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REVIEWS OF Douglas Animal Hospital IN Wisconsin

Bev Wehe

Douglas Animal hospital has been great for us. I have referred many friends here and will continue to do so. Dr. Douglas and her staff have treated our pets individually to their specific needs. They are knowledgeable, kind, supportive and thorough in their care.

Shelby Cairncross

Serena Cederstrom

Well I'm not one to typically write reviews but I feel like this is necessary. I have been using Douglas Animal Hospital for about a year and a half and was referred by a neighbor for the reasonable pricing. My dog had all his shots there and everything was ok the service at the front wasn't always the best but I felt the vet was good. I had taken my dog there for a check up and one concern spending $300. I wasn't upset and understood the costs and because they had a discount on grooming I figured we would spend some more there and do that too the following week. We have a Goldendoodle and he needed a nice trim and cleaning. He was a bit matted but that is how he is when we take him to pecto (always had good service there and our dog looked great and clean). Well I picked him up after his grooming and his cut was HORRIBLE! Very uneven, toes were clipped too short to the quick, one ear shaved to the tip and his face still looked dirty. I ending up calling back and letting them know and I was told I would get a call the next day to get a refund. You can't fix places he was shaved and I wasn't going to go back there. Well I get a call the next day and was told they will not refund me and that all they can do is fix it. I ended up sending some pictures of my dog to them and still have not heard back. It's too bad because we had just spent over $400 and they refuse to refund us the $65 dollars. Vet good but I would recommend looking else where for the gooming!!!

Lauren Truong

Robert Gerhart

Update: Still very happy here. They helped my cat live to age 19 despite his diabetes. The compassion they showed at the news of his passing was really touching. Shortly thereafter, we ended up (unplanned) taking in a new kitten who needed a home, so he is Dr. Douglas' newest patient. He came home from his neutering almost acting like nothing happened. Skilled work. Older review: We've always been happy there. Been taking our dog and diabetic cat there for years, and have always gotten top notch treatment for a reasonable cost.

Brad Hewer

Lindsey Bye

Gest staff! My dog loves coming here

Matthew Randall

Margaret Oconnor

Dr Douglas is one of the kindest vets we've ever used. She came to our home to care for my cat who was too ill to travel, it was the end of life for him and she was kind, careful and humane. When I went to the clinic to pick up the cremains, everyone was very respectful and expressed their condolences.

Kenzie Hamilton

Jeff Tiedens

Dr. Douglas and her staff has been the only place we feel completely comfortable taking our animals. Our experience with them has always been one of a very caring atmosphere. I would never go anywhere else. We love the personal touch they provide every time we go to see them. Toby (our dog) Loves them too.

Victoria Vontiego

I started to come here because I had an emergency with my dog and our last veterinarian office wouldn't take us, and neither would 5 other places I called. Douglas Animal Hospital told me to come right away and now I will never take my pets anywhere else. My dogs are actually excited to come here - something that has never happened before. Amazing staff, good prices, they treat my dogs like their own and they take same day appointments and emergency appointments - I know I can always count on them.

Amy Hollerud

Gretchen Locken

Great service. Caring staff

Tiffany Gerhart

Hope Fletcher

Shelby Nims

Joy Anderson

Great personel

James Hansen

We live Dr Douglas and her staff. They're very thoughtful, caring, and courteous. Our dog is actually excited to visit.

Carole Isakson

Douglas Hospital is a wonderful place! We have been taking our cats and dog there for many many years. The staff is polite and knowledgeable. The care is incredible, and Dr. Douglas is a caring and very smart vet that also keeps costs in mind, and makes sure that we are fully informed about our pets' care. I can't recommend Douglas Animal Hospital highly enough! Don't know who Aaron is but that sounds made up...

Natasha C

My family and I have been taking our pets to Dr. Douglas for many years. We've always had great experiences and she is very trustworthy. She also makes an effort to minimize costs whenever applicable. I am moving to Montana shortly and very concerned I won't find a vet I like as much as Dr. Douglas.

Sandi Amaro

Stephanie Jeffrey

TOTAL RIP-OFF!!! They quoted us around $700 (high-end) for our cat's dental work (a cleaning and possible extractions), and $1300 later, we had her back out the door. They took almost 30 minutes to check our pet in, and had us wait for over an extra hour when we picked her up. The receptionist also forgot to subtract the 10% discount from our total bill (which was later corrected after I brought it up), and the office manager offered no credits or compensation for any of this. Also, our pet had been in for a life-threatening condition earlier in the year, and they never called to check-in on her afterwards. DO NOT TRUST THEM!!!

Madison Rozell

Staff members are extremely nice and truly care about your pets


I have had a HORRIBLE experience bringing my cat here. I feel completely ripped off. I feel this vet is only in it for the money and does not really care about my pet. I don't feel like I am being helped to get the most cost effective option and they are charging me unnecessarily for things. For example, after spending over $500 just to find out my cat has pancreatitis they wanted a urine sample as well. I got the urine sample, spent another $50 for them to test it, and then they call and tell me that yes he has an infection too, but that's okay because we already gave him an antibiotic shot when he came in. THEN WHY DID I EVEN NEED TO SPEND $50 FOR THE URINE TEST?? I literally just payed them $50 for them to tell me he has an infection. This is only one of the examples, I feel so violated! They expect you to just shell out money as if it grew on trees!!! DO NOT GO HERE!

Thomas Nicholson

Great place, nice and friendly. Got us in to get flu vaccinations for our dogs when no one else could - even though they knew we wouldn't be a returning customer because we were moving. Very professional and helpful!


Nice staff, my dogs love coming here. Love that they take same and next day appointments for my work schedule.

Mark Weidenbach

Very friendly and relaxing for your pet. I highly recommend them.

Wendy Lindsay Lance Isler

We have found this to be a very personal experience they are all so sweet to our dog and cats. Our dog just had surgery and we felt like they really cared.

Taylor Evangelist

Rich Ramstad

Went in to spay a female shorkie. Fyi, they are an upsell vet. Im okay with that though, I want the best. Last week she had her surgery. It seemed like it went well. Immediately (as they handed her to me) I noticed a large bulge around the incision area. I am not a vet. I google stuff and pretend to know stuff, but I trust the experts. I called the day after and the following day. They said its normal. It wasnt red or bleeding. "Keep an eye on it" they said. "If its red or bleeding, or she acts abnormally, come in". This was the answer I kept receiving after being on hold multiple times after multiple calls so the front desk people could ask someone else. (I am not mad at them, not their fault). Today I brought my tiny Shorkie in and she had a hernia surgery, because the sutures on the inside did not hold. What is most upsetting is that they blamed me because I was honest about telling them that she didnt want to keep her cone on. The bulge was there in the first place and I was too stupid and naive to say something. Now my pup is in terrible pain again. Not to mention this whole thing cost me $1500. Oh and the $200 "irregular heartrate EKG test" was negative, so theres that. Ugh

Nikki Schemmel

Michael Nelson

Ryan Meath

Taylor Kearn

Rude vet! Incompetent staff. I would never suggest for anyone to ever go here! The manager is nice, but the staff is completely clueless on what to do. When called about a concern about my pet the vet that I spoke to was rude, unfriendly, and the notes that the vet wrote down about our conversation were completely inaccurate! When we also had brought our pets in they were not the friendliest with our cat or did not know how to properly do an exam on our new puppy. DO NOT GO HERE EVER!! It is also very expensive and you do not get what your money pays for here. What you pay for is a staff with no knowledge on how to treat pets.

Adam Scribner

aaron hill

i will never do business here again. worst experience ever. Douglas animal is rude and vet came out yelling at one of their employees while I was waiting. absolutely unprofessional and despicable. If you know what is good stay away from here and travel a couple miles to coonrapids or another surrounding area. I REPEAT NEVER GO HERE!!! Why would i trust my animal to someone who cant even treat their co workers right.

Kat Jacobs

Janice Granger

Martin Haider

Molly Budke

Julie Nelson

Dr Douglas is amazing! Staff very welcoming and friendly!

Laurie Tanner

Wonderful and very kind...

Ryan Smith

Cheryl Shaddrick

I went there to take my dog for one of his legs because he was limping and they gave him a general anesthetic, then when we picked him up and they said it was carpal and they charged us 600 dollars and when I called them today to dispute the charges they told me it was a sprain which I wasn't notified the day before about the sprain. I feel it was just a way they were making up a reason to charge so much. I would never go there again or recommend anyone to go there.


Took the pup in for a routine check up. Just be prepaired to fork up around $300. So many random (optional) vaccinations for dogs they try to sell you on. Im a new puppy owner, so just starting out. The pup is all healthy and up to date now. Nice location

derek zubich

Emily Robison

Amy Capitola

Patrick Broderick

A bit pricey but run by genuinely caring professionals

Tracie Provo


Paul Santrizos

My family has been going here forever. Never had any problems. Big fat greek 5 star rating.

Kevin Roth

They are very friendly and have taken great care of my dog for years.

Aaron Wimsett

Three years ago, I brought my dog Zeus to Dr. Douglas because he had a bad ear infection in both ears. I had brought Zeus to two other Vet offices and they both gave him the same treatment; needless to say these treatments didn't fix the problem and his ear infection worsened. So, I brought Zeus to Dr. Douglas in hopes that she could fix his ears. Dr. Douglas and her team were very friendly and took time to get to know Zeus’s story and the past treatments that had been done to his ears. She then came up with her own way to treat the problem and it worked! Finally! Dr. Douglas is very kind and is not a 'one size fits all' Dr., she looks at each case differently and will do whatever it takes to get the problem solved. Zeus is now a very happy dog and no longer cries when I pet him or shakes his head constantly because his ears hurt. This past year, Zeus ruptured both of his anal glands. Again, she quickly fixed the problem and Zeus returned to his normal self. I have never felt so sure of a veterinarian before now and will be a lifelong customer of Dr. D’s.

DuWayne Pence

Saved my dog's leg from amputation

Glenn Dworsky

They are thorough, caring and compassionate. I’ve been to several different veterinary practices with my dogs and cats throughout the years and this team is top notch. Douglas Animal Hospital is the only place I’m taking my fur babies from now on.

Ann Maik

Mary Zell

When I need a second opinion or I need special attention for my pets I always choose Douglas Animal Hospital. The Dr. is very thorough in her exam and provides all options. She truly cares for the animals. It is very helpful that they offer Care Credit because it is often a very expensive visit, but it's always worth it!


Sammi Hollinger

My dog had extreme fear of the veterinarian and I was looking for someone who would do house calls. Dr. Douglas offers that service and was calm and gentle with my Lucy. This was really the only way that I was able to have her vaccinated or treated. When Lucy was at the end of life Dr. Douglas was again able to help us at home. Her calm and kind demeanor was comforting for the whole family and Lucy was at home where we wanted her. Highly recommended.

Melissa Grenier

I'm so thankful for all of the staff at Douglas Animal Hospital. The girls up front are phenomenal and Dr. Douglas truly cares. I highly recommend bringing your dogs here!

Diane Nims

Douglas Animal Hospital, Dr. Douglas and staff are outstanding! I am so grateful for the care and compassion they have always shown to us as a family. We have experienced services from puppies to our senior dogs...and could not be happier!

Tyler P

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