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REVIEWS OF Brook-falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Care Inc. IN Wisconsin

mollie jack

Excellent staff! Very knowledgeable and informative. Supportive and friendly. Love it here. The only place I would take my reptile.

Mary Nabak

I really like this vet clinic. They handled my 1 year old Papillon gently today while giving her the yearly immunizations. They also treat my 40 year old Yellow naped Amazon. I am happy to get both pets treated by the same clinic. These folks are amazing!

John Poppe

Michelle LaBonte

They are caring but I found pricey.

Kian Chai

Beware! They will charge you ahead of the schedule with out asking for your approval.

Robert Skubal


First experience was great! They treated a tortoise of mine and called the next day to see how things were going. Clean - doesn't smell like dog urine. Friendly staff and vet techs.

Dan Dupree

Nick Thiede

I absolutely love this vet. My third and last vet I'll ever take my best friend to.

Steve Ostop

Dr. Bloss and the staff at Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital are the most caring and compassionate group of professionals you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. The level of care, attention, and compassion that was given to our family during a very difficult time was beyond belief. I would strongly recommend that anyone who is looking for care for their beloved family pet contact them.

Sara Ketterling

Bruce Lawson

Excellent service. They KNOW birds, how to handle, overall very knowledgeable. Poohkee needed his beak "trimmed". They did a very nice job (do not trim a birds beak at home).

Liz Neighbors

Charis Karas

Excellent care and service! We have two rabbits, one who needed some serious care lately, and I have nothing but good things to say about the care she received from Dr. Follett! She, and all of the vets at the hospital and so knowledgable and caring! I would not take our pets anywhere else after experiencing Brook Falls Pet Hospital! Simply the best around!

Susan Street

Very caring, concerned staff.

Hannah S

I will not go to another vet. I love the way everything is handled here. Everyone is friendly and professional on the phone and at the office. Unlike other veterinarian clinics that claim they see exotics, Brook-Falls can hold up to that promise. I have taken my birds and my reptile to another clinic that said they were able to see exotics and I left with not much information on their situations and a minimal understanding. I took each animal to the vets at Brook-Falls were they preformed tests and came up with an actual cause which then they could communicate in detail with me. I was recommended to come here for their avian specialist by C.A.R.E. and will not hesitate to recommend Brook-Falls to anyone looking for a vet for any of their pets.

Lori Charney

Brook-Falls is awesome! They are such caring doctors and the staff is amazing!

Janet Bartel

Ray S

Dr Lien, and ALL the staff at Brook-Falls Veterinary are amazing people. Very well qualified to take care of all of your pet's needs. The love and compassion that they treat you pet with is off the charts. I Highly recommend Brook Falls.

Larry Weber

First time client for severe injury to pet. Didn't agree with their recommendation, ended up going to a specialist. Staff and facility were both very pleasant and professional

Jamie Scaglione

Great place, very accommodating and attentive.

Eva McAllister

I was able to get an appointment quickly. Dr Wittenberg was kind, informative and professional. She called me quickly with abnormal test results and had a comprehensive plan going forward. Very clean facility, all staff was welcoming.

Chad Kruswicki

Wonderful place and people. Everyone has made my Green Cheek feel at home and we would not even consider going anywhere else. Can’t say enough good things , definitely recommend.

Anne King

Great care for the cats with lots of personal follow up.

Nicol Perez

If you have an exotic animal this is the place to go. Awesome staff. Answered all of my questions, they are very knowledgeable.

Danielle Nevins

Dr. Lien and staff were fantastic! My puppy and I had a great experience and would 100% recommend!! Everyone made my puppy comfortable at his first vet visit!

Dan Glisson

We have 5 rabbits, Harvey, Pooka, Trouble, Walter and Shadow. Harvey, our oldest, threw us a curve in the first few years we had him. We learned so much about the care from the Dr's at Brook-Falls...their staff is great. Rabbit savoy Dr's are hard to find, and we think we have found the best. If you have never lived with a rabbit, you can't understand what great pets they are, as long as they are cared for correctly.

Manuel Rivera Lebron

Brook-Falls is a state-of-the-art Veterinary Facility with highly qualified Vets, thechnitians and administrative supporting staff. Our dog Mr Dean, a Miniature Schnauzer, is “spoiled” by Dr Wittenberg every time he goes for a visit. The waiting time is minimal as you come in with a previous appointment and though it is somewhat pricey; you get your money’s worth by the high quality of their professional healthcare services. We travel all the way from our home in Wauwatosa just to have our dog get the best care it can have and the place for that is Brook-Falls.

Brandis Zarder

Wonderful veterinary staff and service! Sadly we had lost their our dog, but they were so helpful and supportive in the process, and reached out afterwards. We will continue to use them in the future for our other pets needs.

Jennifer Cerrato

We have had numerous experiences with Brookfalls. Our path together started a bit backward with them helping us through illness and death of our cat of 21 years to more recent care of a new kitten. Dr. Follett was compassionate and conservative. Her demeanor and caring were above and beyond during a difficult decision making process. Dr. Wittenberg has been patient and understanding while dealing with our many questions during our new kitten’s post op complications. She and Dr. Bloss consulted together to come up with a conservative and successful treatment plan to avoid further surgery. The teamwork of all the clinicians working together to form the best plan was top notch. The vet techs and front desk staff are very pleasant and go out of their way to help answer any questions. Highly recommend if you want a vet clinic that truely cares about pet outcome and not doing unnecessary things. They are also very forward thinking and offer treatments like laser therapy to aid healing.

Doug Meade

Jacob Netzel

Great and friendly vets and staff, handled my (slightly aggressive) savannah monitor with great care....will definitely be keeping them as my reptile vet

Lori Spiegler

Great experience!

Roxanne Schmidt

Vicki L

Brook-falls is the only place I would ever take my birds. The doctors and staff are so caring and knowledgeable. Dr. Bloss goes above and beyond to make sure my birds receive the best care possible. She always treats them like they are her most important appointment of the day. In an emergency, they always find a way to make the time to fit us into the schedule. I'm thankful everyday that I have such wonderful people caring for my feathered family. I would recommend them to anyone!

Ryan K

Maria Elba Miller

Great avian vets

Jennifer Wiedmeyer

I was thankful to have found this vet near my home in West Bend, that I could take my Bundgie when she became sick. This place was easy to get to, all the staff were very friendly, and the vets were top notch!! If you have an exotic animal, this is definitely a vet I would recommend.

PR Alo 16

My bird passed away in there and I'm very sad about it but they treated him with a lot of love

Gina Franz

Exceptional Care! My Ginger, a Goldendoodle, can't wait to get into the building! She immediately walks to the scale and politely sits down and waits for the technician to get her weight! The vet and techs are so good with her! Thank you!

Christina Zweig

I have been going to this vet for years to treat all of my guinea pigs. The veterinarians and assistants are fantastic. They are very thorough, friendly, and I completely trust them with my furbabies. ❤️

Tim Dawn Sherry


Our first time taking one of our birds in for a check up and for some concerns, they were wonderful with him! Pineapple is a small Green Cheek Conure with tiny nares, and the vet, Dr. Jennifer Bloss, was able to pick out a bunch of gunk that was blocking his breathing. She is up front about costs of tests, x-rays, meds, and rechecks. Birds are expensive, and their health Care is attrociously pricey, but this place is worth it. They were able to reassure me about what Pineapple was going through, did what she could to keep him calm, and she and her assistant were able to clip his scary nails without and blood!! Dr. Bloss knows avian care, and finding a clinic that had this knowledge is very difficult. This place came highly recommended by a vet clinic who lost their avian vet and an avian vet who worked their in the past. With those types of recommendations, we couldn't pass it up. She gave us so much info for helping our birds that I walked out with more ACCURATE knowledge than what I have learned online and from books that should NOT be on the shelves. I am more confident in what I can do for my babies than before I walked in there. The clinic is beautiful with plenty of space to walk your

Piroska Fritsch

Only wish Brook-Falls was closer to where we live. It has been a challenge finding a facility to administer to my little geriatric Quaker parrot. I am well pleased with the care my little guy receives at Brook-Falls. They are knowledgeable and up to date, they try hard to accommodate us and have a professional staff. My little parrot and I have become pretty good at evaluating facilities over the years since Kiwi has now celebrated his 27th "hatchdate". With Dr. Bloss' expert care we are looking forward to more years of avian mischief.

Patty Perales

The staff at Brook-Falls is the best. Helpfull, courteous, I cant say enough. Dr. Bloss saved my cockatoos life 5 years ago. This visit she made a very hard situation easier to deal with. She's the best when it comes to birds. I would recommend the staff to anyone.

Steven Raasch

Very good

Bj Schmid

Tess M

The commitment to excellence at Brook-Falls Veterinary is evident throughout their entire practice. From the initial greeting, the way animals are handled, diagnostic ability and their follow-up reflects their dedication. They go above and beyond by focusing on client education, giving you the tools to give your pets the best care possible. Our house rabbits and cats benefit from the great care Drs. Bloss, Follett, and Wittenburg provide.

Cindy Simon

My family has had a long assoiciation with Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Care. Our first dog was diagnosed with cancer, and the staff was very caring and compasionate with Daisy and our family. The vets there cared for her from her puppy stages to the end of her life. We now have a new puppy, and we know that she will also receive good care.

Sara Adler

Delinah Howard

We live trapped an abandoned kitten and had her first care at another vet. Later that week, Bella took an unexpected turn out of the blue and we came to Brook Falls for emergent care. We were given a fatal diagnosis and the staff and doctor were so kind and apologetic. We opted to make Bella comfortable to pass at home. She was likely already terminal and thus abandoned for that reason, but she was surrounded by love and gentle care in the week that we had her. I will use this vet again in the future if we adopt another rescue down the road.

Leah Raasch

Any time I come in everyone just loves on my dog. Wednesday happens to be one of the best dogs ever but it's nice to hear other people having the same opinion. She ruptured a ligament in her knee so now we're off to an orthopedic but she couldn't have received better care for our initial visit. This isn't the first time we've had to come in on a semi-emergent basis and they always make time her. You can tell the staff love animals. I only wish she could have the surgery to fix the ligament there.


Rand Bethe

This is a well knowledge veterinary service, but aside from being expensive, they dont seem to want to squeeze in a dog who's time has come I guess they are just to busy with TV and all

Amy Lindblad

Originally had good luck with Dr. Miller. My dog got switched over to seeing other vets at this clinic who seem to be much more interested in the bottom line and selling procedures versus doing what is best for the animal and owner. NO accountability is taken by this clinic if you are upset with the single (expensive) course of action they are willing to offer you. They will also never take responsibility for the actions their vets have taken or make any sort of statements to make you feel like they value your business. ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE, NO ACCOUNTABILITY, ZERO DESIRE TO KEEP A CLIENT WHO TAKES AN ACTIVE INTEREST IN THEIR PETS WELFARE. If your dog is having any sort of problems, don't waste your time and money here. There are other clinics around that will go through multiple options for action instead of just the one that will make them the most money. A customer of 3 years was lost by caring more about your bottom line than your customers.

Dan Stern

Best care out there!!

Ginger Rambo

Kyle Goetz

I trust them with my rabbits, which is the highest praise I can give anyone in the world. Both for treatment and boarding. Dr Wittenberg is amazing.


U Kuttig

An excellent experience during our visit at the clinic. The staff was very friendly. The check in/out process was easy yet efficient and detailed. As a handicapped person I was also well attended to. Dr. Mueller as an avian veterinarian is well experienced in handling exotic birds like my Maccaw. A pleasant stay for us at the Brook - Falls Veterinary Hospital & Clinic. Thanks to everyone.

Tamara Hayes

The Dr and staff were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They really care about your pets and they took such good care of my lovebird. They explained everything in a way that made sense and I would recommend them to anyone.

Courtney Ronning

The vets and staff are so friendly, passionate and caring. They truly are the best when going through a tough time with your pet and try everything they can.

Debbie Bishop

Been a client for years. Clinic is modern & vets are wonderful.

Josh Brooks

Jon Schommer

Ultimate Care and Friendly environment! Excellent place for Sugar Gliders and other pets! I was having a hard time finding a vet that would neuter Sugar Gliders. I found 3 vets that did, one place had only a 3.5 star review and the other place was in chicago, and Brook Falls was the other choice. Brook-Falls had a much better review and was just as close as the other places were fairly close. I'm so glad I chose Brook-Falls! From the moment I seen the building it looks like it's a professional establishment. I brought my Glider, Mungo in and was greeted with very friendly receptionists, and waiting to get called in by the nurse. I had to first bring Mungo in for a wellness exam to see if he's healthy and fit to even do neutering, and brought my female in as well to get checked out. Everything went great. I had the pleasure of getting Dr. Bloss as my vet. She was very informative and friendly with my gliders as if they were her own and trimmed the nails for both my pets without charging me. She gave me a pamphlet all about sugar gliders and went through everything with me as well. They had 2 other vets that did neutering of sugar gliders, but I picked her to do the surgery, because definitely knew what she was doing. On the day of neutering, I had to bring Mungo in at 7:30 to drop off and I came and picked up Mungo at 3pm. They gave me a number I could text to get updates during the operation at any time which I thought was very awesome to have. I didn't use it, but it was nice to just have an option to do so. I got Mungo back and they have me pain meds for him to take for the next couple days, but Mungo healed up very nicely and I'm so a happy that I had it done at Brook-Falls. Another Great thing was the price wasn't crazy high, and wasn't super cheap but it was definitely reasonable and to get the care and service I got, I'm more than happy to pay. They even gave me a follow up call just to see how Mungo was doing. So if you want some great care for your animals you love, bring them to Brook-Falls! I forgot to mention that I'm in a wheelchair and everything there was wheelchair friendly, and all the doors in and out were wide enough to get through without and trouble and the staff assisted me whenever i needed help.

Nancy Fritz

Excellent care and service. Nice environment and grounds also. My dog is getting the best care he has ever had. He has lost weight and is healthier and in less pain. Dr. Bloss is very good and she has helped him emmencely.

Jayson Rock

Roxanne McGehee


Great stuff and they work with smaller pets as well as cats and dogs

dan glisson

Best care for our Hares!

Jill Thut

Dr Bloss and the entire staff at Brook Falls are fabulous! I wouldn't take any of my animals to any other vet clinic. We had a recent scare with our six year old dog where he was having trouble walking. Thanks to Dr Bloss for seeing us so quickly on a Saturday. Without her quick diagnosis which resulted in emergency surgery that evening, he would not be walking today! Thank you!

Genesee Hornung

Excellent care! This was the first time I’ve taken my turtle to a vet and they treated me and my pet with the utmost respect. They texted an update and a photo after his procedure and called me the next day to check on him. Everyone in the office was so kind and customer-focused. Thank you Brook-Falls!

Carly Musbach

Super helpful! Brought in my hedgehog and they got her foot fixed up quickly. Very friendly!

tina seidel

Susan Backes

Jeremy LeSage

Patricia Perry

Tracy Muth

The doctor and staff was very kind and and supportive when delivering devastating news to my family about our beloved Tank. He has been seeing this doctor for most of his 12 years and we will be forever grateful to her and her staff.

Debra Lopez Public Relations

Brook-Falls is the best! Thanks so much Jenny for taking care our 2 little babies (Maddie & Bella) and for educating us on so much! It's a great feeling knowing our dogs are in exceptional hands.


Staff is nice. I brought my pet in as a walk in because it was an emergency and she needed to be seen asap and couldn't wait about a week. Staff was nice and were able to squeeze us in. They were very nice and caring when my pet had past to get her cremated.

Jennifer Sherbinow

I noticed something was wrong with our ferret yesterday and he needed immediate treatment. They didn't hesitate to get him in. Unfortunately he had very few options, so with the help of the Taylor and Dr. Mueller, the transition of peacefully crossing Packer over to the rainbow bridge was heartfelt and appreciated. My family was able to come in and say good bye and they let me hold him until he took his last breath. They got paw prints and even wrapped him up cozy with flowers so we could take him home. This was our families first time losing a fur baby, so it has not been easy for us, but I want to thank Taylor and Dr. Mueller for everything. I couldn't have gone through that without you. We'll definitely be back with the rest of our furclan.

Robyn Vanko

Best avian care in the Midwest with an Avian Specialist in house! If you love your birds, this is where you want to take them!!

Angela Garcia

Very happy with my first visit to Brook-falls. Dr Wittenberg was wonderful with my parrot.

Keith Anderson

They have a wonderful staff full of exotic pet experts. We wouldn't take our bunnies anywhere else. We've been loyal customers for over 8 years and we couldn't have found a more compassionate and well educated staff for exotic care. I trust them with my kids!

Donna Brooks

My mini Doxie Zulu has been a patient of Brook-Falls Vet many times over the past almost 5 years and she gets all excited when we go there to see all the marvelous staff and Doctor's. This Doxie mom absolutely loves this place and will not go to any other vet. They take care of Zulu like she is one of their own :)


Our son's new uromastyx had become covered in expanding foam that had not completely set in her environment. We got her free cleaned her best we could without feeling we could do no more than then rushed her to Brook-Falls Vet Hospital on a recommendation. Upon arrival we were greeted, explained the situation and quickly taken to an exam room. The staff quickly took her to begin assessing her situation and immediately took action to remove the foam. They diligently contacted us about an hour later to explain in detail what they had done, progress and recommended we pick her up later that day but offered for her to stay overnight at no additional cost. The Dr and tech were incredibly nice, patient, thorough. Just super people who you can tell genuinely care for the animal patients and the concerns of the owner of the animals. In the end their work was nothing short of incredible. When we picked her up she had almost no sign of the foam on her, no injuries and was incredibly anxious to get about her business of being a uromastyx. We cannot thank Brook-Falls staff from receptionists to tech to Dr. You have earned a patient for life and we plan to bring our Leopard Gecko and Uromastyx on a regular basis for their on going care. Thank you.

Amalia Jording

LOVE THEM! They take great care of my bunnies! If you have a bunny I would go here.

sabrie sherman

We have been to several vets in several states but this place exceeds any we have been to. Our veterinarian was able to answer all of our questions and concerns with facts and science. They were so kind and they handle our dog Jared, who has extreme anxiety, really really well. We were also SHOCKED when we got our bill!! With the experiences we have had with other vets, we were expecting at least double the price of what our actual bill was!! So happy with our experience and we highly recommend!

John Sobczak

I'm most grateful for the kind, caring and patient vets and staff. I felt much better immediately after our appointment and my budgerigar is well on his way to mending.

Traci Gondek

When I couldn't get my normal vet for my bunny's emergency, I called Brook-falls. They managed to get me an appointment in an hour. Dr. Lien and everyone there was amazing, made sure my bunny was stabilized, that his pain was under control, and that he had enough fluids. Because BF unfortunately doesn't have some of their own equipment, they sent us to UW Veterinary Clinic and sent the information along and worked with UW so that my bunny was seen immediately. It saved his life. I am SO thankful to Brook-falls and the wonderful Dr. Lien. Can we please try to raise money for them to get some of their own equipment? I cannot say enough positive, kind things about Brook-falls. We felt cared for and we know our bunny was cared for. They really lifted my spirits, because I was a complete wreck. My bunnies mean everything to me, and they are definitely specialists.

Drk angld

New to the area and looking for a new vet. I stopped in today (a crazy busy Saturday) to check them out. I figured they would be busy but this is a test to see if they would turn me away. Not onky did they make time for me, but they went out of their way to show ne around and I never felt like I was bothering them. The place is immaculate. They have the latest tech, an operating suite believe it or not, and a computerized x-ray room, and the staff is super friendly. Despite the full room of patients there was very little wait time. The expert on sugar gliders went out of her way to say hello and my dog, who is an excellent judge of character, was not afraid and loved everyone. More than I had hoped for. Thank you!

Sarah Mess

Mike Hermes

Friendly staff and greater vets! We take our dogs and parrots here.

Chuck Dugas

All we can say, what a wonderful experience. Beautiful people & beautiful care. Everyone treated us better than some some of our regular doctors! Very clean too! Will recommend all our family & friends about this great place. I know Daisy our Cockatiel even liked it here.She seemed very calm the way they handled her. Thanks so much for caring.

Lisa Koch

Everybody here is so great. My dog can be challenging and they handle her with such care and expertise and always make the experience so much less stressful. They are very professional and I highly recommend!

t love

Had an appointment for my African Grey with Dr. Ford. He was very knowledgeable and gave me great tips on diet, general care and how to have a more social parrot. I would definitely recommend him if you are a bird owner. On top of that his assistants and employees were very friendly as well.

Julie Ferris-Tillman

Danny J.

Susan Montey

Very passionate and caring... even tho they weren't able to help my ferret BOBO.... the vet knew what she was doing n tried every angle before we couldn't help him anymore.... broke my heart!! But the vets and staff at brook falls were so caring and helpful! Never honestly felt that way at any vet!!

Palomino Quarterhorse

The staff is always friendly and courteous. Dr. Ford is an excellent avian vet! I wouldn't take my babies anywhere else!

Andrew Hintz

The staff here is incredibly caring and attentive. My dog loves going to the vet because of them.

Jodie Bardele

I have been taking Chloe to Brook Falls Vet Hospital ever since I got her. The doctors and staff always have time for my phone calls, questions and have never made me feel rushed. Yesterday, I took my new fur baby, Mia, for her first check up and set of vaccines. The staff took the time to get to know Mia, really examine her and answer my questions. Plus Mia received a lot of treats and love. Everyone at Brook Falls loves my fur babies and knows how much I love them. Exceptional care for your pets.

Kay Wen

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Clean Facility.

Angie Fasanello

Joyce Mendelson

Have always received knowledgeable, helpful advice and diagnoses regarding our pets, while leaving us with the freedom of choice as to what will be the actual treatment that occurs. Staff is very caring and compassionate as is Dr. Follett. I can also recommend the Exotic Care Area of Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital.

Yingdi Han

Alexis Melby

Lori A Charney

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital and the Dr. who took care of my sweet baby girls. Thank you Dr. Bloss! You did an amazing job!

Jeanne Minnick

What a great and friendly place. Thank you for taking such great care of our pets. We love all of you guys!!!


My girls will NEVER go anywhere else. Pros: Friendly, **extremely** knowledgeable staff, clean facility, very thorough, information packets are given, always a tech in the room when pets need to be handled for the vet Cons: Cost, and location (for anyone not already in Menomonee Falls >.>) Yesterday was our first time at Brook-Falls. The facility is HUGE, beautiful, and extremely clean. Staff were amazing. There was none of that fake overly kind attitude, they really appear to love their jobs and be great with the animals they work with. As soon as we got into a room, which didn't take more than 5 minutes after we got there, the tech let my girls just run around on the floor. This is the first time this has ever happened. Any other times I have taken any of my pets to the vet, I have been expected to maneuver them in and out and in and out for various testing/exams. What an amazing, different experience! My girls (3 ferrets) saw Dr. Miller. They were given the most thorough exam I've seen them get, and the oldest is 4-5 years old and has had an exam every year for at least the past 4. After the exams, each of my girls got a treat of Ferretlax/Ferretone, which is the first time that's happened, as well, unless I take it with me to other vets. The tech stayed and handled each girl as necessary for exams/testing/etc. The doc brought in a ferret care guide... I rolled my eyes at first, since we've had ferrets for over 6 years, but she told me that the clinic wrote it all and to check it out. While I was waiting for one of the tests, I fingered through it. Some of it was basic, but there was a lot of information about common and uncommon ferret illnesses. Awesome! We were there a total of 2 hours. Each girl got an exam, they did some testing on a fecal sample, a biopsy of a mass, dx'd adrenal disease, gave a shot, gave antibiotics, did nail trims... VERY THOROUGH. Though the cost is much higher than the vet we were going to previously, who would've charged only one office fee instead of 3... well, they probably would have done 1/8 the job that Brook-Falls did. Thank you for taking such good care of my girls!

OurCrazyBeautifulSparkly Life

There are not many Aviary veterinarians to choose from and this place was reccomended to me. Dr. W. was very knowledgeable and all the staff was friendly, helpful, and genuinely cared about doing their jobs. Location was easy to find, atmosphere was clean and lovely. Prices are reasonable too!

Joseph Fieber

They take care of birds, which is hard to find!

Cheryl Kuebler

We went there as we have a hedgehog and they deal with exotic animals. They are great and extremely professional. Highly recommend this place.

Joshua Barnett

Tim Traub

Excellent, caring, and attentive Vets and Staff!

Renee Rick

Awesome with my boyfriend's yellow naped Amazon

S. M.

Friendly employees but over priced care and services. My dog needed her canine tooth extracted and they said it would be $1,286. I ended up taking my dog elsewhere and they charged my $500 for the same service. I will never bring my pets back to brookfalls.

Kristi Hepp

Great veterinary clinic, especially if you have exotics like rabbits. They even offer boarding for your bunny while you are on vacation. So many places cater to only cats and dogs, it's nice to have a place focused on exotics.

Joel Weiner

This place was awesome. Dr. Wittenburg was extremely knowledgeable and the support staff are excellent!! I will definitely be back.

Sam Spencer

Silas Good

We had an emergency and had to call the vet last minute. They had room, took us in and were very concerned and professional. Great place!

Tim Spath

Great Doctors, friendly staff

Tracy Seymour

Nice people

Emily Dufner

I went to this vet with my conure, and I was very happy with the experience. The vet and technician were very knowledgeable about avian care, and they were very happy to answer questions.

Cynthia Schadow

Dr. April Wittenburg and her staff took excellent care of my chinchilla!

Missie Roeseler

Very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable

Donna Kramer

Dr Bloss and her team are extremely knowledgeable and have done excellent work with my crazy, problematic African Grey parrot, Oliver. She has undoubtedly saved his life twice. Thank you, Brook-Falls team!

jessy schultz

I rescued a dog who was initially very fearful of pretty much everything. The staff at Brook-Falls have taken many extra hours to allow Kenya to become comfortable with the staff, and getting exams. She has gone from a dog who would freeze and shake just walking in the door to one who will willingly walk back to the exam room, and even seeks attention from some of her favorite staff. I'm very grateful for the patience, and knowledge of the entire staff. They take great care of my precious dog, and have made a huge difference in her well being!

George Blomgren

Some weird lapses in service but otherwise top notch exotic pet care

Carrie McLees

I cannot say enough about this practice; they just excel at everything they do. From the minute you walk in the door with your beloved pet, you and your pet are treated like part of the family. My guinea pig recently had surgery. Throughout the surgery, and recovery I was kept informed about my guinea pig's progress and condition. I also was able to call a special phone number to speak with the veterinary technician who was taking care of my guinea pig that day. My guinea pig's surgery was more complex, and the recovery was more difficult due to being under anesthesia for a longer period of time. However Dr. Follett and her team got my guinea pig through surgery, and insured that she was kept comfortable while she was recovering by not only keeping her pain free, but offering a small teddy bear to lean on, and reassurance from the tech, and other staff. One of my worst fears is that my beloved guinea pig would be all alone in a cage without a comforting presence. That doesn't happen at Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital and Exotic Care. Dr. Follett is very knowlagable, and shares her expertise with her clients, often taking time to educate, and address concerns with her clients, in a respectful professional way, without the client feeling rushed. Having exotic pets (Guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, etc.) are becoming more popular. Given this the need for a trustworthy, knowlagable exotic veterinary practice is often hard (if not impossible) to find. Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital and Exotic Care is an asset to the community they serve, especially those clients who have exotic pets. I firmly believe that Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital and Exotic Care, is the top veterinary practices in the state of Wisconsin; they just excel at everything they do!


This was the first time my Labrador Jewel and I had visited the Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital and I am very glad that I chose to give them a shot. Everyone there was very friendly, helpful and compassionate. Dr. Case was very professional and she had a great bed side manner with Jewel. I will most definitely continue to bring Jewel there for her veterinary needs on a go forward basis :)


Jean Ester

Dr. Lien is so awesome. She's very gentle with my cat and is patient when answering all my dumb questions. Their vet tech Betsy was really nice too. I feel like I can trust them. I took my cat in for a dental cleaning today and I was very impressed with the level of care she recieved. They called me several times during and after the procedure to let me know what was going on. And at pickup they gave me before and after pictures of her teeth as well as a cute recovery photo of her snuggled up with a stuffed animal while waking up from the anesthesia. I just felt like they took really good care of her and that's the most important thing. On top of that, the cost of the treatment was reasonable, so I'm very happy. I should also mention that I've seen Dr. Wittenberg multiple times with my rabbits and she's great too. I think this is the best veterinary practice I've been to.

Jerry Wick

Richard Dieffenbach

Beginning with the phone call to make an appointment for our Cockatiel, I was impressed with the professional and caring received from everyone on staff. I was stressed and very worried but after the appointment felt assured that we were on the right track to resolve the problem.

Abigail Lundberg

Dr. Mueller and all the staff I encountered were very nice, attentive to my bearded dragon and his needs, and I really enjoyed that I left the clinic with the results of the test that was done for my dragon. Overall, a great first experience with any veterinarian clinic and I will continue to bring Max there for his care.

Bad Gandps Siegle

The staff and vets are extent with your pet and price is verry fairt

Katy Kostich

Sabrina Swauger

Kathleen Behnke

My pets always receive the best care by the staff and doctors! They are all awesome!

Barbara Walsh

Cole Beimborn

Mandi Ehn

Just got back from having my ferret put down, and I opened the box to thee most precious arrangement of him, thank you for making his passing easier on me and my family. His little bouquet of flowers hes holding warmed my heart ♥️

Annie Nelson

Brook Falls is an excellent clinic with knowledgeable and friendly staff. It is well worth the drive to have them care for our bunny!

LaDonna Borth

Great with guinea pigs

Kelly Fant

Amanda B

They did amazing with my parakeet I called them because he’s been a bit fluffed up and acting a bit off and they got me in same day just to make sure he was alright. They were very thorough and good with him (and took his constant screaming with good humor). Sara was my Vet Tech and she made me feel super comfortable and was good with him being sassy! Dr. Wittenburg was my veterinarian and she was extremely knowledgeable and made me feel at ease knowing my feathered friend was in good hands. Overall the only veterinarian I will be taking my birds to ever again. You guys are awesome and thank you so much!

happy r3x

They nice people

Melissa Schwartz

Shameka Anderson


Dale Hartner

I have been going to Dr. Follett and Dr. Bloss for over 20 years. I find them to be excellent Vets who keep themselves up with current research and practices.

Brittany Biasi

I am a new client of theirs as I just moved to the area they're very knowledgeable staff in nice! Will be returning all my animals there they don't try to administer unneeded treatment either so that was good, very nice place to very big and open!


Dr. Follett was amazing with my guinea pig. She was able to do a thorough checking of his teeth, when other vets told me he'd have to be under anesthesia to do so! She really was knowledgeable about small animals and CVT Mandy was very good with handling Barnabas and keeping him happy with chin rubs! My only feedback would be for the office to provide more information on fees for services before doing them. A corneal stain, although helpful during the exam, was an unexpected $45 fee added to my bill, which I was not made aware of at the time of exam. In addition to the exam fee, and the fees of 3 medications... it was quite the bill for a guinea pig! All around, great service and knowledgeable staff!

Ashton Archer

Amazing vets who really care. Experts with rodents, specifically chinchillas. Would highly recommend. Easy to get a hold of and communicate with.

Sheryl Leonard-Schneck

Great vets very caring

Shannon Teresinski

Everyone here was awesome. I have cats and a turtle and they're great with all of my pets. They were friendly and professional. The facility is clean and spacious. You can tell these are people that love animals.

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