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REVIEWS OF World of Animals at Mayfair Veterinary Hospital IN Pennsylvania

Darya Enlow

Very caring and thorough staff that truly care for your animals

Justin Hildebrand

Because I am one with my animals and they are one with me. They feel the spirit of Eru Illuvatar in them, as do I. The people at World of Animals are kind spirited, understanding and caring people. Middle Earth would be proud.

tanya kameneva

John Mayor

Nice and friendly staff

Anna Mosko

M Yoo

Sean Mooney

So friendly and nice

Janet Mcguire

Michelle Whitaker

Staff is very friendly

Edwin Muñoz

Jacquelyn Saez

Natalie Lewis

Patty Loftus

World of Animals Mayfair Office is by far the best animal hospital. Their care for their furry clients speaks volumes but the care they show to the parents of their furry animals is something truly amazing. I am so very lucky to have a daughter who is a part of this fantastic animal hospital but also to have an extended family with each and every girl that works there. I recently had to do one of the hardest things and put down my cat of 16 years, Patches was her name. The kindness that the staff and doctors showed was beyond words! Thank you girls for my Patches’ paw print I will treasure it forever and it means more than you know to me! You are all such a true testament to human kindness !

Igor Levashov

Rachael Shivers

The place is always clean and does not stink. The staff is very professional and friendly,they actually like animals! My animals are in good hands!

Mayya pchelka

Ania Stacey

Great experience. The vet and staff were knowledgable. The appointment was convenient and they called the day after to ask how my dog was doing.

anne orehhova

Michelle K

I have never been to this vet before today. It was an emergency and they were kind and honest. I ended up having to put my cat to sleep but they seemed very respectful and compassionate.

Petra Rodriguez

MarMar Moss

I took my German Shepherd Dollar to World of Animals and it was a great visit as always.They diagnosed him and gave him some meds to make him feel better.Took him to previous vets and they miss diagnosed him said it was something that would've cost me thousands of Dollars. I will always take my shepherds to World of Animals. Thanks again great doctors.

Doug Miller

carlos Davila

My name is David I went to the SPCA with my dog a Blue Nose and they wanted to put her to sleep I found his veterinarian and she's a nice person and she help me and she bring my dog back to life again and I appreciate the staff that she has and I love them all thank you very much and I wish you all girls the best thank you my dog's name is Myla

Fae Indigo

First, I have to say that this hospital is under new ownership, and reading the reviews on several sites, I am glad that they are. My dog was hit by a car on 7/4, I could only afford to have him stabilized at UPenn, I was told to take him home and get him to a vet first thing. All I knew was that he wasn't walking, and his jaw was broken--oh, and there appeared to be no internal injuries. I ended up at this hospital, because I took my boy to NE Animal Clinic and the Vet there jerked my dog's mouth around until it was bleeding again, just to show us that it was broken (duh), and told to "put him to sleep". He barely looked at him. Anyway, the vet Dr. A, was very compassionate and loving. She rubbed my dog and talked baby talk--and while I know that's not medical, it helped to calm me down. Moose had a fever, she gave him meds to lower it and checked him thoroughly. Although I couldn't pay it all that day, one of the owners told me to give them what I had and just bring them something every week. How awesome is that?!? Moose got 3-4 xrays, she explained them all and told me that time would only tell. It seems Moose may have some nerve damage, but she said that she has seen people and dogs recover from such injuries and if I had hope, then to take my boy home and give him love. She said that she had hope, but couldn't promise me anything... Moose is improving daily. It's only been a week and he's trying to stand on his working legs to hop around. His ribs (2 of them) are detached from his sternum, and that will take some time, but I thank God for this place. I don't know how things would have turned out if not for them!

Natalia Kameneva

Kelina Diaz

Komissarova Iuliia

Very professional staff! Thank you for your help!

Maria Morrone

Tiffany Caruso

Long wait

Justrose Rowhouse

Wonderful practice. Dr Giampaolo is so caring with all our cats, two of whom I found on the street and who spent a bit of time here getting the "stray works" before I brought them home. One of those cats is 19 years old now and doing really well. Thanks for always being there for us over the years! From Beaker, Faffy, Minnie and Pixie Koch.

marianne dale

Ratso O'Toole , Loves the world of animals,especially Getting to sit on santas lap and his Veterinary friends who do such a wonderful job.Taylor is one of Ratsos favorite friends.Special Thanks to Dr G and the other drs who are always their if you need help even without a appointment..Truly, Marianne McClain

Tam Tam

The staff is very kind and polite. Whenever I call with a concern or issue, they always call back the next day to follow up.

Brian Fuentes

Great staff,the veterinarian found what was wrong with my Japanese chin. I left comfortable knowing that my dog will get better.

Heaven Anderson

I asked them if it was normal for my cat not to be eating or drinking 4-5 hours after getting the capstar flea pill and they refused to help me. They said because he got it from the spca they are unable to identify the problem. I told them I know for a fact that it was the capstar pill he took, again they refused to help me. My cat could die and they wouldn’t care because they weren’t the ones who originally treated him.

Kate Lippincott

My hamster suffered a seizure this morning and I live a block away from this vet with no car. I had no choice to bring him there and although they said no at first, they realized how distressed I was, and how my hamster was struggling for life. They broke policy anyway, and put my hamster to sleep. In my desperation to have them put him down, I offered them any amount of money. They charged me nothing. I can't thank them enough for their compassion, and for helping me to end my hamster's suffering. I'll always be greatful.

Christina Peteraf

Adrienne Diehl

The vet here is absolutely wonderful and caring. I also love the nurses they're so sweet and good with the animals!

Cindy Sohl

My pup loves the staff!

Darvin Silvestre

Mike Kim

My family have relied on the expertise of Dr. G for over 15 years. He has been there for every checkup, vaccination, sick call, birth and unfortunately the passing of our fur babies. He even has a dog from the same litter as our dog! Dr. G has become more of a family member than a mere veterinarian. That’s the type of personalized service that I’d want from anyone that’s entrusted with the health and well being of our four legged family members and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you visit the team at World of Animals Mayfair. Kind, compassionate, personalized, super experienced and highly knowledgeable veterinary care at affordable rates that you and your pets need and deserve.

Vincent R Meyers, Sr

Good people

T-bone Flizzy

Wanted to charge me over $200 to fix a stray cat I was trying to help. $50 just to look at my cat which is rediculous. Noahs ark animal shelter/vet only charged me $70. We already have enough over priced vets. Breese animal hospital for one now I can add world of animals to the list of bad vets and all the other reviews are fake.

Tad Savage

That take great care of my dog

Tay Marie

Stephen McNeill

A wonderful group of people

Bill Howells

jeanette tavares

Great staff and service. A bit overpriced for my pocket, but otherwise I'd recommend.

raymond zheng

First vet since I moved down to philly from new York. Extremely nice informative and makes you and your pet very comfortable. Easy booking times and very reasonable prices with people who truly care. I took my new pom here for a check up called in first thing in the morni ng to change my 4pm appointment to 930 am was in and out in around 40 mins.That includes the paperwork for first time visit and shots. So overall happy to found my new dog a good vet for the rest of his life

michelle cunningham

tiffany vargas

Marianne Heist-Rockey


T Mazz

Dr. G and the staff at World of Animals have always treated our family pets like they were their own. Our newest addition Charlie, an adorable Cocker Spaniel was neutered yesterday and the level of treatment and aftercare was absolutely wonderful. There is just something special about walking in and being greeted and treated like family.

Kim Riley

Love this place!! Very caring...called just about everyday to see how my dog was feeling & made sure he was getting better.

Michael Hernandez

Great place and experience. Me and my wife was looking around for a place that are dog can get this surgery done, Because it need to be done asap . And this place was a blessing and it saved are dog from the problem it was having.


Friendly Clean and Knowledgeable Vet.

Tiffany Vargas

Matthew Hobbs

Bacon enjoys the vets at World of Animals at Mayfair. She actually gets excited when I ask her if she wants to go to the vet! The whole staff is wonderful, everyone up front is kind and helpful. The techs are always thorough and they all treat Bacon great. I couldn't be happier with the service here!

Pablo Sierra

They treat your pets like family.

Sasha Anderson

Juan Santos

Jasmine Brown

They’re extremely friendly and helpful!! My pet was extremely ill and even though they don’t except walk-ins, they took my pet in right away. Thanks guys I appreciate everything!

Benton Veltri

Alexa Reiss

Wonderful vets office


Tom Stoebenau

The doctor was very willing to work with me to find an affordable solution for my sick kitty that we were worried about being able to afford after we had a new baby.

Lydia Rivera

Tej Ranu

Super friendly staff, they took immediate care of my Cane Corso puppy and even gave me a good discount. It was an Emergency visit as she had a deep cut under her ear and needed stitches. Thanks a lot !!!

Sharon Morgan

Great service and staff

Michael Tapia

Excellent people rocky loves them

Terece Jenkins

Gianna DiPinto

Does anyone know if this shelter takes voulnteers I'm 13, and looking to help animals. I just had to give up my dog and I'm really wanna just wanna be some sort of help.

carlos rodriguez

Susan Sullivan

I would not recommend this office. They are not compassionate and they only care about $$$$$. My healthy young Rottweiler had foot surgery and he passed away 4 weeks later. I should have know something when we noticed they didnt even wear gloves to check his sore nobody did.

Emily Payne

I’ve been coming to World of Animals for a little over a year now, and I am happy and impressed with their service each and every time. They are very knowledgeable and offer many services at multiple locations. They are thorough with their exams and provide great information if and when there are dietary or medical concerns. Lastly, their staff are very friendly and make you feel comfortable bringing your pets there.

Gulmira Adzhaeyva

Gary Furlong

Good polite people

Rachel Reyes

Update: The office manager actually reached out to me after seeing this review and told me that they are able to provide scripts so that I can get meds filled at an online pharmacy. Since this was my only complaint, I've changed my review to 5 stars. I appreciate them addressing my concerns and apparently it was just a misunderstanding. Kudos to them for the great customer service. I think the vets there are very good, especially Dr. Messina. The office staff is also very nice. My poor dog had an eye infection for weeks. I had gone to several other vets who provided treatment, but the infection kept coming back after treatment stopped. Dr. Messina was able to successfully treat it and it hasn't come back since. For that I am very grateful. What I don't like about this place, however, is that for medications they charge double what you wonuld pay at, say, an online pet pharmacy. I asked if I could have the scripts for any meds my dog needs in the future so I can buy them elsewhere and they told me they can only give it for some meds. In other words, I'd have to buy many of the meds at their marked up price there at the office. I called other vet offices they said they give out scripts. So this is the one thing I don't like about the practice. I can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars on medication for my pup, since it seems she always has some type of infection or issue.

Suzanne Theresa

Our Midge loves the staff here! She was a stray we found in March with on and off health concerns, Dr. T and everyone has been so helpful and kind getting our sweet dog to 100%.

Deeann Amato

The girls at the front desk are sweet as can be and Dr. G. Is fabulous. You can see that he loves animals and his job.

Deb Rhoads

Cindy Arliga

I love that aminal clinic that are caring loving. Wonderful people an doctors that do care about your pet just like your child not one bad word about them they love your animal more cindy

John Binczewski

Erika Eckel

My experience here has not always been great, I have been coming to this vet for over a year now, they already over charge, they try to sell you on more and more stuff, shots flea prevention blah blah, it's constant. I have gotten my dogs their shots and everytime I come back they tell they need more. My most recent visit they did a lime disease test on my dog, I only brought her because she was limping and never told me it would cost us she acted as it was free. Cost us 60$ literally they rob and you and harass you to get more things. I asked for my dogs records and I will never return against went in for a 56$ check up and left paying over 150. Thanks a lot

Alyssa Stringer

The people that work here are so caring and compassionate. I would never take my four babies anywhere else.

Fadia D.

dawna marie

Absolutely love the doctors and staff. So friendly and helpful. Very caring.

Odell n Angie Beverly

Nice gets never had a problem

S Bruchbocker

They are wonderful with my pets

Felicia Monteiro

Friendly and reasonable

Danielle Enlow

First vet I've visited since moving to Philly and seemed super expensive. Not sure if it's normal prices for the area or not though. Otherwise staff was friendly and very helpful, my kitty is all better and they called a few days after the appointment to check up on him.

Betty Enes


Martha Jones-Smithey

my pet Tango goes here wonderful caring staff

Tiffany Va

chris lindeman

Shaun Hurley

I've had a several pets over the years - dogs and cats - and one thing I've learnt is that quality medical care is totally worth paying for. These guys are a great veterinary hospital, the staff are friendly and professional and you can see they really care about your pets. Don't just take my word for it, speak to one of their doctors yourself!

Celina Stanly

Best vets Animal Hospital near me didn't amazing job fixing my cat's leg as well as always taking care of my Yorkie with any issue she has the young ladies at the front desk or extremely polite and relatable and sympathize with everything that you have going on I would recommend this place to anyone with any breed

8John German

No hate just dont be late or your pet and you suffer go to frankford animal hospital and save a few$

Wendy Przybylowski

Nate Printz

Diane Sarni

Great vet,take my fur babies there always!

Vincent Tam

Red Paw

Great staff, great vets, great community members who give back and care.

Nicole Riffel

Wonderful staff in a time of need. Did everything they could to make my baby feel as comfy as possible in her last moments.

Jamie Justice

Both of my animals go here this is a good place I like it !!! I recommend to my family member

Sylvia Sugden

I love this team! I've been using them for years. Never had any reason to complain. WOA is always curtious and patient focused. I definitely reccomend them.

mike u

do not even deserve one star--wish i could give negative stars---went there for very first time on sunday june 3 at 945 am with my cat--explained to the receptionist that i was there for first time because my regular vet was closed on sunday--before i could even begin to say what the problem was she began to shake her head no and said that i would be there for hours before we could be seen even if we could be seen because they were so busy--there was one woman with a cat in waiting room and one that just came from the back---wow--busy---when i explained that my cat was spotting blood in vomit and feces she said that we should" cut out the middle man and go to a emergency vet and why waste our time here because thats all we are going to tell you to do"--i quickly researched another vet that had sunday hours and made the call---drove there and received the most incredible care and experience of all my life--the care my cat and my family received at frankford animal clinic was incredible---i recommend them for anyone who wants the best for their family pets------as far as world of pets is concerned i would not even take road kill there--road kill deserves better

robert garber


Fast attentive service. Gentle with the animals.

Kennetha Tindle

If you need a good vet, this is the place to go. You can tell that the people who work here really love animals, and your pets can tell. I have been coming here for years and will never go anywhere else.

Mariya Rudkivska

Absolutely loved this place! Nice customer service! Staff did an outstanding job making sure my cat was comfortable with her first visit. Lucy (my cat) is very grateful and so am I. Really happy to see that she's not in pain anymore. Thank you so much!

Feistylil Thing

Absolutely fantastic! Took care of my cat Eddie immediately. Due to my copd I was having a hard time getting her in for appointments and the surgery. Connie came to my house and helped me. Caged her for me and took her to Dr.Tancredi at the other office. The Mayfair office called to make sure that both she and I, were alright. Connie then brought her home after surgery. An emergency doctor returned a call within 4 minutes.(anesthesia was still affecting her) Absolutely wonderful staff and Dr. I owe Ed's life to them. I'll never go anywhere else :)

Tamara Ericsson

I used to go their office at Bethayres when I had a car. They opened up Mayfair around the same time, which was perfect timing. Turns out, the vet at Mayfair is the same vet who my best friend always went to (and trusts above ALL others!). Recently had to put our Sandy down, they're just as caring here as they are in their other office.

Laura Connolly

The staff and Doctor are great, very professional and sympathetic. I call at 11:30 am and was given an appointment for 12:30 the same day (on a Sunday). My cat had to be put to sleep and they told us to take as much time as we needed to say goodbye.

Bridgett Mcfadden

I got my baby "Kai" about 6 weeks ago and I was scared that we wouldnt find a good vet, and that we would be overpaying for nothing. But this is not what you get at World of Animals Mayfair! They are so nice and really care about your animals. Thank you for everything!!

Doris Urbanski

Yvonne Stephens


Yesterday my wife and I had to put down our cat of 17 years. I want to thank Dr.Giampaolo and his amazingly compassionate staff!! Since moving to Philly 3 years ago, and searching for a Vet we felt comfortable with, we found "World of Animals" in Mayfair. Having had 2 cats with permanent illnesses, one with asthma, and one with a thyroid problem, we are very lucky to have found this place. The entire staff has always been the most professional, understanding, patient, knowledgeable and most importantly compassionate group of people you can wish for. Dr.G, as he is known by his patients, did everything he could to help us feel at ease yesterday during this most difficult time. As did the rest of the staff. I only wish I could remember all their names, sorry for my senility, but I thank each and everyone of you for your kindness!! We will continue to see this group of fine folks when it's necessary with our other cat. Thank you again, Dave Cohl

Tara Nazario

Dr is super friendly and compassionate


C. Griffin

World of Animals Inc, purchased Northeast Animal Hospital in October 2013. They did major renovations to the building and are now open seven days a week.

kelly baggs

Jeffrey Thrash

Awesome staff and Dr. G is amazing

Carol Cahill

Maria Mercedes

This is the absolute worst animal hospital ever. My kitten was stepped on and I was so scared that she was going to die, and they were the closest hospital to me and when I called to ask if they could bill me because I didn't get paid for another week they told me that wasn't their problem and said I couldn't bring her in. They only care about money, not your animals.

Jennifer Sheets

Took my kitty Ollie there for a bladder infection they were really great. Offered me water while I waited. The doctor took her time with my kitty. The liquid medicine was all proportioned out for me into ready to go syringes and I got a follow up call the next day.

Sandra Bernal

Keara H

Christine Madden

Irayma Olivencia

Xtasy in Kaos


James Miller

Took my 3yr old dog because she was not looking well. The Dr. assumed it was worms and gave her medicine. Took her back 9 days later because she looked the same. They did blood work this time and sent me to VSEC because it was not worms it was kidney failure. After putting out over $500 for medical bill. She had to be put down. Then. they credited me $30.Will never use them again.

Artavia Adams

I wish i could give no stars. This place is horrible. First they gave me different prices. Then they offered me a free gift bag and then took it away. Then they would not allow me back with my puppy while she was getting her vacsanations. Then i took my pup home and she had bruising swelling under both arms on the side. Called them and they said it was common in dogs and humans. It is not common. Then they had someone give an explanation when they were not even there. Poor service and very abusive to animals. Dont being your furry friend here.

MaxiMillion Experience

My cat's 2nd year here as a patient and I am always impressed with the level of care they give. My cat is so comfortable withe the staff & doctor's.

megan streit

Charlotte Fandler

Love them there ! They're very caring

Alfonso Fuentes

They handled a difficult situation perfectly

Anna Gesnaker

All the staff and all the doctors are absolutely wonderful

Amneris Ali

The BEST VETS in philadelphia the most courteous doctors and crew is super clean not bad $$$ and you never wait for to long!

Scoats Grey Lodge

It was great experience. Everyone was very nice. Very knowledgeable and professional. The animals seemed happy when they left too. Price seemed very fair.

Elisabeth Gilliam

Carleen Silva

Shayne Govan

Great service.

Reynold Laguerre

Ed Dunphy

Liz Salas

John Bojazi

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