loves their job <3

Katie Laird-Cason

Excellent care and service. When our dog needed surgery Dr. Hammel took great care of her, and of us. Highly recommended!

bill raymond

IGH Vets are great! Our dogs love them!

Staci Cole

The staff are very friendly and exceptionally knowledgeable in all areas. Both my family and my furry friends have been very comfortable in the establishment. Would recommend to any and everyone.

Sarah Bouissieres

Best vet clinic I have ever been to. Everyone there truly cares about your pet. I highly recommend Dr. Quast. She is very knowledgeable, caring and considerate.

Rick Lamers

Friendly staff. Great support and attention.

Milagros Melendez

In the past 2 years I have taken my pets here and the care they take of them is amazing.

Ann Lindberg

Love the care and treatment of our girl

Ben Walsh

Very professional and nice staff. I have been pleased with the services provided for my dog. The costs seem about industry average.

Adam Steber

Love this place. Best animal vet I've ever had the experience to work with.

Mercedes McKay

Great staff who truly care about your pets well being. I will say that more often than not you will be waiting in the lobby past your appointment time but I'm guessing that's because they never rush their patients out of the exam and make sure all your questions are answered. They also accommodate animals with waiting room jitters by allowing them to wait in the car with their owners until the vet is ready to see them.

thaox097 University of Minnesota

Invergrove Animal Hospital is a great place where I go for all of my dog needs!!! They will find time for you and squeeze you in anyday of the week. I never had an issue with it being overflowed. This shows that they care about you and your pet significantly. All the staffs are friendly and experts in the field!!

Krista Berger

The service is amazing. All the staff are super helpful.

J Moritz

Very happy with my first visit here. Everyone was so caring and friendly. Even though this was our first time it felt like they had been seeing us for years. Thank you for being there in my little guys time of need.

Judy Hagen

Excellent care for my dogs.

Tiffany Brandner

We have been taking our dogs here since I was young and have always had wonderful experiences. I have given multiple recommendations based off of our pleasant experiences however, we’ve now had a couple of incidences of incorrect diagnoses with our dogs. The last was a pretty big “oops” on their part, saying our puppy did not have worms. Luckily, since I hadn’t received a phone call with test results, I had taken her elsewhere where they treated her for tapeworm. 5 days after we had her stool tested at IGH, they contacted us saying that there were no signs of worms in her stool even though when I dropped it off it was covered in moving segments. Gross. With another dog and small children in my home, I was incredibly concerned that they found different results. When another vet looked at the stool sample she immediately could say it was tapeworm. I’m not sure if we will be returning to IGH.

Alan Cameron, MD

Jim and his wife really know bulldogs- and are supporting the breed at our meetings and such. This is a challenging breed to care for, and they are excellent. I highly recommend them to care for all our puppies even if there is a challenge based upon distance.. it is well worth the time. I feel like these guys are part of my extended family- and share an affection for them all- as do my dogs. (who love coming there) I see a variety of dogs and cats in the waiting area, and their owners seem to feel the same way that I do.

Kim Loveridge

The staff here is very friendly from the person answering the phone all the way up to the docs. Dr. Halley Erickson has been seeing our two new golden puppies and is wonderful with them. She is very knowledgeable, gives us time to ask all of our questions and answers them thoroughly. The vet techs are very good at calming the patients and assisting the doctor. Highly recommend!!

Nicole Becker

They were very kind and knowledgeable with all of my questions. My pup didn't even realize he was at the vet and loved all the praise/treats!

Sue Palmer

Inver Grove Animal Hospital is a great place to bring your animals. The staff and doctors are great. Very caring

Mukta Arora

Very friendly and helpful. Dr Lukas and Alicia are the best. My dog loves going to this clinic!

Jbreeze Wayne

Very friendly good hearted folks there,I won't go to any other place

Jim Kelly

The Vets and Techs at Inver Grove Animal Hospital have taken care of our pets needs for decades and have always done the best thing for our dogs and cats health. I'm very particular and I trust them with my pets.

Diane Johnson

Very busy, but so worth it. Love Dr Annie Winsor, she has helped my animals so much. Everyone always kind and caring.

Carla Mihm

I love IGHAH! Everyone there is always helpful and caring. They show compassion when you need it and are professional! Truly a remarkable group of team players. Thank you to each and everyone of you doctors, technicians, care staff, receptionists, you all make it a great place!

kevin bintliff

After 13 years I had to put our dog down. From the first call, during and after the staff showed a level of compassion that was in my opinion above and beyond. I needed that just to get through it and thank them with all of my heart. Kevin B.

Shawnna Meliza

I have gone to Inver Grove Heights Animal hospital for years with my French Bulldog and they are awesome! My dog has a lot of behavioral issues too and they always take care of him so well. We appreciate them and have wonderful staff.

Beth Johnson

I have always taken all my pets to Inver Grove Heights Animal Hospital and love how caring and attentive they are to all the pets that walk in the door!

Kris Brown

I appreciate that they focus on the issue and not on asking me what my dog eats, their vaccine history or that they are intact. We mostly go to holistic vets, but sometimes need more diagnostics or specialists. However they missed a pulled groin muscle sending me home with a limping dog and no answers. They could have done better at the physical examination.

Lora Seery

Great experience with boarding my dog and neutering.

Iris Dahlia

Family was pretty satisfied with the care team, when our dog needed to be seen. However parking is a pain due to the small space offered, having you park on in a different parking lot. They're are constantly posting for "vet tech assistant" jobs on Indeed, not seeming to be able to find the right fit. I have been interviewed twice for two separate applications-though I rocked it and had experience, I never got a call back. I felt the women doing the interviewing, seem a bit snooty and new.

Madeline Pelon

Cannot say enough about this vet! They are so good to our two puppers and are always so busy, which makes sense because they are wonderful!

sam chaplin

This is a top notch animal care hospital. I've been taking my cats here since 1994. I have co-workers that live as far away as Maple Grove who bring their dogs to this clinic. The staff at the desk is always welcoming and professional; the vet techs are caring and knowledgeable and the doctors are amazing. They do a thorough job on check-ups and will take the time to thoroughly discuss any treatment options and cost if your pet is sick. I wouldn't even consider going anywhere else for our fur family members!

Boodsara DiPrima

We have been taking our 3 kitties here for years. There's nothing bad I can say about this clinic; staff is extremely welcoming and knowledgeable, and the place is very clean. We love their same-day emergency appointments, which we have used a few times for the past years with NO EMERGENCY FEES! We have recommended them to our dearest friends and family, and we would recommend them to anyone. Lastly, they have a marmalade clinic kitty named Reggie who will welcome you with a head butt.

Sharon Todoroff

I have been using Inver Grove Heights Animal Hospital for a few years. They are very professional and very through when treating one of my dogs and cats. I have recommended them to all of my pet buyers, and to my friends.

ashley sporer

We would never go anywhere else. Not only are they very passionate about animals they are extremely knowledgeable. The vets aren't afraid to jump in and do hands on work... last time we went we never even saw a tech... the vet did everything herself. Evenings are really chaotic in the lobby but it's worth it to us.


The staff is always friendly and our animals are good with the staff and the front area. The doctors listen and answer all our questions. We feel we are getting the best care.

Lydia Nyakonu

Always great office visits! Everyone is friendly and professional!

Mr Mua

These people are really the best at what they do affordable prices quality care !

Trav Malenke

Best animal hospital hands down. Have used them for my breeding program and will continue to use them, best in Minnesota and even beyond imo.

Teddy Campbell

Can not recommend enough, I first came to Inver Grove Heights Animal Hospital after my dog was in a accident in the spring. I rushed him to an emergency clinic & after a terrible night of not being treated right I brought him into Inver grove heights. All the vets, vet techs, & staff treated me as if I was apart of their family. Telling me the options I had, while also comforting me, & guiding me through the process of an animal emergency. After making the difficult decision of amputation, they did the surgery & all the recovery. After a long (& still ongoing) recovery they have always been there to answer my questions & provide outstanding care for my pet. Even though I live an hour away Inver Grove Heights Animal Hospital is and will always be my vet of choice.

Daniel Appleby

Doctor Jim Windsor is the best of the best! I’ve taken my French bull dog Bobo to vets in three different states and always took him to vets who were recommended, highly rated and well reviewed. Doctor Jim is the class of the field; a cut above all the rest. He’s always compassionate and caring and keen with his insights and up to date knowledge. And the staff is first rate as well. Truly a godsend and very much appreciated!

Steve Bramwell

Caring and concerned for the animals they serve the staff at IGHAH are top notch professionals.


Very caring and professional staff. Everyone takes their time in answering questions about our pet's health and needs.

Adam Hanson

Friendly staff, great with all my pets

Todd G

If you love your pets this is the place to have them cared for.

Eric Moteberg

They have always done my fig, Bailey, right, and handle her nervousness well.

Nicole Lang

Doctors were very careful and thurough!

Stephanie Papineau

My sweet little Poppy (Bulldog) is already feeling better! You guys are the BEST! Thank you for taking such good care of all my dogs.

Ryan and Gordys Glass

This place is soooo wonderful, I will never take my dogs any place else! The staff is so nice, its so clean, organized and they are on top of their game! My dogs Bear & Roscoe say THANK YOU!

Charlie B.

I love this vet! they are so helpful and caring. We have been going here for almost 20 years. My only critique is that the last time we had an appointment we called to say we were going to be 10 minutes late (I have NEVER been late before) and they made me reschedule my appointment for a week later :( When we came back the next week I had to wait almost 30 minutes before getting in to see the vet. That was extremely frustrating as I had to leave work early both times to get to the appointment. It seems that lately I often have to wait 15 minutes or more before getting in a room. Maybe this is because they are overbooking - but it is frustrating.

Seth Campbelle

The veterinarian and the vet techs here are easily the most competent and friendly I have ever met. My fiancee and I haven't felt better about bringing our dogs anywhere but here.

Gingerbred Havanese and Russian Toys

One of the best Vet Clinics I have found. They are kind, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and take your pocketbook into consideration too!

Kalyn Wadsworth

Love the staff here! They love their patients and do such a great job going above and beyond to care for them. Our ridgeback unfortunately ended up with meningitis when she was a puppy and Dr Lammi took such good care of her and continues to provide exceptional care. We can almost always get in for last minute appointments. So great to have a place to count on for our furry children.

Emily Johnson

I've seen multiple providers due to generally needing to get in on short notice because something comes up in our multi pet home. Each has been wonderful every time. I've never been pressured to purchase interventions beyond my means and always receive several different priced options/levels of care to choose from.

Kelly Ferraro

I highly recommend IGH Animal hospital and would not trust anywhere else with the care of our dog. I have gone there over the course of about 20+ years and two German Shepherds. They do an amazing job from the moment you walk in to when you are being seen by the doctor and assistants. The remodel they did a few years back is excellent too. My only complaint is that they are so popular and awesome that it’s a very busy place and we sometimes have had to wait past our scheduled appt time. But over all I love it there!! Kelly Ferraro

Mary Thomas

Look no further for an animal hospital! Inver Grove Heights Animal Hospital is the Mayo Clinic of veterinary care! They have taken care of our two cats and just delivered the litter of our future puppy! They are kind, professional, and they make the experience fun! We work with Dr. Lukas Wallerich who is AMAZING! He is so passionate and cares deeply about every animal he cares for. Highly recommend!

shane stevens

Excellent staff, very helpfull and caring to my Boxers Gemma and Rohan, Highly recommended and worth the 1 hour drive to know my dogs will get the very best care around the metro and the staff understand our needs as pet owners. Thank you!

Julia Bates

Awesome vets office. Friendly staff and veterinarians that really care about their patients!

John Doe

Great Doc! Everything he did helped Luna and he explained it very well to me. My dog is ding much better now... Give him a big raise!! :)

Barbara Hill

Always able to get Shirley (cat) in for an appt when we call. Pretty much same day. The staff is great and so friendly. I highly suggest this clinic for your animals care.

Todd Ellenson

Terrific animal hospital. It appears clean as well as smells clean. The lobby reminds me of being in a cabin as there is a fireplace and gorgeous views overlooking a wooded area. The staff of friendly and highly competent. Dr. Mittelsteadt is one of the best veterinarians around. She is friendly, listens to what is going on, and takes her time with each pet. I drive almost an hour one way if that tells you anything. It gets extremely busy here so there can be some waiting around, but it's worth the quality of care.

Kurt Stuckemeyer

Professional individuals that really cared. Waited a bit longer than I would have liked considering I had an appointment.

Benjamin Brown

Excellent care. IGHAH has great staff that can handle health care needs that go beyond the every day shots and check ups. When my pets have serious need for a vet this is where I go. They are the busiest vet clinic that I have ever been to and you will see why when you do business with them.

Kimberlee Simones

Vet and techs were nice and very thorough. It was a first visit so looking forward to getting to know them. I hear lots of good things from others as well!

Marta Haynes

We are new clients at IGH Animal Hospital; we have two bulldog puppies. They are so compassionate and caring - and take amazing care of our animals!

Mike Fry

Great service. Knowledgeable staff. They don't push unnecessary services (like so many vets). I went in for titer testing. But, after being there with my 2 dogs would strongly consider making them my primary vets.

katie chase

They are super busy, but well priced

Geri Howard

Very disappointed. We waited 20 minutes for a tech visit for vaccinations. Front desk ignored us sitting there for this time and then said well it's lunch time and staff takes their break. Then don't offer me an appointment at noon.

Julie Roskamp

This veterinary clinic is top notch and has the animal and family as their first priority. Our dog had a foreign body obstruction and our normal clinic would not make time to perform the surgery during regular business hours. After making a few phone calls, I was referred to this clinic and Dr. Jim Winsor agreed to perform the surgery despite his busy schedule and Lucky was seen within 1 hour of me calling the clinic. The price was far below any other quotes we had and the care far exceeded my expectations. He was compassionate and skilled. Lucky is alive because of Dr. Winsor and this clinic. The waiting room was full at all times and I can see why. Thank you!

Debra Rigel

They take great care of all the foster dogs I have brought in. Dr. Lammi is great! She explains things well and really cares about the patients!

Craig Sinclair

We had excellent service for out dog's ACL knee surgery. Everything went well, and the incision looked phenomenal. Prices were also way better than other quotes.

Mrs. Autobody

Best animal hospital.. Staff are all friendly.

Nancy Gerber

Kind , competent, and knowledgeable. The systems for check out and payment have become efficient. I have trusted them with my pets for years and will continue to do so.

Linnea Esberg

Excellent communication, via phone, email and in person. Customer service and patient care superb. Staff excellent with dogs! Went there for repro services and they allowed me to watch surgical AI and see sperm motility under microscope. The incision looks amazing and is healing great! Can't recommend enough!

Sandy McElroy

Awesome friendly staff. Low waiting times. Thay are always so happy to see everyone's pets. We won't take our pets anywhere else.

Golden Sonlite

Except for the potentially long wait times in this bustling clinic, the care is above par. I was impressed with the technology available and the skill of the surgical team. The reproduction dept is quite as good as any in this entire midwest. The aftercare follow up and sympathy expressed in pet loss is the final touch on an exceptional veterinary experience overall. The pricing is competitive and I hope it does not soar when the new addition is complete!

Brenda Schmidt

Every time I go they handle my pet with the best care and very friendly! I know people who travel a long distance just to come here! I wouldn't go any place else!

Lisa Quinlan

We’ve been to other Vet Clinics and this one is by far the best. They really know how to care for animals and their owners.


They are always kind, accommodating and willing to work with you and your pet. They genuinely care.

Dean Bjerkelund

Always friendly, from the staff taking appointments, techs, to the vets.

Michael VanHecke

They take good care of my baby boy here!!!

Lisa Fiereck

Dr. Winsor and his team are simply amazing! They are very professional, knowledgeable and caring. We have brought our English Bulldog to them a couple of times even though we live over 90 miles away from their clinic because we know they provide top notch service and give our dog the best care possible! I would highly recommend them.

MedCity Staffs

All of the staff at IGHAH are always super friendly and helpful! We travel over an hour to vet with them. They truly care for your pets and their compassion shows!

Anastasia Mitchell

Fantastic place! Will never go anywhere else for my pets! Wonderful, friendly staff and very fair rates for care. I’ve been bring my dogs here for 3 1/2 years and travel out of my way to go here because they are the best.

Shelly Buchanan

We drive over an hour for our dogs to come here! We live in Rochester and have taken our bulldogs to a few places that misdiagnosed them repeatedly. So, we ventured out after our breeder suggested them as her Bulldog Specialist. It certainly was worth the trip. Our dog had something that happens with bulldogs called a screw tail and needed surgery. The other vet here just kept giving her antibiotics and it never got better, which is why we decided to change. Now, we have five bulldogs, drive to Inver Grove for all of them no matter what is needed and it's wonderful. It is a very busy place, the people are super friendly-I highly suggest the Winsors-both husband and wife as they know the bulldogs the best. WELL WORTH IT! Their prices are good, very fair, and we get a multi-dog discount. We've never had a bad experience and always feel like we're in good hands!

Kathy Ware

Seriously Dr Dave ROCKS. HE is so smart. I am very grateful he has helped my dogs. Thank you Dr Dave.

Patti Keefer

Overall, this is a wonderful place to receive health care for your pets. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and truly care about you and your pet. I brought our first dog here since she was a puppy 11 years ago. However, I would give two suggestions. I do regret that I did not see a consistent vet and I wish the staff would have worked with us to try their best to make this happen. We would see a vet and they would leave and we would begin with another and the years went by. The last year of her life may have been so different if we saw a vet that knew her. Secondly, we had to put our dog to sleep at the Emergency Animal Hospital in Oakdale three weeks ago in the middle of the night. I was disappointed that her passing was not acknowledged by Inver Grove Heights Animal Hospital especially since we had been there three times in the two weeks before her passing. I share this feedback with only good intentions because I do believe it is the intent of Inver Grove Heights Animal Hospital to provide quality care.

Nancy Manning

Have had a total of 4 animals under the care of Dr. Winsor and his staff over the years and never could they have had better, more compasionat, professional care by anyone in the world! Every staff member is just like family. I and my pets have been blessed!

Sarah Henke

Everyone was so friendly, helpful and wonderful with my dogs! I will definitely use them again in the future.

Kirsten Kolch

Very nice place. The vet did a really good job with our dogs. We felt like we were well taken care of!

S Bailey

All staff are very friendly, knowledgeable, and great with my dog - Dr. Mittelsteadt in particular. My dog actually likes going to the vet!

Emily Forseth

Dr Windsor was very knowledgeable. He also was conservative with spending my money, but got to the bottom of my dogs issues. This place is big, but gives me the feel of a small vet clinic. The lady I binged my appt with on the phone was so on top of everything, and called me back with more questions as she continued thinking about what was going on with my dog. This is like the Mayo of vet clinics.

Judy Jordan

Everyone who works there is very professional but yet so friendly. They genuinely like the animals they work with.

L. Dee Aleman

It was a bit of a wait than I thought, BUT they, especially the Dr was so patient with my questions and helped, she helped me understand what I was or was not doing good! My sweet cat got the bestest of care, she let him be the curious guy he is, checked him out and helped me understand why he does what he does and gave me things to try! I will continue to go there! In my mind, They Rock!! So worth the extra tine I was there!

Dan Wellik

Always professional and caring

Peter Dobosenski

This is a great vet hospital.

Jennifer FLetcher

IGH Animal Hospital is the best!!! They are experts who are friendly, and who truly care about the well being of your pet.

Kelly McElroy

Vet is awesome. All the staff we have encountered are so friendly and you can truly tell they care about your pet. Dr. Brock is amazing! I fully trust our lab's care in the hand of IGH animal hospital

Lois Baker

What a fantastic group of people! I'm a "high maintenance" dog owner and never once have I been disappointed in the care my pets have received. The prices are comparable, if not a bit below (shhhhh, don't tell them that) other clinics, yet the quality of the staff and facilities are stellar. I was even able to get an appointment for both of my dogs the same day I called! Awesome!

B Lindahl

I have an English Bulldog and I honestly wouldn’t go anywhere else. The care that my boy receives here is top notch. This is the place you need to go to if you have a bulldog. Very friendly staff with great appointment availability. A little more expensive than most veterinarians but well worth it.

Zoa Rockenstein

IGH is my "go to" place for reproduction services for my German Shepherd show dogs. I advise puppy clients to set up an account there right away. Even though I have to drive 100 miles each way to have the advantage of their services, their knowledge, expertise, and professionalism are well worth it!

Mary Rost

Always flexible and helpful while giving extraordinary care. We travel over an hour each way to see the vets at IGH. Special thanks to the Reproductive staff. They take care of all our dogs like they were their own!

Donny Hathaway

I've taken my beloved dog Ford to Inver Grove Heights Animal Hospital for several years, and they are now caring for my amazing new kitty Milo as well. Milo just had his neuter surgery - I dropped him off at 8 and picked him up at noon. They did a great job as always putting me at ease and explained everything. I found out about them many years ago when I was fostering a puppy and they were doing spay/neuters for the rescue group I was with........... they have and continue to be beyond amazing

Tammy Benke

This is a terrific veterinary clinic. We have been clients for ten years with our sweet dog. We recently had some serious health issues with our dog and the wonderful vets and support staff were just fantastic in helping us. Thanks guys!

Allie Ressler

This place is literally the Best of the Best. All of the team is SO kind and caring. The reproduction clinic is TOP NOTCH!! It is an absolutely beautiful and clean facility and very little waiting time. My only complaint is that it is 4 hours from my house :-( But I travel the distance as there is no vets in my area that come even close to the expertise and exceptional patient care like they offer and Inver Grove Heights!! Keep up the good work!!!

matthew clifton

I trust them with my best friend and they haven't let me down. Great business.

Molly Van Metre

So concerned with your pet’s health AND the things the humans worry about. This place is wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone who has a Frenchie. My own vet of 30+ years sent us to Inver Grove Heights Animal Hosptal for our new puppy’s neutering. The staff could not be more engaging.

Doreen Dalesandro

I have been going to IGH Animal Hospital since 1995. My dogs and cats are my children. I trust the veterinarians there, especially Dr. Jim Winsor, with the health of my kids.

Caitlin Seath

The staff are fantastic. They actually know the breeds of animals, which I find enlightening, and helpful.

Becky Beckmann

Outstanding facility. Friendly out going staff and doctors. Simply the best reproductive clinic around!


Very nice place. They are definitely one of the top ones out there. Prices are fair, I mean there are cheaper places but these guys win us every time with great customer service and love that they are able to do most tests in house. If this says anything; we drive almost 100 miles to take our dogs there and pass atleast a dozen other vets on the way. And did I say, there coffee was very nice as well!!

phil Mitchell

The staff there is wonderful and very caring. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Kaitlyn Sullivan

Great Experience. Very kind, knowledgeable staff. They take great care of the pets that they see.

Eletricell 18

They were always great with my big 15 year old golden Newfie when he died that did a awesome and respectful job

Becky Gonzalez-Campoy

All of the vets and staff members provide my pups with exceptional care.

Sharon L. Fields

We love IGHA and have been going here for almost 18 years.

Michelle Heikes

Best vet practice in MN! They care about your pet and dont do things just because. All staff is super, love them all!


We have been with IGH Animal Hospital for over 25 years. The vets and staff are second to none They are friendly, helpful, very knowledgeable and very accommodating. We have the utmost trust in this clinic and the staff

Maria Mikel

Love this vet. Everyone from the time you call to make an appointment to when you walk out the door is great to work with. We take our english bulldog for routine and speciality care here (shots, skin issues, stomach issues). These guys are experts and will take their time to answer all your questions and explain what's going on with your pet.

vicki igo

The most compassionte and efficient vets I have ever been to.

Dawn L

Lots of time and attention was provided in trying to figure out the problem and find a solution.

Matthew Haggerty

Very caring and helpful staff. Great place to go to get your pets cared for.

James Smith

For over 20 years the doctors and staff at Inver Grove Heights Animal Hospital have been providing excellent care for my Labrador retrievers.

Michael Helseth

Best Vet around.

Kris Peterson

Always get such good care when we visit Inver Grove Animal Hospital and lots of helpful information.

Mary Starr

I have been a customer of IGH Animal Hospital for 9 years and have been very happy with my choice. It is not close to my house and I have tried several Vets in my area hoping to find similar care close to home. No such luck!! I will continue to make the drive for the superior care.

Lloyd Hagemo

I've had dogs for years and taken them to several pets clinics. Inver Grove Heights is by far, by farthe best dog clinic in the city.

Emily Back

I Love Inver Grove Heights Animal hospital!!! My sweet baby (big baby) turns into a "mean" dog when he goes to the vet, and everyone here has such patience for him and is so understanding and kind. Anytime I have a question I can always just call and get the most kind and caring person on the phone. Even if they charge more, We will never go anywhere else! Can't recommend highly enough.

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