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Where is Hill-Dale Veterinary Care, S.C.?

REVIEWS OF Hill-Dale Veterinary Care, S.C. IN Wisconsin

Emily Morris

I love having a vet who treats my dog as she would her own. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Always available to offer support and advice. I would not go anywhere else!

Denise Reimer

Dr. Mesiar was very good and patient with my baby who absolutely is terrified of the vet.

Christin Biermeier

Hilldale provides fantastic service and amazing care for my dogs! Dr Doughty goes above and beyond in taking the time to listen to my questions and concerns and explaining everything to me so I can understand. It is obvious that she has a genuine passion in caring for animals and their owners!

Linda Mohar

Top notch pet care.

l rh

The vet staff is very caring, and responsive to our puppies needs. They are willing to answer questions and share information. Thanks!

Carol Ruenger

Have been going here for 11 years. Started when they had to put down my dog. Then, got two new dogs and they have been taking care of them. Experience with the Clinic has been excellent. They are concerned about the pets well being and the owners. Very pleased with every aspect of the care my fur babies recieve.

mike steichen

Jamie Wandry

Hill Dale always looks out for the well being if my pets. When Im having an emergency, they fit us in quickly. You can tell the staff genuinely cares and loves animals.

Beth Hanson

Jared Porter

Very professional and great care.

Carmen Dewald

Thanks to Dr. Michael, Levin and Amanda for taking such outstanding care of my baby, Sherlock. This team was very knowledgeable, considerate and determined to make sure Sherlock was given the best care, regardless that I had arrived just before they had closed. Dr.Michael and his technician, Levin took their time with him in order to make a good diagnosis of the issues Sherlock was having. Dr. Michael followed up with me the next day to check on Sherlock and was very instrumental in making sure he was back to 100%. Can't say enough great things about this team.

Jaye Rykunyk

Our two dogs are family. Dr. Sam has taken wonderful care of our precious Maize Mae and Dr. Mike treats Trixie like she is his own. Wonderful and very competent medical care for our furry family.

Lisa Wolfcale

Amy Scott

Sue Bracco

Debbie Nieuwenhuis

We've been clients here for over 20 years- our pets have always had the best care from the doctors and staff at Hill-Dale! We are always presented with a range of treatment options and never feel pressured to spend more than we are comfortable with.

Katherine Kierstyn

Cassie Peters

Dr. Michael is the best!!!

Barbara Miller

We have been with Hill-Dale for 10+ years. Vets and staff are second to none!

Alexis Orkfritz

Helps pets

Connie Borkenhagen

Jamie Pierce

When I moved to Baraboo 10 years ago and was looking for a vet, I was told by a few people that Hill-Dale was "overpriced". Well, I don't think so. And maybe, if their prices are a little higher (and I don't think they are), it's a "you get what you pay for" situation. At first, we just saw any of the veterinarians there - they are all great. When Dr. Steinich joined the practice and we met her...we've been with her ever since! She's great. They are all great. (I know I keep saying that...but well, they are!). And Dr. Steinich isn't pushy. One of my cat has some stomach issues - Dr. Steinich presented ALL options to me...from simply changing food, or blood tests, maybe an ultrasound, or a biopsy. All with increasing costs of course. She was fine with me just trying the food first - and worked with me when options 1 and 2 didn't work at first. No judgement, no saying I was a bad pet parent by not choosing the expensive all out treatment. I feel very comfortable putting my trust in the staff here.

Lori Jensen

Helpful and caring staff


Dr Mike has always given my animals exceptional care. I trust him with my dogs completely, and well... I am picky with who cares for my baby.Thanks for all you do.

Amity Meyer

Kallee Schneider

The doctors and staff are simply the best. They are friendly, professional and welcoming. I would recommend Hill-Dale Veterinary Hospital to anyone.

Lance Raney

Erin Santas

They were just wonderful!! I have a rescue kitten and unsure of what to do but they were all very reassuring and helpful and made me feel very comfortable !! Khloe the kitty is doing great and I'm so thankful for all of their help!!! Also the front desk lady, Andrea, was fantastic in greeting me and meeting Khloe!!

Lowell Boettcher

Brought cats here

Lori Nelson

My sweet 11yo dog has gotten infected anal glands for the first time. Dr Doughty and her staff have been so helpful with getting us both through this! She has made availability to see us and been so gentle and caring with my dog. I greatly appreciate all the care she has given. I highly recommend seeing her as she will give your pet excellent care and make everyone feel better!

Joann Woolever

Fred Satterlee

Bev ` Wianecki

they are more thorough and caring than anyone we ever had. They're so kind or dogs.They really care about our pets.

Maya Valeyeva

I found this hospital in very hard and sad moment of my life. My 7 y.o. gorgeous cane corso Tasha was killed on April 13 in Small Animal Hospital in Prairie du Sac during her nail trim!! Dr.Clepper ( I even can't call her a "doctor" any more), made a few horrible mistakes that killed my dog. My other dog, Nika (13.7 years old), who always was a "Mom" for Tasha, started to come down very fast. In 3 months she developed a lots of health problems. I live in Merrimac. For the last 10-12 years I used two clinics for my dogs and cats: Small Animal Hospital and Four Paws Clinic. When I called to Four Paws Clinic about my cat (after the acciident with Tasha), I was told that I'm NO MORE their client and they refused to help my cat! I now know - they are corrupt. Any way... I want to say special thanks to Dr.M. Dobbert and nurses, and front desk staff for patience, kindles and understanding. Thank you, Doctor.... you did the best for my Nika... I would recommend your clinic to all my friends. If on day I would have a new dog or puppy,.... I would be happy , Doctor , to be OUR doctor. Thank you very much.

Sara Paskey

All the staff at Hill-dale are very helpful and friendly. They explain things in a way that is easy to understand. We love bringing our cat and dog here because they never pressure us to do anything we don’t want to do.

Ryan Rodewald

We've taken our dog to Hill-Dale since he was a puppy. He's now 12. We have absolutely loved the care he's gotten over the years from Dr Mara Doughty and her staff. We would highly recommend a visit! You will not be disappointed!

Shannon DKontaxis

Service questionable


Top quality veterinary care.

Andrew Bekx

Jake Budde

We love the Hill-Dale Vet! Aside from the cone of shame in the picture, our dog seems to love it too.

Gloria Lynn Henry

heather haefer

Considering it's a Saturday and less than hour until they closed, they got me in for my dog with an infection from a previous surgery at another clinic. Everyone was so nice and caring and Dr. Michael and the whole staff was just amazing! He did so much for our dog, gave us so much info that we needed and now that our baby is on the meds he needs, he is already so much better! I'm definitely switching for sure!

Robin Clary

When I called for an emergency on my mom's old dog because he was dying they didn't even hesitate. We took him there and they were so kind and caring for him and us! I take my pug in to Dr. Michael and I absolutely love the kindness and time he gives her and us! The staff is kind and will fit us in whenever they can! Robin

Kelcie Hydar

Such a friendly staff! And very helpful and caring staff.

Musicfan71 Hawk

Best place to take your pet! Caring staff that help you and your pet.

Katherine Weix

They have been incredibly kind and considerate. I appreciate that they go over all treatment options and help me make the smartest and most humane choices for my elderly Golden Retriever. All of the veterinarians, vet technicians, and office staff are amazing and true professionals. I highly recommend Hill-Dale.

Karen Ammann

Marc Seals

I took both of my dogs to Hill-Dale over the last eight years. All three of the vets there are kind and knowledgeable. When my dogs were at the end of their lives, the staff at Hill-Dale could not have been more caring, supportive, and professional. Additionally, they are the only AAHA-certified clinic in town! I would not take my animals anywhere else.

Anees Hemaidan

Lisa Kahlow

rita zimmerman

Excellent care. Great super doctor's and staff

Heather Reiser

Kristy Jensen Adams

I had to take my little Chihuahua in while we were camping from out of town because I thought she had a break or something with her front leg. Without knowing where to go, when I called to see if I could get her in to be looked at, they said to come right over! The staff was very friendly and helpful to get us in between scheduled appointments. The tech was so gentle with my little girl as she was in a lot of pain. The Dr was wonderful and explained everything clearly. Ended up that she has a neck injury. Everybody there was just so wonderful. If I lived in that area that would have been my new permanent vet for my pups.

Melissa Deke

Lorie Schara

Great staff! Professional, knowledable, and caring!

Joelle Becker

I take all 3 of my animals to Hill-Dale. One of my cats is not the easiest of patients, yet they remain so patient and do everything they can to make all appointments easy and painless for all! Their passion is evident as they clearly care deeply for all three of my fur-babies!!

Sam Grignano

Dr. Mike is the BEST Hill-Dale Veterinary Hospital is outstanding in every way the staff is very friendly and caring. We are very pleased in how they handle and explain in detail about our Sally We definitely recommend Hill-Dale Veterinary Hospital Friendly Caring and Clean

Walter A Schultz

Guy Reddoor

Great vet

Rocky Sylvestet

As always. The best in pet care.

Nicole Paukner

Stephanie Davidson

I love Dr. Doughty and the rest of the staff at Hill-Dale. They have taken wonderful care of all of our fur babies and I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.

Karla Vale

Always friendly service. Our dog is always excited to go to the vet. Lol!

Bonnie Accola

The staff is always nice and helpful. I truly feel the compassion that they show, my animals are always happy to see them! They answer any questions I have and make sure that I understand the procedures being done. Thank you Hill-Dale!!

Jack Gates

Angel Lizzie

Rebecca B

I bring my dog here for her checkups and they are always friendly and quick as we all know how much our pets love the vet. They answer all my questions and are very understanding with dogs who may be a bit more difficult. My dog will walk into the door of this vet where at her old one I had to carry her in she was so scared. It’s nice that she feels safe here to trot in the door on her own every time.

Kala Pitas

Been taking my cats here for several years! Staff and current Vets are very compassionate and friendly!

Michelle Patterson

Amazing love dr Michael but more pricey than Nobel hound but he saved my kitty, Nobel hound did not he would have died so I switched but for some things I'll still see Nobel hound

Ben Robertson

FearlessMetv JoPaddy Art & Entertainment

Kristin Taubel

The treatment of my two dogs was professional, compassionate and sincere! All the staff are polite & courteous and caring about your pets needs and yours as a pet parent!

Carol Nemitz

Dr. Michael is awesome. Would encourage anyone with a pet to come to Hill-Dale and see him.


While my dogs always received excellent care at this vet, they charge quite a bit more for services than the surrounding vets. While they claim to go above and beyond with care, it often felt like they were requiring additional clinic visits and services that were not needed. After having switched vets, I have confirmed this to be true as my new vet has not done this. When I questioned the fact that they wanted to charge me anywhere from $500-$1000 for one of dog's teeth cleanings and another vet quoted me $250-$500 for the same service, I was told that "Cheap veterinary care is not necessarily good veterinary care...and if I felt the need to go somewhere else due to 'financial reasons', they understood". I felt that this response was condescending and uncalled for, especially considering I had been a customer for 10 years and had spent thousands of dollars there on my dogs' care. I am very happy with my new vet and have had to use a second vet on occasion, and have received nothing but excellent care for my dogs at a much lower cost.

Rosemary Vorndran

Mara and team, as always, treated my little white dog with tender loving care! It is always a learning experience when we visit and I came away with additional information to make life better for my four legged family member. Thanks again!

tina wawe o2kajw kui wnsn. bde

Joshua Nieman

Bill Deir

Jessica Bellard

Andriy Choo

Everyone very friendly, have a cat, were doing shots. Happy with everything.

Bill Sprinkle

Kidd Cloud

Errin Watson

I've used them as my very for my two dogs for years. They are patient, caring, and knowledgeable. They always ask if you have questions, and anwser them thoroughly. I can't recommend them highly enough. They remember my dogs, even before they have seen their chart. When I bring one in for an annual exam, they also care enough to ask how our other is doing.


Sold me on some diet cat food at my last visit and when i went to buy it up they said i need another appointment for the prescription . I am not paying 100 bucks again when they had my cat in their hands a week ago. I dropped 500 dollars on two cats in one week and they want more $.

Pat Robyn

I highly recommend Hill Dale Veterinary Hospital. My yellow lab injured his tooth playing fetch & Dr. Doughty did an exam discovering that the tooth was dead. The tooth needed to be removed surgically & I was very scared because he is an older dog with a history of a slight heart murmur. My dog is my best friend & is my emotional support animal to help me cope with my PTSD, so making sure that he had the best care possible was very important. Dr. Doughty & the staff did an excellent job with the surgical extraction of the tooth & did a full dental on him. They were very helpful with his after surgery needs & care. I also have to compliment them on their patience & care in dealing with my emotional distress during this stressful time. Another nice thing about the clinic is that they accept Care Credit. This allows me to pay for his vet bills over a 6 month period with deferred interest. This has been a life saver for me (and my dog!) due to the fact that I am disabled & living on a very low fixed income. I should also say that there is absolutely nobody that trims pet nails as good & safely as Dr. Doughty.

Bobbi Miller

Friendly staff, reasonable prices

Peter K

High-quality services. I wouldn't trust anyone else to care for my fourteen-year-old dog.

Jason Stephan

Sheree Olson

I have been coming here for close to 20 years (maybe more/less). This should tell you how great I think this place is. The vets and staff are second to none!


Wonderful service! Took us in without an appointment and even stayed after hours to help our dog. Good advices and reasonable price (less than expected)

Krystle Naab

A great clinic and staff! Always appreciate the treatment and care they provide to my pets. Definitely would recommend Hill-Dale for your pets!

Linda Gamble

Always friendly and professional. Baraboo is lucky to have this dedicated group of people who care for our pets.

Keri-jo McCarron

The staff at Hill-Dale are Top Notch. They are always willing to answer questions, take extra time with our 1yr old Lab, and are very competitively priced...and Bauer adores all of them! Will continue to refer my friends and family. Thank you for the great care!

Barbara O'Flahrity

Our Australian Shepard needed to be seen for a urinary issue and our regular vet vet was all tied up with an emergency surgery. Although they had never seen our Annabelle - and it was late afternoon (and they were booked full) they told us to come right in. When we arrived, they took Annabelle immediately and treated us as if we were their only patients. Very professional and caring and Annabelle loved all the attention. And we absolutely did as well. If 6 stars was possible they certainly rate that. Many thanks to Melissa and Dr. Sara as well the office folks. Very impressed with everyone at Hilldale.

Terri Stearn

Hilldale is our go to Veterinary clinic. They have always been kind and helpful. Today we had an emergency and they went above and beyond helping us fix the situation. I can’t thank you enough for what you do for our other family members!

Dan Haefer

The AWESOME staff always make you and your furry friend feel welcome. We unfortunately had to put down our dog and the staff at Hill-Dale went above and beyond to comfort and care for both our dog and us.


My husband and I and our dogs all love Hill-Dale! By far the best vet clinic in the area. We wont go anywhere else. We typically see Dr Doughty but have also seen Dr Michael, both are wonderful veterinarians.

Robert Manske

Great staff friendly vets

Elizabeth Onheiber

Angela Jones

Amy Miller

Ken Meyers

Janie Cortez

Steve Rhinehart

Ben Gratz

Kind curtious service by everyone. Doctors are knowledgeable and supportive at all hours

Kimberly seidel

Shannon Housman

Jessica Mueller

Hill-Dale is always an amazing place to visit. Anytime I call they are quick to get us in or fit us in. When we walk in they always are so welcoming and know us by name, especially our dogs. The Vets are so nice and understanding with concerns and some of our challenges with our dogs. It may be a bit more pricy than the other vets in town but Hill Dale is so worth it for the service, friendliness, and how great they are with the dogs. I would highly recommend Hill-Dale Vet to anyone with pets.

Navin Glettes

Excellent veterinary care! Thank you!

Cory Borkenhagen

David Grant

Linda Maslowski

Hill Dale Vet is a great place. They fit Buddy in when he had a bad ear ache and was in alot of pain. Everyone from the office ladies to the tech and Dr Mara are great. They make me and Buddy feel right at home there. Always willing to answer any questions I have. Will not go anywhere else.

Cyndi Stopper

Jessica m

They are the nicest and funniest people

Jordan 23421

Erica Crump

Mike Kohlman

Terry Smith

Brad Nicolaisen

Fantastic, caring staff! They took their time with my pet to learn about his past and check his health. Trustworthy and honest in their approach. I highly recommend this practice.

Kelley Williams

We have taken our lab, Meg to Hill-Dale since we first got her as a puppy. She will be nine at the end of April. She can be very high energy (still!) and everyone is always happy to see her and she loves getting her treats and attention from everyone there. They are always kind, informative and patient. We feel very fortunate to have built a relationship with the doctors and all who work there.

Remey Kelsey

Russ M

Steve Hess

Jordan Schwarz

I job shadowed at Hill-Dale for a few Saturdays (12/9, 12/23, 1/13) and I can confirm that they are a wonderfully nice place to bring your pet. They are caring and will do what is best for your pet. To Dr. Samantha Steinich and Dr. Michael Dobbert, thank you for allowing me to job shadow with you! It was an amazing experience!

Tonya Hogan

Take very good care of my cat Armani

Jeremiah A

I have been using this vet for some time now and I have been with them through a dog that was at the end of it's life up to a puppy we just got. Everyone there is fantastic and Dr. Michael truly cares. Very great place to work with I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else.

Douglas Satterlee

Dave Lyons

Friendly and knowledgeable staff that truly care for you pet.

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