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REVIEWS OF West Chester Animal Emergency IN Pennsylvania

mark freedman

Having doubts? Just call them! What a nice service they offer

Grace Martinelli

We took our 4 month bulldog puppy here when she was acting strange and wouldn't move. They charged us A LOT of money, took xrays and insisted that it was because she over ate, even though I explained several times that she had no more food than she usually had, and it didn't make sense. After two days at the Vet they called us at night and said we needed to take her to UPenn because they had no idea what was wrong with her and she was getting worse. Within just a couple hours at Upenn they realized she had A FRACTURED SPINE! I have no idea how they mistook that for over eating, especially after taking xrays but that was a HUGE miss for them. Thank God for Upenn though! I would never bring another pet here again. Our dog almost died!

Edith Berstler

Critically speaking four paws up... way...way ...up! The entire emergency staff kind and professional with our Maine Coon cat "Simba" (aka kitty soft paws) on January 20,2018. Simba was very sick and it turned out to be a stone in her bladder. Dr. Gonzales evaluated, operated and stitched up our cat and also took care of some dental issues. He called us and kept us apprised of everything the West Chester Animal Emergency (WCAE) staff did to keep our cat comfortable. I wish my physicians were so caring! Thank you so much. WCAE is where our family is taking our pets from now on!


don't even waste your time or your $125 emergency fee. go to the place next to the malvern diner (currently Mid-Atlantic Veterinary Specialists) why? because i called ahead and advised "my dog has a splinter in the surface of his eye, not very deep... if we come in does the dr think that it's something he'll be able to treat?" (we're not rich and this is very expensive)... the answer i received was "I just checked with him and he says yes definately, bring him on in." nope... not the case. advised us to go to U of Penn to see an optimolagist.... really?? drive another hour to U of Penn, pay their emergency fee and then have them call in an optimologist?>> like i have the time or money to do that. had i just gone to malvern in the first place they have an oncall optimoligist that they could've had come in... but nope, not what i did, so now i ahve to go to malvern anyways, pay another emergency fee and wait for them to call their guy in. summary - DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY GOING TO THIS PLACE. i'm out 3 HOURS, AND $175 --- BUT YET NO CLOSER TO A SOLUTION.

Chassity Kearns

Highly recommend. A little pricy, but they're worth every penny. We had to put our rabbit down today and they made us, and our bunny, as comfortable as possible. They also gave us a clay imprint of her paws, and a casket to bury her in. Dr. Gonzales, thank you.

Kelly D'Antoni

Wondering about someone who recommends a place where you need a vet to give you a referral (or are you talking about the place not yet open yet) next to Malvern Diner (that is not its name-The Classic Diner in Frazer). This vet saved my dog's life- once definitely, if not twice. Being about to take your pet somewhere 24 hours a day is awesome. I took my dog here for lethargy, etc and it was misdiagnosed, but by morning she was almost dead. I carried her in crying my eyes out at 5:30 am and left her with vet in back.He showed m how she was internally bleeding. Maybe the first poster was talking about the vet that won't see you unless you have a referal. My do would not have survived the drive over. As I cried on the way to work the vet called to ask if it might be poison from a recent pest control visit. That was it. Vitamin K was the answer along with a week and a half long stay at the vet with an oxygen kennel, blood transfusions. I realize they make mistakes and their emergency visits are expensive, but they have a great staff. I highly recommend it after the experience at a Frazer, PA vet that always smelled and has an elevator exam table.The last time we went my dog bit my husband who was asked to control the animal as it road up. West Chester Vet has only once had my dog on the exam table because they always do it on the ground after giving them treats.

Tina Kaskela

I really liked this place. Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. Although i had a few bad experiences. One was with my cat that i bought in multiple times and was seen by a few different vets. I told them she was spayed since that’s what i was told by the rescue. I come to find out after she was treated with pain meds, special diet and antibiotics that she was in fact not spayed by a different facility. I was a little disappointed that no one thought to even check after i described her symptoms after multiple visits. I also had an issue with my dog. One was i bought him in since he Had what felt like an abscess on his neck, he was shaking and very warm. I told them i think he has a fever. I was told he just had a hot spot and but was given antibiotics thank god. I called the next day after his “hot spot” burst and asked if he had a fever and come to find out that nothing was recorded. They examined him without me in the room and when the vet was in the room he didn’t even feel where the sore was at all just looked at it. It was hard and swollen. Just didn’t seem right. The last thing was when he was in they wanted to give him a rabies vaccination and i said he got it so they wanted a record of it. Well duh, according to his tag it was done there and again no record other then me having his tag that said rabies 2016-2019. @ west chester vet. In the meantime i had gotten him another rabies vaccine at another facility since i needed a record in case anything were to happen. I think i need to find a new vet although i liked his vet there were just too many things overlooked here

Cynthia Curcio

This center is the best i have ever been to. It is obvious everyone there loves what they do. They are so kind and gentle. My 100 plus pound baby is afraid to go to any vet, but they take the time to calm him and work with him so they can give him a thorough exam. Dr Gonzalez is top notch. Always mindful of what is in the best interest of the animal but also keeping in mind that everyone does not have a lot of disposable income. I cant thank them enough for the great care they give! Highly recommend them.i wished they treated humans!!!

Joey Conway

Great service! And an added bonus of 24 hr emergency services.

nick halladay

having to walk in those doors says enough on how delicate a situation i was in. that said i had my 2 children with me and our dog who was badly hurt. the professionalism & speed in which they handled a VERY difficult moment for us was exemplary. walking in & walking out was very tough yet, i know we did right by bringing our dog there and they ' the staff ' gave her the best immediate care possible for our dog.

Melissa Burkett

Great place for to take your pet 24/7/365. They are always so helpful and you can tell they love and care about the pets in their care. I would never go anywhere else.

Valerie Gardner

Wonderful caring people. I had to put my dog down last night and they made it go the best it could for the dog, my son and I. Highly recommend.

Tia Micozzi


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